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Are they secretly fucking?

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secretly? you think theyre just agreeing loudly in the other room or something?

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Kaguya probably hides her adventures with men from the others by who would Mokou hide her sluttiness from?

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Them killing each other is their form of hatesex. If anything, they do it publicly.

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Yes but no homo.

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Imagine how hard they fuck. All the BDSM rules are out the fucking window when everyone is immortal

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They fuck each other's corpse whenever they bested each other.

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One way or the other, it's inevitable.

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Whoa! Mokou really grew!

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Yeah. She's getting pretty tall isn't she?

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They're immortal, they'll do everything eventually
I always figure there's some weird period following one of them killing the other where they don't know what to do with themselves, and it could happen then

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imagine how loose

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Ever read Cage in Lunatic Runagate? Mokou won't shut up about how much joy it brings her inconveniencing Kaguya.

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Mokou's life has revolved around hating and killing Kaguya for so long that she literally doesn't know how to exist without her in her life. That's why she freaks out so much at the mere prospect that Kaguya might leave. If Kaguya ever did leave, it's likely that unless someone like Keine could pull her out of her funk and give her something to live for, she might literally sit in her shack in the Bamboo Forest for thousands of years.

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Can't remember which but that was actually the subject of a doujin. Every few hundred years they get in a mood, fuck each other, then forget all about it by the time it happens again.

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Imagine if one of them was your girlfriend who complained to you that your penis just can't satisfy her and that she can hardly even feel it inside her loose kunny.

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they probably fully regenerate even their hymen every time they get vaporized by danmaku

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Only Mokou's ehoumaki can satisfy Kaguya.

Kaguya already took Mokou's virginity before she became immortal. It aint growin back.

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each and every night I tell you what

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my pokemon will roast this filthy neet scum

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Loser is the bottom

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>Are they secretly fucking?
There's nothing secret about it anon.

Here's a couple other "secrets": Mokou and Keine are also fucking, and the experiments Eirin runs on Udonge are purely for her own pleasure.

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They are very friendly with each other.

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Can we just take a moment and admire the genius of the double hime cut yuri?

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me on the left

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fuck off trash player

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Perfection and vanilla perfection.

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Mokou became immortal because Kaguya wouldn't be her mother.
Now she gets to call her mommy every day.

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I want to call Kaguya mommy too.

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wreckin' each others holes 24/7, just another day in gensokyo

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I don't even like Yuri that much but this pairing is so fucking hot.

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Squishy kaguya face

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Mokou has quite the hog

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Would explain why she needs milked so much.