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Post Touhou in Military Uniform.

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Youmu joining the IJA

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that is a ww1 german marshal outfit

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Does /jp/ support the socialist Revolution?

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Seija already tried to incite a proletariat revolution and failed. Yukari, the bourgeoisie and their lapdog Reimu are hunting her down with the intended purpose in killing her to make an example for anyone else trying to help the poor and weak.

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/jp/ is right

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This, death to The Youkai. If the Magicians didn't Stab us in the back we would have exterminated them long ago.

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what an honorable and righteous person.

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Daily reminder that Americans lost the Lunar War.

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Yuuka saves our kolkhoz

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You mean Kulaks.

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Try as they might, the fascist youkai regime have not been able to kill the revolutionary spirit Seija lit in the hearts of the oppressed. One day, the weak and downtrodden will rise up.

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Try as they might, the fascist youkai regime have not been able to kill the revolutionary spirit Seija lit in the hearts of the oppressed. One day, the weak and downtrodden will rise up.

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She could be a 2hu.

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Chen goes to lunar wars.

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Local Aryans not so tough after getting run over by the Red Army

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You think she got Slav'd?

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Lewd ass slav military 3Dhu.

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Watch out.

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there is only one true problem revolutionarybros, there are multiple power factions surrounding the gensokyo government proper, so even if yukari and her lapdogs fall, theres still the idiots in makai backed by that hell goddess, the gods and youkai on their gigantic mountain, and even the lunarians are making eyesight on these precious lands. Trading one Yoke too another is not what we need and they all need too go.

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hippity hoppity abolish private property

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That's a Prussian Totenkopf tho

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Was Reisen a regular infantry? Or was she in the Special Forcrs?

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Was Reisen a regular infantry? Or was she in the Special Forces?

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Of course we do

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Sadness ahead

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Too much Slav and Kraut shit ITT. Need something new.

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The war

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How many moon rabbits were killed for having dissenting opinion?

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>lost the lunar war

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what irony lol

on /JP/!!! anti-japanese song

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Do you think American men can handle a strong, independent woman who needs no man?

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Isn't she married to her Nephew?

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>tfw the loli is so lewd that they could only have prancing faggots dancing with her so they won't be tempted to rape her butt

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What's this.

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translate it weebs.

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Are those English airplanes.

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I've always supported Seija.

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Jesus, Aren't those recruits a bit young to join the Lunar Army?

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that's hot

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Mind you America blew the entire lunarian army too kingdom come too the point reisen fled for her life to gensokyo, and this is canon. they needed replacements if America gives a giant fuck you and they decide to go for round 2 in handing the moon bitches their collective asses again. Touhou mind you isn't just SoL, that entire universe outside of what we see from ZUN has a metric fuckton of dark shit going on as well, but that doesn't mean everything is nothing but grimderp.

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And America still lost to the lunarians.

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>if you lose, you win
Didn't know Canada was in the moon

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>Lunar Army after the Lunar War

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Really, anon. An outdated joke

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You ever think male Lunarians sleep with the moon rabbit soldiers

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What's Youmu supposed to be? iJA, IJN? Kenpeitai?

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"We're going to the police station!"
Do the police count as military?

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Why do people always depict patchy as a Soviet? Can never understand that

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Can't be a nazi with her many ailments.

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Thank you and yes.

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>not being guerilla fighter.

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Depends. Military Police exist and there is the National Guards of states which are literally militarized police for real shit when a state/territory loses control.

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The Great Lunar War.

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What a cute Rumia.

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this is the face of a school shooter

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rough edit

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It's good anon.

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this post screams american butthurt

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Marisa has become fed up with western imperialism and is attempting to start a global caliphate!

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good luck.

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За Монолит!

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Allah Akbar

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Good on her.

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Marisa Akbar

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A parody of it.

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Only for General Winter.

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Of course.

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When those breast too big

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You mean terrorist

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But why though?

>> No.21252734

The Western world has fallen to hedonistic and decadent lifestyle.

>> No.21253456

They promised her the keys to immortality

>> No.21254776

In that case, understandable.

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Does Gensokyo even have a military

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Satori goes to the Zone

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Will she survive?

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She'll do just fine

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For what purpose?

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No, it has a militia.

>> No.21266300

> Americans
> Went on the moon

>> No.21266331

Who are you quoting?

>> No.21266353

> Americans lost the Lunar Wars
That would imply they even went there

>> No.21268687

But she has no experience.

>> No.21268877

Do you know the artist? I'm not familiar with pixivchat.

>> No.21269412

No, sorry.

>> No.21269855

They did and lost.

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That just propaganda.

>> No.21275035

That pic was drawn by a lunar bunny POW.

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American propaganda.

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What's she saying?

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Dead Americans, Dead Americans everywhere.

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>It's like coming to a theme park
>The tension's really rising huh

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File: 179 KB, 850x581, __hakurei_reimu_kirisame_marisa_reisen_udongein_inaba_and_shameimaru_aya_apocalypse_now_and_touhou_drawn_by_cube85__sample-bd89209a2b7efeb8792e188f0ec24487.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

didn't know how not to save samples at the time of download, sorry!

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Got anymore?

>> No.21295672

Sadly, no

>> No.21299864

What does that even mean?

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So any reason why Reisen is a Nazi?

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Cause its a part of lunar culture.

>> No.21306093

No, Chinese.

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How so? What race do they wish to exterminate?

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>Daily reminder that Americans lost the Lunar War.
You made me do this.

Alright. Sit down. Shut the fuck up. Grab a drink. You're in for the long haul.
You made a statement Wata-shit but now it's my turn. Now, I have a question for you. A rhetorical one. If you know what it means of course. It goes as follows. What if I told you the craters on the moon weren't created by 14 Billion year-old space debris, but rather the Lunarian Mortars?
The Lunarian Capital is known far and wide for being superior to Earth in almost every way, though being a few hundred thousand miles/kilometers away and led by two retards.
Despite the ancient age of the Earth and Moon, surely one would think they would be untouched in an almost orderly Solar System, but no. Not only has the Moon been defiled, but it has been a grave yard for nearly the entire Lunarian Army.
At this point, people will ask "how?" or "why?" and expect to get a full run down of the thing from the natives themselves, but no. They won't. Not only are the common "Cute Little Lunarian Bunny" citizens so uninformed to the point of retardation, but they are also lazy despite their constant slave-working by the Watatsuki sisters.
The only one who could have told the story is currently in Gensokyo and goes by the name "Reisen Udongein Inaba".
There is no way you'll ever get an answer from her, let alone find and acquire her assistance since leaving her allies to die when she escaped in the middle of the massacre. To this day, she still suffers from PTSD.

Starting from the beginning, there was once a time when all native Earthlings lived on Earth and all was fine. All until certain events took place, and a "not so small" group of people decided the Earth was becoming too "impure", so they came together to devise a plan to go elsewhere, and as we know, they went to the moon, and dubbed themselves Lunarians.
Nobody knows what happened between that time and now, but we do know of the recent events that have taken place. Like a certain "invasion" as they call it, that happened from 1969 - 1972, which marked the beginning of 6 "invasions" which took place. All we know is that two humans, yes, two /humans/, decided to go and plant a flag on the moon. A flag with 50 stars, and 13 stripes held up on a pole in the vast emptiness that is the surface of the moon and dark empty sky that is space. One could see this as claiming unmarked and unowned territory, and they would be right, however, they were met with unfriendly forces upon their arrival.
The unfriendly denizens of the moon looked more like humanized rabbits, and at a glance, would be seen as small, cute and harmless- until you saw they were carrying weapons. And charging. Right at you and the flag like a bunch of savages. For rather cute creatures, they were rather barbaric.
After planting the flag on the moon, the humans appeared to be dancing, and riding in some kind of contraption with four wheel-like structures attached to it whilst going back to the same location every now and then. Probably taking pictures or something.
After seeing something like that, surely the head Lunarians would think twice before attacking a possibly more advanced and possibly unknown species, but no. They went on and attacked like a bunch of fucking retards. And with that, is how it all began.
We know not what the "invasion" was like, but the Royal Cocksucking Sisters call it "The War", leading us to our topic, the first "Lunarian War"- in which they lost horrobly. Spoiler Alert.
The losses were grim.
For them of course.
The Lunarians lost such a large chunk of their army that "...there aren't many left..." -Yorihime Watatsuki. And that isn't the half of it. The two /humans/ who invaded left with nothing but small blemishes that'll go away in a week or two, as the Lunar Army lost <Thousands> of their soldiers. Yes you heard me right, <THOUSANDS>. The ENTIRE LUNARIAN ARMY against two friendly humans. TWO humans and they LOST! You're telling me that an entire force of the moon, over six arrivals by the same two humans in four (4) years and multiple flags, resulted the DEATHS of the MAJORITY of the LUNARIAN ARMY, much so to a point where their forces are cripped to a point to where they can take on Gensokyo, just barely, when four Gensokian denizens put a stop to a GODDESS OF HELL, a PURE incarnation of HATRED and a HELL FAIRY who managed to fucking terrorize them to a point of having to INVADE GENSOKYO, as well as TOTAL EVACUATION of the Moon, into ANOTHER realm which they didn't even know they had entered on their own will as a trap- and they couldn't even manage to so much as give two friendly, non hostile HUMANS a hard fight? Not to mention it took them fucking decades- DECADES to get rid of an UNGUARDED flag? WHAT! You afraid the Youkai in the shadows are gonna snatch your ankles if you get within 50 feet of the flag? You scared you'll turn to dust if you touch it? Go blind if you so much as glance at it? Grow the FUCK up.

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>> No.21314367


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Those are some fine gears

>> No.21318581

Your post is propaganda, Lunarian.

>> No.21321555

Combat skirt.

>> No.21323422

Oh God, it's so shit.

>> No.21327323

Shit opinion, anon.

>> No.21329351

How supportive is /jp/ if Zun made a official manga of the Lunar war and its grimdark.

>> No.21335231

Pretty good.

>> No.21338648

But why would he make one though?

>> No.21342491

yankee propaganda

>> No.21342541

That sounds totally unlikely considering he can't decide whether the Lunar War even happened or not. But if he did, it'd be mostly likely to expand Reisen's backstory, which is all fine by me, really.

>> No.21342927

There's nothing suggesting it did not happen anon. SSIB literally confirms it happened and the moon bunnies got their collective asses kicked.

>> No.21345481

>There are possible moon rabbits and possibly Lunarians sired by Humans.

>> No.21348329

I don't like the implication.

>> No.21350701

Don't be gay, anon.

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Suwako joins the Air Force

>> No.21354924

Why though?

>> No.21355720

Why not?

>> No.21360488

I don't see why not?

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The better question is, who's gonna be the artist if he chooses to do so?

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>> No.21370661

Let's make a list.

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She'll do just fine

>> No.21371838

I can't believe Marisa is dead.

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Where're my revolutionaries at?

>> No.21375326

There is only one picture of Seija. Wish there was more pictures of Seija in the military.

>> No.21376356

Post it.

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Lies, the lunarians lost the war.

>> No.21380371

I meant in the thread.

>> No.21383684

I don't see an american base in the moon.

>> No.21384051

The luna city.

>> No.21388807

Thats stull under Lunarian control.

>> No.21390395

Why is she in the red army when she's green.

>> No.21394803


>> No.21396437

She's too young.

>> No.21400743

You do know she's a Youkai?

>> No.21401577

But she's a child Youkai.

>> No.21405856

No edge

>> No.21405947


>> No.21406863

I want blood and gore (and cute girls)

>> No.21408992

I want you to leave

>> No.21410448

Yes edge.

>> No.21412004

No, Im stay ing.