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so sad.

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Oh darling darling. JUST hand over Scarlet Mansion to a Japanese bird, I know how hard it is to run a place so big with so many irresponsible people. We are so alike, we both had (in my case btw) a maid that loves not getting paid, haha I whine and don't feel when I rhyme.

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basaed mootpostre

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Are you the protein fairy, I heard she was very aniki-like and could pull on your dodgegraze so hard you ripped the keys, But then again ZUN told us not be ashamed of our scores, I am looking at you easymode meme faggots, if I do not easy on easiest board then how what am I. Can you get me some food by the way, this computer faxing thing and playing computer is tiresome, ok BYE I farted and it smells now, gotta refresh the rumia

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so soon

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who this?

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The person who created this weebsite; Mootikins.

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You pieces of shit made Remi cry! Next time, do it right.

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hungry Remi

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Her full name is Remilia

Remember to address her properly

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Her FULL name (the middle one is unknown, despite her claims of being a descendant of Vlad) is Remilia Scarlet, you ignoramus.

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ACKTUALY it's Remiria Scarlet you donut. I have proof after ZUN personally send this to me for being the most smartest and knowledgeable fan of touhou.

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Remi also doesn’t have tits. She’s damn near flat.

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Moot; the person who created this weebsite, and the reason you can post here.,

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Moot, aka Christopher Poole, the creator of this website, the reason you can post here, the faggy looking nerd currently working at Google. He was Hiro's preddessor.

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so dead.

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Do you think you’re talking to? To explain what is being memed on??
You need a smart pill???

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>when I rhyme
shut the fuck up. I thought I was the only one on this board allowed to write shitty rhymes and shitpost to pass time
Who cares about the rhymes when every time you rise it’s another surprise of cancerous shit.
It’s not secret knowledge but let’s keep buried what’s dead before it rears it head. /jp/ isn’t what it used to be; do yourself a favor and leave.
Not this only thread but the board- forever.
I never defend, but your shit won’t be tolerated here. /jp/ is the rebel board but that era is over and done with on the macro scale. The wageposting is your first dead flag.

It’s a sin to make Lady Remilia cry, and on your grave you shall pay.

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>when I rhyme
I’m the only poster on this board allowed to do that. Fuck off.

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I dislike the "Who?"-mootikins meme, because it's irritating.

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Why do mods DELETE pictures of Moot?

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A mod personally banned him.
That or Meido is on a roll today.

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moot couldn't leave 4chan alone.
moot still posts on 4chan
moot personally posts on /jp/.

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hi canadian boy

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sad remi!!

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Pictures of who?

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That hollowness of being when no cute vampire loli ojou-sama to serve faitfhfully until the end of your days, nor to worship every inch of her delicate, slender body, nor to bully your almost painfully, erect dick with her pure white loli feet.

To exist is to suffer.

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she needs some vitamin D

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I know what she's really needs.

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translate weebs

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Learn Japanese.
Or just use [reverse] image search.

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how new?

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the pleasure of being cummed inside

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I'm not spoonfeed people.
Hard translate should die in fire.

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Nah, it's obvious he genuinely hated 4chan when he left, and tries to avoid associating with it as much as possible.
If you aren't convinced, remember that he still hangs out with the girl who was the reason for the whole 'cuck' meme.

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The pleasure of cumming outside.

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devil never cry

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How did that thing even come about in the first place?

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moot once carried a girl's bags without fucking her so /v/, busy being mad about gamergate, called him a cuck 1,000,000 times.

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And for once, /v/ did good.

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Devil may cry

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>moot once carried a girl's bags
why would anyone do this?
moot himself is part to blame himself

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>shamelessly lying to protect the traitor
"Who" is that you?

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Who’s that “Moot” guy you people are talking about?

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some tripfag probably

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Why is that fairy looking girl not in the fairy thread?
Do we even have a fairy thread right now?

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"Who" are you quoting?

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Is that concerned remi or disappointed remi?

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She's clearly praying.

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>Read Remilias bio
>flowing water harms her

WTF? So she's a loli that hasn't bathed in 500 years.

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Who are you quoting?

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Remilia's stench! *vomits*

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She can go in standing water, so a bath would be fine but not a shower.

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Smelly feets.

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She's immortal, she doesn't produce dead skin other stuff that's a consequence of being mortal.
Also >>21199943

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someone post the sad one

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