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Ever seen a fanart where the character is blatantly not themselves? When facial expressions, demeanor, body language, face, body, aren't consistent with their character. Why do artists do this?

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Behavior as well.

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Who is this semen demon?

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>why artists artists?

dumb ignorant art faggots

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Because your opinion on what a character is does not matter unless you are creator, and when making a creative work the only person whose opinions matter is the person creating said work.

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When it's done on purpose for comedic or "idbecoolif" situations, it's fine. It can still come across as offensive to people, and some artists are kind enough to mark them with a キャラ崩壊 tag or similar.

When it's done unintentionally by some ignorant ass artist who's drawing it for the popularity or cash...that's when it becomes a crime. They deserve to be called niwaka and pelted with used tissues.

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I don't like when they take a normal character and give her huge boobs and a nasty fat ass but I guess a lot of people like that so who am I to judge?

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Literally every single piece of hentai in which the 12+ year old character has no pubes whatsoever. It just turns me off. So unrealistic.

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It just feels like they took the character's face and put it on someone else's body. Isn't the point of hentai seeing a character naked? Giving them a fake body, even if it's a sexier one, just feels fake. I want to see my waifu's shameful naked body, not some supermodel's body.

There is also this weird trend of characters not being allowed to have pubic hair unless they ALSO have massive MILF tits. It's so hard to find a picture of Yuffie of FFVII with a hairy teen pussy but with her regular chest size, let alone an entire doujin. They always have to make her into some fat cow first.

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pubic hair is disgusting and so are the fags who fap to it.

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Pubic hair is as disgusting as anal, so not at all.

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Only sluts and pornstars shave their pubes. A full bush is the sign of a pure woman. You're simply too young to understand.

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Pubic hair is gross and people who like pubic hair without liking armpit hair are hypocrites.

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kuso thread

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Armpit hair is lewd, but armpit stubble is lewder. Especially on two-digit old lolis.

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Literally all of Cookie
I don't object but it just doesn't fit.
Something like giving Cirno or Youmu-chan massive knockers is not something that should be done. It should not be acceptable

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Pretty much the rule for Alice fanart.

It pisses me off that Patchouli, who is clearly supposed to be sickly and frail, is always given a huge voluptuous body.
I don't even understand the logic behind it.

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not everyone has to feel the way you do. just patchofags

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>Pretty much the rule for Alice fanart.
Explain please
Yes, I know but I want to hear why you fags always say something along those lines.

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Transcendent taste

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shit taste

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Triple digit lolis and up are superior

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Loli brains may as well be adult brains with severely low IQ if they've got hundreds of years worth of experiences. That's no fun.

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I feel like people who are bothered by this need to stop taking everything so damn seriously. You know whats canon, so how an artists deviates from that shouldn't matter. Touhou especially shouldn't matter because there is no consistency with how the characters look anyway, there is just the general idea of how they should look. Between the different manga artists and ZUN's own inconsistency between games I cant understand why people want consistency. Especially in what is a derivative work. The point of a derivative work (art, doujins, fangames) is to be derivative. These things would get boring real fast if people didn't take their own approach to things (which in the case of Touhou ZUN expects people to do).

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Alice is a cold, calculating youkai that kind of gets along with humans because they like her dolls.
She doesn't act autistic but she isn't all girly and cute like most fanart portrays her as either.

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But what's wrong with seeing a nicer side to Alice? I know the out of character thing sucks major ass and is most often offputting but why the hate for it? I can see the justified hatred for the Autism!Alice but why should it be hated for Arisu to be nice for once? The super serious or cold and calculating types you classified Alice as are always the ones to be taken completely out of their character and watered down to the point of them being nice people.

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people on this board think alice is just a cold weird killer because she likes to fight and banter with people. they post that "this is CANON alice" image unironically

in reality alice is nice but a weirdo so humans generally dont stay around her long. she takes care of lost travelers and puts on puppet shows for the children i the village

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I'm not one of those edgy tuhu posters but Alice is definitely not like most fanworks portray her as.
Why do you think there's an army of third rate Alices plaguing Cookie?

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Can't you just let people nut with their own headcanons? I mean everybody knows Sanae's a slut

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They feel the need to blame others for their own insecurities for liking a shithu.
It’s like killing an innocent bystander with a gun and blaming the gun.

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Why don't you fags just create shitty OCs instead of ruining already existing characters with terrible headcanons

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Only people who are actually fags themselves get pissy because someones derivative work isnt true to canon. Creative freedom is a defining part of Touhou, and its crazy to me that something so integral to the series (and something that its creator himself promotes) is looked down on by some people.

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People is a generous term

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>there's an army of third rate Alices plaguing Cookie
Anon. Can you explain this to me please?

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Ahh yes. Black Tewi

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That shitty Nig Tewi doujin meme didn't invent parallel universe theory. In a parallel universe I am raping you right this instant. How's dem apples?

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People can do whatever they want, but that doesn't mean I can't get pissed when they alter a character to the point where they don't even slightly resemble the original creation. I frankly wonder if these fags are even fans of the franchise when they pull this dumb shit.

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I fucking hate it when Marisa is depicted with blue eyes.
At least get the eye-color right!

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I don't mind as long as it's believable or done for humor.
Even characters that are completely different from the original like pic related are okay if the artist acknowledges their work is head canon.
Basically this, let artists be creative.

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I'm afraid you are not going to win this battle. It's easier to draw.

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Genius lolis with hundreds of years worth of experience are the best. There is really no excuse for a loli vampire, for example, to not have at least a reasonable adult IQ. If they didn't, nobody would turn them. If there is magic, developing brain-boosting magic is a no-brainer.

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One reason to dislike shitty headcanon is that it can spread. Then all fanworks start depicting the character in accordance with said headcanon.

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The problem with this idea is that there is no specific headcanon that all fanworks default to when depicting a character. Different artists have their different styles and while some may influence others there is such as massive variety in depictions that the worry of it somehow consuming all fanworks with inaccurate depictions is kinda silly. Besides, as ive said before the existence of "inaccurate portrayals" is subjective since between their art in the printworks (overseen my ZUN) and the games (made my ZUN), are all so wildly inconsistent and different from one another that is really makes getting angry over portrayals completely pointless.
To me it always comes back the the simple fact that ZUN himself doesnt care so I dont see why fans should care.

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>overseen my ZUN
>made my ZUN
What is the meaning of this?

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*by. My bad.

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Become it's fantasy.

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Yeah like 99.9% of anything done by western artists.
And the reason they do it is because the more popular things you put in the tags the more precious reblogs you can get so they force themselves to draw fanart even if their artstyle or skill isn't appropriate

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Go ahead punk, make my ZUN.

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Early-mid 2000s western hentai used to give characters like Hikari from Digimon or Sakura Kinomoto huge fucking tits and adult bodies.

Brainwashed western cucks discovering cartoon porn.

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Usually I think same way: better good OC, when just acceptable quality with unoriginal characters, especially if original has nothing: no visual/design, no sound or storyline.
But Touhou maybe only portly visualized, so I can't support you here.

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Frankly speaking, I don't really get that. I mean I get the headcanon portrayal can get stale after a while, but getting mad over it? Just seems pointless. Fanworks are just fanworks, no reason to get worked up over it. Even if the portrayal is accurate, that won't change the fact that it's not canon.
Personally, the worst case scenario when it comes to headcanon is when the original author applies it to his work, which would honestly leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But that rarely, if never, happens. And with Touhou in particular, I see no need to worry. I hope.

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Do mean this in inaccurate?