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post anything touhou related sitting in your folder that gives you an urge to post

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Why are some humans so cute?

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Because you are a pedophile.

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That's not it! I just... wouldn't mind if she sat on my face... I'm not saying I'd get hard! I just wouldn't mind!

If some greasy fat neckbeard sat on my face, I'd be traumatized. But if a cute girl like that did, I wouldn't mind one bit. There is nothing perverted about that! She's just too adorable to be disgusting, even though she's human and has an ass just like the ugly fat neckbeard! Even though it's technically the same thing, her cute face makes the difference!

It's not something perverted! It's like finding a dog cute but not an alligator, even though they are both beasts.

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Why do very young lolis have no personality?

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Keep going.

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My daughters from the first and second marriage will look like this respectively.

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>We'll do what you want
Even be my friends?

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Who do I have to beg for some Doomguy/Shinki porn?

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she's fucking retarded

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I have mixed feelings about these.

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mating press

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How do I make something like this?

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I think a cheap chinese cosplay would not only look closer to Mokou's clothes, but also be a little less expensive

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Oh for sure it would. A cosplay would be closer looking. but this is a meme where you take a character and satirically emulate their outfit with really expensive clothes

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Wait, so those are all real prices?

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so are these actually super comfortable and durable, or are they expensive just for the sake of the rich recognizing each other

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Oh boy, am i in on the jay, yet?

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The latter.
The clothes themselves are meaningless, what matters is the brand.

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Humans suck.

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this but unironically

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Lewd ass kidlolis are not pure like dogs.

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Raising your kid to be a NEET? I...approve!

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Find an old arcade cab, a midrange PC, and a VGA CRT.

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Is this a Finn?
t a Finn

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Why is this human condition slant-eyed slut getting so much praise? She's a dumbass human!

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Because she's cute and sexy.

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Not Mongolian enough

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Jaypedo thread.

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/jp/ - Just Pedo

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is Satori supposed to be Francis E. Dec here or is she reading some crazy person's mind?

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I think those are made up anon

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fuck I wanna make this now, using that model from g gundam would be easymode tho

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Seeing Sanae and the desert reminds me of that 1 work by Camus where a woman gets an orgasm from looking at the desert

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cute doll! so life-like and kawaii!

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Did Satori know about Okina all this time?
Were we the frankenstein communist niger gangsters in SA?

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mfw Archad.

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That Nazrin looks like she(?) wants to beat my ass but has the big autism and missing chromosome.
"oi, what chuu lookin' at, you piece of shet. U wan sum of dis".

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Wait, no.

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stop sending fumos to the hospital

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so okina is the only 2hu for someone who's not a paranoid loon?

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exterminating youkai just got a lot easier

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Fuck off, stop shilling your patreon.

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How 'bout this.
Suck my dick and I won't give you shit.

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The great walking library

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I see legs but where's the rest of her

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fuck 3d

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you are not paying enough attention

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Inside the clothes where everything should be. You can see a finger in the sleeve by the way.

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When 3D looks like that, it's hard not to.

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Underage drinking

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What mount is this?

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That's one slutty Cunnypiece.

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horrible font

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I can’t even see her hair


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they are cute little girls and it doesn't look like they are cosplaying against their own will.

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Autistic missing chromosome Extrem Shittalking Australian shitposter Nazrin

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Why is it that caucasian lolis can be either ugly or 10/10 perfect, while asians are always a solid 8 no matter what? Is it because they all look the same?

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i think thats from a youtube video

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More varied genepool. Asians look all the same.

Asians are pretty good looking, but they never reach absolute perfection. They are fucking fantastic, but a truly 10/10 western girl will always be cuter.

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White girls age like milk, while asians still look beautiful well past their thirties and keep beautiful hairy pussies to boot.

The catch is that they take a really long time to grow a full bush, while caucasian girls are already as hairy as possible by age 13. But that also means that asian lolis last longer, so it's no big deal.

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>beautiful hairy pussies
wrong board hagnigger

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Let me guess, you have brainwashed yourself into not being attracted to little girls and ALSO like teen/adult girls with boring, unnatural, there-is-literally-nothing-to-look-at shaved pussies.

You have the worst taste possible. You don't even like females at all.

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spoken like a crossboarding hagnigger

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Caucasian lolis have normal earwax that actually looks like wax.

Asian lolis have cute white earwax that isn't gross.

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Think about what her power is, and think about how CIA niggers, especially ones who glow in the dark, would love to have her power.

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Yukari, are you? Remember me? I'm your classmate. I recognized you from your schizoid spell cards. Do you remember how we with the whole class pissed you into a sake cup at Kane, on amai ha? You still drank, licked her lips and asked for supplements. And then you came to take Reimu, the very poor priestess who raped the Youkai and received a suspended sentence for stealing a fried lamprey from Mystia. She entered the class, everyone began to laugh, and you opened the gap for yourself with shame, and then said that you would hate her all your life, but in the seventh part, when you went on extrafantism to otpizdit her, she let you go in a circle , after which they put eight trigrams on your anus. How are you, youkai borders?

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Why is /prog/ snake stealing water from a womb?

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I just wanted to say that I really hate this image and I hope that you won't post here ever again, thanks.

what's up with all these western artists making grotesque art and watermarking it 20 times?
it's not like anyone's going to steal it and even if they did I don't see how that would be a loss.

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Pizdetskiy u tebya Runglish, brateeshka.

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Install gentoo

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Yakui-chan is too high for this shit!

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This makes A LOT of sense.

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Who would Terry's favorite touhou have been?

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That Christian touhou.

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>caucasian girls are already as hairy as possible by age 13
How do you know this

>> No.21136233

Science. The human body is not a mystery anymore.

Do you live in the middle ages?

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Why though?

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he saw a mountain dwarf

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People are maturing younger and younger. I think there was a conducted experiment that found more hormones in food and the possible, literally probable reason for people pr rather kids maturing so young in their lives. For example, there are people you can find online through social media that you’ll mistake for being in their 20s when they’re somewhere around the range of 14.
There are giants in middle school and highschool prior to their 4th years as well for example.
This isn’t secret knowledge in burgerland, you’ll have a few people mistaken kids for adults and how surprised to know they’re nowhere close.

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Thta's the face Koishi makes when she does a huge no-no in her diaper.

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>I think there was a conducted experiment that found more hormones in food and the possible, literally probable reason for people pr rather kids maturing so young in their lives.
Yeah, it's the food, specifically fast food. It makes that puberty growth burst happen a lot earlier due to the chemicals that are in it. This was a big talking point a few years ago and it's really obvious how it's affecting the newer generation now. I've seen kids as young as 10 that are the height of a grown man/woman. It's really noticeable in girls because some of them have boobs the size of watermelons before they hit their growth spurt which look ridiculous.

Makes me wonder how it'll affect future generations if the age of puberty keeps dropping, especially politically. Do you lower the age of consent to accommodate a population that sexually-matures at a much younger age, or will it still be considered immoral then?

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I really really like this image

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is that an order?

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Well, first things first, cute Marisa dude. However, she shouldn’t be in any state of dissatisfaction!
>I've seen kids as young as 10 that are the height of a grown man/woman. It's really noticeable in girls because some of them have boobs the size of watermelons before they hit their growth spurt which look ridiculous.
Okay. From a scientific point of view, that’s a little disturbing on a serious note. If you speed up growth, you will seriously fuck your body up. Then again, we do practically the same with cattle when we keep beefing them with roids and other shit in a means to mass produce. If this keeps up, the third or forth generation after todays children being born will have a lot of shit to deal with and science can only keep up for so long and be effective. You’re dealing with the human body then, not random parts or chemicals. That shit is not easy to manipulate to desirable standards and maintained.

>Do you lower the age of consent to accommodate a population that sexually-matures at a much younger age, or will it still be considered immoral then?
This new generation is a mix of can’t think for them self but also self independent but clingy as hell to those who do things for them. There are a few bright bulbs and I think the real wildcard comes with the old generation keeping to tradition and pushing the younger ones slightly in a direction they see fit, but this is only a probability but highly possible on sensitive matters. When considering the AoC, it might drop. Some places are 16 and others 18 then the rare 14-15. For the most part, no. Probably not. On the grander scale, maybe. There’s a constraint on what is and is not permitted and if there is anything that sticks out like a sore thumb, it’s that this new generation, or at least on burgerland, does not want to be told what to do and would rather have fun and do as they please and they will find ways around it. They’re lazy as hell but they always find some way to get around it and it isn’t found out until someone rats, something tragic happens, or someone gets hurt. They’re aware of consequences but I see no reason for why the AoC wouldn’t change in a few areas in the world. You have to remember that the current office, though old, has about 3 decades left in them at maximum. Then the second level that has the younger candidates that will prove to be highly manipulative and money driven from observations. They’re in from as low as 5 years and up to their elderly years.
When enough time passes, this new generation won’t be much different in manner but they will in how they think and operate. Right now, Gen Z is learning and they probably know more than the Millenials did at this point in time. Not to mention how some children have become stars or influential figures, making more in a year than some adults currently have ever made in their entire career in decades of their life. Millenials and Gen Z will compete for power. They’re separate now but they’ll soon lock heads within the next 20 years and mark my words, this will be a show to live and see with your own eyes.

If you want to keep your otaku culture and your lolis, the time for you to act is now.
Keep in mind that blatant lolis is a joke range but they’ll be quick to expose someone shooting below the belt of about 7+ years. You’ll be called old, even if you’re 30 and they’re 20 since it is possible. They probably won’t change their ways of ‘you look too young! FBI!!’ though. They’re all for the most part hagfuckers in /jp/ terms.

Lolis will probably be around forever unless some fagnozzle gets elected into some influential position.
Keep in mind that the people making the rules now is the generation that oversees the Millenial and gen z growth. So long as the younger ones are kept appeased, they will see no reason to change anything. The matter isn’t the AoC but if anything will change. If it is convenient, nothing will change. If it doesn’t affect anyone in a significant way, what reason is there to do anything about it. However, the audience now is the Millenial Generation. Depending on how they swing, the AoC might drop but it will probably be within 2 years of being declared a legal adult.

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Fried shrimp, indeed.
bumping for intellectual aon

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What the fuck are you talking about? Young people are the biggest moralfags these days. Not even old fucks are that brainwashed.

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>Not to mention how some children have become stars or influential figures, making more in a year than some adults currently have ever made in their entire career in decades of their life.
This has been a thing for a long time (pic), of course now is easier than ever to become famous.
I think Age of consent will not get down in the near future, whith the rise of femminism the left and the right agree on their hate for pedos and how convinient for the goverment is to have the excuse of "protect the children" to invade the privacy of the people and to jail undesirables.

>> No.21145819

The newer generation is easily brainwashed. If you established what is taboo and beat it into their heads then they will more than likely assume what is taboo to be a taboo without thought.
The old coots instill their own set of values and market it as the greater good and people believe it.

>> No.21145858

What makes someone immune to that sort of brainwashing, though? I was perfectly OK with pedos existing since before I even knew there was a word for it.

>> No.21146752

Cuterino Cuta

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>If this keeps up, the third or forth generation after todays children being born will have a lot of shit to deal with and science can only keep up for so long and be effective.
They already are. I don't think it's just a coincidence that as processed foods, especially fast foods, are consumed in increasingly large and frequent quantities autism and cancer rates continue to climb as well. The human body adapted to billions of years eating natural foods, we were never meant to be eating the synthetic artificial ingredients that are so prevalent in our diets now. I think it'll only get worse at least here in America because people simply do not care, we live in an age of satisfying our urges immediately regardless of long-term consequence and this mindset shows no signs of stopping even amongst more intellectual people. Early puberty is just the first or most obvious effect of an increasingly artificial diet and researchers will continue to be baffled as to why each subsequent generation has more and more health problems despite increased overall longevity due to science. Or I have no clue what I'm talking about and everything I just said sounds like the ramblings of a tinfoil.

It wasn't my intention to derail the thread so much but I agree with the rest of what you said and here's Marisa wearing pancakes as a hat.

>> No.21148813

The opposite of today’s world of sheeple would be the most immune. If you have a group of people saying one thing, regardless of if it is true pr not, more will join the group to be one of the masses saying that one thing. It’s basically bandwagoning in sports. You like a team because either everyone else likes it or you like it because they’re winning or have a good track record.
If you make it into a influential position, you can manipulate the masses but the key factor is to use words and phrases that moves or strikes a nerve with the masses such as banning guns to ‘protect the kids’ as it is commonly used in the longrunning debate or ‘x amount of people overdosed on this. Drugs are bad.’ Just use disturbing examples, serious cases like a mass shooting or a yearly average or percentage of people who die or are arrested through the use or committing of an act. If you wish to have something to be widely banned or become a social taboo, you must be able to sound believable but you also need the group to be completely oblivious to whatever you oppose or support and advertise it as something bad or beneficial, supporting it with evidence promoting only your narrow and keep it so it lasts for years if done successfully. The final factor is what I will call the ‘autism’ factor, in 4chan terms. If you seek to paint something as bad, you must have an excess amount of people on record that have or seem to be socially awkward or are otherwise ‘different’ from normal people through observation and it must be supported by evidence and a common factor found between those arrested or dead through some means or cause. As far as your post goes, it ties to the extreme social awkward outcast with autism or just a straight criminal. This is takes place because one, kids are dumb. You were too until you got to a certain age, and two, parents want what is best for their child, if some dude comes along and attempts to flirt, the easiest way they can get the perpetrator to back off is ‘can’t you get a girl your own age?’ or some equivalent. Going by 4chan ideology, by the time you begin looking for someone your age closer to Wizardry, most girls you find to be potential wives are either used goods or whores by some anons definitions if not actual sluts by textbook definition, not attractive, or are already married and possibly have kids.
People looking to younger audiences isn’t unheard of, it just isn’t allowed, but with that, we shift to something I don’t want to talk about because it’s just so straightforward that it is just the same boring dance. The males vs females debate where if a female preyed on a little boy, literally nothing would happen unless she gets pregnant somehow or someone caught wind of their relationship through hints or what they see happening between the two. If the roles were reversed, older male on younger female, the male would have probably put in cuffs on the spot by default and sent to jail no questions asked. However, with the statement made above and going back to the previous case with the older female involved, she would face consequences too if both parents found out and reported it or if it became widespread news that little 16 year old Timmy was banging his, fresh out of college, 24 year old homeroom teacher and someone else reported it. The consequences would be severely downplayed with probably 5 years parole, lowballing it, and her losing her job without a doubt with the opposite gender having a more severe consequence by comparison.
I don’t speak on this matter and I don’t have an answer but all I can say is that influence, and especially high positions will take things a long way. If you can have the masses believe something as common knowledge and have a couple extreme cases of arrests, missing cases ,or deaths, you can have something banned in a generation or two. Just look at drugs. It’s known that they’re bad for you. Evidence exists showing that they have really bad side effects, but states in burgerland are legalizing marijuana. Something addictive and a drug to boot, but instead of focusing on the negatives, they instead push for ‘it has positive MEDICAL effects!’ And the same can be done for anything else if you try hard enough and have a loud enough voice (not literally).

>> No.21148822

Overall, this little pedo shit is really just the ‘why can’t you get a girl your own age’ argument and parents wanting their children to be better than them. An adult wanting to date their child sickens them since it is someone within their age range going out with their son or daughter. Adults aren’t children and children are easily manipulated and this is where tragedy happens. One day they’re dating and the next day they’re missing. Thats the main reason behind it, but I believe that the people who do this tend to be the mentally ill and the highly manipulative. If it were ‘okay’ today then the parents would have to approve of the relationship first. You can use the ‘girls were married off as young as 10 back <8hundred years ago!’ argument since it will certainly be referenced, or even that some countries have an AoC below the age of adulthood or even that Japan had only banned cheese in recent years relative to the nations of the world today tackling the issue long ago, basically following the steps of ‘the rest of the world has this banned Japan! Why do you still allow it ehh??? Learn from us!!’ and how some people today didn’t know that it was legal in Japan a number of years ago today. Back to topic, it is even found in some corners of the internet with people blatantly admitting that they would do questionable things on other social media platforms, if they were brave enough to say it, and being met with sick(o) as a retaliation if not numerous reports.
Kids being easily manipulated, the notion of getting someone your age, regardless of if she is used goods, instead of someone (relatively) far younger, and how the future of other people’s children is far more important to them the parents closer to college, alongside the creeps and cases of people going missing being main driving factors for why people look down on those who find underage girls attractive, even with the age of which people are maturing now dropping like flies and more people having ‘a little crisis’, screaming how is it possible for someone that age to look like that and constantly reminding themself that it’s wrong. I see it all as just a matter of ‘many people have done this and if you like this, you are a criminal by default’ alongside other serious issues in society as a main cause.
If you want a lighter note, think of it like this.
Good things are banned because bad people ruin them.
That is not something you can apply to everything but it is true to an extent. With drugs as an example, some are legalizing weed for medical purposes but it is still illegal because it is an abused substance that has killed people and is dealt by bad people. It has positive effects but it cannot be enjoyed by everyone because it has become the face of drugs are bad, being one of the big three alongside heroin and cocaine. Apparently heroin is used in medicine but it is a much more pure form than the street alternative. There also goes a saying that Steve Jobs or someone else, I honestly do not remember smoked recreational weed and it’s part of why we even have Apple (Company) today. Not only that but also Elon Musk making headlines by smoking weed as well and we all know how that panned out.
I didn’t say anything good will come of it, I’m just saying some things are there for a reason beyond the surface.
how did I type this much

>> No.21148831

>I think it'll only get worse at least here in America because people simply do not care, we live in an age of satisfying our urges immediately regardless of long-term consequence and this mindset shows no signs of stopping even amongst more intellectual people.
I agree with this. People just don’t care. I say we will begin to care when it gets to be too late.

>> No.21148837

It’s alright, I enjoyed this. It’s a nice change of pace here on /jp/. Thank you Anon.

>> No.21148848

>supporting it with evidence promoting only your narrow
Supporting your narrative

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>> No.21148943
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>> No.21148967
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>> No.21148976

Read right to left. Just as the Nihons do it.

>> No.21151855


>> No.21151949

Translate it weebs

>> No.21153118

Something something pleasure of putting things where they belong

>> No.21153213

Do not dress up like whores.

>> No.21154281

It does not doing the good appearance of selling woman smell.

>> No.21154348
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Too many words in this thread.

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>> No.21156453

You can’t do anything

>> No.21158904

Do it yourself

And even then the possibilities that you might find it are impossible, there will be probably Yukari x Doomguy (because of Touhou doom), than the shinki x Doomguy

just sayin

>> No.21163583

The 2huness of a 2hu

>> No.21168873
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poor patche.

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>> No.21178208


>> No.21178927 [SPOILER] 
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Well, the guys from /hhg/ at /trash/ already did crossovers with Charlie and Doomguy.
What is stopping you from making one for Shinki?

>> No.21184657 [DELETED] 
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>> No.21188823


>> No.21189097

It has nothing to do with 'hormones' or 'chemicals' in the food, it's childhood obesity. Being a fatass that young ruins more than just your cardiovascular system. The hormones present in food A) aren't active in a human body, they aren't human hormones and B) aren't related to sexual development, even in the animals they actually do something in. Please stop spreading broscience from blogs made up by middle aged women who were trying to to scare other middle aged women.

>> No.21190568

Explain to me then how a 14 year old girl can have C Cup breasts, that a grown woman would have
how a boy can be 6 foot at 10 years old, how there are literal children in middle school almost looking like adults only a few years in.
Tell me how outside of fucking America you can have children growing at an exponentially faster rate and not be the cause of the shit we put in our foods and not the rate we eat it.

You can take a trip to any of the fucking red boards and lurk the consent threads and some motherfucker will go off his horse and green text some inane shit in an attempt to justify his opinion.
Go look at that shit and come back and tell me that that is "obesity" and not "hormones" that dictate how you grow and what develops when.

There are fat fucks but you cannot justify that being the reason for this shit happening. It sure as hell isn't new but it is becoming more and more common today. Scare middle aged women my ass. Articles scaring the shit out of faggots going through midlife crises will always exist in one era or another no matter the age.
"This person is half your age and looks like a model! (S)He's cuter than you, old man/hag! Oh, how old are you? 30? 40? Oh! Old and busted you are! "

>> No.21190876
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>> No.21191391

>Explain to me then how a 14 year old girl can have C Cup breasts, that a grown woman would have
A 14 year old is mostly grown. People stop growing in their mid-late teens, not late 20s or whatever you think. Also tits are mostly fat, so the more fat she has, the bigger her tits, if she has the appropriate genes to store it there instead of less desirable places.

>how a boy can be 6 foot at 10 years old,
Genetic freak or tall family.

>Tell me how outside of fucking America you can have children growing at an exponentially faster rate and not be the cause of the shit we put in our foods and not the rate we eat it.
Your sentence is nearly incoherent with hyperbole and bullshit, but the reason is nutrition, not obesity. Obesity can lead to starting puberty younger than normal, but normal development is stunted if you don't get proper nutrition. This is the reason starving peasants took longer to develop. Also the reason third worlders and previously Japanese, are tiny fuckers.

Stop being a nutcase.

>> No.21191409 [DELETED] 
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>> No.21193048


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take back right ful clay

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>> No.21194699

Useful image from /g/

>> No.21195784
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its about me

>> No.21195790

Best image itt

>> No.21195979
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>> No.21197287


This, asian kids have no right to be as cute as they are.

>> No.21197557


>> No.21197601

Not sure if there's an online copy but the Camus short story is called "The Adulterous Woman" in his "Exile and the Kingdom" book

>> No.21197634

im pretty sure those vocaloids in the background has penis and not vagoo

not sure about the loli though, gotta lift up the skirt to check

>> No.21197679
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>> No.21197685

reimu pee

>> No.21197734

I thought you were talking about a 2hu doujin, not interested now

>> No.21197753
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Install Witchmacs

>> No.21197755
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The fuck do you think I was talking about when I wrote "Camus"?

>> No.21197839
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some jap artist called camus, duhh

>> No.21197984
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Anon come on now you're smarter than that.