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Anyone else is sick of her own NEET otaku life too? Everything feels monotonous in my NEET otaku life right now.

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If you were a real otaku you wouldn't be neet.

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Have you tried solving extremely complex mathematical or philosophical questions? Maybe you could feel less bored that way.

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Already solved them all.

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Your feet are cute

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Have you solved the P-NP problem or the third man problem?

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I do that all the time.
I'm still bored as shit

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not true by the way

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Well time you started learning japanese then

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Being NEET is suffering.
Learn to accept your lot in life, or break down and get a wage slave job like the rest of us.

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Being a NEET is pretty rough if you don't have any activities to pursue outside of your room.
Don't become unproductive. I'm not saying you need to have a job or make money, but you need to keep moving and doing new things. Simply consuming new things isn't enough stimuli to be healthy for you.
Also get exercise, not exercising will greatly increase your risk for depression, anxiety, and other mental health issue.

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Do NEET girls in Japan feel entitled to an ikemen

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Yes. Have you not? Embarrassing.

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Cinderella complex?

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Life itself gets pretty monotonous Anon. Even if you decide to change and explore what the world has to offers, you'll find soon enough that the problem radicates in the incapacity of giving your life some kind of meaning and finding what really makes you happy. And that's a problem you'll face just by living and feeling.
Being a NEET or not, it hardly matters.

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Not necessarily cute feet, but interesting

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I wish I wouldn't have to work and could live a NEET life.

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if you don't meditate then no you haven't

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Go live in a warzone. The battle high will last you long enough to die.

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what media will help me relive and nostalgia about peak 2000s otaku culture

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I'm another girl whose NEET otaku life feels monotonous. I wish I had a nice otaku man to take care of me.

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Not really

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Genshiken and [email protected]

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Biological or transexual? Just checking.

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You know the rules

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Handsome men...what?

Also th top seems to say “something boyfriend is the enduring dream of all girls”

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I hate it,being neet in America sucks. I’m stuck in the suburbs with no car,the only jobs in this shitty town are working fast food,restaurants,and million other suck ass chain stores. I’ve thought about joining the Air Force but then I’ll still have a shit job and be forced to live in dorms with people I hate. I wish I could just get a job as firewatch in japan.

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Okay, Marvin.

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If only there was a kind of life that didn't end up feeling monotonous, anon

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not really

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How cute and tall are you?
And most importantly, who's your favorite 2hu?

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>I’m stuck in the suburbs with no car
Ask a thousand bucks to your parents and buy a Civic.
>I’ve thought about joining the Air Force
Do it. Piloting an airplane is one of the most fun things you can do.

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Thanks for delivering

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Yes, but i'm too lazy to improve my life.<div class="like-perk-cnt">🙁</div>

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any more?
craving 2000s japan stuff

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No. Anyone "bored" by NEETdom is just a fakeNEET normalfag wannabe. Let me guess, you're depressed, you want money to go out and have "fun" with, you can't get out of bed in the morning, every day feels the same?

You make me fucking sick. At least wageslaves wake up every morning and drag themselves into the job they're brainwashed into needing to survive, you're all just weirdos who are too scared of social interaction to leave the house. Just rip off the fucking bandaid and man up, if NEET life isn't fulfilling for you then you're already too far gone. Get a job, join the rest of the masses, you're not cut out for it.

Me? I'm going to sit back, relax, maybe put on 月曜から夜ふかし in a bit because I can't really watch it live in my timezone, play some games, read some manga, do some light exercise, finish my reps, and practice piano. You can sit there and mope, and then make some more posts about how you're "depressed" but unwilling to actually do anything about it, crying for internet pity points. I'm sure that's a great use of your time.

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you sound like you're living in denial

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do they really never leave their room?

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Autism wall of bullshit and cringe aside, 月曜から夜ふかし is a great show I wish more people would watch it.

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I have a fairly stable career and would consider my work/home life pretty balanced. But there's this part of me that just wants to quit my job and live like an absolute decadent slob with fast food and empty pizza boxes all over my room while I just waste away. The fuck is wrong with me.

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It's the part of you that's sane.

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Only if he's fit, confident, and has his life in order while keeping his powerlevel hidden in public.

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Don't, I won't mind to be you anon, so far I've only been offered jobs with great money but with CEO tier schedule (50+ working hours a week) or to continue making a lot of money in family businesses but also with CEO tier schedule (I have too many business owners acquaintances and family friends which are loaded as fuck but they don't have any personalities/life outside of their jobs so they cope with BMW/Porsche/supercars and other expensive toys. Wanting to make at least average money as business owners while having a balanced work/home/hobby life? That only exists inside a dream lol)

Meanwhile here I just want a 40-50 ish working hours a week which makes average or slightly above average money to keep my home/social life/hobby intact, don't quit anon

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No you don't.

Pretty much.

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This anon gets it.
There are plenty of games to play, plenty of anime to watch, plenty of manga to read and plenty of productive hobbies to pursuit. If you feel like you don't have anything to do at home, or you think that stuff you do is monotonous, this kind of lifestyle is probably not your thing to begin with.

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So the only option is to an hero?

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as a wageslave, this guy gets it

NEETs have at least 40 extra hours per week to devote to learning, trying, and experiencing new things.

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Youth is wasted on the young.

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Why do you think these people became NEETs in the first place?

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Who, the depressed idiots? I'm sure it's because they saw other NEETs having fun, and saw it as an "escape" from the pressures of modern life in some form, or they were easily influenced by internet subculture, or they were just too scared to leave the house and their mom didn't want to pressure them to get a job because they looked like they were going to cry.

There are plenty of reasons why these people might have wound up as NEETs, but none of them are good.

This is a lifestyle you have to choose, fully aware of the consequences. I'll probably never have kids or get married, I'll probably never travel to another country, and I'll probably never have more than 20,000 dollars in my bank account. If any of these things worry you, or you're worried that they might be a concern to you in the future, do NOT become a NEET. You are NOT cut out for it, this is not the cure to depression or having a shitty job, you need to work through your problems by yourself or with a therapist.

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Because you'd need money to buy otaku goods and travel to otaku functions.

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>joining the Air Force
Seconded. Absolutely do it. Become that ace fighter jet pilot I know you want it.

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Yeah, i'm jealous of anime characters that are NEET but are still able to buy tons of anime shit

I have to work everyday so i can still watch anime and buy figures ....

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I wish I had rich parents who just send me money and never pester me.

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I thought depression wasn't real and lol therapists more like people you pay to pretend to be your friend for an hour.

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>I thought depression wasn't real
That's pretty dumb.

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Nah man, these NEETs just complain that they have "depression" so they don't have to do anything. They just need to pull up their bootstraps and do something!

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Don't meme at me, please. It makes me sad.

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My mommy and daddy paid for me to see a therapist for several years, and while he did help me, I have a hard time affirming that it was $120/hour worth of help.

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Nobody gives a shit about you. The only person who does is you.

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But your opinions or ignorance is important enough that you have to aggressively push it on nameless strangers on the internet, eh?
Simply marvelous.

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Cry me a river gramps.

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Shut it, whippersnapper.

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Coming up on two years of being NEET now, I am also sick of it, but it's a comforting sort of sick. I'm currently working on getting my drivers license, and then getting a job and or taking classes once I do, but part of me wants to just stay how I am now, see how far I can push it before my parents kick me out, I honestly don't think they ever would, too spineless. Never mind that I can't think of jobs I'd be good at or get hired for, I don't even have a high school diploma (although I did go to community college for a year without one still), trades sound good and I like hands on stuff, but I feel I wouldn't fit in with the sort of people doing those jobs as I'm weak and a dork not to mention trans.
I want some rich person who likes NEETs to whisk me away and save me from all this and care for me and let me be a NEET forever...

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>2 year neet
>no drivers
>no diploma
>tolerant parents

Same here except I'm finally picking myself up and going into training for a trade where I can be left alone. As for your mental illness I suggest you to either stop hanging around complacent faggots and get off the damn drugs or enjoy being a leech forever.

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what trade? being left alone is what I want.

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Genuine question. How do you manage to get your own place? My biggest motivator to get a job atm is to be one of those rich NEETs that can live comfortably and afford the hobby expenses. But more importantly the guilt of seeing my mom at the dinner table is crushing my conscience.

Railway conducting. I think the post numbers are trying to tell you something. Can you tell me more about your situation? White? Fat? Pass? What do you think about the suicide rate?

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I think this anon has the key. I'm the most miserable when I'm overwhelmed with the bouts of laziness. You also pointed out what I believe to be the hardest necessity of NEETdom. Can you elaborate more on how you keep active? Do you have a schedule or something?

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I'm white, 120lbs (which counts as normal BMI for my height, still trying to loose weight though). People I talk to say I pass, helps that I'm really short for being biologically male, I'd probably agree I pass at least until I open my mouth though at the same time I feel I'm ugly but that's self esteem or lack therof. What do I think about the suicide rate? I dunno what's there to say, I do agree it's a mental illness if that's what you mean, but I think transitioning helps it for most people and that the rate is probably a combination of trannies being crazy (and often having additional mental issues) and being in bad situations.

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Remember that as a NEET it's your duty to fight against society that rejected you. If you ever consider ending it all, don't be a coward who lets the normies succeed in making you remove yourself without a fight. By showing the chads and stacies what justice is, you will not only die as a proud warrior, but will also become a hero among your NEET brethren.

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How many cute, little 2d girls will wait for me in NEEThalla?

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NEETs don't go anywhere, how could they? When you've already attained true enlightenment and experience bliss on a daily basis that non-NEETs couldn't amass over several lifetimes, you're no longer a part of the 輪廻. Think of NEETdom as your karmic reward for probably hundreds or thousands of lifetimes of being a good person.

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Imagine living as a leech to the society, disgusting.

>> No.21103990

Is being leeched off of truly nobler than being a leech?

>> No.21104048

Yes, because it is better to be exploited and abused than to simply waste away. Would a cow rather graze in an open field and live its days before slaughter, or live in its own refuse for the entirety of life inside of a barn pen until it died?

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unless you make it into the top 3 highscore, everyone will just laugh at you

>> No.21104581

I wouldn't mind becoming a meme

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I've been enrolled in a scam university in a third world shithole for the past four years, I doubt I will ever get a job related to the degree I'm studying because of my mental illnesses and I'll probably be a NEET that's supported by my family again soon.
I'm not sure if you're joking or not, either way anyone who sincerely believes that is delusional.

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As far as I know I wanna be a NEET. Waking up to get draged by School every morning, sucking the last minutes of sleep even fully aware I'm going in late, and eating some non-satisfactory food from home ( hell I almost don't even have stuff to cook, and guess who manages money here, who gives me the look for 20 euros around 2 or 3 weeks) and then beat my ass for work until 9 now. Until Sunday comes by, my free day, where I lay down on my bed, waiting for the night to come, tired of sleeping, to be able to use my laptop because I still live with my shitty stepfather, who blames the root of my problems in electronics.
Hell, he was nice today after months of shitty treatment, I forgot I was depressed for a moment and I was going to try skydiving in the nearest river this damn Sunday!

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The hard thing I felt on this with depression is that is extremely hard to pick or try something new, everything seems boring, and that boredom can kill. It gets all on luck sometimes...

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>I've been enrolled in a scam university in a third world shithole for the past four years,

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Jesus Christ, I can almost smell the sniveling /r9k/ trannies infesting this thread.

>> No.21107361

My vision is -4.25 though, I wear contacts

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People aren't dogs, old ones can still learn new tricks.

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God, remember when that board used to be good? One of the biggest reasons I migrated here was because it reminded me of old r9k.

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Jesus, you EOPs can't think about context?
イケメンを''持ち運び'' means "carrying handsome men around". You know, figures, dakimakuras and shit like that.

>Also th top seems to say “something boyfriend is the enduring dream of all girls”
It certainly doesn't. Run back to DJT. It actually says "girls who are obsessed with fictional boyfriends".

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Neet life for me has been like teetering on an edge. One side is me suddenly getting my shit together, dropping the doomer attitude, and working hard for my potential future; the other side is me just offing myself. I want both, yet I'm afraid of both. I don't know why and I have no reason to put it off either way I lean, yet here I am, in misery, balancing on the point inbetween.

>> No.21107498

/r9k/ was never good and you should consider going back.

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>Remember that as a NEET it's your duty to fight against society that rejected you.
Isn't it more the other way around?

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I haven't watched anime in years because I feel guilty for not doing anything but I have no idea where to start doing something. Am I still an otaku?

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Watching anime doesn’t make you an otaku.

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Try general aviation then. I know a bunch of pilots who wear glasses and have no problem piloting.

>> No.21110818

My uncle who was a pilot used to tell us that some of his fellow co-workers used to bonce ronce the cornew and des his gona sasd ewrg.

>> No.21110922

Are you having a stroke, anon?

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I'm pretty sure it's just a forced meme.

>> No.21111738

Take your meds grandaddy.

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cute smelly neet feets!

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Smell mine

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Even worse.

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Cute NEET otaku girls who are bored with life hit me up for rough and feral sex

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Saudi Terrorabia?

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>> No.21114943

Lol exact same thought crossed my mind.

>> No.21116676

Why would you go there of all shitholes?

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I get strict about what I eat, most of our carb sources are meant for farmers and physical labourers, not NEETS or even office drones. Being fat sucks, don't get fat. If you're already fat, cut back on carb sources. That means deep fried shit, pizza, etc. Easiest way to avoid massive calorie sources.
Losing weight makes exercise much easier. So if you are overweight, prioritize the diet first. You can't outrun your fork. If you're already at or manage to reach a reasonable weight, you need to do regular cardio. Three times a week. Beyond that, is extra.
I go to a gym up the road from me, I'm pretty lucky. It's a small and quiet place. If you can't, either take up running or look for exercise equipment second-hand. For those who are overweight or have shitty joints, don't do running. The repetitive impact sucks. Find an elliptical or bike instead.

"Therapist" is a nebulous term. In many places, "therapist" or "psychotherapist" is not a well regulated category of healthcare practitioner, or not regulated at all. You want a psychologist or a psychiatrist, who uses diagnostic assessment and then relevant evidence-based treatment either through well-researched programs, pharmaceutical intervention, or a combination (pharmaceutical intervention should always be monitored at least every other week, not some nonsense "see ya when your prescription is up").

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Thank God.

>> No.21118289

Learn to code and work remote.

>> No.21118956

What if I posses a small brain?

>> No.21121282

I wish I was born a cute girl

>> No.21121429

How can someone earn decent money doing that when they're competing with coders form India and Pakistan?

>> No.21121483

Have you never worked with Indians before? The only thing they can compete well in is price. Just show that you're a million times more competent than them (Any idiot here should be) and anyone worth working for would gladly pick you.
Generally speaking, of course. There are exceptions.

Of course you can't really compete well for the shittiest low end jobs that even a half dead toddler could do, like mindless data entry or whatever, where price IS the larger factor.
But you shouldn't be aiming for that shit anyway.

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I wish could become neet again. I had good memories and felt I could get a lot done.

>> No.21123086

How long would it take me to get good at coding?

>> No.21123130

Not so much sick of NEET as sick of being stuck in my room. I love the calm and quiet life I lead without other people, I love boring and predictable, but I'd like to be able to walk about and do other things like travel on trains around Japan like rail otaku do.

>> No.21123133

Just watch video guides online or read some introduction books of programming Java or C. Check the lambda board on lainch for a list of programming books.

>> No.21123153

Also /t/ has good programming/math book available >>>/t/866212

>> No.21123245

Thank you.

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The idea of being a NEET sound good, but it makes me feel unproductive, just the feeling when someone gives me money for me time, is better for me.
But I still feel overwoked, simply woking 110h per month when still attending daily education is... yeah.
Thanks for reading

>> No.21123730

How old are you guys? Pretty sure that I’m the only person over 45 on here

>> No.21124261

if youre a neet at that age, it better be because youre either in retirement and living off all the money you earned early in life or youre really disabled and living off the state

>> No.21124519

That's what everyone thinks, but never underestimate how hard it can be to be a NEET. At the beginning it's enjoyable. You can do whatever you want, sleep whenever you want, play games, watch anime, etc. But it can wear you down. Especially if you already have other problems, like social anxiety. You spend a lot of your time alone in your room, not interacting much with other people, which means that you are alone with your thoughts. May sound really great, but once you get stuck in a loop of negative thoughts, it can get incredible hard to break it.
Another danger is the lack of fulfilling stimuli. You are on your own, without other people. No physical contact or anything of that sort. You may think it doesn't matter, but it does. Neither time nor anything else really matters. Time starts to fly by without you noticing at first. Soon you will notice that just consuming media gets boring. Once that boredom sets in, things get really worse, since you will have a hard time to motivate yourself to do new things. You will spend hours upon hours each day literally doing nothing. Often you have a hard time finding anything you want to do, so just go to sleep earlier, hoping tomorrow changes your perspective. Hobbies like learning a language or playing an instrument may bring distraction, but again, having nobody to share them with can mean you will find them pointless. Just existing can be an utter pain.

You can never know beforehand if a NEET live is truly fitting for you. Some deal with it better than others, but it can be incredible hard at times. On the other hand, once you come to term with many aspects of it (like how your entire perspective on time will change), it can be quite peaceful. Just keep in mind, that if you aren't cut out for it, by the time you acknowledge it, it may be too late for you to have enough energy to change anything. Best thing is probably, that you definitely should try to prevent to turn into a Hikkikomori.

>> No.21124685

Responding to this post but it more generally fits the prognosis of other NEET posts. Being a NEET is like living as an impoverished aristocrat in slave republics of old. You have all the free time for whatever pretension or pursuit you wish to follow. Often others will tell you or you will begin to lower the value of yourself because you aren't contributing to modern technological society, but this is a farce.

Nothing about our biology or psychology is built to repetitively complete a task in a subservient social position in a sterile indoors environment. Multiple billion dollar industries all focus on desperately placating the natural human faculties of those that work. Anyone who insists they are right, or virtuous, or anything else for doing what they were programmed to do by their masters is full of it.

So then what do you do? In most countries it would be extremely hard to live a natural lifestyle off the land, legal systems are built to screw over anyone who tries, even if they buy property to do it. So the only other option is to take rent from technological society and spend the only valuable thing there is, which is time.

Philosophy is one good thing to start studying especially if you have nihilistic tendencies. Once you've solved those, start working on a craft whether it be physical or intellectual. And then pour what it is you want to say about the world into that. If you're any good maybe other people will like it enough to have it persist into the future. If you did it especially well what you created will long outlast the genes or memory of any of the people who capitulated to the system.

Either way dust to dust, so just sit back and do what you want. You only get one time bank so never waste it in subservience.

>> No.21124759

Correct post
You need to make your own work as a NEET, if you cannot you are not cut out for it. The most fulfilling life you can live is working hard at what you like, on your own schedule, but you must develop discipline and a goal first. It's okay to work until you figure those out.
If you do nothing but consume or even engage in hobbies it will rot your soul away.

>> No.21125036

I should make an attempt at least. I have a bachelor's in math. I only barely have enough focus and drive to drill Japanese vocabulary for about an hour a day, though.

>> No.21125318

>Philosophy is one good thing to start studying especially if you have nihilistic tendencies
any recommendations? I can "think away" the meaning out of pretty much anything. it feels like a cop-out, but also "true" unfortunately.
time flies by and I can feel myself dying. I've developed slight hypochondria, so I dread going to sleep, because that's when it's at its worst and it keeps me up.

>> No.21125335


Wageslave life feels that way too sometimes. I don't know of any answers.

>> No.21125587

I was a high school dropout NEET for 7 years. Now in college for math since it's the only thing I'm decent at, CS is easier but it's boring as shit.
It fucking sucks. I hate everyone and I don't have time to watch, read or listen as much shit as I would like.
I just do it because I love my mom and I was tired of being a disappointment and a bad example for my brother (Yes spooks). I can't imagine how fucking soul crushing must be being a wagecuck.

>> No.21125627

>I can't imagine how fucking soul crushing must be being a wagecuck.
It is not that bad when you luck out and work with people you can talk to. (assuming you can socialize to some basic level) At one warehouse job I had an older guy in my shift and we could shoot the shit about art (mostly painting), video games, world history etc.
The job and management still sucked, pay was minimum wage, it took a large chunk of my day away but I didn't feel miserable at least. Some places don't even let you talk to each other or listen to music/podcasts/whatever. Now that's some grade A bullshit.

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>> No.21126442

Being an actual NEET is terrifying, especially if you don't have anything planned for the future. Unless you're one of the few people that have the self-discipline to tackle a project every day you'll find your mind atrophying as you squeeze every little bit of novelty and joy from your hobbies and vices. And then you'll continue to indulge in them long after you feel nothing.

And if you have that motivation, chances are you probably aren't NEET.

I couldn't take it after a year and decided recently to go back to university and do a doctorate. I think I'll be quite happy leeching off the government in a socially accepted manner.

>> No.21126515
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I've been a NEET for 5 months and will continue to be one until September when college starts up again. This shit sucks. It's amazing for self study if you got the drive but you don't always have that. Some days all I do is stare at the ceiling laying in bed because I can't get myself to do anything. My mind is hazy and it's frustrating. I have to drink an energy drink to get anything done anymore. At least I can keep Doremy threads up but it's lonely.

>> No.21126956
File: 1.57 MB, 1191x1684, 1551929626700.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you don't recognise the superiority of the NEET vocation then you don't belong on /jp/. It's as simple as that. One cannot gain access to the NEETstocracy by wealth. This why you see so many people who, once they become NEET, they become paralysed and waste their life away by making kuso threads on /jp/.

No, one has to be born into this life, to share the bloodline of a heroic lineage who throughout the ages has transcended the slave morality of the common men who surround him. This man does not hate the slave, for he recognises that their place in the cosmos is just as legitimate and necessary as his own, but he also realises that there are many things that are far more important than the day to day struggle of wageslavery, and one must always keep in mind the divine plan of the universe before anything else.

Besides, how are you supposed to become a magician and gain Patchy's love if you just waste all your time working all day? Ain't nobody got time for that shit, lmao.

>> No.21129090

Shut up nerd

>> No.21129630

Most of your post looks like you're speaking about a Hikkikomori lifestyle than a NEET's one.
By the way, I want to say that you can be a hikki and have a job or study and also you can be a NEET and not be a hikki. But usually people think of them as the same thing (I can understand why it's so associated however).

>> No.21129641


>> No.21129705

She's holding it normally, just beneath her legs. It matches her sitting position, allowing her to extend her legs, keep her feet flat to the floor, and let her arms fall all the way to the ground.
Quite comfortable, honestly. One of the nicer positions when sitting on the floor.

>> No.21129721

ultra cope

>> No.21129850

Start with the Greeks, as they always say even though it is old hat and you may have already heard about most of them. You don't have to go for Aristotle and Plato, there are plenty of thinkers back then who may more align with your tastes. If the Greeks are a bit too removed for you I would recommend Seneca who is a roman Stoic and his essay "On the Shortness of Life" and his Letters to Lucilius if you liked the former.

From there you can go any number of directions. You can go back to earlier eastern traditions but I would still recommend reading the Greeks because they inform most of the western environment. You don't have to read in order of when philosophers became popular, because at the end of the day they were analyzed and dismantled to arrive at how we think now.

So just focus on the writers and subjects that interest you whether it be ethics, or metaphysics, or whatever it is, and examine it by time period. For example if you are interested in the transition from theism to empiricism go look at the enlightenment Germans.

Reading these thinkers they will often describe thoughts or observations you may have had yourself, but often in a more eloquent way in the context of them being truly innovative for their time.

Overall just try to get what you want out of it. Is meaning and metaphysics bothering you? Go read Descartes and Spinoza. Want advice on what the good life is? Go read the Stoics and later Germans. It isn't for the purpose of having encyclopedic knowledge of philosophy but getting things that will put your mind at rest on certain questions, or advice from the smartest people in a given time.

>> No.21129918

I am a NEET for around 1 or maybe 2 years now, depending on how one would define it.
In my last year of Uni, I didn't even live in it's city, and did nothing so I would say 2 years.
The year before that I didn't do much either, so I can't believe that its actually been that long.

I don't even know how I feel about the situation.
I think I am one of the kind of people that can kind of cope with being a NEET, I even managed to be a NEET in japan for the last half year (saved up my neetbucks).
Now that I'm back in my own country, I feel like I want to have a job though.
I just want to save up the money, and maybe go back to japan again for a longer time.

In a different sense, being a NEET does feel a little bad though. I guess I just have a problem with mostly nothing happening and my life being kind of stale.
I do have a lot of things to do, but being 100% into it is kind of difficult, and I have just managed to sustain a high output for a few weeks at a time.
Maybe its the problem of a missing schedule, and also a bit of burn-out, since I get too focused on one particular thing at a time, like programming or stuff.

Applying for jobs is a huge bother though. I'm a good programmer, but didn't finish my University degree (too lazy to write my bachelors thesis until it was too late).

>> No.21130318

thanks for taking the time, anon. highly appreciated.
my uncle used to be a philosophy teacher, and I have a bunch of his books. found some of seneca's essays among them, so I'll check it out.

>> No.21131234

Yeah, I kinda realized that too towards the end. It's just that if there's nothing forcing me out of my room, I don't really leave it, so being a NEET naturally means becoming a Hikki in my case.

>> No.21131252

>getting things that will put your mind at rest on certain questions
This is wrong. Philosophy is not the right field for getting your questions answered. Especially in modern philosophy, for any claim made by one philosopher there are about 10 more that say he's wrong, and then in turn those philosophers theories get swept away by the next generation of philosophers. There's very little certainty in philosophy, the types of questions asked are unanswerable using mere rationality.

>> No.21131374

I did exactly that. It's really great for the first few weeks or so. The rest of the year is a downwards spiral. You start to love to hate the idea of getting back to reality. It's not worth.

>> No.21131425
File: 2.96 MB, 256x199, 1463211399901.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Unfortunately being NEET is impossible in this state so I'm saving money for my "three month vacation".

>> No.21131754

>It's just that if there's nothing forcing me out of my room, I don't really leave it
I feel you. For me, I usually have little interest in going outside unless it's necessary.

>> No.21133377

You're fucked mate

>> No.21133546 [DELETED] 

In what way? Do you mean mentally, or like, in life? or I dunno both.

>> No.21133585

>but I think transitioning helps it for most people
I don't. It contributes to putting them in bad situations, because such an abnormality generates conflict and a natural emotion of disgust/repulsion in a large portion of the population.
I'd argue it doesn't even help anyway. Like plastic surgery, it's a momentary outward change that the person gets used to and often ends up feeling bad about. Especially when things go wrong. Which they eventually do, because the body tries to heal itself naturally, rather than the way doc cut it up to be.

Mental illness should be treated as a mental illness. Usually either through some form of ``therapy'' or medication, to get rid of the mental problem that debilitates the individual.
You take care of the mental problem as a mental problem. You don't validate it and CREATE physical problems.

You don't go and validate paranoia in PTSD suffering war vets by telling them that yes, everyone is out to literally kill them in the worst way possible. And you DEFINITELY don't try and make that a reality.
You don't convince schizophrenics that "the voices" or whatever are real beings telling them the most important things in the world. And again, you do NOT try to make that a reality.
It just doesn't work well. For obvious reasons.

Be thankful you're a NEET. Because that shit makes it hard as hell to work with a good third of the population, for obvious reasons.

>> No.21133820

>I even managed to be a NEET in japan for the last half year
Is it difficult to have your long stay visa approved or as long as you have the amount of savings required it's all good?

>> No.21133872

There's no easy visa you can get simply by having money. He probably just did two 3 month tourist runs. People from most first world countries can stay up to 3 months without a visa, twice a year. Two times 3 months is half a year.

Sorry to burst you dream, ya weeaboo. Better start a company, get capital, then apply for an investor visa. I heard they check you really hard. You need the money, a proven business experience and an aproved business plan realistic for Japan.

>> No.21133880

In what way? but yeah.
I mean, I can't say I completely disagree with you anon, (although in regards to you comment about cutting up I don't want surgery) I just want to be happy, but maybe that's not possible for me in this world.

>> No.21133936

>I just want to be happy, but maybe that's not possible for me in this world
Happiness is transient at best. There are other things much more valuable to pursue. Stability, productivity, progression, and power, are all more desirable than straight (Pun intended) happiness, because they're fairly replicable rather than ever fleeting.

I personally think most transfags are stuck in a grass is greener phase. The other sex is not inherently better off, they both have plenty of problems. Much like NEETs versus the employed.
Everyone deals with challenges in life. But by trying to switch you throw MORE challenges at yourself; from your biological sex, from the sex you're changing to be, from the social implications of refusing your natural sex, and from the inherent conflict/repulsion that causes within others around you.
Especially if you go from male to female, because extra feminine hormones WILL make you more anxious and emotional, exacerbating any issues you may have with those.

I absolutely do not wish you any ill will. But it is certainly a bad choice.
Out of the ten or so trannies I know personally and talk to frequently (Mostly on games but a few in real life), only one is arguably better off post transition. And that's more philosophy related than sexual. It's also FtM.
It's been almost nothing but complaints and problems from the others, after they get over the manic novelty phase and get bored of posting about trying to pass (trick others).

The same could be said about switching too or from NEET/employment. It won't solve your problems, it'll just trade them for new ones that you're not used to dealing with at all.

>> No.21134041

why are you throwing all this useless assumptions at me?

>> No.21134061 [DELETED] 


>> No.21134077

Because I know what visas are available.

And I was joking about the investor visa. I know you're a hopeless NEET that can't get it.

>> No.21134092

>aproved[sic] business plan realistic for Japan
I love how that rhymes. It really adds some nice spice to the half-sarcastic nature of the comment.

>> No.21134094

Not him and also not trans but most of what you're saying (and most of this thread) just sounds like dumb bullshit to me. I've been a hikkiNEET for 4 years now and I literally did it just to pursue happiness. And you know what, I'm absolutely satisfied with it even now. My personal advice? Literally just be yourself. Do whatever the fuck makes you happiest and don't feel ashamed about it. If you still aren't happy with it then it's likely that you're just an indecisive faggot who can't actually commit to something. And for an actual objectively good advice, don't fucking blog here. None of these internet strangers know who you are and thus most of their advice is worth jackshit. Ask whoever's closest to you. If you don't have anyone like that then it's time to up your normalfag level.

Sage for kuso thread.

>> No.21134266

>1 spark plug wire on the dizzy
>three exhausts

what the fuck kind of engine is this

>> No.21134274

>advanced android

>> No.21134333

love neetbros

>> No.21134339

A video game engine. Because it's not supposed to make sense, it's supposed to magically work and look nice.

>> No.21134414

No matter how bad it gets, the NEET life will always be superior to working. Imagine driving 90 minutes to your work, worse yet taking public transport there, so you can have your 8-10 hours + overtime of mindless slaving away for your employer, drive back home another 90 minutes, have dinner and go to bed after half an hour of leisure time so you're halfway fit to repeat all of that the day after. And that continues 5 days a week, if you're lucky, with 2 days off, one of which you'll end up using up just to sleep and take care of personal business and appointments, and the other you'll need to prepare for the week of work.
You'd have to be an insane masochist to prefer that to NEETing.

>> No.21134487

I mean... that's a pretty extreme case. My commute is 20 minutes and I pretty much never have to stay at the office for more than 8 hours, only in very unique situations. You don't have to spend a whole weekend day sleeping if you maintain a healthy sleep schedule. The benefit of work is massively reduced anxiety about the future since I have money and health insurance, and this diminished anxiety is what allows me to get to sleep easily and get fully immersed in hobbies like games, comics, etc. To me, the NEET life looks like masochism.

>> No.21134601


>> No.21134624
File: 331 KB, 970x545, LARP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What does sarcasm about genuinely unsolved problems have to do with LARPing?
Surely it could be considered roleplaying (Though that's a stretch) but definitely not Live Action Role Playing.

>> No.21134665

I lie to my parents every year that will go to college or I would get a job, it's getting more painful every year, I might an hero soon

>> No.21134759

Imagine thinking that every job requires you to work like a slave
I "work" 4-5 hours at best (and even then I barely put effort), often from home

>> No.21135009

Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXVZYRTMFvU

>> No.21135047

>English Subbed
This is the theme for failures.

>> No.21135249

Please don't kill yourself, I'm sure your parents prefer you being a NEET rather than dead.

>> No.21135412
File: 79 KB, 640x480, 1478528900887.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright nerds, I'm only gonna do this once - for you guys that actually want to earn a bit of your own money while on your PC, this isn't employment, it's just freelance work-from-home platforms. From a 4 year WFH nerd, here's a few to get you started

Prolific Academic - surveys for money, most have decent hourlies. Cashout in Paypal/Circle
Mechanical Turk - under the Amazon umbrella, many tasks are underpaid, but some are great, getting approved initially is a pain. after getting past the learning curve, it's possible to earn more than you would working 40hours min-wage per week. Withdraw to bank account for US workers, amazon.com gift cards for anyone else
User Testing - get paid to try out websites while screen recording and voicing your thoughts.
Product Tube - Usually involves going to a store and recording with your phone while picking up a product and talking about it (you don't buy it IME, just put it back).

I just MTurk full time along with Prolific here and there along with a closed work platform. It varies, but I'll generally pull anywhere from 1,500 to 3,000 per month depending on how lucrative things are. Good luck NEETs, hope at least a few of you benefit from this knowledge.

>> No.21135469

>1,500 to 3,000 per month
Make sure to keep track of all your profit then. You may be expected to pay taxes on that depending on where you live. And if you don't the government might just decide have a fun time with you.

>> No.21135658

Yep of course! That self-employment tax is a pain, but it's manageable. General rule of thumb I use is 15%. 20% if you want to be extra sure. There's also quarterly payment options for owed taxes for folks that run a tighter budget. It's something that NEETs will have to keep in mind - if you're on NEETbucks they'll surely notice something bigger like MTurk rather quickly. Pay your taxes, nerds!

>> No.21136440

I'm gonna do the wildest shit you fuck have ever seen.

You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna get up at a specific time! That's right, aight no weak ass "I'll wake when I wake and sleep when I can." shit, I'm going to schedule my day.

Do you know what I'll do next? I'll have a healthy fucking breakfast. Bet your punk ass still stuffs your face with shitty sugar-coated cereal. Think you know what comes after that? Think again bitch. I'm going to go to my computer, but don't get ahead of yourself, I'm not going to waste all day playing video games, I'm going to practice digital art so I can make something of the skill someday. College? Fuck that noise, waste of money and time.

Practice guitar, learn a language, learn a programming language, go jogging, do more woodworking. My day will be packed! Guess another huge thing I'm doing. That's right, I'm tapering off my meds and trashing the others I can stop without having to taper. Thay noose I tied the other day in preparation to hang myself? It's a jump rope now.

You think this is a game? I'm going ham. That miserable suicidal anon that you don't know? Yeah, I'm not him anymore, meet the new me.

>> No.21136833

>I'm tapering off my meds
Bad idea for almost everyone here

>> No.21136874

Sounds like you're bipolar my good sir.
Enjoy the manic phase while it lasts.

>> No.21136937

Assamble and cry, NEETs

>> No.21136951

Docs dont know jack shit about psychotropics and the actual effects on the brain. Their control studies are terrible and have too many other possible influences. When sometimes 30% of your subjects who take the placebo say it works, thats a huge indicator.

I've taken meds for 10 years, tried
almost every depression, mood stabalizer, and sleep pill practically, none of them doing shit. Most of the time their fucking side effects are what actually make depression worse. Feeling tired and lethargic all the time? Probably the meds.

I started tapering about 2 months ago and dropped others like I said. I'm doing a whole lot better, actually feel like I can make some progress. Even sleep is a lot better. Taking a small glass of wine and listening to delta wave tracks has done more for my sleep than pills ever did. Is it big pharma? Is it lack of a better understanding on the mind? Both? Who knows, but meds have never helped me and I've only gotten progressively worse, and I said fuck that.

Drop the meds, exercise every day, stick to a sleep schedule, get at least 30 minutes of sunlight, and get a better diet.

>> No.21136992

If you've tapered and it works that's great for you. I have a brother with high-functioning autism who's prone to violent outbursts and extended mental breakdowns, and ever since he started taking SSRIs he's been emotionally stable for near a full year. I'm going to trust a certified doctor with good if imprecise training over someone on the Internet and anyone taking meds for serious mental heal issues should do the same

>> No.21137114

me every four months

>> No.21138381

Don't trash any of them. Keep them on hand just in case. That shit's expensive and throwing it away in a manic burst is wasteful.
Absolutely taper off what you really don't need. Especially sleep pills or chronic anti-anxiety meds. GABAergics are a fucking mess, a useful quick treatment yet the far opposite of a cure.
But don't throw anything so costly away. Even if they're doing your manic ass no good now, they might help later, whatever they might be.

>> No.21138928

I've been a NEET since graduating from college earlier this year. My mom tells me to seek employment from time to time but no pressure. My cousin dropped by 3 days ago and pressured me to learn how to drive a car and get license, I told him okay just to get him off my back but I'm sure that will comeback and bite me in the ass sooner or later since my parents have been complaining about me not driving a car for 8 years now.

>> No.21138939

Back when I was working my brother in law came over to teach me how to drive. I got my permit and drove around for a bit but never took the test.
Even then, the only place I went was work, and being under a mile away I didn't really need to drive to or from it. So the whole thing was kind of silly.
But it was funny. There was a gal I worked with who was also learning to drive and putting it off at the same time. Not sure if she ever actually got her license. I sure didn't.

>> No.21140331

>That miserable suicidal anon that you don't know? Yeah, I'm not him anymore, meet the new me.

It's cool I'll cover down for you for a while

>> No.21140430

tfw the opposite and can't get someone to take the time to help me out. I still wouldn't drive anywhere or even have a car let alone be able to afford it or insurance, but still.

>> No.21141166


>> No.21141946

Are the hikki neet posters from 2011/12 still here? What's your life been like? Mine remains the same, stuck in my room, always alone.

>> No.21142160
File: 34 KB, 640x685, Kevin Nash.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Take a shower
Lose weight
Hit the weights
Gain height
Stop masturbating 10 times a day
Equip fresh underwear
Leave the basement
Seek sunlight
Grow a pair
Produce testosterone
Enhance self-esteem
Acquire female companion
Have sex
Pursue employment
Clean your clothes
Put on deodorant
Get a clue

>> No.21142184


>> No.21142212

pasta-worthy, my dude

>> No.21143179

Why do it now if I can do it later.

>> No.21143343

I am but I'm not a neet anymore.
But even then I still went out everyday or walks at night, didn't have to spend money to enjoy being outside.
For staying in your room for so long, uunless because of extreme social anxiety, then anything else?
I get too restless if inside for too long and need at least 15 minute walk for fresh air

>> No.21144393
File: 2.06 MB, 960x612, 1502905654633.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21144729


>> No.21145000

Is it true that being a NEET is only fun when you are able to live alone? I've been a NEET for about three years now, and while I'm still scared of going back to school or starting to work, things don't feel good like I imagined. This isn't the dream I was promised nine years ago. Maybe it's just because I live with my parents, and I'm not free to be a NEET on my own?

>> No.21145021

No. Life can be fun living with others too. But only if you're on good terms with them.
I live with my mother and brother, both of which work full time. They give me all the freedom I want, as long as whatever I do does not disturb them. Since I don't want to anyway, that works out well.

>> No.21145038

That sounds nice. My mom works really hard and she's stressed out all the time now, we're very poor, the house feels very stressful and sad all the time. I think about how I'm getting older constantly and I feel guilty for not doing anything, but I'm also terrified of ending up like her and being stuck grinding in a strict low-paying job forever. Even without my secret goal for the past nine years being to live a fantasy NEET life like /jp/ always told me, I still feel too scared and hopeless at this point to do anything. It leads me to fantasize all day every day about either going to Gensokyo or the setting in an anime I like, or at least just going back to being a little boy and not being expected to go to work or school, and my mom didn't have to work either so she wasn't stressed out and we would hang out and play and watch TV together all the time.

>> No.21145089

I'd hate being a NEET but I wish I had absolute freedom and resources to dump into otaku hobbies.

>> No.21145131

Wanting to be a kid again seems to be a very common desire for NEETs, I guess because of immaturity, ability to be carefree and (in most cases) unconditionally loved, and getting a second chance. I think about being a kid again a lot...

>> No.21145166

It is? I didn't know that was a common occurrence before I became a NEET, it's just an idea that started happening a little bit before I finished school I think. It stayed with me all through that, and I think it's even stronger now. I'd like to be a cute 2D one and be taken care of by a character I like forever, in a place that's much nicer than this. Escaping into fantasies like that all the time is one of the only things that feel good now.

>> No.21145201

Maybe it's not I dunno, although even non neets seem to want be kids again, probably less intensly though. Regardless it's certainly a desire I strongly have, I want to be a child eternally (or at least my entire life, not sure if I'd want to live forever, maybe if I could be in a different place like you said) and taken care of by a nice and loving motherly woman, similar to you.

>> No.21145531

My attempts to overcome NEETdom since this thread started have all ended in failure. I can't do it.

>> No.21145592

If NEETdom could be overcome in two weeks, none of us would have any problems in life. Don't give up, it's a long haul.

>> No.21146334

>Hit the weights
Unironically tried this. The second day in my heart started to hurt and the pain hasn't stopped since then(~2 weeks ago). Breathing also got harder since then and I often feel like I can't get enough air. How fucked am I?

>> No.21146360
File: 788 KB, 1172x1920, 74131498_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Anyone else is sick of her own NEET otaku life too? Everything feels monotonous in my NEET otaku life right now.
Clearly you're not an otaku and just a NEET. There are a ton of anime every season, more vidya than you can beat, new art in pixiv all the time, and tons of jp music videos

>> No.21146382 [DELETED] 

Same. I've been trying for 7 years now and am close to giving up on living a normal life.

>> No.21146443

Go to a doctor.

>> No.21146494

NEETs can't afford healthcare.

>> No.21146508

I hate how my hobbies are now populated by subhuman trannies


>> No.21146510

Look for charity organizations that provide health checkups.

>> No.21146514

Why do you hate transgender people so much?

>> No.21146517

Live in a less shit country.

>> No.21146522

America is the best though. Hospitals will still leave you to die without insurance though

>> No.21146574

Because they ruin and infest the things I like
A part of my hate comes from interaction with such scum

Here are some of my reasons
- Mentally ill, enjoys causing unneeded drama in the hobby community
- Imagine a girl entering your hobby but making it all about them. Multiply it and that's trannies
- Devolve friendships into ERP fests
- Cause NEETs to fight amongst eachother
- Always talk about degenerate things, like butts
- Always changing steam avatars and names, run away from discord drama
- An extremely shallow interest in the hobby itself, cares more about pretending to be the newest popular 2D girl more than the game or show it comes from
- Manipulates their way into admin positions of game groups or janitors, then abuses power and makes it about their drama
- Constantly brings up how they are mentally deranged and tricks people into thinking they are girl so they can manipulate them, like the OP
- Mentally unstable, randomly starts hating people for no reason or insecurity
- Look and acts like abomination in real life, that's why they live their life online
- Extremely soft, can't take the slightest amount of friendly banter in games, tries to make it all a tranny hugbox
- Force their shit degenerate fetishes into everything

I could go on all day but the endpoint is that you are extremely unwanted and this thread is just proof of how you scum fish for attention

>> No.21146648

I'm not transgender, and OP could be a woman.

>> No.21146660

there you go, making it about yourself

>> No.21146688

>the endpoint is that you are extremely unwanted
> you scum fish for attention
If you didn't want to talk about me then don't post false accusations.

>> No.21146696

Not him but they try to ruin games and get offended by everything

>> No.21146801

>Mentally ill
That's someone you share, why don't you get along?

>> No.21146866

>transgender people
Isn't that an oxymoron? Well, whatever.
Because of the drama that comes with them. Either brought on by them starting shit, or by the natural disgust that much of the population feels towards such things.
Especially where topics like sex and politics are absolutely irrelevant, such as video game chats, particularly things like guilds/clans/whatever. Where they love to cocksuck their way into admin/mod positions. Then they go about "correcting" everyone over everything, especially language, getting progressively more and more aggressive about it.
I'd hate anyone who constantly brings shit I don't care about into groups and throws a shitfit at any dissenters. Yeah, yeah, both sides, whatever.
Loosely online like on 4chan it's whatever. In any groups to perform any task, it's noxious at best, and absolutely destructive at worst.
Even pedophiles and drug using degenerates are more tolerable. At least they USUALLY know when their shit is irrelevant and rarely take offense elsewhere, rather than the reverse.

There are exceptions, of course. As always when generalizing. Those are fine.
There are also other people who display the same behaviour without being trannies. I hate them too.

>> No.21146982

Anon you sound like you have issues and need to make real friends.

>> No.21147053

It's sad how true this generally is.
four of my friends are trans, one is alright, the other three used to be fun to talk to until they decided to turn trans which suddenly changed their personality and came will all the baggage in your post.

I honest to god think almost all trans people are only trans because they were depressed and have this idolization of the opposite sex. They're more attractive, they're more privileged, everyone treats them better, etc... they feel more cared about through the superficial attention they receive. I bet some were just wannabe crossdressers with such low self-esteem that they wouldn't actually crossdress till they tricked themselves they were the opposite sex; a reason I think a lot of them dont even take hormones or transition, they just change their name, pronoun, and act/dress more feminine.

Like goddamn what's the point, if men and women are equal, if men can wear womans clothing and wear makeup amd visa-versa for women. If men can act feminine and women can act masculine. Literally what is the point of being trans? Nothing changes except what pronoun you use. If they dont have a surgery, whats the difference between a transwoman and a mentally sane crossdresser? Just the fucking pronoun.

>> No.21147133

>they decided to turn trans which suddenly changed their personality and came will all the baggage in your post
It's due to the hormones they take
Fucks with their psyche and does a number on their brain

>> No.21147472
File: 162 KB, 1440x810, D3oOWWJUIAE5Zkw.jpg orig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

use this image for your next thread

>> No.21147474

there really shouldn't be a next thread

>> No.21147508

I thought being a NEET was supposed to be fun and happy

>> No.21147521

literally me.

It is. The problem is, you are not fun and happy.

>> No.21147536

How do I become that way so that I can start properly enjoying my NEET life?

>> No.21147560

>four of my friends are trans
Does first world really look like this? If someone admitted to being trans where I live they would get beaten on a daily basis

>> No.21147564


>> No.21147591

I don't know much about you and your life, so I can't really give you advice.
The most useful thing I can say is:
take it easy.

>> No.21147593

4 of his internet "friends".

>> No.21147611

but I live in a small town, trannies in Warsaw are probably safe

>> No.21147625

just be happy bro

>> No.21147656

I'd assume it's over the internet.
No matter how few they are in number they absolutely have to tell everyone about it. Well, everyone they're not trying to trick as a "trap" of sorts.
Quite the nail that stands out, honestly.

>> No.21147697
File: 76 KB, 421x399, 1553994140541.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jesus why is this thread still up
Stop making /jp/ so shitty kudasai
Go to reddit you failed normalfags.

>> No.21147730

I used to call people failed normalfags too but I can't cope anymore

>> No.21147760
File: 42 KB, 736x386, jesus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21147865

Is it really your heart? You might have snapped a muscle in your breast which is pretty common.

>> No.21147991

"webdesign" and java

>> No.21148025

>failed normalfags
Meaningless term.

>> No.21148038

No. If you're bored of doing otaku things then you aren't an otaku. Now get out of /jp/.

>> No.21148055

You don't even know what an otaku is, if you think that being a "normalfag" somehow prevents you from being one.

>> No.21148074

No, I just think that posting about dumb shit like this in a board made for 2hus means that you're no longer interested in Otaku Culture. "Normalfags" have never belonged here.

>> No.21148117

It's still discussing things related to the board.
>Normalfags" have never belonged here.
This has nothing to do with what we're discussing, why do you insist on brining "normalfags" into this?

>> No.21148152

>It's still discussing things related to the board
Ah yes, let's discuss why my life (and also yours) sucks. I'm sure that's a good Otaku Culture thread.
Stop bumping this thread.

>> No.21148354
File: 888 KB, 842x1200, 73958525_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> I'm sure that's a good Otaku Culture thread.
Isn't discussing the Otaku lifestyle is in fact a discussion of Otaku culture?

>> No.21148433
File: 77 KB, 287x427, 1550517411005.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Definitely. How's your life going my dude. It sucks doesn't it. As for me, 250 posts of this stuff, that's prime /jp/. Really reminds you of the old days.

>> No.21148545
File: 461 KB, 957x885, 536ee8c3-83fe-42cb-bdb3-a4ca52421ca0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i'll be honest, i'm lucky enough to have a 3d boyfriend who *wants* me to be a NEET (i have a lot of anxieties and shit). but i just moved across country to help out with his mom and, well, we can't have that lifestyle and i truly long for it.

but i get the feeling that i mostly want to work at home and take care of the household chores for him while enjoying my hobbies. but it's hard, bros.

>> No.21148552


there are certain states that let you have a Medicare-like program. google that shit.

>> No.21148648


>> No.21149069

Bigots like you and all the other ones in this thread are maybe why they end up "bitchy" in the first place.

>> No.21149224

You know how you get people to be friends with you and "accept" you?
Not by being a cunt, that's for sure. I think many miss that key part.
May have missed what I said when I said one of my trans friends was still pretty alright, been friends for years, only difference is now I use she instead of he. I dont care if youre trans or not, just act normal. It's just that a large portion fail at that. Can go with the whole chicken or the egg argument but either way you go you still have to grow the fuck up.

>> No.21149348

This kind of response is pretty tone-deaf and completely ignores the issues that these people have had to face when those issues are what leads to most of what your problem is about. It's so common for minority groups to have to walk on eggshells or suppress themselves with people that do not treat them with basic decency. "You're one of the good ones" and similar sentiments are steeped in going with status quo and accepting the shit treatment by people and society. "Just act normal", where normal can mean whatever people want it to mean as long as it isn't challenging them. These kinds of things make it clear you aren't interested in empathizing.

Getting into the previous posts would be an untouchably massive can of worms.

>> No.21149460 [DELETED] 

Nigger nobody cares what issues you mentally ill attention whores have to deal with. It's when you start
>challenging them.
by crying that everything offends you and needs to conform to your mental illness that you turn people who don't give a fuck into people who dislike you.

>> No.21149508

Retards like that person have made me try to never mention being trans for fear of being associated with people who push themselves into everything and talk about how offended something makes them. That's not how you fucking get people to like you, why most fags and trannies can't understand that I don't fucking know, but it's not.
Please go back where you came from

>> No.21150112

Everybody, ABSOLUTELY EVERYBODY has to walk on eggshells and suppress themselves. Personas are absolutely necessary for normal function in life. This is common knowledge, especially in philosophical fields. Without them groups of people simply cannot function.
This is also an issue with making everyone else walk on eggshells trying not to offend them by using the wrong words and shit.

Of course people don't like challenged. That's a given. So don't challenge them with things that don't matter. Especially online, where sex is 100% irrelevant.
Why would anyone be interested in empathising with someone spreading conflict and challenging everyone around them?

If you can shut up about it and leave your sex in your pants then you're an exception. Those people are absolutely fine, seriously. Because they can get along without generating conflict galore.
And of course there are those who will generate conflict without being trannies. Those need to fuck off for the exact same reason.
>Getting into the previous posts would be an untouchably massive can of worms.
If only you could treat the whole topic like that. By golly it would work better for everyone else for sure, and trannies too probably.

>> No.21150146

>Gain height
How is this even possible? I'd literally live in the streets if I could gain 3 cm.

>> No.21150336

high heels

>> No.21150575

People can start by not being retarded and triggered by trans people in the first place. By bringing it up you just feed into a vicious cycle. When people keep saying shit like "trans people are _______, but not YOU, you're one of the 'good ones' " they do nothing but contribute to the problem.

Notice how literally noone gave a shit until people started bitching about trans people.

>> No.21150599

You seem pretty triggered for someone who doesn't give a fuck.

>> No.21150645

Notice how literally no one gave a shit until people brought up transexuality. Which does cause a natural emotion of disgust or repulsion in so much of the population.
Like the other guy said, can go with the whole chicken or the egg argument but either way you go you still have to grow up. That means accepting that you have to put on a persona like everyone else.

Being "one of the good ones" is just "not challenging others constantly", and also "not playing the victim card and demanding empathy everywhere while doing so". Trannies can do that just fine. Several have and do, and those are fine. I only hate those that don't. Because it's the behaviour I hate, not trannies themselves.
>Whoa, I have to act like I belong and put on a mask to be accepted (Like everyone else)? Fuck that I'm special, FIGHT ME
Well so be it.

>> No.21150680

It really is. I think I'll save that for later.

>> No.21151003

That’s fucking gay

>> No.21151004

Please remember what website you're posting on before opening the reply box

>> No.21151011

this is what real neets look like


>> No.21151022

Cry until you sleep remembering the summer of '92.

>> No.21151029
File: 3.00 MB, 1920x1080, IZ-ONE.Chu.E03.REBROADCAST.181108.1080p-SAE-[37.37.588-37.40.157].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


only if you are living independently. if you're living with your mom or a relative, it's not very worthwhile because you have no freedom

>you have to eat your mom's food
> you have to use your mom's PO box(if you order anything from ebay)
>you have no privacy so you can masturbate anytime you want
>can't stay up without your mom nagging you

all these things make you wanna get a job so you can get the fuck away and live independently

>> No.21151032


so you can't masturbate anytime you want*

>> No.21151058

Who are you quoting?

>> No.21151077

I live with my mother and brother.
We are all capable of cooking, and willing to cook. I cook what I want quite often.
We do not get nosey at each others' packages. Though you could pay for your own PO box if it's really an issue, obviously.
I have a lock on my room door and can masterbate, among other things, whenever I feel like it.
And my sleep schedule shifts forward about an hour every day naturally. No one ever nags me about it.

Your family must suck.

>> No.21151150

just carve on the inside "no homo"
you'll be fine
wait, just thought of something, you can wear cowboy boots that have high heels. You'll look manlier in that youre taller as well as wearing chad boots.

>> No.21151192

Dude, I live with my mom and it kinda sucks because of some things, but I no one is stopping me from jerking off or going to sleep whenever I want because I'm a fucking adult. It sounds like your issue is with having overly controlling parents who don't respect you, not being a NEET per se.
(Although being a NEET is probably a big reason for your family to not respect you.)

>> No.21151225

when are we starting the beta uprising, boys?

>> No.21151424

beta uprising is in alpha testing right now

>> No.21151528

>>you have to eat your mom's food
my mom would rather want to eat my food.
>> you have to use your mom's PO box(if you order anything from ebay)
Don't care.
>>you have no privacy so you can masturbate anytime you want
Well, I guess thats a little true, but I'm not super fap-addicted, so its ok.
>>can't stay up without your mom nagging you
How old are you?

>> No.21152318

Cringe redditor, go back.

>> No.21152552


>> No.21152664
File: 67 KB, 1024x768, 1258627989596.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have made no progress in these past 8 years, just been wasting time waiting for death because i'm too coward to end it myself

I'm tired

>> No.21153195

sasuga korean 3dpd poster LMFAO

>> No.21153589
File: 84 KB, 300x325, kotoha_fuck.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pretty much. I still have some trans friend but I basically peace out when there's two or more in the same vicinity. You get a dozen or so together and it basically devolves into a fetish grooming cult. They try and convince very fragile people they're an "egg", seems they're even more eager if they're underage and they always get sexual about it. Seen it real time before. Extra red flags if they're all "lesbian".

I'm a pretty feminine guy sometimes but it's hilarious how they seem to have the weirdest fetishy strict gender roles. It's like they 90% try to preach the breaking of gender norms but you are a little feminine as a guy and they try to convince you that you're transgender.

>> No.21154554

Im pretty feminine as well, my hair is really long and I could probably pass if I used makeup and crossdressed. My old therapist kept trying to convince me I was trans, she kept bringing it up and bringing it up.

>> No.21154822

>Choco Latte solves everything
oh does it now misako?

>> No.21154867
File: 20 KB, 361x469, 1360632510967.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't understand how doing whatever you like can be "boring".
Working is extremely boring, obligations are boring.
I feel like I could be the perfect NEET but after all it's a luxury, regular people after 30 yo can't be NEETs. Now listening about how difficult is to live disposing of all your time makes me sad. We really need to do the most menial tasks for most of our life so we don't hear our inner voice? I don't understand.

Even without money, we have the INTERNET, we can watch all anime, movies, play all games, read all books, fap to all porn, all for free.

>> No.21154944

>we can watch all anime, movies, play all games, read all books, fap to all porn, all for free.
Those are only any good when you're relaxing from having stress. If you have no stress, and for that matter no need to do any of that today instead of tomorrow, why do it?

>> No.21154963

>why do it?

Why living at all?
If you only do things to relax from stress or to fill your time there's no point in living.
Those things are always good if you actually like them. They are good by themselves, they are enjoyable, there's no need for any justification about that.

>> No.21154980

That's something only people say who never experienced having a near infinite amount of free time without having to work.
Except for fapping, everything else quickly looses its appeal and stuff just becomes boring. Maybe it's fun the first year, maybe even the second and third year, but it'll happen.
Really, it's not something you can understand until you have experienced it for yourself - and that's not something I wish to happen to anyone.

>> No.21155006

But I was a NEET. My only problem with that is how I couldn't mantain that lifestyle forever.
Why you're supposed to get bored about everything? If you genuinely like something you're not going to get bored. And even if you get bored you could jump to something else.

You're telling me you're going to get bored of the things you like but not from having to spend at least 40 hours per week working for almost the rest of your life? it doesn't make sense to me. Maybe you just have not found what you truly like.

>> No.21155018

How good do I have to be at Japanese to become a translator?

>> No.21155100

>Why living at all?
>there's no point in living.
The more you NEET it up, the more you realize how true this is. You need to do stuff to distract yourself from that. Games are just repetitive time wasting menial tasks. Anime, movies, and non educational books are just escapes from a life that isn't even worth escaping from if you're a NEET. The internet was a mistake.
>Those things are always good if you actually like them.
Unless you have literally no standards, you'll go through anything you're interested in quick enough and become jaded.

How can you even be interested in just consuming things forever anyway? It's like having a hobby of spending all day eating and saying eating never gets boring. You're going to get full at some point, even if eating is what you truly love doing. Working for others isn't any good either, but you should be trying to find things to do that are productive without just being a slave to someone else. Your problem is merely the quality of your job, not work itself.

It is vastly more important that you are skilled in the language you are translating to instead of Japanese. You just need to know how to read Japanese characters, have a great understanding of Japanese grammar, and how to use a dictionary to be able to translate. To make it a good translation, you have to be able to competently express the meaning of what you translated in a coherent way in the output language.

>> No.21155132

I haven't played a game, read a book or vn, watch an anime or movie, etc... for over a year now. I want to, I'll try and start one, but it's just empty. I get nothing out of it and I'll just stop after a few minutes.
I'll spend hours downloading and modding games, but as soon as I start one... I'm just dead. I'll uninstall it immediately.

I dont feel enjoyment from any hobbies and the like. I just waste my day going from short video to short video, posting on chans, and chatting in discord. I'll cook a meal, and then return to the mundane. Sleep and repeat.

I have the desire but not the will. If I have the will then I don't get the satisfaction. Sometimes I even sit at the computer and dont even have the will to click and mouse the mouse, it's like it takes everything I have to move the finger and I'll just stare blankly at the screen.

Being it a neet is only good for short term. Long term is hell.

>> No.21155141

Oh, and depending on what it is, you may need knowledge of Japanese culture, where the more you know Japanese, the easier it is to look up whatever reference is being made if something is referencing something else.

>> No.21155184
File: 7 KB, 225x225, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i am a 28 years old virgin neet. ask me anything.

>> No.21155189

Why are you a virgin?

>> No.21155197

You don't have to just consume, you can do whatever you like, learn anything, the internet can also help you with that.
You don't have to do the same thing 16 hours per day.

>Unless you have literally no standards, you'll go through anything you're interested in quick enough and become jaded.

In past centuries they had a fraction of all we can have today and people could spend all their lifes studying just a particular topic. It's almost impossible to finish all the good books, watch all the good movies or play all the good videogames.

At least you're coherent with your thoughts but I can't agree with them, if something I wish I could live forever to do all I would like to do.

>> No.21155215

am too much of a autist to be thinking about relationships.
most of my problems stem from family.

>> No.21155248

And what will you do with what you have learned? Bask in the euphoric enlightenment of your own intelligence?

Humans are social creatures, or at least 99% of them are, including most NEETs. If you weren't one you wouldn't be here on /jp/ talking to us. At the end of the day people still want talk about the things they have learned or consumed with other people, and the farther you go down the rabbit hole the less people there are to talk to.

>> No.21155340

You keep saying "study" and "learn". NEET = Not in Employment, Education, or Training. If you're spending all your time studying, you're not really a NEET. NEETs don't do anything, that's the point of the term. It doesn't mean "not a wageslave".
You study, you learn, you practice, and then you'd be interested in relaxing with anime or something. Or at least procrastinating with it.

>It's almost impossible
Not really. "16 hours per day" is 32 episodes of an anime series, ignoring that they're 24 minutes about including openings and endings.(which would be like 40 eps) That's like 3 modern series every day. 21 per week. You could watch a nearly a whole years' worth of anime in a month and nearly all of the 2010's anime series in a year, let alone just the ones you actually cared about. 16 hours is also like 8-10 movies a day as well. I somehow doubt there are even 310 excellent movies in a particular language, forget about 3650 merely good ones. Same for books and manga. If you had all day to read them, you'd fly through them. You'd also reach a point where you'd seen enough to just be able to predict what's going to happen and be bored. There are enough sandbox or high replay value games to keep playing, but that's not really different than wasting time or working, depending on the game. Really the only difference with work is that you don't want to do it. You should find a job that you want to do.

>> No.21155366

Ya ding-dong diddly seethe?

>> No.21155406

>He typed it out
Move back, reddit newfag refugee.

>> No.21155467

Do not even know how the filter works, the filter is not even on on / jp / stil calls other newfag redditors.
Oh the irony.

>> No.21155479

Not that anon, but at least in Japan consider NEET the people "who are not employed, not engaged in housework, not enrolled in school or work-related training, and not seeking work". But I'm not really interested in that.
>You should find a job that you want to do.
You know, that's not easy. I'm starting to think that a good number of people yearing to be a NEET are people who didn't found what they wanted to do. Or what to do outside of anime/manga/games/inmerse in their hobbies, etc. I consider myself included. Even if they found a job they want to do, there's also the posibility they can't sustain themselves, but I'm getting in a more complex issue.

>> No.21155488

what the fuck are you guys talking about

>> No.21155572


>> No.21155609

>He doesn't know the filtered word
>Types it like the summer newfag he is
Good damage control.

>> No.21155616

this thread is proof that all neets should be exterminated

>> No.21155619

shutt he fuck up

>> No.21155632

you're next

>> No.21155672

I'm still a neet, but not a full hikki. I barely leave the house though even though I can do it. Didn't improve much.

>> No.21155701

Who ya quoting simp?

>> No.21155715

Ya manlet ass, dweeb.

>> No.21155757

Be able to read a bunch of stuff and write somewhat well into your native (or near-native) target language.

Pooling all your resources and time into solely reading can make it achievable pretty quick.

I started translating as a side job after 4 years of fucking about taking jp at college and being a weeb.

>> No.21155766

Jabroni mark worked into a seething shot.

>> No.21156040

Why aren't you?

>> No.21156161
File: 214 KB, 1280x719, welcome to the rice fields.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it getting any better

>> No.21156519
File: 94 KB, 500x353, *Sisyphus rolling eyes*.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>there's no point in living.
>The more you NEET it up, the more you realize how true this is.
Oh nihilism, how toxic it is.
Personally, I'm an Absurdist. The conflict between man's desire to find meaning in a meaningless, irrational universe is The Absurd. Absurdism is the study of how to respond to it. And usually results in some form of acceptance and embracing of The Absurd, as well as practice in making ones' own meaning.
I know this may be a coward's answer to a difficult problem though, by running away from it screaming in madness and self-trickery. But that doesn't bother me in the slightest. I am a coward. And the problem is fucking horrifying. Such a response is fitting for self protection.
Usually NEET is defined as not being in formal education, employment, or seeking either at all. Everything else about the term changes from person to person (Sometimes straight up wrongly by assuming every NEET is a hikki, butwhatever). The main point is not being systematically taught or made to work by others.
Under most definitions, you're still allowed self study while still counting as a NEET. Just not education.

I do agree that finding a job you don't hate or maybe even enjoy is far more ideal though. Or at least taking on some form of enjoyable responsibility.

>> No.21156971

I'm not a nihilist. I eventually came to the conclusion that I don't need a point to be alive, since I doubt other animals, plants, and lower lifeforms look for reasons to continue living. so I'm content even doing absolutely nothing. This has resulted in me not having many desires anymore, so it's even harder to get a job because I don't aspire to anything or have anything I want to spend money on besides basic living necessities.

>> No.21157011

fapping can lose its appeal too and I'm not even neet

>> No.21157033

You may be old/depressed/medicated/estrogened/not fapping to what you really want to though.

>> No.21157079

I enjoy playing mahjong more than masturbating, so as my playtime increases the time spent masturbating decreases. If time is limited for some reason, I don't masturbate.

>> No.21157149

Pretty sure that falls under nihilism. It's just rejecting absurdism; claiming you don't (shouldn't?) feel the need for meaning and thus don't have the conflict.
Lower life forms also don't need meaning to continue acting. They move on primal desires alone. They do no need rational motivation. Humans usually do.

I'd rather not just Lay Down And Rot, personally. There's much to do, and it would feel like quite a waste to ignore it all just due to something like lack of inherent existential meaning. Fabricating transient meaning to actions to keep moving is much less depressing.

>> No.21157179

>Lower life forms also don't need meaning to continue acting. They move on primal desires alone. They do no need rational motivation. Humans usually do.
Why? I reject this "humans are different and more special than other animals" idea. They just overthink everything. Animals aren't just completely mindless robots either.

>> No.21157183

So you're one of those masturbate 5 times a day out of boredom people being reduced to fapping once every 3 days or something?

>> No.21157229

Humans "usually" do because as you said they overthink things. They're generally inclined to search for meaning and question everything along the way. Possibly stopping activity from depression from the realization of lack of meaning, if they don't find some defence mechanism against it.
The point was that animals don't really need to find meaning and can keep moving regardless. With exceptions of course.
If you can keep moving without meaning then so be it, good on you. But that's not "usually" the case.

Wallowing in lack of meaning is meaningless. And also unpleasant as hell.

>> No.21157255
File: 652 KB, 1841x1400, 1479570030930.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Humans are social creatures

Maybe humans are, but not us!
If your point is we have to be social to be happy then fuck all this otaku shit and we all become normalfags. But I think some of us don't like that. I'm perfectly fine alone, I have lived without internet for long time and that gave me inner pace, having people around me, even if I don't particularly dislike them, just stress me.

I don't believe the topics endlessly repeated.
I know about eremites that have lived in absolute solitude for 20 years then 20 years more and they are the most happiest creatures in earth. Only you knows what's good for you.

>> No.21157256

nah, I never did 5. I would do 2-3 max on rare occasions

>> No.21157270

>Not really. "16 hours per day" is 32 episodes of an anime series

But why do you need to do everything with that sort of autistic behaviour? You can do other things when you're tired of something. You don't need to burn yourself like that.
And not having enough media to consume seems absurd to me. In last years I have watched more than 700 movies, but my backlog is bigger than that and it grows everyday, while more and more often I feel like rewatching stuff. It makes me feel sad to think I will die without being able to watch all of it.

>> No.21157395

>It makes me feel sad to think I will die without being able to watch all of it.
>why do you need to do everything with that sort of autistic behaviour?
You have your answer on how not to die before watching your backlog.and then forgetting everything you watched anyway when you die and your brain rots away.

>> No.21157408


>> No.21161656

lol no they wouldn't

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