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Post things you wish to do to or with Touhous, sexually.

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I want to hug them and have them hug me back and tell me that it's ok I don't have to do things alone anymore.

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Why'd you have to make me hurt like this, anon?

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I want to pound Star's cervix with my cock and cum inside her a bunch of times, then force my penis down her throat to clean it and fill her tummy with my semen.

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I want to gently touch Hata's navel! I wonder how she'd react.

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Make all of them preggo and don't take responsibility.

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Thighsex and footjobs and nothing else

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Rape, and copious amounts of it!
Sanae crying, Sanae whimpering, Sanae begging, Sanae afraid and despairing, while giving her vaginal repeatedly. Making her feel good against her will, and comforting her afterwards, the dream.

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How much did you have to pay her for roleplay? I don't think that's on her normal service list, most of which are free.

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Be her slave and maybe if I'm a good boy we can become lovers even if it takes many years? Nah. Best I'm for is a blood meal but that's okay making Remi happy makes me happy even if it's just being a footstool.

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I want to go on a quest across Gensokyo to fuck as many Touhous as I can before I inevitably get killed.

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Mein neger

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I want to hold rans naked body against mine as we sleep.

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Anon don't do this to me

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Listen here faggot.
I know this is the post what you want to do together with 'hus, not the make you want to kill yourself thread.
Then again, the OP is of a slut so who knows. Who cares.
Fuck you- I won't even call you dude.

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Be strong, and you'll make it through.

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God, Alice’s feet must be so stuffy in those boots...

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Ask Ajani Goldmane for that, not 2hus.

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Mistake. Comment for >>21026344

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Is Elspeth dead? I haven't been keeping up with the lore since the Theros plane.

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She's in the Underworld, but maybe she will show up again. WotC hasn't forgotten her yet, I'm sure. Anyway I don't want any sexual service from Elspeth or Ajani.

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I really want this. I am obsessed with the idea of feeling body heat and the breathing cycle during sleep and of course many fluffy tails. I also think skin contact would be nice.

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As expected from the softest 2hu!

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She can charge whatever she wants from a service like that since she has no competition. Reimu only provides the dead fish experience and Sakuya is too much of an autist to roleplay anything but a maid.

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Maybe if you're lucky she'll adopt you as a pet. Bad news is, she'd likely take you to Eirin to get you neutered.

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STOP ;_;

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I want Sakuya to dominate and abuse me sexually, making me a mess and then cuddle and sleep with me in a cute, loving and caring way.

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I want to wear Sanae's pantyhose

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why not?

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Because unless you are a girl, that would be very gay.

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i want to be shrunk by patchouli casting a magic spell on me, and then stepped or sat on by her and die. #justboythings

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I want to hold hands with Sanae

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I want to force Wriggle to do danmaku while her shirt is unbuttoned, so I can catch glimpses of her flat chest as the wind flaps it open!

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Fuck ;_;!!!!!!!!

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It's like I'm right back on /r9k/...
yeah yeah, bla bla bla go back and stay there, inb4.

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get raped by an oga

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don't you losers remember the theme song?
being alone is only lonely if you want it to be

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not gonna get that from rude ass bratty Touhous

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Eat Kaguya's liver so I can become inmortal

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navel rape
navel rape

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I want to rim Sanae's loose asshole.

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snuggle with 'em, and give 'em a kissy- kiss, 'cause they good girls-- even though they hos.

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Repeatedly torture, rape, and kill Clownpiece. Being sure to record each iteration.

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Fellate Wriggle's antennae!

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I want drunk Suika to hug me until she starts aggressively rubbing her face against my half-erect dick.
Once I've shot a huge load down my pants, she'll laugh at me and fall asleep without letting go of me.

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I want to give them baths, wash their hair, give them masages

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no dicks or go full dicking in them?

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y-y-y-you m-mean s-s-s-s-sex
with 2hus?
l-like my dick in t-them?

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This but also spoonfeed them

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i also forgot to say burst their hair an theeth

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I hope you meant brush and not burst, sounds like it'd be extremely painful.
I would also like to tuck them in bed and read them a bedtime story

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One month on nofap and this feeling can’t escape me

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sorry im tired, i meant brush

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>and comforting her afterwards
Had me until this.

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Gentle bukkake with Sanae involving a double dozen of big black guys. Imagine Sanae's face and body slowly being covered with black semen layer after layer until not even an inch remains uncovered. She would feel so embarassed and disapointed with herself because it's so degrading and unworthy of her new goddess status. But still, all those black guys savagely cumming for her would fill up her heart with joy. Of course this would be like a work of art and I would be the one to finish last and add the final touch to this masterpiece.

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Do you have some sort of NTR fetish, anon?

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I assume he does

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I want to go on a boat ride with Komachi

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I just wanna play with Koishi

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He joins in so it's not NTR, it's a gangbang.

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Yes, but he's the last one to use Sanny, and his obsession with black guys is typical of NTR fetishists.

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Bathing a 2hu sounds like great fun, especially if you get to snuggle with said (now clean) 2hu.

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Of course it's NTR, his fetish is all about black cocks ejaculating on cute and pure girl like Sanae. Cuckolds are the fucking worst.

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Talking/Tricking her into letting me force-feed her lots and lots of water to the point of immobility and then lightly abusing her heavily distended belly and teasing her about it.

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Anon seek help.

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This anon needs to be assigned a personal therapy fairy. It's like a therapy animal, but instead it's a fairy. In fact, perhaps anon's post was made to strengthen his case for needing a therapy fairy. It's a common thing, kind of like cheating doctors out of opioids, only it isn't opioids, but fairies.

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Still stuck, anon?

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Ahh, I want to smell the lingering scent of her hair on my pillow. I want to see that smile that she only shows me. I want to support her in the things that she does and be the man that deserves that kind of support back from her. I want to smell her perfume evaporated on her warm skin. I want to walk arm in arm with her. I want to run my fingers up and down her back and feel her warmth through her clothes. I want to care for her when she's sick. I want to watch her breathe and burp and snore and murmur while she sleeps.
I want to look in her eyes and know that I mean as much to her as she does to me.

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i want clownpiece to grind her ass against my crotch

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This anon is a cunnysseur, listen to him.

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Hard femdom with any of Yukari, Satori or Remilia+Sakuya

I would be able to die a happy man after experiencing that even once.

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I want to let you know that you should really never post again.

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