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Phew, finally got my Milim too. Took something like 8 11x rolls, needed to tap into CQs to get the needed stones. Still, that's five rainbows in 2019 already, which would be pretty awesome under regular circumstances. I can almost forgive this sorry excuse of a collab, but they better never pull this kind of shit again.

Also notable: Shiropro is apparently nearing its 3rd anniversary and kicking it off with a very generous campaign, the main highlight of which is a 7* pick ticket (plus a very substantial boost to shrine rates). None of the 7* castles have glasses, so I have no default pick here, but I'll probably go with Prague because she's the cutest of the 7* bunch.

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Fuck Sylseth I guess
This is only Prince buff too

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3 difficulty in aigis kicking my ass, because i still dont have a tank. Fucking anniv with their stupid gacha tickets, instead of old ones.

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I turned some bad blacks into RC in the past thinking they'll never get fixed and now I feel stupid.

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>selling non-dupe blacks

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Pretty good tastes, glassesanon.

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Sounds more generous than FKG already

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>mystic shield
I sold non-dupe Eldora some time ago and I regret selling dupe Ingrid more

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Dont worry, even my Silvia cannot hold the line, not enough time to ramp up and multiple boss tier units moving in fast doesnt help. I think Gellius might work if supported by two healers, he can tank both physical and magic damage. Palfy next to him might be best.

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>20 range matters on a melee blocker

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thats not saying much considering anything is more generous than them

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I personally did it with Dina. She tanked like a champ & bursting the big bad lady as soon as she spawns with some Lapis bursting made it easy.

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Honestly, Dina is a pretty underrated unit. I think people just look at her as a heavy and brush her off, but she's tanky and can put up some decent numbers, especially against groups where it can total up fast.

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Her big sister is better.

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In tits, yeah.

In everything else? lolno

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Do these Divine Beast advents revive?

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They do, but under an unreliable schedule.

The current title is alright but not amazing compared to Keraunos/giant titles, so you can afford missing out on it if the map is too tough.

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It's 50 tho

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They compensate by having Aigis being greedy as hell and Shiropro needs all the attention it can get.

Trying way too hard.

ffs no one else take this extremely obvious bait plz

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>Reply to posts made over 12 hours ago in an attempt to start a shitstorm

were you dropped as a child or something?

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Again, no one take the extremely obvious bait, please.

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He's physically unable to ignore any posts that say bad things about FKG. All it takes is someone complaining about the game for him to go on some autistic fit and derail the entire thread defending the game then blames the complainers for triggering him.
Plus a general isn't really a general without mentally unstable posters like that anyway.

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FKG is a game now?

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i wish i loved something so much to spend time every day starting shitstorms over someone not liking it

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calling it a game implies it has gameplay aspects and it doesn't so it'd be more accurate to call it a money trap to part fools with their money

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Reminder to take it easy.
Anyways, looks like the final update is in. I never had a really strong attachment to this game, but now that it's going to shut down, I'm definitely going to miss it.

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Right now, there’s clearly more posts from people trying to start a shitstorm about not liking it than “the one shill overzealously defending it.”

But you’re all the same poster anyway. I’m also not the shill, so gg being wrong from the start.

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Not really, It's probably just people trying to bait autists like you into replying because it always works.

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Shitposting about dead games on a north korean communist propaganda pinboard.

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I had to reach the guarantee a third time for her so I'm really happy she finally showed up.

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Damn, they'll be pulling the fakeout of the century if Hyacinth doesn't appear here. We even have a shot at a new Bupleurum, she's very popular and yuui is very active.

Will we get a look at Lotus Lake's dark underbelly, or will it be lighthearted to counteract the other money-themed LL event we just had?

Shiropro is amazing fun right now, I like that they allow some off-the-wall gimmicks that Aigis doesn't like to touch. Monster infighting, terrain bonus, slow + knockback infinite stall tricks, the wand gimmick with one-time abilities, debuffs and board wipes being a lot more common in general. The fast-and-loose pace is good too, it's Patchcon to Aigis' Bloons TD.

Teambuilding looks like it'll take more effort than Aigis, though, since many buffs don't stack and you probably want a team for each terrain.

>drillhair ojousama
Damn, do I have to play Tokyo Necro too now?

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Hey, wagi posted our beautiful Altair again


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If you want her, you'll probably have to get very lucky or spend $$$ right away... the event gacha units don't get added to the regular gacha pool so once her event's done she's gone for good. Or at least until they start doing event revivals.

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>Shiropro needs all the attention it can get.
Isn't shiropro more popular than Aigis anyway? I always see in top5 of all ages section and Aigis is mostly hovering between top5 and top10 in R-section.
All ages Aigis2 with VAs when?

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The other anon is right about event gacha. She's around until the 22nd desuwa
Event girl is a shotgun robomaid with rocket boosters. Her live2D kinda makes me motion sick though, because she uses them all the time.

The guarantee is every 5th 10-roll, with the first 10-roll being half-off. I got desire sensor'd and rolled the other rateup girl (who is at 0.5% instead of 1%) the first two times, and some other off-banner on the way. The event gives some gacha tickets too.

Currency has been somewhat plentiful, but to get that 3rd guarantee I had to max level a bunch of lower rarity characters. When I started, I probably could've tried rolling for the green-haired drillhair drummer as I had enough s-materia by the time she was leaving, but they were also doing half stamina for level mats, so that helped with getting ranks and a team up for event grind.

>event gacha units don't get added to the regular gacha pool
I was starting to wonder about this, because there aren't many in there. Not that I want them to stuff it full either like most games do.

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What are some games on the R-18 version of DMM that have "optional" hentai scenes like FKG? I'd play the all ages version but I can't get the connection to work

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Any ideas how to replace Socie to pick off those goddamn angels in the first phase? I have Sheng and Moltena, but I need them for the third phase...

>> No.21004308

Looks nice, thanks

>> No.21004420

Alright nevermind, I did use Moltena's dog to snipe the angels, but the third wave now pushes my shit in because I don't have Tenma.

>> No.21004492

What exactly do you mean by “optional”?
Aside from the tutorial one you don’t have view any scenes in BGR if you don’t want to.

>> No.21004537

Kindly refrain from intentionally shitting up our generally comfy thread, thanks.

>> No.21004561

Yep, considering the toughest enemies in this Majin are armored, Tenma's AW passive is the core of the guide. I just don't meet the DPS checks without her debuffs.

>> No.21004568

Don't have Tenma? No problem. Just get Sheng, Rinne, Sylvia, Lapis, Kayou, and Aisha!

>> No.21004610

And Elyse.

>> No.21004711

Not really, just Lapis/Ashera/Sheng lol

>> No.21004749

Will Nanaly or Freddy work instead of Ashera?
I would try right now but I've wasted stamina on attempts.

>> No.21004758

Have they said when the anniversary gacha's going to be? I'm tempted to get tricked by the current pickup.

>> No.21004764

You could try Nanaly but Ashera is obviously superior in this situation but it's not like you are only allowed to deploy 3 units so with support it should be fine

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kinda new to DMM.
only playing taimanin RPGX right now, but what are the popular R18 games to jump in ?

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There are three major ones on this thread, Flower Knight Girl, Aigis and Kamihime Project.

FKG distinguishes itself by having little in the way of gameplay and being mostly a looking-at-cute-girls simulator, it maintains its fanbase through extensive character material (everyone gets two H-scenes, about four character quests, a date scene and usually some showtime in event/nation/main story segments) and a dev team renowned for their generosity, though they recently shot themselves in the foot with an uncharacteristically greedy collab (which is going on for another day, so you can easily reroll for Milim if you're into that Slime isekai). Still, you'll hardly go two weeks without free items/rolls raining down on you, they're quick to listen to players and fix disliked mechanics, and their character design is a delight if you're into flowers, since they work in some very small details for you to find out (like how Kancolle's damage portraits reflect how the corresponding ships sank)

Aigis is the go-to tower defense game and should be your default choice if gameplay is your thing, it's mostly a vanilla fantasy setting but has been around for so long that it has a dedicated community and inhouse memes (even on the EN side, which maintains a great wiki). Its new player support is top-notch, as there are a lot of easy SCs (paid currency) and other goodies that you can get from revivals before the well runs dry, but the going's tough when it does (you get about ten rolls a month from renewable sources). While the game makes a good attempt to avoid powercreep through repeated buff waves, it's still recommended to reroll for some of the more egregiously broken units, as the game's extreme challenge stages (majin advents) are extreme indeed and may need years of teambuilding to handle at the top level.

Kamihime I don't really play, but the general idea is that it's porn Granblue with all that entails. They've got some of the best art on DMM (though Jewel Princess now takes the "R18 game with Azur Lane levels of eyecandy" cake), and like Granblue they're not especially stingy with free rolls and rates, though you need consistent in-element teams and building these is a wholly different matter. Another distinguishing feature is that, while FKG is overwhelmingly vanilla and Aigis features some monstergirls at best, Kamihime (especially early on) likes throwing in some unconventional fetishes and character traits.

Other notable R18 games include Otogi Frontier (fairytale theme, gives out so many tickets that even FKG is jealous, features NTR and rape if that's your thing), Jewel Princess (minerals theme, top-notch art/scenes, comes up with new event types all the time to keep things fresh) and Iris Mysteria/Tokyo Necro Suicide Mission (by August/Nitroplus if you're a fan of either, the former closed down temporarily to pull itself together so it might be good now, the latter sounds like a full-fledged TN sequel passing itself as a browser game... but VN companies are notoriously bad at handling these games so handle with care). Also things like Brave Girl Ravens, Senran Princess, Idol Wars Z and Iolite Link which have survived long enough to prove their mettle, but I don't know anything about them beyond that. Artwhirl has been a darling here for its custom character skits too, hope it can avoid the downward spiral and bounce back from its current rank.

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>FKG distinguishes itself by having little in the way of gameplay
More like zero in the way of gameplay. Its literally nonexistent and you can just slap any 5 whatever units to 'clear' everything unless you're trying to do the challenges made for the people that already spend thousands of dollars or several years in the game and wanted a challenge.

>and a dev team renowned for their generosity,
Constantly saying this doesn't make it true. Renowned for their generosity is Cygames giving out 400+ free rolls for anniversary. We've gone through this several times and 10-20 rolls a month is extremely average and the norm for every game these days. If anything, they're on the greedy/stingy side of gacha games because 10-20 rolls a month is actually considered very stingy and not generous at all on 2019 standards.

Game is extremely pay to win too and horribly frustrating to actually play. Its okay if you want to log in once a month to roll but its actually really bad if you want a game to play and invest yourself on, I wouldn't reccomend it to anyone looking for a long term game to stick to.

>> No.21004985

>We've gone through this several times and 10-20 rolls a month is extremely average and the norm for every game these days. If anything, they're on the greedy/stingy side of gacha games because 10-20 rolls a month is actually considered very stingy and not generous at all on 2019 standards.
>Constantly saying this doesn't make it true.

>> No.21004996

>Pay to win
>There's no winning in the game because it has literally zero content

I still absolutely dont know how there's autists blowing thousands in a browser flash game with zero gameplay, content or anything to do. That's a huge fucking yikes from me.

>> No.21004997

This Prince title looks important to get
>2-starred the first one
I'm going to have trouble, since I never use the vanilla classes.
>Spook soldiers were creaming my valks
>Was thinking of replacing them with a griffon/pegasus rider
>Seldom use archers anymore, usually rangers or a bowrider
>Rinne and Hakunokami are my usual healers but aren't healers
>No armors, instead preferring to use Eldora
Unless I'm misunderstanding how many classes each stone buffs?

I was going to suggest Emelda for multi-target arrow showers but she wouldn't get the archer stone buff.

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Do you want people to name a thousand games where you can roll 10-20 times a month? Its easier to name games where your currency gain is nonexistent like Flower Knight Girl than to name games that don't let you roll at least 10 times per month through regular events and permanent content.
And none of this has mentioned the 0.5% rates gacha (Increased to a whole 1% for new characters!!!), the mileage system that takes over a year to build up and the other features or mechanics stuck in 2014 when mobile games didn't care about their players and wanted them to roll dupes for everything.

>> No.21005021


Everything in the top 20 is worth checking out if you have 15 minutes. There's a fairly wide variety of aesthetics, gameplay, and character designs/scenes among them so take a glance and see what you like.

Aigis gets the most discussion here, mainly because there's slightly more actual gameplay than the rest. But that's not as important as how much you like the girls in the game, and each game has its own aesthetics.

>> No.21005032

Aigis currently has the best pity mechanic I've seen in a gacha game.

Nothing can save you from pulling bad units but atleast the game guarantees the statistical average for rarity.

>> No.21005034

>Do you want people to name a thousand games where you can roll 10-20 times a month?
Why would I ask you to do that? You couldn't even name like five last time. And the ones listed were ones almost no one here plays. The popular ones don't do that.

>> No.21005057

>Say to name 5
>People name like 20 and highlight that its actually hard to come up with games where you can't roll at least once a month
>It doesn't count because they're not on DMM!!!!

I didn't know the game was making enough to be able to afford paid shills because you have to be getting paid to try to lure people into the very definition of mediocrity.

>> No.21005066

Good job, dumbass, you completely made up an argument to have with someone. No one ever said to name 5, no one named 20 last time, plenty of games were named that didn't, and several of them were on DMM. Maybe check back in with reality before you try to continue this.

>> No.21005076

Looks like hating on FKG is the new trend here nowadays huh.

>> No.21005081

Since about two weeks ago. I won't say it wasn't deserved, at the time at least, but there are some people here who just delight in trolling one of the three most popular games here because... they're insecure about their game not being popular, I guess? That's all I get out of this seeing someone trying to ruin something for everyone else.

>> No.21005085

Aigis really surprised me. I played flower knight girl and other games in the past so I thought all h-games were this extremely grindy shit with horrible rates where you had to suffer for 1 H-scene when I could just go to sadpanda and load up a bunch of galleries instead but the game has treated me really well and I average around one black every month so it changed how I see these games for sure.

>> No.21005098

There's no trolling or trying to ruin anything though?
Its just warning someone that wants to pick up a game that a particular game that tries to get sold like the best thing since sliced bread by some mentally unstable shill is actually pretty fucking shitty unless you're fluent in Japanese, heavily invest in the characters and don't mind parting with some dollars every time you want someone.

>> No.21005116

I'm gonna let you in a fun fact here, anon. There's more than one person who disagrees with you here. You're not arguing with one "mentally unstable shill" and the "mentally unstable" one here is actually you.

>> No.21005120

My favorite thing personally is how the flower shill tries to pretend its the most generous game ever then goes on the most autistic rant about how guarantees are fucking shit and no game should ever have them because every game should fuck you in the ass with 0.5% rates every time you're going for someone for the true gacha experience.

>> No.21005127

Yeah, I mean sure the game isn't without faults, but It's funny how you can't even say anything positive about it nowadays, without being jumped on by a few angry posts about how FKG is the most evil game around that has bullied them their entire lives.

>> No.21005128

>There's more than one person in one thread
No shit sherlock, I have a very clear person in my mind that i'm reffering to when I mention the diagnosed autist that can't get jokes, believes spark systems to be the worst thing ever, tries to constantly advertise the game as the most generous game ever made and believes only one person could ever disagree with him to the point of actually namedropping some fuck from his friendlist.

>> No.21005140

Well you always have someone pretending FKG is god's gift to men and the best game ever so some counterforce was required to maintain balance.

>> No.21005147

>literally just started Flower Knight Girl but found this thread after researching the game in the archive
How much investment does Aigis need (researching strategies, time needed playing etc.)? How feasible is it to do both?

>> No.21005160

FKG needs zero investment because the entire game is just get fucked in the ass while thanking the developers for using your filthy hole and shitting on anyone that says bad things about the best and most generous developers ever so its pretty doable to pick up a real, actual game on the side.

>> No.21005171

>and I average around one black every month
how the fuck

>> No.21005181

We were fine without you here for years, newfag. Should probably go back to whatever shithole you came from.

>> No.21005186

Dunno what to tell you, maybe you didn't pray to the goddess enough?
I started when they added the guarantee and I can put one black on every month since then not counting freebies.

>> No.21005190 [DELETED] 

Not an Aigis player, but FKG doesn't need too much time, once you've got a stable team you're probably done in like half an hour a day.

>> No.21005193

How are you even getting that many SC to roll with?

>> No.21005195

Not an Aigis player, but FKG doesn't need too much time, once you've got a stable team you're probably done in like half an hour a day.

>> No.21005201

Sometimes they come from fame. I haven't really counted but i'm certain I have more shrine blacks than months played at this point.

>> No.21005216

Yeah, FKG only needs $50 dollars per rainbow you want because you're not getting them otherwise.

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File: 733 KB, 800x792, D1yRYfiUkAAugYi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not that much. Aigis has a strong community, so if you're struggling with a map, you can just search in on YT/NND and find a few minimalist runs that use silvers and event units (there are also low unitcount runs with strong blacks that you can replace/supplement as you need, especially for majins, but you won't have to worry about these for a while). Be sure to level your damage dealers before your support units, and consider rerolling for a strong starter black. You also get two black pick tickets in your starter pack, which are extremely useful to get you started (I chose Farne and Elyse, but Rinne and a good damage unit like Moltena, Ingrid or Nanaly are recommended too, or you can pick Aisha as a solid secondary support option).

As for running them together, it's pretty easy. FKG is great as a feel-good secondary game, since you can use your stamina very quickly (about 4-5 runs at 1-2 minutes apiece will deplete it) and there are few things that require grinding. You can just main Aigis and only focus on FKG when you feel like reading character quests and the like (or skim the JP wiki for character summaries, since they pick up on a lot of details that are easy to miss), taking it easy is the essence of Spring Garden after all.

Also, who are your favorite girls so far?

That's kind of odd, I have more rainbows in FKG than blacks in Aigis. Then again, I started the former a year earlier, and ran out of revival SCs during the no-pity era. I wish they reset these things sometime.

The main highlight of my gameplay experience was going eight months without a black. Thank goodness for the pity system.

>> No.21005223

>FKG is great as a feel-good secondary game
Yeah, I feel amazing when I save up stones for over half a year then dump the whole 100k to get zero rainbows or anything, really makes me feel amazing.

>> No.21005229

Good thing you can get by with golds.

>> No.21005231

From seeing it show up in the thread constantly, seems the main problem anyone has with it is the currency gain compared to the gacha rates. Nobody seems to be keeping track of what events have been giving for currency, so it all sounds very anecdotal, but the constant seems to be disappointment in rolls when people finally do them. Usually there's a JP autist on a wiki that will keep track of that, but most of these games aren't big enough to get that much attention.

Excluding dupes (2) and tickets/event ones, I have 16, having started at the same time as you.
So yeah, averaging about one a month.

And if you told me I would have over 100sc a month after blowing them all on Valentine's gacha, I would've called you delusional. But that was due to all the revivals I hadn't done, I'm sure older players aren't as fortunate.

>> No.21005234

who cares what you can get by in the sorry excuse for 'gameplay' the game has when the only reason you'd play it in the first place is for the characters?

>> No.21005241

So you come to a gacha game and expect it to hand you a rainbow for free?

>> No.21005244
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Welp, Nanaly didn't fucking work. I'm out of ideas again then.
Fuck this. I have a whole plethora of OP black units and ALWAYS miss the one that's needed for a setup.

>> No.21005250

>Fuck this. I have a whole plethora of OP black units and ALWAYS miss the one that's needed for a setup.
This is my life.

>> No.21005255

Pretty much. The blow hurts more because you get told the game is extremely generous, you can roll tons and constantly and that the developers care so much about their players so you go in with your expectations really high then the game delivers a swift kick to the balls to bring you back to reality which completely crushes your expectations.

>> No.21005257

Gacha rate is always piss-poor, but the currency gain doesn't feel that bad playing it. I got down to 0 during Valentine's and I'm back up to 375oo right now. As for keeping track, I know that there's someone keeping track for all the maintenance and apology gems, but I'm not too sure about the random campaigns.

>> No.21005270

>Good thing you can get by with golds.
Yeah no way I can do those EX maps with golds only.

>> No.21005277

Do you have Bashira? Her AW ability makes her focus the main boss if you place her where nanaly is, if you can deal with the rest of the stuff bashira can solo the boss by herself most likely

>> No.21005288

Obviously the secret here is nuking Einherjar before she can move and shred everything with her AoE, but I seriously tried just about everything, wasted 400 stamina, and still can't pull it off.
I really don't want to AW Bashira just to find out her DPS is too low to kill Einherjar fast enough. She doesn't even have a bond quest.

>> No.21005301

I have all of these except Rinne, can I do it?

>> No.21005309

Im playing it almost a year or so already. And i got rate-up character, which i actually wanted only once. Just once. And i used my pity blacks on single rate up banners few times as well. Fucking aigis gacha hates my guts like nobody else.
At some point i just raged and scrapped everyone, who dosnt make my dick hard. No regrets, but i still cant get needed characters.

>> No.21005314

Probably not because these kind of setups are very timing and skill-sensitive. Your best bet is to replace and experiment hoping for the best.

>> No.21005316
File: 247 KB, 960x1200, DiOJVrDUEAA9vDE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Nobody seems to be keeping track of what events have been giving for currency, so it all sounds very anecdotal
Oh, that part is not difficult. You get 2 growth crystals per roll since December 2017, and I've had ~2050 so far. So that's ~1025 rolls in ~15 months, or about ~65-70 rolls a month, which is pretty amazing. And it doesn't even count the 150+ rolls we got as part of the anniversary, and an extra hundred or two from tickets.

FKG is an exceptionally generous game, even when you remove all my fawning and look it from an objective stance. It's just that it's also exceptionally complaint-prone because of terrible rates, though that also improved thanks to doubled chances. Rainbow rolls used to be so rare that the whole community celebrated whenever someone rolled one in the old DMM threads, but nowadays we get so many rainbows that people hardly note them.

>> No.21005317
File: 351 KB, 593x512, FKG.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Silver Orchid, Cyclamen, Mint and Zephyranthes I guess. As you can see I have barely anything right now.

I'm lazy though so I worry I won't be able to keep with Aigis.

>> No.21005323

Literal silver unit can kill extreme difficulty boss, I'm sure she will manage somehow

>> No.21005328

>FKG is an exceptionally generous game, even when you remove all my fawning and look it from an objective stance.
You should seriously lay off the drugs sometime, they're bad for you.

>> No.21005339

Then just ditch fkg and stick to aigis. FKG is just an exercise in frustration and you'll eventually end up dropping it anyway.

>> No.21005344

giving out 10 rolls every month doesn't make it generous, much less "exceptionally generous" and worse when they put out a collab gacha and go the extra mile to fuck over the entire playerbase that wanted to roll for it.

>> No.21005364

>Literal silver unit can kill extreme difficulty boss
Extreme Einherjar has 48.000 HP
God Einherjar has 150.000 HP

However, if the Wiki is to be trusted, then Einherjar counts as a Divine Beast... maybe I can snipe it by placing Rovinia on the closest ranged spot?
Not only that, they also apparently count as Undead units? I never even considered that Elizabeth might come in handy here...

>> No.21005383

>tfw the game is so horribly bad that you have to go back to december 2017 to count every roll ever given and make it look generous

You're really the gift that keeps on giving.

>> No.21005395

Nah, even grindblue and Kamihime are more generous game than FKG

>> No.21005403

Anything is more generous than FKG, he's just delusional and shitposting.

>> No.21005404

You have Miyabi+Lapis to buff her up tho, not to mention her skill thats makes her attack 4 times, but based on your current positioning you would need a druid to pull that off

>> No.21005409

Wasn't the point of Ashera in that video her multi-target arrows, so she can hit the boss standing behind the two armors?

Rovinia's target priority is aerial units not range attacking units, then closest to point. And since her range is massive, she's not going to prioritize the boss.

>> No.21005417

I spend on one or two 11-roll every event and my stone stash doesn't get any lower, so it's 20-40 rolls per month on my end. Not really exceptional, but I'm willing to call that generous.

>> No.21005421

>40 rolls per month
why would anyone go on the internet and tell lies?

>> No.21005422

Yeah thats why I said "if you can deal with the rest of the stuff then bashira should be enough to deal with a boss"

>> No.21005426

Just curious, but did you get a free rainbow ticket?

>> No.21005433

sunken cost
They've spent so much on the game that they need to desperately keep it alive by trying to lure in new blood

>> No.21005451

It would've helped if I read her awoken ability myself.
I wonder why they didn't get her 3rd scene ready when they finally got her artist to make the awoken art.

>> No.21005455

Honestly FKG makes games like FGO or E7 seem godlike in comparison.

>> No.21005475

Only the premium gacha ticket and 4 star gacha ticket.

>> No.21005489

Must really suck to start after anniversary. Last summer and this anniversary were one of the rare times where this horrible company decided to get a little bit generous so you missed out on so much good shit.

>> No.21005497

But that's the truth? I can afford one or two 11-rolls every event. 40 might be an exaggeration but 20-30 perhaps?
Oh yeah I keep forgetting FKG is a dead game yada yada.

>> No.21005506

They stopped giving out the Smartphone Preregister rewards since 26th of Feb if the announcement is any indication.

>> No.21005509

10-20 seems more accurate

>> No.21005519
File: 133 KB, 981x902, CeXa1zHUkAAhi_Z.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Mint and Cyclamen
Good taste. They both have 5* versions too, and 5* pick tickets are fairly common, so be sure to pick them up when you can. As for Zephyranthes, the event unit Rainlily is her twin sister, so she's recommended as well. If you're into her artstyle, Ginkgo and Russelia are by the same artist (Wamusato Haru) too.

And get Aigis on mobile if you can, it runs smooth as butter and makes it pretty easy to do other runs at the same time. It's convenient to multitask mobile Aigis + browser FKG/Shiropro.

Some of it comes in fits and starts, I think. The nation map renewal gave most people ~200 stones, for example, same with that duplication glitch and big server downtimes (though I don't recall any in recent past, maybe we should band together and DDoS them sometime).

Hell, even I was surprised at the 65 rolls per month rate, I went back and checked the growth crystal start date just to make sure. I thought it was more like 40-50/month, which would still be good. Still, there's no arguing with numbers.

>> No.21005528

>there's people starting this shitty game after the only generous campaign they've ever done

>> No.21005546

I don't plan to use Rovinia as a replaced for Nanaly, but to supplement her on the spot where I can abuse her stealth.
That being said she would likely end up being useless as her attacks would attack the party spawning on the right.

>> No.21005644

>Some of it
All of it comes when the devs feel like giving people stones because this trashy flash game has no way to farm stones at all. Even if you farmed the collab event and the ongoing event right now, you wouldn't get enough for a single 10-roll so you have to entirely depend on campaigns and handouts to have any sort of income in this game.

>> No.21005669

honestly games like that just give a bad name to dmm games because you'll get shilled into playing it as the best thing dmm has to offer by the autistic shill then get put off because of how terrible it is

>> No.21005671
File: 1.89 MB, 949x776, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who always draws the Divine Beast and Maijin event banner art? It looks great.

>> No.21005698
File: 2.48 MB, 960x978, eek, ook.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish that guy had actual units to his name. Vepar is more popular than many playable girls already.

>> No.21005699

God damn, there sure has been a lot of samefagging in the last hour or so. And it's all been anti-FKG. Your post style isn't distinct enough to get away with that, you know. And the one or two other dudes instigating need to knock it off, too.

>> No.21005714

I love this meme where only one person ever can hate on FKG

>> No.21005727

>The one or two dudes instigating it need to knock it off, too.
>He says as he adds more fuel to the fire
Is terminal autism a requirement to play and enjoy flower knight girl? because it seems like everyone in this thread get /vg/ levels of autistic when it comes to this particular game

>> No.21005749

"This shitposting needs to stop."
"Hurr durr you're an autist!"

>> No.21005760
File: 143 KB, 960x640, mirim.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OK I take back everything bad I said about FKG.
FKG devs banzai!

>> No.21005832

There's probably quite a few people out there who don't like FKG, but I seriously doubt there's more than one person posting here who's sporting such a hate boner for the game as you do [1].
Similarly, I doubt that if there was more than one person, all of them would always conveniently show up at the time of the week to let the world know just how bad FKG is how its devs are Satan incarnate.

[1] Or maybe it's some weekly "prank" / "ebin shitposting" / whatever it is called nowadays after all. I honestly can't tell anymore.

>> No.21005849

If the shitposting needs to stop then maybe you should switch the topic and discuss something else instead of joining the shitposting and adding more fuel to the fire.
And I mean actually managing to switch the topic instead of trying to change the topic like the sad autist that tries to do it like he's the god king of the thread but his social skills are too poor to understand how to actually get other people to talk about what you want to talk about.

>> No.21005863

How much do you get a month in autism bux? Have they assigned you a nurse already or deemed you a threat to society?

>> No.21005868

You sure seem a threat to this thread though.

>> No.21005875

ebin burn lulz :^) XD XD

>> No.21005906

So, the BGM that plays in the final battles of the FKG collab event, is that from slime show?

>> No.21005922
File: 157 KB, 1000x1000, D1qvgQhX0AIuzI7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

built for prpr and ndnd

>> No.21005947

>short shorts and tights
More like built for facesitting and intercrural.

Ea is still the best thighloli, though.

>> No.21006199

Iris is IP Blocked IIRC which makes it too tedious to play regularly.

>> No.21006209

Yeah, you need a proxy just to play even the R18 version. Which is too bad because I'd otherwise have loved to try it out.

>> No.21006289

>waste 100 charisma to figure out a way of fitting Moltena in phase three of Einherjar instead of phase 1
>miraculously manage to kill that fucking Angel bishop
>run out of UP on phase three

>> No.21006297

>wake up
>thread has blown up again because people couldn’t ignore the shitposting autist calling FKG the most greedy/P2W/etc game ever


Well, I need to record all the Slime collab shit today, try to fucking behave yourselves until I upload everything.

>> No.21006303
File: 72 KB, 438x336, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hold on
That's a cross
You can't do that

>> No.21006304

Where do I subscribe to your blog?

>> No.21006311

It's more than a cross, it's a full-blown actual Rosary, though the number of beads is off I think.

>> No.21006324

Does your little pea brain realize that the only purpose this shitpost serve is to give those people fuel to start shit again?
The people shitposting about games are one thing but you're really not any better replying to that shit hours after it ended and people moved on because you missed it and really wanted to give your thoughts on the matter.

>> No.21006371

If two hours and ~10 posts ago counts as people moving on, you might have a point.

But this is a slow thread, not chat.

>> No.21006375

People still moved on, talk about something else instead of how the poster above hurt your feelings by talking shit about your favorite game. Its really not a hard concept to grasp or understand.

>> No.21006428

I find Rovinia doesn't really do enough damage as tougher enemies start showing up, plus her arrows take an eon to reach their target. Even though I have her awoken at lv99, this probably means I need to SAW her, but then her placement needs more care since she doesn't get stealth for 40 seconds.

>> No.21006472

You have almost exactly a whole minute before the enemies with range show up on phase 3.
I tried Rovinia but her damage is a joke. The enemies are way too fucking tanky in Einherjar, AND they have regen on top. Honestly, either Tenma or Sheng-Pu are almost mandatory on this.

>> No.21007340
File: 408 KB, 1133x663, a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

-Great animations for H-scenes
-Even 3* units have their scenes voiced and animated
-the first animated and voiced scene is unlocked after the first ascension, which is easy to unlock
-Multiple sexual positions (non-penetration included) and multiple scenes for more rare characters
-Decently easy events
-Interface and overall presentation oozes polish
Otogi is probably the best browser game I've played in a long time, started yesterday and already have 11 5*, and half of them hand-picked
Even the 3* units are cute

The only bad part is the gameplay, it's the typical turn-based automatic combat

>> No.21007508

I absolutely do not understand Einherjar Extreme. I could 3* Hard no problem, then the first wave decimates me as soon as the healer comes in on Extreme. Then you have to almost immediately deal with the archer on wave 2. And wave 3 doesn't even look like it's possible. It is, I know, but it just doesn't look like it. It's a veritable boss rush starting immediately with a unit that can one-shot anything in its path and comes back on screen after it leaves the map.

>> No.21007587

Do you have any magic classes you can deploy? These ghosts don't have any HP at all, they just have lots of defense. I had a pretty easy time with the first two waves after bringing random B-listers like Prim, Fignelia, Maple and Patra into the fray, though I still needed to burst the angel chief and the healer ghost.

Overall it was a pretty fun concept, it's good to see that the old guard is still relevant. Just need mage, bandit and princess AW2s now.

>> No.21007830

It's not the ghosts that overrun me. It's the angels paired up with all of the other bullshit. It literally all falls apart when the healer comes out. I can manage just fine until then. I'll just have to keep playing with it, I guess.

>> No.21008091

RIP Lolicept

>> No.21008095

what happened?

>> No.21008105

He quit.

>> No.21008110 [DELETED] 

Based on the comments, looks like he got into some fight?

>> No.21008121

What the fuck.

>> No.21008165

His twitter account got nuked a few days ago, though I don't know if it's the main reason why he decided to stop drawing altogether.

>> No.21008261

Does this mean no AW2 art for his characters in Aigis ever?

>> No.21008487

Do you want to know the reason why Lolicept quit?
I’m japanese and I can explain

>> No.21008561

Please do.

>> No.21008691

Could be a Youjomiruku thing where they might already have requested the art beforehand and thus still be added later on.

>> No.21008739
File: 343 KB, 1151x693, d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that's a cute 3*

>> No.21008749

When there is earthquake in Japan, He always posts a cute girl’s picture whose breast is shaking.
Some idiots people attacked him that it is imprudent, and he got tired of using SNS

>> No.21008815

I’m not sure whether he continue drawing or not, but he looks mentally shocked , so I’m worrying.

>> No.21008977

Is there a unit tierlist for otogi or some guide on the skill system

>> No.21009001

And thats all? Well, i guess its good, because he's okay and can comeback anytime. I expected something more serious.

>> No.21009011

>We'll never get the lolicept-brand loli with naizuri scene in Aigis now
Was the stuff he posted on Twatter any different from the pixiv posts, aside from being expertly cropped maybe?

Sounds like he's dropping the name at least.
And you guys weren't kidding when you said he's been doing Aigis fan art since forever.

>> No.21009098

>lolicept-brand loli

>> No.21009118

The power creep is real. The most recent gacha 5*s of the element are the strongest (event 5*s are a bit weaker but still better than 4*). If you sort by rarity, the game auto-sorts from oldest 5* to newest 5*. That's basically your tierlist in reverse.

Likewise, the most recent skills/equipment available are usually the strongest/most useful. Except for joke skills/equipment. My recommendation is to not fill any sub skill slots except for passives unless you have a great skill at least at level 3, because otherwise it just gets in the way of using your main skill. Here's the JP wiki's basic introduction to skills:

You don't need to worry about it at the beginning, though. Your priority is to just get a team of level 90 5* units, then a team of six 5* units for each element, and that'll happen automatically with time because of how many 5* tickets they hand out. THEN you worry about skills and equipment and food effects.

Having the strongest team really only matters on high level raid (fights that cost BP show recommended level), the final Tower floor, and Sky Temple. Endgame content. You'll be able to get the 5* units from raid events even with low level teams as long as you use your BP regularly.

>> No.21009244

Twitter nuked his account along with a bunch of others using """""artificial intelligence""""" to crack down on CP, with about 30% of the affected accounts being Japanese artists.
So what probably happened is he got flagged for having Loli in his name, banned despite only drawing titty monsters, and then probably his new account banned again because of using the same IP address or whatever.

>> No.21009311

Is it those filthy gaijin pirates again?

>> No.21009316

>using Twitter for porn
Honestly, people are fucking retarded for doing this. I can't wait for them to go Tumblr mode and just forbid 'sensitive content.' It would be for the best. Stay out of normie sites, and don't make me use them, for the love of fuck.

>> No.21009334
File: 797 KB, 1082x1204, dsa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thanks anon, I've been trying to make a element-balanced team, slowly getting there, though I'm starting to run low on ascension materials.
Leveling a unit's main skill should be a safe bet, right?

>> No.21009345

Any site with art, like pixiv and etc will become "normie" after growing big enough. Are telling people to run from them each time this happens?

>> No.21009387

To a point. Use skill fairies if you can up to level 3. Some skills are good enough you'll want to save a copy or two to use as sub skills, but especially with the older skills it's usually better to just use them as fodder to strengthen your main skill.

For example, if you get a spare copy of Princess Cinderella, her heal's a pretty good sub skill for units with decent heal power and A ranked pink slots, like your swimsuit Nightmare. You'd just want to level up the skill copy a few times before adding it.

>> No.21009395

Kinda ironic seeing this is 4channel.

>> No.21009418

Hey buddy I think you got the wrong board.

>> No.21009463

>to crack down on CP
How ironic.

>> No.21009466

>>using Twitter for porn
>Honestly, people are fucking retarded for doing this
I've never used twitter for anything but porn, or rather artists I'm interested in. It's actually a pretty good tool for that,

>> No.21009475

Way to blow something out of proportion. Japanese Twitter. Didn't Asanagi get death threats for the ridiculous Dick Manifesto he includes in all his stuff too?

It's a shame to lose him, his name was synonymous with paizuri. It's like losing Rebis for muscle or Kenkou Cross for monstergirls, he's a genre unto himself.

>lolicept naizuri
More like Desert Country unit with "paizuri" written in hieroglyphics. He used English, Japanese and Morse already, he needs to get creative now.

These multi-arrow elephant riders need to be a unit anyway, so the optimal path would be delicious brown twins with double paizuri scenes.

>> No.21009583

>You'd just want to level up the skill copy a few times before adding it.
I didn't know you had to level up a sub-skill before adding it to a character, the game won't let you upgrade after?

>> No.21009700

It is absolutely not. It's very difficult to find a lot of content since it gets hidden in search results even if you have your filters off. It also becomes harder and harder to scroll back through someone's feed looking for old stuff, which is the only way to do it since there's no thumbnail gallery for media or anything else, to the point that someone's browser could theoretically just stop loading after a certain point. Twitter is shit for content hosting.

>> No.21009733

Not the person you quoted, but it's actually quite good as long as you stay away from the regular website and use Tweetdeck or similar tools / sites.
The "Activity" column (shows likes and follows of people you follow) is pretty much the best thing to discover new artists.

Though you're right regarding old content, but that usually isn't an issue since most artists have their Pixiv linked on their profile.

>> No.21009868

No, I've just found that unleveled skills just get in the way because the main skill ranks up two or three times as the character evolves.

Reason: When a character uses a skill in battle, all her other skills lose some CT, so they take longer to use. So putting a low-level sub skill on a character prevents her from using her higher-level and evolved main skill as often.

>> No.21009993
File: 1.41 MB, 960x1050, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck it, I'll take it. Not getting overrun in the first round makes the next two significantly easier, though I had a few people die in the third round.

>> No.21010265

Yeah, it was definitely this.
Here's a futaba thread about it.

>> No.21010447

So the Hasekara crowd didn't like him because of boatgirls?

>> No.21010595

Is Melabyss a decent unit now? I got all undead units outside of Sylvia to run a team with.

>> No.21010636

How the fuck does a porn artist exactly 'take advantage' of an earthquake?
And why would people be butthurt about it?

>> No.21010647

"decent" yeah. Definitely serviceable if you run multiple undeads that pull their own weight like Sylvia & Shu-xian.

Wouldn't expect anything from her in majins as slots are limited & stronger units need them.

She competes with Lapis for atk buffing, multi-target not-physical dps from a ranged spot, allied attack buffing & tokens. Her personal attack takes a lot of work to increase for relatively little gain.

>> No.21010771

Sure you can. Nutaku can't, though. They'll literally go out of business if there's a cross or virgin blood in their game. Literally. Trust them, they're not making it up.

>> No.21010796

Social media can be a cesspool.
Some groups just live to troll.


>> No.21010802

>Some groups just live to troll.
Like 4chan?

>> No.21010814

4channel is at least equal nowadays when compared to the rampart venom-spewing self-righteous and seething liberals.
Not the place to talk about it, but just look at what some are trying to do to PewDiePie now.

That's just some Chinese dog barking at a Japanese person. I still don't see the earthquake and LOLICEPT connection.

>> No.21010871

The Japanese guy is one of the group who harassed Lolicept to quitting.
I think the earthquake thing is just an excuse to attack.

>> No.21010877

>I think the earthquake thing is just an excuse to attack.
Okay, but, still, what the FUCK does it have to do with LOLICEPT? Where is the connection? Is there some secret stash of Earthquake-chan LOLICEPT art I'm not aware of?
Because if it's seriously "jiggling tits are a reference to earthquakes" then it's some NEXT LEVEL grasping at straws retarded connotation.

>> No.21010911

It's just an excuse to attack. You can either shitpost back at them like people on this site and thread love doing or take the insults personally and decide to abandon the community because you don't want to take more shit from people.

>> No.21010924

From what I gathered reading futaba threads, it was ハセカラ.
Maybe he got too popular by drawing boatgirls.

>> No.21010938

Don't know if he did that, but I guess one could abuse trending twitter tags. posting lewds with #earthquake while an actual earthquake just happened.

>> No.21010959

It's not done often, unless there's some breast envy play going on, but the hope is someone obsessed with paizuri would still draw that if tasked with making someone more petite.

>delicious brown twins with double paizuri scenes.
S-Stop, it can't happen anymore.

>> No.21011069

I never liked Lolicept anyway

>> No.21011129

I'll miss LOLICEPT's Kanpani fanart.

>> No.21011156
File: 128 KB, 1172x573, 1535996687239.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is tempting, since I'm not sure how beneficial additional dex sub would be compared to crit subs, but I also need more 5* assault rifles to use as stat subs.

Also, raids have become ridiculous. High rank players are doing upwards of 1m damage while I'm struggling to get my skill out before they've one shot it during cooldown.

>> No.21011250

>Twitter nuked his account
False, he deleted it himself because of a bad joke about earthquakes that got abused by a troll. The troll himself didn't expect lolicept to act like that and is apologizing lmao. Now everyone hates him.

>> No.21011264

He stopped drawing Kanpani fanart age ago anyway.

>> No.21011279

Every japanese artist and their mom uses it, they retweet each other. It's the best tool for exposure. Less so as a gallery tool but the fact is that artists always have their other sites linked in their bio so it's irrelevant. What matters is the feed, artists always put their stuff on twitter before anything else so it's the best way to get updates on all the artists you care about and more due to the aforementioned retweeting. 90% of the artists I follow came from others retweeting them which is how I found out about them.

>> No.21011417

>someone obsessed with paizuri would still draw that if tasked with making someone more petite
Shuz survived drawing Lantana and Moneti survived drawing Loquat, but I'm absolutely certain that LOLICEPT would rather rip himself apart on the spot like Rumpelstiltskin than draw a flat girl.

But I'm also sure that yuui is going to be the latest victim of Loli Knight Devs. A perflat girl from him is only a matter of time.

>> No.21011427

They just need to leave for better games then and find greener pastures.

>> No.21011539

monety did

>> No.21011560

>I'm absolutely certain that LOLICEPT would rather rip himself apart on the spot like Rumpelstiltskin than draw a flat girl.
I mean it's not like he hasn't done it before. He just turned around and put out a version with big tits immediately after.

>> No.21011781


>> No.21011864

I'd link it, but the twitter links are dead for obvious reasons. He did a naizuri of UMP45 from Girls Frontline and then a paizuri version as well. Probably on a booru somewhere.

>> No.21012027

yeah i know what youre talking about because i would f5 his account always: he drew a chestlet because a baka gaijin was complaining about it and then he posted a female version afterwards(one of them is on gelbooru, i dont see them anywhere else)
also they are talking about him here, theres a simple google doc made by someone that explains in simple english what actually happened

>> No.21012034

>yeah i know what youre talking about because i would f5 his account always: he drew a chestlet because a baka gaijin was complaining about it and then he posted a female version afterwards

Why did you have to reword that post in the most retarded way possible? Was it really necessary?

>> No.21012075

You should know who it is by the way they post and that should give you your answer.

>> No.21012933
File: 212 KB, 750x1000, sample-4e647c353a8ed1f7dc75212a339218f5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>losing Rebis
Yeah, how would we survive without this level of QUALITY

>> No.21012935

what the fuck is that

>> No.21012949
File: 1.50 MB, 4215x640, xS5KHuw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So arrives Hyacinth, and she's as sultry as one could hope for. Event girl is great too, about time we had some more mature characters.

Don't diss Rebis, man. Muscle and dickgirls isn't my thing, but he's been drawing since forever and has superb tastes in general. Plays D&D and WHF, openly acknowledges Slaanesh demons as inspiration, I think he even had a flumph miniature tucked away somewhere! No one who owns a flumph miniature can be a bad person.

>> No.21012952

If the guy draws abominations worse than your arguments then he deserves to be dissed for sure.

>> No.21012969
File: 1.55 MB, 1428x996, 1552877377535.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what does it say? i dont remember any discussion about this one

>> No.21012976
File: 489 KB, 680x453, D15VSYUWkAAlo77.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

quite a number of missing glasses come to mind in this compilation

>> No.21012980

They would look so much better without the ugly glasses because bad eyesight isn't hot or attractive and girls look so much better without glasses on.

>> No.21012986

Raguel at least has an excuse in that her glasses are actually her technobullshit gadget

>> No.21012992

Should have made a pair of contacts instead.

>> No.21013004

God no.
Fuck contacts.

>> No.21013005

>openly acknowledges Slaanesh demons as inspiration
>draws >>21012933
Where's my fucking meltagun

>> No.21013011

Just ぱいずり.

>KHP has official glasses compilations
Damn it all, I've been playing the wrong game. They just need to release official glasses like the Azur Lane and Idolmaster series.

Nah, Old Testament confirms that glasses are divine and angels wear them. Kamihime is just being faithful to the canon.

>> No.21013015

A quick glance, and that looks like a dick.
But seriously what is that?

>> No.21013019

>Looks like a dick
Because its a dick, you even have the flower autist replying and saying its a muscle dickgirl.

>> No.21013024

>Glasses on a being that has no flaws
Maybe if they're shitty angels to go with your even shittier taste.

>> No.21013025

but i barely see ぱ on the picture
i guess ill have to trust you on this one

>> No.21013030

>Don't diss Rebis, man. Muscle and dickgirls isn't my thing, but he's been drawing since forever and has superb tastes in general.
So how badly do you want that muscle amazon to penetrate you while wearing glasses?

>> No.21013033

I see, I thought I was on /jp/ for a moment there.

>> No.21013039

Stop bullying him or he will quit like lolicept

>> No.21013045

He comes off as the type that would write an essay of 5000 words that no one would read about how he's always right and you're wrong and less of the type that would feel offended and quit like lolicept.

>> No.21013046

Old post, but:

>Ezekiel 1:16-21 - This was the appearance and structure of the wheels: They sparkled like topaz [=light reflected off the glasses], and all four looked alike. Each appeared to be made like a wheel intersecting a wheel [=the rims and lenses]. As they moved, they would go in any one of the four directions the creatures faced; the wheels did not change direction as the creatures went [=glasses were affixed to the angels' faces, even though Ezekiel expected them to rotate like wheels]. Their rims were high [=they wore semi-rimless glasses, so the rim was only on the upper side] and awesome [as all glasses are], and all four rims were full of eyes all around [=eyes of the angels were visible through their glasses].

>2 Enoch 21:1 - And the Cherubim and seraphim standing about the throne, the six-winged and many-eyed ones [=glasses-wearing angels] do not depart, standing before the Lord’s face doing her will, and cover her whole throne, singing with gentle voice before the Lord’s face: Loli, loli, loli is the Lord Ruler of Sabaoth [the church wants to hide this fact, but God is canonically a loli NEET who made angels because she didn't want to work in maintaining her creation], heavens and earth are covered with your glory.

Sorry, but the Bible is clear. Thrones are some of the highest ranking angels too, and there's an argument about even seraphs wearing glasses because they each had "six wings: With two wings they covered their faces, with two they covered their feet, and with two they were flying" (Isaiah 6:2). Clearly the "face-wings" are glasses as interpreted by someone who has never seen them before, Gabriel wearing glasses is accurate too.

If I could draw like LOLICEPT, do you think I'd be shitflinging on 4chan instead of going around putting glasses on every single girl from the latest season?

Damn, maybe I have all my priorities wrong.

>> No.21013053

>Essay 10 seconds later

>> No.21013072

I don't know why I even bothered reading all of that.

>> No.21013076

Maybe you wanted to see how bad would it get.

>> No.21013117

i tried reading it but my mind rejects it
doesn't change that glasses are awful on anyone anyway because fucked eyesight is not hot and having ugly things obstructing their face makes it worse

>> No.21013118
File: 1.09 MB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2019-03-17-21-52-27.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tried 2 pulls right before maint, and got Milim. FKG is draining all of my gacha luck.

>> No.21013146

Milim stuff.


I assume people don’t care about the rest.

>> No.21013149

The entire thing was so low effort that I want to forget it ever happened. And apparently the devs want the same too considering they're burying it forever after this maint.

>> No.21013164

Ingrid daki's up for preorder.

>> No.21013196

So the new girls are Scilla, Asteriscus (which is kind of strange, since アステリカリス sounds more like Astericallis, which looks perfectly legit a la Pericallis/Hemerocallis/Hymenocallis but isn't actually a thing) and Jade Plant.

Wonder if Jade Plant is from Kalanchoe's village, since that looks to be where all the new succulents are scheduled to go.

Thanks as usual, anon. And congrats to >>21013118.

>> No.21013330

I wish FKG had more meganekko.

>> No.21013336

You can keep them all, glasses girls belong in shitty games such as that.

>> No.21013353
File: 124 KB, 958x638, Pepoo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

3rd rainbow from d medal tickets. Someone I actually wanted this time too.

>> No.21013374
File: 191 KB, 960x640, easterlily.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's RG #4. Just need Casablanca, Maiden, Star, Tiger and Japanese lilies now. And Formosan Lily will probably be implemented by then. I'm never getting finished with this theme, am I?

And neat, 40 tickets and 73(00) stones out of that Twitter campaign. Glad to know that we're out of Nightmare Weeks and back into the kind of generosity FKG made a name for.

Best taste. And you're not alone, 2ch has a sizeable glasses faction too. I hope they can get themselves heard and deliver us more girls like Barley and Valentine's Cymbi.

>> No.21013387
File: 287 KB, 504x514, 1552665506661.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, a bunch of tickets at 0.5% rate after spitting on your players and running the most cashgrab collaboration event ever is really what I call generous. How can other games even compete with this generosity?

>> No.21013401

>40 silvers and bronzes
A single gold pick ticket would be better than this trash.

>> No.21013423

I hate Nazuna so much.

>> No.21013508

shut up and enjoy your free bronzes

>> No.21013524
File: 1.72 MB, 1400x1000, 1546140680619.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A new Yagurumagiku would be nice too.

>> No.21013526
File: 251 KB, 850x1464, zilva.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Aigis gives out actually good event blacks and several nice campaigns to start as a newbie through the year
>Math comes out as 1 black a month for some anons because of the guarantee on the gacha
>FKG is the one that gets shilled as the most generous thing ever for giving out a couple rolls

I'm never going to understand this riddle

>> No.21013528

I mean, said campaign was part of the collab event. Which makes it funnier in how it's clearly trying to be as ubrelated as possible. Even giving the reward after the collab.

>> No.21013541

Can't be giving players free shit during the collab because it'd actually be generous and give people currency to roll with during it. Better make them conjure stones from scraping stages they haven't cleared or make them whip out their wallet like the guy here that tossed $300 for her.
The entire collab was the scummiest way to run a collab I've ever seen in gachashit for a long time and I can't believe there's still someone singing their praises about how they're the most generous company around after they pulled this shit.

>> No.21013544

FKG is generous in terms of rolls.
Other games can be generous in terms of getting the units.

>> No.21013567

>game gives out a few rolls a month
>rolls will never amount to anything because the rates are absolute garbage and the game is designed to fuck you over if you're going for someone
>game gives out a very limited amount of currency a month
>actually way easier to get units in because of the higher rates and guarantee mechanics in place

>> No.21013606

>Math comes out as 1 black a month
the math comes out as 1 rainbow per month in FKG as well, at least in the first year if you collect all permanently available flower stone sources.

>> No.21013610

What math? There's no guaranteed sources so everyone's results will be wildly different due to 0.5% rates.

>> No.21013636

>roll rainbows in FKG
>cant play with them because theres no game

>> No.21013644
File: 374 KB, 400x400, 1929033.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nazuna reminds you its all about gambling.

>> No.21013648

This is the worst part and it leaves you feeling empty. You could bend over backwards and do the impossible to get your favorite characters but it leaves an empty feeling because there's basically nothing to do in the game.

>> No.21013680

I didn't mean one rainbow in January, another one in February, another one in March, etc., just meant to say that in the long run it's pretty much the same.
I give you the pity system. If there are specific rainbows you want then FKG is the worst.

>> No.21014118


>> No.21014845

>1 black a month
Even as a new player with all revival event crystals still available I couldn't manage to hit 165 a month.

>> No.21015120

As much as I like new raid stamps in kamihime coming up, I really wish they were actually useful.
No stamp you can use for when you're about to do a specific action like healing the raid, cleansing or using a damage cut.
At least there's one for when you full burst now?

>> No.21015407

We are talking about the same Aigis that had people groaning about its anniversary too, right?

>> No.21015450

does nutaku manage their english version games decently, or should I stick with DMM ?

which nutaku game is hyper popular ?

>> No.21015457

>Found a batch downloader for pixiv last night
>Run it but don't really get around to checking the downloads
>Pagination wasn't the same as pixiv itself, so didn't get all of Lolicept's stuff, missing all the old fanart
>Go to run it again
>"Downloaded 0 images"
>F5 the pixiv page
Oh no
Someone updated the sadpanda entry too but hard to tell if everything is there or not

The average. Luck comes and goes, and the pace that reruns come is not enough to always have a ton of excess, especially between running everything else. It's what made the recent ranking event so different, because there were a lot of reruns to do for relatively new players.

If anything, Anniversary reminded a few unlucky lot of us how awful rolling is without the pity counter. Which is the main advantage Aigis has over most games, the SC rate from events only is awful. Which I think is why some FKG fans claim it's generous, since there's more opportunity to roll, even if the low rates and no pity means a string of bad luck might never end.

>> No.21015767

Oh FUCK he actually nuked his Pixiv? He seriously committed Internet suicide because of some mouthbreater?

>> No.21015903

Not sure if Nutaku is less shitty nowadays, but sticking with DMM is the better choice, hands down.

>> No.21015915
File: 134 KB, 900x1200, D17WSZeUkAAAiRE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nutaku is a lost cause at this point, unfortunately. They ran Aigis so hard to the ground that the crater is still steaming today, FKG is years behind in content and gives you a fraction of DMM's rolls, Kamihime is the only game that's being run somewhat acceptably but still falters in comparison to the original. They had an ambitious start but killed off their own hype with rampant censorship, and nowadays don't have the staff to do anything other than reviving dead Nijiyome games. Asagi was supposed to be their next big thing but didn't generate any buzz at all.

>Which I think is why some FKG fans claim it's generous, since there's more opportunity to roll, even if the low rates and no pity means a string of bad luck might never end.
You hit the nail on the head. Aigis is great after the guarantee era, especially for new players, but I like wanton gambling and there's no beating FKG for the "who cares I went for broke and got nothing today, I'll have more chances next week" feeling. All in all, I'm happy with Aigis as long as I get a new black before AWmaxing the last, and with FKG as long as I get a new rainbow before amping up the last, and both have been keeping up so far.

And speaking of gambling, turns out that the reason Hyacinth opened a casino and became a master gambler was that she has a little sister who loved these games, and she's apparently comatose now, so she wanted to make a place where they could play together when she wakes.. Pink hyacinth stands for play and purple hyacinth is sorrow, and she's a mix of both. At least she has some hope instead of a confirmed-dead sister like poor Maple.

>> No.21015929

I still can't believe Nutaku managed to mess up so hard they had to shutdown their Aegis. What a massive letdown.

>> No.21015950

Man, and I'd convinced myself not to spend stones on Hyacinth.

>> No.21015983

As someone who went back to check out how Nutaku FKG was doing when it ran one of the events that I didn't initially take part in, it's super crap. The event is poorly implemented and poorly translated, missing out several features that the one in JP had. Best to stick with DMM for that one at least.

>> No.21016000

I see the Darkness of Spring Garden is living up to its name. For a game so bright and colourful, it's full of dead friends, dead family members, paedophile sex rings, crappy parents, crappy Danchous and starvation great that a girl needed to get blessing so that she didn't die.

>> No.21016039

>Nutaku is a lost cause at this point, unfortunately. They ran Aigis so hard to the ground that the crater is still steaming today, FKG is years behind in content and gives you a fraction of DMM's rolls, Kamihime is the only game that's being run somewhat acceptably but still falters in comparison to the original.
You're overexaggerating as fuck, but hating Nutaku is very fashionable here, so I guess I'm preaching to a wall.
Kamihime is mirrored implementation wise, it's only behind because of chronology.
Nutaku FKG does its own thing, and at least it's stable. The translation is garbage and it could implement shit faster, but we do get a full update every two weeks.

I will never believe that Nutaku was the sole responsible party for what happened to EN Aigis. DevTea likely didn't want to invest too many resources into it and ended up being disappointed at the inferior product not being profitable, so they more or less initiated the process of axing it.

>missing out several features that the one in JP had
Such as?

>> No.21016051
File: 225 KB, 954x633, fairies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't remember the last time this happened to me

>> No.21016058

If Aigis maintenance is delayed, does that mean its going to be a dead week?

>> No.21016128
File: 80 KB, 745x350, missing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someone on hbc made this list a while ago. Wouldn't be surprised if there was more/none of this has been added yet.
They also stopped adding blooms at all a few updates back.

>> No.21016137

The Glass Mansion Event had a thing where Danchou had dialogue options that led to different outcomes kinda like a VN. Instead of implementing this, Nutaku FKG dropped the ball hard, by removing it and just slamming all the scenes together in a confusing, nonsensical mess. This probably led to bugs like Double Nightshades appearing at the same time.

They also couldn't implement the Case Files part of the Event, something like the Valentine's or Christmas Cards where logging in each day gets you a little message, even though they translated that part in the Event Overview. Speaking of which, they also fucked up releasing the Bonus Sheets for the Event and only released them all on the 2nd Half, instead of daily like they were supposed to. Funnily enough, the dates written on the Event Overview about the Bonus Sheets use the original JP dates, not even editing that for the Nutaku release.

>> No.21016220

>bad eyesight isn't hot or attractive
>fucked eyesight is not hot
Imagine posting on /jp/ with literally zero understanding of various moe quirks.

Absolute bullshit. Unless there's a special campaign, you're lucky to get more than four INDIVIDUAL rolls worth of crystals in a given month. Two two-week events is only 18 crystals, plus like 2-3 a month for login, I forget. One black a month is delusional. Aigis devs are among the greediest on all of DMM.

>> No.21016228

If the greediest devs give you guaranteed blacks, event blacks that are actually good and actual gameplay or events to use your units and feel good about having them then does that make the FKG devs peak zionism?

>> No.21016246
File: 643 KB, 800x600, fgk naae.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

H scene when?

>> No.21016251

He's talking about if you're a new player. You might be able to hit 150 for the first 6 months or so, but after that you're back to our normal levels of like 5-6 rolls a month.
If you're someone who started before the guaranteed rolls you wouldn't benefit as much.

>> No.21016252

Please, this thread shits on event blacks year-round as sub par and not worth having or leveling. You only care now because you think it gives you ammo to shit on another game. And good luck on your guaranteed pity black. You need 33 rolls to get one on pity, with an average 105 crystals per black rolled, so you'll never see more than two a year.

Aigis is only slightly less shit for rolling now than it ever was. Get fucked, shill.

>> No.21016253

>DevTea likely didn't want to invest too many resources into it and ended up being disappointed at the inferior product not being profitable, so they more or less initiated the process of axing it.

I'm pretty sure this is whats going on with English versions that don't make enough money. Flower Knight Girl isn't as good or popular as the shill wishes it'd be and its a waste to allocate all your resources on a product that isn't doing good enough to justify it so mistakes happen here and there due to trying to cut costs or because of the small localization team.
Meanwhile, they announced in some reddit AMA that Kamihime was one of their most profitable games so it makes sense they'd allocate most of their resources in there and try to keep it as close to original as possible but of course there's always going to be regional differences because a localization will always be just a localization.

>> No.21016273

>Flower Knight Girl isn't as good or popular as the shill wishes it'd be
Look, I know it's hip to hate on the mysterious "shill" these days, but let's not pretend as part of an argument that Nutaku didn't do everything it possibly could to fuck its version of FKG over. If you think FKG is bad on the JP version, Nutaku doesn't even give you the benefit of having enough currency to roll with, on top of charging ridiculous prices for low-power promo units and actual real money for the lowest trash rarity in the game that it regularly rains down on you in droves.

>> No.21016274

>Please, this thread shits on event blacks year-round as sub par and not worth having or leveling.
I'm one of those people shitting on event blacks, entire classes devtea and the game but outside memes and funposting, the game is actually pretty nice and i'm satisfied with the state the game is right now or what devtea is doing with the game at the moment.
You need to carefully manage your currency but actually getting characters infinitely more doable than in the alternative you're talking about and using said characters feels better even though its sadly not voiced.

>> No.21016275

Is this a new meme about event blacks being good? The events are shit tier and they're generally pretty low tier niche units. The best event units are usually plats, Fuuko and Miruno come to mind as being more useful than any event black ever.

>> No.21016292

Their AMAs are full of shit just like any AMA ever. They said they didn't know about any games doing poorly even though brave girl ravens hadn't been updating anything of substance in months and closed like 2 weeks after than AMA.

>> No.21016297

Shadia is pretty fucking good and Xing-fu is nice to have and apparently bugged to be on the same level as Holly. There's titles like Keraunos that make everything way easier and nicer too.

>> No.21016300

>Is this a new meme about event blacks being good?
No new memes, only new trolls.

>> No.21016306
File: 1.23 MB, 963x643, premium tickets.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21016308

>but let's not pretend as part of an argument that Nutaku didn't do everything it possibly could to fuck its version of FKG over.
I've seen so many shitty localizations that this is just normal to me. Good localizations are a rarity and the point of FKG seems to be the character stories or the story in general so I wouldn't blame anyone for wanting to get said story in English.

>> No.21016314

>actual real money for the lowest trash rarity in the game
But Mint is such a great character, why wouldn't I throw real money at her rather than roll the fucking Seed Gacha and get like 8 of her in a single 10-roll?

Seriously, what the fuck Nutaku.

>> No.21016321

The event units aren't really that bad. Sure they're not on the same level as shrine/gacha stuff but a good amount of them are very usable and nice to have.

>> No.21016327

Woah you hit the 0.5% chance of actually getting something good! Sure proved him wrong with your luck!

>> No.21016328

Oh fuck off. I know some are usable, but this thread has been shitting on event units for years and now we have a guy acting like the barely usable event blacks we get are the greatest thing ever.

>> No.21016340

I agree, but to put it a little gentler than the other anon, that's not really what this is about. To address the point, though, there are plenty of good event blacks like Hibari, Shino, and Emperor, but there are a lot of shitty ones no one ever uses, too.

>> No.21016351

Nobody said they're the greatest thing ever though. A lot of them are at the point where they could be considered 'good' and nice to have and the post said "actually good event units" so I'm not seeing the issue here.
Of course an event unit isn't going to be better than a gacha unit but they're still pretty nice.

>but there are a lot of shitty ones no one ever uses, too.
Seems normal to me, can't make every unit amazing after all.

>> No.21016373

>Mysterious "Shill"
There's nothing mysterious when the guy might as well have a trip considering how he nearly announces his presence with trumpets and quotes the bible to tell everyone how Flower Knight Girl is the best and most generous gacha game known to man, amen.
Also has a tendency to make an absolute ass out of himself and argue retarded shit while tossing childish tantrums like how guarantees are the shittiest thing ever and if the devs don't implement a guarantee the way he wants it then they shouldn't implement it at all.

>> No.21016382

If by actually good event units you meant good because you don't have any actually good units sure. Like I mentioned they're basically low tier and almost all of them are niche.
Personally I don't have many issues with aigis. It's 5+ years old and it is what it is and I still enjoy it for the most part. But using event blacks as a point to take a dig at some other game is disingenuous as hell.

>> No.21016387

>If by actually good event units you meant good because you don't have any actually good units sure.
That's the point of event units though?
Unless the game is built around being able to get/farm everyone, event units will always be placeholders compared to gacha units because the company wants you to roll the gacha.

>> No.21016390

There's one guy that does this, yes, but you guys have turned everyone else who says anything positive about the game into a very large strawman with him at the core. It's no longer about the one guy. It's about dismissing any positivity about the game, even when no one is talking about rates or anything else, with your "shill" boogeyman.

It's why the last couple of days in particular, as well as roughly two, two and half weeks ago, have seen such gloriously intelligent exchanges as "Cool, we got some free gems for xxx reason." "too bad you wont get anything from them because of 0.5 rates, devs r so generous lol"

>> No.21016404

I'm pretty sure there are event only videos for every majin lv10, divine beasts and subjugations, what more do you want?

>> No.21016416

That are done by whales that have every unit leveled and tons of SCs to throw at retrys. For your average player you're not going to be doing that.

>> No.21016433

Or they could be you know actually good at the game and know exactly what units to use

>> No.21016435

To be fair, both sides of the spectrum happen when it comes to FKG. You either have someone completely ignoring anything negative about the game, has an absolute refusal to admit the game might have flaws, puts the blame on other companies/people when they really fuck up hard like with the slime collab and derails the entire thread arguing with someone because a poster dared to spout blasphemy about the promised game in the sacred scriptures.

And then yeah, you have people that ignore everything positive and are pretty much the complete opposite of the first one but considering how extremely obnoxious and absolutely full of himself the guy is, its really no wonder he attracted his own fanbase like that like other attentionwhores.

>> No.21016438

Nobody in their right mind would waste resources on a specific event unit that's only useful in that scenario.
A good unit is versatile.

>> No.21016458

>Want to be able to do X event because of the rewards or because I simply wanted to and could afford to spend resources on them

I don't see the problem. Its not like I'm going to wait until I roll all the broke ass units to start doing majins and advents.

>> No.21016498

That's why specific event units show up more often than other in those videos. Do you really think there are no versatile event units?

>> No.21016511

I doubt there are event only clears for every majin 10, but I'm not going to waste my time looking. The fact that there's 100s of videos of people stomping them with plat/black gatcha units and maybe 1-2 guys working on event clears pretty much shows it's not something worthwhile.
Exactly, every game is like that. It's not a strong selling point of aigis like that guy was making it out to be. The gacha/free unit balance isn't amazing or anything.

>> No.21016517

the shitposting probably wouldnt happen if the self-proclaimed shill removed himself but he chooses to fan the flames and become a shitposter himself so we end up with this shit

>> No.21016527

Yeah, it's not worthwile because most people have the same mentality as you do "OOGA BOOGA I PRESS RED BUTTON AND WIN"

>> No.21016540

>pretty much shows it's not something worthwhile.
I feel pretty good and satisfied after leveling some event units the video highlights to clear something I previously couldn't so I would say its definitely worthwhile.

There's no fun in ramming an event stage with a full broken black roster and having zero issues but its a lot more enjoyable if you have to experiment, mess around and find a solution by trial and error or looking at videos for ideas.

>> No.21016557

It's not worthwhile because of aigis' terrible systems actually. Sure if you've been playing for 5 years leveling some niche units isn't a big deal. But if you're not sitting on 5 years of exp fodder/affection items you have choices to make. And generally leveling some niche units isn't going to be at the top of the list.

>> No.21016570

I've been playing for a year and I'm already at the point where I could level whatever easily. I remember the days when I had to grind for gold and now i'm sitting on like 8m gold at the moment.

>> No.21016571

The same issue with stamina. It's not a big deal wasting stamina/charisma if you've been playing forever. But if you're trying to make progress so you can clear even easy things wasting stamina experimenting is super inefficient and can slow your progress to pretty much 0.

>> No.21016586

You all need exp fodder, affection items, AW orbs, and AS/SAW fairies for every unit you want to level.

>> No.21016596

All trivial to obtain at this point in the game. The only thing that ever blocks me is AW orbs because the thing I need always ran the day before so I'm always left waiting a week to get the orbs I needed.

>> No.21016599

I'm sitting on 15 million gold, but that's mainly because I only level units for 2nd affection scenes nowadays. Also I would run out of other resources well before gold.

>> No.21016610

Trivial sure, but it's all time gated. There's only so many resources you can acquire in a week, and some of it is rng based. There's no way you could freely level every unit you get without some SC spending.

>> No.21016618

I tried making an alt myself, and after a year, it has several dozen AW units, millions of gold, a dozen black armors, and 90+ plat armors, 19 Placeres, etc - after finishing 5 AWs just yesterday. It really isn't as hard as it used to be.

>> No.21016625

Why would I want to level every unit I get?
The only units I level are the units I particularly like even if they're not useful and useful units/blacks that I'll need or use for my team and you have more than enough resources for it.

>> No.21016633

The systems in aigis to level feel way better than FKG's systems actually. Trying to level something in FKG always feels awful due to how i'm hard blocked by the astronomical amounts of gold I need to level all the girls I'd want on top of having to level them to max three times.

And then there's the skillups, the equipment slots, the ampules and the level cap up shit. For whats supposed to be a relaxed collection game, it sure is hard to max out the girls you like.

>> No.21016642

There was some event last year during summer I think where gold stopped being an issue. I almost feel dumb running cans because plats still don't drop and I don't need gold.

>AW orbs you need were yesterday
That's very familiar
>Forget again next week

Awaken for 3rd scene to get 3sc on clear.
It's one of the only other sources of emergency SC if you happen to be sitting on a an excess of resources. But I wish there was a way to check before using gifts.

Hopefully he'll be back, maybe taking a break to focus on work or something without the noise of social media beeping at him everytime someone does something related to his profile.

>> No.21016657

>There was some event last year during summer I think where gold stopped being an issue.
The campaigns always give you millions of gold for some reason and gold stopped being an issue because why run gold cans when the campaigns give you five million straight up?

>Awaken for 3rd scene to get 3sc on clear.
Haven't really gotten desperate enough to the point where i'll level characters I don't like for the 3sc yet but its not like every character has a 3rd scene anyway.

>> No.21016675

Because the original arguement was about being able to level event units for event only clears. No one does this because while there are a few core event units no one wants to level up the other niche ones you would need for each specific majin. It takes away from leveling the girls you like or are generally more useful.

>> No.21016684

>Because the original arguement was about being able to level event units for event only clears.
And how does this equate to "level every single unit you get"?
If a video tells me X and Y are useful for the clear I'm trying to get then I'd be very easily able to spare the resources to level them without hurting or regretting it later and I'd get my clear for it.

>> No.21016698

Honestly for me resources aren't a huge deal in either game at this point, but I still find maxing units in aigis was more tedious.
You have to level a decent amount of units 3 times too. You need a shit ton of silvers for CC/AW/SAW/AW2 and you need to CC a bunch of those silvers on top of it.
Aigis also has RNG skill ups and RNG min costing now a days. The only systems I feel are straight up worse in fkg are rainbow equips(non existant) and all the amp systems.

>> No.21016707

>You need a shit ton of silvers for CC/AW/SAW/AW2
I've been just using golds for AW/AW2 because I won't use them anyway.

>> No.21016717

Sure if you're just fine with basically letting other people play the game for you. But if you're one of the guys making those videos you don't have that luxury.

>> No.21016742

I've always bought golds form the TP for AW/SAW/AW2, but that's only a handful of the units you need. I'm barely getting any other golds at this point. Specifically super commonly needed ones like mage, archer healer, and bandit.

>> No.21016744


Even Kawanishi realized that glasses are shit!

>> No.21016769

Yeah I level silvers when I'm missing golds but the silver leveling process is more annoying in a tedious way because it doesn't take resources with all the silver exp fairies you get and how silvers are a dime a dozen.

I find the leveling process in FKG more annoying due to how it actually does take resources from me and ends up using an insane amount of gold with no real way to get gold fast. Need like 1 million per unit I want fully bloomed while the best way to farm gold is a stage that gives 30k every time I run it, might as well shoot me at that point.

>> No.21016812

I basically only get silver exp fairies from the gacha which you can roll maybe 8 times in a good month. So that's maybe 4 silver fairies a month. Honestly they're usually gone before I notice I have them.

>> No.21016818

You don't get them from shoving silvers in the barracks?

>> No.21016827

Only level 30+ silvers which only really come from the gacha.

>> No.21018006
File: 68 KB, 426x530, D1_WOH1UYAEXl7y.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.21018014

I feed them bronze fodder to get those spirits

>> No.21018097

Who's she supposed to be, the jade biwa? I guess she's friends with Daji and we'll be getting the pheasant spirit in the future as well.

I wish she could've won the past theme poll in the contest, but I can't grudge Dendrobium for taking top spot either. Anyone but Anemone.

Her prequel chapter was super cute too.

>> No.21018122

Evil Hermit 王妃人.
Her name could literally mean "Prince's wife".

>> No.21018263

You're still leveling a silver to 30 at some point which goes back to the tediousness of the Aigis leveling and awakening systems.

>> No.21018289

How much % of a bonus do I need to get a level 40 Selenite? I have a 40 of the lower % girl and a 34 of the higher % girl, I can use three more of the level cap fairies. Not sure if it's worth it.

>> No.21018291

She's the same class as Pu? I imagine this will be an item collection event

>> No.21018293

Same class except infinitely uglier

>> No.21018297

Its time for a unit farming one.

>> No.21018348

I have 1200%. I hope it's enough.

>> No.21018471
File: 257 KB, 1435x739, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Completely free 7* pick ticket in shiropro that has almost everyone

>> No.21018473

Does Shiropro have a wiki or anything about who's good to pick?

>> No.21018486

I don't know who to pick, and dickpick doesn't work here.

>> No.21018497

Not specifically related to Shiropro but I want to hang by the balls anyone that ever gives "dude just pick with your dick lmao" when asked for advice.
I'm usually looking for actual advice, help or tips on who to pick instead of an extremely unhelpful "pick whatever makes you happy" that answers nothing and leaves you at the same place you were.

>> No.21018500
File: 1.06 MB, 1277x720, 4233535436546.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

finally after 2 years

>> No.21018525
File: 347 KB, 1167x633, 54646.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wanted to go for my favorite first, but i already have her original 6* veersion, so i decide to pick thicc instead. 2 versions of same girl in one team looks weird for me.

>> No.21018532

Not sure who to pick. Maybe I'll go full patriotism and pick the only castle-girl representing my motherland.

>> No.21018540 [DELETED] 

And there's the free limit break/kai/tons of experience, the 3* and up castle construction special, and the 6* guarantee requirement being lowered from 3 batch pulls to 2. This is a great anniversary (or, uh, pre-anniversary-and-mobi-versary?), Shiropro more than redeemed itself for the "I heard you like collabs, so how about four in a row" episode.

Picked Prague as well, and got Ryukyu Gusuku from shrine. 7* curse broken at last.

>> No.21018553

There's a jp wiki and an eng wiki but afaik there isn't any recommendation/tier list on either and the eng wiki hasn't been updated much recently.
There's a discord for the eng wiki so you could probably post your current team there and ask for advice

I'd personally probably recommend Anping since she's essentially similar to Clarice from Aigis and has a bunch of tokens that can splash but I'm biased towards token users and it's hard to really say without seeing what you already have. Honestly though most girls are useful though so just dick pick

>> No.21018561

And there's the free limit break/kai/tons of experience, the 3* and up castle construction special, the 6* guarantee requirement being lowered from 3 batch pulls to 2, and improved pull rates (1% -> 2% for 7*, 3% -> 5% for 6*, I think?). This is a great anniversary (or, uh, pre-anniversary-and-mobi-versary?), Shiropro more than redeemed itself for the "I heard you like collabs, so how about four in a row" episode.

Picked Prague as well, and got Ryukyu Gusuku from shrine. 7* curse broken at last, but this Fukushima Masanori person (or rather, the bastard-child-of-Falkor-and-Mitty things in his map) is still wrecking everything I can throw at him, even at the lowest difficulty. They're called wargods instead of majin, but looks like the "don't fuck around with dudes that come with their own advents" rule still holds here.

>> No.21018566
File: 408 KB, 1266x712, 5675.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Event construction is nice too. One 6* and 5 from ~20 pulls. I have a lot of stones stashed, just for events like this one.

>> No.21018760

How do I get it?

>> No.21018800
File: 1.23 MB, 733x550, renkiden.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you play actively and use up most of the QP that regenerate throughout the two weeks, then you should be fine with maybe 50 QP tickets.
It still requires a lot of time grinding those 15QP stages. I recommend using an autoclicker that alternates between 2 points (selecting the stage and starting it) so you don't have to sit there for hours every day.

>> No.21018811

nvm found it

>> No.21019089
File: 104 KB, 211x224, PU.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Aigis is some kind of propaganda about Chinese women I swear

>> No.21019565
File: 149 KB, 961x640, shackjack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Surprise rainbow on first roll. Rate-up is a lie as always.
Anyways, welcome back Shakuyaku.

>> No.21019966

>dump all MC into mincosting an event black
>event black refuses to CR
>you run out of MC and aren't even one step closer to mincost
Fuck you Hibari

>> No.21019991

Can anyone chuck me a link to that FKG guide (I think it was on the Wiki) that explained how to set up your party composition properly, including character order, and equipping abilities on specific characters? Can't find it on my own.

>> No.21020196

You mean these?

If not, a general outline would be: Put multi-target first and single-target last, equip provoke on dodge rainbows and first turn damage up/critical up/weak point up to everyone else (first turn and critical are slightly weaker but universally useful, weak point yields more DPT but must be optimized for individual maps), dodge/barrier/first turn skill up should be spread out to each team, solar drive/debuffs (and to a lesser extent criticals) should be stacked, other abilities (especially attack buffs) are dime a dozen so you can just tune them out (but keeping at least 1-2 skill up girls in each team is a good idea). Also keep an eye on golds with solar panels (Strawberry Candle, Nigella, Rice) and "start with solar drive" abilities (Suzuna, German Iris, Kiwi, swimsuit Holly/Cattleya, Allium, bride Ardisia etc.) because they're great for whale.

>> No.21020223

That's the one, thank you kindly.

>> No.21020224

>solar drive revamp up to 300% charge
I assume this contributes somehow to the Nutaku whale missions being unreasonably hard?

>> No.21020406

I managed on my last copy, but she was very stubborn about it for me, too. She demolished my supply down to a double digit count.

>> No.21020613

There's no need to worry or bother with team building because you can do the entire game by slapping 5 characters and running them at stages

>> No.21020690

Not if you want to clear things like Aqua Shadow EX or Nushi or the Extreme Quests.

>> No.21021156
File: 594 KB, 961x640, big g.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How did you block lion man?

>> No.21021250

Smol Altair & massive deeps

>> No.21021378


>> No.21021465


>> No.21022038

Prince and B.Iris.

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