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Best ways to learn Japanese? Been working with stuff like Nama-Sensei and been reading grammer books in Romanji, any other effective ways to learn Japanese?

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No... that image...

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1. Be born Japanese, or:
2. there is no other way

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Become a fucktoy for some japanese CEO.

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1. Memorize the Kana. Write them every single day till you've got them all down.
2. Memorize the Jouyo kanji. 15-30 kanji per day is about average. You can either use Anki or just write them down on a notebook.
3. Read a few pages off some grammar guide per day.
4. Consume a bit of Japanese media everyday.
Steps 2, 3, and 4 are all meant to be done simultaneously. In addition to step 2, you should also learn words that are made up of kanji you've learnt so far.
It'll probably take you about a year to know enough to read manga and understand anime dialogue, 2 years to understand some of the easier LNs and VNs out there, and 4-5 years to understand "real" literature. Just keep on working at it a bit at a time (1-2hrs per day), and you'll eventually get to see the fruits of your labour.

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