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Do you have headcanons about what a certain 2hus personality is like? Post them.

Sakuya and Youmu are Rei clones.

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Miko is an unironic ladies woman and CANNOT stop banging all the gals in Gensokyo, especially Byak

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with her massive extremely foul smelling black cock, thats also super veiny and stuff

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Why is her penis just randomly black? That would look bizarre, like she had gangrene

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age headcanons for me i guess

Sakuya is 17 as ZUN said late teens if it wasnt for that like 23

Reimu is 16

Marisa is like 15

Sanae who is not a fucking slut and you're stupid ass meme is shit 19 as she was a high school student and shes probably been to gensokyo for at least a few years or well at least to me

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I always thought of Reimu as 19-20 and Marisa as 16-17

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yeah I was rethinking this and went heuh Reimu doesnt really seem like a child like Marisa does
as she drinks and whatnot and is kinda bitchy

but I HC Marisa as like 15 bc short and her happy go lucky kinda nature

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Fair enough, that's just how I think of them. 15 year old Marisa is cute.

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number didn't stand for years Zemu.

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What lol?

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Reisen is smart and logical because she is a former soldier who also study medicine but also rather cocky because of her lunarian origin, but at the same time she is also a troubled person who seeks inner peace since the reason she become Eirin's apprentice (instead of just simple earth rabbit and Kaguya's pet) is to forget the horrors of war, by curing disease and injuries. It has been working well since Gensokyo is a relatively peaceful land and Reisen become more carefree as the result.

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Because the guy you responded to is a faggot who probably likes NTR

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Sakuya is a literal pedo!

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I have a feeling Marisa's cocky and bombastic nature is a front used to hide her insecurities of being naturally powerless in comparison to Reimu and the rest. She's still very energetic, but I bet during danmaku battles she (despite claiming danmaku is all about power) strategizes and uses her brain far more than Reimu, as she's naturally much more disadvantaged than a lot of her opponents.

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File: 1.28 MB, 846x1000, __hakurei_reimu_and_kirisame_marisa_touhou_drawn_by_eho_icbm__4c7b838bde16bbeb1c3ea139f95502c8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My thought as well. Reimu is not really a thinking-person and rely on natural instinct and gut feelings because of her granted ability on top of being lazy, so it's natural for the hard-working ordinary self-thought human magician to be smarter and have more intellect.
I don't think Marisa is insecure though, since Reimu isn't the type to boast her power unless it's neccessary.

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Remimi has a very charismatic and put-together exterior, but on the inside is very childlike and awkward, which can show itself under certain situations. Not an uncommon headcanon, I know.
On the other hand, Flan isnt as insane as much of the fanbase says. While pretty weird, she tries her best to be relatively normal and just wants more independence/freedom. She is a bit bonkers though, just not as insane as the fanbase implies. Sorta just autistic.

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I know some people hate the idea of a genki, innocent and cute Okuu, but she is the source of many wholesome feelings for me whenever I see her depicted that way. I love Cutesokyo in general but Okuu always came across as the most genki and cute girl in Touhou to me who just wants to please her master and be a good pet. I just dont see her as being sincerely evil judging by her dialogue and plans in SA; just misguided, confused and unable to control her sudden overwhelming newfound powers, and of course birdbrained.

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Pretty sure this is pretty much canon

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For me it's kinda the opposite. It's clear on the surface that Remi act on whims and only play-pretend to be haughty princess, but she can act more than a child and there's a reason why she gained so much loyalties.
Doesn't change the fact that she is a novice leader compared to other big shots, though.

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I don't see her as evil but her cute side is too exaggerated.
After all she also enjoy the power she get and claim it as the strongest power.

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Sacchan is a cute former NEET who couldn't get a job until her mom gave her one.

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Rumia's only lazy because she "figured out" the system. She's no genius, but she's aware enough of her own existence's requirements, Gensokyo's rules and the convenience of outsiders as food. Knowing such things, she opts to run at bare minimum for survival and largely spends the rest of her time goofing off, which is what leads to her lifestyle of doing fuck all with no real intentions of changing that. The sphere of darkness she sports when seen most of the time is part of a ruse to make people think she's stupid and thus easy to deal with, which is why there's always such a fuss when she DOES go around on new moon nights without it, as it's is one of the few times she'll consider putting an effort into doing her job as a youkai. This makes people uncertain of the sources that claim she's a low threat, while also sending mixed signals about her activities on new moon nights, which makes an actual encounter that much more risky from their perspective, generating further sustenance to promote her "time off" life.

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Pretty sure exaggerated cuteness is a universal thing done for every character ever.

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Futo and Miko miss their dicks a little too much.
I would too once I get bored being a girl.

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>but on the inside is very childlike and awkward
Second right on my picture confirms the canon as the other anon said.

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Is it really a good indication?
Everyone can look cute in any situation

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This is pretty much canon. We know she does a lot of work in the background to keep up with Reimu and friends that she doesn't want anyone to know about. She is just a normal girl from the village, after all. To even try to compete with the superhuman monsters that infest Gensokyo shows how much she had to push herself to get to that level.

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Eirin is secretly pissed off that she can't find a husband.

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Kanako blames herself for letting Suwako turn Sanae into what she is today, and has taken up drinking. She comes up with her frequent incidents during her drunken benders.

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I like to think that Marisa, Mokou and Miko are the three main players in Gensokyo, and all three of them have banged a significant portion of the population

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Mokou is the type of gal who gets a lot of sexual attention but then goes all "now way fag" and continues being alone.

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Yeah, as I said, not a revolutionary headcanon. I just like it a lot and think its cute though. Ancient and cultured yet eternally young.
I mostly just dislike how flan is displayed as an absolute psychopath in fanon, when she seems to more just be neglected.

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I have a headcanon where I wanna feed the Flan icecream.

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Now that you mention it (and Mokou), Kaguya probably too. She literally had men running after her for all eternity.

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Yeah, she's got that whole 'mysterious loner' vibe going on

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>but on the inside is very childish and cruel having watched people die and jerked it af funerals
No, this is more accurate comic friend - I know, I'm the reason you're still here.

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I forever see Okuu as Tomo now.

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Alice is motherly

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More like Marisa is oblivious, Mokou is >>20988202 and Miko tries to fuck everything in sight.

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Meiling thinks of herself as a wuxia hero and she's bad at guarding because she's always daydreaming about all the cool adventures she's supposed to be having.

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>Rei clones.
Thats the most cruel shit anyone can say. Especially considering the medium and origin.

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Eiki isnt that short as she is usually depicted to be

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I agree
Not as flat either, just modest

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Not sure how canon this one actually is, but I've always pictured Sakuya as a somewhat awkward person to talk to.
Her interactions in any manga she's in, I've noticed she tends to talk over others (SSiB especially) and she says odd or brutally honest things at really bad times. It's like she can't read the mood in a situation. Like when Reimu asked about something serious in WaHH and she just said "I'm an atheist" or (forgot which manga) Sakuya catches the Chupacabra and she's stupidly excited while everyone else is all "What the fuck?". I'd make comments about her in game interactions but haven't gotten too far in most of the games she's in sadly.
I think it'd be funny to have a character who looks and acts in an elegant manner, but once she opens her mouth the illusion is broken. Nobody is truly perfect and elegant after all.

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>I'd make comments about her in game interactions but haven't gotten too far in most of the games she's in sadly.
Secondary comments in 3,2,1

But you're spot on though, even in the fighting games she's a little awkward for someone so womanly and who looks mature but not an old hag.

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I like to think Sanae is just a normal girl who does her best to spread her faith, instead of being the town bicycle looking for her next fix.

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That is an interesting word for "legs." I like it. I too might be of legs faith.

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See Eiyashou section.

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That's pretty much what she is though. The "Sanae is a slut" is a stupid /jp/ meme made and spread by secondaries who think they are funny slandering someone just because she threatened the Hakurei Shrine's faith. In fact, Sanae is a much better girl than Reimu and she works very hard to ensure that people in the human village live comfortably.

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Wasn't Reimu drinking? She couldn't be 16 if that's the case.

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Same for Cirno, but double it because she's on an even lower level than Marisa. In spite of being called an idiot, she perhaps relies the most out of any player character on skill in Danmaku and abusing her abilities to the fullest extent just to keep pace with the next "weakest" PCs like Marisa and Reisen. This also explains why they have similar personality quirks, only in Cirno's case she entirely believes in her abilities and is only partially aware that were it not for Danmaku rules, she'd be under the boot.

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She's younger than that. They simply drink alcohol because it's Gensokyo and the rules of the human world do not apply to this world.
At least, that's what I think.

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She's incredibly one-track minded. That's her main feature, more than simply being bird-brained. She speaks very weirdly in Hisou and once she's told to do something, she'll go all the way. She may have misunderstood what Kanako wanted but if she had a more relaxed personality, perhaps she would have actually realized what she was doing wasn't something the others wanted.

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It does: three fairies of light needed to clarify they were of legal age when drinking due to their childish appearances.

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they're fucking fairies as if it'd matter, was it not a joke? didn't sumimi drink cause she was free of the rules? who the hell would enforce drinking age laws, let alone set them? yukarin?

>> No.20998189

>Sumi drink
Nope, that was Sanae. Presumably the drinking laws came into place IIRC before the border was sealed and the village never abolished them.

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I like artists that talk about this. It's cool to have this kind of duality between the main characters. If Touhou were a battle manga, Marisa would have the most exciting fights because of what she has to overcome to win, and rooting for her is easy because she's the closest to a regular human (i.e., the reader) we have in the playable characters.
I don't see how she could pull any clever tricks with her current skillset and spellcards as it is now, though. Anyone doing this would have to take some liberties, like the magic mines she laid out in Kyoukai Dancers.

that really hurts

>the reason she become Eirin's apprentice (instead of just simple earth rabbit and Kaguya's pet) is to forget the horrors of war, by curing disease and injuries

I like that.

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Reimu is actually really depressed and anxious cuz her job is litterally killing her (potentials) friends.
She doesn't do it ofc but because of that she's now seen as a lazy/yokai miko and she's losing trust of humans.
See as no one donates to her shrines, and she's often depicted as lazy or unreliable when it comes to her job. So she hangs out with yokais and it creates a vicious circle, perpetuating all that.
She's aware of that circle and that's why she's so violent and mean with yokais in the games, to deter them from becoming her friends, just "in case".
One thing she truely can't let happens tho is humans becoming yokais as seen in FS, and she's very worried about Marisa because as ZUN said it will irremediably happens someday.

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When did he say that? Please exact quote and sauce.

>> No.20999087

>If Touhou were a battle manga, Marisa would have the most exciting fights because of what she has to overcome to win, and rooting for her is easy
So have you not read Tag Dream or what?

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>Alice is motherly

No. No she is not.

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where is the Alice in the bottom left from?

>> No.21000337

fuck you

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Alice has a right to act like a bitch to Reimu since she killed her entire family and home for no reason

>> No.21000466

Kokoro and Koishi have genuine autism/aspergers. Kags is a snarky NEET.

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Yo faglord

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An hour to page 8
what the fuck

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get raiders are still here
it'll calm down by next week

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That somehow reminded me of this Doujin here.

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Usually I try to remain pure and steer clear of headcanons, but there's one thought that I've always liked to entertain, and that's the thought that maybe, just maybe, Youmu is completely incompetent with a sword. She can rely on magical powers, yes, but being able to cut so many yojana or whatever in one slash isn't really proper sword technique, it's just her showing her flashy powers while holding a sword, I guess. Then again, some of the edgier doujin out there, specially that one Zou Youmu doujin, presents a much more fun and skilled Youmu, so I'd rather believe that.
Oh, also her wiki entry says she's a fencing instructor or something in the very first phrase, if I'm not mistaken. Don't remember which work that actually comes from but I'm willing to believe it was mentioned somewhere.
I've spent more time than what I'd like to admit trying to find Reimu in this picture before I realized she's just the lifeguard.

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Eiki's head to body proportions gives the impression that she's among the tall ones. An imposing posture which suits her station.

>> No.21009924

I always figured she was short on comparison to Komachi, who's pretty tall by most accounts. Komachi's also pretty well endowed, so she's probably only flat in comparison to that

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That's canon you dopes. The angry hyperloli lecturer was always nothing more than a dumb fan meme.

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I swear when she appears in WaHH or FS she's small

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Youmu has the personality of a janitor nearing his forties, and who feels like she has almost seen every shit the world has to offer. Her complex is messy despite appearing to be a very orderly person from afar. Although she remains loyal to Yuyuko, Youmu does not seem to find her master's antics that impressive, even growing annoyed at her time to time.

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ZUN art aside, what do you feel is the most "canon" or at least your favorite depiction of whomever your favorite touhou is?

My view on Reimu has black hair and a willowy but elegant physique.

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Isn't that Alphes?

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My headcanon on Marisa is probably intended by ZUN already. But I feel like she works super hard to be good at magic and shit to just make up that she isn't born with some sort of power. All her friends are all yokai, gods, or some sort of special being. Marisa's only a normal human so she needs to put in three times the amount of hard work to really feel like she's at the level of her friends. Even her best friend Reimu was born with the power to fly, etc.

So in a way, she acts flashy and brash to play off that she's incredibly insecure about her ability.

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File: 763 KB, 779x1080, __toramaru_shou_touhou_drawn_by_houdukixx__0627cf7733a39dfc929af5ea1b9efee4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All the stage 5 bosses are uber dorks

No exceptions

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It's obvious that Shou, Sakuya, Youmu and Reisen are major dorks, and pretty well established that that Sanae, Mai, Satono and Yumeko are also quite dorky. But what about Mima though? She's certainly the dorkiest out of the final bosses, but is she dorky enough to actually qualify as one? And what about Orin and Clownpiece? They don't seem dorky at all.

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File: 388 KB, 550x550, __toramaru_shou_touhou_drawn_by_ferricblue__ba4a6c8a4ddb1a00fb672481638ac6bb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But I know for a fact that orin isnt a dork at all, same goes for shou

>> No.21018217

Shou is an alcoholic, please keep her in your prayers

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Hey man, already been mentioned.

>> No.21023267

I want to know where the Alice on the bottom left is from. I doubt it's from the games.

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File: 89 KB, 568x808, __komeiji_koishi_touhou_drawn_by_iroyopon__03a8d256bbe3de87e160cc97034d0466.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think Koishi has a complete lack of empathy. Not like "oooh she stabs you CRAZY wwwww" but that she isn't mentally capable of viewing a situation from someone else's viewpoint or work towards doing anything that would benefit someone besides herself. The closest she comes is half-remembered basic platitudes taught to her by her sister, but even then it's not out of any concern for others but simply "if I do this, Satori will get mad at me and that makes me feel bad."

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She acts pretty motherly to her dolls in the fairy manga

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This one. Fruits aside, it's the most faithful fan-made art I've seen of Yuyuko-sama as she is shown in PCB. I absolutely love it.

>> No.21023785

I think Sanae hates Digimon, and that she's a huge Pokemon fan

>> No.21026082

I see Reimu and Marisa as 18
Sakuya physically as 20
Kosuzu and Sumireko as 16 and 17

>> No.21026143

No, not secondaries, just a very jealous Sakuya.

>> No.21026774

Yukari uses Ran to mine Bitcoin
>ZUN mentions in PCB that some underage character were drinking at the end, but it was okay since there's no legal age of drinking in Gensokyo

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File: 457 KB, 900x1767, __kenshirou_and_shiki_eiki_hokuto_no_ken_and_touhou_drawn_by_take_shinobu__11884e6bdcef337235dae5e48d322fa8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yama is a Tallhu Oni Boss

>> No.21026929

the seasons pass by so fast in the manga Reimu and co might as well be 25+ years old now

>> No.21026971

Doesn't she fill some of them with gunpowder so she can use them as bombs?

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File: 375 KB, 1199x916, 7DAF4463-64E5-49E8-A808-7FAB6E8F973D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Rei clones.
Anon, Rei is literally a clone.

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This feels pretty accurate to me. A lot of artists draw Keine with full bangs which I don't mind, but I prefer her front hair to be less wispy.

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Personally can't stand the "lazy moron" fanon interpretation of Meiling. I prefer to headcanon her as as an active tough girl who trains kung fu all day and jokingly annoys Sakuya in her spare time. Then they fuck

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File: 225 KB, 650x1300, __komeiji_satori_touhou_drawn_by_takitate_is2c5__25ce50ef2386fb64e15357d3b07bf5b0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Satori with that retarded grin and messy hair

>> No.21028970

Do you really not know what the term "Rei clone" means?

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That a lot of non-spellcard duels happen in Gensokyo and elsewhere.

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Touhou has canonically become a fighthu series after the latest WaHH chapter

>> No.21037868

God, I hope Chapter 49 part 2 brings more fighthu action.

Also, yes, it is not going to be Chapter 50, but Chapter 49 part 2

>> No.21038064

She's still so fucking cute dudes.
Holy crap what a cutie.

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that satori is very smug and I do not like her at all.

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File: 1.25 MB, 1774x1099, Screenshot_20190218-005407~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's insanity
Like holy shit how the hell is she still so goddamned cute

>> No.21044040

insanity in what form?

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>That's canon you dopes. The angry hyperloli lecturer was always nothing more than a dumb fan meme.
lolno, the Yama is canonically a literal smol brat loli with an attitude.

>> No.21044530

Haven't read fairies, but I'm amazed that "Alice is a crazy loon that talks to her unsentient dolls" is canon.

>> No.21044639
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>the Yama
And to top it off, Grimoire of Marisa. Great post, Reddit!

>> No.21048187

Wow it's almost like hiring a fanartist leaves you fan interpretations.

>> No.21048431

Really think about what you've just said.

>> No.21048460

Hiring a fanartist doesn't not make them a fanartist no matter how much you scream and cry desu.

>> No.21053448