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Previous thread: >>20936737

This thread is for the discussion of untranslated Japanese visual novels.

What are you playing? What are you looking forward to? What have you finished? You know the drill.

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Dead medium.

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Haruiro is going to save us.

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What's a good non-ero game that is available on PC?

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that's not how it works.

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It's a well known fact that the best VNs are all all-ages. You don't see people worshipping shitty nukiges. On the other hand, something like Clannad or Higurashi is still relevant even today.

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You have to go back, EOP.

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Projecting a bit much? I'm only speaking the truth.

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There has to be a medium between these extreme views. At any rate if there are no suggestions then I'll pick up Humanity, it looks fun.

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Times changed. Anime adaptions don't happen for VNs much anymore, while they adapt even the shittiest LNs, so every studio stays busy. Also gacha 1cour anime. The doujin scene also hasn't really output anything that got a big resonance for how long now? Doesn't mean they didn't output anything that could've led to that. They did. It's just nobody knows and/or cares nowadays.

In other words, you won't find big hits anymore, unless someone is trying to make it big with tons of budget. And even then it's harder. The current scene is all about webnovel->getting popular->getting published->getting an anime.

The medium is just not really looked at anymore. That's why it's dying a little every year. Someone also mentioned how exposure died. Back when the medium got "big", you could buy physical copies in normal stores. That's how Clannad got to even be a thing, thanks to Air and Kanon actually working out big time.

The industry kinda shot into their own feet when they decided, that more ero might fix this. It's a short term solution, but in the end what made eroge big in the first place weren't games with 10+ hcg per heroine. And that type of eroge just doesn't really exist anymore.

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I think it's also necessary to pay attention to how style of media consumption has changed.
Things like Air, etc happened when competition and specialization among various anime-related media was not as high as it is now.
They also happened when internet was starting to become a thing but was not yet so big that it easily creates ideological bubbles and echo chambers among fans.
Just sheer amount of various entertainment products now is incomprehensible.
Brand-loyalty among fans wasn't as strong at that point too.

And harem-style ranobe as well as late-night anime pretty much ate away quite a sizable chunk of eroge market too. Eroge companies had to adapt and it's quite obvious that adaptation had gone the way they have a unique advantage — ero. Switch to goods as a marketing strategy to alleviate piracy impact also played a role.

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Do any of the other Liar-soft games have aspects that make them difficult to read like Forest which has voice lines that don't match the text for a lot of scenes?

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>The industry kinda shot into their own feet when they decided, that more ero might fix this. It's a short term solution, but in the end what made eroge big in the first place weren't games with 10+ hcg per heroine. And that type of eroge just doesn't really exist anymore.
none of this is relevant. shorter attention spans, the need for instant gratification, and the rise of gacha phone games are the main cause for the shrinking industry today, but its been shrinking for a long time now due to various reasons outside its control. this whole ero/non-ero debate is just dumb shitposting

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Not nearly as much, but Sona nyl.

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Figures that's the one I'm most interested in reading lul. Thanks

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You shouldn't read it without at least Inganock and Sharnoth anyway.

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Learn Japanese and you'll be okay.

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I can read fine, but listening can be tough. I miss a bit in Forest so I'm just avoiding similar VNs for now.

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Train listening.

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The eroge genre needs more ero.

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Eroge would be better off without ero.

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Eroge has about the right amount of ero.

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Spiral is so fucking boring. When does something happen? 6 hours in and not even a H-Scene. Just a stupid accidental walk-in with one of the heroines resulting in shitty base-ass humour.

EGS Rating are shit for a reason I guess.

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Steins;gate 0 was literally just adapted into anime last year.

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Steins;gate 0 was literally just adapted into anime last year.

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Also YU-NO is getting an anime in a month.

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Lack or addition of ero itself doesn't decide whether a VN's plot is good or not, it's just that all-ages releases tend to have more mass appeal due to being publishable on all platforms that don't allow AO releases. Usually.
Besides, there's plenty of really popular games from both eroge and all-ages camp.

I've said this before, but I think more than ero the main problem with many plotge are the enforced heroine focused routes when they're completely unnecessary or done badly. Eroge like YU-NO or Muramasa manage to do them well since each route also drives the main plot forward in some way or have interesting themes, whereas something like Chaos;Child that's an all-ages game goes way off tangent to the fucking moon for no reason in its heroine routes to the point it's clear there's heroine routes only because "we're supposed to have heroine routes", whereas it would've been much more natural to use those to explore the main mystery through different perspectives and plot developments.

This is my personal opinion, but I think that at the very least games where characters having sex actually serves a purpose in plot should definitely have sex scenes. I've played a few all-ages plotge where it does but there's no actual scene, which feels a bit shitty with some later reveal relying on it. At the very least gives us something like Kikokugai remake where the sex scenes are on the level that don't veer into AO territory. And really it doesn't necessarily have to even be plot related if it's otherwise interesting: I laughed so god damn hard in 9sorairo in Sora's H-scene that I genuinely think it would greatly detract from the game if it was removed. Love focused games usually benefit from having sex scenes in my opinion, and it's the one thing I really like about non-nukige eroge over other mediums with love-focused stories, is that the characters actually fucking take it to the next level at some point rather than dilly-dallying around the issue forever.

Of course there's also the problem of pacing ero scenes between normal ones in non-nukige or whether the H-scenes themselves are executed well in the first palce, but I think that's a whole different kind of argument from whether having ero at all adds to or detracts from a game.

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I repicked up lately a Old "Gem"
Gosuderi, any one remember it?
the game was broken as hell when it came out and still today with all those patches it still misses some CGs.

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Ero doesn't decide whether the plot is good or not, but it's still inversely correlated with good plot. This is because games without ero scenes, or only a few of them, have to sell the game on the basis of merit (plot) alone.

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That's neither old, nor a gem.

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People didn't worship Clannad or Higurashi because they didn't have ero. As long as the sappy shit is there people will worship them all the same.
And it's not like EOPs have any other options to choose from.

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It's not about EOPs though.
Higurashi and Clannad were freaking popular in Japan. And even before there were anime adaptations.

Air and Kanon were even adopted by both Toei and KyoAni. That's not something that is done to some random eroge for giggles. They were unbelievably popular at their time.

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VNs used to be an industry because smartphones didn't exist and a decent percentage of the population was interested in spending huge amounts of time reading.

now smartphones and gacha are a thing, the industry will never fucking recover. It will continue existing in some format, but will never go back to it's peak of popularity in the 2000s.

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>Steins;gate 0 was literally just adapted into anime last year.
That's what I meant with "unless someone is trying to make it big with tons of budget". Most commercial all ages games fall under that.

Back in the days, all kinds of shit got adaptions. Stuff we'd consider completely random eroge. It's like when last month's "Boku no Mirai wa Koi to Kakin to" would get a sudden adaption now. Or the Feng game. Or Happiness 2. Happiness 1 and an older Feng game actually got adaptions back then, but how likely would that be today?
I mean, you can argue for nobody really needing those adaptions. They were usually never good anyway. Didn't stop them from adapting 11eyes. Sorceress Alive anime when?

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Always hoped to get a random Adaptation of Himanatsu, or Eden*
And they took ages to chose to adapt kud wafter.
"Back in the days" VN were much more famous and picked up , apparently now its all about Light Novels, you have a better chance to get a consistent source material if the anime sells, not just make the anime as a commercial, where you can't stay lore friendly and ignore the sexual content that MIGHT have some role in the plot.
Feels like the VN age is coming to an end.

At the time some considered it "revolutionary" , in a wold where 98% was Character sprites, that was the only with "high definition" (yet mediocre) 100% events Cg, plot was meh but that had potentials.

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also, the only reason sg0 got an anime was because the original series was very succesful. and that one came out in 2011, right when shit started going downhill.

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>Sorceress Alive anime when?
Ironically that might work well with an adaption especially if they skip all sorceress routes.

Unless of course people don’t lose interest before the start of alive since magic school/academy harem templates aren’t that popular anymore when it comes to mainstream. All about that 俺TUEEE isekai adventures now together with kingdom/dungeon building, MC being reincarnated into another species and so on including other narou stuff.

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This link actually contains the game. I was able to partially download it using a stolen account before I got blocked. The password is ammyyk

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Yeah it's the actual game. The font is unreadable though. You'll need to tinker around with VMs.
Go nuts.

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Is this what morse code nihongo looks like?

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File: 356 KB, 808x651, what are japanese locales.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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everyge is kusoge desu

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There's lots of nip reports of font issues on operating systems past XP so it's definitely not a locale issue. EGS had a link to a tool that fixes it, so I'll leave it here if anyone needs it.

>> No.20983282

Oh thanks, I was the anon who asked for it last thread. Was already giving up hope, you're a life saver. I already have a XP VM set up so it shouldn't be too hard to get running right.

This looks like exactly the weird kind of Hain I was looking for.

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Any VNs similar to the manga Mudazumo naki Kaikaku? Not necessarily about mahjong but just over the top political battles.

>> No.20985153

I am trying to get back into vn again. Does anyone have any good recent recommendations? Last vn I remember finishing was totono if it matters.

>> No.20985191

This is impossible without knowing what you like and what you have or haven't read.

>> No.20985271

karigurashi, charabure and onigyu

>> No.20985279

GOTY 2019 sorceress alive.

>> No.20985285

read another kamige from /our/ guy shimokura

>> No.20985332

Sell me on this. I heard the production value is high but was never a fan of Gore if it's only for the sake of gore. The only other vn I read from shimokura was Axanael and that's was a hit and miss for me.

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Why are lolis so fucking sexy

>> No.20985730

just started 遥かに仰ぎ、麗しの, is there a recommended route order or can I just do it however I want?

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Because you are really fucking weird.

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Save Takehayas part (main school) for last.

>> No.20985817

>It's not about EOPs though.
It's not, as the post also pointed out the real reason those are popular. Don't fixate on the EOP part just because it startled you.

>> No.20985850

main school = Miyabi, Shino and Tonoko right?

>> No.20985863

Yep, the other side is flat out bad barring Yuuna which can get interesting.
I have no idea how can you be so fucking horny while writing a route, but Sumika's is the result.

>> No.20985888

>the other side is flat out bad barring Yuuna
Any reason to not just skip and go straight to main school?

>> No.20985896

Avtually, not, you get three high quality romances that way. However, you get the extra epilogue for completing all routes, so at least get a savedata.

>> No.20985910

It isn't bad at all, some people like it better and it's worth it for the last route. It only gets bad rep because it is in the same game as one of the best things ever written in the eroge medium, but compared to most other eroge it's still very 高水準. Marutani is a solid writer.

>> No.20985919

Well I guess ill give the branch school a chance then. Probably dl a complete save just in case though.


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Swallowtail is so boring

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>whereas something like Chaos;Child that's an all-ages game goes way off tangent to the fucking moon for no reason
Unrelated plotgefagging incoming but, I believe C;C was in the right for handling it that way. You can't deny that the characters themselves are a main appeal in the series, straying from the expected format would lose the chance to explore the characters like they did. The mystery was revolved around the characters anyways, it's easier to understand everything behind it all when you see what's behind the girls themselves. And obviously the most ideal way of doing this is the typical girl specific route format.
I do understand you thinking it felt out of place though. I mean, it was meant to be. Surely they could've done the routes in a more natural way, making it seem less superficial. But the fact that it's a Chaos; entry excuses them for going wild, in fact it encourages them to do so. So yeah, it was nice having "irrelevant side plots" that not only got me to appreciate the main plot through creative entertaining means, but also got me to realize the fleshed out characters that were there all along. But what made them grounded as routes were the "canon" link they all had. There were obvious truths that are only revealed in each route, and I enjoy it when vns do that. It's much more natural piecing together one truth from various routes, than having the protag learn literally everything all bundled up. Of course that's nothing new to vns or whatever, but definitely shines in mystery driven vns.

But I definitely got gay here, since not only does this not really relate to your initial point, but C;C is technically a translated vn so it's out-of-topic discussion. My bad.

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Untranslated just means you read it in Japanese.

>> No.20986130

That last line is a surefire way to expose yourself as a newfag and probably an EOP as well.

>> No.20986133

Welp, got owned I guess.

>> No.20986151

Poor showing.

>> No.20986184

Didn't we already tell you to fuck off, hata?

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Should we make a moege general and split up?

>> No.20986278

this is moege general

>> No.20986351

Then why do people talk about shitty plotge

>> No.20986422

Fuck off, EOP.

And yes, I can tell you're an EOP. This obsession with "muh moege", "muh plotge" and other similar retarded bullshit is something born in your cancerous EOP threads, back when you shitposted about "le kamiges" and other shit like learned from Redditors like moogy.

>> No.20986445

I can only see moege discussion. After all, every eroge with moe is a moege.

>> No.20986463 [DELETED] 

only eop obsessing with muh eop

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Why did it have to die, bros? Imagine how life-changing would it be.

>> No.20986561

Guys I have a big problem please help me
I'm so tired of porn codes and just want simple erotism...

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Was looking through early magazine pictures from years ago and just had to laugh at how Baldr Sky was advertised at first.

Hope you guys were excited that the Baldr series was finally going to feature a school!

>> No.20986651

School setting unironically improved it, and all muh pacing arguments are shit. I prefer my VNs to have a bit of every aspect instead focusing on one or two while disregarding all others.

>> No.20986736

the pacing in sky wasn't caused by the school setting, it was caused by endless flashbacks.

>> No.20986854

Yeah, I also actually didn't mind the school part in Sky since it nicely contrasted the past and the present world. Problem was the sheer number of flashbacks, especially repeated ones later on padding shit out. School setting was a completely retarded idea in Heart however and the school could've literally been any organization especially considering the protagonist himself isn't wasn't a high schooler, plus what peeved me was that everyone wearing school uniforms made the heroines' designs look samey.

>> No.20986868

Dude calm the fuck down.
I'm not your eceleb or who ever you're talking about.
I only want a moege thread to avoid this shit and talk about girls.

>> No.20986875

Well, in the past 3 years I've certainly seen people on 4chan shit on school parts when they talk about pacing in sky, with the argument being some retarded shit like "it distracts from the plot", so at least a couple of idiots exist here.

>> No.20986985

Sure. See these cute girls here >>20986588? Feel free to talk about them.

>> No.20987029

>Look here's girls
Are you being sarcastic?
I honestly can't tell why you bothered typing that up.

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Other anons forgot to mention that route order in first part doesn't matter and you can do Miyabi, Tonoko and Shino in any order you like. For latter half the game technically allows you to do Sumika and Misaki in any order while Yuuna's route is locked behind completing those two first, HOWEVER if you plan to actually play them all yourself make sure it's Sumika > Misaki > Yuuna. This is because Misaki's route casually spoils Sumika's route's main drama in its early parts.

This general has always been a comfy slow thread on a slow board barring the occasional shitpost chains, so it's not like we're really in need of two or more separate untranslated VN threads. Plotge, moege, even nukige and so on are hardly taking space from each other and I don't see cutting up an already slow general into several smaller ones that are likely to get even less discussion make any sense from that standpoint. Besides like the anon you replied to mentioned, the moege distinction in some cases is redundant when the games happen to have both plot and cute girl focus or other parts such as gameplay that warrant discussion, f.ex. Pricchi or Kurukuru. Nothing's really preventing you from posting about moege here.

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>muh muh EOP

I hope it's only one retard spamming this shit and if so it's pathetic.

>> No.20987053

I'm considering filtering it.

>> No.20987055

What's wrong with what I typed? Are they not cute enough for you or what?

>> No.20987063

Ok so you're just fucking around never mind.

>> No.20987083

No, seriously, what's wrong? State your complaints instead of bailing out.

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Anybody know the name

>> No.20987103

>This is because Misaki's route casually spoils Sumika's route's main drama in its early parts.
It's more like it casually completely solves it in a couple minutes, making Sumika's route feel kind of pointless aside from her being cute.

>> No.20987145
File: 113 KB, 772x571, yuumi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>HOWEVER if you plan to actually play them all yourself make sure it's Sumika > Misaki > Yuuna

Will keep that in mind if I end up doing the branch school routes. Judging by the cg ,Sumika has anal? Big plus for me if true.

>> No.20987156

Never mind found it

>> No.20987170

Have fun

You have fun too.

>> No.20987190

Sumika's route has most of the sex scenes of the game concentrated in it, even if 90% of them are her masturbating over and over and over again with the same CG,

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Oh, wow, Navel released SPIRAL!! unfinished? Found that image with CG comments...
64 planned CG, but in final production only 61.

They released only 55 CG at 1.0 version...
And after 2 weeks only we got 1.2 update with other 6 CG. That is strange...
For 9800 yen it is a bit high?

Is it unprofessional, maybe?

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File: 308 KB, 1280x720, 蒼の彼方のフォーリズム - 先輩の部屋から朝帰り.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finally have the will to play Aokana.
Done with Asuka route, best one so far.
Almost done with Mashiro route. Her route has some funny moments, but somewhat boring overall.
Somebody just told me that Misaki's best girl, so I'm thinking about going for her first, and do Rika's last.

>> No.20987332

Asuka is the most complete route, Misaki is just better written because Asuka is one huge and bland mary sue.

>> No.20987346

I don't care about the total amount of CG, this picture is sad in a different way. Every girl needs her 4 h-scenes with 2 cg each, to the point even patches come. Normal CG? WHO CARES! Poor whoever MZK refers to.

That said, people care too much about numbers. What good do total amount of CG, when they couldn't be produced more cheaply? It's kinda the same like with length. I don't care about your 3mb sjis if it's 80% padding.

>> No.20987528
File: 951 KB, 1280x720, 蒼の彼方のフォーリズム - 彼女さんといちゃいちゃいちゃいちゃ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Misaki is just better written because
Her attitude when she saw Asuka surpassed her kind of put me off from playing her route.

>Asuka is one huge and bland mary sue
Can't deny that. While I don't think it's an entirely bad thing, I noticed how I cared less about Asuka herself, and more about the overall story and the Flying Circus thing. Hell, Masaya made a more lasting impression than Asuka herself.

>> No.20988117
File: 473 KB, 1312x1894, onigyu_fd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Onigyu FD
Shame, I was for a proper lolige from them. It doesn't even need a fandisk unlike Onikiss since they already went on dates and shit on the main game, I don't see what more they can add.

>> No.20988129

>I don't see what more they can add.
More sex, more outfits for getting fucked.

>> No.20988163

I guess their formula has changed from when they were once Galette. It used to be imouto game > loli game > imouto game > loli game

>> No.20988193

I guess it could be nice if they focus on the harem scenes, the ones from the main game were pretty boring with only a single CG each.

>> No.20988208

I'm shocked. It's rare to have those scenes with a CG, and not just 2 lines of narration.

>> No.20988230

Feels more like the imouto game team fucked off from Galette and made their own company, the games Galette made after Tinkle Position was created were pretty bad.

>> No.20988337

>mfw no evil route where you rule together and make the entire kingdom and its population into your plaything like it was meant to be

>> No.20988367

>kamige getting fd
today is a good day lads.

>> No.20988520

I wonder what they'll try to pull in Haruiro now that imouto route is over and the main reason for reading the series in general is done and dusted.

>> No.20988718

Haruka could be fun if they manage to handle her gimmick in an entertaining way, but I have no clue how they're going to make Noa interesting especially if they're saving her for the final episode. She's been decent so far but it's not like we've never seen chuunibyou heroines before.

But yeah, they already used the best heroine in the second episode so the devs really have their work cut out for them if they plan to surpass Sora. I'm assuming they have some twist in store for Haruka's actual power since the end of the second episode sort of implies it's not just 魅了, but apart from that I have no idea what to expect.

>> No.20988819

Well, there should be more to Noa than chuuni, but I think it's pretty clear that the "final" heroine would be Sophi. They'll likely show her actual form in the end of the Noa episode as a cliffhanger.
Not that I expect any further episodes to be better than Sora though.

>> No.20989033

Why do people rate some games highly and at the same time admit some routes were simply garbage? Aren't you supposed to rate the game in its entirety?

>> No.20989164

No, it's not like there's some kind of higher power overseeing how everyone rates games. Only your own autism. Some people aren't bound by it like you, so they rate as they please.

>> No.20989210

You're a newfag. Probably a recent DJT user too.

What do you want to avoid? Your own shitposting? Others telling you to stop shitposting? Just post about eroge here and noone will tell you anything. Noone might reply to your posts about moege, but the same is true even if you make an extra thread about it. Moeges are vapid by design, so there's not much substance to actually discuss about them. And there's so many of them, noone might have cared about the ones you do.

>> No.20989334

Maybe because someone likes a route with their favorite girl a lot while considering all the other ones garbage?
If even one route was incredibly satisfactory then the whole game deserves high rating.

>> No.20989427

Wouldn't it actually be the sensei? Always thought it was fishy she of all characters didn't get a route.

>> No.20989755
File: 264 KB, 1920x1080, おにギュ_2018-06-14_08-07-54.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was hoping to get an imouto headpat eroge but looks like I'll have to wait until 2020. Well, more Sumi is fine I guess.

>> No.20990052

I think she's actually going to be revealed as the true 異世界人 main antagonist considering we're literally running out of characters for that role (unless they bring up someone completely new) and we already now that Ghost and Renya are just pawns backed by someone in the know. It'd also make sense because she's already related to the temple, the temple has special connection to Sophi's world and kicks the plot into gear, plus several important scenes like their group's meeting, Kujou's death in her bad end route or Renya's death in her good end route happen there, as if they were hanging out there all the time. Of course there's the ominous sequel hook scene with Sophi and Yoichi at the end of episode 2 but I doubt it'd be that obvious and it's likely a red herring.

Though I hope I'll end up being completely wrong. There's nothing worse than guessing a big twist beforehand.

>> No.20990573
File: 71 KB, 317x617, nine_sorairo_2018-05-11_18-47-00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>no route

>> No.20990600 [SPOILER] 
File: 401 KB, 1280x720, 1552523158155.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She seems more like Renya's waifu more than anything. I actually hope they get together since I love rooting for side character pairings.

>> No.20990672

Sounds like someone can't accept the inevitable moege domination of VNs. Stay mad plotfag.

>> No.20990682

I'd take an h-scene at this point. Her design is just too good.

>> No.20991952

I put together a list of traits to avoid or use moderation with modern eroge heroines.

1. Non-virgin. This shouldn't need much explanation. Exceptions are accepted for obvious sluts in nukige and plot-focused works, but the "obvious" part is important, you simply cannot have a non-virgin heroine in a charage who is not advertised beforehand to be one anymore, that's a privilege that died in the 00's.
2. Short hair. Not actually that much of a sin, but it's something that modern devs tend to avoid quite a bit. You can have up to ONE heroine with short hair in your title, but it's preferable if all of your heroines have hair that extends to their asses.
3. Dark skin. Unless you're specifically targeting ganguro, fantasy elf, or suntan bikini fetishists, all of your heroines must be as white as snow.
4. Height above 165 cm. Don't want to make your audience feel too inferior after all. It's even better if every single heroine is less than 155 cm tall, then you've struck the moe zone. Exceptions are for femdom/MILF fetish stuff and fantasy warrior heroines.
5. Glasses. Glasses are only accepted on the typical heroine if she wears them just for a brief moment or two, or wears them at the start and then switches to contacts. The only heroines allowed into exceptions are hard-assed student council girls and teachers. (Isn't it funny how women who are less than 145cm tall seem to take up a significantly larger share of the population than women with imperfect vision?)
6. Denim jeans. Big nono, they seem too slutty and western for otaku.

So there you have it. Avoid all of these and you're already halfway to making a perfect eroge heroine!

>> No.20991982

Except for 1, this all sounds like tomboyish heroines are absolutely out of the question.

>> No.20992009
File: 115 KB, 801x508, rida.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

where is Rida's route?

>> No.20992112

tomboys without short hair are better desu

>> No.20992124

Don't forget about avoiding green hair like a plague unless you're inserting a cosplay of Hatsune Miku.
Green hair is a death sentence to popularity of the heroine for some strange reason nowadays and eroge companies have pretty much learned that lesson.

>> No.20992131


>> No.20992149

i'm sure all the japanese devs in this thread will take your post to heart

>> No.20992292

Is that why Japanese popularity poll for Rance X had two green haired heroines in top 3?

>> No.20992328

Rance fans are freaking weirdos. They accept non-virgins too which is unbelievably gross.

>> No.20992368

Well Rance is just a rape nukige, obviously those can have non-virgins it's not really comparable to serious VNs

>> No.20992375

>rape nukige
isekai moege*

>> No.20992384

Majority of non-virgins there are shit though. The only two that I liked are Suzume, best fembro ever written, and Silky, because healing rape victims is patrician fetish. The only other good non-virgin from their titles is Ryouko, because making lonely widows happy is also patrician. Everyone else is bad at best and terrible at worst.
Unironically this.

>> No.20992716

What is that?

>> No.20992767

>get married
>have to live with your bride mother

Is this a standard practice in Japan?

>> No.20992769

Her not having a route was the biggest offender in the whole game, it would have been so incredibly wholesome.

>> No.20992772
File: 135 KB, 1245x700, 3f25682a5efde5119034cd0dd15e07cf-700.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Best and most popular girl from her game disagrees.

>> No.20992821

Making Lovers had a pretty popular girl with that. So did Senren Banka. And the most recent Yuzusoft has a green haired girl as well. You are telling me, Yuzusoft doesn't know what flies while selling the most?
The reason why you don't see it much is because it belongs to the true anime colors. Most games have no anime colors at all. (meaning, it needs to be kinda possible: Red/Orange, Blonde, Black, Brown, White, Gray) And if you get one, it's usually one that doesn't stand out that much, like a very light pink which you may even see in our world, obviously being not natural though. Green and blue is just completely animu crazy. Or carnival parade.

>> No.20992857

Aren't Shizuka and Hornet some of the most popular girls from Rance?

>> No.20992982

Not liking short hair makes you gay. Girls with short hair are cute.

>> No.20993000

Your newfaggotry is showing. Just google it.

>> No.20993913

Muh nigga.

>> No.20994055

Denim jeans are complete cancer. Every single hipster wears them, they think not caring about your appearance yet still spending hundreds of dollars on a piece of torn pants is somehow quirky. I'd honestly rather contain this shitty trend to the west if possible, along with the "yoga" pants.

>> No.20994064

>along with the "yoga" pants.
That's an actual trend heroines could use, it's clothing made fo porn.

>> No.20994192

I'd love it if there were more sports themed nukige like たわわ奥さん×ハプニングジム ~むっちりボディとすけべなエクササイズ~. that one had lots of scenes with these yoga/fitness pants

>> No.20995483

You just created a list of kamige traits for kami heroines.

>> No.20995505

Does someone know what the name of that copy proxy 2ch site that foreigners could access was?

>> No.20995585


>> No.20996017

What are some moege with very little story besides spending time with the girl you choose and doing ichaicha? Probably either a game focusing on a single girl, or very early branching story.
So far Aikagi hit the spot pretty well, also Amekoi (a bit too much porn, though) and xCation games were close to what I'm looking for.
I'm really sick of school life and club activity storylines. Bonus points for starting to live together early.

>> No.20996033

If you liked Aikagi, go for Aibeya, I honestly liked its heroine better. Also they are living together and on a trial of going out within 15 minutes of the game.

>> No.20996041

Thanks, didn't notice that the same studio made another similar game.

>> No.20996057

If want to go to bbspink you can still access it with Jane Style.

>> No.20996071

The school scenes in Sky were actually good though. The only problem is that you had to replay them on Dive 2.

>> No.20996107

Making Lovers hits all of those notes and it's all around great, but I'm sure you've already played the game and just forgot to mention it.
少女と年の差、ふたまわり。is also pretty decent if you're additionally into age gap with an older salaryman protag and high schooler heroine. She doesn't fully move in, but lots and lots of sleepovers.

>> No.20996171

Didn't play either of those, thanks. And yeah, I like age gap too. Making Lovers looks like something I'd like, surprised I missed it so far.

>> No.20997965

>Making Lovers
You may not want to play it though. It's either not enough on the lovey part for you, or you can't go back to sleeping pills like Aibeya. That one was really bad if you ask me.

You could try Imouto no Okage de Motesugite Yabai though. That is literally nothing but extremely boring slice of life with rather likeable characters. Don't think anything even remotely interesting happens. It's going to get skipped right away.

>> No.20998862


I'm only gonna eat canned food while reading this for maximum immersion.

>> No.20998956

The op isn't very good though.

>> No.20998996

The concept for this seems very interesting but the art direction/character design is unfortunate.

>> No.20999147
File: 1.18 MB, 1282x752, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fucking based, this is what I call a perfect woman.

>> No.20999262

No such thing as a perfect woman in a moege. They're all fake dolls thought up by extremely ugly, pathetic old men.

>> No.20999293
File: 575 KB, 1282x752, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not wanting your wife to have her first shoulder contact with you

Found the cuck.

>> No.20999301
File: 88 KB, 228x222, moege producer .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here is your "wife".

>> No.20999315

Why do you have this picture saved on your PC, anon?

>> No.20999480

>shigoto mo suki datta kara

>> No.20999491

Fuck off, EOP.

>> No.20999493

Some of the better moege are written by women.

>> No.20999944

you can just tell the person who wrote this was a virgin

>> No.21000035

>go to vndb
>writer for that character was izumi ban'ya
>go his offical website
>click on freetalk
>start reading

>> No.21000039

You're not exactly the one to talk but okay.

>> No.21000047

Moege written by women usually have quite rapey protagonists and H-scenes. I don't know about you but it usually disturbs me quite a lot and makes them not as enjoyable as they could be.

>> No.21000086

Who are you quoting?

>> No.21000655

Do you have examples of this? Asking for a friend.

>> No.21000660

not him but rance is a good example

>> No.21000745

This have a crazy Onee-San Watanabe style in it, so it's a must play.

>> No.21000764

You guys may not believe this, but every time I go to shopping center and pass the canned food section I always have this same autistic thought " this will come in handy when the world ends "
>tfw I can relate with this game autistic scenario and heroine
This feel nice.

>> No.21000920

Yeah, it's a good example of why you shouldn't let women write anything. Writing in modern Rance games became much more enjoyable once Tori was replaced, both on the story part and interactions with girls part.

>> No.21001198

rance is not moege

>> No.21001210

Citation needed.

>> No.21001483

>played VNs to learn Japanese
>struggle to pass the daily life bits, looked up vocab every screen or so
>reads through sex scenes at the speed of light
hmm my education is unbalanced.

>> No.21001504

Yeah, I CTRL through sex scenes too, they are repetitive and boring.

>> No.21001831
File: 179 KB, 1279x764, WA2_lovestory.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finished WA2 coda and am now traumatized. Any suggestions on reading/playing something to heal?

>> No.21001858

There's a shitload of afterstories that are mostly comfy. Go finish those.

>> No.21002634


>> No.21002639


>> No.21002683
File: 22 KB, 250x300, c1022118chara1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Come on, help me, Doctor Dick
Come on, doctor, help me quick

Come on, help me, Doctor Dick
Come on, doctor, help me quick

>> No.21002844

High IQ post.

>> No.21002885

Why is this general full of crossie scum? I would have thought the difficulty of learning japanese would have filtered out the casual /v/edditard crowd, but apparently not. It's almost getting to /vn/ levels at this point.

>> No.21002917

That's because a lot of those exact /vn/ folk you're talking about are migrating over here. Lack of sufficient Japanese knowledge doesn't really stop them from posting, but at least they're easy to identify (only post about moege, low effort posts about their pure virgin waifu of the week e.g. >>20999147
and needing like 40+ hours to finish short games).

>> No.21002929

"the difficulty of learning japanese" doesn't exist anymore when translations and hookers are so readily available

>> No.21003005
File: 159 KB, 1280x720, 幸福な王子.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finished sakura no uta. I went with fairly low hopes, given that I didn't like subahibi that much (didn't like characters, found it somewhat pretentious).
I found the first few chapters of sakura no uta slowly confirming my fears, with largely a miss on the humor style, boring long SOL sequences and characters that didn't stand out. However in the end I really appreciated how the writer managed to develop the main character over the chapters, and while there were painfully boring scenes, there was also brilliantly done parts.
I suggest those who didn't like subahibi to give it a try.

>> No.21003052

Thanks already read them too.

Thanks for the suggestion but tbqh WA2 was enough ntr for one lifetime.

>> No.21003071

There's no NTR in either game and Koinaku is a single heroine game with a happy ending.

>> No.21003096

>only post about moege, low effort posts about their pure virgin waifu of the week

Since you're quoting my post I'm not only posting about moege, actually I'm playing more than 3 visual novels right now.

>> No.21003233

Do you have three pairs of eyes?

>> No.21003249

Is Happiness 2 a normal moege? What's the deal with the route lock / true route? I usually just do one girl and call it quits in these kind of games.

>> No.21003253

I obviously didn't mean it as at the same time (though my wording may have been misleading) but lately, like yesterday I played both higurashi and niizuma.

>> No.21003310

>I obviously didn't mean it as at the same time
What the fuck? That's so low skill. Keima would be sad.

>> No.21003703 [DELETED] 

I can't wait for Aya to sing ごちうさ songs.

>> No.21004100 [DELETED] 

Is this thread dying?

>> No.21004625

I finished the kanoseka trial, it's unironically really really good. Probably going to be Watanabe's best game for sure.

>> No.21004856
File: 836 KB, 801x647, sisters demo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>sisters: last day of summer
>the end of the world, and happy birthday
i've yet to find any translations for these and i cant really understand japanese yet. do i need to look harder or are these just that uninteresting to even be worth a translation?

>> No.21004864

Wrong thread, EOP.

>> No.21004880

Don't reply. Just report for off-topic.

>> No.21005854

Is there any eroge where the MC is a girl who gets raped by other guys?

>> No.21006132

Sakura no Uta really started picking up at Rina's route.

>> No.21006536

I'm getting kinda desperate. Does anyone have a copy of さくらにかげつ they'd be willing to throw up on Mega?

Alternatively, if anyone has a 2djgame account, could you tell me the password for the baidu drive link here? https://bbs4.2djgame.net/home/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=392565

Thanks a tonne.

>> No.21006588

Are you able to seed that? I've had it in my client for hours.

>> No.21006793

It's on AB.

>> No.21007185

Any recent lolige?
Preferably JY-JS and not younger

>> No.21007314

That's fucking hot, thanks

>> No.21007575

1 loli
1 large breasts
1 average all around
1 fetish bait

>> No.21008251
File: 1.14 MB, 1280x720, 青い空のカミュ 体験版snapshot_20190317_194143.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

青い空のカミュ trial was pretty good, definitely looking forward to it. Absurdly comfy for a game containing rape zombies.

>> No.21008460

Why are you in this thread if you can't read japanese?

>> No.21010947

I am playing 缶詰少女ノ終末世界 demo and the only thing I can say that this game is Watanabe on his full autistic mode and I fucking love it.

>> No.21011095

I liked their previous game and I agree. I actually got used to the presentation after a while, in the routes you get to date the heroine both in the past and the present at the same time so they feel like double routes, I thought it was cool. The problem is that they fail to be interesting. The ending twist was cool but I don't feel it was worth it. There are several scenes without music too, it feels unfinished.

>> No.21011937

You haven't seen anything yet the ending of the trial is incomparably amazing

>> No.21012109

Someone make a new one

>> No.21012122

Because LN is a garbage medium. Their golden age is long gone, now it's all なろう系 garbage.

>> No.21012415

Yes please.

There are bazillions of LN titles out there, it's not like it's impossible to find good ones.

>> No.21012900

like 90% of it is from the male protag's POV, there is some yuri and 1 yuri H scene but not much
if you can stand a little yuri I'd definitely say it's worth it considering how good the game is

>> No.21012946
File: 19 KB, 1160x155, i cant.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

well if it's only a little i'm sure I can stomach it for Watanabe. Then again I wasn't even able to finish a route in a trapge like Charabration!.

>> No.21012994

>Their golden age is long gone
But their golden age is literally now and its is all thanks to なろう系 which 'revitalized' the medium.
Eroge on the other hand definitely aren't as popular as they once were before.

>> No.21013183

Several of the greatest VN writers are writing LNs now anyway.

>> No.21013291

if I saw how many pages a VN would have if it were a book I wouldn't start reading any of them

>> No.21013369 [SPOILER] 
File: 249 KB, 800x450, 1552898315749.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21013421

>" move your hips in front of me so it's easier to play with it, hurry up or horrible things would happen to you"
More like a lesbian sexual abuse

>> No.21013591

i thought they were butt to butt for a second

>> No.21014017


There's one up and running now. Dunno how to crosspost stuff though.

>> No.21015172

There is no way it would stop working for no reason. Looks like the loader fails to inject its shit to bypass the serial check. Still kinda weird that the DVD check is bypassed fine for you. Are you on Windows 10?

>> No.21019224

Is there also a Yukimai crack? Those worked better for me than 2DGF.

>> No.21021189

It can be that shitty, I mean the rating it got on vndb is quite good.

>> No.21021363

How fucking new are you? Just go on EGS or us the archive.

>> No.21021430

Thanks for the complete answer.
I'll try it then, there is way too much tag I like on this one for me to miss it anyway.

>> No.21022641

I'm always amazed with how exciting I find VN OPs to be. It's just 99% static images being moved around with text everywhere and a song in the background, but for some reason they always get me real fired up.

>> No.21022989

that's why the rock lee vs gaara fight in Naruto always pissed me off. It's no fun seeing the person that works the hardest lose

>> No.21023694

I skip them all the time, because they spoil too much shit. I'll probably miss one or two good ones among 100 that way, but whatever.
There are some good ones though. For example the "Saint Estella Gakuin no Shichinin no Majo" opening is better than it should be. Really.

>> No.21023728

The real surprise is when nukige games have great opening

>> No.21023757

Would you say Masada has a good prose? How does it compare to Romeo's?

>> No.21024684

Shizuka ranked #1 and Hornet #2 in the JP popularity poll for X

The others were
in that order for top 10

>> No.21024834

she always hangs around
she's basically just roach tier resilient and never places too high or too low
crook not being higher is a travesty

>> No.21024855

I'd say 5th of all rance girls in the final game is as high as it gets for her.
That said, I'm glad Shizuka is first and Kanami is top 3, best girls.

>> No.21024931
File: 246 KB, 1280x720, happiness_2_00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Happiness 2 is a mixed bag. Half of the heroines are kinda problematic, and it uses one of the most unfortunate cases of route enforcement, which doesn't help. For no real reason, I'm pretty sure.

You are forced to play one specific route at first. And the girl is incredibly flat, boring and couldn't have a more generic and clichéd "plot" accompanying her. Her introduction is terrible, the way she gets to meet the protag is terrible... she's basically a lost cause. I don't really know why a fucking moege does that mistake. Sure, this girl is "save", basically your typical old school main heroine. But being save and secure means that while you don't hate her (there's nothing THERE to hate), you won't like her either (because there's nothing there to like either). And not everyone is willing to play a route like that, especially if the other girls are more appealing. Okay, 2 other girls. One not really, but she basically has no screentime in common anyway, so it's hard to say much about her from that alone.

Seems like the game's rating on EGS was fucked with anyway. It started pretty high, and even with its still fairly low amount of votes it already went down quite a bit. I'm still interested in at least 2 of the routes and maybe grand. So for now I skipped this first route. Thanks to skipping being slow and needing ctrl (automatic skipping stops at day changes..... yes. It fucking stops at day changes), you still see a good amount of what generally happens, and nothing looked like it's more than typical moege stuff that wouldn't be important later. But, I guess I'll see. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work. I don't like to do this, but I couldn't stand this route one bit.

>> No.21024957

A mix of recency bias and KR nostalgiafags.

>> No.21025264
File: 1.26 MB, 1076x885, 20180322_155226.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

more like tummy appreciation and enjoying a nice dadcon

>> No.21025291
File: 176 KB, 848x1200, 3ccdbaf515e8a4126aeb113145d5e70fcfb2014c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who do you consider better, Tone?

>> No.21025328

Actually reading and not just looking at pretty pictures helps. I mean, that's too much to ask from EOPs, but still.

>> No.21025362

is anyone looking forward to haha ranman

>> No.21025370

I already missed my chance in life to stop being an EOP so apologies

>> No.21025387

Not with that dumpster fire art and trash setting.
Then why don't you fuck off from here and go back to your shit general for EOPs that makes even /vn/ look like high profile gathering of intellectuals.

>> No.21027863

>shit general for EOPs
but this is already a description of /vn/

>> No.21027943

/vn/, at the very least, has the mental capacity to READ things. I assume so. This >>21025318>>21025370 subhuman above? Not so sure.

>> No.21028587

Could anybody here upload me the voice patch for YU-NO that doesn't translate the whole game to English? There used to be a patch to port the voices from the sega saturn version without translating the game along with patching the voices in but the website hosting it no longer exists. I searched the archives and found a version of the 44kHz music patch for the japanese version but I couldn't find the voice patch in the archives.

>> No.21028766

I want to do things to Reset

>> No.21028834

I'd like to add to what anon said.
In terms of the non-serious parts (e.g. mainly dick jokes) sequences, I did not find them funny at all and ctrl-ing them. I think the repetition really kills it; I was fine with the opening sequence being it; but they really went overboard with it.
Luckily, ctrl-ing through those sequences and skim reading the backlog saves a lot of this; those who insist on reading every line carefully would dislike the experience much more than they would have.
Personally, I think Apeiria scores on erogamescape may have been overrated - there hasn't been anything outstanding around that time to compare to. I agree in that the game does suffer 'mood' issues; and the sci-fi elements are nothing amazing.
In summary, if you don't end up liking the characters, then it's probably not worth continuing.

>> No.21029022
File: 109 KB, 394x333, question.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the first untranslated VN you read? Also for second languagers, did you learn the ~2136 kanji before reading your first VN, or did you memorize as you went?

>> No.21029027


>> No.21029034 [DELETED] 


>> No.21029078

The first was lovely x cation since it was on djt chart, I learnt the first 1300 kanjis before starting to read it but kept on learning kanjis as I went, by the time I finished reading it I knew arround 2000 kanjis.

>> No.21029189
File: 407 KB, 1280x720, apeiria0072.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't really want to argue with you or that other anon because it would be mostly arguing about the personal preferences, but I don't think Apeiria was overrated. I personally enjoyed it very much, both comedy and serious parts. Although I do agree that it has some extreme mood swings, I haven't found them being as bad as you two make them sound like. As for the dick jokes, well, they are just part of the protag's personality. Taking them away from him would be like taking away Narita's grandiose attitude or Kageaki's formal speech manner. But those are just my personal preferences, again.
Still, there's one thing both of you haven't mentioned, which is — Thinker, who is probably the main reason to read Apeiria. And Thinker surely was one of the best antagonists I've seen in very long time. His mindgames with the protagonist were what made me invested originally, and they kept being entertaining until the end.

>> No.21029210

Isn't that guy basically Team Rocket? (as in, super obvious who it is, but none of the characters ever realize) I faintly remember that, but it was around where I stopped reading the game.

>> No.21029319

Seriously why are most HCGs drawn in third person in a first person game, it feels NTR all the time. This medium is so dumb

>> No.21029342
File: 1.54 MB, 1791x993, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Having a bit of a problem with TA right now. I know I attached the game just fine with ITH, but that second option isn't showing up no matter how many lines I go through, and nothing shows up on TA. I made sure everything auto-copies to the clipboard.

Anyone mind giving me some advice here? I'm just one step away.

>> No.21029358

This one step is learning japanese.

>> No.21029376

you really don't need to read the text with a game like that

realizing that is the only step

>> No.21029378

It'll still help for all future games. Do you guys know anything?

>> No.21029391

Try asking /djt/, they might know. Or just don't use translation aggregator.

>> No.21029411

I thought that was pretty much the only option to translate them, and google isn't showing me any other options except for different text hookers.

>> No.21029427

>Not wanting some context for your porn

>> No.21029454

Use a dictionary instead of a translator. Also let's please keep this out of the next thread.

Who are you quoting?

>> No.21029460

Don't post in this thread again. Both because you're a fucking DJT EOP and because DJT is the right thread for questions like yours.

It all works out nicely, eh?

>> No.21029464

You're subhuman. Become human. Also never post here again. Maybe only after you become human, but even then I would be happier if you didn't. You're already tainted.

>> No.21029506
File: 319 KB, 1280x720, japanese_is_hard3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.21029567

Shit man, is asking a question that horrible to you?

>> No.21029573

>Use a dictionary instead of a translator.
You mean, spend 1 minute for every word? Seems like you guys just want to shitpost. Is this general always so petty?

>> No.21029589

Fuck off, Hata.

>> No.21029626


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