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what if she made suika beggar?

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it would beggar belief, haha!

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Ya lost me

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You mean bigger? And suika can just do that anyway. You just make her larger regardless without suika needing to do it herself

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End of the world!! (つ﹏⊂)

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Then she would look something like this

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no, even beggar!

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you are big!

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4 U

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Me in Krasnoyarsk looking up her skirt

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Me on the moon looking up her skirt

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did you know you can fit all planets in solar system side-by-side between moon and earth?

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You could also fit them in Sanae's pussy

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I didn't knwo that, is it true? Thanks for the interesting trivia.
Reminds me of a nightmare I had when the earth was orbiting closer to the sun, actually going inside it at times, but somehow the wasn't so hot that all life on earth ended. When I woke up I remembered that this will happen except all life on earth will definitely end.

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well thanks for making me wonder about gravity again

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Only at the point where the moon is the farthest away from us

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so big suika could poke a huge hole through all the planets and eat them like a huge dango? mg mg

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anyone happen to have the pic where reimu is eating out of her bowl while sukuna gives reimu an extremely pained expression?

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Suika's giant turd logs.......

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Would they grow with her though?

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she looks like she's gonna hurl

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That's my fetish.

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That's my fetish.

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Chocolate sukuna isnt tasty

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I want giant Suika to crush me with her massive turd logs

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expanding matter of expanding matter

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this is important
this is important

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You should get a better taste.

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Suika poopies!

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Must have a really foul odour.

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