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New Lore Edition
Previous Thread

Anon’s Updated Origin Mod
Touhou Tinder (Chinaman version with translations from anon)

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Please don't start giving these "editions"

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ignore OP, he's spamming and necrobumping threads at the ass end of the catalog so he can push the Virtual Youtubers thread off the board and immediately post a new one with "his" preferred OP image.

He's been caught doing this numerous times but mods don't care about him shitting up the board with spam just for a fucking OP image no one really cares about

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Are you serious?
You realize this isn't the Vtuber thread, right?
It's good odds OP is really just an immigrant from /v/ only visiting for these warband threads.

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What’s the best horse to use?

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There's that missile you can ride.

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The threads were fine as they were, don't turn them into a general.

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Good luck cornering it though. Only good for lancing, has an insane charge bonus but cornering is ass. Sits you a little higher off the ground so regular swings rarely hit.

If you want to have a balanced mix of all good horse stats take the frozen wings. They get in the way of the camera though.

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Oh here we go again. The death of a thread by meta.

I'm so sick of it.

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It's not especially easy to acquire, but I really like the tsuchigumo one.

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Can't believe Mokou's sister is a fucking oni

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But anon you're also shitting up the thread with shitty meta-posting

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Yep, complete with a triggered autist. It all plays out like a script.

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Surely you jest, Kasen’s obviously a hermit. If she was an Oni she would be in the Underground faction.

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Is there a certain city or do I have to wait for a lucky spawn?

>> No.20951479

I believe it can show up in any store, it's just not very common.

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Not looking too good there, Sekibanki.

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You should see her in battle, she bounces her head while she runs, like a basketball.

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It's for those reasons I go for vampire pet. That said, I think some of them are just better than frozen wings anyway. You can go into first person mode to deal with the vision, but some helmets/armors get in the way of that too.

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Remilia seems very balanced.

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I personally like to go on foot and join my rifle lines shooting down sword-wielding savages one volley at a time.

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I would do this, but the battles end when you go unconscious and the enemy archers love to target the player.

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They fixed that in Tinder, you just go into spectator mode when you die. Honestly though it shouldn't be hard to mod that into the game, since 99% of mods already have done so.

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What happens to your troops after you take a dirt nap, though? Blood and steel had that feature, but also forced all of your units to charge like a bunch of monkeys when you do. And if the point of the formation is to hold an organized gunline, then it'll all go to shit in no time.

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Not entirely sure but I don't see a new order issued when I get knocked out so I think they just maintain the previous order.

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That is something I would like to add, though I'm not sure how to implement the camera/spectator mode thing. I'll look at diplomacy's code later and see if I can figure it out from that.

Different mods handle it different ways. Some force your units to charge, and some allow you access to the orders menu.

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Here's my solution to that problem.

I have three to four lines of units. The first two are expendable units that are made of liberated prisoners or jiangshi spawned for free from my onmyoji. Guns (for some reason) have much, much farther range than all bows, so I could usually expect all guns to fire the moment the enemy peeks their ugly heads over the horizon. From the range difference alone, I could snipe from the first line unmolested while the penal battalion tanks all the enemy archers and, most importantly, enemy cavalry.

I start the battle at the first rifle line - slightly expendable Kappa infantry. Technically, they're more expensive than Tengu gunner 5s, but I could replenish them out of the gate from recruiting Kappa 1s en-masse, waiting 1 night for the training bonus, and immediately refill any losses with Kappa 2s.

Once the expendables have been wiped out, I make a run for the second line, joining the tengus to snipe the remaining enemies. Normally, very few enemies remain at this point (if I didn't bite off way more than I can chew), and they're usually the slow moving heavy infantry - the perfect prey for my gunline.

Often, some are able to reach the first line, which is why I decided to use Kappa 2s and 3s. Their bayonets are capable of defeating even heavy infantry and cavalry, if we aren't heavily outnumbered at that point.

Finally, if even the Kappas are screwed, I run behind the tengu line, get on my horse and switch to my cavalry carbine to either cheese-plink the remaining (usually melee) units, or hightail it, pressing tab like a madman for a, uh... "tactical retreat".

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Get the twisted lance. It's just the best, period.

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The absolute state of Chireiden

This is the first time I've visited my whole playthough, and I can only imagine what happened here was a Yurei unit just pacmanned all the caravans that passed through here. And since growing to such a massive size, even the lords of hell couldn't take it down anymore.

So, /jp/, do I take it down or see just how much larger it grows?

>> No.20952856

By the way if the mod maker needs help or wants to collaborate on stuff let me know. I've got some experience modding M&B. It seems there were a few others that expressed the possibility of helping as well.

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I like to take them down if they are in my territory since they can mess with my lords and caravans.

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OP posted the module source in the last thread. If you're up for it, there are a bunch of anon requests coming in like >>20952227

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I never realized just how inept the AI is in Warband until I started making scenes. Without a good AI mesh and a lot of safety-proofing, troops can't do much other than rock back and forth like frightened children.

Given that the majority of troops defeated in battle die rather than get taken captive, I can only imagine how many caravans has to be slaughtered to provide 300 Caravan Guards.

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That doesn't sound like "massed laser fire" to me.

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I'd agree with you. But when I first started out and went full 18th century, I quickly realized that muskets didn't pack quite enough punch, or wreak as much terror as I hoped it would, meaning I was routinely getting my ass handed to me by massed shield infantry or, god forbid heavy cavalry.

This was, if anything, a workable compromise.

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Muskets, no. Mecha, yes. Slap some Chaos Knights/Maid Knights/Youkai Hunters on there and it's going to be very hard to lose.

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We don't need to turn this thread into a general, people can look up previous threads and links perfectly well using the archive. If you want to make a general there's a perfectly good board for it, now go back there.


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Lasers are great against lightly armored units like maids, but their lack of penetration really lets them down against Chaos knights and Oni.
This is an original content thread. You might as well tell the drawthread to go back to /ic/.

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I find the Mecha really cheesy and can't in good conscience use it in high numbers. It is the only semi-automatic anything; that anything being a 70P pistol with the range of a gunpowder weapon and 88 accuracy. It is, for some reason, the most armored unit in the game. These, despite being a tier-2/3 unit with, somehow cost less upfront and upkeep-wise as their sister-unit, the kappa 2/3.

If that's no enough I've noticed what might be a hidden ability of mechas (or kappas, can't tell) of greatly reducing ranged accuracy of their enemies. I noticed this from hunting Kappa War Machine groups and noticing my 100 accuracy rifle suddenly had a massive bloom ONLY when fighting against them.

All that aside, I just think rifle and bayonet are pretty damn cool.

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Tinder actually gets a few semi autos but they mostly have piss poor accuracy. You can rip up stuff up close but whiff every shot at a distance.

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Jesus, and I thought the moon rabbits are annoying now.

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That's hilarious.
Ye olde M16 slabsides when?

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I might or might not be preparing something to address that...

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>greatly reducing ranged accuracy of their enemies
I figured that was a result of having a negative tactics score usually found when fighting large groups of enemies.

>> No.20953571

I never noticed tactics making any difference, especially in such a concrete way. And even if it were true, surely a group of 32 kappas/mechas can't possibly be outnumbering my army of 150, or out tacticking Akyuu with 10 tactics.

>> No.20953588

Outsider faction when.
Era-esque H-mods when

>> No.20953643

anybody figured out stable companion teams, it seems that everyone I hire is suspicious of Kosuzu
probably for good reason

>> No.20953731

I mainly roll with the Makai crowd since they're pretty OP with good/neutral relations with a bunch of others.

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A bit of proof for example.

Left is an encounter with a Kappa War Machines group. Notice the shooting reticle's size. That is the _smallest_ size. Compare it with the one on the right, just a shot inside a tavern. That is the _real_ size of my shot reticle using a French Charleville.

>> No.20953779

I'm still waiting for a mod that disables companion complaints because I am a huge bitch who loves getting a massive all-star team together for shenanigans.

>> No.20953795

But being the linchpin for a group of people that otherwise hate each other is half the fun!
And, there is nothing wrong with Kosuzu hating DIRTY YOUKAI SCUM.

>> No.20953797

I don't mind that. But when they actually leave the party because of it, I get shitty.

>> No.20953817

In the main menu, the buttons are too close together, I keep clicking Options by mistake because the clickable area extends slightly into Load Game.

>> No.20953880

No, I know. It happened to me too. My archery is well over 350 now and I have no variance in my shot. But fighting them I did get the debuff. I figured it might have been the size of the army since there was roughly 200+ of them, but it seems like it really may just be the war machines.

>> No.20954127

so uh, anyone making Multiplayer server yet?

>> No.20954569

I think Mecha should be melee only

>> No.20954848

let them grow

>> No.20955598

It might just be that specific enemy party, I didn’t notice any accuracy problems facing off against the odd Mecha or Kappa in a lord’s party.

>> No.20955657

No need. Zero demand.

>> No.20955662

I played with a few other people here already. Might toss a server up in the US evening.

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I was fortunate enough to find Sariel really early in my game, she's great, she just rapes most early-game stuff I've fought and is actually really sturdy. I never cared about the PC-98 characters much but this mod really makes them grow on you. Thanks modanon for actually making this playable, I remember trying it a long time ago and it was just nonsense.

Is the snow supposed to be so bright or do I need to mess with a setting? I've been wandering in the Netherworld and it makes it really hard to aim at the spirits.

>> No.20955812

Turn off HDR.

>> No.20955836

Tenko is my favorite. Has great ranged and melee capability. She's one of the ones I didn't make a lord just because I wanted to keep her in my party.

>> No.20955960

Thanks anon.

Tenko is my favorite 2hu but I haven't been able to find her so far. I found Iku and Suzers but they both quit after I had to keep leaving troops behind to run away from Marisa. I have Cirno and Shinki too but I'm not sure how good they are, they don't seem to be fighting at least.

>> No.20956788

American GIs in Gensokyo when?

>> No.20957031

It's a shame that most of the scenes I want to fix appear to still be broken in Touhou: Tinder. Porting over scenes would likely be very easy.

It is. A lot of the faction patrols have some sort of special ability like that. The troops that compose the patrols do not have those abilities when encountered elsewhere.

Incidentally, mecha used to be dramatically more overpowered, as they had ~500 points in all their weapon skills and a ton of points in power strike and ironskin and such. The upgraded kappa rifleman also used to be much weaker, and were basically worthless even compared to mercenary gunners, much less mecha. I've tried to lower the disparity between the two, but I might need to address just how incredible the mechas' equipment is at some point. Having the best or near-best gun, armor, and shield in the game all on the same troop is a bit much.

I'm glad the new dialogue and such seems to be well-received.

>> No.20957164

How good is the Chaos Knight gear?

>> No.20957318

Overpowered stuff is fun so don't overdo nerfs. Just balance stuff on a cost basis. A mecha army can win any siege in the game so it should cost a fortune to maintain. Like 120 denars a pop at least.

>> No.20957331

They have a good lance, a really good two-handed weapon, a mediocre shield, a pretty good horse, and fairly strong armor. Their two-handed weapon has very high reach, which is a strong asset while mounted, and mostly a disadvantage on foot because the AI isn't very good at using long weapons.

Overall, they are quite well-equipped, but they wouldn't be nearly as deadly without their high strength, power-strike, and weapon skills. They also aren't well-equipped to handle castle assaults.

>> No.20957376

No worries, nerfing fun and unique things into oblivion so that they cease to be distinctive or fun is not an approach I care to take. Otherwise I would have done something about a lot of ridiculous equipment and such long ago.

>> No.20957547

around 1969 actually

>> No.20957577

Someone was asking about the paper merchant's wares earlier: if you're aligned with the Netherworld, you can use those to summon shikigami troops through the camp menu.

>> No.20957601

Why not put mecha at the end of the Kappa rifleman chain, with requisite upgrade costs and upkeep? That way they actually become tier 4/5 units. Hell, that kappa 1 could easily be a tier 2/3 infantry alone thanks to the shield.
You could always give the chain an overhaul with new branches, like so:

Kappa 1 (no shield) > Kappa 2 (shield) > Kappa 3 (better 1h) OR Kappa Gunner 3 (pistol)

Then attach the current Kappa/Mecha 2/3 to the gunner 3 as Mecha 4+5 and Kappa gunner 4/5.
There's room for some heavy infantry with a new Kappa 4+5 too.

>> No.20957693

God I wish we could add artillery. It would be perfect for the Kappa units. I know the Warhammer mod had Dwarf Engineers that shot explosive cannons and others had blunderbuss style guns. Might be fun to rip some stuff to give more unique playstyles.

>> No.20957762

I haven't noticed any problems with throwing weapons when fighting kappa patrols, but I might not have been paying enough attention.

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File: 341 KB, 1600x900, 20190307175520_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Uh oh.

>> No.20957811

Could always nick it from Parabellum.

>> No.20957904

There's already Remi's Gungnir, which effectively behaves in such a way, if a bit OP since it's a fast shooting throwing weapon.

It might already be possible to take that trigger and slap it onto a musket-like weapon with a ridiculous reload time. And voila, artillery.

>> No.20957971

IIRC Warband Napoleonic itself has the coding down for conventional artillery if you want to go that route. Grab a cannon and modify its statistics into whatever you like.

>> No.20958003

you only linked the patch version lad

>> No.20958386

Man, Myouren temple is really weak. Their units give me the feeling they were intended to be fielded in human wave tactics, but that doesn't really work in MB

>> No.20958435
File: 196 KB, 1440x900, 20190307213252_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They got slapped with a pretty heavy buff in Tinder. They're gunpowder crusaders with Youkai armies. Their main line is either Divine Servants with muskets or these Nue archers that shoot across the battlefield. Their elite line splints into heavy infantry or heavy cavalry.

>> No.20958449

Which factions are generally considered strong and which are considered weak?
In my save the Lunarian Renegades doesn't even exist anymore, Hakurei Shrine is down to just one fortress and SDM got hit very heavily too. Senkai took up most of those 3 factions and is gargantuan, wihle Myouren Temple grew a decent amount too.

>> No.20958467

Senkai is weak but they bloat their armies because of Jiangshi summoning, which helps them in the auto calc. I'd say it looks like this:

>High Tier
Youkai Mountain
>Mid Tier
>Bottom tier

These are just my opinions of course. I don't think it's very controversial that Myouren and Senkai are the bottom two factions though.

>> No.20958468

so is anon's or tinder better?

>> No.20958478

Guess my save is just weird then, with Senkai and Myouren stomping everyone

>> No.20958502

That's just the auto-calc silliness messing with you. Outside of battles you actually fight, numbers are simply the overwhelming factor - something Senkai and Myouren have going for them.

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File: 207 KB, 1440x900, 20190306022452_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The thing is, the original Chinese version of Origins without anon's tweaks was bottom of the barrel trash. However after his tweaks it's a great, enjoyable experience. Tinder is actually fairly enjoyable without many tweaks because it has working custom questlines, more units, features like creating your own caravans, QoL fixes (spectator mode after getting KO'd), a bunch of fixed scenes, larger map, and somewhat better balance. Despite that it's not as polished as anons. So basically anons version is less jank, fewer features and Tinder is more jank, more features.

That's because those factions can recruit absurd amounts of units. If you fight against Senkai or Myouren with an army composed of units from other factions though, you'll win pretty easily.

>> No.20958574

Chaos Knights
All other 'unique' units that are difficult to get.
Tengu Gunners
Youkai Hunters/Exterminators
War Maids
Shield Maids
Cavalry that aren't mounted crusaders
Basically all ranged units at top levels
Most faction generic units

>> No.20958611

Yeah, I think sohei are the worst faction troop line in the game, and crusaders are the worst elites. The other troops they have access to aren't bad, but those two just don't have much going for them. The polearm wielding sohei look okay on paper, but in practice they die in droves.

It depends on how you look at it, but in general: Eientei, Senkai, and Myouren Temple are the minor factions, and the others are the major factions. The major factions have more territory, more lords, and stronger troop trees. The minor factions tend to be in fewer wars at a time, though, and have a much easier time defending their territory or organizing an offensive, so it's not uncommon for one or two of them to be pretty successful. Due to the simplistic nature of the game's autocalc, their armies also perform better against those of the major factions than they would if the player was present. If the battles actually played out, Reimu's party would probably have a shot at defeating every Senkai lord somultaneously, because throwing hundreds of jiangshi at her honor guard of oni mikos is unlikely to end well.

>> No.20958737

I would add Kasha and Wind Priestesses to Amazing. The Kasha are exceptional in regular fights, while the priestesses are amazing in all scenarios, but particularly deadly on both sides of sieges.

>> No.20958740

You forgot:


Because thay's essentially free meatshields every day. I only have three of them in my party and I sometimes need to disband jiangshi they're so plentiful.

>> No.20958792

so i keep randomly crashing while entering places, is this universally known jank or is it limited to some specific areas

>> No.20958802

Origins or Tinder? On Origins I've never had that happen to me. On Tinder fuck if I know.

>> No.20958807

Think I've only seen this happen with taverns.

>> No.20958830

origins, i've had it happen with onsen town taver, onsen town take a walk, and gate house lords hall

>> No.20958840

I've only noticed it happen after I started messing around with it, especially after tweaking battle size to 300

>> No.20959076

think I know what it is, I have 2 companions, cirno and renko, and it randomly chooses one to travel into towns and such with me, and cirno was incapacitated, and every time it didn't renko was present.

>> No.20959086
File: 320 KB, 1600x900, 20190307212546_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guess this is one way to deal with genocidal patrols.

>> No.20959107

so from what I can guess, this happened because a patrol group captured a ton of caravans, and then somehow got enough injuries that the auto resolve let the caravan win, and this is the result

>> No.20959150
File: 579 KB, 1920x1080, mb2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I never knew Chen was so brutal.

>> No.20959164

So I checked the mod authors Baidu account.He made a few threads cause he was pissed that people were stealing his assets and claiming spin off mods as their original work.
Quintessentially Chinese.

>> No.20959167

Oh just to clear up the confusion I don't mean anything in this thread. I mean Chinese people stealing from the Chinese mod author.

>> No.20959208

Were any of the spinoff mods any good

>> No.20959213
File: 375 KB, 1140x347, Manhunters.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can you get the Manhunters/slavers' equipment anywhere? Especially the chief's. It seems like most stuff drops what it wears, but you can't fight manhunter armies.

>> No.20959215

No clue. I'd rather not hunt for dodgy Chink downloads off Baidu.

>> No.20959265

The weapons are available in shops, but it looks like the armor is impossible to get. Even if you could fight them, it's set not to drop for some reason. I see no reason that it should be unobtainable, so I'll set it as merchandise.

>> No.20959300

There is a tweak here that I use that makes it so you can fight friendly armies (e.g. Patrols you've helped one too many times before that you wish to farm for any reason, also caravans)


>> No.20960238

Meh. Wouldn't it be more realistic to add vendors that sell you their gear once you get a good reputation with them?

>> No.20960422

It might. But that seems to be leagues more complicated to implement than this simple tweak.

>> No.20961307

Yeah but fighting friendly armies is way to gamey for my blood.

>> No.20961376

If what >>20959265 said is true, even if you could fight them they wouldn't drop their equipment. I'd honestly prefer not to too since they help clean up/weaken patrols and bandits.

Does anybody actually know who the Chief is supposed to be based off of though? She seems a little familiar, but I'm positive she's not a 2hu.

>> No.20961470

It's supposed to be Shanghai. I can understand why you didn't jump to that conclusion, though, as that's not quite how I remember Shanghai looking either.

>> No.20961593
File: 565 KB, 1024x768, __shanghai_doll_touhou_drawn_by_hammer_sunset_beach__76425d59c65bf1ae838c0965d97f14a8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That was my first thought too, but it's the design of the ribbon and outfit that make me think it might be based on something else, they seem too distinct. There's other non-Touhou stuff like the Kappa mech being a Kampfer from Gundam too.

>> No.20962063
File: 164 KB, 800x800, 50342e6e54f8bfb2223d3e2b78526575.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>20961593 >>20961470 >>20961376 >>20961593
>It's supposed to be Shanghai
Hourai's the one that's drawn as red in fanworks. The ribbon look like a lot of characters with big ribbons though, like Koromo from Saki.

>> No.20962144

Also I think this is the model used in particular

>> No.20962301

Well damn. Since the other manhunters were Shanghai/Hourai's I thought the Chief was a different character, especially because she's so different from her official appearance. Thanks.

>> No.20962436

I got the Hakurei Shrine siege battle fixed. It took a bit more effort than expected, since I had to both rebuild the non-functional path up to the shrine, and fix some huge problems with the AI mesh. The area around the gatehouse stairs was this confusing mass of vertices that turned out not to actually connect to the rest of the map, so the attackers would ascend the stairs, fail to figure out how to reach the archers in the gatehouse, and then permanently freeze in place and wait for the merciful release of death.

Kasha are my personal favorite unit in the game, and I usually don't even like horse-archers.

I'll experiment with this later, mostly just out of curiosity. One thing I might try to do with the kappa down the road is to turn them into grenadiers. The mod actually already has grenades in it, though I would need to create a much weaker version of them for troops to use. This would give the kappa a unique niche rather than just being off-brand lunar rabbits.

>> No.20962504

>Kappa grenadiers
That sounds absolutely smashing.
I imagine them charging into the enemy line with their massive shields, chucking some grenades at the last minute and charging in with beam sabers and shiet. (Since they've got gundams anyway, why not?)

I wonder if we can get beam sabers somewhere...

>> No.20962511
File: 516 KB, 1920x1080, 20190308195523_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They must have got lucky around Chireiden. I don't think prisoner/party numbers get nearly as wildly out of control anywhere else.

>> No.20962535

Kappa artillery sounds really cool. It would actually give them a reason to be chosen over mecha which seem to be a direct upgrade over regular kappa.

>> No.20962588

I don’t think artillery would really work well with the scale and the AI in mount and blade. I don’t see how you can really balance ~5 men being taken out per cannonball with the number of troops in a given battle. Either you make cannons wildly inaccurate, which frustrates the player, weak, which defeats the purpose, or leave them as is, which makes battles merely a contest of who has the most cannons.

>> No.20962795

In my experience it happens everywhere. More prominently in places the player doesn't go, or if the lords just dont bother taking them down early enough. I've seen giant mobs pop up in every single region.

>> No.20962982
File: 106 KB, 800x720, c++no.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can we do anything to help with development?

>> No.20963029
File: 253 KB, 800x720, 1391477468030.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20963116

haev u read ur sicp 2day?

>> No.20963290

If you can't you could always just retexture a normal axe to have a glowy red blade and call it a heat hawk. They do use Zeon suits after all.
Considering they only account for direct line of fire, I'm a little worried about the grenadiers misjudging the AOE and blowing up my lancers. Though, I suppose if I had massed laser fire combined with mass grenade throwing, combined with artillery. I probably shouldn't have friendlies in the contact area anway.

>> No.20963344

Keep em moderately accurate but make them wildly expensive and extremely slow to reload. Also they die quickly in melee.

>> No.20963355

Possibly. Right now I'm mostly focused on fixing scenes, and I'm confident in my ability to achieve that. There are some other issues I'm less sure how to approach, largely due to my inexperience at coding anything:

-I would like to add battle continuation to the game, preferably with a fancy controllable camera. I could probably achieve this, but it would take me a long time.
-Generic lord dialogue is all written with the assumption that all lords are male, leading to lots of strange conversations and pronoun usage. I can't think of a good way to address this that wouldn't be a huge undertaking.
-I still intend to revamp the tournament weapon selection, and I'm not clear on why my first attempt failed. I could probably figure it out, but it would likely take a whole lot of trial and error.

Here are some current source files if anyone wants to take a look: https://mega.nz/#!Pbg0TCKQ!Vgq35O29d5ynFchbmQvyTK2uxqBXNzDIy2dZS7livpQ

It is entirely possible that the friendly fire issue will end up making the grenadier idea non-viable. Because of how the AI works, I wouldn't be that surprised to see a grenadier squad react to a single cavalrymen charging into them by thoroughly bombing the area and killing themselves.

>> No.20963361

Did you make those modsys files from scratch? Sounds painful.

>> No.20963394

It's possible to put the grenadiers in a separate control group and tell them to hold fire when it gets too dicey.
And about the battle continuation: it already exists in a number of mods. I'm guessing a lot of it is just copied wholesale. You could always look up /vg/'s Dickplomacy mod and take some of the useful QOL additions made there.

>> No.20963421
File: 1.60 MB, 1239x878, D299789B-11FB-422F-9E39-8943FD0F9614.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This, stealing the hard work of others is always the best option.

>> No.20963693

I've filled up my cities with enormous garrisons and now armies just loot every village in the area instead of trying to siege them.

>> No.20963790

Do we have a copy of the updated module itself? Or rather, can I have one?

>> No.20963870 [DELETED] 

Here's the latest version I've posted. I'll probably upload an updated one sometime next week with an altered overland map and some fixed scenes and such.

>> No.20963887


Here's the latest version I've uploaded. I'll probably upload an updated one sometime next week with an altered overland map and some improved scenes and such.

>> No.20963965
File: 355 KB, 1600x900, 20190308175035_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do the tengu villages do this

>> No.20964013
File: 253 KB, 1440x900, 20190308203124_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is really fucked up.

>> No.20964024

Sloppiness of the original author

>> No.20964088
File: 1.11 MB, 1433x1013, 01cf42696b5eedd39bd073e13c26f577.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Might just be a problem with the model, but the kunoichi armor's arms are too long for the hands, so you end up with stumps and floating hands just under the wrists. Also, the whole armor slot thing is kind of a mess I think. I don't think there's much of a reason why animal heads deserve the head slots while wigs generally share the boots slots with a bunch of other headwear. I'd argue for there being more projectile spamming, but seeing how slow ranged combat typically is and how slow characters tend to move, it's probably for the best danmaku isn't in use.

I'm very interested to see what you'll be doing with this mod though OP, good luck, especially if you're considering expanding certain factions. I would love to see the Genbu Ravine Kappa and the Yamawaro being their own separate minor factions. Given the technological superiority (excluding the Lunarians), I do agree ballistics, firearms and explosives would be the way to go handling them. Just wouldn't be kappa engineering if things didn't turn hectic.

>> No.20964101


>> No.20964117

>raid a kappa villager group
>they all pull gats

>> No.20964183
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Who are you quoting?

>> No.20964193

Apologies. I'm a /v/ tourist only here for this mod.

>> No.20964251
File: 499 KB, 719x1080, 2138a16a3958aff49a8ced86c3b9dbad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Out of all the races in Gensokyo, the kappa probably pack the most heat out of everyone.

>> No.20964269
File: 439 KB, 1440x900, 20190308211519_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.20964280
File: 307 KB, 1600x900, 20190308202003_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rate my army

>> No.20964385

>no range
Otherwise, decent for field battles. Garbage for sieges.

>> No.20964402

For sieges I've been grabbing hordes of Miko Archers and Maids. I've got enough cav stuffed into garrisons that I can run to a city I own, grab a fifty+ stack of cav and then chase down people in the field if I need to.

>> No.20964497

Origins anon I'm not sure you were working off the most updated versions of Origins when you started work on this mod. Check this out.


Looks like a ton of stuff was added since the version you started work on was released.

>> No.20964543

I got the Myouren Temple siege scene revised. I don't blame the original developer for not being able to figure out why the attackers wouldn't use that ladder, because I couldn't either. I ended up shifting the focus of the battle to an entirely different part of the map. It's probably more defensible this way as well, though Myouren's units suck so much at sieges that it hardly matters.

The armor situation is even more of a mess than you might realize. In addition to there being little rhyme or reason to which slot each armor piece uses, many armor pieces are also designed to be used with only one particular skin. Most at least look decent with the default "skin 3" model, but some, like the kunoichi armor, only really work with Warband's "female" skin.

I'm hoping that just moving some spawn points around will be enough to fix those.

>> No.20964912

Supposedly, the Chink version fixed most of these discrepancies.

>> No.20965087

I'm having trouble navigating the site well enough with google translate to tell for sure. If a version later than 1.0 was released at some point and it contained worthwhile additions, I could probably merge it with my own work without too much difficulty.

I haven't spent too much time with Tinder yet, but it looked like it used the exact same item list as Origins, just with some new additions.

>> No.20966141

Where is this?

>> No.20966970

Kasen running around with a spear is strangely cute.

>> No.20968008

Kasen being cute isn’t strange

>> No.20968087

This is kinda amusing to me because I never played Native and I'm jumping into this mod. How playable is this?

>> No.20968097
File: 221 KB, 1440x900, 20190306022050_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't worry about a thing, everyone is really nice to you.

>> No.20968147

I revised some spawn points in all the SDM taverns, Great Mausoleum's hall, the Clock Tower siege battle and castle interior, Moriya Shrine arena, and probably some other places I'm forgetting. The Hakugyokurou siege scene turned out to have only a halfway-completed AI mesh, so that'll take a bit more time to fix.

I wish these stone stair props were more functional. They would be pretty useful for a lot of scenes if units could actually reliably ascend them.

I haven't played around with Tinder much just yet, but Origins is plenty playable so long as you're willing to overlook some weirdness. Not much is really outright broken beyond a handful of siege scenes and such, which I'm in the middle of repairing.

Warband does have a bit of a learning curve to it, so don't get too discouraged if you have a rough time at first. In the beginning of the game, you need to be pretty careful with your finances, and you should probably avoid picking fights with much other than bandits (hostile parties with grey text.) Faction patrols (hostile parties with faction-colored text) are extremely dangerous to a new character.

>> No.20968174

What are you using for scene editing?

>> No.20968218

The official scene-editing tools included with Warband. I'm not actually aware of any alternatives.

>> No.20968229

There's edit mode but I don't think it counts as alternative

>> No.20969588

When's new release? I know you're holding onto a bunch of fixes right now.

>> No.20969843

I got Hakugyurou's siege scene working pretty well, and moved on to Untrodden Valley. I've always really liked how Untrodden Valley looks, and the general idea of an extremely strong fortress with nothing but natural defenses. Hopefully I can make it possible for troops to navigate it without marring the aesthetic.

I also took a look at Nine Heavens Waterfall, and I'm not sure what I want to do with it yet. Making the ladder less ridiculously steep wouldn't be too hard, but without the ridiculously steep ladder it's a really boring fortress. It consists of nothing but a ladder that leads into a small room containing all of the defenders. I might end up keeping the terrain, but rebuilding the castle.

One question: I'm pretty sure I remember there being one other castle that was just as badly broken as the Misty Lake one, with the walls floating in the air and completely inaccessible to the attackers. Anyone happen to remember seeing that and know which one it is?

Probably in 3-5 days or so, depending on whether or not any errors pop up next time I compile and such. I'm always a little reluctant to pause for compiling, playtesting, and bugfixing when I'm making quick progress (even if it's really brief and half-assed playtesting as usual), and I can probably get several more scenes fixed up over the next couple days.

>> No.20969877

I crash at times just walking around in the Great Mausoleum, which I was doing during the "Find the Spy" quest I got to there.

Suffice to say, I can't find the spy.

>> No.20969949

Having played both updated Origins and Tinder at length, I have come to the following conclusions:

- Tinder, just as many anons have said, does indeed have a bunch more features. However, I cannot truly say that these features are substantial to the experience. You can establish caravans but it's a bit of a bother, you can swap equipment between soldiers but it's very limited, in any case, your companions have their own inventories but it's a pain to wield. There might be more that I'm not recalling right now, but in the end, they wouldn't be the features I might be looking for if I wanted to play a Touhou mod, but I guess they're there.
- A storyline that is connected to your starting selection. Now this would be more substantive, if only the translation wasn't ass. I understand why that is, and what plot I could gleam from it is quite interesting. Don't mistake this for an overarching story arc, however - it only comes about by the typical 2 or 3 line dialogue when visiting specific spots, and while I haven't finished the story yet, I have a feeling that it won't actually have any significant effect to the overall game. Which is fine. I'm not really asking for much.
- Many scenes, such as village battles, bandit ambushes in towns, and sieges have been fixed. This is nice.
- The overland map is HUGE. And I don't mean this in a good way. It's way too fucking HUGE. It's so huge it's hard to find places even on the farthest zoom. There are huge swathes of uninteresting land, and while the increased party speed sort of makes up for this, if you think travelling is a chore in Origins, you don't want to see how bad it is here. I can only thank the fact that Ctrl+Enter exists.
- Unit trees have been reworked. This is a double edged sword. On one hand, trash-tier factions like Myouren and... well, just Myouren, really, have gotten the much-need love they deserve. On the other, some units are gone, most notably anon's favorite - Mecha. Not good.
- A lot of the models are better. Characters, especially. But there are still, janky holdovers such as the Kunoichi armor.
- An anon said that the UI was greatly improved, so I sort of looked forward to it, but upon actually trying I guess he only meant that the random images are gone. Or, some of them are. Honestly, they've never bothered me. The font, however - and I mean Tinder's - looks like ass. I swear, I'd go for Arial over this one. At least it won't be a chore to read.

I could go on and on about the more minor differences, but there are pros and cons about both. Tinder has the advantage of the time put in by the author since abandoning origins, for good and bad. Origins retains simplicity plus anon's active effort to improve the translation (or add them where there was nothing at all).

>> No.20969967

>Kunoichi armor
My friend. I use a default female skin and swear by the kunoichi armor. There's nothing wrong with any suit if you have the proper bones.

>> No.20969973

Why would they make the map even bigger, do they have brain problems?

>> No.20969985

>Untrodden Valley
Person who proposed a fix for it here. I agree on everything you said. I thought it was one of the cooler maps, but troops getting stuck on terrain and the holes make it a bit much. Especially since all the defenders tend to clump on the top level of the map and instantly shoot at anyone who goes up the final walkway.

>Nine Heavens Waterfall
I brought attention to this one as well. Could replacing the ladder with a spiral staircase work? Like, one that goes along the length of the room. As for the castle itself, yeah. The giant piling is kind of ridiculous, moreso than Untrodden.

I don't recall that. I know there's a battle map near the kappa place where you can't reach the opposition though. I think it's a town battle when you fight off kedama or something.

Good work so far though. If I get a chance to play some more, I'll try to keep an eye out for more brokenness that is readily apparent.

>> No.20970011

I guess the map thing is a bit of personal preference. I thought the small map in Origins is atrocious. Everything is smashed together. There are some swathes of empty land like around Eintei and South of the Underworld but I think that can be fixed relatively easily with some map editing.

Font is atrocious and fixing it would be nearly impossible because if I try adding a font without a fuckload of Chinese characters all the text breaks.

As for the units that are gone, I think the Mecha is like the only relevant one. Adding back a mecha to the tree is actually incredibly trivial (5 minute fix), and since they made higher tier units require far more XP to get it helps the balance. Anyway I've been working on a lot of fixes to make Tinder a bit better, I'll probably release something next week. I appreciate the insight so I know what to focus on.

>> No.20970022

I honestly have no idea.

To be fair, the size of the map overall is probably the same as Origins, but since Origins as everything happening in this tiny area, where SDM, Senkai, Myouren, Hakurei and Youkai Mt. are all squeezed up against each other, the map doesn't feel quite so huge. You only really notice it if, for some reason, you need to be going either towards the Netherworld or the Underworld... which I sort of get, but it is still a bit of a pain.

>> No.20970049

>I guess the map thing is a bit of personal preference.
If you say as much, then you might be right. Even in Origins, I've always favored playing the factions closest to each other, since they're the most fun to play. Even when I wanted to try out serving Yuyuko, just their position on the map plainly convinced me otherwise.

I couldn't, for the life of me, begin to understand why someone would want a map with the size and density of the fucking Eastern Front in 1942, but to each his own.

>> No.20970237
File: 575 KB, 1920x1080, mb12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe it's just me, but I like the janky weirdness and (im)balance of Origins. It's charming in its own kind of way and as a bonus it has an anon's love put into it. The only things I think need to be changed is the stuff that's outright broken or too weak, the fairies being given their own faction would be nice too because there's so many of them, even if it meant losing Cirno and Daiyousei as companions.

Also I'm not sure if anyone has found this out yet, but if you take up Seija's cause to overthrow Reimu, you can get Remi's Gungnir and Blood Spear from her. I didn't even notice until I saw her nuking our own troops with Gungnir in the logs. Classic Seija.

Gungnir has a value of 23,000 while the Blood Spear is worth 2,300. Gungnir has 5 uses but it's a really weird weapon - how many troops it seems to hit seems random. It either whiffs or knocks out one or two soldiers, but twice I've had it save my ass and wipe out an entire army when I really needed it. The blood spear seems pretty average and I haven't noticed anything extraordinary about it.

>> No.20970503

Traveling in Origins isn't bad if you are near the Misty Lake, its just that the Netherworld has a power base far away from the other factions and the Underworld is a spiral of unhappiness.

>> No.20970557

Oh right, before I forget, could you do something about Tenshi's earthquake ability? It's seemingly useless, but it causes huge problems for sieges. Troops don't know how to move around the rocks and jumping in this game is horrible. I really like using Tenshi, but the earthquake is such a pain to deal with when it's supposed to be a 'benefit.'

>> No.20970668 [SPOILER] 
File: 202 KB, 1886x1042, 1552208367601.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And don't forget the, ahem... story scenes.

>> No.20970674

I got Untrodden Valley's terrain reconfigured in a way I'm happy with, but I can't get the old AI mesh to work with it at all. I guess I'll make a new AI mesh from scratch, and be extremely annoyed if that doesn't work.

>Could replacing the ladder with a spiral staircase work?
I got an idea a little earlier for how to restructure the interior that would involve a spiral staircase, along with some other changes. Due to the way the scene props are put together, I would probably have to rebuild most of the interior even to just change the position of the ladder, so I may as well do a more significant remodeling of the place.

You're right that it causes problems, but part of me likes that Tenshi is this chaotic force on the battlefield capable of either winning the day nearly single-handedly or completely screwing you over (or just being flashy and annoying.) I'm also not sure what I would do with the ability even if I was inclined to change it.

Just in case you weren't aware: the earthquake ability is attached to the Sword of Hisou, not Tenshi herself. If you really don't want to deal with it, you can give her another weapon. There's even another weapon in the game with the same model, though it's really expensive.

>> No.20970721

If it's at all possible, the bet option is to set a timer to erase the rocks tenshi creates. If it isn't possible, maybe just give her an explosion ala-gungnir, except maybe slightly weaker? That would be a workable compromise. And if you want to keep her theme of chaotic force of nature, make it so the explosion hurts all units around her - including yours.

>> No.20972547

I never had Tenshi mess up a siege battle for me. Did I just luck out?

>> No.20972916

What do I download for this mod, do I need to download Touhou Origins and then the Anon patch or just the patch?

>> No.20972946

>It's tied to the sword
Interesting. Well, considering I'm sitting on roughly 3 million in the bank I think I can go and buy that.

How many sieges and where? It mainly fucks up chokehold points. For instance, maps where it's just a long bridge to all the enemies. She's activated it there, and made all of the troops stop. Likewise on any ladders up to another platform. Doesn't help that only half of the rocks are textured at times, making me shoot them instead of the enemy without realizing until about 2-3 shots.

>> No.20972954

The patch posted above was for people who already had the base mod and didn't need to redownload the resource files and other assets. Get the mod from this link:

>> No.20973279

This game is way too addicting. Hours feel like minutes.

>> No.20973761

>How many sieges and where?
Mostly Senkai, Myouren, Hakurei and Lunarian territory. I figured she tends to take time to join the melee, pausing to shoot enemies with her sword/bow.
I looted a Rod of Remorse and it has a bunch of "unset" attributes like the Sword of Hisou. I gave it to Singyoku, but she doesn't seem to be doing anything extraordinary with it.

>> No.20973781
File: 226 KB, 1436x816, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Regarding Tinder, I'm working on increasing interaction between factions by repositioning settlements on the map and adding terrain features to previously barren lands. I've already moved Eientei's holdings far closer to the Misty Lake/Human Village area, and I'm working on moving some of the Netherworld's holdings to interact more with Youkai Mountain and the Underworld. Not sure what to do with Hakurei Shrine yet. My goal however isn't to smash everything together into one tight area like Origins, but to bring the really remote towns and castles to more strategic and impactful locations. I'll work on adding back the "fun" units that were removed in the transition out of Origins after that. Stuff like Mechas, Werewolves, and Mermaids.

>> No.20974925

Just wait until bannerlord comes out

>> No.20974964

Bannerlord when?

>> No.20975003


>> No.20975152
File: 1.38 MB, 483x364, 1481589252933.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20975556

Progress on Origins continues. With some effort, I got the Untrodden Valley siege scene working to a point I'm satisfied with. The main terrain piece used there is fundamentally flawed, and has some hairline fissures in it that units can somehow fall into and get stuck in. Combined with all the larger holes in the map and how jagged the terrain is, getting the scene working at all took some effort. It remains an incredibly tough castle to assault, but the difficulty no longer comes from the attackers failing to navigate their way forward.

I also altered the Magician's Manse map a bit and fixed the issue with the attacker's AI. I also tried to make it a bit more defensible, but it remains a pretty weak castle. I then adjusted spawn points in Moriya Shrine, Tomari, and Nishimeya, so that bandits and the player should spawn in more reasonable locations.

I'm now trying to adjust the Sky Docks scene, which probably won't take too long barring unforeseen difficulties. I have ideas for what I want to do with Nine Heavens Waterfall and Nameless Hill, but they might take a bit to implement.

>set a timer to erase the rocks tenshi creates
That's not a bad idea, but unfortunately I have no idea how to implement it, supposing it's possible at all.

>> No.20975608

How'd you manage to do custom banners, Origins anon? I'd like to take a crack at designing some.

>> No.20975851

Awesome to hear on that progress. I've gone over a number of new castles. Most have been pretty standard. Shining Needle Castle is notably a really nice one. However, there seems to be an issue with the geometry along the path to where all the enemies spawn.

It's a bit hard to explain where it it, but climbing up to the castle, crossing to the other upside down spire, looping around it and into the first room the attackers would enter. From the staircase down, if one were to move straight toward the wall, things seem to be prone to start free falling. I managed to get stuck there with no way out until I was killed.

Other than that map, a lot of the maps have been pretty standard/no big issues so far.

>> No.20975915

That's a difficult question to answer without knowing exactly what you're trying to achieve or what part you need help with, but I can give a brief overview. Let me know if you want me to expand on anything.

The banners are located in the Textures folder. Normally, the game uses banners_a.dds, banners_b.dds, and so on, but Origins now uses the "std_banners" files. .dds files can be opened with Photoshop and GIMP, so it's possible to just paste new banners in place over the old ones. The banners in Origins are 132x330 pixels, but this is not true of most other mods. Here's the template I used, which includes the banner texture: https://mega.nz/#!SfJFwQRR!Rpq9FU450FXBFHoB7vfmI_kHbaszlqa4ocYfnbilTXo

I appreciate the effort in tracking down scene problems. My list of known issues is actually getting pretty short, though I'm sure some problems have gone overlooked.

>> No.20975955

Would it help to also compile a list of maps that are good as is? I'm sure I could quickly go through the castles I've conquered to check. As of right now, I have the entirety of the Lunarians, Hakurei, Netherworld, and Youkai Mountain fiefs. I have absolutely no information on the remaining fours' normal fiefs (despite Myouren being wiped out too.)

>> No.20976098

So I wasn't able to figure out how to assign banners to specific lords. And faction leaders seem to have overlapping banners.

>> No.20977928

> I wasn't able to figure out how to assign banners to specific lords.
There are two ways to do this. First, since the game assigns banners in a set order during initialization, you can just rearrange banners so that they get assigned in the desired fashion. Unfortunately, while the order is set, it isn't particularly logical: it doesn't use all the "a" banners, and then all the "b" banners; it jumps around. I'm not sure whether or not I still have my notes regarding the precise order.

Alternately, you can code in banner assignments at the initialization step in scripts. Use troop_set_slot for most lords, and faction_set_slot for the kingdoms and faction leaders. The banners have logical designations: the "a" banners start with mesh_banner_a01 and end with mesh_banner_a21 and so on. The kingdom banners are mesh_banner_kingdom_a, mesh_banner_kingdom_b, and so on.

>And faction leaders seem to have overlapping banners.
Overlapping in what way? The old Origins issue where the same banner was assigned to multiple faction leaders? The issue there was that there were too many banners in the kingdom banners file. Each of the banner files has a set range and I don't know how to increase it, you can't just add more banners onto the end of one and hope for the best. I fixed the issue by assigning those faction leaders banners from outside the banners_kingdoms file. I did this using faction_set_slot in scripts.

It wouldn't hurt. Actually, now that I think about it, there was another Netherworld castle I was intending to take a look at at some point. It's the one where the attackers insist on trying to climb up an incredibly steep hill, and the defenders are mostly just sitting in a blob on top of it next to a keep.

>> No.20977970

That'd be Mayohiga iirc, had the misfortune of attack it not too long ago. The attached town to it is across the river, not the village right next to it, which is another silly thing about that location.

>> No.20978576

Lake of Blood is sure amazing location
Not only it's not underground it's also a hot spring with people living underwater
It doesn't even have the island on it

>> No.20978841

Isn't that done in the modsys? How are you using the modsys without the source files for the module?

>> No.20979384

I'm not too good at this sort of thing, but do the source files here actually work or do you need to do something? Trying to build the module into a directory just brings up a ton of errors.

>> No.20979862

As pointed out, that is Mayohiga. I think an easy fix would be to change the spawn location to the easier to climb up hill just tot he right. Going that way almost seems like the intended way as well.

>> No.20980560

Well, as promised.

Pretty standard, but very flat. The castle interior though, is very annoying. I'd say it should be remodeled to be less annoying and just nicer looking in general.
>Forest of the Lost
Pretty simple, but decent.
>Rabbit's Hideaway
I like this one. A simple path that leads to a spot where you're stopped by spikes. No issues I found.
>Lunatic Outpost + Castle of the Moon
Both are standard tandard 'go up ladder into castle.' Okay.
>Hakurei Shrine
Like most of the main cities sans Eientei, this map is really neat. No issues.
>Magician's Manse
This was fixed, I believe was stated.
>Doll Maker's Manse
This one is fun in design. No issues.
>Hermit's Dojo
I like the design of this one, but the physical geometry and flooring do not match, so there are a lot of spots where you can start to walk through the surface past your head. I didn't find any spots you can get stuck though, so this isn't a major issue.
>Shining Needle Castle
I listed the only issue being the first room you enter having a spot that can leave you perpetually falling. Otherwise, great map.
This is a nice map. I'm unsure if you can get stuck in the odd spots where the floor caves in on an angle though.
>Human Settlement
One of those flat maps like Eientei. It's pretty fun. No issues noted.
Another flat map. Has a weird spawn location, but otherwise nothing crazy.
Love this map. No issues noted.
>Myouren Cemetery
This one is fine.
>Moriya Shrine
This one is great as is.
>Genbu Ravine
This one is honestly a bit of a mess. The hexagons are back from Untrodden Valley, but there are some spots you can really get stuck on them. Pathing is weird, as well. I like the map a lot but it's very messy.
>Autumnal Halls
Pretty map. No issues.
>Foot of the Mountain
>Untrodden Valley
I think enough has been said about this one.
>Wind God's Lake
Neat bridge. No issues.
>White Wolf Fortress
Lot of foliage blocking the attackers which I think is a nice touch. No issues.
>Great Youkai Forest
Very standard fortress. No issues.
>Nine Heavens Waterfall
I pointed this one out very early on. Being worked on/done. Snake Eater ladder extreme edition.
>Castle of the Wind
This one is nice.
>Tengu Settlement
Really like this one too. No issues.
This one has been discussed.
>Fortress of Liminality
Really good map. Has a lot of moving through buildings up to the top.
>Sanzu River Valley
Many defenses done here. Defending as a player, you can take down armies x4 larger and win despite overpowered enemy lords. Fun map. Sometimes a couple attackers spawn glitches and don't move, 1-4 usually.
>Echoing Defiance
This one has some issues with defenders spawning into the floor and not moving or moving out of the world.
>Nameless Hill
Really pretty, but this map has the defenders glitched out super bad I think? Either that, or it's just usual M&B jank. Tons of enemies spawn and then don't attack. Or, that's a result of the shitty Sohei troops.
>Shikigami Camp
Standard fortress, snow edition.
>Castle Black
Super cool floating pathway map. No issues noted.
>Dimensional Rift
One of the maps with all the eyes in the background. No major issues outside of the soldiers warping around that is typical with all of these eye maps.
>Winter's End + Frost Castle
Standard snow fort 2 and 3: Electric Bugaloo and
Nice looking map. Don't recall any problems. Been a while since I took it over.
Nice map layout. I may do some more looking at this one because I don't remember if there were any issues.
>Nexus of Boundaries
Flat wetland map. Neat. Didn't find any potholes.

This is all I have for now. Maybe if I get time to take over everything else I'll go over the rest.

>> No.20981980

Some of the weapons, particularly parasols seem to take up a lot of visibility. Is there a way to invisible them when they're on your back or something

>> No.20982083

Aside from switching to 1st person perspective, I don't think so.

>> No.20982959
File: 1.16 MB, 1284x1080, battlemaids.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I figured it out, there was an issue with the header_troops file. And now that that's working, I've added battle continuation. I think it's pretty necessary in a mod like this where everything hits so hard. I've lost more than a few troops from having to auto-resolve due to injuries. Just drag and drop this file into your Touhou Origins folder in modules:

Moving works like normal, you can adjust the camera sensitivity with numpad +/-, the numpad controls in general are a bit more stable than the mouse as far as rotation goes, but either work fine.

I haven't really had the chance to test this fully, but it should work. Let me know if there are any problems and I'll try to fix it.

>> No.20983179

Fixing up Sky Docks has actually proven to be a pain. I initially thought the problem was just that the narrow walkway was too small for the defenders to spawn onto properly, but there were multiple huge issues that completely broke the defender's AI. I have it mostly working now, barring some weirdness that I think has more to do with Myoruren Temple's force composition than anything else. Melee units are spawning in archer/gunner posts, and I think that's because the Myourenji employ extremely few ranged units for some reason. I might re-examine their reinforcements settings, especially since I was planning to attempt to make their troops slightly less awful soon anyway.

While doing some testing, I also found that I need to adjust the overland map a bit more. In retrospect, it might have been wise to examine the script that handles how villages are assigned to castles/cities before moving them around.

There's a decompiler available. I can upload it later if you have trouble finding it, but my internet connection isn't being especially cooperative right now.

Yeah, that's the one. That change would be a start, though I'll probably make more significant alterations. The defenders' position is so terrible that I've destroyed the entire garrison completely by myself before without much difficulty.

Thanks for the info.

I'm not sure offhand, but I think that might be achievable by playing around with the weapon tags.

Sorry about that, I was aware of that problem with the files but forgot that I hadn't corrected it yet. Nice work, though, this is something I've wanted in the mod for a while. Not having battle continuation mostly bugs me for reasons of versimilitude: it seems very silly when a bloody battle on a castle's walls suddenly ends just because the player character goes down, especially when allies or your own liege lord are present. "Hold on, one of my vassals got knocked unconscious. Let's all sheathe our weapons and calmly walk back to where we were when the fighting started."

>> No.20983520
File: 572 KB, 846x950, __kijin_seija_touhou_drawn_by_kinketsu__7113074dc2961eccf021a1bea7f029df.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Glad to help. I've been having a lot of fun with this mod since you've made it actually playable now, I wanted to contribute at least a little bit as thanks.
Also I forgot to mention your formations will break into a charge on being knocked unconscious so you should still try to avoid banzai charging into the enemy ranks if you're fighting a considerably powerful army.

Also, I've edited all the dialogue so the lords and characters will use proper gender pronouns now. No more 2hus calling each brothers and lads
Same as before, just drag and drop into the directory where your origins module is. I had to cheat a little here, for whatever reason, editing the dialogue files - even if it's just replacing gender pronouns, causes the dialogue system to absolutely shit itself oddly enough. So you need to have your game set to English for this to work, sorry ESLs.

>> No.20983711

Ancient City is fucking retarded.

>> No.20983747

I had the village issue when modding Tinder. Just make sure villages are closer to towns/castles of the proper faction rather than the other.

>> No.20983918

When doing substantial changes, it can also help to bear in mind that villages are assigned in two steps. In the first, the game goes through every castle in order and assigns the closest unclaimed village to each of them. The remaining villages are then assigned to whichever town is nearest.

One castle I moved had all nearby villages claimed first by other castles, so it claimed one that was ridiculously distant.

Nice job. Having the "charge" command issued when knocked out is my favored option overall. It only seems fair that your troops at least lose some cohesion when you get brought down.

Is that the one where you're basically just running through some streets? It's been a while.

>> No.20984040

There's a bunch of kasha and oni marksmen on the roofs of unreachable buildings, and the foot soldiers spawn in a corner that all of them can easily rain arrows down on. The AI completely ignores the archers and goes after the foot soldiers, getting absolutely slaughtered.

>> No.20984526

I don't know if I got the best decompiler. Mine isn't cloning the header files, so a link/upload would be nice.

>> No.20984905

Where even is the prison in mayohiga

>> No.20984953

How are the models in Tinder compared to Origins? Are they better?

>> No.20984973

The models themselves are overall the same. They just fit better because the devs actually made a custom skeleton for them. No Moon Bunnies with football shoulders anymore for example.

>> No.20985061

I went ahead and strengthened sohei considerably. Fully upgraded, they're now very similar to how crusaders were before in terms of both stats and equipment (aside from the gunners, which are also improved in several ways.) I then replaced crusaders with a unit that specializes in thrown weapons, though I haven't had a chance to see how well it actually performs yet. Sohei and crusaders were practically indistinguishable before, so there wasn't really any reason for both of them to exist.

I also just about have Nameless Hill made into an actual battle, though I've had to alter the map more than I had hoped.

I wasn't aware this existed until someone shared it in the first thread: https://mega.nz/#!Tbx1UAhY!XQxlvW9QP3sewOxV9feBeKneJMWKblHOIFpKWKuw6OE

Tinder mostly uses the same assets as Origins, though some characters do have new and improved models.

>> No.20985075

Ah so it was the same decompiler from /vg/ I tried. It doesn't work on Tinder at all. RIP full Tinder modding. It might not be possible to correctly assign banners at this point.

>> No.20985248

Had a bit of time to do some more sieges.

>Great Mausoleum
This one was really nice. I will note that some enemies spawn in a pretty ridiculously high location. It's not impossible to hit them, but it's damn hard even with near 400 archery and only being able to see their head.
>Wicked Hermit Dojo
This is a neat maze-like fully interior siege. I'd argue it may be a little too maze-like, but luckily troops seem to know how to get to the enemy.
>Daoist Shrine
This one has a an issue where attackers will stop proceding forward once they reach a bottleneck between a building and a wall just up a flight of stairs. Or, maybe it was just my troops, but they refused to move forward despite nothing in their way. Otherwise, nice map.

The next set of sieges I'll likely do are Gangyoji and Unearthed Graves. Afterwords, I'll probably work on the SDM sieges.

>> No.20985295

Well, that was quick. May as well add these now.

>Unearthed Graves
This is a pretty standard castle with a big tower. No issues.
Giant cemetery. Pretty neat. No issues.

>> No.20985317
File: 21 KB, 400x400, 1447699328447.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It warms my heart seeing /jp/sies collaborating and helping try to work on something together. Reminds me of the old days.

>> No.20985329

I do appreciate it. I've learned a lot about modding. I just hope I can get Tinder playable at some point this week. I'm screaming about Chinese coding.

>> No.20985338

That is unfortunate, as that closes off a lot of possibilities.

I was a little disappointed to see that the banner files in Tinder were a terrible mess again. There's a reason I completely nuked the Origins banner files and started fresh. I do like some of the new flags, though.

>> No.20985342

I imagine that because Chinese people were messing with the module and claiming it as their own, the devs did some magic to screw with decompilers. It's a bit of a shame because the more I play both versions, the more I genuinely believe Tinder is the better version of the mod, but it's going to be harder to fix it now.

>> No.20985803

I'm triggered, rename this to taoist pls.

>> No.20985973

Gotta climb the mountain.

>> No.20986060
File: 235 KB, 1440x900, 20190312224349_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Quick progress report on Tinder:
Completely re-translated most towns, parties, and units. Most of the original Chinese text from Origins was changed so a new translation was necessary.
Added back Mecha to Youkai Mountain.
Added Kappa Bombers to Youkai Mountain (there was already a bomb item that suited them in the files so I just made use of it by adding a new kind of unit on the upgrade tree).
Added Kobito Swordsman to Hakurei's unit roster (unit was already ingame, but was only used in tournaments).
Repositioned a huge amount of holdings to make factions interact more. Yukari's holdings moved closer to the Underworld. Shining Needle Castle also moved closer to the Underworld. Kourindou moved closer to the Human Village area. Eientei holdings moved much closer to the Misty Lake & Senkai area. Few other minor adjustments like spacing out the holdings in SDM and Underworld, also moving Hakugyokurou closer to the Sanzu River opposite of the Underworld.
Replaced default font with the font from Origins, eyes should bleed less now.
Minor change to a few poorly designed units. For example Moon Rabbit 2's had only rifles with no bayonets and throwing weapons, so they would try to use their fists in melee and die. There were also a few archers without power draw and throwers without power throw.
Added Origins anon's companion dialogue changes and the more recent gender pronouns patch from the other anon. Thank you immensely for your hard work in making these.
Also went through and did a few dialogue edits myself, changing denars to P点 , Calradia to Gensokyo, and a few other "lore" edits.
Repositioned spawn points in a substantial number of tavern & castle scenes so you don't have to run across the scene to see people.
Added a different texture for the snowy areas that hopefully makes your eyes bleed less.

Overall I'm pretty close to uploading a new version. Just need to tweak a few dialogue areas and figure out how the hell to make banners display logically instead of having 2 factions with the Buddhist banner and one with no banner.

>> No.20986089

>so many characters have good or at worst passable models that are decently accurate to their actual depictions
>hina's hair isn't green

>> No.20986100
File: 217 KB, 1440x900, 20190305130207_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fixed in Tinder, shame about the hands though.

>> No.20986619

How glitchy is the mod?

>> No.20988078

Thanks for your hard work anon.

>> No.20988476

Neither version should be glitchy at all. Janky yes, but not glitchy.

>> No.20988498

Which one is better would you say?

>> No.20988499
File: 103 KB, 500x500, 1539530307662.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks for your hard work anons

>> No.20988547

Not that anon, but both versions are fine. Origins has more work put into it by anons to actually make it "playable" right now though, I don't think Tinder has any tweaks aside from a translation currently, it's still being worked on pretty extensively as you can see in the thread.

>> No.20988717

Has anybody had any luck messing around with tournaments yet? I was thinking of trying to work on them. Namely selectable weapons since gear loadouts almost always work against you (bow vs horse-mounted sword and shield, fun). And maybe some unique equipment as prizes.

Correct me if I'm wrong but it looks like they tweaked tournaments a little bit already since it's based on knock-outs and not last man standing, which I don't think was a thing in vanilla so it's pretty peculiar why they didn't add code for choosing weapons unless they ran into a problem or quit before bothering with it.

>> No.20988763

Changing loadouts isn't hard but as far as making them selectable goes, I'd just go look for the Floris source files and steal from those. Sounds like a lot of work when you could just do some simple stuff like remove javelins and bows to replace with crossbows (to deal with the highly armored tournaments) and make sure either everyone in a tourney has a horse or nobody has a horse.

>> No.20989003

I ended up finally winning, but the only reason I won is because I had literally every lord in my faction's army fighting with me and it glitched out somehow and teleported me up where the archers were.

>> No.20989174

Nine Heavens Waterfall will take a bit more effort than anticipated to fix. The tower is situated right on the map edge, which really limits what I can do with that structure. I'll probably shift the fight to the other tower.

I haven't returned to that idea just yet. My primary goal was just to make the various factions use weapons that felt appropriate/distinct to them at tournaments rather than the default stuff. I actually have no problem at all with random weapon sets, though I wouldn't object to them being selectable.

I might go ahead and conduct another experiment on that real quick.

>> No.20989220

Floris' tournaments always crashed the game for me.

>> No.20989340

I believe Floris uses TPE which (should be) easily addable. And while it does let you pick equipment it's more of a complete replacer for tournaments which I don't think would go well with the simplicity of Origins.

You could probably just chop out everything except the equipment menu but it seems like that would be an unreasonable amount of work for something so simple in theory.

>> No.20990061

My second attempt at expanding the list of tournament weapons was also unsuccessful, with the same results as last time. The results are strange enough that I can't really even make a guess at what's going wrong, so I'm going to give up on that. I'll make a half-assed effort at revising the existing weapon list and distribution at some later date if no one else comes up with a better solution.

I did get to have a bit of fun with some "yin-yang orb dodgeball" tournaments, at least.

>> No.20990840

Yuyuko's fan is the best weapon in the game. Change my mind.

>> No.20990883

The short range doesn't make drive-by hits hard?

>> No.20990917

I robbed tenshi of her sword so I wouldn't know

also do cosplay upgrades actually do anything at all?

>> No.20991315

Tournaments always had the knockout system.
The first 3 rounds are always a melee. They let you in to the next round if you can knock out 1 then 2 then 3 before going down (or just quitting like I do) in each round, respectively.
I'm not sure about the later ones, but they generally don't have more than 4 opponents after round 3 anyway.

>> No.20991593

Wrong. Flan's twisted lance is the best.

>> No.20991629

Danmaku tournaments?
Fucking fund it.

>> No.20991650

It's a rapidfire gat that doesn't need reloading. No range issues here.
Tenshi's sword is nice, but better versions show up in stores. Also, not a gun.

>> No.20991748
File: 311 KB, 1440x900, 20190313031526_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright! The current module seems quite stable so I'm releasing a new version Tinder. Not savegame compatible because of the enormous number of changes made to the map/parties/etc.

Patch notes: https://pastebin.com/P4RpvW89

Here's a few tips from what I've gathered of my own playtesting.

Each unit (including you) has unique racial characteristics which affect stat buffs. Youkai get a multiplier for higher HP and weapon damage, Tengu get faster movement & attack speed, Fairies regenerate HP, not sure what humans do yet, and there are also NPC races like Vampires and Celestials.

Selecting "Main Quest mode" in the new game screen allows you to choose several different chapters of the main questline to start the game at. The quests are sequential so if you start with "Fresh Start" you'll play through every chapter of the storyline. I still haven't completed it and I've played through quite a few hours of it, but you get rewarded with companions and money for doing it.

If you get stuck after completing the Jiangshi questline, you need to raise your renown to 300 and a Scarlet Messenger will approach your party.

Lords are somehow more broken than before. When you're starting off you should definitely "Disable special powers" in tournaments or else Reimu will hyperspeed across the arena and OHKO you. The good news is that your companions are pretty broken too, and you'll get larger racial buffs as you level up.

Pretty much every factions units are absolutely brutal. Even Daoshi which used to be garbage are a serious threat in melee. The upside is that faction patrols no longer hunt you down if you're not at war with them so you can wait until you've built up some wealth through quests/war/caravans before you have to fight elite units.

Have fun and feel free to leave any feedback in the thread!

>> No.20991771

That sounds hectic.
How drastic are the racial level-ups? If I was a fairy at my current character export of 30~, would I basically have wolverine regen? Because that sounds broken as fuck.
For that matter, how does the racial levels tolerate char imports?

>> No.20991782

>Flan's twisted lance is the best.
By being the absolute best in terms of balancing speed, range and damage.

FIrst off, despite its name, it's more of a halberd than a lance in practice.

It is unmatched with its polehammer-level blunt damage, which cleaves through armored and unarmored enemies both.

Its respectable range combined with near-short-sword levels of speed gives you the advantage over any similarly long weapons.

Just these two aspects - turn you into death incarnate on the battlefield.

The only disadvantage I can state is that when using it with a shield on foot (yes, unlike polehammers, you can use it with a shield), you can only use it like a spear. Don't ask why. However, this is entirely nullified when using it on horseback, allowing you to swing it like the fist of death, at anything that stands in your way.

>> No.20991785

I've never tried importing a character, I imagine it either wouldn't work or would set you human as a default.

Also fairy HP doesn't scale. It's a flat 1 hp per second. Their other stats do scale (you can kinda see this in the bottom right of my screenshot, I'm playing as a Youkai).

>> No.20991798

1hp/s is still pretty nuts. If you are wearing heavy armor and only take chip damage you'd basically be invincible until some fag lances you.

>> No.20991801

I play as a fairy and I can tell you to -not- shrug off 1 hp recovery per second. That is, actually, pretty damn broken if you realize that there isn't any way to recover HP (in battle) to begin with.

Furthermore, it has no limit, so, theoretically, if you can survive long enough, you can handle an entire army by yourself.

>> No.20991819
File: 238 KB, 1440x900, 20190311234323_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You think so until you dehorse Miko and watch her fling herself across the battlefield at you, striking down your warhorse in one blow and drowning you in a pile of Jiangshi. Regen is pretty damn powerful and the only thing that balances it are the absurd stats of other units. NPC fairies also regen so Cirno as a companion is a bit of a monster. Monstrous Gengetsu with buffs for reference.

>> No.20991829
File: 990 KB, 176x135, 1375138939502.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this entire post

>> No.20991832

>to do:
>Translate the Engrish in story mode (unlikely to actually happen)
I could edit all Engrish into coherent English, if you give them to me an a .txt or whatever. I can't speak nor read chink, though, so a straight translation is impossible for me.

>> No.20991837

You think that's crazy, have you tried recruiting Shinki yet?

1000 hp, the absolute madman, and I don't even know what other multipliers her -other - stats get.

That was the best 50000 denars I've ever spent, t b h.

>> No.20991881

Should be conversations.txt line 17 through line 2307 and menu.txt line 483 through 971 for the main storyline. It's all formatted with "_" between lines instead of spaces but you can just write it formatted however is easiest for you and leave formatting it to me. Anything else is probably fairly minor and I can handle myself.

How can a mere man hope to compete with these monsters?

>> No.20991934

It's only 30-40 hits man
Just parry

>> No.20991963

One of my favorite parts about this game is waltzing my horse behind the enemy general and shooting them in the head about 7 or 8 times with a mini-hakkero to convince them to take a nap.

>> No.20991972

You have successfully changed my mind and deserve both this (you) and my platonic love anon.

Is this the full module or is it just the patch?

>> No.20991990

it's the whole thing

>> No.20992008

Full module. Next updates I can just patch but I had to swap out textures, data files, and resource files so that wasn't possible for this one.

>> No.20992121

what the hell? I thought there was just the short range melee fan.

>> No.20992145

Nah, there's a weapon titled literally, 'Yuyuko's Fan' that is like a 70p firearm that doesn't need to be reloaded and has like 80 speed or something. Turns the game into a shooting gallery.

>> No.20992162
File: 80 KB, 572x600, Flandre.Scarlet.600.1376415.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good job anon. I'm a little worried about how the player's strength matches up to everything else, since it's important for the player's strength to be at least noticeable and important in how the battle is won, unless you completely outclass enemies. The way you worded it makes it sound like the player is even more powerless compared to all of the broken lords. For reference, in Origins I'm level 44 which is very high, considering exp reqs start to get exponential at 40. I still get 1-shotted by some mounted units and several lords. I can't imagine what it would be like also having to whittle down their hp even more. That said, I'm almost finished Origins, only needing to take over SDM and Chireiden. Once I'm done and write up all the info I can on the sieges/find issues, I'll probably hop over to Tinder and try it out. If I like it, I'll probably try to help with giving feedback on that as well.

>> No.20992200

The primary advantage of the player is the tactics and strategy he can employ and that the simple MB AI simple will never cope with.

In a way, OP enemy lords is the least the author could do to even the playing field.

>> No.20992285

I'll politely disagree with that sentiment and just give it a try later. Maybe I'll change my tune a bit after playing.

>> No.20992345

Is Youmu actually male in this mod or does this mod lack Diplomacy's gendered dialogue fixes? Or does this mod internally use "species" for something other than sex (which is what the unmodded game uses it for)?

>> No.20992364

but does it look like Lævateinn? that would be nice
>unique racial characteristics
vamps should get the same hp regen as fairies, though only below a low hp theshold, to show that they're undying too

>> No.20992371

It does.

>> No.20992381

basically you're forced to play as a female, so the only way to allow you to marry the lords, is for them to be technically considered male.

>> No.20992399

It's possible OP could also decide to go erotohok route and have generic male lords for people to marry for political reasons.

>> No.20992418

Since the revised Origins map isn't going to be savegame friendly anyway, I decided now was a good time to steal the handful of improved models from Tinder. I ported over the new skeleton/skin the new models are designed to work with as well, and their custom shaders.

I also finished with the Mayohiga map, fixing the attacker's AI issues and making the castle more defensible to compensate.

It lacks diplomacy's fixes.

Not quite, the lords do have appropriate genders. However, the game never really checks the genders of lords for any purpose, and the default Warband dialogue and scripts are written with the assumption of all male lords.

>> No.20992434

oh neat, I assumed it was marriage code based jank, not improper dialogue based jank.

>> No.20992449

If you can, it would be great if you brought in the new items too, like the tacticool gear the moon rabbits got. That would really differentiate Eientei from all the other factions who also use gunpowder weapons.

>> No.20992532

I don't know if it's just the fresh start option I chose, but I notice that all of the "Recruit Volunteers" options from both villages and towns are gone.

This is a bit of a pain when it comes to recruiting from villages (talk to elder first), but it makes it impossible to recruit elites from towns since, (as far as I know) there isn't an npc that offers elite volunteers.

>> No.20992544

Never mind this, Tinder anon. Something happened, maybe finishing this or that optional quest, or, maybe reaching 9 intelligence, but the option is back.


>> No.20992551

The new body/face meshes were all in one file, which made that nice and convenient to port (though I did still have to track down all the individual textures and such.) So far as I can tell, the new weapons are crammed somewhere in a few of the mod's larger resource files, each of which contains hundreds of meshes. That's not an insurmountable obstacle, but it does mean that I need to know what I'm looking for, and I don't really feel like poring over the enormous item list hunting for new and interesting things right at the moment. So, if there's anything you're especially interested in seeing, give me some names and I'll see what I can do.

>> No.20992557

Sick...why isn't it just called that though?

>> No.20992639

Probably because it's a weapon distributed to her honor guards - the chaos knights. Flan's personal weapon could be named as such, though I wouldn't know.

>> No.20992671

That's actually normal. If you choose Fresh Start you can't recruit until you finish the intro quest.

I actually found quite the opposite happens. The bonuses your own character gets are quite massive. I'm level 30 and pulling like 200 HP plus a bonus 175% to all damage. I can throw myself at 50 Ice Fairies and go on a rampage without much threat of dying. You're still able to go toe to toe with lords at a high enough level and with good equipment but it takes a bit of skill and careful decisionmaking.

>> No.20992725
File: 262 KB, 830x1159, destruction.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah, souka.

>> No.20992731
File: 265 KB, 1440x900, 20190314035401_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The way this man stands in the middle of the Scarlet Devil Mansion's castle is inspirational. One day I'm gonna take up this bastards claim to the throne of Youkai Mountain. Kanako is not my true liege.

>> No.20992736
File: 497 KB, 1440x900, 20190314040439_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also this must be a ghost thing. Your attacks can phase through characters like Lyrica and miss.

>> No.20992756

>I actually found quite the opposite happens.
Well, that's good to hear. I want to be wrong about my worries. In the mean time... I'll continue my map testing on Origins when I get the time.

>> No.20992757

So I finally downloaded Tinder and then imported my 30ish Origins character to it. I feel like a beast. Swing speed, movement speed, HP, regen... Eyem the fucking strongest. I can't imagine what it would feel like to be youkai when a fucking fairy feels this fucking good.

>> No.20992998
File: 183 KB, 500x250, 1403308736925.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>leave powers turned on in tournament
>what's the worst that could happen?
>Kanako is spitting crossbow bolts at me at high speeds
>this isn't so bad
>close to melee
>she draws a dagger and instantly shoves it up my ass
>next round she's spitting bolts again
>steal a horse hoping to hit and run her
>close to melee
>you have been eliminated from the tournament
Quote: my fractured pride/anus

>> No.20993135

Yeah I just happened to have Yumemi at level a billion while the rest of my units are still level 12 or so, entered a tournament and watched her proceed to shove her fists up all our asses.

>> No.20993508

I can't believe the Yama is fucking dead

>> No.20993529
File: 107 KB, 800x540, 1347571958144.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I talked to a Lunarian guard and it gave me the option retreat or attack. When I retreated I literally retreated to the main menu screen

>> No.20994358

There's a weird thing going on with them. If you talk to Earth Monitors they're forced to try to kill you for seeing them as part of their policy. If you lose the battle you actually see dialogue where they execute you, but the same thing happens if you surrender just without the dialogue.

>> No.20994388

What the fuck is that ugly as fuck window? Just because it's touhou doesn't mean you have ot shove a touhoe in literally every fucking screen.

>> No.20994398

>you actually see dialogue where they execute you
do you just merely pretend to die or something?

exactly how I felt at first, but you get used to it, and it eventually becomes ignorable if not charming

>> No.20994411
File: 512 KB, 1152x1112, 1549597069711.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No it kicks you out to the main menu without saving. Strangely enough the dialogue says they "imprison you" if you fail in assaulting one of their camps but that doesn't actually happen. Point is that Moon Bunnies don't fuck around.

>> No.20994419

Psst. I'd rather play Gekokujo and rename all the girls after touhous than bear this, sorry.
Please excuse me, I'm returning to /vg/.

>> No.20994540

you do you, but I still recommend you play around with it for an hour or two.

>> No.20994570

Tinder doesn't have them really.

>> No.20994577

I probably will, but I think it'll get on my nerves really quickly. I have bad eyes, so black text on top of really contrasted pictures is bound to be difficult to read, especially if they lack outlines.

>> No.20994758

I've been toying with the idea of making some alterations to the UI, though I haven't settled on anything yet. I like the artwork used for the most part, but some of it really doesn't work well as an interface background.

>> No.20994827

Looking for bandit hideouts is still as obnoxious as ever.

>> No.20994970
File: 251 KB, 1440x900, 20190308203124_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just port it from Tinder, it's one of the better things about it.

I placed most bandit hideouts much closer to the populated areas but Warband coding makes them spawn in an area around where their markers are placed, not in the exact location so it's somewhat RNG. Once you get a feel of their general spawn point though they're very easy to find.

>> No.20995260

Maybe it's just me, but the incredibly sloppy borders around Tinder's dialogue windows and such annoy me every time I see them, as does the way text flows over onto the edges of the dialogue boxes. I do like that they went for a unified aesthetic with the UI, but a lot about it just bugs me. Fixing those issues might prove to be a better/easier idea than creating something myself, though.

>> No.20995332
File: 827 KB, 1920x1080, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

idea: adding more guns

>> No.20995560
File: 372 KB, 1920x1080, 20190314131441_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20995581

Oh I completely understand. I tried to fix those dialogue windows myself but the dds format it used is a bit strange and PaintNET wasn't letting me open the file. Its a simple fix though, just make the borders thinner.

>> No.20995780

the ai can't fire faster than a certain interval anyway, so mgs are redundant

>> No.20995970

How are you supposed to free prisoners from jails. i tried talking to someone in jail after killing the guard and they just threaten me

>> No.20995982

It might be bugged. There are a few bugs hard for me to snuff out cause I don't have the source code.

>> No.20995989

Talk to jailer, demand key, bribe him or beat him senseless, take key, enter prison, tell touhou you're here for the rescue. They'll complain about not having a weapon or something but keep going anyways.

>> No.20996099

I did all that but when i talked to the touhou they just threatened me and i couldnt do anything else. I just wanna save mamizou

>> No.20996106

Nah man, just leave her there wwww

>> No.20996352

Actually it can if you're running Napolean's code. Just need to rip it out and apply it properly.

>> No.20997529

It's a powerful thing to want to save your waifu. I wish I could help you.

>> No.20997570

When's that scarlet messenger supposed to appear for the story in Tinder? I have over 300 renown, am I missing something or just not being in the right spot?

>> No.20997579

After you complete the Jiangshi questline, it should proc when you have 300 renown. I got it near Fujiwara City but I think it just spawns anywhere.

>> No.20997605

I got the Echoing Defiance siege scene working better. I've come to strongly suspect that the original developer has no idea how AI meshes actually work. I've seen a bunch of maps now where he clearly tried to prevent troops from doing something stupid with AI barriers, when the problem was obviously with the AI mesh. He doesn't even adjust the AI mesh after placing the barriers, which leaves troops thinking that they can walk through invisible walls. I'm starting to get into the habit of just deleting the old AI mesh anytime I start working in the scene, because salvaging it always ends up being more trouble than it's worth.

I also reworked the Ancient City siege scene. The defenders are all reachable, and the attackers no longer get stuck on walls. It remains a pretty tough stronghold despite these changes.

>> No.20998242

Hasn't done that for me yet. I've got over 400 renown already and I'm in my thirties as far as levels go.

>> No.20998271

Strange, did you begin with "Fresh Start"? That questline can be buggy at times and I have no idea why it sometimes starts and sometimes doesn't.

>> No.20998398

Yeah, I did fresh start and got all the way through the jiangshi quest.

>> No.20998469

Did fresh start too and I got the scarlet messenger. Honestly, I didn't even know what the trigger was and I just suddenly got it after winning a tournament.

I don't know if it's relevant, but I was working towards vassalizarion to Remi, so I've got good relations with her personally. If you still don't get the event, maybe try sucking up to her/some other scarlet lord?

>> No.20998481

Is the result of the scarlet messenger, being Remilia's vassal? If so, I'll just go join her.

>> No.20998488

No you get recruited to go fight some Fairy Bandits.

>> No.20998496

No. I wasn't a vassal yet when I got the messenger.

>> No.20999093

new thread wen

>> No.20999537

/jp/ is a slow board crossboarder-san. Even on bump limit this thread will stay up for a while. If there's an update or somebody has something to talk about they'll make a thread, just don't make it a general.

>> No.20999813

I'm sorely tempted to keep the archers/gunners on the absurdly tall tower in the Great Mausoleum, and to just make it reachable with the biggest ladder in Mount and Blade history.

>> No.20999822

Do onmyoji not summon jiangshi to your army in Tinder? It's been a few days and havent seen summons yet.

>> No.20999921

Make it a zig-zaggy ramp.

>> No.20999953

How do Kasha work in origins? Do they have to touch bodies to spawn a unit or do they just do it at set intervals?

>> No.21000048

I'm totally fine with that. I was the one who brought it to attention. I was able to kill all of them, but I felt like it was just very annoying to do especially when someone would probably clear everything only to realize they are now going to try and hit targets from a ridiculous distance for a bit while they have essentially already taken over the city.

>> No.21000431

I'm up to 771 renown now and still have no scarlet messengers. I'll keep tooling around to see what happens.

>> No.21000636

Only Onmyoji 3.

I had the same problem for a while so I tried searching the files extensively for the trigger and couldn't find one. It's hidden in the source code unfortunately. At best I might be able to find some way to change the trigger to make it more simple to fire off.

>> No.21000666

How do you get a faction to "defeat"? Hakurei Shrine hasn't controlled any land for almost a year but Reimu still has 3 vassals raiding my villages. I keep defeating them but they pop up somewhere else. I haven't even seen Reimu herself in 200 days.

>> No.21000675

There's a relationship decay when vassals are unlanded and eventually all the lords get unhappy and defect from the faction. The faction is defeated when that happens. You can speed the process up by defeating lords more often.

>> No.21000716

How long does it typically take for the last of the lords to defect? Most of them defected out immediately after I took their last hold, but these last 3 have been there for some time.

>> No.21000735

That just depends on if the lord really liked them before or not. I couldn't give you a realistic time estimate though since I usually don't pay attention to factions that can barely pose a threat anymore.

>> No.21000760

Something about defeating the Hakurei shrine just feels wrong for Gensokyo.

>> No.21000785

It sort of makes sense in what I could piece out of the story (of Tinder, that is, which I assume would be the same story the author had in mind for Origins)

>> No.21000812
File: 594 KB, 1920x1080, mb6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I didn't defeat them so much as overthrow them. It's for Seija's claimant quest. Hakurei needs to be "defeated" for her to officially take over it and manage her own castles. Although the SDM just declared war against us, I don't think even cheese can save us against Remi's 1000+ army stacks now.

>> No.21000913

What will become of Gensokyo without the shrine maiden...?! Be strong, Seija Faction.

>> No.21000992

A similar thing happend in my playthrough. After Lunarians got crushed, most of their characters defected to other factions, but Eirin and Reisen still pledge allegiance to Kaguya. Kaguya herself appears to have been off map for a while now, as they can't tell where she is when asked.
Eirin would try to burn random villages all by herself until the ceasefire was signed. Currently, she and Reisen are camping out in the borderlands with about 200 troops each after a short conflict with the SDM, where they looted a number of villages around Magic Library.

I suspect the faction leaders simply don't respawn if their realm controls no land. Myouren and Senkai are also landless, so I'll try to see if their leaders are around.

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