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Nutaku (All-ages)

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Threadly reminder that the people running FKG are the worst developers ever

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Reminder that you autists are just as bad as the guy you're crying about. It's like the retarded spergs we got on Nutaku Kamihime release just suddenly all came back.

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This is what I hate about generals. Just let a pointless mud-slinging contest die with the old thread.

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But its enjoyable to make fun of mentally challenged people that don't realize they're the problem. Two people are needed for an argument so what happens when you remove the one instigating the argument?

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>Demon of lust Mammon
Seems pretty cute but Majin is kind of an useless class so I don't have any high hopes for it

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You get one mentally challenged autist that's been blogposting and crying in the thread for years jumping from game to game crying about how horrible the game he plays is endlessly.

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Chibi Nutaku is cute at least

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Eh I prefer Kamihime's jew Mammon.
Actually wait when the fuck did Mammon start representing lust and not greed?

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When she got a taste of my dick

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Hello /jp
Maiden ritter is closing, is there already a rip of the cgs? If not is there a guide? I'd like to try grabbing them.

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its bad and unhealthy to keep grudges against anonymous people that you dont know anon

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Weird you say that when you're holding a grudge against a particular person who plays FKG. Maybe you're not just autistic but actually retarded to not recognize the irony in that.

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There's a difference in having a grudge and laughing at that guy that goes on a shitposting tirade then tries to pin all the world's evils on you. Not even the guy you're thinking of which makes it funnier.

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Can't help much here but sadpanda has a record of grabbing CGs of even obscure titles like NurePara so you might just need to wait. In the meantime, dev tools is your friend.

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There's always hope, class alone isn't everything.
Evil Hermit is nothing more than a magic ranged unit in a melee slot.

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Horrible design, but nice hips.

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did you just
roll fame right now

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That's right.
I have 11 Leafs in my barracks.

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It's not like we're seeing a new class here. Evil Hermit is good because it has tokens and flies, or else it would just be another rune fencer. We already know what majin does and it's a subpar class, so there's probably not going to be anything exciting about this unit that's going to fix that.

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It's Greed, don't know where Lust came from.

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I got it from here

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do you not have eyes

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I made a mistake copypasting her title, just posted the picture so people could see where the mistake came from.

>> No.20944138

In this case, the mistake would be my mistake. So yeah my bad. Can't be bothered deleting the post to fix it so just adding this to my own post here.

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Is there a good balance of character designs in Kamihime?

Like, is everyone a titty girl or is there something for everyone? I was considering giving the game a try and wanted to know what is the state of the game.

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Talking about kamihime, i'm sort of curious. Have they done a popularity contest in that game? I know the results of the two aigis popularity polls, that the fkg ones are rigged to just let anemone win every time but what about Kamihime?

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The game is in the manly's side with full of big tits girls. If you're gay and want to fuck loli, go to FKG instead

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It took me few days but I'm finally done... more or less. The backgrounds and frames of stuff above guides might be changed once I recharge myself but nothing else will probably be greatly affected anyhow.
We discussed it few times so it now it all links to important pages should be included.

And since I'm already here, I might as well ask something. What do you guys think about the english wiki for jp fkg? What do you think we could change / improve?

As for our plans: new list for knights that would allow filtering is in the making but I can't say if it'll ever see the light of the day since I'm not the one doing it.
Expression Sheets are almost at the point of being up to date and I'll most likely try to finish that first.

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I'm pretty soured on the game right now with how horribly bad they're handling the whole collab deal and pretending everything is perfectly fine like this but I have to say the new layout looks amazing and having both halves of the event on the front page is really all I could ask for. Maybe a link to the himeuta thread with the latest patch notes? It'd be useful to have it on the front page considering one of the admins of the wiki is the one doing the translations anyway.

The people running the Aigis and FKG wikis do amazing amounts of work and you people deserve praise for all the dedication you guys put on these wikis for the rest of us.

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> link to Himeuta patch notes
that won't happen
Hydro, who was translating all this stuff, has the time now to work on wiki again but he said that he won't do full patch notes anymore
he'll try to be the one updating the ongoing campaigns though

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>popularity contest mission score up to 279 from 249
We're getting there lads. Unfortunately, I won't be able to SAW Shengpu before the event ends, but I managed to take down a goblin UFO, and if I can optimize my placements and UP gain, I might be able to spam tokens enough to not get fucked by the Goblin Queen.

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It's all over the place but the lolis done by one of the mainhouse artists tend to have long legs and thick thighs depending on how the fuck he feels like drawing them

2 big popularity polls with another one coming up
Sol (loli unless AW when she turns JC) and Artemis (goes from JC to JK) won SSR and SR wise, Boreas (loli) won most popular R once and then got dethroned by Ratri (gap moe girl wearing a blindfold).
Satan (a bitch) lost to Sol both times, and I forgot who came in second after Artemis the first time, but on the second one it was Hypnos (loli who does mommyplay)

>> No.20945691

When is a good time to start?
I've been extremely tempted to start and reroll for Sol but dont know if I should even bother

>> No.20945702

Couldn't hurt to start now.
Anniversary is on March 28th, stream should be like a week before that, they've refrained from doing their monthly update letter like every month because I'm assuming they plan on saving everything for the stream so I guess you could stay tuned to see what they do if they'll make the rerolling easier on you somehow

>> No.20945708

>Anniversary is this month so I didn't miss it
Neat, guess i'll give it a try. Hopefully they take a page from Granblue's book and hand out some free 10's or roulette

>> No.20945930

Precedent for a chunk of free 10 rolls has been set but ridiculous roulette giveaways I think won't ever happen due to the stingy nature of DMM as a platform in general.
Same for legfes by the way

>> No.20945937

I was joking with the roulette part due to the similarities between Kamihime and grubble. It'd be nice if it happened though.

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>There was a bug with FKG that gave you the login rewards every time you logged in for some reason
>Fixed and the compensation is only 200 gems

based generous devs
I wish i could have abused it

>> No.20946252

Can't have people getting too many free stones to roll during the designated cashgrab event

>> No.20946272

Ok this is a bit of a stretch

>> No.20946283

its on the FKG discord though

they were talking about how it took devs half a day to discover the existence of the bug and then proceeded to hand out the generous compensation of 200 stones

>> No.20946358

Yeah, not as great as it sounded. It just gave you up to the end of the 10 days, so even if you abused it, you would get no more than you would have gotten in the first place.

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File: 2.30 MB, 1334x750, 94936374-DB98-407E-B5CF-F27377B12C4E.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It capped at 10 days anyway.

>> No.20946361

So an extra 2000?

>> No.20946365

The extra is just the compensation.

>> No.20946695

>What do you guys think about the english wiki for jp fkg?
It's great work, props to all you folks for maintaining it.

>What do you think we could change / improve?
The trivia section from the JP wiki would be nice. I know some pages already have them, and they're a great resource for picking up small details like 'Sawagikyou might be a priestess because it's known as cardinal flower in English' or 'Craspedia is a band member with a wallaby because it's native to Australia and called drumstick flower', as well as things that aren't very obvious in English like Snakeberry being a dancer with a crane-headed mace or Cypress Vine being a Halloween character (the plant is also known as カボチャアサガオ, though the 'kabocha' here is not pumpkin but Cambodia). FKG's strong point is character design, after all.

The unimplemented knight list could also be good, more people need to know that Eryngii is a thing. These and the big old phylogenetic tree at https://フラワーナイトガール.攻略wiki.com/index.php?図鑑 are the best parts of the JP side, unless you count the 2ch meme wiki that discusses more important matters like how Viola's hips are perfect for bearing children.

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I was not expecting to finish this crap but the extra reruns that I hadn't done yet helped. What do I do with all the 10+ extra Sonias? I min-cost the first one really early.

Along with Katie and a merchant, I used a valkyrie to help with early deployment cost gain; while it's mostly goblins and lesser orcs, up until doppelgangers start spawning.

>> No.20946898

Not the anon that was going to start reroll hell but
>Kamihime doesn't start on tablet
>Kamihime doesn't start in waterfox, wants Chrome
Welp, so much for that.

>> No.20946936

Main issue with kamihime is what you need to rely on other people for your raids, when game is much less popular, than granblue. Waiting for some random guy, who can beat your shitty raid for 30+ mins is really annoying.

>> No.20946943

I've had to wait for 30+ minutes for someone to beat my raid too in granblue until I give up and ask a friend to please kill the thing.

>> No.20946970

So many Jewel Princesses now. I can't remember all their passives and skills.

>> No.20946983

Popular endgame raids such as magna2 would explode instantly the moment you use twitter call.
Meanwhile, Olympian raids in kamihime, which are pretty much their version of magna2 raids, could take over 30 min to finish, and trying to find the raids you want to hit is also a fucking pain in the ass.

>> No.20946988

>and trying to find the raids you want to hit is also a fucking pain in the ass.
To be fair this is also a problem in granblue for the opposite reason. Not because you cant find them but because seeing the "Woops it died before you got a hit in" message on every raid I want to join tilts me to next week.

I understand what you mean though, seems like having an active guild or friends is important in the game.

>> No.20947270

Coop rooms tend to alleviate that issue by giving you a bulk of raids to play in a row and try to get a hit in.
Of course though there's the issue with Japanese players setting the join requirement to 50 levels higher than it actually is, or using their mind's eye to magically deduce you're a gaijin so they join your room just to sabotage it.
Bonus if it was a 6 man raid one.

>> No.20947550

>tfw no merchants
Might have to throw in a valk. Also managed to clear the 400 run of the suppression mission, though.

>> No.20947643

I can't say anything about the trivia part thanks to vast amount of character and me being seemingly the only editor who's trying to actively adding misc info to character pages but list of npcs & mentioned characters is actually something I had in plans so you can expect that to be added

>> No.20947825

Most 'lolis' are petite instead. There is plenty of average women too.

>> No.20947831

>Black light on spotlight 20 rolls from pity
>It's not gonna be Risley is it
>It's not
>It's Ibuki
I will never fucking ever get my hands on those clown tits...

>> No.20947942

You can get a merchant in the shop anon, she is really cute!

>> No.20947972

Lepuru is better. Now that we can switch skill and skillAW you can deploy her skill in great wars and her skillAW in long maps and subjugations. Her 50% cooldown reduction works for all units and is infinite. Risley's 220 range is a joke. Wonder Heart is the second best Jester, she has very high assassination chance but unlike Berna doesnt block dangerous foes.

>> No.20947982

Who is /dmm/ jew girl?

>> No.20948005

Clown tits > Bunny tits

>> No.20948087

Where? I don't see her.

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>> No.20948484

>10k points for one of the merchants I want and some other neat shit
How much is that in cash money?

>> No.20948488

Approximately 100$, less if Eurofag

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This is mein juden.
What's yours?

>> No.20949609

>$100 for a plat merchant
okay i want the neko loli merchant but i don't want her THAT much

>> No.20949667

More like $100 for permanent 12% bonus player rank XP.

For people who want to ever get the chibi Prince.

>> No.20949775

So how the fuck does the Goblin Queen's target priority work, anyway?

>> No.20949788

You also get a dupe black and 10 silvers/golds. But if you ever intend to spend cash on AIgis, that pack is a very good deal. You get 150sc (maximum discount aside from chibi packs), a plat unit, a rank exp booster, black armor, black unit, and potentially another good chance for atleast a plat unit.

>> No.20949793

She targets the last placed unit in her huge range. Just place a token next to her and attack her from range. Or use Vampire Lord and Leona skill to shield her until paralysis kicks in, then nuke her.

>> No.20950025

A really good deal would be one of the anniversary packs with a choice ticket.

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My first time beating those things while trying on my own without looking at youtube tutorials, feels satisfying.

Wouldn't know how to do it without Silvia, though.

>> No.20950226


Just spam more tokens & make sure Rocket Gob shitter doesn't shoot at a group.

>> No.20950459

I might actually get there with optimal play, holy shit. Also, turns out Bernice can actually live a Goblin Queen shot on like 1hp.

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I can't help but wonder if my Unitia client/account seed is aware that there are 4 other attributes in the game besides white.

>> No.20952879

How is kamihime? I already play granblue so I don't think it'll be too different.

>> No.20952922

I play both and find myself liking one over the other every now and then.
It's easier to get into and the extra frontline party member adds some room to play with your team comps, but on the other hand comparatively worse gacha as the rates are always static at 3%.
But hey
no Lyria

>> No.20952938

Is the flow similar? Will I be grinding weapons and skill fodder from raids to get strong? Do events give free characters and summons?

>> No.20952941

I don't know how anyone can have enough time to play both.

>> No.20952942

No magna, primal, or EX weapon types, so weapon grids are much more streamlined compares the clusterfucks in gbf.
No legfest or spark system, and the mircale tickets (surprise tickets) only available 2 or 3 time a year.
Less population and much shittier raid backup system so endgames raids can be real painful to grind.
And most important, no GW.

>> No.20952948

The truth of granblue is that you can play casually without pursuing esports. You can do literally everything in the game right now with a decent grid except the really high level content/raids but most people tend to get blinded with the "must get stronger" and fail to realize you can enjoy the story and events without running Akasha/UBHL every day for example.

>> No.20953093

Anri is useful.

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File: 331 KB, 1066x840, 123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do they keep ruining good character designs?

>> No.20953183

because beeeg anime titties

>> No.20953298

Dorothea now has 2,4k aoe heal with almost decent rof. Is she half as good as Rinne yet?

>> No.20953301

she's among the ugliest units in game so that alone makes her unusable

>> No.20953407


Is Anri good yet?

>> No.20953616

Another -2 cost? Doesn't really fix the problem with her degen and glass stats.

That necromancer ability boost is pretty big. Makes their tokens comparable to elementalers.
Metus' skeleton tokens get something like 866 attack within her range now at max level. Wish I had gotten her.

>> No.20953626

Unless they give her spear throwing skeletons with aoe damage, she'll still be underpowered even compared to elementalers.

>> No.20953656

Nice choco-croissaints

>> No.20953665

Because Aigis is a high test game
Go play FKG if you like flatlets, basedboy

>> No.20953674

>Is Anri good yet?
No, because she buffs magic damage only.

Big Metus buffs though, doesn't change the fact skellies are still one-hit-kill stalling tokens.

>> No.20953681

>Dark Priest buffs
Fuck yes
>No Dorothea buffs
Fuck no

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>> No.20953727

This week only for event unit, maybe nextweek

>> No.20953728
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I've never had the feeling that my kinks make me superior to others.

>> No.20953781
File: 229 KB, 600x500, download.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Her horns DO look delicious...

>> No.20953969

Sailors got no buff. Spotlight unit is a sailor. Missed opportunity or incentive to save up sc?

>> No.20954035

They are already good with their cost and role

>> No.20954124

I don't even think she would look good flat with that face, just give her moderate chest

>> No.20954183

>Will I be grinding weapons and skill fodder from raids to get strong? Do events give free characters and summons?
1) Yes and no, higher rarity fodder is nice to have but the free gacha only ever drops R items of which you get enough in a week to bring an SSR from slv1to 20 if you're feeling braindeadnand just wanna hit autoselect.
2) All events save side events and now Seraph events give summons out, raid events give free characters and sometimes advent collabs too

>> No.20954458

Ibuki is okay because she has huge multipliers on everything and outranges many dangerous foes. But there is no Gellius, Jerome or Elizabeth-tier in their platinum lineup that makes me go "oh i could use this for that situation". Sailorsymbol goes directly into the benchbox. And Meermen might as well be on the list of endagered species, rare as heck enemies.

>> No.20954489

Mutants count as mermen though don't they
Tho I mean yeah their absurd HP regen requires massive single hit damage to outright kill them and they're way too bulky for any sailor to engage on cooldown

>> No.20954713

If the new sailor added weather immunity not just to herself but to all sailors and pirates, that would be a huge reason to get her, mediocre stats or not.

>> No.20954748

No way she'd be immune to the weather with such a huge open (boob) window.

>> No.20954857

it's 2019 stop calling geomancers "feng shui users" aghsafhgfss I'm gonna have a stroke

>> No.20954882

Devs don't give a fuck about sailors. They gave them a trash AW2 path and then gave pirates an AW2 path that renders sailors completely useless at the one niche they had.

>> No.20954887

Happy to see Anya get a buff, especially one that enhances her old role as a tanky unit by increasing her eHP, but would be nice if they'd maybe bump her skill up a bit, too, while they're at it. 50% damage reduction just isn't all that special anymore.

Meanwhile, Shino just gets better for no real reason and has +7% attack to herself and all other youkai units now because why not.

>> No.20954894

Why? Every char in that class has an eastern motif.

>> No.20955537

heng shui yuusaazu

>> No.20956011

Does Kamihime have a wiki?
I know Aigis and FKG have REALLY good wikis but does Kamihime have one too?

>> No.20956030

It used to and then the Nutaku players stole it and deleted a bunch of DMM version info.

>> No.20956465

I am convinced Aigis' daily orb missions are rigged to lower the orb drop rates you actually need to 1% until you spend SC
How can a 50% drop fail 11 times in a row while everything else drops jesus christ

>> No.20957143

After getting Fennel from the 6* ticket, I had 500.00 gems left so I thought I'd just spend it all in hopes of strengthening my team (only have a handful of 6*).

Ten 10+1 rolls later, all I gained was a feeling of regret...

>> No.20957701
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Who do I pick with my 300 medals?
I like medium-to-big size knockers

>> No.20957999

Your fault for not quitting while you were ahead

>> No.20958038

It's not like all those 3* and 4* flower knights would turn into 6*s if I waited. Unless they make the guarantee a recurring thing, which I doubt.

>> No.20958044

Japanese Anemone? The other Cattleya? Red Spider Lily?

>> No.20958454

As an Artwhirl player who has put a considerable amount of time into Gina, fuck this fucking bleeding status. She does a far better job of killing herself with it than this boss ever could.

>> No.20958473

Cute tummy, dude.

>> No.20958626

Nightshade? Streptocarpus? Trailing Abutilon? Ionocidium?

>> No.20959216
File: 21 KB, 294x957, Results.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.20959233
File: 586 KB, 960x1057, 1530278957910.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These are better

>> No.20959235

Should add numbers to make it clearer.

>> No.20959236
File: 817 KB, 960x1765, 1528403926057.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Platinum confuses me.
I get Kanon, should've been 1st but Quill?

>> No.20959242

you can't be serious...

>> No.20959261

I sleep.

>> No.20959295

Does Natalie have really good H scenes or something?

>> No.20959303

Quill is very cute, I still use it even if she's not that powerfull

>> No.20959429
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Gacha when, I'm gonna sit on these until it happens.

>> No.20959904

First time I hear that as well, but thinking about it. It's weird that there's no English wiki for DMM while there are two wikis for Nutaku

>> No.20959932

>Lapis above Risley
Rinne getting 2nd is also bullshit.

>> No.20959950
File: 297 KB, 955x634, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not gonna lie, I would've choked hard on this without Sylvia.
But at least I did it without a guide.

>> No.20960003

I was intending to use her for the deployment gain since I don't have a pegasus rider, but I never got her affection to 100% Mostly because she didn't strike me as cute compared to other loli/pettanko

>> No.20960144

>tfw have 5 bonboris in storage from the last time i played a year or two ago but no longer have any idea who they're for
What's the easiest way to find out?

>> No.20960399


>> No.20960520

I wasn't here at that time but when nutaku got released, a lot of names got changed to match the nutaku ones, people would add nutaku quotes translations, skill names etc
names were reversed rather quickly but other stuff was removed after months
I can barely imagine how bad it would feel like to have all your efforts stepped on and thrown into trashbin like they're nothing

>> No.20960613
File: 140 KB, 1280x720, pyjamas_priscilla.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, Bleeding is really annoying when you have multi-action characters.
...I should actually start raising other characters too. Can't keep bruteforcing through every event with just my starter team.

>> No.20961096
File: 274 KB, 494x406, rain.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice, I can make a full rainbow team now

>> No.20961268
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>> No.20961393

I started playing last March. If you're interested, here's how I got my rainbows.
2 Rarity growth girls
2 D-Ticket girls
2 smart phone release girls
2 from the 55-roll pity system
1 rainbow medal exchange
1 from free login rolls during smart phone release
1 from free login rolls during the anniversary
4 girls from normal gacha rolls before we got doubled rates
1 girl from normal gacha with doubled rates.
3 Alstromerias and 1 Rainbow Rose as joke additions.

I did spend 3000 points on the 200 rainbow medal deal this Christmas. But I already have over 200 again, so it would look the same if I didn't spend.

>> No.20961458

"rainbow" team

>> No.20961656

Pretty impressive that you can remember exactly how you got them.

>> No.20961680

redpill me on seven siren

>> No.20962343

I have like ~40 rainbows and I remember how I got pretty much all of them. Granted, I also record most of my pulls.

-2 RG girls (Strawberry, Asagao)
-2 from regular tickets (Radiant Cattleya, Nadeshiko)
-2 Danchou tickets (Habranthus, Xmas Senryou)
-3 from 11-rolls (rerolled for Halloween Daisy, Halloween Herbaceous Peony spook while rolling for Easter Kodemari, Usagigoke on the first try)
-5 from rainbow medals (original Daisy, Christmas Rose, Burning Bush, Columbine, Monkshood)
-9 from paid deals (Iberis, Victoria, Serissa, and Xmas Himeshara were random and the only one of those I actually wanted was Iberis; Azalea, Mistletoe, Night-Maher, Easter Helenium, and Valentine Lavender were pick tickets)
-12 from paid yolos (Yukata Apple as my first yolo rainbow, Dendrobium, Sakura, Hanamomo, Ghost Weed, Aizoon spooking me from Mirabilis, Nipplewort, Abutilon and a dupe Halloween Herbaceous back-to-back, both Lotuses with bride Lotus appearing on my birthday)
-1 from FG yolo (Susuki swimsuit, plus about five Toad Lily swimsuits while aiming for and failing to get Baikamo)
-1 Sensitive Plant from the smartphone release

And Alstroemeria/Colchicum/Kugaisou don’t really count.

>> No.20962903

Dead serious. I used the wiki a few times before the Nutaku version came out and went back to it at one point (I just pick up Kamihime every like half a year or more just to poke at it) and a bunch of information had been removed and a lot of screenshots for menus and stuff had been replaced with the Nutaku version. There is no DMM wiki anymore, sadly.

The problem is that it's really hard as a free player to level units. The points just aren't easy to come by unless you're getting really lucky in your daily rolls. I only have three max level characters and the next highest ones I have are like... 20?

>> No.20963646
File: 840 KB, 1029x573, bgr 13445zzz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

have you missed these cute sprites anon?

>> No.20964419
File: 324 KB, 1026x574, 12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

but i see them every day anon

>> No.20964733
File: 50 KB, 274x298, 123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

2nd affection when, I have nobody to raise

>> No.20964841

give me your gems
just rain them down on my face like manna from heaven

>> No.20964972
File: 124 KB, 597x849, ab950bf3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm glad Lapis didn't win again since I only have her chibi.
Gacha when?

>> No.20965104

It's precisely because of her chibi that she didn't win.
They serve the same purpose anyways.

>> No.20966432

>Roll Aigis gacha
>silver rarity screen
>good, useful fodder or atleast exp for it
>gold rarity screen
>oh, no

>> No.20966600

For Jewel Princess, should I upgrade the level or weapon slot for new characters?

>> No.20966659

Level to 32 to unlock Materials (red blue & green gems), then weapon & armor slots if you have good stuff to put in there.

>> No.20966661

>it gives you Yuyu for the fifth time

>> No.20966757

But she's fine. She can be used for AW. Come back after getting 5 Gordeaux instead.

>> No.20966778

but her dumb potato face makes me die a little on the inside every time i see it

>> No.20967323

Thanks, also what do I do with lux now? Just buy the rainbow flasks?

>> No.20967331

Switching gold and silver rates was a mistake.

>> No.20967362
File: 1.46 MB, 962x642, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, I decided to pull all 7 of the Welfare Tickets at once. While I wasn't sure if a 40% New Rate is a great result, giving 2 Rainbow Medal per dupe seems even better.

If you got all the Welfares, it's basically 14 free Rainbow Medals.

>> No.20967594

Selling golds feeds my time fairy saving account. Getting all these units to mincost is really important once you have a decent stock of aw/aw2 units.

>> No.20967839

Pretty much.

>> No.20967862

Depends on what you plan to do with the girl.
For PvE it's level 32 > weapon slot > level 40 > armor slot.
For PvP it depends on the role of the girl (support/status or damage), but in general getting up to level 40 first is usually a good idea since that boosts all relevant stats.

You still need it for rerolling when upgrading a weapon to 6*. Aside from that you can go nuts with buying rainbow flasks.

>> No.20967905

>Getting all these units to mincost is really important
Said no one ever.
Only your first 2 to 3 deploys need low cost

>> No.20968891
File: 317 KB, 848x1200, DsX3nVqU0AEUYPA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, what's the general consensus on the 7* freebie pick in Shiropro? Lacking a good ki generator has been my biggest problem, so I'm thinking Hikone, but I don't have a high rarity song and Osaka's buff-everything-to-high-heaven passive looks good too (and I could always raise Shikano for kigen like a normal person). Nagoya is just a big damage stick, as far as I can tell, and I have more than enough of these.

For the record, my 6* and up castles are Kumamoto x2, Kamakura, Hiroshima, Bran, Maeda Kanazawa x2, Hamamatsu, Shirakawa Komine, Amboise, Oogaki, Chang'an, summer Nagoya, Nagato Shizuki, Warwick x2, Lindos Acropolis, Megumin, Wiz. Some general metagame advice would be good too, because every new map is kicking my ass and I have no answers to anything other than 'throw Amboise at it' (apparently Fragarach is broken in this game and I didn't get it from the collab, so I'm kicking myself over it too).

Also, 163 dang rolls and still no gacha 7*. Isn't the rate supposed to be 1%? Where do I go to cry endlessly about how Shiropro devs are the devil and I'm entitled to at least one Camelot or Great Wall every other week?

All three of your new girls are from early events and you could've gotten yourself another 6 medals if you'd done them beforehand, but it's no big loss. This welcome back campaign might as well not exist.

The real deal is the rainbow guarantee thing, which you really should do (if you haven't already). Strip mine your uncleared nation maps if needed, there are a lot of stones there. I've got the wrong piercing-type cute-because-of-flat-chest-not-despite-it girl, but she's united with Sakura at last.

>> No.20969515
File: 134 KB, 600x685, db3fc1a24a4843f299de953c070aff5f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Got this cutie and Fennel in the same week

I cherish the moments when NZN is in good mood

>> No.20970428

I picked a healer in shiropro as my free 7*. Already had character with "generator" and damage dealers, so i just filled my comp.
But i just cant be active in this game. This upgrade mechanic is such a annoying thing. You dont really need to think a lot in this game and enemy numbers can be huge sometimes. It so easy to missclick with those upgrades or forget about some of them. I just cant enjoy gameplay here.

>> No.20970450

>All three of your new girls are from early events and you could've gotten yourself another 6 medals if you'd done them beforehand
I mean, that's basically the most likely place to get new girls from because it depends on when you started FKG and if you have enough time/effort to do permanent revivals instead of Whale Ships or Aqua Shadow or Nation Defense.

>The real deal is the rainbow guarantee thing, which you really should do (if you haven't already). Strip mine your uncleared nation maps if needed, there are a lot of stones there.
Sorry, not fond enough of Fennel (or anyone on the banner for that matter) to throw stones at her banner to get a guaranteed random rainbow that's also 60% Fennel.

>> No.20970555

What free 7* pick?
Did I miss something?

>> No.20970602

Nutaku threads on /jp/? No wonder why I haven't posted here in years.

>> No.20970617

It's just the big three pick (Hikone/Nagoya/Osaka) that you get from one of the chapter 23 challenges. Ended up picking Hikone, and she's more than pulling her weight now. I have half a mind to use my spare Kumamoto to kai her, but I'll hold out just a bit more in case I roll another 7*.

By the way, just discovered Iwadonoyama's skill. Move over Shengpu, y'all haven't seen broken yet.

Also a respectable position. I don't have many strong preferences though, so any rainbow is a good rainbow to me. If it's a lily I'll roll for her because theme team, and if she has glasses I'll roll for her because glasses, but otherwise anyone is fine.

On that note, all these rolls put me over 500 growth crystals, so time to think about next RG. Easter Lily, Mountain Lily or Star Lily?

>> No.20970681

Nutaku was only founded in 2015, people had hope for good English translations as an alternative when you can't read Japanese.

Well, their hopes were deceived and now it's been 99 % DMM only discussion at least within the last year.
Nutaku is still in the OP to guide lost souls who found out about these gacha games via Nutaku and tell them to move to DMM if they don't want to get ripped off as much.

>> No.20970720

I got both gold and rainbow Fennel in the same week and accidentally spent ampules on gold Fennel. Gladly I realized it after only spending the first 10.
Nazuna's tricks are getting more nifty and taking advantage of my stupidity.

>> No.20971162

Is it possible to rip scenes from Devil Carnival? Not sure why we can't get them when we have Kamihime and TABA's.

If not, does anyone that hates themselves enough to somehow play the game be able to record and share a specific h-scene or two if you have a good collection of characters? I'd love you forever.

>> No.20971339

I seem to see it ripped on sadpanda though.

>> No.20971390

The sadpanda galleries only seem to have the CG and then gifs made via the CG by the uploader.

The TABA viewer and this
have everything down to text, sound, and the animations straight from the game if they have any.

>> No.20972321

Hikone was the right choice. Out of the 7*s I have (Including Osaka) Hikone is pretty much the only one who never leaves my team. You can probably hold it off and be fine depending on what your current ki-gen needs are but I'd definitely recommend kai'ing her once you feel comfortable to do so since the ability to place two tokens is pretty amazing and puts her ahead of any other ki-gen. I used a Kumamoto myself to kai her around when I first started out and I haven't regretted it.

>> No.20972369
File: 115 KB, 723x439, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been casually logging into FKG for a year mostly just rolling (And looking at H-scenes) and this is what I've managed to get thus far.

Now I'm finally bored enough to play it and the only question is have is how the fuck do I teambuild.

>> No.20972487

Throw stats at whatever is blocking you

Once that stops working, try building a team around some mechanic you can find some girls to have in common, like stacking dodge, skill activation, defense & counter-attack, sunburst or crit.

>> No.20972634

is there a decent dmm game with variations in the H-scenes?
most of them feature exclusively regular vaginal, and it gets boring incredibly fast

>> No.20972661

Most of them are going to be vanilla as fuck, but you should be finding more variation in position than that at least. Aigis has two or three scenes per character and some of the less-vanilla stuff you'll find in the popular games. Most of it is vanilla, but there's some anal and stuff, as well as the random "sex with a puppet" or "carrot in the girl's ass" scenes you'll sometimes end up with. Also tentacles, regenerating hymens, and some other ideas that get thrown in there from time to time.

>> No.20972738

Otogi usually has a vanilla sex scene and a gangbang/rape scene for every 5 star.

>> No.20972739

I guess Kamihime? Even after the vanilla retcons you still get some scenes that are a bit out there

>> No.20972807

For events in JewPri how is your score from event stages determined?

>> No.20972840

Damage dealt

Figuring out what gimmicks affect your damage is what makes up the bulk of the events.

In the current one, you need Pyrite in solo backline & the weak but buffing girls in the frontline with AoE to remove the shields from the 4 backliners.

>> No.20972891

I mean the regular stages and the event points they give.

>> No.20972921
File: 320 KB, 1129x641, a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone knows what's this for? I pressed the pink button and it revealed a few 4* units at the bottom.
I can pick two of those for the blue-ish due slots on the center and that's about it

>> No.20972926

a random number between x and y. Meaning that once you're happy with your daily high score, just start the battle and get a coffee or something while the battle is running.

>> No.20972944

Selection gacha for the anniversary.
You can pick one of the higher tier girls (Like Diamond, Topaz etc I forget the exact term) and two of the regular ones.
If you keep rolling extra "copies" they girl will level up and eventually promote to the next rarity.
You get 5 a day plus another 5 a day from retweeting.
Easy way to get dupes for LBing a specific girl or picking with your dick for a new girl.

>> No.20972948

Anniversary gacha. Basically, pick one Jewelia (rarer and more expensive to raise, but stronger) and 2 princesses (common characters) to keep. Then, roll every day to get dupes of your picks, which will level up and evolve them.

>> No.20972955

I see anon, thanks a lot. So, at the end of the 5 rerolling I get to keep my selection? that's pretty nice

>> No.20973012
File: 60 KB, 300x150, JP.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But you don't receive them until the campaign is over in 21 days, so just keep doing your rolls every day.
I don't really keep up with the meta or gameplay too much so I can't really give any suggestions but IIRC Pyrite and Alexandrite are both very strong, someone correct me if I'm wrong.

>> No.20973114

Different anon, I'm holding onto Alexandrite right now, but my dick wants Bloodstone and I can't get her to show up. Send help and Bloodstones.

>> No.20973442

Is there a quick icon to differentiate Jewelias from from regular princesses.
I started playing today and already have five 6*, but I'm guessing they are regular units

>> No.20973620

Check the backgrounds in >>20972921. They're the same colors on the units at the bottom, so Jewelia will have that bright rainbow background and everyone else will have the purple one.

>> No.20973691

When you roll one in the gacha before the reveal the stone will be glowing too.

>> No.20973701

thanks, I noticed I don't have any of those yet. I did only one 10 roll so far. saving the 20k crystals for cute girls

>> No.20974283

Random number within a given range. Bigger for the big boss node for the same time wasted, so farm that one. Doesn't matter what your score is.

>> No.20974382
File: 285 KB, 1073x519, dsa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll lock this one to have an easier time during events then

>> No.20974454

Go for Pyrite rather

Or that cutie unreleased anniversary girl; Labradorite

>> No.20974654

I thought it might've been based on clear time or something.

> unreleased anniversary girl; Labradorite
Is that what she is?
I didn't recognize her or her mega milkers.

>> No.20974875

>Or that cutie unreleased anniversary girl; Labradorite
The what now?

>> No.20975144
File: 1.53 MB, 1192x746, chrome_XJooxtQ1do.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know about the unreleased bit, but she has a page you can view in the 図鑑.
I don't exactly recognize her either.

>> No.20975195

Holy shit

I should start this game

>> No.20975923
File: 957 KB, 2181x640, eWAfSzl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's the new bloom art this week for anyone who can't wait ten more minutes for the servers to be up.

>> No.20976221

Unreleased in the sense of "There's currently no other known way to get other than keep gacha, which will be distributed at the end of the month".

We don't know yet if she'll be made available through other means, so if you like her design you probably want to go for her in keep gacha, just to make sure.

>> No.20976297
File: 153 KB, 900x500, 63dcc5d835fd74c6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>green hair
Wow it's like a bingo chart for WORST

>> No.20976346

At least the brown goddess saved this picture

>> No.20977122 [DELETED] 

Egyptian week best week. Are the other pantheons even trying?

Team 1 (burst + defense): Usagigoke (provoke), Sarcandra, Kodemari, Wheat, Sakura
Team 2 (debuff + some critical): Iberis, Soapwort, Acacia, Azalea (provoke), Colchicum
Team 3 (stragglers): Broom, Kodemari, Azalea (provoke), Streptocarpus, Alstroemeria

This is roughly what I'd go with. Ampules are more important than actual tactics, though, and map composition helps a lot too. Moving Iberis to the first team would help a lot if you're going against something weak to crush/pierce, and Soapwort would also see a lot of team 1 action against things with dangerous skills.

Usagigoke is the most broken character currently in the game, it's like her worldflower blessings were compensating for her horrible childhood. You'll do well as long as you have her.

>> No.20977144

Egyptian week best week. Are the other pantheons even trying?

Team 1 (burst + defense): Usagigoke (provoke), Sarcandra, Kodemari, Wheat, Sakura
Team 2 (debuff + some critical): Iberis, Soapwort, Acacia, Azalea (provoke), Colchicum
Team 3 (stragglers): Broom, Kodemari, Azalea (provoke), Streptocarpus, Alstroemeria

This is roughly what I'd go with. Ampules are more important than actual tactics, though, and map composition is relevant too. Moving Iberis to the first team would help a lot if you're going against something weak to crush/pierce, and Soapwort would also see a lot of team 1 action against things with dangerous skills.

Usagigoke is the most broken character currently in the game, it's like her worldflower blessings were compensating for her horrible childhood. You'll do well as long as you have her, the general idea is to spread at least one dodge girl to one team + stack buffs/debuffs as >>20972487 says. Different types of buffs (boss damage, skill damage, attack up, critical damage up etc.) stack multiplicatively, so you want to have as many kinds as possible, while some abilities like enemy attack down and solar drive only shine when on the same team.

>> No.20978281

Imagine living with taste this cripplingly bad.

>> No.20979992

What is this? Haven't they learnt their lesson from Demon's Kitchen?

>> No.20980356
File: 88 KB, 684x530, D1bTOBmVAAAW4pY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.20980533

How hard is it to get a title? it'll be my first one

>> No.20980536

Is a chink game like Girls Frontline plus something like a quizz section

>> No.20980557

You need some relatively competent sweepers, and someone to at least distract the boss long enough for the sweepers to do their job. If you can’t handle the boss’ second form, then you’ll need someone tanky enough to aggro it without killing its first form.

I’ve eked out a win on every extreme using Clarice (multiple Clarices, one on each team, if necessary) as my main sweeper, for the most part. Garuda was probably the trickiest due to the wind gimmick and heavy concentration of aerial foes, though Hecaton was also a bit rough due to the wonky unit placement and the range on some titans. I distinctly recall Cenote’s range being a bigger help than Clarice there, and I still had to get creative for the third wave.

Also goes without saying, but bring as many soldiers in each wave as possible, especially if you go token heavy like I do. Multiple Lieselottes and what have you.

>> No.20980585

Out of all the games discussed here, which one hands out the most shit or which game is the most generous with its currency? I want to pick up something but I have a serious gacha addiction.

>> No.20980641
File: 80 KB, 448x121, 1521942825033.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh so you need multiple teams. I got Katie and Jerome but my Liese isn't leveled. No Clarice, any other of these apart from Cenote could be useful?

>> No.20980745

Just use Shengpu

>> No.20980775

I don't have her, I'm waiting for pop gacha.

>> No.20980793

Loretta tokens can be useful with some nifty placement, Yukihime can stall the boss (might want to keep her low-leveled to prevent triggering second form as mentioned earlier). Zilva probably won’t work due to her token degeneration.

>> No.20980856

Title requires just a 1* on the third map, and you get a lot of free life to play with, so you always have the option to just kill off what you can and leave the rest to waltz into your base. You're in luck if Einherjar is a melee godbeast like Sphinx/Behemoth too, you don't need to worry about the boss messing up your formation that way. Title art looks like you may have to fight a bunch of archer/mage/swordsman ghosts with different weapons, though.

You don't need leveled soldiers either, but unless you're running a very tight ship, you'll need every UP gain unit to throw at the first two phases. Bring all three of Katie/Jerome/Liese, plus any valks, merchants and even pegasus riders you may have, these maps start off like subjugations and there are lots of small fry to get UP off of.

>> No.20980874

Ok, thanks for the help guys. I'll try to get the minimum star at least.

>> No.20981078
File: 695 KB, 546x630, D1cSPYAUYAA_Qdw.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Will you look at the size of this gem here

>> No.20981106
File: 28 KB, 288x288, Midickisready.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20981111


>> No.20981322

Too much

>> No.20981351

In awe at the size of this lass

>> No.20981985

Muh. I wish this game wasnt a boring autobattler to keep me in.

>> No.20982611

Magic damage is great now given how easy it is to make it 0 now with strong units. Tenma+Sylseth/Sephire is a straight -40 with near full uptime, which is enough for most enemies. Throw in Ingrid instead of/with Tenma for scythe demons. All of these units except Sylseth are top tier to begin with so they're not uncommon to run on their own strengths. Anri is actually really strong now because you can throw Emelda or Duo into a typical setup with Ingrid or Tenma or whoever and have them benefit immensely, as the way rapid multihit damage is calculated would favor magic in the first place. Too bad the other enchanters don't have good enough uptime to utilize the buff.

>> No.20982716
File: 145 KB, 1143x580, Capturcxe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I only have a 32 Pyrite. Is it even worth getting another copy of her? I'm not using her in the arena because she's too low leveled. I want the new girl though.

>> No.20982745

I'm pretty sure the units in this cap out at 30, so you'd ultimately only get her up to 34. Just pick someone new.

>> No.20982930
File: 821 KB, 827x461, 191819184649.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone playing brave girls raven know how to bypass the out of memory crash? i played this game for more than 4 years and only in the past 3 months I started having this problem, I used like 5 or 6 different browsers and all of them got the same error

>> No.20983085

Using an old version of Firefox or IE that still supports the Unity Web Player worked best in my experience.

>> No.20983273

Interesting, but I think you need to install unity too right? I guess I am going to abandon this game after all, the game breaks a lot and I can't play more than 3 minutes, I sure wanted to know how people can still play this game, I can't find shit online

>> No.20983295

Works fine for me on Palemoon.

>> No.20983297

If you've got an Android device, you can try the mobile version. Beyond that, I don't really know that I can offer any suggestions because I haven't played it and I don't know what to try to fix it.

>> No.20983300

I would drop all gacha for 3 months and dedicate all of my free time to bulk up in a gym just so that I can lift her up with my hands, impale her on my cock and fuck her so that all her deliciously plump flesh jiggles violently shaking the sweat off her juicy body.
Thanks for reading my post.

>> No.20983356

Well, I guess it's my computer, had the same problem again

Well, the problem is that I play this game, only this game in an alternate acc, and my android games are linked to another account, so I can't play it there

>> No.20983427
File: 656 KB, 794x522, Botan rarity up.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fucking finally! Now I have full rainbow party, 741k total power and 4th place in senyuu ranking.

>> No.20983575
File: 17 KB, 272x153, 1488579898218.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20983595

> RGed and 100lv Botan
good taste
I'll RG mine too as soon as I get some more manyu

>> No.20983797

Not worth it unless you can get her almost finished to 38 and higher.

>> No.20983798

>All those level 100's
I'll never understand how can people waste so much money in games like these

>> No.20983825

Level 36 pyrite is fine, actually. I am consistently getting S1 with those levels.

>> No.20983991

Have a job, be single, and don't live in a 3rd world shit hole. It's literally the same thing as any other hobby/entertainment. A lot of people in the US spend hundreds/thousands on stupid shit every month.

>> No.20984218

Spending thousands on pictures is pretty out there though.

>> No.20984347
File: 1.05 MB, 959x641, AWAKEN MY MASTERS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20985086
File: 34 KB, 342x530, D1gcaW3U8AEWTXS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>glasses brown girl in Kamihime
>glasses not-Sion on Aigis
There is justice in this world.

I wish we got some more majin revivals, though, maybe even an "all the majin at once" week like the multi-revivals we had just now. At least Shiropro picked up the slack in the fun department, I'm having a blast Bloody Pathing these kabutos.

>> No.20985088

glasses girls are garbage anyway

>> No.20985165

If I didn't already see the tweet with her name in it and you told me that was actually Sion in a collab, I'd have believed it. New twintail Sion is pretty good, too, though.

>> No.20985195
File: 171 KB, 443x360, 12379239237932.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone know what game pic related is from? Someone linked it on a gacha thread on /v/ and the thread died before I could ask.

>> No.20985215

Inyouchuu. The one on DMM, I think.

>> No.20985237

That's just the way the gaming industry is going. You can spend tons of money on cosmetics/currency/services in mainstream games now a days too.

>> No.20985245

not literal thousands though and a lot of games are implementing systems so you dont have to spend astronomical amounts to get what you want

>> No.20985264

Kamihime 3rd anni stream on the 24th

>> No.20985288

Will kamihime have a real anniversary? The ones for Aigis and FKG were sort of disappointing.

>> No.20985299

It'll be a fake anniversary.

>> No.20985308

Compared to actually good anniversaries where the game pulls every stop to hand out free shit, the shitty ones might as well be fake "we didnt forget we swear" anniversaries.

>> No.20985460

Botan is cute.

>> No.20985547

Actually I have 7 more uncap dragons but I'm not sure who I should raise. I have like 10 other rainbows in backseat, enough rainbow crystals to rarity up one more gold, and one rainbow ticket.
Too many choices, too many different abilities and ideas what should I combine them to.

>> No.20985552

Clearly the answer is to waste more money until you can uncap everyone

>> No.20987485
File: 1.15 MB, 1080x1620, SSR EV 08【待ち望んだ貢ぎ物】.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dead thread

>> No.20987613

dead games

>> No.20988103
File: 792 KB, 708x486, Screenshot (7).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Damn, this never happens to me, playing this game since the first day and first time I got 3 SSRs in a ten roll

>> No.20988275

bakuhatsu shiyo

>> No.20988302

What's the difference between blacksmiths and maids?

>> No.20988334

One beats the iron, the other gets beaten by the iron

>> No.20989324
File: 299 KB, 585x427, comp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How close am I to being able to take the 500-man suppression map? I also have White Emperor and Chydis, but they're only level 20/41 right now; I could probably CC the latter fairly quickly with the fairies I've been accumulating.

>> No.20989335

Does google play FKG block foreign IPs or some shit? I literally can't connect to All ages but R18 loads fine.

>> No.20989638

DMM all ages website does.

>> No.20989666
File: 109 KB, 733x813, gaijinok.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

FKG is part of a pretty short list of games that doesn't block foreign IPs on the all ages side.

>> No.20989690

Don't want to miss out on money from gaijin idiots after all

>> No.20989695

>techcross is ok with you playing kamihime
>but not unitia

>> No.20989843

I think you need a better tank so level that Dina or Bernadette (cheaper). Also remove all the physical damage and replace with magic. Witches work really good so level Cloris and Belinda to max. Belinda has obscene range and damage on skillAW.

>> No.20989879

Is Tenma worth keeping on just for the debuff if I can't level her right now?

>> No.20989987

Good guy Kanpani.

>> No.20991292

The overseas portal is such an afterthought that they probably forgot about it. Almost all of the allowed games are old.

>> No.20991816
File: 694 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20190314_101528.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>google play FKG
I can play it just fine. Although you do need to mess with your region settings so that the app shows up in play store (or just get it from some 3rd party store).

>> No.20992191

I thought Decius died or quit.

>> No.20992339

>Emelda gets 0 block on SAW
Aww, this kind of puts a damper on Fate Diviner + 50% dodge gimmick plans.

Does that even work, by the way? Or does she suddenly switch buff types on AW?

>> No.20992352
File: 12 KB, 530x220, 8492142819.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow, that is a big buff. AW2 art when, though?

>> No.20992366


>SAW - reuse down, HP degen removed
Okay. Maybe she's good now.

>> No.20992478

Anri and Misa buffs galore

>> No.20992492

>Melabyss buffs

Should I give her priority now?

>> No.20992523

>50k stones on fkg collab banner
>One rainbow and its offbanner
swear this shity collab is really making me dislike the game

>> No.20992582

>Took me a little bit over a year to build up 300 rainbow points
>Finally did it and sat on them until an unit I want to use them on comes
>Unit comes and you can't spend the points on them

What's the point of these then? Am I really just supposed to treat them as a regular boring character ticket that takes over a year to get when you can get the same deal for $50?

>> No.20992634

>Estelle's SAW is now infinite duration.

Might be worth using with Sheng Pu and Pika Prince against demons I guess, but her Ability is still a waste since I don't use other mages, mage armors, etc.

>> No.20992647

Yeah she is massive now, helped me clear advent, pretty much soloed all the trash that comes out during first wave

>> No.20992888
File: 458 KB, 959x638, mission.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can someone give me a quick rundown of how this works, and how I should fill these teams?

>> No.20993004

Is Eldora good now?

>> No.20993043
File: 3.97 MB, 1334x750, A8ACBE6E-08A1-4B93-8114-5551434BC8F2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>$300 and 1000(00) gems later

Thank god.

Hope you FKG devs are happy.

I can’t even say I got anything decent out of those gems aside from her.

>> No.20993056

Click on + symbol, select the unit you want to add to the team.

Generally speaking you'll want to start with at least one unit with at least 3 block, two healers, two archers, a mage, a witch, a unit that increases UP (like Katie), and then fill the team up with the highest rarity other units you have.

If you don't understand (me or the moonrunes), explore the wiki at https://aigis.fandom.com/wiki/Guides

>> No.20993101

All your soldiers and a rearguard tactician go into team 1. Deploy them fast and collect as many up as possible. Deploy additional Valkyries and Pegasus Riders for more up. Put some healers and archers in and try to clear the first wave. All your heavy hitters go into team 2 and 3. Merchants can also go into team 1 if you have any. If you have a lot of good soldiers, some can go into team 2 instead to raise more up.

>> No.20993107

Cling on the red button is easier tho

>> No.20993121

Unfortunately, I only have vanguard tacticians (Helena and Uzume). Soldiers are Katie (AW2), Julian (CC), and Phyllis (CC). How many healers will I need all told?

>> No.20993144

My brain is lagging and shortened clicking to cling wtf

>> No.20993226
File: 54 KB, 180x170, 1537572967495.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Keraunos revival when, it's painful finding any strats without him.

>> No.20993351

Just use Shampoo

>> No.20993366

Total War Missions are tough on you if you dont have a lot of spare units to bolster all your teams. Just try it and see if you can manage.

>> No.20993394

>STILL needs ANOTHER keraunos reissue
please stop ruining Aigis for everyone who's been playing longer than 3 months

>> No.20993415

they should just add it to the daily revival or something else to not make it interfere with other revivals.

>> No.20993506

They should do a lot of things. But they wont.

>> No.20993520

I can't believe it took them this long to remove the one thing that was actually wrong with her. Being a suicidal unit isn't really a good look for anybody, but they just kept trying to buff her and hoping everyone would forget about the giant penalty.

Debatable. Her dodge skill is probably better, but a permanent 1.7x attack/defense isn't too bad for a unit that blocks two enemies and hits both for magic damage. She still suffers from dragon unit cost though.

>> No.20993562

Managed to 1star it, so I can get a feel for tailoring my teams, but then a second difficulty level showed up. How many
missions do you need to clear for the title?

>> No.20993588

The third one, 1* works too.

>> No.20994075

>clear first two maps relatively easily
>third map has two lightning angels right at the start and a bishop that regens enemies faster than chibi lapis can hurt them
these fucking whores

>> No.20994385

She's still pretty shit and niche and so are necromancers in general. I wouldn't bother unless you run most of the gacha undeads and even then she won't be doing much apart from looking cute.

Should be decent once they give Necromancers a 2AW though, assuming they don't fuck it up but who knows when that'll be.

>> No.20994446

>Devs make massive dick move to milk everyone and put out collab units
>They don't even try to hide the collab is the scummiest cashgrab ever by telling everyone the units will never get updated or revisited ever
>Pay them for it

but literally why

>> No.20994465

Welp. This advent wasn't so bad. Just a bit unexpected damage from ghosts at worst.

>> No.20994574

>Should be decent once they give Necromancers a 2AW though, assuming they don't fuck it up but who knows when that'll be.
Before bandits, mages, and princesses, at least.

>> No.20994609

>She's still pretty shit
Sad to say she could have been Shengpu #2 but she only got 2 targets and no range bonus on her SAW. If it was also 1.4x range and say 3-4 targets, she could have been quite nasty.

>> No.20994692

Vampire Hunters 2AW are coming up next, aren't they?
Sue could use some love.

>> No.20995355

>No changes to Dorothea's AW skill
T-thanks for that 5% I guess...

>> No.20995371
File: 633 KB, 1672x2048, 1533829229663.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wonder if there's other artists who love their creations for a third party game as much as Arisawa likes Torikabuto.

I for one am looking forward to Secret Garden 5

>> No.20995383
File: 118 KB, 566x800, __le_temeraire_azur_lane_drawn_by_riichu__d22d7a6550d8e17713b9a514e8efed69.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Riichu and temeraire

>> No.20995474

This guy is up there, he drew for Kanpani.

>> No.20995571

Sell golds or use them as AW fodder?

>> No.20995589

Better to get RC and use silvers as fodder.
What are you going to do with silvers otherwise?

>> No.20995607
File: 303 KB, 1143x555, o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what's the percentage for?.
I've been spamming the fights and slowly unlocking the rewards every 200 points and nothing else

>> No.20995618

At the end of the event you get a box. The % is the chance of getting the event character out of said box. It's raised primarily by getting a high score every day in the ranking quest.

>> No.20995626

thanks a lot anon

>> No.20995782

Sunken cost.

I threw 600(00)+ free gems already with nothing to show for it.

>> No.20995803
File: 65 KB, 201x146, 1272001_Stand.aod_Sprite.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can we keep her? Pretty please?

>> No.20995809
File: 67 KB, 900x505, DyjvBAsUUAEGAbv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>160k stones and $300 for a rate down collab character that won't be revisited.

I'm most likely going to go the opposite route of finding something else to play and toss this game on the backburner to return to it if I feel like it later because this collab seriously felt like the devs decided to spit on you if you had the slightest interest in the collab but I respect your dedication I guess.

>> No.20995823

I decided to check my old reroll accounts to see how many stones it'd take me to get Millim considering I made a ton of them when I was rerolling.

The grand total it took me to get her was 300000 stones with two off banner rainbows before hitting the rate up. Nice rates you friends have here in this game.

>> No.20995954

So... that's Keraunos, but... what the fuck is the rest in that mess of a sprite?

>> No.20996005

You’re a bit mistaken.

Specifically, it was ~650(00) free gems and ~350(00) paid gems. Not 600(00) free and 1000(00) paid.

Honestly, getting trolled by off-banner rainbows on top of everything else is the worst thing.

Could’ve been done with this in 100(00) gems instead of 1000(00) if not for that.

>> No.20996895
File: 156 KB, 256x813, 89428491.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like it's all the minbosses' bodies mashed together. Kinda gruesome.

>> No.20997005


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