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Monster Girl Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/UevqvF4h
Content Aggregator: Anubis.moe
Writers list: https://pastebin.com/RTLpHEmk
Sabbath Grimoire Scans: https://imgur.com/a/CATcaGk

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Loli mouth pussy!

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Nipple ring piercings as wedding rings for loli monster girls!

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Making porn in MGE-land must be hard. Since if you want to make any type of fetish porn you need o find a couple who has said fetish, or find two single people who has that fetish and make them a couple.

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Nipple rings are quite nice anon, but I'd prefer magical ones that mimic all the properties of regular ones except they don't actually make holes in the flesh.

I still quite like the idea of making video and or livestream tutorials and exhibitions of our various niche fetishes with my waifu and daughteru.

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Big manes grant big gains!

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Would you pierce them yourself anon?

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I honestly find the idea of tutorials really funny, not only that you would make them, but also a couple watching it and then trying it out.
Also if it's a fetish that you only need two people for I find it kind of cute and sexy that the mother/daughter become the instructor.

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Bellybutton piercings for christmas cake monsters trying to pose as sexy young college girls.

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I wonder what MGs do on their off time.

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No, I have no idea how. But on our wedding day, they'd already be a piercing there, and I'll just clip the wedding ring onto it as we take our vows. How romantic!

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Oh, I can think of neat scenarios where each of us would get to instruct by 'using' the other two.

But anon, wouldn't it be much more intimate and meaningful if you did it yourself?

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Stories about monster girls. Not all are erotic and there are all kinds of stories to choose from. I hope you find something you like!

ANYTHING by this author!











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Battle mansion: Renya's fight
Undead Invasion (Zombie to Wight)

Day Of The Rape - Dark Elf
Ancient Wonders 1 and 2

I know the quality of these stories vary but these are still 'beggers can't be choosers.'

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Why not just make a pastebin the links to the fics and post it when someone is doing a fic request?

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>>20922903 #
>>20922907 #
Why not just make a pastebin with the links to the fics and post it when someone is doing a fic request?

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'Cause he's a shitposter, as will be evidenced by his replies.

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For that amount of text it seems too much work.

Oh? And what do you add to this thread?

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How is copying and pasting your posts in to pastebin to much work.

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I wanna bully IDW by kissing my raifu in front of her!

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Griffons are proud and noble creatures. Please do not lewd them

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If I had this tattooed on my back would a gryphon lady find it creepy or endearing?

Also I guess the same question would apply to every MG that sees a tattoo of their base species.

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I want my very own shortstack albedo to kiss, hold and love. Also yes I also want her to be yan for me.

Griffons are inferior to dragons and should be lewdly bullied as a result.

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Has someone written "The very hungry Greenworm" yet?

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She might wonder why you spelt her species name like that, but she would probably take pride in something that honours her species. Also she might take you as a husbando so be prepared for that.

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>Tfw you're tired and aren't paying attention to what tab you're in but your accidental post is still kinda applicable because it's a cyborg cat girl

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I want a bitch MG

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I will admit your post did confuse me about what idw is. But hey it still works so have a good night friend.

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>tfw I would 100% get into a fight with a Gryphon over how it's spelled

It's spelled Gryphon YOU DOUBLE HARPY

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The only thing better than a bitch monster girl is a bitch bitch monster girl.

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Griffons in lewd dresses yes

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She's a character from the gacha game Girls Frontline, she's sort of the unofficial mascot.

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Kobold bitches must be pretty rare, considering how they're such good girls

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>anon argues with griffin over how griffon is spelt
>eventually gryphon just decides to rape him.
I mean let’s be honest it’s still a good end.

They are!

I see anon. Nice chat then and I hope our wish comes true.

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When a monster girl looks at you like you're garbage but you can still tell she likes you it means she is fit for marriage.

>No Kobold bitch to complain about her bitch friends doing bitch things while she gives you a blowjob

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What breed of kobold makes for the best bitches?

>> No.20923109

There's some real sick stuff out there though. Like "Demon holds her husband's hand while they both talk about their day"

>> No.20923110

Smaller breeds, the kinds that are all bark and no bite.
Chihuahuas are especially bitchy.

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What happens to the excess monstergirls when they run out of humans? If all the humans girls get turned to monsters, that's already enough for every man. Are they going to have a civil world war over the waning man supply?

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>chihuahua kobold botching about her day
>tells you about the beeg husky girl.
>calls her also sorts of names like wannabe hellhound.
>all of this is while she furiously sucks your cock.

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>Husky girl
I didn't know I needed this but I do

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What kind of voice does your monster girl waifu have?

>> No.20923133

She's basically a cheshire, but significantly easier to shoot. Also, it's unintentional.

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Basically Baiken

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Her voice is a bit on the deeper end, I imagine she sounds pretty similar to Demi Moore!

>> No.20923161

What's unintentional?

>> No.20923166

Being an annoying twat. Like a cheshire, she's still a good girl once you look past her aggravating bits.

>> No.20923167

Oh fuck yes.

>> No.20923171

Chihuahua dog girls must be absolutely tiny and so easy to manhandle. Such ferocious cock suckers too

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A bit deeper, kinda sultry sounding, like vid related. https://youtu.be/_LvEj01NBmQ

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>All big genki husky girl did was help chihuahua bitch grab something off the top shelf and headpat her like she was a kid
>This is enough to warrant heavy bitching and namecalling for a few hours
At least her blowjobs are fantastic and she'd never bitch about you.

When a smaller kobold tries to act like the alpha you gotta remind her that she's just your female by breeding her in a standing full nelson in front of a mirror.

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Which one? She's had like 4 different voices.

>> No.20923197

A bit deep, but very proper. Like a British nanny, that's the best example I could give for it, her vocabulary would be similar too.

>> No.20923198

Either X or Xrd. Just not XX.


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Somewhat high-pitched voice but not too much. Soft and smooth tone, but will often speaks in a very cutesy way. It goes well with her energetic and kindhearted personality.

When she speaks her native ~tongue~ however, she sounds, well, unique. Lots of sudden and loud noises from the crashing and trashing. Definitely not something any human could mimic. In fact, most other monster girl species wouldn't be able to mimic it either. Many of her own kind often say she's got an elegant touch to it however. Though for me, I just can't wrap my head around it.

>> No.20923202

I want to see my Kikimora cook with Gordon Ramsay

>> No.20923204

I love this kind of voice.

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You might be gay, she sounds manlier than most dudes.

>> No.20923219

>Hellhound criticizes Hell's Kitchen for looking nothing like Hell
>Says that, even at his worst, Gordon Ramsey is a saint compared to others in Hell

>> No.20923229

>Mindflayer with a sultry sensual voice that has a faint echo to it
>Atlach-Nacha with the typical tsundere loli voice

>When she speaks her native ~tongue~ however, she sounds, well, unique.
I wonder how many species have their own unique native language, I always assume monster girls simply pick up the language of their father.

>> No.20923239

I've always thought that, just like here, monster girls have their own languages and nations. If anything, the husband learns the language spoken in that land. Then for the more isolated species, they probably have their own dialects and even languages in the more extreme cases. I couldn't imagine dozens of languages being spoken in one town because a few husbands were foreign.

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When Alduin still seem so messed up, and still has not getting into terms of becoming a cute Monstergirl


>> No.20923319

That makes senses and I'm sure learning a new language is fairly easy when your beloved wife speaks it.
>Anon marries an Anubis
>She gives him classes on her ancient highly complex dialect

Alduin is a hopeless case. If you want some old hag evil dragon you got plenty of choices.

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I've got this weird blend of dub Mitsuru from P3 most of the time and JP Alicia from Aria when she's being flirty or teasing.

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What does Shog do when master is not around? Like when he is at work or when he is sleeping? Does she get time off? What does she do then?

>> No.20923351

Because I don't use pastebin and why bother for so few lines of text?

>> No.20923367

Rides her custom molded dildo, shaped exactly like your dick, while hugging a body pillow wearing your shirt. All while staring at a photo of you

>> No.20923399

thingken of mastah

>> No.20923481

Good morning friends

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i'm an intellectual, so i like lich

>> No.20923559

It's never a good morning because none of us ever wake up to our monster girl(s) of choice in their bed.

Even the most intellectual man with decades of study behind him would be like a baby next to a Lich or Hakutaku who has centuries of knowledge.

>> No.20923566

>Centuries of knowledge
Im going after the recently raised/turned lich and learn the various theses and theories published by our forebears together

>> No.20923582

Human girls who turned into Lichs while alive because of their endless thirst for knowledge are dangerous and to be avoided if possible.
Human girls who turned into Lichs after being resurrected because they possessed the potential to do so are optimal.

>> No.20923701

Daily reminder that giving head pats to your kikimoras too much might lead to them developing addictions and homicidal tendencies.
This is coming from personal experience.

>> No.20923724

I'm an intellectual too, so I like loli Liches.

And young Liches born from a Lich mother are the best.

>> No.20923728

wans that dabble in magic get very lonely

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Griffons in casual clothes are fine too

>> No.20923745

You'd have to headpat her many many times a day and constantly go on about how much you love her and how she's the woman of your life before she gets an addiction and weird tendencies.
Only a man who is completely starved for love and affection would go that far.

A loli Lich must experience and learn all about anal before she can move on to other fields of studies.

>> No.20923752

You gotta start them young and headpat them from their childhood.

>> No.20923780

Consensual or Non-consensual first encounter with your MG wife?

>> No.20923792

There's no way it couldn't be consensual.

>> No.20923806

As in,literally seeing her for the first time with that "yeah you are gonna end married with me" lusty look

>> No.20923824

hippogriff When

>> No.20923826

I want to be assigned monster girl bodyguards that seem confused as to why their chests are getting bigger!
Rear and hips too!

>> No.20923851

She's a magnificent specimen.

>> No.20923856

Men don't know what they want. A monster girl should be very assertive and decide on the relationship without his consent since she knows better than him.
An exception is made for complete sluts who dream of being with a particular monster girl or species.

A goofy flying hippopotamus would not make for a good monster girl.

>> No.20923874

Phoenix when

>> No.20923879

I disagree with you entirely, because im a researcher and having a researcher waifu is my dream. One hman-turned-lich with an endless thirst for knowledge, please

>> No.20923886

>Birb starts day as a loli, ends it as a CC

>> No.20923901

Oh boy I can't wait to live forever!

>> No.20923922

>Night sex with a fat titty birb
>Morning sex with a flatty loli

>> No.20923927

>tfw no mokou gf

>> No.20923929

Cooking phoenix eggs for breakfast

>> No.20923933

You may need to keep multiple sets of clothes though and she may end up using her daughters sometimes.

I also feel that the 'age' thing only kicks in once they finish maturing

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Mature Phoenix a best.

>> No.20923962

fireproof clothes

use her daugherus for what anon?

>> No.20923969

should've been 'daughter's'.
As in, daughter's clothes.

>> No.20924010

>When master is not around.
Silly Mastah, where else would I be?

>> No.20924015

Unspeakable things.

>> No.20924016

Singing Linkin Park music with Banshee!

>> No.20924021

IMPREGNATING the banshee

>> No.20924029

What's the best kind of Phoenix?
>Simply rebirths whenever she dies for any reason
>Ages rapidly and rebirths every so often
>Has a normal lifespan and also grants you her rebirth power so you live multiples lives with her
I'm very fond of that last one, it's very romantic.

>> No.20924030

Doing lovingly degenerate things with a banshee!

>> No.20924032

All three

>> No.20924038

first or third

but only first if she dies for clumsy reasons or due to being an airhead

>> No.20924042

such as?

>> No.20924044

Too lewd for here.

>> No.20924049

>Big busty Phoenix wife goes for a bath
>The power goes out a little later
>Dumb bird wanted to cook toast while taking a bath
>Now all that's left is her big rebirth egg
>Looks like you'll have to take care of her loli self yet again

>> No.20924067

I want to cum on that egg

>> No.20924088

>A loli Lich must experience and learn all about anal
You're supposed to teach a loli Lich all sex positions you can think of and probably invent experimental ones with the help of her levitation magic. That would include a lot of breeding undead child ass, but it wouldn't be a special focus of any kind.

>> No.20924290

Always remember that it's not rape if any of the following applies:
Both parties cry
Both parties cum
She takes responsibility
She asked you nicely first
She is younger than you
She is shorter than you
She pays you afterwards

>> No.20924297

A kind bapho like that wouldn't exist

>> No.20924303

I am gonna work hard to summon a lilim!

>> No.20924318

In the name of Azazel, Asmodeus and Baal I call thee!
In the unspeakable name of the Tetragrammaton I bind thee!
In the name of Nergal and Surgat and Metatron I command thee!
Bring me fried chicken!

>> No.20924324

She would.
She'd walk up to you, nicely ask you for dick then proceed to have consensual sex with you after you said no where she cries and cums plenty because it's her first time and afterwards she'll pay you handsomely and offer you to live at her place even though she's less than 2/3rd your size and barely half your age.

It's better to summon a regular succubus and help her become this world's DL.

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File: 741 KB, 1280x1654, Selene.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20924348


>> No.20924360

The eternal waifu

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File: 1.82 MB, 1832x1513, 1523892924719.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This smells like a fake!

>> No.20924390

Selene is a lonly virgin!

>> No.20924394
File: 1.72 MB, 1897x935, Shogbed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

remember to dick your furniture

>> No.20924404

Loli monsters doing cute sexy bellydances while wearing nipple clamps!

>> No.20924414

Fuck off.

>> No.20924418

Monsters with big pouty lips.

>> No.20924424

With fancy jewellery attached to those nipple clamps, swinging about

>> No.20924427
File: 1.97 MB, 2802x2376, 1499241525132.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What kind of jobs or hobbies would a Winterstown Yeti have, something she could do with her big paws?

>> No.20924476

Handjob lessons at a community college

>> No.20924488

Are loli abs a thing? If yes then we may have found the ultimate fetish.

Big pouty lips are for monster girls who solely care about dick. Elegant smaller lips are for monsters who can appreciate true beauty.

>> No.20924503

>Big pouty lips are for monster girls who solely care about dick.
Is that a bad thing?

>> No.20924508
File: 438 KB, 700x800, 1547691941941.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

be very careful with loli tummies

>> No.20924527

A man may enjoy big pouty lips embracing his cock, but I think most men would get more fulfillment from admiring their monster wife's beautiful face without popping a boner.

Monster girl loli tummy is the only thing that can bring peace to mankind.

>> No.20924540

Well I am not most men.

>> No.20924553
File: 1.07 MB, 2800x1980, 1475717479427.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Happy Monster Girl March, do you guys have any plans this month or anything you look forward to?

>> No.20924562

It's my birthday so yes. I want to eat a monster girl's cake.

>> No.20924603

Fuck off and die, friendo.

>> No.20924618

>It's better to summon a regular succubus and help her become this world's DL.

>tfw no ruthless succ mistress

>> No.20924647

>Selene is running on a unknown amount of alcohol. rum glass in her hand and telling the oni bartender her problems
>the usually energetic lilim now looks like her batteries are low
>"I have a nice thing going with the mansion right? a place or romance and bloodless carnage for all to enjoy, it's great right?"
>The Oni nods.
>"Then why is it that hear the whispers? the jeers of people when they hear about my work?"
>The Oni shurgs
>"they call me unsexy, an anti-succubus, frigid bitch that doesn't know love."
>Selene begins to shake in anger, the bar lights flicker as the Oni begins to sweat
>"They come to MY town, enter MY mansion, fight in my mother-damned arena and then have the utter never to insult ME?"
>"Spineless cowards, the lot of them! dickless idiots of the highest order!"
>The oni bartender just nods along
>"Don't know love? I know love! I'm a fuckin' princess to the demonlord. most of the relationships in my town started when the fought in my arena and have grown with children. I help humans tap into their desires to be with each other. I create love every fucking day! frigid bitch my ass!"
>Selene downs another shot and starts breathing hard. the oni bartender starts rubbing selene's back
>"I know love, I do... I just... "

>> No.20924655

How pelvis-shattering is a really REALLY horny Selene?

>> No.20924722

Stupid lim change the sword for a ladle so you can actually find a husband.

>> No.20924739

Go away faggocks

>> No.20924740

Telling the sworld Lim to give up her sword should be a punishable offence.
What would Selene be without her sword, or her arena?

>> No.20924752

In all honesty, it sounds like one of those romcom movies where the high stung woman needs a change of lifestyle (Or just some dick, sometimes both)

>> No.20924754

I bet Selene gets teased by Druella about being a virgin.
even though Druella is also still a virgin.

>> No.20924771

I bet she goes to Victoria for advice on how to get a husband.

>> No.20924786

Nah she probably goes to mom or the QoH.

>> No.20924816
File: 123 KB, 1200x850, 1541712124452.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The cure is a good old mating press

>> No.20924830
File: 231 KB, 1200x1200, 0313F4E9-A101-4E3C-8E63-C4EA9F22B62F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What Monstergirl could satisfy my lust for a woman made of pure glowy energy? Something like the vodyani from Endless Space. I need me a noble ethereal energy girl!

>> No.20924831

Can someone give me a rundown on Mari and why she appears in the another story games?

>> No.20924842

Maritan gets along with the creator and to some extent KC, plus Mari seems to be one of the more well liked OCs on the Japanese side of things.

>> No.20924866

I mean beyond that what is mari like? They all look the fucking same so I have no idea what lilim she is or what she does or anything.

>> No.20924871

She just has a lot of sex.

>> No.20924877
File: 1.82 MB, 1570x1334, 32_Mari.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's barefoot

>> No.20924897

Ah so she’s the 3dpd thot lilim. Very well then.

>> No.20924909


She's just looking for a man who can satisfy her enough to keep.

>> No.20924915

Yeti pawjobs would be super comfy and warm, I hope Ms. Nubis teaches her well

>> No.20924922

Just like 3dpd thots then.

>> No.20924932

I really wish my waifus hobbies would include singing melancholic rock ballads at local smoky bar karaoke-fridays.

>> No.20924933

She's already married.

>> No.20924937 [DELETED] 

Thanks for the free (You)

>> No.20924946

>free spirit

>> No.20924957

Glad i am not the only one that chuckled at that.

>> No.20924963

>Selene is an achoholic
Art of Selene drunk when?

>> No.20924968

Soon. Not drunk, but at least drinking.

>> No.20924972

Her husband is some Emeth looking motherfucking Viking who's dick is as probably thick and turgid as that beer gut he's apparently packing.

>> No.20924984

Reminder that if you're lucky enough to have a monster girl childhood friend, you should inseminate her early and often.
If you're unsure as to whether or not your advances will be accepted, you can ask her mother who will feed you raging mushrooms after having her daughter restrained so as to make things easier.

>> No.20924985

I know she likes that almond stuff
ammaretto or something

>> No.20924992

I will, but what if your childhood friend is a lilim whose mother is the demonlord? How do i approach her?

Cant wait i love selene.

>> No.20924997
File: 745 KB, 1200x1643, 73440037_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dost thou stand a chance against the high orc mage?

>> No.20925000

My adventurer Vampire Arch-Mage marysue wife will protect me!

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File: 263 KB, 1044x725, 1519505411539.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We all know chest tracing and similar teasing is a top-tier fetish, but who's the best at it?

>> No.20925004

I fucking hate this artist.

>> No.20925011

Of course!
I have good saves!

>> No.20925013
File: 1.45 MB, 3600x1368, soldier, captain, general.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I still would like a nice, straitforward lizardman and salamander story.

>> No.20925014

her arena should be the kitchen

>> No.20925023

I want those lizards to step on me

>> No.20925039
File: 36 KB, 876x493, Selene doodle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wait for her to get married, then she can make sword shaped pie

>> No.20925053

Or make her a sword shaped wooden spoon.

>> No.20925054
File: 182 KB, 591x893, Leia1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't remember, was the Leia guide posted here before?

>> No.20925076

this is why I'm a demonfag.
The woman who can fight and is good at cooking is the best.

>> No.20925128

Whats the best theme to play while fighting Selene?

>> No.20925132


>> No.20925138


>> No.20925165

No chance at all and I wouldn't have it any other way.
>hating on the most creative designer in the fan base
He has a better handle on how different members of each race would look than anyone else I can think of even if his art isn't as good as some.

>> No.20925199

Her being one of my favorite species her scent would have an edge over me, but on the other hand I would fight twice as hard to be the one to capture her. Shaman-mages are the best anyway.

>> No.20925223

Last one here was the tsun Wyvern with 2 stars.

>> No.20925224


>> No.20925253
File: 203 KB, 601x318, tsun.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Hope pic related gets a translation soon
>it's here

So she has 1 star because she's a wild Dragon who hasn't seen humans for a long time

>> No.20925305

She conceals herself in her master's shadow, so she's always around

>> No.20925333

Life with a wild Dragon must be quite the experience.
>Have to get her used to sleeping on a bed rather than on top of her hoard
>Have to get her used to buying food rather than hunting for it
>Have to get her used to communicating rather than doing as she please
>Have to get her used to appliances and other house tools

>> No.20925349

As long as she's vulnerable to stealth

>> No.20925365

Of all the guides she's probably the closest to the profile Dragon.

>Character: Stubborn, proud (obedient, kind in certain conditions)

>> No.20925493

Friendly reminder to give your monster lolis regular belly rubs. All lolis love belly rubs!

>> No.20925513

This may seem like a harmless thing to do but avoid rubbing over her womb because that can cause her to enter heat or even ovulate.
>All lolis love belly rubs!
True. The old hag lolis and haughty ones just refuse to admit it.

>> No.20925538
File: 394 KB, 658x890, 73479740_p3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.20925543

>tough day at work
>boss blames you for something that wasn't your fault, coworkers don't give you things they promised by the deadline, and somebody even ate your food from the fridge
>it's only 2:30pm and you'll probably have to stay late
>take a moment to collect yourself at your desk, leaning back with your eyes closed
>feel a sudden kiss on the forehead
>spring "awake" and look around, nobody's there but your own shadow
>all the stress must be making you silly, but you somehow feel renewed energy to tackle the rest of the day

>> No.20925544

The new Sister seems a little...eccentric.

>> No.20925567

i'm weak to dark skin

>> No.20925572

I wonder if you could combine a doppelganger potion and either a temporary pedomorphasis potion/wonderland cake on some of the clones to do some kind of pseudo oyakodon play with just one monster.

>> No.20925582
File: 461 KB, 600x800, img_ (326).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>expecting some lewd ulterior motive

>she's really just a big goofy sweetheart that the monastery took in as a starving little girl

>> No.20925588

Druella is married, the man is just not specified aka implied to be 「YOU」

>> No.20925613

Oh, my daughteru definitely loves her belly rubs all right. I'd give her one every night before she goes to sleep, and even then I don't think I'd be able to resist if she lifted her shirt up, gave me the puppy-dog eyes and pointed earnestly to her soft, silky, sensitive tum!

>> No.20925650
File: 320 KB, 1032x693, 9e6c0380eccf692e81b0c2ad32448050.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what if i want a lolihag to pat my head instead?

>> No.20925655

I wonder if girls with horns sometimes forget they have them and they are stuck on certain places. I find this very cute.

>> No.20925682

Anything is possible if it's for the sake of sex, but if you're getting this specific you better be ready for some experimentation.

Letting a lolihag headpat pretty much equates to admitting that you need her love and attention and that she must take care of you.

>> No.20925752

That's a pretty strong reaction. Is it because his MGs are slightly off-profile?

>> No.20925772

I want to fall in love with the left Lizard after we both end up as guards for the same caravan. We can go for dates in the exotic cities we visit.

>> No.20925780
File: 154 KB, 1200x1200, 1550899256615.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i can accept pampering from a hag

>> No.20925820

Not him but they do often look somewhat off.
I can't tell if it's his shading or what.

>> No.20925861

Also not him, but for me it's because his style looks... I can only describe it as "muddy." the lines aren't crisp, the colors are blobby and in general everything is fuzzy. He seems to be going for the look some styles of painting (which I'm also not fond of) only it's a digital medium and I don't find it well done.

>> No.20925866
File: 63 KB, 350x350, 1530400010378.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>While monsters often have particular work they are notably skilled at, they will often also assist in whatever job/work their husband happens to have. (source: Kenkou’s Japanese Q and A).

So Anon, does your waifu have a job? Can she help you with your job?

>> No.20925870

I think that's a good summary, yeah.

>> No.20925889

Probably? I hate having to work, but I could assist in whatever she did.
I really just want to be a house husband.

>> No.20925901

She's a witch/mage/whateveryouwannacallit.
I'd take up alchemy, personally, so our jobs would have some pretty good synergy. That's not even getting into each of us involving the other in "experiments."

>> No.20925903

My waifu used to do pretty shady work and amassed quite a bit of wealth in her youth. Enough wealth so that once she settled down, both of us wouldn’t have to lift a finger the rest of our lives! Plus she’s possessive as all hell, and the thought of her husband being in the company of other “pathetic whores” for 8+ hours a day five days a week infuriates her to no end.

>> No.20925907

I work as tech support, I'm not sure how she would help.

>> No.20925911

We would sell our mana from a mana cage for the few thing we would actually need to buy, mostly potions, incenses, and sexual enhancement food, instead of being tied down anyone place and doing any one thing.

>> No.20925924

She has her own job taking care of low level monstergirls in a dungeon like atmosphere. She also assists me in farming slime jelly. for business and pleasure

>> No.20925928
File: 334 KB, 1221x1904, Lma (226).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


doesn't even have to be a loli

>> No.20925943
File: 119 KB, 900x1200, 1547910398528.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

shoghammock is best comfort

>> No.20925945

Glad to see the stigma against headpats is going away, they're great.

>> No.20925957

The only one posted here was the one with Shirtiya.

>> No.20925977

CONTROVERSIAL OPINION: The whole "Zombies can turn into Wights if you fuck them enough" is stupid. I should be able to fuck my dopey zombie gf as much as I want without the worry of her turning into a wight. If I wanted a regal and fancy undead waifu I would have picked Wight in the first place. Wights and Zombies should be seperate things. Furthermore, I like idiots, the idea of a mg who is super stupid and sees my common sense as "genius" is cute.

>> No.20925985

I agree.

>> No.20925986

Great news, headcanon dictates that you can have your Zombie gf without any worries.

>> No.20926005

It wasn't the headpats that carried the stigma.

>> No.20926009

I don't like zombies because it feels like I'm taking advantage of them

>> No.20926013

Just give her an Everstone.

>> No.20926032
File: 977 KB, 664x944, firefox_kKt001eN3t.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.20926037

I sort of like the idea of the zombie to wight transformation. But your points are more than valid and I can even agree that it might have been better to not have it.
>Furthermore, I like idiots, the idea of a mg who is super stupid and sees my common sense as "genius" is cute.
Well that's some cute fucking shit.
I want more of this.

>> No.20926038
File: 23 KB, 250x263, i5smgLL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pocky games with Dragons

>> No.20926050

This. Common sense

>> No.20926075

>Hehe, no way anon can beat me at this game!

>> No.20926086

I want to give my maid a nice, relaxing buttfucking that threatens to rock the house off of its foundation.

>> No.20926125

Ah, I see Anonymous has mastered the Piledriver Thrust.

>> No.20926127
File: 164 KB, 1061x1000, 11cda40d35f966b7765af6392456ba309b4d8fddede195f64113488c0528c4e4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What happens when a guy beats too many salamanders in fights? Do they have a tournament for him or do they just form a harem?

>> No.20926129

First A, then B. Poor guy won't get any stronger when he has to spend all day pleasuring his harem, though.

>> No.20926132

i like rub my goat loli's small and cute goat legs. they feel super nice

>> No.20926139

It's never said it was easy or that all Zombies will transform. You could just imagine that your zombie has some genetic quirk that makes them unable to transform if it makes you feel better.

>> No.20926146

Yo, should I just post the archive like always, or should I just upload it as a folder, so it can be accessed and each file can be downloaded individually?

>> No.20926156

He didn't care if you kept a greenworm either, so it's hardly a stretch.

>> No.20926164

Imagine these as an audiobook. I'd buy it.

>> No.20926165

I feel like you could just give her a normal rock and tell her that you giving it to her means she'll never turn into a wight and stay just as cute and dumb as she is forever. St00pid zombies and MAMONO MANA mean that which you believe to be an everstone is an everstone. Bam, doesn't even go against the setting and you don't have to invoke any special snowflake crap.

>> No.20926167
File: 103 KB, 1058x632, SOME KIND OF DEMONIC SHEEP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Horned Weresheep and Maned Werecats / Lions when?

>> No.20926178


>> No.20926179

>Horned Weresheep
Weresheep have horns

>> No.20926190

Couldn't you just tell your zombie wife to not change into a wight eventually then mamono mana will do its thing? Seems better than just making some everstone rock necklace for her to wear to keep her from changing

>> No.20926201
File: 1.12 MB, 1280x1760, 23a81ea11497b5a5b1dc92d4d761a0cf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do you like your valkyries?

>> No.20926202

What's your favorite type of dragon?

>> No.20926210


>> No.20926212
File: 1.23 MB, 2300x1900, 1548801350228.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Meant multihorned

>> No.20926216


>> No.20926222

Nothing says you can't give your Weresheep another pair. Off profile is a thing.

>> No.20926227

Dedicated, upright, stern but understanding and committed to morals and decency in the face of lewdness.

And a body that would make a succ blush.

>> No.20926232


>> No.20926241


>> No.20926242

How you usually do is fine I'd say but if you want a folder works. People would still have the option of downloading the entire thing.

>> No.20926250

i like it as is

>> No.20926253

Pure and royal.

>> No.20926255

Honestly, you probably wouldn't even have to tell her anything, given how huggy the setting is in that regard. Even if you want to take an active hand you really wouldn't need to do much, though.

>> No.20926260

Whatever you want. I'm just glad you do this for us all. You don't get enough praise.

>> No.20926270

It's just that the mega upload failed four times in the last two days since the page keeps refreshing for no damn reason.

>> No.20926272

>Valkyrie still confused as to why her apprentice hero keep staring at her abs

>> No.20926273

There's nothing really special about Mari that most other lilims don't already do if you're asking for stuff like specific fetishes.
She's ruler of the kingdom of Vamore, which used to be an old Order Magocracy and she tends to travel the world.
If there's anything that she might stand out from other lilims, it's that her kingdom is adventure themed, I'm working out on all the details and when I have more time I'll present the illustrations to Kenkou, since I got the go ahead for a MGE book.
As for the Games, she's friends with the first game's heroine and her husband and they went on adventures together after the end of the first game.
During the 2nd game, the main Heroine mounts an infiltration attempt since druella was supposed to be away then meets up with Mari.
She also shows up later when Eris is bored and upset about having missed out on some action, and Mari "coincidentally" shows up at the location, likely to bring her an another adventure.
There's quite a few fictions with her in it last I checked, I also got some other game offers with cameos of her in it, that might be in the works, but we're all kind of busy so that might take a while.
The japanese are really fun to talk to about this stuff and have some pretty great ideas.

>> No.20926279

with massive wings and a nice lap to rest in

>> No.20926282

really? why?

>> No.20926286

Introducing me to her loli Dark Angel little sister.

>> No.20926296

Stern but with a softer side

>> No.20926298

Back again, almost done with this chunk of the story.


I'll wrap it up with the next update and take ideas for the interim period. Start thinking of requests, I'll take the ones on the next update.

>> No.20926303

I wish there was more fanart of monmusu quest valkyrie

>> No.20926329

I guess Japanese like those 3dpd thots. Would explain the love of ntr over there though.

>> No.20926338
File: 350 KB, 862x1200, 1514502341955.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20926361

For what?

>> No.20926386


>> No.20926392

To make new heroes out of random shotas I think

If said Valkyrie is a CC then even better

>> No.20926393

Repressed pervert.

>> No.20926405
File: 296 KB, 515x510, 1471968254400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

old men

>> No.20926412
File: 143 KB, 501x321, sex.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20926413

I wish I could read those Japanese stories, they sound interesting. Glad to know there might be some cameos too, I love her design.

>> No.20926418

I like valkyries in modern day settings where they're largely unnecessary.
You'd see a valkyrie in full regalia following a normal looking dude around a grocery store trying to goad him into heroic antics increasingly lowering her standards as to what qualifies as heroism.

>> No.20926427

>I wish I could read those Japanese stories
why dont you learn Japanese?

>> No.20926429

But anon what about the promise of valhalla and having a harem of valkyries once you die heroically?

>> No.20926431

wasn't that a movie?

>> No.20926435

I'd like to see the reactions of the Japanese fans to our threadcanon.

>> No.20926437


>> No.20926440

>"Look, lady, I'm not gonna blow myself up for you. Piss off."
And that is how you make an angel screech.

>> No.20926441

anon please no

>> No.20926448

Look they probably have weirder shit than us.

>> No.20926454

As far as it goes with the Japanese, it's likely because I have her act more like a succubus than simply just a waifu.
I actually changed quite a few things from the time of that profile.
When I draw Mari, I like to draw her being perverted in some way, shape or form, I focus on trying to make her as perverted or obscene as possible in her appearance or method of acting when I can, and that's usually what she gets praised about a lot over there.
Besides the monster profiles, I also get the feeling that, such a thing is what kenkou is aiming for when he draws a sex scene.
Like one picture you could see a monster being meek or shy, then in a sex scene kenkou draws, they have the most lewd and aggressive expression.
Hell, that way of carrying themselves is probably also why I like shiki's succubi too.

>> No.20926470

What you change?

>> No.20926480

Thats too extreme,how about wrestling with a bear instead trying to save a little girl

>> No.20926492

It's very likely to operate the same way Lesser Succubi work, in that they don't turn if they or monster mana sense that you prefer them as they currently are.

>> No.20926500

>learning things
am i outside of america?

>> No.20926532

Writing Salamanders and Lizardmen would be boring since they're so linear a species.

>> No.20926542
File: 80 KB, 320x423, papi question mark.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why are you asking me?

>> No.20926547

I remember when /a/ reached out to the artist of watamote and /v/ found out about it and spammed her twitter with dick pics, their dick pics.

>> No.20926551

That's why I really like her too, I love the lewd side of monsters and Mari being so shamelessly into what she's doing is great. I agree with what you said about KC's work too, the bonus art in the second encyclopedia conveys it quite well and so did the Sabbath world guide.

>> No.20926557

>shiki's succubi
arn't those the ones that like kill people?

>> No.20926566

If they do, maybe he means how they look?

>> No.20926573

Like just about every other succ?

>> No.20926574

how do i attract a low class vampire? nothing too fancy

>> No.20926576

You can’t have life without death.
It’s the duplicitous edge which we all walk upon.

>> No.20926580

you should probably stop eating Italian food for one.

>> No.20926583
File: 194 KB, 1200x919, 1489507642158.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I changed the whimsical attitude a bit, like what exet displayed in his second game, and gave her a reason to have that obsession with adventure, along with a husband.
I expanded more on Vamore and came up with a bunch of ideas on how to make it adventure themed as well as a bunch of items for it.
Also I'd say she's not very adventurous anymore since she's taking care of a child these days.
I'd say maybe traveling, but not really dungeon crawling anymore. At least not until her kid is ready to head out on her own and if she doesn't have another child before then.
I guess another thing that changed was that I met quite a bunch of lilim creators on the japanese side, and have had my lilim interact with them in some way, and came up with some ideas to link our settings together.
For example, Eris will be showing up in my book, as well as Wilmarina since kenkou enjoys her being a tourist.
I was thinking that Lescatie would trades often with Vamore and there would be a secured route for airship travel between the kingdoms.
There's a few other things I changed but I can't recall it all yet, besides her proportions since I aimed to change my art style a bit more over the years.

>> No.20926585

Then may be its how they act before killing you? Look i dislike mari and maritan, but i am still willing to give him the benefit of the doubt here.

>> No.20926591

Interesting the book isnt going to be canon though right?

>> No.20926594

Exactly, and when I imagined a lilim, I imagined that being so powerful, their and looked upon as such powerful monsters that she should show it, by being extremely obscene, so it can show, or radiate off of her that she was on a whole other level than most monsters, or at least how she carries herself. Like a sort of presence.
How they look, yes.
The sadistic way they go about killing is also nice, but it's the lewd expression and the oppressive aura that radiates off of them.
The way they carry themselves.

>> No.20926599

A normal monstergirl is perverted, yours is just a slut

>> No.20926611

If that's how you want to view it, that is fine, others will see it differently and enjoy her as they wish.
Besides, a succubus take such an opinion as a badge of honor.
Alternate timeline is usually how kenkou goes with it.
If I make anything for the book, I submit it to him for review so he can supervise the process.

>> No.20926612

You're not going to get much more back than "well she's popular in Japan."
Since that seems to be what it always boils down to.

>> No.20926624

Reminder that the mg with the cutest butthole is your waifu

>> No.20926626

No point in even giving him (you)s KC seems to love Giga-sluts as well. Although now i can see why KC got cheated on if that rumor is true.

>> No.20926630

Looking forward to the book, knowing someone from here will be releasing something like that in future is kind of heart warming.
She's married now so she's the personal slut of a buff Viking looking dude.

>> No.20926636
File: 47 KB, 482x401, 1461386846652.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he still believes that completely baseless greentext

>> No.20926642

One anon posting something isn't even enough to qualify as that. That's like me saying Beast is really Queen Elizabeth using fake identity to shitpost, it carries the same lack of weight.

>> No.20926648

Nah Beast is too busy freezing his giblets off in the London midnight while blokes remark about the size of a painted cow statue's bollocks after a couple of rounds.

>> No.20926655

Didn't know it came from some anon probably trolling.

>> No.20926676

>Writing Salamanders and Lizardmen would be boring
A story about a loli salamander challenging a man to duels and accidentally seducing him over time with her almost-naked body would be far from boring.

>> No.20926681

I'm going to adopt this cat.

>> No.20926685

Wait, you're making a book? What the fuck have I missed?

>> No.20926691

It was in the works a good while back, but I've been really busy, so I haven't had much time for illustrations for it.
I'll probably try to get the writing
done first before the illustrations.

Hopefully I'll have the time to actually get it done.

>> No.20926693
File: 354 KB, 700x1200, 45893627_p13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That may not work out terribly well.

>> No.20926696

Why not?

>> No.20926698

>KC seems to love Giga-sluts as well
Don't remember KC making art of baphomets getting gangbanged for example

>> No.20926699

Well I'm guess it will be in the same alt time line/"cannon if you want it to be" like the other fan books.

But it sounds like it will turn out great so far.

>> No.20926704

yet the only OClim he likes is a giga-slut who does.

>> No.20926709

i want to gangbang a bapho's heart with love

>> No.20926715
File: 360 KB, 600x700, 3ee2983c0ea82b07bc6c7d2ca008acfd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She already has a guardian. A rather overprotective one, at that.
Unless getting with said guardian was your plan.

>> No.20926717

I don't think you know what slut means

>> No.20926722

He should have to illustrate those potions. He's a giant cock tease including them in his books twice and never doing a piece of art like that.
Is wanting to see a Baphomet stuffed too much to ask?

>> No.20926726

You're alright, anon.

>> No.20926729


>> No.20926731

>He should have to illustrate those potions
Yes we totally should have bestiality and gangbang stuf.


>> No.20926732

>Adopt catgirl daughter
>Get bonus kitsune wife FREE
If that's not winning, I don't know what is.

>> No.20926734

A women with many casual partners. She literally was a slut before getting married.

>> No.20926747

My waifu thinks I have a cute butthole

>> No.20926750

And how did KC show he likes giga sluts?

>> No.20926753
File: 1.37 MB, 1015x1400, d64d0fc8f3df8756214647521c3cfbfa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There is one downside: Nosy granny.

>> No.20926757

Not everyone into MGE is a fedora-tipping incel. Many are, granted, but not everyone.

>> No.20926765

Take your buzzwords out of there.

>> No.20926771
File: 533 KB, 1164x996, __chen_yakumo_ran_and_yakumo_yukari_touhou_drawn_by_k0n3k0__60c6dc4dfff4fb01113ca83399da0f75.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20926772

Good job.

>> No.20926773

Because the only Western lilim he likes is the giga slut and his reasoning seems to be because she is a slut.

Love how i am not allowed to dislike hook up culture without being a women hater according to you.

>> No.20926776

I wish to marry this granny.

>> No.20926778

She has every right to be. Her body, her right. Free love and all that.
Or do you think you have a better grasp on sex than a succubus?

>> No.20926785

>Not Real Scary Stories
One job, Yukarin.

>> No.20926786

Not everyone into MGE becomes extremely frustrated and uncomfortable at the idea of their sexual partners having previous sexual partners and an active sex life. That's a large contingency of fans, true, but not the entirety.

>> No.20926792
File: 31 KB, 480x360, shiki eiki GUILTY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Love how i am not allowed to dislike hook up culture without being a women hater according to you.
its one or the other anon,
no shades of grey allowed here

>> No.20926796

No one said you're not allowed to dislike it
You're just gonna have to learn to live with those that don't dislike it

>> No.20926799

they live in gensokyo

>> No.20926801

Gentlemen, I present you: the gender studies white knights.

>> No.20926811

>When someone tries to equal having previous sex relations to getting fucked by 5 dicks at once
I'm having a deja vu here.

>> No.20926813

>Hook up culture
People have been having sex prior to marriage since the first boomer discovered fire

>> No.20926814

what would it take to make you like it?

>> No.20926817

Sure,but I am still allowed to voice my discontent with it as much as you are allowed to voice your admiration for it.

>> No.20926822

Don't reply to the bait.

>> No.20926826

>muh insecurity
This is bait, right

>> No.20926830

If you want to spend your time saying 'by the way guys, I still dont like that' when people are talking about things they enjoy that's your prerogative

>> No.20926831

>That's a large contingency of fans
Huge asterisk, fans active on 4chan and /monster/ who make up a small minority. The vast majority of the english speaking and even japanese communities aren't nearly as prudish and and that's not limiting things to that topic either.

>> No.20926832

To make me like what?

>> No.20926833

Shut it, blueballs.
At the end of the day we'll both be jacking ourselves off and no amount of bitching will change that.

You want to hand in the v-card ya gotta pay the price.

>> No.20926835

Status update on angry Kikimora and accidental Ignis summoning.
So, I decided that tomorrow I'll attempt to negotiate a peace treaty with angry kikimora. Though admittedly, I am still unsure of what do the with the Ignis. Maybe she knows I already have someone but still wants something. Dunno, whatever it is, she just walks around the apartment. Sometimes her flames become brighter and more incandescent when she observes me. I am kinda afraid to sleep. I might be the first man to ever say it, but I don't want to wake up to getting my dick sucked.

>> No.20926837

that thing you were saying they other guy says you should not be allowed to not like.

>> No.20926838

Oh hey look, it's the oblivious weekend newfags again.

>> No.20926840

It will likely be linked to the other side books, like dragonia and so on, yeah.

>> No.20926842

I don't imagine my waifu having made it a few thousand years in life without having had sex before. I'm no virgin either, it'd be entirely unfair to judge her for that and not expect to be judged back.

>> No.20926843

N'un cares m8

>> No.20926845

and a lot of those English fans also want to allow monsterboys, Cheating, and murder.

>> No.20926846

Stop RPing.

>> No.20926853

Nothing. My sisters have all been hurt by it and it makes me sick as a result.

>> No.20926858
File: 378 KB, 717x896, 1542979308015.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I rather marry the scary, but beautiful plant lady

>> No.20926859

Stop replying to the bait.

>> No.20926866

but its a Saturday night and im all alone

>> No.20926874

No one's talking about virginity

>> No.20926879

>wanting sloppy hundredths

>> No.20926881
File: 178 KB, 1280x1024, Kejourou14.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20926883

>a lot want to allow murder
Doubt, a small handful of grigori types isn't a lot. /tg/ and spacebattles aren't even fans but people who hate the setting and want to change it entirely.

>> No.20926885

I think that's where a lot of the issue of these things come up in the thread is that so many people still apply monstergirls to a totally modern setting socially, technologically, etc.
Its a quasi-medieval fantasy world with quasi-medieval fantasy social structures and activities and stuff. No one would be some apathetic shut-in sitting on the internet all day getting mad at videogames and becoming frustrated at social justice blogs because none of that stuff would even exist. Most people would take what they could get with regards to sex, outside of Order lands which are caricature-levels of prude. Ironically, the people being so vehemently prudish sound more like the Order than they do monster sympathizers.

>> No.20926892

>No one would be some apathetic shut-in sitting on the internet all day
couldn't their magitek make something like the internet?

>> No.20926899

wait, what?

>> No.20926901
File: 656 KB, 622x900, 30_Lamia03.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

God, you're pathetic. I'm about to fuck my lamia wife for the third time today. What are you all waiting for?

>> No.20926905
File: 113 KB, 850x638, __kazami_yuuka_touhou_drawn_by_hammer_sunset_beach__sample-585b36b7512c569a10751820071b590e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love yuuka

>> No.20926908

>What are you all waiting for?
are you asking him to tag in?

>> No.20926910

Stop RPing.

>> No.20926912

I was though.
I'd kind of want my waifu to be a bit experienced, yeah. I'm not really into the moe 'i-its my first time onii-chan' shtick. And I know monstergirls are born with that knowledge, but I guess it'd feel good to know I'm the one she decided to stay with and to gain and earn that exclusivity rather than just have it guaranteed by some cosmic destiny-based welfare system.

>> No.20926915

Just get a GF. It's easy

>> No.20926918

>I was though
But this is not what this whole mess is about

>> No.20926920

Except you've forgotten that the dynamic outside of human lands is completely different.
Unmarried men are a rarity, and not having one fucking sucks. Why would any monster willingly give up a man, assuming they don't hate each other or something?

>> No.20926929
File: 58 KB, 310x588, Glacies_0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I haven't been here in a while. Anything good?
Artists still draws here?
Could i get me a cute glacies? like a heart with her hands?

>> No.20926937

My point is rather the systems wouldn't be in place for people to be shut-ins who spend their whole existence in place in front of a computer.
I've even seen people say things like 'I would hope my monstergirl wife would still leave me alone sometimes to let me play videogames' which mainly makes me feel sad and experience pity more than anything else.

>> No.20926945

What would mgs do on the internet?

>> No.20926952

This series is largely about wish fulfillment if someone wants there succbus or any monster species to be a virgin what does it matter

>> No.20926953

>I've even seen people say things like 'I would hope my monstergirl wife would still leave me alone sometimes to let me play videogames' which mainly makes me feel sad and experience pity more than anything else.
Hey fuck you anon, videogames are nice and I wouldn't want to just give up one of my hobbies because I get a waifu, even if she is the ultimate dream/

>> No.20926955

Some people need some private time every once in while.

>> No.20926957

>calling me a prude for wishing monstergirls and men would stick with the first.
Fuck off. I would love to do all the lewd shit i could with my wife. Wishing she was a virgin, before hand doesn't make me a prude.

Monsters instinctively know sex. Their is no point in them having prior experience unless you like used goods.

>> No.20926961

Get a load of this guy.

>> No.20926962

I think he was emphasizing the leave alone part

>> No.20926964

Things happen, I suppose. There are impasses in KC's setting that would necessitate some of these situations happening. If a man is assaulted by a monstergirl he really doesn't care for and loses and she rapes him, he may be more open to monstergirls in general but it would be pretty bad-endish to force him to stay with her forever then. And I've seen no specific citation for that whole 'that wouldnt happen because if you were destined to a specific waifu fate would conspire to prevent other girls from running into you' crap.

>> No.20926972

Shitpost, draw or write fanfiction about cute boys, order custom human boy hug pillows.

>> No.20926973

>if someone wants there succbus or any monster species to be a virgin what does it matter
I think the problem some people have is similar to the militant femdom poster, if it's even an option they can't enjoy the things they like as if one monster girl being a slut would mean their wife is too.

>> No.20926974


>> No.20926975
File: 1.18 MB, 1475x1191, investigation application.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Doxx for hubbies

>> No.20926980

No one is saying YOUR waifu can't be or wouldn't be, just that if others either dont mind or would even be interested in theirs having some prior experience, it doesn't automatically imply your second reply that they're just getting with 'used goods'

>> No.20926986

Fate nothing, mana markers exist for literally that reason and they're chump-tier magic.

>> No.20926988

It doesn't. But we also shouldn't have to have a big argument whenever its implied that a monstergirl has had previous sexual partners too.

>> No.20926990

I think the real problem people are concerned about here is that ntr/cuck posters will take any tiny barely contextual chance to spew their shit incessantly.

>> No.20926993

You dont truly appreciate things until they are gone
For instance I thought I'd like having a yandere gf
But then I got what you could describe as a yandere stalker and found that to be kind of unpleasant.

>> No.20926998

chat with other monsters through social media, watch videos regarding facts and trivia from across the world of mge as well as listen to music on there, stare at good art found through search all day

>> No.20927000

>Their is no point in them having prior experience unless you like used goods.
Not to add to the shenanigans going on here already, but given that the setting supports headcanon and general imagination, a person is free to choose whether their partner has had sexual partners in the past or not without repercussion. Given that, the person is kind of choosing on purpose that his partner has had sexual partners rather than coming to terms with an already existing detail he can't change, which seems to be the source of most arguments in some manner. It comes down to the person imagining a character and then specifically adding the detail of her also having slept with others in the past by his own will.

>> No.20927004

Personally I think the problem for some people is that this isn't just another irrelevant girl , Mari's lilim isn't someone's waifu, she's a kinda relevant character.

>> No.20927011

There are a few things I refuse to write. Lolis, shotacon, furries, and Matango.

>> No.20927013

I like zombies and I wouldn't imagine they couldn't have been with a few people before dying

>> No.20927016
File: 105 KB, 500x685, 29508986_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You guys are nerds, lets have a status update.

Lets hear those updates on art/writing/commissions no matter how tiny!

>> No.20927021

This is my biggest problem. If she was just some shitty OClim i would have no problem. The fact she is basically canon and actually does things fucks it.
And before you say "muh alternate timeline" KC giving you the green light and being featured in the only MGE videogame is hard approval that your basically canon.

>> No.20927023
File: 451 KB, 800x774, dz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Funny that, because not having done so is exactly how you get Best Zombie.

>> No.20927027

There's also the gurofag who wants his trash kumiho to eat his liver

>> No.20927030

As it should be.

>> No.20927033

I personally just couldn't rectify the idea of my waifu, who is nearly 2000 years old and a species that is notoriously sexual and fueled by sex, would just happen to be a virgin until I met her while also still having the kind of luscious oozing sexual personality I imagine her having.
IS that possible? Sure, but I can't rectify it in my own imagination. And its not like I actively think of it either, its just a character detail. I don't go around every time I think about her imagining her previous sexual trysts. But when these conversations happen and the topic becomes the focus of course it can seem like that's the case.

>> No.20927036

KC has never ever said that monsters can't have a sexual history though. All this is somewhat moot if you want to go by 'canon' since its not up to debate at that point.

>> No.20927039

Almost done with my draenei story I started on Thursday after some chatter about them in the thread. Will *probably* post tonight.

>> No.20927040

We can all at least happily agree on that.
Cute ded wife!

>> No.20927042

Many of the profiles, typically the ones until the most 50 or so gave the greenlight to the same behaviour that people are up in arms about. It comes across a lot clearer in Japanese that pump and dump actually happens even if rare and it can be explained by a Lilim of all things being more picky about who she keeps.

>> No.20927043

Cry more

>> No.20927045

Burning edge is finally back on track, will try to finish another chap by sunday

>> No.20927049

I'm a machinist who makes firearm optics. I'm sure she can but she'll get dirty from oil, metal chips, and general dirt.

>> No.20927051

If you want your shit waifu to cuck you all the time, then keep it out of the goddamn thread. Nobody cares if you do not "rectify" it or if it doesn't seem plausible. FUCK OFF.

>> No.20927052

can someone draw a short-stack leprechaun embarrassed after seeing you finding her pot of "gold"

>> No.20927055

I keep wondering if I need to add fap bait to every scene to keep wankers from crying /tg/ when I try to have some plot.

Been working, slowly, on a slow-burn monsterization piece

>> No.20927056

Saphirette is a damn Dark Matter of all things, and is still tfw no bf.
Runya is one of the top Baphomets and is goddamn kissless.
These things happen, and not infrequently, because monsters have scant access to men in their lands and they tend to get very engrossed in their particular passion projects.

>> No.20927057 [SPOILER] 
File: 232 KB, 839x959, 1551571389474.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How tall is your waifu? is she big or fun sized?

>> No.20927062

You do you anon.
Way to put words in his mouth he didn't say.

>> No.20927063

Don't MGE girls basically always hook up with the first guy they fuck?

>> No.20927065

Why post your futa space goat shit here?

>> No.20927068

A good fetish piece like that should be able to keep interested parties at half-mast even without full on sex scenes. Just kindle the fire every once in a while and you can use a low fire (until it explodes at the end?).

>> No.20927069

>big of fun sized
what's the difference?
but anyways, my waifu is 9-feet tall

>> No.20927071

But surely you don't imagine her getting gangbanged in the past

>> No.20927072

yes. Even the Kejourou prostitutes usually only have like one customer. Baphomets and a few others are rare exceptions.

>> No.20927074

Which monster?

>> No.20927076

>Defending a cuckposter
I saw the thread, it's, for once, a normal vagoo. I'm excited for female(female) draenei

>> No.20927077

Take your snuff fetish out of here

>> No.20927078

I've got three commissions in the works, plus a few more patreon requests too. I should probably slow down on the spending for a bit after this though.

I might also have a story idea floating around, but it's not gonna happen until motivation strikes.

>> No.20927079

Just got one from a while ago finished and had a wrench thrown in my plans for others. If all goes to plan I'll probably email an artist for a porn commission this week.

>> No.20927080
File: 41 KB, 358x400, 1541635851288.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Barring cases where they can tell that they'd be a poor match for the man, yeah.
Unless you can outright beat them (good luck) Baphomets do usually take repeated attempts before they believe you're serious. I say usually because some of the new individuals in WG3 are clearly less difficult.

>> No.20927081

A small completely flat chested loli with a round butt that is around four and half feet tall.

>> No.20927085

Way to project your fetish onto the guy. It was discussed a few threads ago and had support with people hating that they were associated with that for no reason.

>> No.20927092

It's your choice. Your fetishes, your tastes, imagination, etc etc. You're free to think her as a virgin by a series of coincidental events concerning her personality and whatever might have happened around her the same way you're free to think of her as having whatever number of sexual partners you want, or numerous at the same time if you're degenerate enough. The main things here is that it's your choice, there's nothing stopping you from wanting it one way or another, as the only thing that'd limit you is your imagination. It's entirely on you.

This seems to be the problem on either side of the argument that shows up every now and then, including the argument that """realistically""" a monster would've probably fucked other people in a certain timespan when the setting isn't meant to be realistic to that extent. It's not a matter of taste but rather of either side trying to remove the aspect of choice from the other. For an extreme example, there are ntrfags elsewhere who get off on the idea of their waifu still having said sexual partners during their relationship. Do they deserve to be thrown into the bog? Sure, but it's because it's their choice to be degenerates rather than being forced into it by outside factors. It's entirely on them. Everything ends with the person acknowledging that it's that way because they simply want it to be that way.

>> No.20927093

MGE is not the begging and end of monster girls you plebeian.

>> No.20927094

I've got quite a few commission either in the works on on waiting lists but all of mine stay private.

>> No.20927095

I have my doubts, anon. Giving complete trust to anything space goat related is like walking into a suddenly empty town during the Wild West and not expecting a gun fight.

>> No.20927098

I don't have a snuff fetish, but no.

>> No.20927099

I normally imagine her around average height, so she comes about to my chin, normally. Eel bits mean that her height is somewhat variable, though.

>> No.20927102

>all of mine stay private.

>> No.20927105

I'd a mere ded lizard too

>> No.20927106

t. futafag trying to deflect

>Western shit
>on /jp/
basted retard

>> No.20927110

Just finished one piece, now I have a bunch of other things I'd like to do. I have one I'd like to work on more than the others, but I find my heart (or more accurately, my dick) isn't in it.

>> No.20927118

What's the story idea? I'm curious now you mentioned it.

>> No.20927121
File: 691 KB, 750x1061, 1494721189492.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20927123

>KC has never ever said that monsters can't have a sexual history though.
This particular lilim's "sexual history" is being gangbanged by hundreds of cocks, though.

>> No.20927131
File: 1.01 MB, 752x1062, Draph 6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fun sized. I want to Carry her around like a fannypack.

>> No.20927134


>> No.20927135

Not him
But I'm into some very strange things
Some very strange shameful things...

>> No.20927136

>What's the story idea?
I mentioned it a here a bit before, but Jewish Tanukis.

>> No.20927137

The gangbang stuff was also immediately written out of her character once it was made clear MGE girls don't do that shit.

>> No.20927140
File: 89 KB, 609x610, runya.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to give the Sleepy Magical Archive hands-on experience.

>> No.20927141

At the same time.

>> No.20927143

anyone here like squirrel monstergirls?

>> No.20927144

Nice dishonesty from the guronigger who tried to salvage his "tfw no kumiho to kill me" posts being shit on with MAMABAMA HEALS.

>> No.20927149

Fuck off then, this thread isn't for /d/egeneracy.

>> No.20927151

Please do not feed the retard.

>> No.20927153

My monster wife isn't a virgin because I took her virginity.

>> No.20927155

>tfw no kumiho to kill me
Eh? There are a couple of us though so I can't speak for them.

>> No.20927164


>> No.20927170

It's ok, finishing up an Amazon one and starting a Rata one. I'm also doing some sfw stuff, very refreshing.

>> No.20927175

Cute onee-chan!

>> No.20927177
File: 1.43 MB, 3550x2823, dum_lims.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Trying to pick up the pace with a commission and personal stuff. I'm around 4k words done with a commission concerning a bicorn that I'll post here when done, and also working out the last chapter of Derrota's story not counting the epilogue. I want to believe I'll be done with it soon, though with uni starting soon, I'm not really sure anymore.

Other than that, revisiting Victoria's story is still in mind, as there are many things that need to be rewritten now that I've improved.

>> No.20927178

With a warm embrace for naptime?

>> No.20927181

was that before or after she got approval from KC?

>> No.20927182

i've drawing stuff for these anons here on /mgg/ for a while but i also have been drawing two big comics with big stories for a while as well and desu, i'm not sure which one i should prioritize more based on which story is better because i want to finish one comic and then move on to the next

>> No.20927188

Only after I fulfill her dream of making her a kissu slut.

>> No.20927189
File: 444 KB, 614x800, Draph 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The Cutest!

>> No.20927191

No, never anything like that.

>> No.20927194

I want to molest and fluff the Winterstown Rata's tail so much it makes front page news

>> No.20927198

I know for a fact that there's a gyaru succubus who has had sex with hundreds of guys. She told me so, but for some reason when I asked about them she just blushed and said they all moved to Canada.

>> No.20927200
File: 231 KB, 1920x800, 1521213192069.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Best part is Anduin is literally /our king/

>> No.20927207

isnt their another human that liked himeself some green orc women as well?

>> No.20927218

He never seemed to have any problem with it as far as I remember, but I was presented with some information to fix that.
If presented with a lot of men to corrupt, summon a legion of monsters.
I had made a joke about lilims being Raid bosses a while back because of that.
That's essentially how I see it. If an interpretation of mine is wrong and creator tells me otherwise, I just change it to fit the canon as the creator envisions it.
I never viewed it as a big deal or something to be ashamed of if I got something wrong.
It's fiction, so just changed it to fit.

>> No.20927220


>> No.20927222

Yeah that was Medivh, the Guardian of Tirisfal. He banged Garona Half-Orcen who was retconned to be Half-Orc and Draenei versus Orc and Human.

>> No.20927225

But if you molest it that much the news won't even get printed!

>> No.20927233

Does each Kikimora have their own uniform or does each one have their own sense of style?

>> No.20927237
File: 1.49 MB, 1750x2396, 1486962659422.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's more of a family thing.

>> No.20927238

Depends on the family, number of maids, maid style, duties, and master.

>> No.20927239

>He never seemed to have any problem with it as far as I remember, but I was presented with some information to fix that.
That makes it even fucking worse.

>> No.20927240

in my headcanon, kikimoras have different outfits based on which school of maid training they graduated from

>> No.20927246

So are they a species or a job position?

>> No.20927251

Species with a very high frequency profession.
See also: Lich.

>> No.20927257

You probably worry too much about what others might think.

>> No.20927262

Tell me more.

>> No.20927264

I wanna seduce my Lich teacher

>> No.20927280

Why do you say that?

>> No.20927284

Well, I said probably, so why would you think that would make it worse?

>> No.20927308

Sounds like Kikimoras are normal people who become maid rather than an organism following an evolutionary path.

>> No.20927310

There is absolutely nothing wrong with liking Gumiho.

>> No.20927313

>famous maid academy is mostly kikis from various families, some shogs who wanted to learn conventional techniques and make friends, a few automatons who need to brush up on their rusty skills, and one incredibly lost kunoichi who nevertheless is doing her best

>> No.20927314

Because it shows that KC clearly approves of the idea of monstergirls taking hundreds of cocks at once. Unless it was KC that presented you with the information to fix it. then sorry i just misread.

>> No.20927319

Ah, so they are taught skills to use rather than born with the skills. Now I understand.

But how they find masters/owners/men? Are they assigned? Do they find them on their own?

>> No.20927321

She can ask White Horn-san with her sweater so tight, won't you deliver my news tonight

>> No.20927325

>There are a few things I refuse to write. Lolis
What a shame

>> No.20927332

>Because it shows that KC clearly approves of the idea of monstergirls taking hundreds of cocks at once
Depending on your interpretation, the doppelganger potion solves this by making it possible to fulfill that fetish while removing the requirement for anyone other than the husband to be involved. So rather than approving of it, he effectively killed it.

>> No.20927333

Would Liches be good maids? I would image they'd just raise a bunch of zombies to do the manual labor while she's busy making potions and secretly experimenting on their master.

>> No.20927341

I mean Hundreds of dicks from different men obviously. I personally love the idea of me and my wife using the Doppel potion.

>> No.20927353

I find it very hard to write lolis without it bordering on the uncomfortable since more times than not it's a prepubescent child. Yes, I realize that monsters mature quicker than human children but there's still the cultural disparity. That and I prefer to write my women like I like my liquors.

Full-bodied and bittersweet.

>> No.20927366

would you write a story about a shortstack Lizardgirl fighting a big man to prove her worth?

>> No.20927382

>That makes it even fucking worse.

KC seems pretty open when it comes to sex. So long as it isn't NTR shit, he'll give you the thumbs up.

>> No.20927385

I figure that running a maid service would be a good way not only for the Litch to earn a living and continue its scientific work but also maintain a good reputation with the living.

>> No.20927388

well, in my headcanon, kikimoras aren't the only species that attend maid training academies. although kikimoras, alongside shoggoths, are the majority species that attend these schools. because of this, shoggoths and kikimoras frequently settle in feuds and set up a racially-divided rivalry upon both races.

this feud ended up branching out to other species as kikimoras and shoggoths use students of other species as a way to earn some kind of glory among their respective races. species, all together in their communities, that most frequently prefer kikimoras over shoggoths and vice versa.

species that support kikimoras: cancers, honey bees, angels, and kobolds
species that support shoggoths: skeletons, hornets, devils, and arachnes

this grand race war has made parents of young wannabe maids worry and even go against the monsters attending maid training academies but fortunately hope has shed light on this issue thanks to a student, who was a species that monsters cannot believe even existed, who has rose up through the ranks and gained the ability to create a powerful voice for all those who wish to become maids without getting into conflict. with her defiance against hatred, she will reunite the maid community and make the life of a maid, a life clean of conflict forever, her name is Ubbo-Sathla and she is a hybrid kikimora-shoggoth: the ultimate meido species, who is fated by the elder gods to bring all race wars to an end and bring together all monster girls as a community to accomplish their common goal: find perfect candidate men and make them their husbands.

>> No.20927389
File: 91 KB, 862x711, b20036f75bdcf08947e19e69bffc98adc86f76c2dae11218d5c168cd2755f0f0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Average day at MGC kindergarten
>Teacher tells students to draw anything they like
>Some girls try to draw a boy they like but they're too dense to get it
>Others draw mommy and daddy hugging
>Horizontal hugging
>One Salamander draws mommy and daddy fighting, actually fighting
>Even specifically adding a black eye to her father
>Kindergarten teacher is new to the city so he calls social services
>Fast forward a week later and an angry Salamander and her husband are kicking down his door to kindly explain to him how having a boxing match every week to stay fit isn't domestic abuse
>Desk is snapped in two, room is filled with ash due to the burning papers and the only reason the Salamom leaves is because her husband drags her away

>> No.20927396

KC approves of people having the choice to like what they like.
The japanese or at least the ones I met, and I believe kenkou even stated this before to MGU have a stance of sorts.
If they don't like something, they ignore it and move on, or rather there is a disinterest of it and lack of caring.
I was given that information by kenkou and exet later on when the thread was talking about this, but he has never really voiced disaproval.
To him, he might have simply seen one man using a doppel potion, or other men that she was having sex were blank and used as a way for the users to insert themselves into a situation.
I don't think he cared, he just liked seeing MG being all sexy and cute.

Personally, I think that's where people care too much about this.
If there are people who like that stuff, then that's on them, it shouldn't ruin your fun with your own characters, should it?
Same for how people should leave you to your own choices in what you like.
Me, I view it as a source of fiction. I like succubi as monsters, so I picked a lilim because I felt I could make something very lewd out of it, but that's mostly about as far as that goes.

That one is my opinion I guess.

>> No.20927397

If I had motivation and the mechanical skill to pull it off, sure. But I spend my days lurking in here more times than not, over doing something productive for fear of being told to fuck off or worrying too much about what people think on 4chan.

But yes, because short stacks are delicious and need to be lovingly full nelsoned from the standing position.

>> No.20927399

KC dislikes the idea of monsters cheating on their husbands, or monsters that have no interest in getting a husband. Why would he be against a lilim deciding to charm a bunch of man at once for a lark before she gets serious about finding a guy?

Besides, you're assuming a lot, like assuming that KC even knew the art was meant to depict a bunch of different men. And regardless, Maritan changed Mari's character to better reflect typical lilim values once she learned more, so its kind of a moot point now.

>> No.20927400


>> No.20927401

>"here's your breakfast mastah"
>Lich maid says it in a deadpan voice
>she also stares at you nonstop too

>> No.20927406

At least the food would be good, right?

>> No.20927407

>flavor is for the lazy, mastah

>> No.20927410

>If they don't like something, they ignore it and move on, or rather there is a disinterest of it and lack of caring.

Honestly, this kind of stance has a lot of advantages. A lot of people waste so much time obsessing over things they don't like, when they would probably be happier just doing something else.

>> No.20927411

Oh hey, more than one person thought of the same thing about doppel potions.

>> No.20927417

I get the fucking point you can stop now.

>> No.20927422

I don't think that's how that works.

>> No.20927431

Yeah, having people talk about Notgangbangs is much better. It's sarcasm.

>> No.20927436

At that point it sounds more like a personal problem.

>> No.20927439


>> No.20927441

It's full of nutrients at the expense of flavor. That Lich probably thinks if it's good for her then it's also good for you too.

>> No.20927446

It attracts people who likes the fetish.

>Yes I love to see my waifu getting gangbanged
>What? No they're really all me, I swear.

>> No.20927450

Go for it dude. Only get better by writing.

>> No.20927454

Well I can always just add some salt and pepper if I really had to.

>> No.20927457
File: 86 KB, 503x292, 1541492137423.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Doppel potions open up a lot of possibilities

>> No.20927459

I want to seduce a Lich teacher or a Cupid teacher too.

>> No.20927466

Fuck off.

>> No.20927472

What if it's not your waifu?

>> No.20927474

The last thing we need is constant discussion about it that attracts the wrong type of people.

>> No.20927478

Funny thing is that when we got the translation here, pretty much all of the replies were “hell yes monsters can use it too.”
I think you’re worried about a problem that doesn’t really exist.

>> No.20927479

What would a Cupid teach?

>> No.20927482
File: 192 KB, 695x695, Doppel Potion.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Basically, it is a potion for human men to drink, it is not recommended to let monsters drink it.
>That is because, as we know, the desire monsters direct towards their spouses is an unusual thing, and even if it is only one monster, they are beings that pour enough lust and pleasure to nearly drown a man.
>Therefore, if such monsters multiply, and impulsively move to rush a single man, the man will be assaulted by an overwhelming pleasure of unfathomable degree.
>It is unknown how much will be squeezed out before a man loses his mind, or even how much will be squeezed out after he has lost his mind, but for a man with a defiant heart, perhaps it might be nice to give it a try.

So, given how its not unusual for a man to have a harem of monsters and be able to handle them ok, I guess the danger of using a doppel potion on a monster is the resulting loss of rationality. That is, the implication is that if a bunch of monsters go at a man without holding back at all then even an incubus would have a hard time handling the sheer amount of essence they would milk out and the heights of pleasure he would reach.

>> No.20927490

If this is supposed to sound like a bad thing, it sure isn’t.

>> No.20927491

Don't act as if there wasn't people complaining about it since the beginning.

>> No.20927494

>hey guys, my alice drunk a whole gallon of this stuff...you guys mind telling me what would happen...?

>> No.20927506

If we're just going to ban anything that might potentially attract a bad crowd, then ban everything except handholding vaginal sex with the most humanlike monsters only.

>> No.20927507

Your home gets turned into a daycare where nap time is replaced with rape time

>> No.20927511

That's what I think too.

>> No.20927522

I'd be okay with that.

>> No.20927529

Just be glad that 10 is the max number of clones.

>> No.20927536

Lett's put all fetishes at the same level yes

>> No.20927540

>i dont know what you've been feeding me but baphy-sama will be proud of me for this!

>> No.20927547

Any fetish can attract undesirable people.

>> No.20927557

I'd go with that old thread character of a timid Cupid teaching biology or sex ed or something like that, and people mistaking the quiet nature and stoic, frigid way she teaches embarassing stuff for her being a nigh-unapproachable cool beauty.

>> No.20927558

Stop being a disingenuous nigger faggot you absolute cunt.

>> No.20927562

Why are you trying so hard

>> No.20927574
File: 197 KB, 559x700, c3ca848cd2c0542abd341245ed45cbaf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

weekend threads! It's almost like some people enjoy being eternally butthurt for no reason.

>undesirable people
he says on a weeb containment board

here's half a (you), spend it wisely

>> No.20927575

>that moment when you find out your seemingly isolated and perfectly chill loli waifu is secretly a mother fucking religious-as-fuck sabbath arch-witch when she starts mentioning a baphomet out of the blue during a time of crisis

>> No.20927577

There shouldn't be any problem with people talking about NTR or something else right? They will just disappear if we ignore them, I'm sure.

>> No.20927585

>people talk about ntr here other than to either bait or shit on ntrfags
Hey buddy I think you got the wrong door. /trash/ is two blocks down.

>> No.20927590

Beat it, fucko.

>> No.20927591
File: 572 KB, 1112x1400, smallmander.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Even though I've done let's say a lot of in-depth pondering on that scenario, I admit it would be difficult to put it into words in a way the athmosphere is properly conveyed to readers.

>> No.20927594

Go to the /d/ mg threads and see what happens when any subject is allowed, and I'm not talking about NTR especifically.

>> No.20927599

>Go to /d/
I think I found the problem

>> No.20927598

NTR does not and will never be allowed in this thread, fuck off already.

>> No.20927610
File: 508 KB, 897x1023, cooking with alice-chan!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

she must be a really respectful young lady to keep her super-religious ego away from her regular daily life with her husband

>> No.20927617

chuckling from this made me wish there was a clown/jester monster girl that tells funny sex jokes

>> No.20927644

No. The majority do, but it's not always the case that they do.

>> No.20927647

there are two kinds of funny haha monster girls that you have be aware of
>the one that keep making puns during sex to bring out her inner clown girl
>and the one that tells rape jokes when she's horny a.k.a pennywise mode

>> No.20927653
File: 567 KB, 900x1340, 73483476_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.20927656
File: 203 KB, 850x1202, __ratatoskr_monster_girl_encyclopedia_drawn_by_neonbeat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do Squirrels doxx?

>> No.20927657

I prefer to think that Mari slutted it up before marriage, but that's just me

>> No.20927664
File: 219 KB, 1427x2048, Elf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Haughty elf from your class forces you to go the beach with her
>She wears the skimpiest swimsuit she could find
>Asks you do you like it
How do you respond?

>> No.20927666

>chat with other monsters through social media
About what

>> No.20927667

Now way fag

>> No.20927669
File: 500 KB, 658x890, ba1dcd43cdecd924c9b94a51f73ab72a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If a vampire had to choose between blood or baby juice in a dire situation what would she pick?

>> No.20927673
File: 267 KB, 572x804, 47131142_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>yet another artist lost to gradually getting more and more extreme until it's just not enjoyable anymore
What a shame.

>> No.20927676

Presuming that semen has the single densest concentration of essence in a man's body, she'd go for that in an emergency. Not sure if that's confirmed though.

>> No.20927677

>Implying she wont ride your dick while sucking your blood

>> No.20927684

pets, events, accidents, food, movies, debates, problems, boring stuff, interesting stuff, art, music, books.

it's like the same with humans. i bet Cheshire cat likes to post prank videos online and stuff

>> No.20927703

She learns about what kind of monstergirl you're a slut to then she'll leak your address to said monstergirl so she'll come a take you away.

If said monstergirl is the Rata herself she'll blush hard and invite herself to your home.

>> No.20927723

fake emails where men are tricked into putting there personal information in
>put your name, phone number, and address here to receive free samples of ________!!
you know, that kind of stuff

also then there's pretending to be a close friend and "he" asks you to remind him where you live and the rest follows

>> No.20927728
File: 1.72 MB, 892x1200, 67467021_p1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hot granny

>> No.20927735

Not him but what do you mean? Idk this artist, but this looks super tame.

>> No.20927736

wonderland shouldnt have internet access for ALOT of reasons

>> No.20927742
File: 368 KB, 800x800, CheshireCat10.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Cheshire cat likes to post prank videos online and stuff

>> No.20927743

Picture I posted is what he used to draw.
Now he's gone to simply retarded sizes.

>> No.20927756

>liveleak. com

>> No.20927761

>Using a succ's horns to guide her head up and down your cock

>> No.20927762

Link? A thread or two ago has shown that "retarded" is very objective. I'm a little worried tho

>> No.20927768

>Anon gets dragged into Wonderland via his monitor shortly after opening a suspicious email

>> No.20927770


>> No.20927773

The one I replied to.
I mean, there's worse, but I preferred his earlier works.

>> No.20927778

this but with riding a dragon,or guiding wurm chan to the market

>> No.20927780

sometimes a little push is all your daughter needs :^)

>> No.20927783


>> No.20927784

Whether it's ok to be shotacons or not

>> No.20927795

Of course it's okay! Remember, if he can't consent, he can't refuse!
-T. That creepy swamp witch even the other pedos are a bit nervous about

>> No.20927809

I'm looking through his twitter because the pixiv is lame and ??? All I see is big titties and slightly soft tummies on a few pics.

>> No.20927822


>> No.20927829
File: 92 KB, 720x512, 30_rat02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If I come home to find a Rata sleeping in my bed, she's waking up with me sleeping in her tail.

>> No.20927852

Kinda cliche, but decided why not. Also will probably finish it tonight.

>> No.20927865

>Hellhound: "Of course! love is love and we're allowed to fuck who want! <3"
>Shirohebi: "Well, as long as she has a heart, she's allowed to love who she falls for, correct?"
>Baphomet: "And expect a giant whale to whisk him away to make him a little boy forever? Gross!"
>Zombie: "Er...I uh..I guess?? Men can sex little girls so uh.. sure, why not??"
>Cheshire Cat: "mommy~ why do I hear police sirens? :^)"

>> No.20927896

>Titania: OOH, YES! I love Secret Santa! Picking out gifts to make other people happy is soooooo much fun!

>> No.20927917 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.86 MB, 1535x1342, 1551582689922.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20927923

Best seduction methods

>> No.20927928

Ice Ice love you baby!

>> No.20927937

>TFW you will never have a baby with a glacies and name her Vanilla

>> No.20927943

>"Ah, husband, isn't she beautiful?"
>"What shall we name her?"
>"...vanilla? Haa, it is a cute name, but..."
Vanilla joins the Winterstown cast!

>> No.20927945


>> No.20927954
File: 167 KB, 721x953, Glacies2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Your waifus face when you name her two sisters Ice and Cream

>> No.20927959

>Naming a glacies "Ice"
Crude. Make sure one of them is at least nicknamed "T," though.

>> No.20927970

I'd rather name my kids after ice cream flavors.
because of how sweet they all are

>> No.20927973
File: 1.20 MB, 820x1184, 1501916189285.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So we all know Rata-chan can report from cold places, but what if she needs to report from a desert region? All that fluff is going to overheat her!

>> No.20928000

Got an 18 picture set in the works from one of my favorite artists, and judging from what he said our last conversation it might get even bigger. On the side however I’ve got a couple commissions I’ve been waiting a few months for, hoping the artists get to them soon.

>> No.20928003
File: 546 KB, 558x604, Yeti_yuki-onna_yuri_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How often do Yetis bribe Yuki-Onnas to cause a blizzard so their hubby doesn't have to leave for work and they can just spend the day snuggling?

>> No.20928011

>Get pinned down by an Automaton
>"I will be inseminated, do not resist."

>> No.20928019

>Winterstown residents want more exotic reporting and demand it from their newstation
>Really, it was just wendichan accidentally getting access to the internet and sending 'complaints' to the Winterstown Local website thinking it would get her more meat
>But Rata-chan acknowledges the request like the intrepid reporter she is, and works out a deal with the Oasistown local news to do an exchange for a week for special programming
>This is what leads to the desert girls visiting Winterstown image LN has, and also leads to Rata-chan getting really overheated

>> No.20928040
File: 492 KB, 632x1500, 70989164_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.20928046

There's a strict no weather manipulation law on the books in Winterstown. Only the local ice queen is allowed to effect it. That's what Tsuara-san is a fugitive!

>> No.20928064

When Wendichan was asking for "more meat" from the reporters she wanted actual meat, instead Winterstown gets a meaty Genie weathergirl who's not quite dressed for winter

>> No.20928070

>"L-Like, this is j-jeanie Genie, r-reporting from Wintertown sq-square, and... its damn cold!!!"
How does she react when Papa Wendi totally politely offers her a coat?

>> No.20928075

>Huge lumbering unknowable thing with massive hands and a void for a face breathing heavily as it holds up a bundle of furs
It takes some getting used to to be sure.

>> No.20928077

That sounds like a hot, sticky hellhole made to annoy me severely. I wanna make fun of the people there over the internet.

>> No.20928085

Its decidedly a suburb of the neighboring Khepri Kingdom and, on the other side, the Pharaoh's Domain. Its actually quite nice, as the oasis in question is always pure water, so there's a section partitioned out for drinking and a section for swimming and cooling down.

>> No.20928094

>Soaking wet desert girls lazing around in a pool
S-Sounds awful

>> No.20928101

Jeeze anon, what's wrong with you? Its not soaking wet desert girls lazing around in a pool.
It's soaking wet, caramel skinned, micro-bikini wearing total desert babes lounging in and around the pool as they rub themselves up with lotion and languidly stretch their bodies with moans of contentedness!

>> No.20928118

Well thankfully I'm far too pale for such an environment. No desert girls for me, no sir!

>> No.20928124

Good night anons, take care and don't burn down the thread.

Instead, remember to stay hydrated, pleasing monster girl nobility is thirsty work.

>> No.20928129
File: 671 KB, 1024x1024, Monster-towel-Jiang-shi-1024x1024.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We can only take so much Anon...

>> No.20928136

>Anubis, Sphinx, and a particularly micro-wrapped mummy all stare at anon as he tries to ignore them
>Anubis licks her lips, Sphinx tilts her sunglasses down, and Mummy runs a hand down her inner thigh as they stand and start walking in his direction
>"You there, pale boy. What's an exotic treasure like you doing outside of the pyramids? Do you need me to... discipline you?"
>"Hey there marbleboy, what's wet, ready and aching for some pale cock action? Take your time. I know I sure will~"
>"Mmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnn... whiiiitecoooock~~~"

>> No.20928137
File: 244 KB, 1081x707, 022a0d0488ee82ecdb3b7fdc1e6b2109.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

imagine the smell

>> No.20928140

I need an adult.

>> No.20928142

If you screw a mummy hard enough does she turn into a pharaoh?

>> No.20928143

>Pharoah is the wight transformation for mummys
Neat. Might headcanon that.

>> No.20928146

>Anon discovering his Mummy wife is actually a long lost Pharaoh
What a discovery!

>> No.20928157

This bullying of a poor tourist is just too mean. What would the Pharaoh think when she sees her servants acting like this?

>> No.20928161

"Fuck off, that white dick is mine," only more regal and using her God Voice.

>> No.20928166

>Pharaoh's voice suddenly booms out from the side as she comes down the steps of her palanquin, thighs on full display
>"Subjects, stop this at once."
>The girls nervously move aside as the Pharaoh walks right up to anon
>She delicately runs a finger along his chest, watching with fascination
>"Such a delicate exotic flower deserves only the finest touch to be welcomed into our lands."
>She slides right up next to him and fixes her hair while staring into his eyes
>"...wouldn't you agree?"

>> No.20928169

>implying anon won't be getting raped by all four of them
Brown girls are the most powerful monster girls, anon. They were queens!

>> No.20928175

>Take a tan before you head out to a Pharaoh's kingdom
>Luckily or unluckily no girl pays attention to you while on the beach
>The instant they hear your accent though they start going crazy asking why'd you tan your white skin
>Thankfully they know the perfect way to get rid of your tan by keeping you inside while they hold hands with you

>> No.20928176

Is this reverse psychology and saying yes makes the rape more rough?

>> No.20928177

No, Anon. One of them IS Kwainz.

>> No.20928181

That means she's super powerful and needs to be treated right!

>> No.20928186

>Before anyone can say anything, suddenly distinctive chanting rings out
>A shrill voice rings out
>"Behold! The Indomitable, The Master of Masters, The Greatest In The Sands!"
>A host of Khepris suddenly rise out of the ground, all in different synchronized poses of worship and lust towards a figure in the middle, strategically shadowed and silhouetted until a light illuminates it
>"...King Khepri the Magnificent!"
>Cheers erupt from the Khepri wives, polite clapping from the Oasistown residents, and a massive sigh and eye-roll from the Pharaoh
>"Behold! I have arrived! And not a moment too soon. I heard a visitor was being accosted by my beautiful yet malicious rival! Fear not, for I shall uphold the neutrality of this no man's land!"
>Anon meanwhile is absolutely fuming at this douchebag cockblocking his chance with royalty
>Meanwhile Pharaoh is bickering and arguing with the man as his Khepris hiss and click at her for approaching him
Oasistown is a troubled land.

>> No.20928189

>Desert Girls asking a leaf anon to say "eh" during sex

>> No.20928193

>Anon meanwhile is absolutely fuming at this douchebag cockblocking his chance with royalty
Just sneak into the palanquin. No one but the pharaoh needs to know.

>> No.20928198


>> No.20928200

inkanyamba monster girl when

>> No.20928202

>King Khepri is an eccentric yet wellmeaning dolt who keeps cockblocking visitors
>This is the main reason Pharaoh is still single
There's a dynamic.

>> No.20928203

Papa Wendi is such an upstanding citizen, he would give the coat off his back to the frozen desert tourists! Better to be shaking from chaos fear rather than cold, Papa Wendi always says

>> No.20928204

>Oh fuck yeah, bud! Ya like that ya fuckin' hoser, eh?
I'd probably be unable to keep it together if my waifu asked me to do that.

>> No.20928208

>Hours later the pharaoh and Khepri king are done arguing.
>She is a bit sad that white anon snuck away.
>Heads to palanquin.
>sees sleepy anon in it.
>Smirks to herself and wakes him up.
>anon lets out an "eh" when he is woken up.

>> No.20928209

Its nothing of the sort. Take your paranoia pills

>> No.20928213

I imagine Papa Wendi having a whole bunch of earnest dad-sayings but they all come off as creepy and involve something eldritch that just unsettles people.

>> No.20928214

I'd make it work as best as I could.

>> No.20928216

Is King Khepri the stereotypical nigerian prince?

>> No.20928220


>> No.20928221

>Anon lets out an "eh" when he is woken up.
So ended the pharaoh's thousand year celibacy and Anon's poor little white pelvis. I'm thinking of how the accent from my region would be regarded now, and it's depressing.

>> No.20928223

Have to say, at least that king tries. If i was on a throne of khepris, people in my domain would be able to count my number of public appearances on a single hand. Too busy "playing" with the wives and playing with all our daughters.

>> No.20928228

>"Hello friend, my name is King Khepri, and I need your help. I have a fortune that could buy a whole land, but alas, it does me no good outside of my own kingdom. One of my poor daughters would like to leave this land so she may help start her own kingdom with a worthy husband, but she needs funds to do so! If you can wire me 300$, I will send her to you and you will be paid back beyond your wildest dreams!"
Except the scam actually pays off!

>> No.20928230

Anon who wrote thatpart:
Well hey i am a leaf, but live on the wrong side of the country to actually have that accent.

>> No.20928231

>one thousand years of sexual frustration
Neither of them are gonna be heard from for a week, it's the perfect time for the Apophis to strike!

>> No.20928239

Ew a frenchie

>> No.20928240

Oasistown apophis is probably to lazy to actually do anything.

>> No.20928245

but brown vampires dont exist

>> No.20928251

The equivalent on my end would be them asking me to say "fuhgeddaboudit." I guess things could be worse, although my accent would be the only exotic thing.

>> No.20928254

The side of the country that has more Renxiomongs then white horns.

>> No.20928257

dumb lazy purple snek would probably get some energy back once she sees that her "rival" got such an exotic man before she could.

>> No.20928262

Ew my side of the country.
man I wish we had asian monster girls here instead of Chinese people.

>> No.20928267

>Has no issues wearing skimpy silver jewelry around town
>Wears a t-shirt over her bikini at the pool because she's self-conscious
It's different, somehow.

>> No.20928270

>"Miss Apophis Miss Apophis! Pharaoh is-"
>"Ah ah ah!"
>"Sigh... 'Great wondrous beauty and pinnacle of darkness Lady Apophis', the Pharaoh has found a man and is holed up in the depths of her palace! Now is the time to strike!"
>A wide eyed face stuffed with falafel peeks out from behind the corner, and a stumbling slither is heard as the Apophis skirts out into the open, her sweatshirt straining to contain her breasts
>"(Gulp) What are we waitin' for then? Lets take over!"
>Cut to the Apophis in the middle of Oasistown with a megaphone as her earnest graped lamia assistant tries to hand out fliers
>"People of Oasistown! This is your new ruler speaking! For too long have you slaved under the oppression of the Pharaoh and the sun! So now, I'm gonna make you slave under me instead~!"
>"Uh, but I need an army. And funds. And some of that sweet bread you guys keep makin. Once I have that stuff I can properly enslave you. So chop chop! Get to it!"
>Most residents ignore her as they do every week

>> No.20928272

She needs a man to help her out, quick.

>> No.20928275

You're fuckin 10 ply bud

>> No.20928276

Just think though. Now when portals open in hilarious irony we might get a bunch of Zipangese and Mist continent girls.

>> No.20928282

If I promise not to be too FREE, can I move up there? Western US pickings wouldn't be too bad either, though.

>> No.20928285

Would apophis suddenly stop when another paleman comes off the train?

>> No.20928292

Nah, but dont worry. The entire west coast will mysteriously be getting only Asian monstergirls.

>> No.20928294

>Go into Vancouver for a convention you wanted to see
>Get sexually harassed by just about every Mist Continent/Zipangu girl you encounter
I hope they're gentle

>> No.20928295

Goodness, that Winterstown news special would have worked wonders if that happened.

>> No.20928299
File: 180 KB, 1104x834, 1505935707731.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20928303

All grepsnek really needs to do is offer free vacations. Sure, it's a Nigerian Prince-tier scheme, but someone would bite.

>> No.20928310

Just gotta watch out for those Kejourous. Blend in way to well. One moment your chatting up some cute looking asian bayonetta cosplayer and the next your getting ridden like a bronco by the very same asian women in the bathrooms.

>> No.20928311

>Pharaoh's husband has a brother
>Invites him over and coincidentally has him bump into the Apophis
>Apophis takes him as so she doesn't get outdone by the Pharaoh
>Now they're in a competetion to see who can have the most daughterus

>> No.20928313

>Winterstown Rata reading off emails at the end of her show from happy Oasistown girls thanking her for getting them husbands.
She'd be trying so hard not to bounce out of her chair.

>> No.20928326

But you're forgetting about all of the fox girls Inari and Youko could dress up as. One minute you're talking to a cute Ran cosplayer and the next you're getting lead into those secret monster sex rooms!

>> No.20928327

Just another successful job from the hard working Winterstown news team!

>> No.20928339

Would much rather encounter an older Nurarihyon who absolutely insists I join her and all her cosplayer friends for drinks after the convention is over!

>> No.20928356

I didnt even think about how many girls could just say they are "cosplayers". No convention is safe!

>> No.20928365

Or even one minute your talking to some cute actual human and the next shes possesed into a kitsune-Tsuki and taking you right on the convention floor!

>> No.20928373

That's not even that bad. The worst would be the guy that got his hands on an ungodly amount of Ushi blood and a Supersoaker.

>> No.20928378

Even someone like a Minotaur might even blend in if she can make up a good excuse!

>> No.20928391

Theres no limit to who could just be mgs in disguise! Those team skull grunts? Large mice sisters! That papi cosplayer? A loli jubjub! That gwynevere cosplayer? A dark mage illusionist! Those 2b and 2p cosplayers? Automaton sisters!

>> No.20928396

Would political parties in the monstergirl world be based mostly around the treatment of men? For example, you got monstergirl supremacists like Hellhounds who think monstergirls should dominate men and the men should be little more than pets to the monstergirls, but then you also have Kikimora who want men to be the masters and desire to serve them wholeheartedly. Then they form into political parties to try to build up or tear down the rights and freedom of men within the monstergirl world.

>> No.20928398

>Ice Queen mom with her Touhou fan daughter, a 6 year old Tsurara dressed as Cirno
>Tsurara Cirno playing with her frozen frog toy and having fun
>even Ice Queen mom cosplays as Letty with her, she's not into video games while ruling her little Canadian kingdom but she'll do anything for her daughter

>> No.20928399

>Gwynevere cosplayers are dark mages
>They need illusionist magic
They already got the bod do they really need the blinding holy light behind them as they go everywhere?

>> No.20928415

>Cirnorara accidentally keeps hitting random mgs and men with icicles.
Also would Shortstack cows just cosplay as Draphs?

>> No.20928419

I want to ask to feel her abs and horns.

>> No.20928425

>political parties
All they have is more or less "gives a fuck" (Extremist faction) and "doesn't give a fuck" (everyone else)

>> No.20928436

>"Wow, they're so real! You really put a lot of effort into this"
>Minotaur barely manages to get out a "yeah" as she tries not to cum on the spot

>> No.20928454

Would a Bayo Cosplay kejourou show me her version of witch time if i fondled her breasts?

>> No.20928456

Do men get to vote?

>> No.20928460

Does a bear girl masturbate in the woods?

>> No.20928471

If they're an incubus.

>> No.20928475

and if they're not? do they count as only 3/5ths of a vote?/spoiler]

>> No.20928476

I already updated

>> No.20928477

good point.

>> No.20928487

That’s when I go for the ears and then tail since they’ve likely been moving around and I need to feel how realistic they are.

>> No.20928496

Do you want to get raped by a sex-crazed Minotaur? Because that's how you get raped by a sex crazed Minotaur.

>> No.20928497

They start with a very liberal and progressive stance, asking for their people to be tolerated, then brought as ""single lady refugees", then infiltrating everywhere, until they become a majority.

>> No.20928521

Yes actually, that was the goal, molesting fun parts of her body first was an added bonus.

>> No.20928528

It's not rape if you want it, and that guy very clearly wants all of it.

>> No.20928531

Daughteru anus or daughteru cunny anon?

>> No.20928544

Would you answer the flustered elf Zelda cosplayer when she asks you to be her Link?

>> No.20928546

Stop saying that word.

>> No.20928555


>> No.20928556

Daughteru piggy back rides!

>> No.20928560

My daughteru is a bit of a buttslut, but not enough to where she'd regularly choose it over her pussy. So pussy.

>> No.20928561
File: 334 KB, 626x1100, DxeGiqjVYAAZGwy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I ask her to show me her breast bindings first

>> No.20928568
File: 795 KB, 786x969, 1531580819531.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hope the government's run by horny Anubis girls

>> No.20928573

What would you rather side with her arch nemesis P'orc ganon cosplayer?

>> No.20928579

No. It's a cute word and the only common word for vagina that isn't also used to insult someone.

Just be careful that you don't lean too hard on her shoulders, she could get hurt.

'Pussy' was not one of the options presented.

>> No.20928584

As long as you dont follow her into the bathroom like a perv.

>> No.20928617

I'd say 'hyah!' Then z-target her tits.

>> No.20928621

Too late.

>> No.20928625

Elves with face masks is the hottest thing ever!

>> No.20928635

Do you spank your JubJub wife hard and loud or medium and tenderly?

>> No.20928646

By hylia these are some lewd anons.

>> No.20928647

The former obviously, Lilith knows her ass is big, soft and jiggly enough for it.

>> No.20928652

How do you feel about watching your waifu giving birth to your daughterus anon? What would it be like? Would you want to be there for it?

>> No.20928655

When it comes to elves, it's required. They actually seem to take offense and get really sad if you dont express some form of perversion.

>> No.20928675

pregnancy is gross

>> No.20928697

I'd hold her hand and make sure she knows i'm there through it, but some things are best left to a trained unicorn midwife. I'd mostly be there to keep her calm and help her recover after.

Seeing her first time holding our daughter and being there to name her might actually kill me though.

>> No.20928700

Just be sure to tell her. Make that JubJub a SmugJub!

>> No.20928710

I spank my Dragon Zombie wife as hard as possible with no holding back. She's both invulnerable and a hard masochist so its all good.

>> No.20928737
File: 180 KB, 1200x1334, DzC5sFPUUAAVPmy.jpg large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The blade of Ichor

>> No.20928738

First off, in my headcanon monstergirls giving birth is relatively painless, much less messy and generally lots easier than with humans. Even still, birth giving is one of the things that really grosses me out, so no I wouldn't really want to watch it. My waifu is the kind of person to be autistically stubborn on doing difficult things all on her own even if she has to endure a bit of unnecessary pain or discomfort though, so I think it'd be just fine.

In an ideal scenario, our daughteru would come sometime in the middle of the night. My waifu would get the birthing done just fine on her own, and then she'd wake me up to surprise me. My She'd be glowing with pride and eager to introduce me to our baby, who would probably be comfortably wrapped in one of the bath towels we'd keep by our bed at all times, just for convenience's sake of course.

>> No.20928751


>> No.20928754

I wonder if there would be any cursed swords based of legendary blades

>> No.20928761

I would be wonderful to be there with her as our daughter comes to the world. The look on my waifu's face would be so happy.

>> No.20928765

I don't like where this is going.

>> No.20928772

Well kind of depends. Is it like a real birth of a Doujin birth? If it's the former I'll be there for her, holding her hand and doing what I can not to panic.
If it's the latter I would probably be butt fucking her.

>> No.20928773

What do you mean anon? We'd probably just cuddle and watch her sleep until we can't keep our eyes open anymore. Even I have limits.

>> No.20928781

>of a
Or* a

>> No.20928789

I'm sure many brave and dashing heroes died and left their swords behind, only for them to reawaken as heartbroken cursed swords after the changing of the demon lords.

>sword of a squire who adored and respected his heroic lord, and died protecting from assassins
>becomes a loving onee-san with an overprotective streak
>greatsword used to fight a massive beast to a standstill by a brave village boy
>becomes a rough and tumble genki tomboy with a can-do attitude
>saber of a famous duelist who mysteriously disappeared
>became a homely, thick housewife who constantly tries to convince her wielder to retire and become a family man

>> No.20928805

Really cool and cute ideas.

>> No.20928809

Maybe eros or hel would allow a reincarnation for them? The swords being young boys reincarnated without any memories. Now its up to the swords to either help them remember or watch them from their side and hope the boys notice them once again.

>> No.20928823

>That last one
Fuck that's cute.

>> No.20928825
File: 736 KB, 1215x945, 70458357_p8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wow, who knew dragons are so fucking weak and pathetic.

>> No.20928829

There's something tragically beautiful to me about finding a cursed sword that used to belong to someone else. They weren't conscious back when their wielder died, but they know that they lost someone very important to them who allowed them to awaken. I'd imagine it being like losing a parent more than a previous lover.

Are you a bad enough dude to heal the broken heart of a fallen knight's orphaned sword?

>> No.20928842

>"A-ah, young monseigneur, why not stay home today, no? Eet is such a beautiful day to just... just relax, 'ere where eet is safe..."
>"I will make your favourite eclairs! You would not pass zem up, no?"
>"Please, monseigneur... I couldn't bare to lose you too..."

>> No.20928846

>The swords being young boys reincarnated without any memories

>> No.20928849

>Are you a bad enough dude to heal the broken heart of a fallen knight's orphaned sword?
I'm not a cunt that NTR's. I'd just get Hel to bring the wielder back.

>> No.20928850

>Finding the gravesite of their former owner
>Turns out the people of the village made a small, humble yet sincere shrine to the folk hero
>Cursed Sword cries silent happy tears as she lays flowers at the gravesite and lays down a piece of herself in the shape of a hilt
>"Rest in peace, my old friend. I will make you proud. I promise."

>> No.20928852

Yeah either way works and i like both.

Oops i meant the Sword girls boys/previous owner reincarnate.

>> No.20928853

>"Please, monseigneur... I couldn't bare to lose you too..."
In today's episode of "things I want to love and protect"

>> No.20928860
File: 729 KB, 1200x900, Skyrim 6 Dragon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You dare disrespect a Dragon?

>> No.20928873

Starting a relationship with a widow is not NTR. Starting a relationship with a recently awakened cursed sword who was not a living thing when their old wielder died hundreds of years ago is even less so.

>> No.20928883

Still not gonna do it when I can just help them bring their previous owner back to life.

>> No.20928887

I want to manipulate an overambitious and foolhardy dragon whelp to my liking.

>> No.20928896

If it's an option, sure. I just assumed that at least a few people in the distant past of the setting might stay dead. Maybe if you could locate his soul and have them perform a ritual of soul marriage they'd be able to find each other again someday.

It might also be that the hero had a normal human lover, since his sword was just a sword at the time. Cursed sword might see him more as a teacher or father figure.

>> No.20928929

Imagine her reaction when she finds out you're her hero reincarnated, or a descendant of his. When she feels you wield her for the first time. How she fits your hand perfectly, becoming an extension of you, and your body remembers his techniques and fighting spirit.

How lucky you were to find each other again. Or maybe luck had nothing to do with it.

>> No.20928942

>father figure.
This is how I see it. Either that or a "great ancestor" since she wasn't even alive at the time.

>> No.20928944

I love my waifu.

>> No.20928949

How would you guys like your dragons

>> No.20928960
File: 619 KB, 1100x1400, 68890619_p1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i loved your waifu first
in the biblical sense
with my penis

>> No.20928969

>housewife french rapier
>she obsesses over your health and safety, doting and fussing constantly
>she tirelessly trains herself to treat wounds and parry attacks
>eventually figures out how to deflect arrows and deliver incredibly strong ripostes
>likes cooking for you so she can make sure you're eating properly
>insists you put your head on her lap so you can sleep while she keeps watch
>always on the lookout for good land, jobs or affordable homes, hoping you'll settle down with her somewhere peaceful
>pouts and scolds you when you take on dangerous work but always tries her best to protect and support you

>> No.20928984

How much have you spent on all your commissions, waifufags?

>> No.20929006

A lot, I don't really keep track.

>> No.20929014

Once all the ones I have in the works are paid, I'll be just shy of $5000.

>> No.20929021

I might be more willing to do so if I had an example outside of my head. Reference pictures seem like a real chicken-or-egg problem.

>> No.20929028
File: 494 KB, 973x794, 1548200627599.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Crime-fighting Monsters!

>> No.20929032

You've just gotta be good at describing what's in your head anon. That and/or finding lots of different references for specific little bits of your waifu.

>> No.20929073


Here's how it looks currently, the fanart galleries will be uploaded throughout the day since they take a lot of fucking time.

>> No.20929120

I mostly fear sounding massively autistic in describing her or inundating them with a ton of tiny bullshit.

>> No.20929122
File: 547 KB, 830x1200, d2aa10debbe3088488c01129f54a283f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nice tummy

>> No.20929131
File: 74 KB, 500x535, 1549745047480.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Would being a male Yandere be a turn off for monstergirl? Or it would just Galvanize them?

>> No.20929146

>Monster girl kamen riders healing maximum suffering human riders
Sign me the fuck up

>> No.20929154

Will ZA BEE finally be healed? ;_;

>> No.20929159

Shirohebis would absolutely love their passion and faithfulness

>> No.20929168

Speaking of passion and shirohebis, I want to feed one a doppelganger potion and watch them/her go into a frenzy!

>> No.20929172

No, nobody actually likes the worst zecter.

>> No.20929175

>Trust no one, not even yourself
I legitimately pity a man stuck in such a mating ball.

>> No.20929235

Shirohebis are just so good to bully. I want to wear another woman's perfume

>> No.20929268
File: 188 KB, 753x971, 1484611574668.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Automatons take paint-ball very seriously.

>> No.20929271

But shouldn't she be a bug?

>> No.20929297

Would incredibly clumsy nerd oomukade make for good crime fighters? She bought all the figures and made her costume herself.

>> No.20929299

>everybody looks down on her
>in a fight it turns out her ferocious disposition and crazy speed make her the team's biggest DPS

>> No.20929323

Keep going dude, kinda nice to see someone going this long on a story.

>> No.20929325

I want to come home to my shirohebi bride, in the arms of my really cute elf co-worker

>> No.20929327

Dead link,

>> No.20929335

Doing some management, in other words, making sure I don't have to reupload the whole thing if something needs to be changed.

>> No.20929390
File: 2.51 MB, 1616x2327, 1509104026130.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ufufufu, she says.

>> No.20929440
File: 394 KB, 600x578, 352.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

be careful when you open the door at night or a horny moth might get in your face

>> No.20929444

I saw a yellow-tit inside the supermarket today. The wildlife just invades. They creep up on you...

>> No.20929449

How would your average MG react if they offered themselves to you, but you didn't like some physical aspect about them that didn't revolve around being part monster, like not liking short hair, or those loli flat chested chicks? Can a MG handle rejection better than the average 3DPD? Or would rape occur?

>> No.20929461
File: 476 KB, 675x688, firefox_cg46aOirOD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

her service will not be refused

>> No.20929497

Maids are too scary. You try throwing out your trash and there they are re-separating your recyclables as "proof you need them", while stealing all the paper with your handwriting on it for their own private shrines.

>> No.20929526
File: 95 KB, 1028x907, 1526702787494.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Private shrines? That's so droll! Call it... THE INNER SANCTUM

>> No.20929669

That’s what you call her womb though.

>> No.20929714
File: 815 KB, 1142x1341, snek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lamia must weigh a lot

>> No.20929724

Never ask a Monster Girl her weight! All Monster Girls are skinny and lithe!

>> No.20929735

But I want to know their weight so I can know how much to lift when working out so that I can then princess carry her on our wedding day, regardless of species.

>> No.20929755
File: 650 KB, 800x1019, 57378535_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why is my car groaning and really slow to accelerate whenever she slithers in the backseat then?

>> No.20929790

And yet, some of them are amongst the most prolific, making long-ass fanfics for years.

>> No.20929792

See Bunyips never have this problem. Ya just chuck her in the ute.

>> No.20929801

Judging by these threads, haha, no.

>> No.20929813

Gentlemen, I present to you, incels.

>> No.20929823

She's so fat the ute's bumper would be grinding on the tarmac

>> No.20929827

Oh now you've embarrassed her.

>> No.20929829

Why is there so much of "master"'s dirty laundry in the Inner Sanctum? Aren't maids supposed to clean that stuff?

>> No.20929831

When shes done with it

>> No.20929838

Bet I could make a lot of money selling cum stained underwear anonymously

>> No.20929851

We were just doing fine implying things without saying it
And now you've gone and said it

>> No.20929912
File: 246 KB, 1073x1043, 1537562123173.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lazy Sunday

>> No.20929918
File: 145 KB, 900x820, DsgdXn8V4AAzDPl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's not what you say to charm a Monster Girl over.

>> No.20929922

I just want to get beaten up and bullied by a shirohebi

>> No.20929923

>kiki draped over a table, snoring loudly
>mastah cradling a huge bowl of chiming purple shog goop in his hands, snoring almost as loudly as his birdbeast maid
Sundays hit everybody hard.

>> No.20929925
File: 684 KB, 1280x1779, shiro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The quickest way is to run away from her. She'll find you.

>> No.20929931

Its not enough, I need to make her incredibly jealous over a sustained period of time. She needs to hold a vintage sort of sexual rage by the time she corners me

>> No.20929941

>chiming shog goop
Even Shoggy is taking a nap? Comfy.

>> No.20929970

>Step 1: become childhood friend with shirohebi early in life, make "obviously" completely invalid marriage proposal
>Step 2: move away, become close with many "genki tomboy" or "loves visitors" types like Yeti or Sea Bishops
>Step 3: move back home, attaining the attention of Vampires and other "welcome home" types
>Step 4: shack up with shirohebi friend, telling her how much you appreciate her, even love her (platonically) for being a friend and therefore monstergirl who isn't in love with you and trying to claim you for herself
You wanted chaos.

>> No.20930003

Yes, this is exactly what I want.

I'll ask her for help finding a nice gift for my vampire neighbour's birthday, emphasising just how much of a good f r i e n d she is

>> No.20930004

She can't help herself on Sundays! The kettle is drooping and the curtains can barely manage to part when shoggy is tired and resting in mastah's maid sleep bowl.

>> No.20930015

What do you say then?

>> No.20930021

You say

Ooo eee, ooo ah ah ting tang
Walla walla, bing bang
Ooo eee, ooo ah ah ting tang
Walla walla, bing bang

>> No.20930040

How cute. But what about their daughters, K(ouhai) and S(enpai)? Are they over at the neighbour Jimmy's house to play?

>> No.20930120

The atmosphere in that picture is so comfy.
>tfw no carefree life with a Wight

>> No.20930126
File: 366 KB, 546x852, Latenight Shog hoodie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They are actually delinquents who clean the streets.

>> No.20930135
File: 195 KB, 1200x1049, loveglacies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Glacies are love, Glacies are life.

Sukeban maids? Do they shake down convenience stores for detergent?

>> No.20930136

By clean the streets do you mean do volunteer cleaning? Or do they bully away insects, mice, and other vermin and make their neighborhood's property value go up?

>> No.20930161

They hey-mister random anons who might be able to buy them bleach and other dangerous chemicals.
They definitely bully all the backstreet monstergirls who leave messes around town. Their territory can be distinguished by very little litter, and fresh paint over graffiti.

>> No.20930220

I'm gonna paint minis with a nerdy monster girl and no one will stop me!

>> No.20930225
File: 77 KB, 674x596, 1505266927654.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>...stop you?
>also, thin your paints.

>> No.20930234

They're thin enough!

>> No.20930241

>They clean hellhound gang signs from the sides of buildings
>Sneak into school at night and clean the building top from bottom
>Their favorite activity is to find Kikimoras falling behind in their house keeping, break in and clean their houses for them
>Making sure to leave a smug note

>> No.20930280

You tell them they look lovely, gorgeous, and have a perfect figure.

>> No.20930407

Who? I know Grigori isn't writing anymore.

>> No.20930410

Why not

>> No.20930420

"You look tasty and heavily salted."

>> No.20930438
File: 538 KB, 895x843, 1550373706198.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck that desert girls discussion earlier was so hot. I want be objectified by a bunch of monsters.

>> No.20930454

>I want to be objectified by a bunch of monsters.
>tfw i’m actually black so desert MGs would already be used to me
h-haha yeah

>> No.20930462

You can be the one who accidentally unearth a Pharaoh's sarcophagus. You have to satisfy her millenia's worth of pent up lust though.

>> No.20930468

How does this lead to me being the victim of narrow-minded foreign monstergirls’ ridicule, though?

>> No.20930475
File: 222 KB, 600x716, __komeiji_satori_touhou_drawn_by_urin__0b485a0867ecbfda65c593bbb0384c33.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20930478

KC has mentioned before that magic can be used to change skin color, so you could always just become white

>> No.20930482

Well this isn’t even remotely helpful.

>> No.20930490

Move to Zipangu?

>> No.20930506

Something tells me that the solution to my struggle as a schwarzenegger isn’t “just be white lol”. Could I go north, maybe? I figure those Viking Amazons haven’t seen anyone darker than snow before.

>> No.20930510

Could always go to an undead kingdom and get crowded around by a vampire, wight and lich who are all used to everyone being so pale.

>> No.20930511
File: 287 KB, 722x1024, __khepri_monster_girl_encyclopedia_drawn_by_sud_sudea__5d3f3933d9a97e0c73efafb377acfb9e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Same anon. I want to woo a pack of khepris with my everyman's knowledge of life outside the pyramids!

>> No.20930527

Go to a snowy place, anon. I'm sure bunnies there would heartpupil just by looking at you.

>> No.20930534

I think Wonderland works too.

>> No.20930539

I don't like harems but if I did the Khepri would definitely be my harem breed of choice.

>> No.20930592

>I don't like harems
Why not?

>> No.20930597

Alright, this should be the final version.
Just gotta wait for 7k more files to upload and it'll be complete too.

>> No.20930600

This is?

>> No.20930610

There is no intimacy or romance in a harem and especially now there isn't even that much of a point sexually since anyone can experience a threesome or more with the monster effect of the doppelganger potion with just their waifu.

>> No.20930638

Based, thanks for the link.
Think the wiki's gallery but with stuff the wiki can't host or is morally dubious like KC's enty content.

>> No.20930639

What is intimacy?

>> No.20930653

I thought the captcha was supposed to prevent robots from posting

You'll get no Earth secrets from us

>> No.20930733 [DELETED] 
File: 11 KB, 630x303, UserSurvey7.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20930840

do scarecrows really do fend off crow harpy girls?

>> No.20930847
File: 3.57 MB, 2480x3508, 9211a8511c1f864147b98cfacaafc26a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What happens if you LOSE to draculina instead of winning?

>> No.20930849

With flamboyant poses

>> No.20930857

>Anon goes north, way north, to the Fjordlands north of even Winterstown
>stumbles into a mead hall of a Viking amazon village
>every single one of those blond haired, muscled, towering beauties stares at him and his dark exotic skin
You’re gonna make a fight break out over you. A sexy fight though!

>> No.20930875

if the scarecrow had a brain, she would take the owner for herself so that those pesky crow girls will go away forever

>> No.20930881

>enabling someone attention whoring about being black by circlejerking him

>> No.20930906

No her womb is R'yleh

>> No.20930911

Ice Queens and Glacies are blue as well, they might be fascinated if they've been pretty isolated up there.

>> No.20930931

If I did it for someone saying theyre pale earlier, I’ll do it for someone saying they’re black

>> No.20930983

But why?

>> No.20931027
File: 445 KB, 1043x1300, 1493757724953.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ice Queens would roast someone for willingly traveling through the snow and cold to make it to her kingdom
>Look at this dude, almost as blue as my Glacies cousin
>What's the matter, even the Yetis don't want your dumb ass so you made it here?

>> No.20931057 [DELETED] 


>> No.20931062

Time for a game of Kiss, Marry, Fuck: Wonderland Edition!

Here are the options in alphabetical order:
>Cheshire Cat

>> No.20931064

You have Troll as well!

>> No.20931067

You must be 18 years or older to post on 4chan.

>> No.20931071

Kiss Dormouse goodnight, marry Jabberwocky, fuck Meme Cat while making her read out Chuck Norris facts.

>> No.20931076

Because greentexting Monstergirl fantasies for anons is fun

>> No.20931085

you can still talk about norse girls. this thread isn't limited to monster girl encyclopedia. just make sure what your saying isn't degenerate and be sure to provide character designs of monsters not done by KC if you want attention so that what you want to discuss can actually be carried on in a conversation with anons who are interested. so can someone please draw a some new monsters, much appreciated

>> No.20931095

Kiss none, marry none, fuck Wonderland.

>> No.20931111

I wish I could fuck all of Wonderland too

>> No.20931127

kiss dormouse
marry cheshire
fuck jabber

>> No.20931142

Ignore all 3 and marry an Alice with a completely flat chest but a round little butt.

>> No.20931147

delicious flat chests should be followed with a pregnant tummy

>> No.20931151

You know you can tell greentext stories in the thread, right? Pastebin longer prose stories.

>> No.20931156
File: 643 KB, 932x1339, 73499826_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.20931168

what a fertile lizard

>> No.20931285

I do, but I don’t want to annoy people with my green texts.

>> No.20931296

Annoying people is a 1st amendment right.

>> No.20931302

You mean old ded wiki?

>> No.20931307

She's got no tits but that's a FINE tail.

>> No.20931317

The wiki community still has one, just done though pastebin.

>> No.20931319

I’m not American

>> No.20931432

Well this is an American website, biznatch.

>> No.20931435

Wait wat
What pastebin?

>> No.20931466

I see. Well I will probably still just make the greentexts into pastebin a to avoid causing a shitstorm.
Speaking of that gunna make another free text story. Anyone got any requests?

>> No.20931469

>Anyone got any requests?
Shoot me in the brain with a big machine gun.

>> No.20931470

I like that there's two now, avoids the panic if one goes down.

>> No.20931510

Anon doesn't take the fact he has THREE FREE WISHES seriously. Turns out the reason he didn't care is because he was going to marry her anyways.

>> No.20931516

Forgot to mention he finds a genie.

>> No.20931547

Sounds neat anon I like. Got any requests for body type? If not I will probably just make her a shortstack.

>> No.20931564
File: 316 KB, 1000x1200, 1542436047268.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Excuse me, sir, have you heard about how fluffy Kitsune tails are?

>> No.20931584
File: 246 KB, 640x905, __fujimaru_ritsuka_tamamo_and_tamamo_no_mae_fate_grand_order_and_etc_drawn_by_anho__af22fb54cea0f23b2609725d5edc2995.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20931603

I want to cum in that tum.

>> No.20931610

Make sure to emphasize the stack.

>> No.20931618

PERSONALLY I like plump/thick/chubby girls but as longs as she has a BEEG soft booty, I don't really mind.

>> No.20931654

Ok anon, big important question time. What is your waifu's favorite Pokemon?

>> No.20931664

Don’t worry anons she will be the plumpest shortstack. Her titty and ass flesh just begging to be kneaded by some strong anon.

>> No.20931667


>> No.20931704

I honestly don't know anon. I feel like that's one of the things that'd be weird if I picked for her.

>> No.20931719

Hydreigon. Others she would like are Magneton, Dugtrio, and Dodrio.

>> No.20931741

Alright, everything has been uploaded. I'll switch from a monthly update schedule to a weekly one since this new setup runs pretty nicely.
This will be the last you hear from me for a while, unless I manage to get my hands on some of the older books.Which is unlikely.
I'll probably upload this in the next thread and be done with it.

>> No.20931766

Dragonite and Gallade most likely, also Charizard and Alolan Ninetales.

>> No.20931785


>> No.20931799

>You'll never have a yandere Vampire mother
I have to say that this is a terrible feeling.

>> No.20931815

I have heard, but I have not touched one myself.

>> No.20931909
File: 813 KB, 1000x1200, c993ee10ce1c3951850d31ebe3930240.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20931911

It gets bigger when I pull on it.

>> No.20931954

I hear if you shake a Tanuki's tail, money comes out!

>> No.20931975

I dunno, all the tails I've touched have been pretty coarse. I'm beginning to wonder if MG tails can be pleasant to touch at all...