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Be honest, /jp/. What's the last 2hu you jerked off to?

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Sanae I think.

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>Be honest
Why would anyone lie about this?

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2hus don't really do it for me anymore.

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My last faps were to Nue NTR'ing me, Eirin castrating me and Junko changing my diaper, but I don't remember which of these was the most recent one. Yeah, I'm a degenerate.

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The useless bunny

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Murasa. The hole in wall doujin by haitokukan.

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Clownpiece being raped.

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sometimes i jerk my smelly peepee while looking at hags...

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I only jerk off to my wife Yuukarin.

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The latest junko that rindou posted on pixiv.

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I honestly don't remember. Probably Yukarin though

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Some Reimu x Marisa soft yuri. I'm a degenerate.

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Anon, in the full picture, the Yukari you posted has a penis.
A penis.

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Yes? Of course she does. Why wouldn't Yukarin have a penis?

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I'm jerking off to Yukari right now

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This, but Yukari was very overweight when I fapped to her.

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You have tempted me, give me a good recommendation of Yukari's titties at work

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Not enough big soft Yukarin out there

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The eternal best Yukari paizuri doujin

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I wish Yukari would suck me dry

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Some variety of fat fox tits.

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Good taste.

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Cirno's feet

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Patchouli's soft feet

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update: patchouli's butt

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I won't lie, I just love her for her theme

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I don't jerk off to touhous. If you do you aren't a true fan.

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This, except for Sanae. You can jerk off as much as you want to Sanae, that's what she's for.

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Remiria Sukaaretto.

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I can't believe Remilia is fucking dead.

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>when you lie about your power level and get called on your bluff

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I've been rubbing myself almost exclusively to little Rumia.

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I always fap to Ran

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Honorary onahole.

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I don't even remember the last time I jerked off to non-touhou stuff. All my sexual fantasies for the last several years have been about touhous. Is this healthy?

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Only if you jerk to fairies.

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well its not sick

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I don't jerk off because it is an impure desire and will bring darkness into my soul and block me from attaining enlightenment and immortality.

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I like touhou of all ages, from fairies to hags. Why restrict oneself?

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its not really about age but body type i guess since most of the cast are 500 year old loli vampires or such

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t. unenlightened mortal 'till death

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>of all ages
I see your bullshit OP and fuck you.

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>from fairies to hags
from beings as old as the nature and earth itself which they inhabit, which is locked at about 5 Billion Years of age minimum and probably more in Cirno's case since Ice is literally found anywhere and absolutely everywhere in the cosmos of space- sauce? Comets and down to a hag, literally any girl over the age of 14.jpg

I don't know what the fuck I just read.

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I want to say Nue, but it was NEET Princess.

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@ everyone ITT

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what a coincidence, the most recent 2hu I jerked off to!

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Remi... how can someone this strong be so vulnerable?

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I was just jacking off to Mokou getting her anus abused

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I apologize for jacking off to Touhous on my behalf. I must remain committed to my Touhou waifu.

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Fapped to Yukari a minute ago
I didn't even wipe cum yet, lol

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I don't think I've ever fapped to the Tsukumos

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That's Reisen and black tewi though

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誰も。2hu a くそ。

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The best frog.

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Keine wearing tentacle-filled panties.

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That one's a favorite. Wish there was more.

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Aya or Reisen

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the frog just a few minutes ago

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Reisen, Tewi, Eirin, and Kaguya. Just a really pleasant Eientei orgy doujin.

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I am going to need some sauce here, please.

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Good taste

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Hecatia's armpits

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Today, Okuu-chan. Yesterday, Reisen-chan.

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Aya being dommed by boy Momiji.

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I spilled my seed to a male POV picture of Patcho the slampig with her huge cowtits getting creampied roughly while she ahegao'd, simple x-ray included.

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Tomorrow will be special, yesterday was not.

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flan. I like to think it all happens with remi as a captive audience.

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BBC gangbang doujin with Mokou and Kaguya

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You, I like you.

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> barely any people mention Kaguya
> only two who did claim it was with degenerate stuff
Can't believe how much classless oafs visit this board.

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Who are you quoting, crossboarder?

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What's degenerate about Reisen, Eirin, Kaguya, and Tewi having a nice time together?

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I forgot

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Fuck, yeah you’re right, her

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I've never directly jacked off too a 2hu, I have however jacked off to the thought of looking and being dresses as a 2hu.

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This, and seeing others jack off onto pictures of 2hus.

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Nitori, my anal queen.

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No regrets.

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I don't remember
It must have been several months since I stopped wanting to do lewd things to them and now instead just want to hug them and make them happy

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share it!!

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Mellow out /pol/. Are you telling me you wouldn't want to have a Hatate gf who NTRs you?

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It involved Kaguya pooping and Reisen licking her ass clean.

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I would much rather fuck someone's Hatate gf

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Absolutely disgusting

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Mixing the worst fetish with the best (cum in hat)

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God damnit hater you have good skill but waste it on those piercings

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proundest fap

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If Hatate dislikes her boyfriend so much, why doesn't she break up with him and starts dating the guy she was fucking?

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For the money, emotional support, free attention, etc. It's basically Hatate having a slave that will do anything she asks without her having to give anything in return except her company.

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Because then hater wouldn't have a waifu anymore

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Why would he want to be in a relationship with a girl that fucks other men behind his back?
Why would anyone want to be in a relationship with a girl like that?

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hater's a fat ugly fuck who deserves it and thus wishes for that kind of abuse

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Self-hatred is one hell of a drug.

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ive been fapping to kogasa for over three months

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Not this shit again.

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You, anon.

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Good. It takes three people to make an NTR scenario.

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sucks ass
He should not exist.

I would spare sumi before I spare that walking sack of trash

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wHEN you said 'sucks ass' I thought you fapped to Nitori.

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Today I fapped to Eirin, Byakuren and Yuuka.

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hell no, you freak

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Rumia with a penis.

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The absolute worst

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Good taste

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Terrible and gay.

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Wondrous and straight.

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One with fat tiddies baby

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ZUN counts as 2hu?