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So we have Taoism, Shintoism, and Buddhism in Touhou. But when is there going to be a proper Christian Touhou to save Gensokyo and fix the balance of light and darkness? Do you think Zun will do it?

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There's already Yumemi and Rumia. Islamic Touhou when? Samaritan, Gnostic, Zoastarian, and Vodun Touhous when?

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Please spell Zoroastrianism correctly. And I believe we already have that in the form of Parsee. May Ahura Mazda bless her.

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Wow, I really messed that word up now that I look at it.

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It's ZUN.
And no, ZUN confirmed that he would never include YHVH (the Abrahamic God) in Touhou ever and that goes for all notions monotheism as well.
That's not to say he can't introduce angels or demons though, reminder that Lucifer (who is conflated with the evil Shinto god Ameno Kagaseo) exists in Touhou. Reimu performs a ritual on New Year's day in two year intervals to suppress him. Also Rumia, Kasen, and Seiga all reference or mention Jesus Christ meaning he does in fact exist in some capacity in Touhou's universe. But, again, as ZUN states, he would never have you fight God/Jesus or any other prominent figure in a monotheistic religion.
>save gensokyo
>balance of light and dark
ZUN is a fan of SMT and believes that God is a powerful demon who demonizes other gods. That's why he explains that if he were to introduce YHVH then he would have to demonize everyone else, which he won't do. If he ever dabbles in Christianity (highly unlikely) then he surely wouldn't put it in a positive light. Get BTFO.
Yumemi is not a Christian. That was a one off joke made by Ellen. Yumemi specifically uses magic and tries to prove its existence. Witchcraft is a sin in Christianity. She just uses crosses and Stars of David because those are common foreign motifs in Japan that symbolize magic. Same goes for Rumia, she was only making a joke and is not actually Christian. If anything she was mocking Jesus.
Parsee's clothes may be inspired by the Zoroastrian Parsi people but as far as we know she herself doesn't practice the religion.

I see this exact thread topic like every two months now. Don't you have something better to do than fantasize about your delusions?

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>Don't you have something better to do than fantasize about your delusions?
Did you seriously just ask this on /jp/?

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Church of Madoka is the one true religion.

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desu I think Hinduism has the most potential, what with the huge amount of entities that almost no one alive can remember each and every one

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>Witchcraft is a sin in Christianity
The type of magic is the key thing here. Generally the Abrahamic religions the forbidden type of magic is that involving necromancy and related types like spirit and ghost divination, bodily possession and human sacrifice. Basically trying to mess with those who had passed and gain knowledge the living shouldn't know is explicitly forbidden. Yumemi never engaged in those practices as far as we know, and she could be of a sect that allows certain 'magical' practices if it doesn't go into forbidden territory, like how some consider speaking in tongues, considered bodily possession by the Holy Spirit, fine.

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Came here to post this but you already have it taken care of. Glad someone else actually reads ZUN's interviews.

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You do realize that flying and shooting balls of light is considered divination, right? And no Christian would be seeking magic at all. Her magical seal is the seal of solomon, which is 100% associated with divination. Unless Yumemi's powers were God-given (they weren't) then she is a diviner. Besides, she's a scientist who built a fucking space-time travelling spaceship. She is certainly no Christian, a joke comment by Ellen means nothing. Is every Touhou a Jew because they have Star of David auras? No. Stop stretching things to fit your dumb fanon narrative.
I'm also glad there is another actual Touhou fan in /jp/. Those are nigh impossible to come by these days.

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I thought that Lucifer was meant to be Shinki.

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You're feeding into retarded fan theories. Shinki is not Lucifer, she's just a powerful demon that lives in Makai. Lucifer/Ameno Kagaseo live in Hell and manifest as a star in the sky. That being said, Shinki is indeed a reference to Lucifer from SMT. It's just a reference though as again, Lucifer exists in Windows Touhou and he isn't Shinki.

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What fan theories? She was always meant to be a reference.

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Which is what I said in my post. But she is not the actual Lucifer/Satan, which a lot of fans stupidly believe. She's an allusion. Stop trolling. You clearly said "Lucifer was meant to be Shinki" earlier, which is incorrect. Shinki is just meant to be a reference to SMT's Lucifer. She herself is not Lucifer or Satan.

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"Good to meet you, Reimu. My angels have told me that Hakurei Shrine might be interested in having a new God."

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>You do realize that flying and shooting balls of light is considered divination, right?
As said, it depends on the sect and the nature of the divining. There were diviners that weren't necessarily considered from God but weren't condemned either. Did she utilize her magic from the souls of the dead, curses or shit like that? If not, it might be fine depending on who you associate with.
>Her magical seal is the seal of solomon, which is 100% associated with divination.
Divination granted by God to Solomon to control angels and demons. Not divination to consult ghosts and demons about the future, or consulting other deities. Not explicitly forbidden, could be fine.
>Besides, she's a scientist who built a fucking space-time travelling spaceship. She is certainly no Christian
Non sequitur. Being a scientist doesn't make her a non-Christian. It does make her non-American since they are all mentally retarded regardless of faith.

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Meant to be as reference to Lucifer ya dingus. Or do I really need to start talking like Kronk here. People talk about her as rule 63 Lucifer if you want not THE actual Lucifer.

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Reimu, do not trust this angel!
Stay in the neutral path!

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First of all, OBSESSED. Not surprising that someone like you would shitpost this hard. Let's look at the facts. Yumemi is Japanese. As of the 2005/2006 only 1%-2% of Japanese were Christian. PoDD takes place in the 90s. Meanwhile, Yumemi's secondary goal was to discover magic and make it so "that power can be mine". That's the textbook definition of divination you hack. Also
>I don't have magic, but I have the power of science. Because of that, I am well-versed in the occult.
No Christian would say that. Yumemi is not a Christian who loves and prays to god. She is an occultist scientist, much like Renko. She sees magic as a means to get power. Yes, perhaps she dabbles in Abrahamic magic. That stuff is called "Esoteric Christianity" (the worship of angels, divnation through symbols, etc). But all mainstream Christians consider that witchcraft. Yumemi is not a follower of God. She is a magician who studies the arcane. Crosses (which are also used by witches and occultists) are just one of many magical symbols, autist. For instance, Raiko has a cross on her tie. Is she a Christian? Hell no. It's just a magic symbol. Now take your delusional fan theories back to MoTK.
2nd and 3rd good posts ITT
All Touhous are rule 63s of something. But Shinki is not Lucifer so she cannot be a rule 63 of Lucifer. She's just a demon. ZUN made her background and fight reference SMT's Lucifer and that's it. It's like saying Raiko is a female Raijin or a rule 63 Raijin. Yes, she references the god but she is not the god. Get it?

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Convenient but you still missed the point or deliberately ignored it. Are you going to actually link those spicy fan theories.

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Are you the retarded paranoid /jp/sie I've heard so much of these last few months?

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Nice cryptic post, asshat. Convenient that you didn't adress who you were.
-if shinkitard
The fact is that Shinki is not Lucifer. Lucifer exists in Touhou and he's an evil star in the sky who also happens to be the Shinto god Ameno Kagaseo.
-if obsessed yumemi christian fan theorizer
Christians would never dabble in the occult or desire to have magic as a means of power. Period. The pressence of a cross in Yumemi's attacks is just a signifier of magic, much like the cross on Raiko's tie. Nowhere throughout the entire game does Yumemi express devotion to God or mention Christianity. A VS quote (meaning, not in the main story) joke by Ellen, an amnesiac witch, is a joke and no more. I'll leave you with two quotes and won't respond anymore.
Yumemi in PoDD
>That's right; I've finally found the beautiful power called "magic" in this world. I won't settle for just observations anymore. I'm going to take you back as a test specimen, study that power, and then make it mine!!
Deuteronomy 18:11-12
>...[anyone] who practices divinationor sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells,or who is a medium or spiritistor who consults the dead. Anyone who does these things is detestable to theLord..
Why make a lore thread if you don't want to see long posts. These should be interesting threads for discussion. If seeing a long post triggers you then I'd advise that you do not participate in serious discussion. If serious discussion triggers you then perhaps you should be in a different thread. Discussion is not paranoia, defending canon is not paranoia. Try to find some other coping mechanism when dealing with the fact that you lost an argument.

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You're the one who mention them dudester.
>The fact is that Shinki is not Lucifer
Well yeah. You're the only one who's claiming that. See why I posted.
>She was always meant to be a reference.
>People talk about her as rule 63 Lucifer if you want not THE actual Lucifer
And this the third time you completely ignored my words. Peace.

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Still not a rule 63 Lucifer, dumbo. Being a rule 63 of anything requires you to be based on that something. Shinki is not based on Lucifer. She is a reference to Lucifer, but the basis of her character is not on Lucifer.

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>Why make a lore thread if you don't want to see long posts.
Why did you accuse me baselessly of being someone I'm not because I made this thread out of curiosity and boredom?

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Wasn't necessarily directed towards them. I meant it for everyone here. Why post in a lore thread is discussion can't be handled? This thread is over anyone. The question has been answered. Next time try not to make template threads.

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Wasn't necessarily directed towards them. I meant it for everyone here. Why post in a lore thread is discussion can't be handled? This thread is over anyway. The question has been answered. Next time try not to make template threads.
being passionate about canon = autism
great argument dude
how will i ever recover

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Cute art, OP. I wish the glasses better done though. I hope this isn't one of those artists who only have one single good thing and the rest is shit.

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>being passionate about canon = autism
>great argument dude
>how will i ever recover
sorry, let's make that 大autism instead

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imagine being this buttblasted that your or others fanon headcanone are incorrect

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ok autist

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me want cute jesus-chan now

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Would Bya prefer Catholicism, Orthodoxy, or Protestantism?

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Never happening.
None because she's a magician who prolongs her life with magic.

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You sound like a huge debbie downer.

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This thread is over. OPs question was answered thoroughly. You sound like a huge Debbie Delusioner.

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>But all mainstream Christians consider that witchcraft.
Mainstream Christians are idiots who don't even realise the significance of their own rites anymore. Christianity as a whole is a degraded tradition and the only way left for the true spiritual seeker is to become a magician. Once you are looking at it from an esoteric point of view, the Christian liturgy will become infinitely valuable on your quest. It is perfectly possible that she is, in fact, a Christian.

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Sariel existed since the first game m8

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It is also more possible that she, is in fact, a magician who uses occultic magic from more than one field. Don't come here and try to claim that sorcery is Christian you fool. She herself says she's an occultist. She does not worship Jesus or God. She mentions that no where in hame. She does not mention religion either. Her only religion is, in fact, belief in magic and the occult. She's, again, an occultist. Go back to /x/.

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esoteric christianity is still cancer

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Tenshi is a Buddhist angel (ennin). Dumb westerner.

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Tenshi is a Buddhist angel (tennin). Dumb westerner.

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God (yahweh) would be an asshole if he was in Touhou, his myth includes him fucking with other beliefs and gods, so most likely if he ever existed in lore he'd be super opposed to the Japanese-style beliefs. There's a reason why pagan gods aren't worshiped anymore, after all. And he'd also ridiculously powerful if he works off of faith.

That said, I'd like more western youkai other than the odd vampire and hobgoblin. They're bound to be a bit of a dying breed considering how modernized that part of the world is. Maybe an angel is possible, maybe.

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Not a Christian. Magician.

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Magician who thinks her powers come from God.

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But she is still my cute angel!

5 cute facts about tenshi:
- She is a girl!
- She is an angel!
- I love her!!!!!
- Tenshi!!!!!!!!!!!

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Abrahamic religions are too "I'm right and you can all eat shit" too be in touhou.

>> No.20902583

What about Zoroastrianism

>> No.20902752

Again, Parsee is not a Zoroastrian.
Take your fanon wetdreams somewhere else.
She's an angel but not a Christian angel. She's a Buddhist angel (tennin).

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No, that's Mima

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Are you incapable of reading comprehension or just really stupid?

>> No.20903436

Are you incapable of making serious posts or are you just really stupid?

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Thanks for conceding the fact you are most definitely an idiot who can't into reading comprehension.

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Thanks for conceding the fact that you are most definitely a delusional fanonshitter.

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None of my posts have anything to with the anon you were arguing with about head-canon you schizoid retard.

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Stay mad for absolutely no reason then you autistic retard.

>> No.20903635

So you again are literally retarded and the much infamous paranoid retard of lore. Awesome. Sudoku yourself.

>> No.20903695

So you are still seething over nothing, much like the infamous average /v/ poster. You resort to equating me with a literal who because you have no argument. Sugoi. Commit seppuku.

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I'd prefer ZUN to continue using western mythology sparingly, but a few more would be nice. Some youkai based on cryptids could be interesting.

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You have nothing, paranoid schiziod anon. This is why you are infamous for being such a shitter and mentally disabled. End yourself.

>> No.20904713

More like you have nothing, you actual paranoid and schizoid poster. You're still equating me with a literal who poster. That's some real schizophrenia. This is why you do that. You have no argument so you resort to baseless accusations. Pitiful schizo.

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>Islamic Touhou
>all related spell cards are explosive and self-sacrifice suicide-natured
>must praise magical sky daddy every morning or gets super offended to the point of killing others or causing an incident
>preys on little children
>invades other places and refuses to follow their traditions
Please make it happen.

>> No.20904816

>Does fuck all, all day
>Asks for gibs
>Extorts other 2hu with threats of violence if said gibs are not received

We must meme her into existence.

>> No.20904822

who are you quoting?

>> No.20904839

You really seem to have some kind of emotional issue.

>> No.20904848

You really seem to have some kind of mental issue.

>> No.20904851

imagine being this mad that abrahamic religions will never play a big role in touhou

>> No.20904881

Only good post in there, thanks man have a good day

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ZUN is a big SMT fan.

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When was Zoroastrianism considered Abrahamic again?

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>Also, Sariel is definitely female, alright.
Sacchan a cute.

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Since when was Zoroastrianism in Touhou again? Parsee just wears Parsi clothes.

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Christian 2hus have been present since the first game

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I also found it funny that the touhou wiki article downplays the amount of references to Christianity in the games, when the subtle references are really countless. Christians may make up 1% of Japan, but it is still a percentage of about 126.8 million people - the christian references in 2hu reflect its history in the shadows of Japan and its culture.

>> No.20905336

>Ameno Kagaseo
"Dread Star of Heaven"
"Under Chinese Buddhist influence,[4] the god was identified with Myōken[4] either as the pole star or Venus[1], before being combined with the god of all stars, Ama-no-mi-naka-nushi (天之御中主神, "Divine Lord of the middle heavens").[4][3]
As god of the Polestar, he was associated with Amenominakanushi-no-kami, but also Kisshōten (one of the Seven Lucky Gods), Yakushi Nyōrai (medicine god), and, less commonly, Amatsumikaboshi, a star god and god of rebellion who defied the gods of Takamagahara.

kind of coincidental

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Is Patchouli an Esoteric Christian?

>> No.20905578

She didn't say amen, that's just a shitty translation of 南無 (buddhist praise). Also Patchouli uses Chinese elemental sorcery so no. Keep on reaching. Delusional and sad.

>> No.20905972

and obsessed too, amirite?

>> No.20906083

An Esoteric Christian can use Taoist magic, no proofs that she says 南無 nor that Patchouli, an western and a mage, would not know about Esoteric Christianity. VERY contrived post.

>> No.20906106

is he going to turn into the Christian 2hu version of ack?

>> No.20906663

So what does that have to do with conflating Zoroastrianism as an Abrahamic religion? Where did Parsee's name come into this? Is Zoroastrianism an Abrahamic faith? Yes or no? Because last I checked its not a Semitic religion.

>> No.20907092

VERY angry post. Claiming Patchouli is Christian is retarded. Please kill yourself. Your outlandish claims are getting more and more retarded. Bowing with your hands clasped is a Buddhist gesture that's extremely common in Japan when using that phrase.
What does that even mean? Obsessed with fanonshit? Yes, you are.
Not in Touhou.

>> No.20907215

>Not in Touhou.
Answer the question.

>> No.20907258

Not an abrahamic religion, never claimed it was. Also not in Touhou so that doesn't even matter. You seem mentally unstable.

>> No.20907299

>Not an abrahamic religion, never claimed it was.
>"Not in Touhou."
Why would Zoroastrianism be Abrahamic regardless of being in or not in Touhou?

>> No.20907306

Never said it was Abrahamic, just that currently isn't in Touhou which is true.

>> No.20907312

Then word your statements better.

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Abrahamic religions will never get lighthearted or semi-positive games because their ideals wont even acknowledge the existance of non-abrahamic deities despite them all ironically being a mashup of older religious texts.
If it wern't for the architecture they would be the no fun allowed theology.

>> No.20908471

Religions aren't meant to be light-hearted. And I'm pretty sure the combination of Japanese mythological tales, Shamanism, Shintoism, Taoism, Zen Buddhism, etc...have many "bleak" stories. Its familiarity that lets ZUN work his magic. If he was familiar with other religions as intimately, he'd have work them into Touhou's canon as well.

>> No.20908793

Shinto, Taoism, and some varieties of old western paganism etc are not religions in the same sense. They are just philosophy mixed with ritual. And they're a mix of light-hearted and severe things since they're really just a reflection of people's experiences and attempts to understand the world.
They hardly compete with each other and often combine ideas historically, like Japan's shinto-buddism, Isis and Mithra in Rome, greek syncretism, etc.
Abrahamic religions actively seek to wipe out competition, since competition invalidates their dogma. They're a complete cancer on humanity.
Buddists are weirdly in the middle.

>> No.20908875

>Mithra in Rome
Mithraism is from Persians, it just got popular with Roman soldiers after the Persians and Romans started feuding with each other politically and militarily.

>> No.20909063

>They are just philosophy mixed with ritual. And they're a mix of light-hearted and severe things since they're really just a reflection of people's experiences and attempts to understand the world
Congratulations, you just defined what a religion is.
>They hardly compete with each other and often combine ideas historically
You don't know the bloody conflicts they've had in the past then. Just because Japan doesn't give much of a shit anymore doesn't mean they weren't as violent and dogmatic about it before. And all religions combine things from the cultures they come across, even Islam.

>> No.20910188

You're largely correct but they aren't completely innocent


While I don't like Abrahamic faiths, it is nice to see Japs use the imagery for fun.

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File: 709 KB, 800x960, __hinanawi_tenshi_and_yakumo_yukari_touhou_drawn_by_mail_mail_gell__054c2208fa267c840a8a091fa07e1834.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20910386

That's what I meant, persian religion set itself up in Rome without much incident despite them usually being enemies. I don't want to romanticize pagans, they were awful in just as many ways but it wasn't by virtue of religion.
I'm well aware japan has spilled blood over Buddhism and Christianity, but that's because they're invasive dogmas claiming a superior and absolute degree of truth, which is a really unpleasant thing.

>> No.20910551


>> No.20910599

do you really think i

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So basically buddhists are filthy and need to get out while christcucks need to eat shit and die?
Please tell me something I don't know.

>> No.20912276

I'm gonna KICK Futo's ass.

>> No.20912345

I guess ZUN's love for silly hats includes fedoras too

>> No.20912438

Something something Usami family

>> No.20912790

>They are just philosophy mixed with ritual.
This is the exact same with Christianity. People undermine how important philosophy is to Christianity because of the evangelical cancer and it’s obsession of seeing the bible as absolute literal truth, instead of metaphors like any intelligent person would. If philosophy wasn’t the biggest backbone of Christianity, then we wouldn’t have two of the most important western thinkers - Kant and Dostoevsky among others.
>that's because they're invasive dogmas claiming a superior and absolute degree of truth, which is a really unpleasant thing.
That is no excuse to kill innocent people and children, an you know it. It was also Christians who had helped in the massacre of the Christians, as Dutch Protestants also helped in the war against the catholics.

Also you are clearly biased, you clearly aren’t in a the most fair place to judge on ZUN’s stance on using Christianity in his work since you are against the idea of it. ZUN said he wouldn’t introduce figures like Jesus or God because of how monotheism works, nowhere does it say that he actually incorporated the storyline of SMT into his unironic real-world beliefs just because he is a fan of it; ZUN is not a member of the church of SMT, that is not how being a fan of games work, you can be fan of things like that without religiously incoperating what literally happens into those games into your beliefs. I am a fan of Utena, do I religiously believe that there is a castle in the sky made as a projection by some curry-sexual-predator? No, I believe it in metaphors since it agrees with my world-views but I don’t actually believe that there is a castle in the sky on top of a duelling stadium. He never crossed out having characters that had Christian beliefs, it is just that God wouldn’t make sense in Gensokyo because he would have to make every other religion untrue and possibly evil to fit in with his existence; and he doesn’t want to do that, nor does he want to portray the abrahamic God as bad either because that isn’t what he wants touhou to be. Either that or find a way around it, which he finds difficult to do/doesn’t want to bother to do. He can imply an ambiguous possibility of him, but he can never confirm him like in HRTP.

ZUN just wants a Touhou where all religions are depicted positively, probably because he doesn’t think bad of any religion, which is why he doesn’t want to bring in God - because he would be forced to make him either the absolute good or evil.

>> No.20912895

He could have God and Jesus in Youkai form, made from Japanese Christian believes. Since they are from Japanese Christian faith, they would be weaker as a result of a smaller following so God wouldn’t have an overbearing power over others - they would only reflect the thoughts of the Japanese interpretation but not the actual power. This would meant that the actual God or Jesus would neither be confirmed nor denied to exist in the Touhou world, since they are just reflections of belief. Thus it would allow for Christian saints and figures to be incorporated into Gensokyo.

Only one solution.

>> No.20912996

Why would Abrahamic god and Jesus appear in touhou at all? Buddha isn't in touhou. Reimu's own god isn't even in Touhou. Just followers would be enough. They *exist* but they don't need to personally appear.

>> No.20913155

Fair enough

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Suddenly some new mountain appears in Gensokyo called Purgatoryama, and apparently its residents are capable of traveling to the Moon once they go through trials with someone named Dante(female). Dante was also spotted in Hell, guiding souls from there to the top of the mountain with someone named Virgil(female). The real mastermind behind this is a woman called Beatrice who hired both of them to bring souls to her launchpad on the Moon, through the solar system, ultimately arriving at Empyrean, the home of God.

The Yama aren't too happy about this since it bypasses their judgements and sends people to a rival Heaven, so Eiki sends Komachi to take care of it. Hecatia and friends join in as well. Youmu ends up drawn to the new mountain, maybe Youki could be involved somehow. Reimu and Marisa go because job and curiosity. Enemies would be various religious and philosophical figures from the Middle East and Europe up to the Middle Ages, all turned into lewdable 2hus. Music would be remixed Gregorian chants.

Tell ZUN to send a check once he's finished.

>> No.20913769

2/10 shit fan story

>> No.20913833
File: 1.45 MB, 1183x1414, __koakuma_and_patchouli_knowledge_touhou_drawn_by_kasuka_kusuki__d6d41fef689c8d3527c9c04c8a64f891.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Koakuma _unny

>> No.20915109
File: 114 KB, 850x853, 25b2404b48f240fcb76647835126d8b8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Regarding Patchouli, christian names, symbols and even prayers are very common in western esoteric tradition. Summoning and binding demons (Koakuma?) requires you to exorcise them before you make a deal, at least according to old grimoires such as Heptameron. So tl;dr the fact that Patchy uses christian symbolims proves absolutely nothing, she is just a western inspired occultist

>> No.20915157
File: 201 KB, 850x657, __toyosatomimi_no_miko_touhou_drawn_by_shan__sample-39de177ca240cb1e414fa61d6607fe39.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The great holy wars of gensokyo

>> No.20915272

best part of the trilogy, no denying it

>> No.20915309
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Prepare yourselves Sh*nto scum.

>> No.20915636

ZUN explicitly states that Patchouli uses Eastern magic and Marisa uses western magic.

>> No.20916740

Didnt know that ty. I mean some of her spellcards directly reference western magic (and some of them the eastern one) but if zun says so

>> No.20916750

The Philosopher's Stone exists in Chinese alchemy too.

>> No.20916751

Didnt know that ty. I mean some of her spellcards reference western magic (and some of them the eastern one) but if zun says so

>> No.20916933
File: 127 KB, 700x800, Reistomp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Christianism and Abrahamic religion in a universe such as Touhou's are inherently exclusive. Remember, they're monotheistic by definition and very suppressive of other religions. That, and people already made the parallels with Touhou and SMT here, God would likely be an insufferable asshole in Touhou and would probably be an active force in trying to destroy Gensokyo. He wouldn't be a Touhou "enemy", as in someone who's just fucking around during their incident but with whom you can eventually settle down and have tea with, he'd be a fucking calamity. And that's if ZUN doesn't go with the gnostic version of God as the Demiurge, in which case not only he'd be an asshole trying to supress others, he wouldn't even be the one true god and creator, just a huge dweeb with delusions of grandeur.
>Sariel is an angel of death, alongside Michael, Gabriel, and Samael.
Uhhh, for real ? I thought Gabriel was just a messenger of God who would bring divine revelations and prophecies to many biblical figures and prophets. In a similar fashion, Gabriel would've been the one to have brought revelation to Mohammed during his time spent in the cave, allowing him to write the Q'uran.
t.Called Gabriel and had to study own name a little back in catholic school. I ain't saying Gabriel isn't an angel of death though, christian theology is messy as fuck, I just want some sources/literature.
As if. Clapping and bowing isn't very christian, you know. Go to just about any shinto shrine in Japan and you'll see that's their thing, kinda like their version of kneeling and joining hands before an altar.

>> No.20917265
File: 1.02 MB, 2069x2033, __kurumi_touhou_and_touhou_pc_98_drawn_by_baba_baba_seimaijo__7fb3c261c9b109ff90dfdb255d02ad5e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kurumi _unny

>> No.20917623
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The truth is that the Christian Touhou was right under our noses the entire time.

>> No.20917647

What is Marisa about to say?

>> No.20917902
File: 848 KB, 1062x1500, 1529939321513.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Something about having found her path to eternal life, salvation and whatnot.
Flan thought it sounded good and joined in.

>> No.20918174

But aren’t vampires the evil products of Satan?

>> No.20919211

Delusional christfags

>> No.20919893
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Marisa told her even she could find salvation, which appealed to the hikki condemned by her own family to a dungeon for 500 years.
The clothes letting her go out in the sun also helped sway things.

>> No.20920918

Seija tbqhwyf.

>> No.20921427
File: 114 KB, 627x904, __beerko_original_drawn_by_shu_loveeater__682ad904135bf723e4b319b8c09a4298.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just have fun m8.
We all know ZUN will never do a christian 2hu ever; that's Seihou work.
Unless there's some richfag Catholic that is willing to give 100 barrels of beer to ZUN that came directly from the Vatican or somewhere in Mexico and an signed approval by the Pope himself.

>> No.20921487
File: 28 KB, 540x304, LUNATIC MODE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Terrible, terrible. If you're gonna go for cheap beer, at least go with Kirin, their beer is 100% malt and doesn't taste like absolute piss.

>> No.20921526

>Seihou work
I wonder how seihou would be like if it went for a direction that isn’t just the opposite of Touhou

>> No.20921569


>> No.20921697

Such as?

>> No.20923777
File: 1.31 MB, 700x988, 1535730723131.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Could Sanae become a women of the cloth?

>> No.20923827

I think any christian Touhou would almost certainly want to burn the place down to the ground and bring salvation to the human villagers. While that would be a cute idea, I don't think most actual christians would be all that happy with such a depiction.

>> No.20923861

>And no, ZUN confirmed that he would never include YHVH (the Abrahamic God) in Touhou ever and that goes for all notions monotheism as well.
To be fair, I don't think he could in any meaningful capacity. Considering how a god as minor in the outside world as Hecatia is several times stronger than literally everybody in Gensokyo, somebody like YHVH would be a walking story breaker on a level that makes Reimu seem like a tiny insignificant ant.

>and believes that God is a powerful demon who demonizes other gods.
I'm pretty sure he doesn't actually believes that. At least, not in real life.

>That's why he explains that if he were to introduce YHVH then he would have to demonize everyone else, which he won't do.
I find that kind of odd considering how easily he mixes contradictionary religions in the past. Simply making YHVH another God following the same rules as the other Gods in Touhou, expect a LOT stronger, wouldn't be that difficult.

>> No.20923871

Madoka is too pure for Gensokyo though. Then again, Kyubey might go there from time to time to make contracts with desperate villager girls.

>> No.20923896

Makai is literally just one big SMT 2 reference. Hard to say if it's still canon though, at least the reference part.

>> No.20923912

Frankly, I imagine YHVH just views all of Gensokyo as beneath his notice. It's easy to forget this sometimes, but on a cosmic level the entire place is basically irrelevant. There are also no christians living there, and Yukari is almost certainly smart enough not to bring any christians to Gensokyo, meaning he doesn't have much of a reason to rip the place a new one. So, why bother?

>> No.20923926
File: 111 KB, 2000x2000, 2FC949EB-9824-4ACF-92C2-6B4F13395A3F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A cathar Christian in Gensokyo would be interesting