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Should i buy it?

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depends; does it fit you?

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also, this question is multilateral

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yes, should i go mary jean shoes or boots?

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Depends, are you a cute girl?

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Of course ! you already know the answer

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Depends, are you Alice?

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I really want to try anal masturbation in touhou cosplay

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I have massive boner for this kind of shoes

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Okay, should i go granny panties or pantyhose?

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granny panties

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Bloomers on top of pantyhose

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Also, post boots you're picking.

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I don't know if Alice would like heels or without heels.

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Pantyhose if boots

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Those are fucking trash boots.

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trash boots for a trash girl

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You should go to >>>/cgl/

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But it's full of roasties...

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so is 2hu

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crossplayers go fucking die

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new hatarabu brohu vid

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my my, i wish i could be your mommy~

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brohu interfaces

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To become a true primary, you must become the 2 hu.

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Yes, you should.

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Are you a girl?

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you do understand that putting on alice's clothes doesn't remotely give you the appeal that alice has right?

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He can still be creepy, friendless, loser Alice that just plays with dolls all day and takes drugs at night.

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I want to cosplay as Shanghai doll

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who are you quoting?

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Dr. Evil, obviously.

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Yes. Return with results. Fill the hole that was left in /jp/ by Chisame.

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Cosplay dresses that are bought are not as good as if you and made them. The materials they use are cheap and stiff.

It would be better if you learn to sew and sew it yourself

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Or better, get an actual professional to do it for you. Normally there is a fee for the sewing, a possible fee for the project of the outfit, and you supply the textiles to be used. It would be much better than learning for a year how to do it.

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I can't dignify this on a human being.

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Stupid DeviantArt bitch, go crawl into your basement.

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