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Either fan game or official

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HSiFS because of the accessibility, great music, replay value, and FUN. Also DS.

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Dark Souls isn't a touhou game.

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Double Spoiler

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ten desires

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Impossible Spell Cards, followed by either LoLK or HSiFS

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Impossible Spell Card, followed by either LoLK or HSiFS

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Mountain of Faith and Imperishable Night

Perfect settings, characters and soundtracks

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Hidden Star or Imperishable Night

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LOLK because it has the best music

Clownpiece is also pretty cute

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Enjoyed ISC and TD most for the gameplay.
IN and SA for the setting.
Statistically soku because I got friends to play it with me for a hundred hours.

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Objectively speaking?
In my opinion?

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PCB for the score system and overall look and feel
MoF for the fun I had getting a Hard 1CC and some of my favorite music
LoLK for improving my skill with PD mode so that I could get the above Hard 1CC, also for my favorite Extra and great music and characters

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My favorite is The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil because this is the first game i played, i consider this game as "the pillar" of touhou games, introducing many iconic characters : Cirno, Meiling, Patchouli, Sakuya and the Scarlet sisters.

Also props to Imperishable Night with the dual teams, tons of spellcards and many different firing shots. Even to this day, this game have more contents than the more recent touhou bullet hell games.

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I love SA because I really liked the cast and most of the spell cards felt unique and challenging.
but I also love IN because its objectively the best game.

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Objectively bad taste.

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Makes me sad that tasofro is going to continue with the HM formula of two air levels. Just something about soku that makes it the best touhou fighter to date.

>IN because its objectively the best game.
danmaku category yeah

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I really like EOSD
ZUN has gotten better at doing interesting danmaku since then, and his characters are a lot more original than the pile of 00's moe archetypes that the cast was, later games have a coherently planned story, visual improvements, and so on
But I just really like it for some reason

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Objectively speaking I'd say IN, but I've always been partial to PCB

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I tend to flipflop between LLS and IN.

I consider Lotus Land Story to be the easiest game in the series, and as such I find it relaxing to play. I also have some personal connections to it because it is the first game I 1cc'd.
Outside of gameplay, it hosts some of my favorite songs in the series, such as Alice Maestra and Lotus Love, and it has an atmosphere that contributes to its relaxing nature. The limited color range and hollow sounding instrument choices create feelings of isolation and surrealism, fitting as Gensokyo is the the land of illusions and fantasy. HRtP, SoEW, and TD also have a very similar atmosphere, though.

Imperishable Night feels like one of the most complete Touhou games. I greatly enjoy the team/character switching gimmick and have much fun playing as the igood, idual characters. Although it could have been implemented better, I like the idea of having branching paths and two final bosses. This game introduced spell card practice and (I think?) is the only game to include last words, which is a neat feature for completionists to go after. The danmaku is also enjoyable and strikes a good balance between accessible and fun.
While fleshed out in later entries, this game introduced my favorite cast in the series, with many of my favorite characters such as Eirin, Mokou, Keine, and Reisen. While not my favorite, the soundtrack is also pretty damn good, with its fast paced songs contributing to the "race against the clock" concept and creating a more tense atmosphere.

Might as well include my least favorite. HRtP is a shitshow. With its frustrating gameplay, unbalanced difficulty, and some of the worst controls of a game I've ever played, it is by far the least enjoyable n the entire series. Its saving grace is its soundtrack and atmosphere, which is similar to LLS.

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>LLS 1st cc
My man. Other than phantasmagoria's and point-device mode its the only 1cc I got before my laptop shat itself. I got to Miko's last card with Sluggy though. I find HRtP fun on top of having the sick atmosphere, SoEW however seems like the ugly child of the series.

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GoS for life

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I agree and I wish the Gorgon sisters were canon

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LoLK. I absolutely love the music, it has my favorite crop of newhus of any of the games, and throwing myself at the game over and over in pointdevice mode is plain fun even if i'm not that good.

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Same and both of those games contain my fav characters.

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Imperishable Night. Is a very complete game, i bought it years ago with LoLK.
>Good music
>Plot which is the base for other games
>Fun dialogs

a 10/10

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HSiFS because it's the most fun to score in and has the cutest newhus. A bonus is that secondaries hate HSiFShus so that's great. Forever primary.

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Absolutely patrician taste. LoLK and HSiFS saved Touhou after the reclining of the decade known as DDC.

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IN or LoLK

UFO is shit

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MOF probably, but i dont play a lot of 2hu

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DDC was such a failed abortion that I don't blame ZUN for putting memebait characters in LoLK. Literally nothing notable about anything in that game apart from Raiko's ass.

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A pile of rotting dog shit would look good next to DDC desu

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Brunette momiji became semi popular

Surprised the inching didn't get much love though

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In all honesty, I hate DDC but absolutely love Raiko's ass. God I wish I were Shimmy here.

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I really like Kagerou's stage

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Haven't played all of them, but so far Mountain of Faith or Great Fairy Wars

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>Favorite official game
Mystic Square

>Favorite fangame
Fantasy Maiden Wars/Gensou Shoujo Taisen

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why do people dislike DDC?
I think the bonus item gimmick is fun and rewards more aggressive plays, I also find a lot of the gimmicky spells besides big hitbox shenanigans very fun
the only think I don't like is how exploitable it can bw

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It's the most forgettable game in the entire series. The gameplay is bland, music uninspired and the cast consists of whohus with less personality combined than Raiko's ass. The plot isn't strongly related on any of the other games before or after it either, which doesn't help in making it less unmemorable than it already is. In the end, it's not that DDC is a bad game. It's just not a very good game due to lack of anything to make it stand out.

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I'm just happy they're hating on DDC and not TD any more.
There was a time Mamizou, Futo, and the trance system were the pinnacle of ZUN losing his touch.

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TD is a masterpiece compared to garbage like DDC and Futo is a cute.

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PCB for outworldly atmosphere
IN for story
PoFV for gameplay
This, but its the worst 2hu game and therefore is pretty bad. The gimmick is more annoying than UFOs, which at least give you a free screen clear and lots of resources.
TD is enjoyable and has good music and general feel.

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>Favorite official game
1st and 5th

>Favorite fangame
nitroid, because letsplay of it is a stuff of legends.

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futo a cuto and anyone who disagrees should be executed by firing squad

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Favorite game? I can't. But ,
>favorite music - UFO / EOSD .
>favorite gameplay - IN
>favorite danmaku spellcards - EOSD
>favorite spellcard names (a cute feature to me) - SA
>favorite "plot" - LOLK / MOF
>favorite character renders - SA / DDC / TD
>favorite character cast - MOF / PCB / TD / EOSD
>favorite juanduiced Reimu - UFO
>favorite non juanduiced Reimu - IN / LOLK
>favorite fighting gamu - SWR ( no contest desu but shit music )
>favorite fighting music - IAMP
>overall best well rounded - TD or SA
>honorable mention - FFXIII
This comes with the disclaimer that some of my favorites won or tied by a very small margin. Every game has a good song or two, but whereas dullahan under the willows is amazing to me, the rest of the soundtrack is awful until Raiko. And finally, PCB is amazing but I have traumatic memories surrounding it so I have slowly let it slip away from memory.

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But I like DDC too...

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Come to think of it, the entire cast of LoLK is great except Seiran, who's okay/"good simply by being a moon bunny"

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Moon bunny part 3's claim to fame is an extremely arrangeable themesong.
With her transparent bloomers and ability to magically fire bullets, she was destined to be a useless bunny only good for her sex appeal.

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Not enough personality is the problem.

No, I'm not joking. She has a bit, though, and since all moon bunnies are great she gets a pass.

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>why do people dislike DDC?
Maybe because it's straightforward? That's the reason I really like it, but it's really a back to basics game. No real gimmicks, no series-spanning plot. There's an incident, someone caused it, go.

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>music uninspired
Just no.

ARGUABLY pre-stage 5. but stage 5 and beyond has like highest of highs in ZUN's career.

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>the cast consists of whohus with less personality combined than Raiko's ass
That's the point for the first four stages, so I don't really get this. That said, Seija alone makes up for any lack of personality.

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good taste

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Seiran's stage theme is hands down the best first stage theme there is. It really conveys the "Oh shit! Lunarians are invading!" atmosphere and the urgency like it was staright out of a nineties action game. Her boss theme rocks too, definitely in the top 3 first boss themes, and they both give a pretty great impression of the game everytime you start playing. Sadly she lacks personality as a character.

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SA, LOLK, and IN

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DDC was my least favorite game when it released. Bullet patterns felt messy to me and I was a casual who disliked losing my extra bombs upon death. Now it's probably my favorite modem Touhou game since I've better figured out the bonus item system and I really like some of the things ZUN pulled in the last couple stages

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Favorite fan game: Tenjou no Tempest
Favorite official: LoLK

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Any good recent fangames? Other than HSoB.

Not sure what's good in the new wave of STG games. Any in English?

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Rika is still #1

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