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Tumblr created Touhou Prime.

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we all agreed it looks like not benben

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She looks like zun's version of this.

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Touhou prime is an average girl viewed with blurry eyesight? In a way that's probably poetic, but also anticlimactic.

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Its benben

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Amalgamation-chan? Pretty cute.

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you're late to the party

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*not benben

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Yatsuhashi is the embodiment of Touhou design

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OK Bros
Let's get this fukin STARTED

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so ringo if she stopped stuffing her fat mouth

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The joke is that it's Not!Benben.

That is, in fact, funnier than giving this amalgamation a unique character. No, it's just Yatsuhashi

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ringo is fine the way she is, fat mouth and all

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Looks like Yatsuhashi

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A red blouse, possibly with a darker collar or shawl,
muted green hair,
and some sort of dark purple beret.

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The girl who loses to lions in popularity polls

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Looks like Yuuka to me.

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Tumblr didn't do shit.
Stop coming to /jp/ you fag. You abandoned your shitposts so you have no right to come crawling back.

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Teapot youkai

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if I fuck her, it would be like fucking every 2hu at the same time

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