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Reminder that if you had any sites that you used to browse back in the day, this is the time to make a full backup of them.

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Isn't that the site with all sorts of weird, experimental games?
Can we save them?

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Mostly ages old fan sites with images, midi sound files, and assorted interests of the time.

This is an example of such a site.


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Speaking of games, you should get these before they disappear. This guy backed up a bunch of Alicesoft's older games, and you will have a hard time finding them again.


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You do it, and make a torrent.

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Nothing lasts forever.
Cherish your good times.

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Damn son

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fuck my redroom

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Not fair.

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You guys are pretty fucking late. Not gonna lie. This was a months in advance warning.

My fault. I knew and didn't tell /jp/ because I thought /jp/ already knew another one was about to bite the dust.
Not that it would have mattered. I don't know if I was able to make threads then.

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I looked through my geo bookmarks and realized I had dl'd all of them years ago as I figured it was on borrowed time.

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Is archive.org going to make an automatic backup or do we have to explicitly specify the sites?

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Do not count on it. I tested some of the sites I liked to browse, and not one of them is backed up. Hell, even the ones that did get backed had no files beyond the html. Everything else is lost forever.

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Then it's time to fire up wget

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archiveteam backed up all of geocities and made it into a torrent so I have high hopes of someone doing the same for japanese geocities

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Is there a way to search for random sites on Japan geocities so I can go exploring??

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Don't Japanese care at all that one part of their internet history will go poof?

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Speaking of old things, I am amazed Uzuki Gakuen is still alive. The owner even updated it today.

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Stop whining about the Japanese.
It's fucking Yahoo.

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Uzuki Gakuen?

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One of the oldest, and maybe last, ELF games fansite.

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Archiveteam is on the case with Geocities Japan as well: https://www.archiveteam.org/index.php?title=GeoCities_Japan

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The heroes we deserve.

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Even if they did it isn't like they can do anything about it.

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