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Is Ms. Yuuka the straight to Wriggle's shota?

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She's the tendril dick to Wriggle's untouched pussy.

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Nah. Wriggle X Yuka is /u/

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Shotas aren’t /u/.

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Wriggle is not a shota. She's a girl.
The only people who say otherwise are homosexuals who should go to /cm/.

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Cirno x Yuuka >>>>>>>>>>> Wriggle x Yuua

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Yuuka sure like eating little boys.

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ssfags are the worst

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I prefer to think of Wriggle as a tomboyish futa than a shota but the essence is still there, I suppose.

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I fap to this image regularly.

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Nope, ryona-fags are the worst.

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Me x Yuukarin >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> everything else

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Ooooh my shoulder~

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I want to fuck Wriggle in the full nelson position in front of everyone in Gensokyo, so that no one ever calls her a boy again.

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And then you'll realize you have been putting it in his boipucci until Yuuka come and kill you for snatching her shota. By then you have died with everyone in Gensokyo acknowledging you as a homo.

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Worth it

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what the, can Wriggle sing???

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Wrong, I'll be ramming her tight pussy.
And if the green haired hag is mad at me for fucking her girl, she'll have to wait until I'm done destroying and cumming inside Wriggle's little cunny to have a word with me. She is, whoever, free to watch and masturbate as much as she wants, just like everyone else in Gensokyo

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