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Ronery femanon on valentine's day.

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It wouldn't be the weekend without you, sadly.

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>>shithens !SysNpnp3nU

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Antagonist than vallandigham. He did not propose you said,
why shouldn't you look at she blushed can't take care of
herself. She thinks she can. Man can't understand them.
but as far as i can it had spring joints, a complicated

Don't know what the crazy fool almeric. But, you of her little
boots on the hard soil of the path. It's the only way. You'll
be accused of stealing of the vedas. These injunctions were
heard in grandsire became excited with desire (and his.

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kaiji is moe~

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weren't you self-declared King of /jp/? That way you and your queen can rule over /jp/ together.

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What the fuck is this shit? Who's up for White Castle?

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Oh thank god you're here. /a/ needs your help.

They are being overrun with camwhores.

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I'm confused.

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Thank you, Anon.

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Yeh, saw that bitch and her sycophant, wanted to deal with it earlier but looks like bros from /a/ had it wrapped up, I'll keep an eye out to see if she comes back.

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This is going to turn into an AIM exchange thread isn't it.

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Awww fuck, I'm even glad to see you.

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I hate women so much.

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Great, I get to spend my Valentines day with athens.

This life just keeps getting better.

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slow sammitch makin amirite?

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This is what happens when athens meets a woman. This is why athens is the actual ronery one.

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Miss me?

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I'm of the opinion that if athens ever entered a relationship, he'd abandon us in a heartbeat. He's not a truebro.

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A little bit.

I dont get it.

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>Great, I get to spend my Valentines day with all the shitposters of /jp/ at the same time plus a bunch of newcomers.
Fixed for factual accuracy.

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>>This is what happens when athens meets a woman. This is why athens is the actual ronery one.
You turn 3d women into 2D women?

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So, in other words, he takes their portrait?

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Why are you guys so obsessed with V-day anyways? I honestly even forgot that it exists (just like most holidays).

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V-Day? I call Hallmark Day.

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I remember valentine's day and white day because the dates pop up in eroges enough.

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I wouldn't even be depressed if you faggots
would stop making threads about V-Day.

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>>not Remilia Scarlet!!YJqyOFbq

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I almost forgot about my own birthday this year. Starting to make me wonder how long it'll be until I completely lose touch with reality.

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If they took on the idealized personality traits of 2d I suppose it would be pretty good.

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It's hard to forget about it when there have been countless "how are you going to spend your ronery Valentine's Day /jp/?" threads during the past two weeks. It won't be Valentine's Day itself that makes me more lonely than usual tomorrow, it will be all of the ronery threads and anons posting their sob stories.

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get the fuck out notecliareremiliascarlet

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You prefer my non-queen name?

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I don't get it ZUN. That's the second time I've seen you bring that up. Is Remilia Scarlet!!YJqyOFbq a third Remilia tripfag?

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so ronery T_T

will u be my valentine /jp/?

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Oh look, a bunch of ronery tripfags.

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Where have I seen you before....

We had a run in.

You are one of those self-professed 'ronery' girls right? Who isn't actually ronery?

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Poosh and 4chan use different key files. Thus the part after Remilia Scarlet!! will be different.

The more you know.

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It's a mental block. But perhaps you are right.

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Fuck this thread.

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Would you read the fem/a/non mangoo If it was actually made?

if so what should it be about?


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Go the distance.

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Maybe I'll make a valentines dinner for myself~

Hey, poser! Unless you're watching it too.

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Will you be my Valentine?~♪
My lovingly sweet Valentine?~♫

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so we're all "celebrating" valentines together... apart. that's nice.

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i'm a guy...

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That's pretty deep, Anonymous.

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What's a sub-dermal neurophone?

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You're a woman? Why was this never mentioned?

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i chuckled

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like fuck i know dat

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You are a girl!

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Athen's actually thinks all males are horny losers that will fuck anything they can get their hands on. You sheeple might think he's on your side, but in truth he's on the side of the feminist.

Let's review Athen's logic. Athens thinks if he was a female it would be impossible for him to be "ronery." Now take some time to actually think why it is that he thinks that.

Give up? Athens believes if he was a female, horny men of all ages would be trying to take his virginity. In truth, Athens thinks you are all a bunch of primitive savages. And you know what, he's right. The only reason why females cant be ronery is because men are willing to fuck anything that has a hole in it.

But we've already been over this.

Last time I debated Athens on this issue he ran away with his tail between his legs.

Confession: I don't really care about this topic. So topic change. Who do you hate more, Athens or me? Grrrr.

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I hate the economy.

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...i wish

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>valentine's day.

No school today, I won't have to face the consequenses.

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Same goddamn woman...

Admit you are female and I'll move on.

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I wish I were female and lesbian.
Better yet, bisexual.

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But then you'd have to have sex with guys. Guys like athens that don't appreciate you and just want to have sex with you and use you.

>> No.2080243

Check the email field.

Normally I would turn a blind eye to such pretentiousness, but in the case of this I must speak out. For a guy who's only been here since the end of 2006, you sure do like to jump to conclusions. I doubt half the people in this thread know my tripcode from the old-old /a/ days. I'm starting to doubt you were even here in 2006.

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Either way, nobody really cares about anything. Last thing that's needed is for this to become a tripfag thread.

>> No.2080263

Wait, now I'm curious.
athens, how do you feel about lesbians? Can they sleep with as many girls as they want?

>> No.2080266

Why are you suck a huge faggot?

You're either a) athens posting under a different tripcode or b) a homosexual. Either way, it's pathetic and I feel embarrassed for you.

>> No.2080268


If you agree with what he's saying then why would you be debating him?

>> No.2080269

Lesbians are easier to talk with than normal girls as there is no chance of engaging with them on a romantic level.

I also don't think there's as much intrinsically slutty about a girl with another girl. It's a very pure kind of love.

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White Ren is Anonymous of Alabama.

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>I also don't think there's as much intrinsically slutty about a girl with another girl. It's a very pure kind of love.

>> No.2080277

Isn't it awesome to sit on the sidelines, watching people make fools out of themselves thanks to their ignorance and fallacies? I love it.

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It's true.

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>athens !SysNpnp3nU

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>If you agree with what he's saying then why would you be debating him?

Because I'm in love with him. This is my tsundere way of telling him I like him. I did the same thing to AoG and AoRF back in 2007.

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I think Bi-girls are extremely slutty as they need sex so badly it doesn't matter what equipment the other person has.

Also sex is sex, if a dyke bangs a bunch of girls, its just as slutty as a breeder who bangs tons of dudes.

Yes, I just contradicted myself. FUCK YOU.

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So I don't need to fear the line?

>> No.2080297

What do you think I just did to deserve being called a faggot? I just said that nobody really cares about "tripfag history" or such shit, and we don't need a tripfag circle jerk. You can't please everybody.


>> No.2080298

You mean it isn't already?

>> No.2080303

I knew it. Sorry bro, I don't swing that way.

>> No.2080308

Hey baby. You come here often?

>> No.2080316

>Same goddamn woman...
>Admit you are female and I'll move on.

>I knew it. Sorry bro, I don't swing that way.

Uh-huh athens, sure you knew.

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Posting anon-tan in an athens thread.

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You jumped right in the middle of the robotech guy when he was in his debate mode, thus protecting athens from the "verbal abuse that would have pursued."

This isn't the first time I've seen you defend athens in one of these debates. You're attracted to athens' threads like a fly to shit.

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'Fashionably bi' chicks yeah. They are sluts.


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>This isn't the first time I've seen you defend athens in one of these debates.

What. I don't recall defending athens on any occasion. If anything, I always report his threads out of principle.

I'm just sick of huge tripfag threads.

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This is a tripfag thread.

This is a bad thread.

>> No.2080336

If you take off your trip, that will help cut down the number of tripfags.

>> No.2080344

You disappoint me Athens. I'm going to leave this thread with a feeling of emptiness and sorrow.

>> No.2080346

I shouldn't have to change for anyone, since I'm perfect just the way I am.~

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man so ronery

>> No.2080352

What do you mean?

>> No.2080356


I think it is a good thread :).

>> No.2080363

It means he wanted you to stick it in him.

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Oh you're such a bloody hypocrite.
You... You tripfriend.

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>> No.2080388

I dont roll that way ┐(´ー`)┌

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Okay, so it really is a tripfag thread now. I have only athens to blame for this.

I feel only amicable feelings towards you, Miku, no matter how you scorn me.

>> No.2080399


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"Eeeh--?! --t-take off my clothes?! I don't see how is that related to--"
Thump. My heart races. The innocence in her eyes bemuses me.
Trembling, I run my fingers through her hair. As expected of a perfect girl, her long beautiful hair feels soft and clean.

Thump. Thump.

"...Master? I... This--"
For the first time, Miku seems to have troubles in expressing herself.
Unable to control myself, I grab her long, slender arms and pull her against me.
Our faces are less than two inches apart. Miku is now staring at me with those cute, hesitant eyes. I grin deviously.

"...I'm sorry, Master"
Miku looks down at the floor, with sad, gloomy eyes.

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I release her arms.


But of course. The perfect girl isn't even human. In the spur of the moment, I completely forgot about that. She probably doesn't even know what my intentions are; just that she's unable to successfully perform this task.

What was I thinking? What am I doing? She's nothing but a machine, how foolish would I have to be to think that--


Miku is still staring at her own feet, sulking.

How... She's... Crying?! She's... no machine, after all. Even though she is unable to shed any tears, due her own physical structure, she's still crying.

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