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Previous thread: >>20739115

This thread is for the discussion of untranslated Japanese visual novels.

What are you playing? What are you looking forward to? What have you finished? You know the drill.

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You're just angry you can't read Japanese.

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How long until it drops to 80?

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Never? Reviews are pretty much going for "Favourite's best" despite the writing, because it seems the side routes are actually good this time around.

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only eops care about it at this point

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About a month. Most people are careful of Favorite games since they tend to churn out kusoge, so the early reviews are all diehard fanboys.

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Will Leaf come back to it?

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They're always so bad, but I end up enjoying them every time somehow.

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I should learn to look at dates first.

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Finally completed amazing grace and what a mediocre trash it turned out be despite being one of the few critically acclaimed VNs of 2018. First of all, the most annoying thing that almost made me drop this kusoge is dull repetitive prose. Writer just fucking paraprashes same fucking thing literally hundreds of times. The game had good ideas for being a unique mystery experience and but it ended being uninteresting and felt mechanical. Writer doesn't even bother crafting interesting scenario but his focus is always on setting up random 伏線 for chapter 12(aka 伏線回収祭り). Even then, there are some lazy plot conveniences and holes. Characters act ultra dumb for some fucked up reason. mystery aspect itself is rather simple that you'd already get general idea of what's going on and motivations way before reveal. So why were everyone licking this kusoge ass game?

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Why killed this place?

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Who killed this place?

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It's fine. You're just too used to the constant shitflinging elsewhere. In fact, consider going back there.

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Ok, i am an innocuous /vn/igger

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Same reason as that.

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Duh, padding is normal. Writers get paid by the letter and players want the length worthy of the 8800 yen price tag.

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How is it "worthy of price"? They are getting scammed by hack writers ffs

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Why do people like things I don't like!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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Quality of writing is debatable. A game being too short isn't.

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Normally, this writing style should make it feel like the writer considers you a moron though. But well, if you get too used to this shit, you probably do become a moron and actually need this.

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I mean the game content will be same but prose becomes bloated as fuck. I don't think that's worth anything.

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1)there are too dumb to dislike things you dislike
2)you are too dumb to like things they like

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You don't need to tell me. But that's how it is. Non-bloated games get criticized for it, e.g. Mirai Radio.

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I can't wrap my head around why would even someone criticize a work for not being bloated. Moebutas are really mysterious creatures.

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It got criticized for being complete trash, the length has nothing to do with it.

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Someone wrote a big review on EGS about Newrin, complaining about plotholes. Everything he mentioned in that regard was wrong. And Newrin definitely attracted the moe crowd. I thought it would be a moege as well before I picked it up. There's some truth to this.

Mirai Radio however is really not that great. Still. Considering how well games like Amazing Grace and whatnot get received, you gotta wonder: Is it deserving the score it got? In my opinion it's okay, but in my opinion there's also a LOT of overrated stuff around. So it probably doesn't deserve this low score. I mean, really, the biggest flaws the game has aren't things most people will even recognize. (weak science, the setting making not too much sense if you think about it and so on) Minori's Trinoline was also full of wrong understandings of androids by the writers and a lot of wrong "science" as such. Did anyone care? I did, maybe another anon or two also did, but that's it.

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Games are good when the heroines are 10/10

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I like Laplacian, and they seem very consistent rating wise, nothing amazing, but at least they don't waste my time with pointless moege fluff to tell the stories they want to tell.

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Epic dude.

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>Is it deserving the score it got?
Yes, should be even lower honestly.

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Newrin was sort of crock because of its bland characters, setting that doesn't actually do anything new and only touches the time period on the very surface level, main plot with lackluster twists and very arbitrary drama in the final route that exists only because the writer decided the ending needed a so called emotional finale, even if the same exact thing wasn't a cause for drama in the side routes. While apart from that I can't recall too many parts that make you bang your head on the keyboard there's really nothing that stands out either. Lavi route in the middle of game was a very slight peak but that's about it.

Though I completely agree that bloated games are an actual problem, I think it's bit of a strawman if you think some people gave those shorter games lower scores primarily because of their length and not because of their other lackluster aspects. Besides, if you go by overall score the games aren't even ranked *that* low as >>20794299 shows.

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If you don't get why he couldn't stay with Alice you missed the point of their mission.

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If you didn't get why he couldn't stay with Alice you missed the point of their mission.

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I do, the problem is lack of consistency regarding the protagonist's actions. He stays with Haru and maid in their respective routes of his free will without giving that much of a fuck about fixing the past completely by also leaving himself, then in Alice route he suddenly goes full moralfag about it.

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He didn't really fix anything in Haru's route, so it didn't make a difference if they stayed, it was already another world, same with Emmy's ending

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>same with Emmy's ending
Doesn't Emmy complete Principia in place of Alice anyways?

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One summer after the original date, and it's not the original world if they don't write optics together after that.

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>bland characters
Did we play the same game? There was only one bland character, and she was bland because that was literally her plot thing. I could understand, if some of the characters were too out there for some people, but.. bland is definitely the wrong word. I actually remember some being not very happy about pic related eventually becoming a bonus ero-scene, though it was fitting enough in my opinion.

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meme writer

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ω != w

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>A mannerism for the french character
Epic, how will ono ever recover.

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>There was only one bland character,
For me it was the opposite: one good character while the others kind of ended up being a grey mess.

I actually liked Lavi and found her somewhat interesting because she's only one of the past characters who participates in driving the main plot forward even in routes other than her own, rather than being kept in the dark for the whole story like everyone else. Her mother was also a complete enigma who ends up being indirectly responsible for one inexplainable plot device and I'm still disappointed it's left completely hanging. I mean story wise leaving other heroines out of the loop is given a justification since the protagonist and co. don't want to mess up the past more, but it also meant their character arcs often ended up being rather flimsy SoL with girl, followed by tangential drama rather than something integral to the time travel plot: shit like Haru being angry at Alice for lying to her or the completely out of the left field sister twist that's foreshadowed maybe scene or two before the actual reveal in Emmy and Alice routes.

Other characters in general didn't really stand out. Protagonist is basically a plank, the one villain the game has is as one-dimensional as it gets, I can't even remember anything about Yotsuko other than the repeated measuring gag and the sudden and silly plague drama, while Alice, Emmy and Haru's entire characterization could be summed up as "what if historical person was actually a cute anime girl archetype". Alice in particular feels very shoddy despite supposedly being the main heroine that the whole plot revolves around, so the finale doesn't really manage to evoke an emotional oomph. Really, the game would've been so much better if it threw some kind of whammy and had Lavi actually be the real main heroine.

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I just realized that Amazing Grace is supposedly written by the duo responsible for the MagiCha and the complete travesty that was Paradise Ocean. So did Shigeta and that other guy manage to redeem themselves after the latter and it's actually good or something?

Also the premise on the website seems half-interesting, but I want to confirm if it means the game actually carries the main plot throughout or if it's like MagiCha and Paradise Ocean with over 90% of the game being inconsequential SoL and ichaicha with with actual plot crammed at the very very end. And if it is the latter is the SoL at least good?

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It was foreshadowed when she's planning everyone's costumes as well, and some other spots as well.

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Play it and find out. Most people love it. Also check out Mono no Aware by the writer if you do happen to like it.

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It’s mostly boring SoL and ichaicha mixed with foreshadowing till final chapter.

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Lavi is also just an anime girl archetype. I would probably like her more if she wasn't a meme spouting autist type

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Are you shitposting?

>> No.20796021

No, sorry for any struck nerves on your end. >>20794715

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>Magical Charming: time loop
>Mono no Aware: time loop again
>Amazing Grace: time loop yet again
I liked Magicha, but that's a yawn from me.

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Suicide Fence planned for c96 release. I question the absolute lack of hype for this despite the potential for it to be the best doujin vn of all time.

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Not every poster with a positive of opinion of the game is the same one...

>> No.20797322

it's episodic
the first bit has to be really amazing for me to give a fuck about the rest

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Is Kin'iro Loveriche as good as its score suggests?

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Most of it wasn't anything special, but the grand route does something that easily won over anyone who would pick the game up at a glance.

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chuusotsu when

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Hi, JoP Squad. I finished the Evenicle II 体験版 today.


+ Game looks still amazing, even though they dropped the Senran Kagura Artist and Minnaraken and instead use Orion (from the Rance Series)

+ The main character is still a pervert but not as much an instinct driven dork like Aster. Rather he thinks a bit more, albeit he is still a perverted doctor who makes girls orgasm and heals them that way.

+ They finally found a fitting music score for rape scenes. In Evenicle 1 the rape scenes had some kind of ironic/jazzy ring to them, but this one is actually a bit darker and atmospheric

+ The 体験版 contains about 6 or 7 scenes, of which 2 are darker rape scenes, while the others are vanilla sex with cute girls

+ the right amount of Onii-chan and fetish talk


- The game has way less humour than Evenicle 1, because the protagonist doesn't resonate well with sarcasm or he actually have a bit of brain to not step from one bad situation into the other

- The girls are so far boring. One wears a mask and doesn't uncover herself in the trial and the other main girl is dumb as rocks and thinks that sex is fine, because its for procreation but touching and handholding is lewd and unfitting.

- The game teases that there will be a strong emphasis on pregnancy, but the problem here is that I am not sure whether that pregnancy has an effect on the game. (offspring that joins your party maybe?) - only fetishizing pregnancy would suck

- The japanese is pisseasy to read outside of some slang terms and terminology. Not really a challenge. Even eops could read that shit with

- Doesn't crossreference nearly as much as the first evenicle. Jokes are often really flat.

- the game is still really accessible even for people who don't really play JRPGs, its rather easy and an entry level title, but a challenge is nowhere to be found

Enjoy my 4 am autism.

Game comes out on the 22.02.2019, I'm sceptical whether to buy it or not.

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This post reeks of that autist we had several months ago.

>> No.20798107

>it's episodic
It's not. The game was released in parts on the website as a preview but this is the full game now.

>> No.20798108

never post here again

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Is the Da Capo collection worth picking up? Is Da Capo worth reading or is it a meme?

>> No.20798136

It singlehandedly coined the position for a bad eroge, but its a great moege series.

Don't expect deep stories though.

>> No.20798248

they dont call it dacrapo for nothin

>> No.20798267

I like DC 3, the rest are kinda meh.

>> No.20798329

I remember liking only 1 of the games in the series, I don't remember which one it was though

>> No.20798476

Well shit, look like I might have to book a Tokyo trip now.

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Finished all three routes of Monobeno HE without the after stories. It needed to finish the first two after stories to get to the third one but I was too tired playing this game and felt it might spoil the third, so just moved on. The third route was a bit better than the first two but I didn't like the loli (I had expected it to be less) and the protag was a bit annoying(wimp), but ok.

Overall, the writing was too fluffy I guess and it was too long. Although I didn't need a dictionary, but I still must have spend 60+ hrs I think. The bg cg's were nice, but character sprites were average and bg music was only good, which is low for an eroge standards. I don't think its worth the read for the setting and look, unless you're into loli stuff I guess.

I'm not really sure if I should read any after story later on (too tired rn). Maybe I may read the third after story, but its 20 episodes and the thirds ending feels like an ending

Not sure what to play next, I want to play something medium-length and good like from around 2000-2006, with a good bgm, cg, and without much things to hate .
The last few games (this, Duel Savior, 残念な姉と幸福論) have annoyed me quite a bit. I guess I'll do some digging in EGS, but its difficult to know with the rating and description as you'd never know what pops up without spoilers. The ratings are vndb are too less reliable also

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The only worthwhile after story is Sumi's, the other two are fluff and porn. Well, Alice's has based Gokaiso-chan at least.

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so is the twist in Sorceress Alive that all the isekai versions have noticeably less interesting personalities?

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shizuku is trash tbqh

>> No.20799188

Calm the fuck down Jesus Christ.

>> No.20799320

I don't follow comiket stuff, when is it exactly? Also >>20797951
>I want to play something medium-length and good like from around 2000-2006, with a good bgm, cg, and without much things to hate .
You'll have to be more specific, there's a tons of things from that time. Have you played most big releases?

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me on the left

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my wife, i hope she has a route

>> No.20800126

Read some hard stuff instead.

>> No.20800580

Amegure ending was so fucking lacking, disappointing and stupid as fuck.

>> No.20800713

Amegure was the best thing I read last year.

>> No.20800816

I'm currently reading Amegure and it's bad so far.

>> No.20800850

Amegure is pathetic. gidou is even more pathetic. His conflict resolution is utterly pathetic

>> No.20801003

I take that back. I'm no longer playing Amegure as it was just too bad. I don't even know.

Back to Paddenicle. Not like that's that much better. The entire game feels like it wants to extend playtime at any cost. Feels like a parody of the worst kind of jrpg, where the bad shit is exaggerated with having to run between several towns/locations a million of times, while it gives you a teleport to only SOME of them, so you have to run all the damn time. And the story is obviously nothing but filler too, where whatever is your goal is probably not even mattering, till you hit the end of a chapter. Unfortunately I don't think that was their goal.
At least they have a lot they can improve for the sequel. A FUCKING LOT.

>> No.20801083

Wise choice.

>> No.20801306

I liked the first two D.C. games. Both had great girls (they are iconic for a reason), fun comedy, and doesn't get bogged down in H-scenes. I also called it da crapo but they are way better than most moege today.

>> No.20802368

Fucking pedo

>> No.20803785

Which is the best SQUEEZ VN for you guys?

>> No.20803800

None, I hate huge boobs.

>> No.20803810

If I ever play this I will go with the non-remake art. I played the remake version of Kizuato and the original art seems to have a much better feel and atmosphere to it.

>> No.20803816


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>> No.20804771

Difficulty is subjective, and your statement is meaningless. Guess you don't know English, either.

>> No.20805061 [DELETED] 

Wow, Such thread, much JOPs, very much niggers.

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Check out this cute 18 years old fairy.

>> No.20805811

Sakura, Moyu is good

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Art like this is often even hotter than H scenes desu.

>> No.20806112

That's because H scenes are bad. The peak of lewdness is fanservice scenes, like the ones in anime and manga.

>> No.20806126

You could probably show a girl in a sexy position, not necessarily naked or even half-naked, and let the imagination of the reader run wild instead of awkwardly showing positions and whatnot that restrict writing the rest of the scene. It'd improve things... if the scene writing wouldn't be so lackluster all the time as well.
It's kinda funny, but good ero in eroge is hella rare. It's pretty low effort. Though, to be fair, it's like that with most ero. As long as the consumer gets off, it's all okay. Reminds me of one manga I once read, that had horrible art but still managed to be sexier than most things with better art. Forgot the name and pretty much everything about it though.

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File: 40 KB, 640x400, DyobnGIUUAAWUl7.jpg orig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can't say I'm surprised.

>> No.20806939

I've mostly played all the translated ones which interested me. I haven't played that many Jap only games, very few. I think viewing the yearly charts and filtering out the ones with high 駄目主人公 and other stuff might be a good start. I'll ask here if I something comes to mind too

>> No.20806944

Any recommendations will be helpful, though. Also don't want to play a utsuge rn

>> No.20806953

>I've mostly played all the translated ones which interested me.

Very unfortunate. That aside, have you considered 灯穂奇譚?

>> No.20806967


>> No.20807579

Just finished Shachi's route in NoraNeko and thought it was terrible. Only got Yuuki left is that route worth it or should I just drop it?

>> No.20807586

No, noraneko's routes are basically all terrible except Pat's somewhat.

>> No.20807591

I still think Michi's was decent to be honest but Shachi's it is almost as if they didn't even try.

>> No.20807713

sauce please

>> No.20807754


>> No.20807806

Trying to find some black lilith cgs on exh but it seems like theres none, did they hunt them down or something?

>> No.20807967

Yep, those are not allowed there and haven't been for years.

>> No.20807968

Just search for expunged galleries.

>> No.20808009

What a shame

>> No.20808592

I wish my waifu was real.

>> No.20808971

I wish I wasn't real. Or was real in a different world that isn't so grey and boring.

>> No.20809377

i wish i was your waifu

>> No.20810041

This retarded /a/vg/ autism isn't fit for this thread. You should have lurked for a year or two before posting, DJT faggots.

>> No.20810483

What philosophy do I need to read to understand Sakura no Uta? Is there a list like the one that one fag put together for Subahibi?

>> No.20810500

I wish your waifu wasn't real.

>> No.20810501

Less philosophy but you need to know Wilde and 1000 years of art history

>> No.20810878

>and 1000 years of art history
Considering it spends the whole game fellating impressionism, not that much.

>> No.20811283

a handful of moege

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PS2 Demonbane coming to PC in April.

>> No.20811611

I stopped playing that ages ago, because I liked the voice-acting and it was gone by chapter 2. Always thought that I want to try the ps2 version, but I have pretty big prejudices against console VN engines, so I never did. (mostly because of KID stuff) Guess, I have no excuse anymore soon enough. Hopefully the port is okay though.

>> No.20811768

That's great, the ps2 version has some absolute garbage problems with it. I have never seen a worse skip function in my whole life.

>> No.20811864

What are some good isekai vns?

>> No.20812414

I never played the PS2 version, but playing Kishin Hishou with all the characters having voices all the time was amazing, so I'm definetely going to check it out

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What a chuuni idiot.

>> No.20813261

Tell me this is at least fun because I'm a sucker for chuuni idiots with shit-eating grins.

>> No.20813348

I see, I understand everything now.

>> No.20813874 [DELETED] 
File: 218 KB, 1280x720, gensou_idea_02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She definitely has that grin. Can't say how the game is yet, as things get still established. So far I like it, but that doesn't mean much yet. Most is still a question-mark.

>> No.20813881

It basically has the same issues the rest of the brand has, one interesting side and one boring as shit one.

>> No.20814924

What’s the best version of Phantom (Nitroplus) to read? I liked the anime way back but I bet the VN is better. I saw a couple different versions including one with the anime art.

>> No.20815387
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there's death and then there's this.

it's a shame really.

>> No.20815509

Well not every game, but most. I'm a bit mad for some like Cross Channel, one of my fav, but after reading in Moon for a bit it is much better. Tbh it shouldn't be read translated

Thanks will check out

After filtering through EGS, I've got Parfait second brew for now.
I'm also thinking of playing some supernatural thriller with setting like divi-dead. I've come across Mindead Blood but won't play it if it has a lot of NTR

>> No.20815710


>> No.20815864

I didn't like their artist anyways.

>> No.20816017

It's fully their fault in this case.

>> No.20816149

Parfait and Konnyaku are both excellent.

>> No.20816311

damn I was looking forward to zwei

>> No.20816567

I mean, it's not like they released any games anyway?

>> No.20817120
File: 221 KB, 1348x810, Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 20.18.59.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Was it you that made the thread on /v/?

>> No.20817124

Nah, that was me.

>> No.20817231

Hiori's route was one of the most boring thing I ever read, completely gave up on reading the rest

>> No.20817310

What's the structure like in the game? Can you skip the side stuff and do Haru/true only?

>> No.20817337

The routes all have important information and focus on the theme of self-sacrifice, there is no route you can just skip.
It's just boring as shit, the true route is by far the most long winded boring part of the game so it's not like you are only getting the good stuff if you only do haru/true

>> No.20817831

Is this going to happen to August next?

>> No.20818401

They'd deserve it after that abortion known as senmomo.

>> No.20818576

Post games with god tier BGM (excluding kamige)

>> No.20818678

Katawa Shoujo

>> No.20818727

Does anyone here have 一緒に行きましょう逝きましょう生きましょう and could up it? I'd buy it but DMM doesn't let me since I'm a dumb gaijin.

>> No.20818742
File: 53 KB, 500x308, 51OD+ElybaL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey guys, let's write a good game and then ruin it by making it 5 times longer than the first draft by stuffing it with neverending purple prose and tearjerker porn. Surely that'll make customers enjoy it more!

>> No.20818758

Ok. But only if the loli doesn't get a route.

>> No.20818762

And the best part is that it works! Just as intended, now eat up your shitty moege.

>> No.20818773

Typical Favorite problems. As much as I like their art, I'm done with them until they realize that the quality of the writing matters at least as much as the quantity.

>> No.20818779

Purple prose aside it sounds like every other VN. Meaningless developments, shitty overwriting, each tiny idea being extended in an endless internal monologue, each sentence being commented for 5 minutes. The canonic length of this media is such a fucking chore I swear I prefer normalfag anime sometimes.

>> No.20818807

There's a English version.

>> No.20818820

People pay for length. You would understand if you paid.

>> No.20818847

I prefer good games to last as long as possible.

>> No.20818861

>You would understand if you paid.
No I won't. The only VN that I've bought were actual good VN and not 50+ hours of shit prose. Same applies to video games, I've never understood the idea of longer = better. Otaku being fucking plebs it's no surprise but it is still disapointing.

>> No.20818862

I paid for it and still thought it was far too long and boring most of the time

>> No.20819151

the game i'm playing has one but it's not a vn

>> No.20819457

Can upload after I wake up.

>> No.20819577

Their DMM kusoge consistently ranks well so I wouldn't count on it.

>> No.20819928
File: 116 KB, 500x500, hmm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For hardcore VN players is it better to have a W7 partition for your japanese games and do everything else in linux or just use linux+wine?

>> No.20819967


>> No.20820005

I remember when that anim game's videos crashed my VM. Now I just take the ten seconds to reboot into win7

>> No.20820030

Is there a way to patch in the uncensored stuff to Realta Nua without the English?

>> No.20820562

w7 partition is optimal, vmware is a close second, and wine is garbage unless you like spending hours troubleshooting shit

>> No.20820655

Ok thank you for the feedback.

>> No.20821400

Just use the AB wine guide faggot

>> No.20821690

They deserve it. What a shitty company.

>> No.20821754

i don't know why you think everyone is on that shitty tracker, if you actually cared about helping people you'd make it public via a pastebin or whatever instead of being a shill

>> No.20822713


>> No.20822817

Stop advertising your shitty forum here.

>> No.20822935

Awesome, thanks in advance.

>> No.20822997

Because it seems like they don't give a shit about eroge players and don't want to be in the eroge business at all.

They started with 恋と選挙とチョコレート, managed to convince someone to make an anime adaption for it, and then tried ride on that publicity to sell their all-ages game いますぐお兄ちゃんに妹だっていいたい. It sold terribly though so they went back to eroge for their next game, 蒼の彼方のフォーリズム . But they announced an anime adaption for it before the game even got released so I really have to question their priorities. Despite that, it managed to sell pretty well, so now instead of releasing a fandisk like any other eroge maker would do, they release a gacha mobile game for it instead to milk more money out of their fans. 3 years later they finally release a FD but no one cares anymore by then.

>> No.20823012

If the rumours are true they were already in the red zone way before aokana released

the gacha game was probably their attempt at trying to hit a gold mine and get out the shitter. failed horribly of course.

>> No.20823044

Pretty much this. Which is why they've just moved completely to soshage with their new brand, they're pouring huge amounts of money into it in terms of advertisements and everything too. I hope it bombs really hard.

With that said it's only the president and the people in charge of sprite who are garbage, the staff who actually made the game are all really good and talented and it's not their fault at all.

>> No.20823189

>they announced an anime adaption for it before the game even got released
thats lie

>> No.20823192


>> No.20823226

It's true.
The game released on 2014-11-28, the earliest announcement for the anime I can find is 2014-11-13.

So the anime adaption did get announced before the game got released.

>> No.20823505

I want to read japanese visual novels on my pc vertically, you know proper furigana style, Idk where else to ask, is there good software for this?

>> No.20823783

First learn Japanese.

>> No.20823832

Only Mareni games and Muramasa and any other games that care about that aesthetic uses that. No use trying to find a software since every VN uses a different engine, unless you just find a text hooker that reads vertically- but I don't think anyone would waste their time making such an ugly and useless piece of software.

>> No.20823933

you can use the text hooker to put the text anywhere you want. it's easiest to make an html file, set the text as vertical in the stylesheet, and then paste it from the text hooker. this would be quite autistic though

>> No.20823941

I suspect the asker mistook "furigana" for "kana" anyway. Or really needs furigana for everything and thus >>20823783

>> No.20825696
File: 1.19 MB, 1920x1080, capture_156_13022019_203714.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finished Sorceress Alive. My experience of the game could be briefly summed up as
-Normal part: Wow this game is shit
-Real deal starts: Holy shit, they’re not pulling any punches. This game is fantastic.
-Real deal continues: Fooled you! Oh my god it keeps getting worse by the minute. Please make it stop.

To elaborate:

First 4 heroine routes are pointless padding that do nearly nothing to push the main plot forward and just give each heroine very sudden relationship upgrade developments, where the change of whether a particular heroine herself falls in love with the protagonist or fully supports the heroine of another route hooking up with him instead, or if they forcibly try to butt in and set up a harem along with another heroine flows as naturally from the common route as me ever talking with a member of the opposite sex. The game could’ve easily trashed those routes entirely or condensed them into one, especially since main plot wise the order of tournament battles stay to same. Plus, if you’re going to give us a harem just make it a fucking harem rather than this half-assed shit, I mean even plot wise all heroines openly crave the protagonist’s mana bank dick anyways in most heroine routes as well, and to top it off men being cum banks to multiple wives is not only accepted, but the motherfucking norm in-universe.

Akina’s route was pretty unremarkable though it fleshed out the tournament part the most, Yuzuriha’s route was at least half-decent even if it’s a generic fantasy discrimination / witch hunt plot that’s been done a thousand times already, apart from the silly convenient asspull ending that also conflicts with true route reveals. Mia’s was boring shit where it’s harem except not really lol, and I became very close to dropping the game entirely in Azuria route for the umpteenth generic moege-type arranged marriage drama with an evil fat fuck who uses his connections to be a dickhead. Not to mention it completely clashes against the previously established rules of the game world because every other part of the game is used to constantly point out the setting and political landscape as a fucking matriarchy. Naturally the “I’m gonna leave the team boohoo, no wait I don’t” drama gets recycled in every fucking route as well.

But what about the real deal part? I actually got hyped as hell at the start due to the game throwing a few curve balls at you and shit hitting the fan, basically the game briefly dips into more serious bits but then it completely manages to destroy all semblance of tension by a convenient and sudden time loop reveal that allows the game to resurrect its characters, except it's actually just a dream world so it's even worse. And then I completely lost it when they brought up fate and rebirth. Why? The whole civil war thing could've easily driven the entire main plot on its own and delivered other reveals without dabbling into those type of cheap hijinks. At that moment the game broke for me and I realized we’re definitely gonna get some convenient secret bad guy defeated through the power of friendship and a sappy everyone lives happily ever after ending anyways and stopped giving a fuck, despite game's later flimsy attempts of raising the stakes again by saying the final time is in real world so no repeats, as if it wasn’t obvious by that point that the writer doesn’t have the balls to actually deliver anything dramatic.

Actually, I take back wishing for a harem route. This is the stupidest shit ever, like holy moly this game is so stupid I’m not sure if it ever wanted me to take itself seriously. Main plot twists are all too obvious and many things are revealed only when plot important people suddenly decide to fill the protagonist in, which they didn’t do before for an arbitrary reason. And of course we get convenient long flashbacks explaining everything rather than the game gradually pacing any of this shit. You'd have to be retard not to realize the setting. Main villain reveal was also unsurprising. I mean Yuumi is the only main girl who supposedly doesn’t have an original equivalent, she is inexplicably last boss tier power level and gets a bit too much into fighting, plus by that point the game simply ran out of characters who could act as “surprising evil all along reveal” so it's not hard to guess. And the "I'm bored lol" excuse is used to give the protagonist and co. a fighting chance. But wait, she too is just a victim of the crystal, because fuck you.

I’d really want to say that at least the action was good, but the game spends so much time either with SoL or characters just explaining shit and there’s only a handful of interesting battles with proper stakes. At most I can say that some music was pretty neat and graphically the game manages to deliver, but that's about it.

>> No.20825768

So you recommend only doing one of the heroine routes (Yuzuriha) and skipping the others then?

>> No.20825772

It's enforced route order so you have to do them all.

>> No.20825779

Actually I'd recommend dropping the game.

>> No.20825783

You can just ctrl or get a save file.

>> No.20825801

No harem route in fantasy setting? Are you for real? Thanks for the warning, dodged the bullet here.

>> No.20826048

There is technically some harem-like stuff as well and the protagonist is super popular throughout the whole story, but the game keeps constantly dilly dallying around whether it really wants to be a proper harem game or not practically forever, with all the heroines constantly being ready for dicking but protagonist himself being a faggot about the whole issue, sometimes even converting the heroine of the route into wanting to keep the protagonist exclusively to themselves despite a said heroine previously being okay with harem idea because that's how things usually work in the setting. If you're talking H-scenes, the closest you get are two non-penetrative ones in Mia route, but story wise it ends up being one girl route after all. Even when much later on the game quite literally says "this is the harem route lol" (several times in fact), instead of actually giving a harem ending it wraps shit up by presenting several one girl endings again.

Personally I'm not bothered by whether there's proper harems or not, so I'm saying the complaint more in the context of the game's setting and how condensing the first 4 routes into one hypothetical harem route could've worked perfectly to remove a fuckton of needless padding, and when the game finally presents the idea of harem it's given a flimsy excuse, yet it doesn't even go properly through with it.

>> No.20826063

Forget everything else I just want a Yuumi route.

>> No.20826095
File: 265 KB, 1420x740, OH NO NO NO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20826112

>all the heroines constantly being ready for dicking but protagonist himself being a faggot about the whole issue, sometimes even converting the heroine of the route into wanting to keep the protagonist exclusively to themselves despite a said heroine previously being okay with harem idea

>> No.20826228

Considering I'm early in the game and still haven't started the heroine routes I'll refrain from some spoilers but considering the setting has shit like:
>matriarchy setting
>men being only one tenth of the population
>men rarely displaying magic talent and if they do they get adopted by noble houses
>at the academy men are mainly taught the ways of the bridegroom meanwhile women are taught magic
>men who can use magic are used for breeding purposes their place in the society still being lower than women but they tend to have many wives since the magic talent and power(basically the amount you can convert)are hereditary.
And despite all this you're telling me it has the cliche marriage drama archetype with some fat guy and it's still not haram?
Fuck that shit but I kinda dig it so I'll continue reading anyway.

>> No.20826321

This is so try-hard. I'm used to crappy VN beginnings because the nonsensical settings get forced, but my god.
Though I suppose, given how I played this kinda thing in a "making more sense" version before anyway, I don't care. Sometimes I wish, Gust would do something like Ar Tonelico again. Just with a little better gameplay.

>> No.20826765
File: 427 KB, 1275x717, makeitstop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Could someone tell me how many hours it takes for kara no shoujo 2 to become interesting. The trialver and start of the main game were great. but then I get thrown into a awful flashback that isn't ending.

>> No.20826802

Read faster.

>> No.20826965

That's unfortunately the truth. Japan loves crappy not mattering flashbacks. Luckily you can just ctrl them most of the time, or at least skim very fast.

I still remember Aqua there. I think it had an over 400kb long one, where maybe 20kb matter. 5 minutes after progressing past a cliffhanger of a route which needed 2 other routes to be cleared. A combination straight out of hell, that ruined a perfectly fine game. Ok, perfectly fine minus a certain voice-actor (Maki Izumi). Oh and this flashback also had a different protag. The guy appears in the main-story, and is voiced there, but loses it in the flashback. This flashback. Just remembering it I get fucking angry again.
I wonder if there are actually eroge using flashbacks well. Often it feels like retarded padding where you get all the information you knew anyway, or that could be just told to you much better without a flashback.

>> No.20827160

I think baldr sky handles them decently. They never feel like they stretch on forever.

>> No.20827259

Site-wide freeleech on AB.

>> No.20827308

Where do I signup?

>> No.20827334

Fuck off.

>> No.20828035

Thanks, I got 揺り籠より天使まで

>> No.20828041

upload it here

>> No.20828183

Mojika, unironically.

>> No.20828214


>> No.20828307

All DigitalCute games have god tier OSTs, shame about their recent drop in game quality though.


>> No.20828519

It was easily available on e**y though. No need to be a cuck on some fag tracker.

>> No.20828555

Why don't you download it yourself?

>> No.20828579

what is that

>> No.20828610

Never heard of eBay?

>> No.20828620

im being serious here

>> No.20828622
File: 15 KB, 933x382, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20828628

a chink site like s**m and 2**f

>> No.20828641

Are you shitting me? Baldr Sky, the game that is constantly cutting away for high school shit that won't be relevant until the fifth fucking route of the game? Baldr Sky, the game that makes you sit through the same flaskbacks two to three times before devoting an entire route to nothing but sitting through them again, but this time, completely unskippably?

This is what you call handling them well and not stretching on forever?

Are you one hour into Rain's route or are you just fucking retarded?

>> No.20828656

why cant you just post the names without censoring yourself

>> No.20828658

not him, but I liked the flashbacks more every time I replayed it

>> No.20828703

i was just following anons lead, surely he must have had a good reason for doing so. for what its worth i just checked and its also on the gook site c* with the crack so i have no idea why you'd bother getting it on A*

>> No.20828709

A crack is easily available on Ak*****ft's official site.

>> No.20828721
File: 88 KB, 640x480, kiva.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Our guy kiva has decided to take down Sayonara wo Oshiete.


>The only definite strong sides of Sayonara o Oshiete are first-class voicing and great song theme. Visual and textual decisions are questionable. But for me the number of negative elements outweighs it all. The only lingering taste after the game is nausea, and I hope to forget it as a nightmare asap.

>> No.20828750

please i need it

>> No.20828751

it's always nice when companies release DRM removal patches, i wish tr****le did since i've had a lot of problems with their games, and wish companies that use playdrm would too

>> No.20828794


I sure love seing endless flashbacks in every fucking route only to read through most of them AGAIN in the recordare because the game won't fucking let me play sora route otherwise.

>> No.20828821

not sure what it is you want but what that other anon mentioned was eyny and what i mentioned were sstm and 2dkf

>> No.20828846

thankyou anon

>> No.20828964

Didn't know this one but it looks like yet another autistic forum point grind, and one that makes KF's look heavenly at that. Anything particularly worthwhile about this one compared to the others?

>> No.20828971

This is not "my guy"

>> No.20829076

Eyny is the only good one. Just register and you have access to links.

>> No.20829176

to be honest i've never looked into what's on it, i only know about it having doujin stuff because i hang around a chink sekrit club but whenever they bring it up someone posts a link to the content anyway

>> No.20829218


>> No.20829246

Fucking sicko.

>> No.20829280


>> No.20829289

Physical violence against women is anything but hot.

>> No.20829364
File: 36 KB, 306x440, 203250-309142.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the game where the BEST girl is front and center ended up being the one that killed the company

It's fucking hurt, bros. Even if they somehow manage to release more Yami no Koe series(assumed Black Cyc new games last year sold alright) it won't focus on Sayoko because her spin-off killed the company. I hope they realize it's not her fault!

>> No.20829373

Maybe, but it is definitely arousing.

>> No.20830203

Not for me, it kills my boner, but it's popular enough apparently, even around women.

>> No.20831048

But flashback is the best part. I liked it the most while reading.

>> No.20831715
File: 880 KB, 1920x1080, 066.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is creepy. I remember my wallpaper shuffle showing this wallpaper last year on this day as well.

>> No.20832134

He's a faggot who hates loli, no reason to listen to him.

>> No.20832309

Just be careful because sometimes they upload shit prepatched with Chinese translations

>> No.20832321

What secret club? Do they have anything other than eroge?

>> No.20832529

I liked Cute Resort. It was a fun addendum.

>> No.20833129

I need your best PC-98 horror games,go!

>> No.20833717

Yes, I know. They mark it though.

>> No.20834444

good point

>> No.20836384
File: 179 KB, 994x756, Screenshot_218.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ended 9sorairo, quite late as I was waiting for 9haruiro to be released to start playing the 9 series.
I really at the start thought it was another author because the level of 9sorairo is miles away from the first 9, like the first 9 was average at best (wasn't bad tho) but sorairo was very good as in story (even when short length it was quite engaging at the climax points and mysteries) and the heroine, even if it's subjective, wasn't comparable with the flat moe heroine of kokonotsu, with Tanezaki Atsumi having an outstanding voice acting even without my prejudice as is my favourite seiyuu (I think it's the first time I saw her doing that many types of voices in one game), and her true end h-scenes were comedy gold, I didn't laugh that much in h-scenes since the Rinko h-scenes from senshinkan, and even them weren't comparable to sorairo h-scenes lol.
Now I'm looking forward for haruiro to see if the author can maintain the level and have a good use of the plot twists he left at the end.

>> No.20836752

it's the equivalent of a chink discord and they sometimes share things they buy but most of it is available elsewhere or is eventually

>> No.20836834

Fat chance, I guess, but doesn't anyone have カクリカ -out of the phantom mirror- CASE:証明写真 and is willing to upload it?

>> No.20836848

tfw anon never woke up again

>> No.20837238
File: 122 KB, 847x467, (笑).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.20837262


>> No.20837263

Yeah, I told ya it's confirmed GOTY.

>> No.20837282

>polygamy is deeply rooted in world building
>MC is monogamous faggot who is literally too gay to make more than one girl happy
Nah, it's shit.

>> No.20837285

GOTY for people, who actually liked 11eyes. Which should be absolutely impossible, but hey.

>> No.20837363

Stop reading moe garbage.

>> No.20837397

SorcAlive could've been genuinely great if it just focused more on building the coup d'état plot rather than almost instantly blowing its load by throwing in cheap and generic plotge 101 elements like time loop / all events so far were just simulated predictions of possible futures lol into the mix. The game also mood whiplashes very badly with the start of the true route being noticeably darker, but then tonally changing back to how it was like in the first half.

>> No.20837417

>The game also mood whiplashes very badly with the start of the true route being noticeably darker, but then tonally changing back to how it was like in the first half.
I think someone compared it to Princess Witches. I hated that part there as well. First you get a cast suited for comedy, which then somehow needs to work in a serious setting. Which obviously didn't work. By the end of the serious part you got somewhat used to it, but then it was right back to the dumb comedy.
Some people seem to be more open for this kinda thing I guess. Princess Witches was quite popular as well back then.

>> No.20837425

To be fair while you are not wrong that is the least of what you will be criticizing like the other anon as you finish this completely.

also, what the hell is up with narou WN comparisons? I don't believe these people read narou WNs at all these days do they? How are they mistaking them for Academy harems which are a thing of the past. Nobody uses boob grabs, barely anybody uses tournament templates and so on. Narou stuff have their own dumb cliches, in case of 転移, for example the most common ones are like Arifureta where the MC is transported together with his class and ends up being discriminated then slowly surviving in the dungeon he gets thrown to, making his nariagari by farming monsters and then adventuring and creating his harem etc.
Then there's also stuff like MC ending up as dungeon master or story focusing on kingdom building and 内政 or just the MC living comfortably without any conflict whatsoever the so called 'slow life'(which is basically moege equivalent), then you also have revenge edge wanks, aimless adventure types like 槍使いと黒猫 and many more.

By the way I haven't even mentioned 転生 templates or things like otome isekai but anyway, people who compare it to narou stories and somehow find similarity there have no idea what they're on about. Besides, the funny thing about narou MCs is that in many cases their do get to bang their entire harem or women they tend to meet in their adventures and not even as harem ends but sometimes in the middle of the story.
I'm honestly baffled, just where are they still finding academy/urban templates?

>> No.20837460

Can anyone guide me to where I can get non normalfag opinions and recommendations for untranslated VN? I thought I start with the japanese equivalent of 4chan but 5ch is geoblocked for my continent.

When I try to google this in japanese I get only normalfag articles to this topic.

>> No.20837467

How about you get fucked, shitty hipster?

>> No.20837471

Here you go, bud.

>> No.20837488

This is where we all begin and then switch to>>20837471

>> No.20837519

I already played all the games that are recommended on japanese normalfag sites. I'm past the entry level and want to play the gems that experienced players are enjoying, there is nothing wrong with that.
I'm not familiar with japanese internet culture but do they have nothing to offer in terms of specialized sites for otaku hobbies where the fans preserve knowledge and information in an organized manner?

>> No.20837552

YO dudes, what are some titles for advanced players like myself?

>> No.20837581

My biggest beef with how Sorceress Alive does it is due to how much potential it squandered, as the start of the Alive route itself is pretty damn great.

Two party members turn out to be betrayers who played the long game all along and start a coup along with new characters, killing the queen and causing a civil war. It’s followed by a 2nd tonally different OP movie rolling in and drumming up the hype further. Protagonist ends up escaping with loyalist heroines and holes up in the school with other students, preparing for war. The protagonist’s tactical skills? He’s appointed their leader so he finally gets to be useful. The 4v4 tournament sport? It was all preparation for this war, as the army also gets assigned to squads of four. Then there’s also opponents from previous routes on loyalists' side who are no doubt going to get further characterization as well, hell even one prick from a previous route gets a line commending the protagonist’s skills. Maybe the two previous side heroines end up replacing the two betrayers? Apparently the war is not going on loyalists’ favor outside the school so we've already set up a nice underdog situation, some loyalists got executed off-screen by the rebels / went MIA and as a result everyone’s emotions are really heating up for a good war story.

Everything in the previous routes was building up to this stuff, right? Right? WRONG. Let's just instantly throw in cheap recycled plot elements from this genre that serve to destroy all semblance of tension and also allow us to bring everyone back because obviously we can't have anything bad happen to our characters for real, downgrade the protagonist back to a plot device who doesn't actually do anything of his own accord, and wrap it up with two characters showing up and finally infodumping everything that's going on through several flashbacks, and also this is apparently a moege again so go fetch that harem Kouki except not really. More flashbacks abound.

It's then followed by a cheap self-sacrifice by our beloved plot device protagonist when he finally touches the convenient evil crystal that's responsible for everything bad in the world, except wait, it was actually a trap by the real obvious main villain whose driving motivation was to fuck the protagonist. Not for the protagonist’s humongous mana reserves to achieve something else, she just really wanted to fuck him. Then she briefly explains she was actually immortal Mrs. Hitler all along who has committed mind control, human experimentation and started pointless wars for generations off screen, all for the pure lulz by the way. But wait, she too is just mind-controlled by the evil crystal that feeds on negative emotions! Cue protagonist getting saved, joining forces with all the heroines and power of friendship beating the main villain who is very sporting about letting it be a fair 1v5 fight and letting the good guys prepare themselves, followed by a “bittersweet” ending with the villain dying in protagonist’s arms and everyone else living happily ever after. Technically the villain too because she gets reincarnated along with a reincarnation of the protagonist.

The more I think about it the madder I get.

>> No.20837592

EGS, just click on some profiles by the vets and see what games they rate highly. Many obscure titles to be found.

>> No.20837625

Any games involving kendo?

I want a game where I can fuck a hot big titted kendo chick.

>> No.20837667


Well,well,well, look who’s back. About time,I was getting frustrated with kyonyuu saimin.

>> No.20837672

vndb has tags for that.

>> No.20837861
File: 23 KB, 1148x205, moogyonforest.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>To be even more blunt about it, Forest is for expert eroge players only.

>> No.20837869

What is the eroge canon?

>> No.20837955
File: 120 KB, 800x600, tokidokipaku_03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20837964

it's something you use to shoot shitty moege companies to make them go bankrupt

>> No.20838298

What are some other games that should only be played by eroge experts?

>> No.20838378

>recognize the same young man CV voicing multiple characters in the same eroge
>recognize the same elderly lady CV voicing multiple characters in the same eroge
I hate this feeling. Makes me wish my ability to pick up distinctions between CVs was worse so I could ignore the fact that the evil drug guy in one part of a story has the exact same voice as the gentlemanly knight later on.

>> No.20838583

As in "fluent japanese" or "I've read 1000 moege" ? If you want advanced language try rail soft, otherwise just find a shitty meta-game with a lot of references.

>> No.20838748

those company-wide fandiscs that have characters from all their games

>> No.20838756

>France Shoujo
>Albatross log

High level.

>> No.20838945

Nekonade Distortion.

>> No.20839175

I just hope it includes healthy amounts of netori.

>> No.20839257

Be glad you haven't experienced the hell of both the protagonist and the best friend character having the same VA.

>> No.20839276

The only one I've read like that was furuiro mekyuu rondo.

>> No.20839305

Yeah, that's the game I was actually thinking. It's even worse since there's no plot reason or anything like that for it, they just happen to have the same VA. Makes me wonder why they didn't just cut the second best friend character completely and use his VA for either of them instead, because it's not like the male friends are important for the plot anyways.

>> No.20839316

Pretty much, the second one was so incredibly superfluous, as much as the first, so just mash them up.

>> No.20839448

Or use the second friend's voice for both friends, maybe make it a small gag about lack of importance such that they don't get their own VA.

>> No.20839734

verita is great for this, in one scene aoyama yukari voices three distinct and unrelated characters

>> No.20840054

Such as?

>> No.20840144

Idk what are you referring to eroge expert but as you are referring as to have played many vns bokutomo and nukitashi are much more enjoyable if you know the eroge tropes.

>> No.20840162

Totono would be the first thing that comes to my mind.

>> No.20840406
File: 334 KB, 500x775, Soukou Akki Muramasa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20840630
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Played through Futarigurashi. Well that was a weak ending. So they're not even gonna bring up Mei's legal parents' reaction to her escape? New school? Though according to EGS apparently the sequel / fan disc at least has maybe some stuff about the latter, though I'm not really in the mood to play it.

Anyways, overall completely unremarkable and I'm a bit surprised at the high EGS reviews praising it as "not just your usual doujin loli title". I'm not sure if even people specifically looking for the fetish of fucking your grade schooler niece will be satisfied either, as characterization wise in my opinion the game didn't really manage to properly emphasize Mei being a kid and in general she doesn't really stand out from your usual eroge heroines. It feels like the game focused too much on the protagonist's personal trauma (often delivered through black screen narration) and loads of H-scenes at the cost of spending time characterizing Mei herself, or even giving us more SoL scenes in between. Dealing with her dead parents induced trauma is kind of shoved towards the very end and receives much less screen time than the protagonist's personal issues, despite the fact it could've perhaps been used to at least explain how Mei got to being un-childlike, or something.

At least the censored randoseru CG got a hearty chuckle out of me.
Story and general setting wise this reminded me very much about Akabei Soft's Futamawari from last year, with a similar pairing of loners, age gap, living (mostly) under same roof and so on, though in that game's case both the heroine's age and familial relation were obviously much more deeply trenched in the safe zone.

>> No.20842176

The loli doesn't seem cute enough.

>> No.20842218

It's been years since I played muramasa and I still think about that fucking game on a regular basis.

really hit me right in the feels and activated my almonds.

>> No.20842628

muv luv alternative

>> No.20842656

I agree that it could have been much more , but I really enjoyed the game for the way it presented its unique situation and how enjoyable all the characters were. It's also one of the best looking games I've ever played. It's dragged down by weak writing sure , but it's still one of the best eroge in years

>> No.20842755
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Why doesn't he write more games? He clearly has time, he's tweeting constantly.

>> No.20842766

Because whatever he's doing now probably pays more and is easier.

>> No.20842834

Who the hell would choose to write eroge?

>> No.20843049

it's right there in his desc?

>> No.20843063

He made enough cash with OreTsuba that he doesn't have to try anymore?

>> No.20843692

What does he even do nowadays? Some sort of Navel's supervisor? His light novel has been on hiatus since 2015.

>> No.20843749

Seems so. I guess Nishimata has him do random stuff so he can get paid.

>> No.20843772

My cousin works for Navel, Jackson has been busy writing the big Navel soshage for a while now. Look forward to it!

>> No.20843816

how to get unblocked from there?

>> No.20843999
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Getchu awards for 2018.


>> No.20844001
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>> No.20844010
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>> No.20844282

Stop spamming this shit, we get it.

>> No.20844812

I just checked,not very many and all look pretty lame.

>> No.20844820

Two of the girls are imouto and oneesan who live with MC without parents. I just hope it doesn’t have a retarded bad end like 3,and none of the cuck shit of 2. 2 could have been really great but the constant ducking and sharing,not to mention public sex.

>> No.20844849

That is something I can agree with, having to share everything sucks. I also like seeing that girls getting fucked in front of their boyfriends while they can't do anything or think it's natural and this company tends to deliver in that regard.

>> No.20844885

In Kizuna Kirameki Koi Iroha can I do Tsubaki and Shion routes and then move to the fandisc?

>> No.20847014

New thread


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