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I guess Byakuren deserves a thread. I don't think she has had one for a while now.
What better way is there to start than with her soft midriff?

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I want to marry Byakuren's navel. Not Byakuren, just her navel.

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the best buddha.

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Ahh~ mommy~

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Holy pudgy belly!

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I'm going to marry my mom! That one anon with the copypasta can marry her tits.

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Can't decide between Hijirin and Junko

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Junko associates you with hell via proxy.
As horrid a person she is, Byakuren would probably be the best gamble considering you get to see, meet and talk to Youkai regularly.

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Pudgy bellies are the BEST

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It really do

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Hijirin has the better paizuri, but Junk in the Trunk is better for everything else

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My jesus can't be this hot.

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Hands off! I know that murderous snile anywhere!
Mima taught me first hand!

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>you get to see, meet and talk to Youkai regularly.
Talking to Nue every day! Becoming friends with a Youkai!

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>Byakuren deserves a thread
not this lewd thirsty thread made by degenerate hornyposters. Have some respect for one of the greatest human fighthus to ever exist.

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I want Junko’s Junk

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Steamy, incestuous sex with Hijirin!

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Buddhism teaches us that the root of all suffering is desire for paizuri.

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The cure is to receive paizuri so you do not desire it anymore

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Becoming best friends with Nue, playing pranks together and getting punished by mom together!

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Laughing it off while running into the forests of Gensokyo!

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Being friends with Nue would be the best, especially if you got to live in the temple with her. Imagine doing all kinds of fun activities with her, getting into trouble and sneaking out in the night to get drunk. Then eventually making her your gf and proving that you care about her by taking the blame for her prank and the inevitable spanking from Byakuren that would follow it.

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Bury me between nue's thighs.

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I want to dive in there and never come back out.

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I wonder what Nue-chan's legs smell like.
Apart from my cum of course.

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I thought was living

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hi miko

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stop lewding nee-san

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She's an okaa-san to me, onee-chan.

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ok that's it
you will tarnish nee-san no longer!

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Paizuri is life.

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I'm telling mom that Ichirin-oneechan got mad and yelled!

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Tits are pillows and sources of comfort.
I would much rather not have my source of comfort not smelling like my semen but rather their natural girlish scent.

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Bya is a very young mother!

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Byakuren was made to wear one-piece swimsuits

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Why dont we see twintails more often on her. She looks better with it

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Byakuren's tits aren't girlish at all, she's an old lady.

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No she's young. How dare you say that to her

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Only if you take into account the history of the entire universe 1000+ becomes young.

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Well shes eternally young then

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That's because she bathes in the blood of slaughtered just born babies

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More like her youthful magic is fueled by the semen of little boys.

But if you recieve paizuri, you'll just wanted it more after the first time.

Nothing is more erotic than marking your mom with your own filthy seed.

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Reminder Byakuren is the youngest of the hags.

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Post flat Hijiri!

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With her trashy fade and even trashier outfit, Byakuren looks like she likes big n*gger cox 2bh.

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What fetishes is this pure Buddhist monk into?

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Clothed paizuri

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Don't you ever reply to me again you piece of filth.

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What would Byakurrn’s cleavage smell like?

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This and maybe mating press.

Incense and semen.

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Dried semen.

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Is there a tag for this kind of tummy on pixiv?

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Why would anybody ejaculate on the Buddha's breasts?

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Because I couldn't contain my excitement long enough to put it in. Good thing Byakuren would just go "ara ara", get cleaned up and try again.

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biggest rack in gensokyo

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lie until proven true.

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Who wants some ear cleaning from Byakuren?

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After she cleans my ear can I do the same for her belly button with a q-tip and my tongue?

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But how would you dispose the rest of her?

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Nue is so cool I want to be Nue's best friend!

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That's my question.

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the softest mom

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Saving tits from page 10!

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There's like three different chubby tags on Pixiv, so its probably under that.

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never mind then

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Are big boobs supposed to be sweatier?

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I approve of Byakuren getting chubby.

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I would marry Byakuren's tits.
Not her. Her tits.

Wedding ring is a piercing on the nipple.
Wedding night is non-stop paizuri, the first one lubed with her spit, the rest lubed with my sperm.

Make foam out of my cum between her breasts.
Impregnate those heavenly mounds of flesh.

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I would marry Byakuren's navel.
Not her. Her navel.

Wedding ring is a piercing in the navel.
Wedding night is non-stop belly fucking, the first one lubed with her spit, the rest lubed with my sperm.

Make foam out of my cum in her belly button. Impregnating that heavenly cushion of flesh.

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