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Do you think Momiji engages in sexual relations or is she so infantile in that sense that she is, at most, a glorified fetch-it mutt?

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She is not really built for physical love by a man. It would be more akin to beastiality with the headsmarts of a child.

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Ran is better

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momiji is my wife and we have sex all the time

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Your highschool bully hatefucks her and she loves it.

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What an active imagination you have. *pats head*

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So much cuter...

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Need more in foxy form.

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I want to kiss her on the lips!

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I suppose that would be ok, but people may look at you as a bit of an eccentric.

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Momiji is a reasonably intelligent, very proud, brave warrior girl. She stifles her sexual urges through her rigorous training regimen... most of the time. Every Spring she enters into a long period of heat. She's constantly horny and masturbation doesn't help, no matter how hard she tries. She gets Aya to help her. Aya is fond of making Momiji beg for release and taking embarrassing photographs for later perusal/blackmail.
Sometimes Aya is busy due to a scoop or an incident, and during these times Mojimi is a sloppy mess. If only she had a cute boyfriend who was always ready and willing to have sex with her! If only...

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You silly. That with Aya would never happen.

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Not loveable in the least. A sinple minded peon.

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Well I mean after getting to know her and she's comfortable with it

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Dont be rude, crude and unattractive.

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Ran performing a sensible bowel movement.

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