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You may begin fighting over whether this is awesome or not now.

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It's shit.

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>It is a fanime project that crosses Tsukihime with Warhammer 40k

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Hey, it worked with Eva.

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I'm more curious about whether the OP is trolling us or not.

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I support it, but the pic fits more with the spirit of /jp/.

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I'm with it, but only because it will cause more powerlevel arguments, which amuse me.

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Nanaya: Inquisition elite.

You have all just wet yourselves.

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OBJECTION! Nanayas aren't nearly indiscriminate enough to be inquisition.

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Wow. I thought /jp/ would be much more angry about this than it seems to be, considering that actually erased an entire anime from existence across the whole internet.

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>>>that they erased
self fix

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This is /jp/. We take it easy, bro.

Getting angry is a waste of energy that we could better use for being slothful.

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If the end result sucks too much, guess what happens.

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We ignore it, right? Because that's the only appropriate answer.

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We pretty much do not care and say ' Something like that existed? Pfeh'

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How true. That's not to say you didn't destroy the Tsukihime anime though. If there were one anyway.

Well it doesn't look like it is even getting off the ground. Which is actually kind of a shame. I've talked with the creator a couple times, and it really does sound quite awesome.

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>>>really does sound quite awesome


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I only know bits and pieces, but I know for a fact the three leads are Arihiko, Shiki, and SHIKI.

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This might actually be worth helping.

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Shiki can kill Daemon Princes.

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You belief some of the fanfic the death star before decent pair here and the, 6 comes out in 3 dont bother or i too shit would be s cash i old

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...Wait, what?

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Was that bot really needed?

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Khorne vs Arc.

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Someone care to explain to me why some retarded machine like thing is posting on /jp/?
Is some alien species preparing some kind of NEET invader army?

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Well /b/ is just a few clicks over at any given time, so that's possible.

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FOOL! Saying /b/ is just like saying Candle Jack! They wi

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Getting back on topic, that sounds awesome, but do you know anything else?

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I'm only allowed to talk about who will be what. Ciel for example will be a Sister of Battle (could she be anything else?) and Nero will be a high ranking daemon. Talk of various other DAA being in it exists as well, though only Crimson Moon and Wallachia are seriously being considered.

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I could see Wallachia being a Khorne Daemon.

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More like Tzeentch.

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Wallachia seems a bit too unhinged for Tzeentch. See the oozing blood and screams of "kato."

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40K ill needs this.

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Why do you say that? If it works it would just serve as further proof of Bhepin's Postulate: That X+40k=awesome.
Bhepin himself provided SHINJI IKARI as an example.

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Good fic.

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Aneeki Meiling is awesome~

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Glamorous Meiling is pretty~

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Taken Meiling is taken...;_;

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As you wish~

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>Someone care to explain to me why some retarded machine like thing is posting on /jp/?
Is some alien species preparing some kind of NEET invader army?

Some skiddie is trying to make a bot that posts on 4chan that creates new post by combining old posts, too bad the ai is so fucked up so all it spouts is gibberish, bots been posting on every board.

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I raged so hard.

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So you respond by bumping it back to the top even though it was pretty much dead?

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Nanaya would be a new school of assassins. That or a sub type of Evisiors

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Not that, the good one, Shinji and Warhammer 40k.

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I like the idea of them working for the Inquisition, since that would be pretty much the same thing they do in the Nasuverse anyway.

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TS is awesome too, it just doesn't make sense like SAW40k does.

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Wow someone actually put this on 4chan?

Creator here. Please fellow anons, bombard me with all your questions, or more likely, insults of varying quality.

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I don't like you for various reasons.

Why is that?

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Because I'm a fan writer (or something like that anyway) that knows how conversations on 4chan (mostly /jp/ and /c/) go and therefore prepared for most anything you might throw at me?

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And apparently you have no fear whatsoever.

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I like you. You can come over to my house and fuck my sister.

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Even sarcastic as it is, I see no reason for you to say that.

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It's a meme, disregard it, ignorant.
Strangely enough, I am full of indifference towards you.

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That is strange, considering 4channers (myself included) tend to take sides instantly with little to no basis for the action, mostly for the sake of tradition. And what is that meme from, a Tsukihime doujin?

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This is /jp/. We don't take sides. We hate everyone equally, which leads to complete indifference, as was noted.

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Full Metal Jacket

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If you happen to be female, I would
like you to carry my future children.

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I think it'll be fun to see where they go with this, whether it ends up being terrible or not.

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Or you could just ask me, the creator and self-deprecating project head, now and save time.

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Or me, the self-proclaimed executive CEO for distribution of the game.

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Or me, God.

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Got to love that sarcasm.

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That's not sarcasm.

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You see that image at the top of that site? The one of Kyon kissing Haruhi? From their cropping, it looks like yaoi.

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Exactly. Perfect SOB material.

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Creator is cool guy eh? posts on jp and doesn't afraid of anything

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That was an unfortunate choice of abbreviation.

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He'll be cool if he can do it on /a/ or /v/. He'll be stupid if he does it on /b/.

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Brace for thousands of gaia users,youtube weeaboos and deviantart users to start using tsukihime names,drawing shitty LOL SO RANDOM fanart,making Shiki an uke and killing off Arcrueid because she's in the way of Shiki's (gay) lover/their Mary Sue character.

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Isn't that already happening ?

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Not really, Nasu is kind of a niche fandom.

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I'm not really sure man.
The fact is, retards spew TM related memes already.
A cat is fine too ?
Shirou.jpg ?
I don't think some guy's LOL SO RANDUM stuff is going to change anything, really.
Plus, I don't know if it's because of /jp/, but defining something as niche has become increasingly hard nowadays.
If it's known by more than ten people, it's sold out, some will even say.

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there is a considerable amount of western fanart already so i wouldnt say so

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Yeah, but most of those memes are from /jp/ itself, being repeated from doujins. It isn't that big of a fandom by any means. Anyway, this is off topic. Should we here at /jp/ help this little project?

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There are huge fandoms that continue to grow even without memes, so..

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I say we help it. If nothing else, we can finally say Tsukihime got an anime.

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What? But Tsukihime DID get an anime.

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I don't see any ground in favor or against helping, just do what you feel, bro.

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But what if it turns out the FSN anime? I heard that was bad. Never got to watch it myself though.

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lol no it didn't XD

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You must be new here.

The FSN anime spawned Gar.

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Yes it did, I watched it.

>> No.2081677

Oh, you aren't new, you're just at TROLL.

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ORT vs Void Dragon?

>> No.2083398


And I like it that way.

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You are forgetting something: if Nasu got more popular, we might not have to do all this patching and downloading. Things might simply come over here normally.

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>It is a fanime project that crosses Tsukihime with Warhammer 40k

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I thought Nasu was against licensing it internationally.

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I have no idea.

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What >>2076119 said.

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