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Let's have a nice thread for this sexy doctor.

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Q-cup right now

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Q cup saggers

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>handcuffed to operating table while eirin prepares instruments.jpg

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What if you went to school on penis inspection day and Eirin was the doctor in the room?

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Eiren is a semen thief!


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Pray that no part of the inspection requires a flaccid penis.

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Kaguya will be assisting the doctor today! Please relax as she comforts you during a thorough exam!

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Eirin is going to test various sexual lubricants on your penis to see which feels the best.

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Please let Eiren know a day in advance if you would like her to cosplay during your exam! Eiren understands the importance of visual stimulation and will gladly dress up any way you want!

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Does anyone else find the middle swimsuit hotter than the left one?

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Doctor, please tell me why my peepee gets big from time to time.

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Everyone with taste, brother.

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Which one is the better sex ed teacher?

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Keine is better at handling elementary school students. Eirin is better with horny teens.

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Keine is very loving and gentle with the students until...that one night she doesn't like to talk about.

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I wouldn't be able to hide my massive boner.

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Same here.

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Z-cup saggers.

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Does Eirin tell Reisen to sell her milk in the human village?

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I want to live in them.

Eirin's milk or Reisen's?

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>notice that the place is too small
>she can't turn
>take advantage of the situation and rape her

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who are you quoting?

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My new home.

Does Eirin's breast milk have any unique qualities?

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It makes the consumer tired and amplifies their sleep quality by 300%; 600% if they're resting their head on a woman's bosom

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Moonie milk is too pricey for gensokyo peasants to afford

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Moon boobie.

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Can I milk them?

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Yes, if another woman drinks her milk, they will develop larger breasts.

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I'm going to need to see some evidence for this.

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He has trips of truth, that's all the evidence you need. It's even an 8 get for a 八 character.

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Was Erin having a big chest ever confirmed?

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She has big milkies in haunted masquerade, but flat everywhere else

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Distracted by those damn milkies

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Doctor's Ass.

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touched my heart. Anime when?

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Can eirin make some super painless suicide pills that kill you in your sleep?

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too sexy
this much thigh radiation could cause man/lesbian's eyes to melt

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Is she a hall monitor or just the school nurse?

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I want her

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If she's a nurse I want her to stethoscope my dokidoki-ing kokoro.

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What is her appeal?

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Medicine and prostate exams, plus arrows

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Being force-fed experimental, shady drugs to see what effects they have on a human

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She's a mom who can also do all kinds of fun medical things to you like prostate exams.

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Huge tits and ass. Gilf.

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Doctor...I need a paizuri...

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Everyone on /jp/ needs an Eirin paizuri before they enter gensokyo to test their sperm.

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She doesn't need humans. Reisen is her Guinea pig

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Come on help me doctor dick

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I need your love, I feel so sick.

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You're saying that she's knowledgable enough about the differences between Human and Moon Rabbit physiology to know exactly what side effects and quirks her drugs will have on a human without testing? I know she's a genius, but that seems like a bit of a stretch.

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She has Reisen for that

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Do you think Eirin has developed boobie pills that grow boobies large? Do you think she slips them into Udonge's drink to test them out? And do you think Udonge gets really embarrassed when her boobs grow big and pop the buttons out of her shirt? Haha...

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They're Reisen and Eirin,
Reisen and Eirin
One is a genius
and also insane

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Doctor Sex

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Ovulation inducing!

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Filthy lunarians is not human.

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Middle bikini could be hiding huge areolas, which are hot as fuck.
Left one says she has tiny areolas, which are disgusting on a huge titted girl.

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who are you quoting there?

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Time for your examination.

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Lunarians are of human descent.

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Will Eirin laugh at my penis or can she remain professional?

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Eirin would weigh you and measure your height and then decide how big she wants you to be. She would use her drugs to experiment with different sizes for you and then settle on the one that makes her come the hardest while getting creampied.

Or if she doesn't have time to let you fuck her she will inject Reisen with a triple dose of aphrodisiacs and stimulants and then review video of your rough coupling with the sex crazed rabbit.

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I have a new fantasy

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Imagine Eirin smirking when you take off your pants and Reisen trying to suppress a giggle with all her might.

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Then she touches your dick, you cum almost instantly and she chuckles, while Reisen pisses herself laughing, collapsing on the floor.

Reminds me a bit of that Diisuke doujin.

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I wonder what Eirin's verdict for such a pathetic performance would be? There's no way she'd just let you walk out of there without doing something about the issue.

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slut doctor

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Oh this pic feels so me when I was younger.

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Yeah, I'm thinking am in need of Eirin paizuri

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You need an appointment for that, anon.