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ONLY canon boobhus allowed


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oh hell goddess please grant unto me lap pillow

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Those plain boots are somewhat disappointing.

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Yeah she'd be better off barefoot, I suppose Hirasaka didn't want to make our faces melt off though.

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heca's huge chest planets are for p-a-i-z-u-r-i

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raping a screaming and flailing heca????

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Why Okina, Heck and Nemuno?
Why not just all three Hecks?

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You can not and will not and will never overpower Hecatia.

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hottopic looks really chubby in that panel

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How do you pronounce her name ?

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It's based on Hecate (Heh-kate) so it's Heh-kate-ia. The Japaness pronounce Hecate as "heh-ka-to" though. So, in Japanese, "Hecatia" is pronounced "Heh-ka-ti-a".

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hek ayyy Teeeeya

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Anywhere where Heca steps skulls and flowers symbolizing death appear. Very metal.

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he kay tee aye

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Look at the size of those things!

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too hot

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That C cup tho, you have a good eye, anon.
I remember some other anon that also likes canon boobhus told me that Reimu is also a boobhu, but never really saw it.

I think I'm getting blind each day.

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To add to it, Reimu wears a bust-decreasing sarashi as part of her miko uniform, so her breasts must be even bigger if they can stand out despite that.

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in EVERY official appearance outside of her SA apperance (which is because her arm blocks view of her chest) Yuugi is depicted with large breasts

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I can't help but feel the guest artists were influenced by fanart.

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wrong, this is an SA piece of promo art, this is arguably what influenced the fanart, this was what people first saw of Yuugi

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Not true, this was a promo for an event on september 17th, a month after the full game had come out. A demo of the game showing the first 3 bosses had already come out months prior at Reitaisai 4 in May. That's why the oldest batch of fanart of Yuugi doesn't have her in that outfit but rather her in-game one. The first fanart of her in the kimono dates to september 2008.

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fair enough, i stand corrected

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So she's the biggest, isn't she?
She even beats the "old hag"!

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Canon means nothing. Zun is like George Lucas, he's perfectly fine with how fans envision how curvy a character in his franchise is. If you want Sakuya with GG sized tits or Yukari with immobilizing saggers, he wouldn't care.

Dumb OP.

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Read the OP again and show me where does it say anything about what ZUN thinks is okay in fanart.

Dumb poster.

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Shut up you mongoloid, I can read between the lines. My point still stands, double dummy. Get crushed beneath Byakuren's planet sized tits.

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Your point doesn't stand because nobody was arguing against what you said, you just wanted to pick up a fight for no reason. Canon is one thing, what ZUN thinks is okay in fanart is a completely different thing, this thread is for the former.

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Canon is autism is my point. You are just further illustrating to me you want to grasp at straws here. Now go ahead and have the last word, I don't care enough to continue.

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If you could read between the lines like you claimed and thought people cared what ZUN thinks of fanart, people would have complained about the ultra busty pieces of fanart posted in this thread that are clearly way bigger than canon, yet people let them slide because turns out they don't match what you said. Proof that the only autistic one here is you for seeing things that aren't there and throwing a tantrum for no reason. In other words you're the one grasping at straws to find a reason to complain here, hypocrite.
>Now go ahead and have the last word, I don't care enough to continue.
Translation: "Oh shit he's right, I can't argue back, better pretend in my head I didn't fuck up and leave while claiming I'm too good for him!".

That's an embarrassing, overused excuse done countless times before and has never, ever convinced anyone you know.

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Didn't read your text, mate.

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Okuu is giving eternal paizuri to the third eye.

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No, there's a difference. George Lucas is a whore.

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Shut up Kathleen.

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Breast expanding the Reimu?

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I like headband WaHH Reimu.
Too bad this is a fucking H doujin.

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>Too bad this is a fucking H doujin.
nigga that's an edit of a Forbidden Scrollery page.

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