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Hey everyone, look! It's Keine and Eirin! And they're in love!

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keine is my favorite oni

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I was under the idea she was an Ox youkai or something.

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/r/ copypasta about primary and secondary touhou fans. may have future use for it.

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Primary Touhou fan: One who became interested in Touhou due to it's games. A longtime fan of shmup/arcade/retro-esque games, this person likes Touhou for it's actual gameplay, music and/or art/style. Probably has an interest in secondary works, but most likely enjoys the main games and ZUN's works more so.

Secondary Touhou fan: One who became interested in Touhou due to some offshoot (dojin works, IOSYS, fanart, 4chan...). May or may not have an interest in its main genre and more likely have not really played the games; if they did play, it's only to see what the game is like and doesn't get into it (i.e. 1CCing normal or completing extra). However, probably enjoys the side games (IaMP and SWR) and may or may not enjoy the fanworks. This is also the typical "Touhoufag."

also, no one here is a primary Touhoufan.

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Obviously not, since most of us learned about this via the massive ammount of doujins.

I played the PC98 games ages ago(1998?), but didn't learn about the windows games until recently(2 years ago).

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thanks. i was looking for one more along the lines of, "I'm a primary Touhou fan who plays the games, yadda, secondary Touhou fans suck and are killing the community" but I'll see what i can do with this.

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I am not a longtime fan of shooting games, and I heard about Touhou through 4chan. However, I am only interested in the games. I don't care about the fanshit based on it. WHAT DOES THAT MAKE ME?

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Ah, I remember that one... I haven't saved it though, and I only saved this one when it was reposted a few weeks ago.

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Get the Hell away from my waifu, you slut!
Go play with your little wabbits, shoo!

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I started playing Touhou due to its genre, but it was a passing interest. Now I just wish everyone didn't talk about it so much.

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What if I got into Touhou via secondary works, suck at Touhou, but love ZUN's original works better than secondary works?

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a liar

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I'm the same. Heard about Touhou through 4chan, and like the games better the fanworks.

I mean how would primary fan hear about the games in the first place, before it got popular?

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I got into Touhou through tertiary works.

A music remix used in a StarCraft map, bitches.

To explain, RGB Bound X is a hella hard map completely choreographed to a rock mix of Invisible Full Moon.

My dire hunt to find the song lead me to Imperishable Night, of course.

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