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What does Remillia smell like?

Also discuss 2hu smell thread

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I want to suffocate in a room of smelly, sweaty, loli feet.

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Same honestly

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i want to make broth out of remimimimimimimimimi's used panty hoses and panties

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You know that smell you get on your balls if you haven't showered for a day or two? She smells exactly like that.

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i dont shower that often, but i know the smell

that would unironically be heaven, i love the musk of my smelly peepee

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oil and tar
don't ask me how I know how vampires smell like

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Ahh~, I want to sniff her small loli body all over!!

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Not only you are gay, you're literally dirty gay.

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Smelling the used pantyhose of 2hus!

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Sanae: dried semen

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God I want to sniff Junko's ass so badly. Just imagining how she'd go "ara ara~" while I have my face buried in there makes my benis go doki doki.

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I want to smell Patche's cute feet while she wears them, I bet they smell pleasant.

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2hus arent real so they dont smell like anything

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Go put your nose next to remi's feet and take a deep breath~
>500 years without a wash

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2hus are more real to the people here than you are. If you were to die, nobody on /jp/ would notice or care, but if a 2hu would die, there'd be multiple threads up and people would care.

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That must be heavenly!

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Dude, don't do that to my dick, please. It can't take it.

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Remi's foot smell is enough to make fresh flowers wilt up and die! If she asked me to give her feet rubs I'd at least put a clothespin on my nose first. She loves torturing mortal lungs with her scent.

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Then I guess it's my duty to make sure I clean those feet with my saliva. For the sake of all that is living.

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Remi took off her flats in my room and suffocated me with her feet.

Am ghost now but at least her smell no longer burns my throat!

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I always imagined most of Gensokyo residents to smell like old porcelaine dolls, I mean most are pretty old and have been wearing the same clothes for decades, sometimes centuries. There is no reason to assume they will smell like shit though except the Onis, constantly reeking of alcohol. As far as Remi goes she probably has a slight ferric smell, maybe some faint perfume too seeing as she acts all lady like.

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Suika has canon nice smell. Characters like Yuyuko even comment on it. Also in following ZUN's pattern of meaningful names: Suika means "gathering fragrance"

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are dick pheromones actually released when you're fapping? sometimes i feel that a musky odor is emanating out of me when i'm into it

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the smell of oni loli cunny in the morning~~~~

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i really want to shove my head deep between those thighs and sniff her cunny close up

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I agree with this Anon.

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Good taste.
There's only one way in finding anwsers for such questions- sniffing cunnies.

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This anon has an extremely high IQ, listen to him.

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Мён Мён is a proper girl she doesn't smell

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How do you smell your own balls?
Based, me too.

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A proper girl smells like flowers, sweat and her own piss. But keep in mind they must be in the right proportions of everything goes to shit.

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Why does Remi ride a motorcycle?!?

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Does Patchouli smell like Patchouli?

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Patchouli smells like old books

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>>/jp/thread/S17005478#p17055671 sticks out instead of the old "books" excuse.

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Would it even be safe to kiss most Touhous?mlet alone touch some of them?

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Depends who you wanna touch. I'm sure Tewi wouldn't mind

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But she takes daily baths.
Also, what's going on here?

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Patchy smells like lard.

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Flan hasn't washed her feet in centuries so touching her feet could rot your hand.

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Patche is Patche.

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I thought this was a Youmu Thread for a moment.

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feetniggers kys

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Guess I can post this here.

In Touhou, stench and scent of characters is actually something brought up (arguably, the comments are "just insults"; I'm interpreting them as blunt truths). Some things to note:

-Suika smells good according to both Yuyuko (who was attracted specifically by her scent, which she liked) and Cirno (though Cirno may have been talking about her sake). Her name also implies that she smells nice (gathering fragrance), given ZUN gives characters meaningful names.
-Mamizou reeks of stanky tanuki stench and tobacco.
-Most animal youkai have an obvious odor.
-Orin isn't said to stink, but she's constantly carting and burning corpses, and that probably doesn't help anything.
--Minoriko smells delicious, like sweet potatos. She also mentions that gods take very good care of there smell in general.
-That said, Shion stinks.
-This suggests Joon does not stink, but she does smoke so maybe this was a case of the pot calling the kettle black. That said she is known to easily get into peoples' good graces. Personally, I believe it's likely one of her race trait bonuses as a god is that she can't smell bad, but that is FLAGRANT headcanon.
-It's not canonically KNOWN that Tenshi smells good *specifically*, I think, but everything suggests that she constantly smells divine along with the plethora of other free benefits she gets just from being a celestial. Celestials are canonically perfect.
-Similarly, we can infer Yuuka is likely to smell like flowers.
-Marisa may or may not smell. She's often rolling through the woods and mixing chemicals, and her house is a fucking mess, but she enjoys taking baths.
-Patchouli is known to bathe, and her books are warded against water damage (among other things).
-It's probably safe to assume that Eirin, Kaguya, and Mokou do not *themselves* smell because their bodies are in eternal states of "perfection", and any negative changes are immediately rectified. Their clothes could smell, unless Eirin's elixir magically works on ones outfit as well (Mokou revives with it on whenever she's obliterated, but who knows).
-Fairies could be similar because they're also a kind of "eternal", but we only know for sure that they revive after death, not necessarily that their bodies always stay the same. That said, none of them are ever seen bathing, none of them have access to baths, and yet "fairy stink" is NOT something other characters complain about, despite openly complaining about animal stink.
-That said, Eternity can skunk it up with her weird antennae at least.

You can probably assume most characters with homes bathe, but this is only based on what I'm certain we know.

While oni may be smelly in myth, it doesn't seem they smell in canon necessarily. Reimu, who is quick to complain about how much another character might smell, likes Yuugi and Suika. Marisa also hangs out with her regularly. Feel free to mention anything I forgot.

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informative post, thanks

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>no mention of the remi or the flan

Surely after 5 centuries vampire feet will smell.

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Fairies wouldn't probably even have any metabolism which is responsible for most of the smell in organisms in the first place, so no stink. Cirno especially would be scentless as her body produces cold by itself so it's guaranteed that she wouldn't need to sweat to regulate body temperature.
Still, fairies without metabolism would mean fairies that wouldn't ever pee and I find living in a world without pee stained Luna pantsu excessively cruel, so fanon goes over canon and common sense in this one.

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Not him but Remilia being an elegant Ojou-sama well versed in Gensokyo politics definitely takes care of herself and that includes how she smells. Having Sakuya and an army of maids at her service her hair and clothes are always pristine condition and she probably wears subtle perfume.

Flan's definetly messy and doesn't care but I doubt she smells like shit, her sister would never allow her to disgrace her like that and stink her mansion.

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Komachi smells like Higanbana and a freshwater river.

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Koakuma smells like kunny.
Koakuma kunny

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Clownpiece smells like a cheeseburger from White Castle.

Now of course, we have to make a distinction between the smell of a White Castle burger and other fast food joints because some people are going to be confused

Wendy's smell like a jar of sea salt left out in a hot car all day

McDonald's smells like greasy baked bread

Burger King (the best smell) smells like a grilled burger

White Castle smells like a crackheads bottle of piss hidden behind a new Jersey gas station

So in short, Clownpiece smells like really bad piss with a mix of old onions and bad cheese

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The flan lives in the basement so she is allowed to be barefoot and smell up all the air in that room for 5 centuries.

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Remimi might have locked her in the basement for almost 500 years but it doesn't mean she's entirely cruel.

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>being barefoot with no bath or pedicure for 500 years

Flan's smell must be dangerous.

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If Flan is so smelly, why are her panties so clean and not stained at all? Your pic is proof that Remi, despite her countless flaws, does have someone (probably Sakuya, Meiling or Kunnykuma) look after Flan and her cleanliness.

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Only flan's feet stink. Rest of her smells nice. Don't tell her though since she gets embarrassed.

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File: 191 KB, 1174x1626, __flandre_scarlet_touhou_drawn_by_sakusyo__34e4877b0c661479ef5f7bf8d4fadbb9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seems kinda weird and impractical to wash Flan otherwise thoroughly, but leave her feet unwashed. If you manage to get her in the tub, why not wash her properly?

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Flan's feet haven't been washed in so long, they're basically a smelly bioweapon by now. She doesn't want to wash them and any mortal that tries to wash them for her is intoxicated instantly and suffocates. Maybe it's just better to let her go barefoot everywhere so the smell isn't confined to one area (even if it pollutes the environment)

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2hus don't stink. Off yourself smellnigger.

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try smelling your screen, that what she smell like.

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If he smells his screen he'll just end up smelling his own rancid breath bouncing back.

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lol flan pan

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I do believe I have seen canon sweaty fairies, so that's something. That includes Cirno, actually.

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You sure that was sweat? Cirno's cold body would cause mositure from the surrounding air to condense on her skin making it look like sweat.

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Aah~, I want to stain her thighs with my cum!

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Feel / smell a very sterllie surface that is also pleasantly cold, smells like nothing right. If it wouldn't be cold you'd smell a rotting corpse unless you're into corpse grape

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Like farts

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I mean, she was literally melting so

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Smells like formaldehyde blended with a hint of cadaverine

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I'm curious what Kasen's breasts smell like.

>> No.20759284 [DELETED] 

maybe the one sitting above her chest. Kasen's a hermit, not to mention she seems to live quite well herself so I imagine she takes the utmost care of herself if you don't take into account how cute she looks. You'd even mistake her for being within the same age group as Reimu and the other human girls around that range.

>> No.20759295

Maybe the one sitting above her chest. Kasen is a hermit, not to mention she seems to live quite well herself so I imagine she takes the utmost care of herself if you don't take into account how cute she looks, so she'd probably smell nice in general. You'd even mistake her for being within the same age group as Reimu and the other human girls around that range.

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>formaldehyde blended with a hint of cadaverine
If Remilia was a filthy fucking idol like your image.
She's a Vampire but I feel like she altered her own fate in a similar way that she would most likely never smell terrible. Same for Flan.

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Remi doesn't alter fate she can just see it which does help a lot in manipulating it but it doesn't control smell(?) like where the fuck'd you get that idea from?

>> No.20765444

Progression of time.
If she can alter one's fate then they will meet that fate in time.
I decided to stretch it out in regards to "This will happen because of that" but instead, going with "Even though this happened, that will never happen" in a similar way of if it is fated that one should die and changing their fate so they wouldn't die would negate that. If it can alter something that will happen later in time, then it can absurdly stretched out to also apply to other things as well, whether it be the length of your hair, the color of your skin or even how you look, so long as it is possible in the world and environment around them.

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Your headcanon has gone wild friend. Remimi showed me in a dream that her power is basically precognition of the people around hers' possible actions, as well as being able to see people through walls as scarlet phantoms. That's just my own fancy headcanon though, take it as you will.

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Aah!, the Mistess's belly!!!

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Is this pasta? I'm sure I already read similar post.

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It has been posted before.

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Did your favorite 2hu get cucked by a Stage 1 boss?

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only about 120 or so of them. Nothing big.

>> No.20773132

Is that pro remiria commander guy still around?

>> No.20773368

imagine the smell between 2hu toes

>> No.20773896

Dunno. Honestly.
Some oldies decided to rear their heads in the past 2 years so I guess something is going down. 4chan has been making news lately.

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They all smell like paper and ink

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why stop there?

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I'd rather not. The flan grabbing your nose with her feet after centuries of no pedicure!

>deep breath, mortal~

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I really want to lick a girl's smelly dirty feet so much

>> No.20784167

I'm sure Remimi smells pleasant given her position in Gensokyo

>> No.20784295

I want to sniff all of Remi's lewd aromas!

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Would you let Remi soil your cute garden with her smelly, pale feet?

Nothing will grow there...

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like, who says this

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non plebs

Now, breathe all of it in deeply pls.

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I do
Imagine the odour

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File: 202 KB, 850x850, __flandre_scarlet_touhou_drawn_by_as109__sample-df3a4ed50d2651f3e4845eb478edb7f2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's too bad Flan can't replace oxygen with the smell of her feet.

I want her to dip her filthy feet in that place where they purify all the water and contaminate it so everyone will be using smelly flan feetwater to take baths, showers, and wash things with.

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Stop, anon
my dick can only get so hard

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Are you the smelly patchouli feet anon?

>flan putting a toe next to one of my cute sunflowers, making it rot

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is rika a 2hu

>> No.20787551

No. But Rika is established /jp/ heritage.>>20785775

>> No.20788673

imagine if you were tiny and had to live in between a 2hu toes

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I imagine the Flandre's feet, after a long day of being a vampire, must be absolutely disgusting from marinating in sweat, grease and bacteria. When she removes her shoes at the end of the day, she probably gets flustered at just how smelly and toxic her bare feet are; her own body betraying all standards of decency by producing an unbelievably lewd and slimy, biohazardous zone of filth within her own footwear. Shoes designed to look pretty and appealing, now soiled and turned into unusable, smelly, ruined trash by her own festering feet. It's almost amazing how an odor so potent and foul can come from a girl so cute. What a contrast!

The contrast would be captivating. On one side, you've got her beautiful, pale, shapely, happy feet. They're works of art, and can arouse anyone with their perfection. On the other hand, you've got endless of amounts of a stink so foul it can make plants wilt and birds fall from the sky just by spreading her toes! Imagine seeing the Flan dip her feet in the ocean and turning it into a bubbling, stinky green mess with her odor and killing all the fish, or having her grab your nose with them and make you take deep breaths!

Flandre's cute, pale, smelly, vampire feet!

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>> No.20789807


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I wish remi would gas my town with her smelly feet.

>> No.20789846

God you smellfags I swear. They bathe.

>> No.20789848

not for thousands of years

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Patchouli smells like sex, imagine hundreds of years spend masturbating in a closed room fantasizing about bbc, just imagine the smell!

>> No.20789869

A charismatic young lady like Remilia wouldn't be so charismatic if she smelled like a rotting corpse and having Flan stink too would just be embarrassing.

>> No.20789927

Remi might be the only 2hu I actually prefer with shorter hair

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>A charismatic young lady like Remilia wouldn't be so charismatic if she smelled like a rotting corpse
But she doesn't smell like that. She smells of cute feet.

>having Flan stink too would just be embarrassing.
All cute girls are stinky.

>> No.20792271

i like this toxic smellfag guy. he's got character

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File: 226 KB, 628x885, __inubashiri_momiji_touhou_drawn_by_ebizome__f8e61854479f060cf5af9c37dcdd733d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


nothing more intoxicating than the stench of a 2hu's overworked feet.

The awoo plays outside all day barefoot so she likely also smells.

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>> No.20795448

How did he survive this, given he’s not wearing anything to protect himself from the toxicity?

>> No.20795459

i want to smell that cunny, i bet it has just the slightest bit of urine smell, with a bit of sweat and lots and lots of female pheromones

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Remi must really like him and gave him immunity to her smelly feet. No m*rtal could possibly survive 6 centuries of built-up vampire foot smell.

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You will need gasmask if you want to get close to her feet without suffocating.

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Why does giant momiji like to gas cities with her footstink

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She enjoys taking off her sandals in poor human villages and dipping her toes in the water so it contaminates it.

Poor fishes...

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>> No.20797574

That room is stinky forever now.

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>Eirin, Kaguya, and Mokou do not *themselves* smell
true for eirin and kaguya due to having superior moonbitch master race genes, but definitely not for mokou.
mokou stinks of sweat, dirt, burnt bamboo, overcooked chicken, vaginal fluids of the village women (and occasional prostitutes) she sleeps with, smoke, alcohol, dried blood, bunnies, musk from hardly ever bathing due to being homeless, piss, i could go on...
her feet are even worse, i bet the soles are all black and filthy and the inside of her boots are putrid because she can't wash them

>> No.20804238

Mokou regenerates whenever she dies, so she doesn't need to take baths to keep herself clean. She can just kill herself whenever she gets too dirty for comfort.