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Why does SSiB suck so bad

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You were told to rage on Silent Sinner in Sinus before it was released.

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because Yukari is in it iceburn.gif

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Second panel: "ehehehe dicks"

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lol who are you again?

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stopped reading after Remi lost to moonbitch

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>>Second panel: "ehehehe lips"


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I hate the whole 'EVEN THE LOWEST LUNARIAN IS STRONGER THAN THE STRONGEST EARTHLING" faggotry. A rock filled with Mary Sues, that's what the Moon is.

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It doesn't. You just let yourself be influenced by trolls.

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I don't think you know what a mary sue is. Enjoy fitting right in with /tg/

That said, moonbitches be hax.

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You seem to have missed yesterday's thread

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Those are lips? I thought she was opening her mouth in a big smile.
Oh God, that looks horrible.

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$com = str_replace(":getprophet:",$no,$com);


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Think about it: Gensokyo harbors only those things that survived the influx of "common sense" (Akyu, intro to PMiSS) which turned the Outside inhospitable for youkai, and there is no purity on the Earth. The Lunarians have the advantage of having been directly able to preserve then grow upon knowledge that was lost long before Gensokyo was settled, and they're incredibly long-lived.

They're fighting the Wonder Twin that didn't turn into water, except replacing "animals" with "gods." It was to be expected.

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SSiB is a burning bag of dogshit. I bet ZUN's making it up as he goes.

And creating a character less likable than Remilia must have broken some kind of a record.

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>creating a character less likable than Remilia

Nice troll attempt bro

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Aki really likes that expression huh?

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someone already made it

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I actually don't mind SSiB. Sure, it's not the best manga ever, but it's also not quite as bad as everyone is making it out to be. And I'm not trolling.

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i came

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I'm sure everyone on /jp/ is like that, no exceptions.

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If SSiB was a doujin, it would be just another case of "eh, who gives a damn". But it's the Big Damn Official Touhou Manga. The shit that happens in it is the first canonical portrayal of a danmaku fight in comic form. ANd it's fucking lame. That's why it gets all this extra hate, because of what it represents, not because of what it is.

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That doesn't explain why people are constantly whining about how awful the storyline is when the actual games certainly don't provide better. I rarely find canon Touhou dialogue funny other than Inaba, but at least the Stardust Reverie=sweet part made me laugh.

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Generally ZUN's writing is a hit & miss thing. He can make good and interesting storylines, but sometimes he spews out something that's either boring or it doesn't make much sense. EoSD being the pinnacle of his literary achievements, having the best plot development, interesting dialogues and the ending actually made me cry, while SSiB develops at a snails pace, having too many characters that don't do anything. Seriously, why is Eientei even there? Other than having some relation with the moon, they don't do ANYTHING in the manga. Also, it's kind of sad to see Eirin as the brain of Eientei and Kaguya being her lapdog that only follows her around.

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Eirin cares about her pupils and tries to help them. Kaguya doesn't care.

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>I hate the whole 'EVEN THE LOWEST LUNARIAN IS STRONGER THAN THE STRONGEST EARTHLING" faggotry. A rock filled with Mary Sues, that's what the Moon is.

The gate guard in the Lunar Capital is pretty weak.

Also, all of you who bitch about the "mary sue" powerlevel moonbitches seem to forget that

one single brat without any special powers or ancestry pretty much all of your favourite characters (including Reimu) one after the other without being scratched even once.

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The storyline in the games is a side attraction, and mostly inferred - something the player tells to himself. A storyline in a comic is on a whole different level of importance.

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Yay let's take one character's route as canon and ignore everything else xD

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>I hate the whole 'EVEN THE LOWEST LUNARIAN IS STRONGER THAN THE STRONGEST EARTHLING" faggotry. A rock filled with Mary Sues, that's what the Moon is.

The gate guard in the Lunar Capital is pretty weak.

Also, all of you who bitch about the "mary sue" powerlevel moonbitches seem to forget that

one single brat without any special powers or ancestry beat up pretty much all of your favourite characters (including Reimu) one after the other without being scratched even once.

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Every route is canon
sorry ironymaster666

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>one single brat without any special powers or ancestry beat up pretty much all of your favourite characters


Except she didn't beat all my favourite characters because most of them wasn't even in the fucking game. But that's just me.

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But that's kind of how it's always been... I don't agree that Kaguya is Eirin's lapdog, but Kaguya has never really been anything more then a high born figurehead, Eirin is the one who always does things for Kaguya, always been the mastermind of Eientei making sure she's happy and running her own business as a genius pharmacist.

Kaguya isn't useless though, it's just she doesn't seem like she really ever cared about politics on the moon.

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So who are your favourite Lunarians?

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None. There aren't any remotely likeable.

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The moonbitches are so plain and boring that I can't even remember their names. Their only apparent characteristic is that they can pull new powers out of their ass and shrug off any attack.

Despite that, they are not the worst new characters in SSiB. The worst new character is Reisen 2.0. She's so shitty she wasn't even given a name of her own, and is forced to ride the coattails of a much superior character.

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1. They don't.
2. You haven't seen Toyohime show any powers in battle.

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But that's just because they haven't been given a chance by the fanon to have lots of doujins and hentai, or their own themes by ZUN. Most Touhou characters were just as hollow, having only had the chance to spout a few "witty" one-liners, until fans gave them more defined backgrounds and personalities.

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There is always Watatsuki's Spell Card ~ Lunatic Blue, but not many people have heard it and Youkai Space Travel is better.

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when will chapter 16 be translated?

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>1. They don't.

Oh yes they do. Bitch One even brags about how she's got another eight million powers left or so.

>2. You haven't seen Toyohime show any powers in battle.

Who? Wait, don't answer that, I don't even want to fucking know. SSiB sucks and the new characters double suck.

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If it doesn't end with Yukari pulling out something using justasplanned.jpg and replacing the moonbitches as the final boss, I will be disappointed.

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All chapters chapters but the latest one have been translated.

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Team reimu used her godpowers for their lolrocket

no wonder they suck now

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where are they, the touhou wiki only shows 15 at the moment.

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No they don't.
Yorihime did never use more than 1 power.

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She used 2 each fight

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SSiB is ok. I mean its not the best ZUN's best storytelling (not saying that they are good at all), but I keep looking at this because I think it's getting really interesting despite the massive power levels showdown

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It's always the same power.

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I'd only seen the thumbnail before.

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Its her only power.
japan has 800 myriads of Gods

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Hisou is pretty overpowered if you ask me. It's like a weapon that does critical hit every single time. Also celestials are one of the few beings that are able to beat death.

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and she's still just a brat who happens to become a Celestial for no real reason.

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That's why she is called a bad celestial. She ascended only because she happened to be the in a family that served Nai.

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Antagonists are supposed to be as unlikeable as possible. ZUN has been extremely successful in making everyone hate moonbitches so far. Why the fuck people keep questioning his writing skills? Goddamn, he's being better than 99% of manga authors here.

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She is acceptable because Yukari can beat her even at her best?

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Naw, bro. Komachi, Iku, and Reisen beat her too without having a rematch. Reisen fought Tenshi after Yukari beat her up though. Remilia and Tenshi never crossed paths at all.

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He says that Yukari is the only one to have beaten Tenshi on "full power mode", rematch or not.

>Goddamn, he's being better than 99% of manga authors here.
That's not hard. I don't think there are any manga authors on /jp/.

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I like Tenshi.

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We've got horrible artists making MS Paint monstrosities, horrible writers making FFFFFF-worthy fanfiction, and Dan Kim.

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>>Antagonists are supposed to be as unlikeable as possible.

Mmmm, I disagree but only on a contextual point. You're not always supposed to hate the antagonist, Touhou is a very good example of this as it always ends in a tea party. Are you saying we're supposed to hate Remillia, Yuyuko, Kaguya, Suika, Kanko, Tenshi and Satori?

If he set out to make us hate them from the start you're certainly right, he's done a fine job. But that doesn't seem to be in-keeping with the general theme of Touhou, which may well be ZUN's intention.

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The IN crew, in my opinion, has the blandest canonical personalities and stories in the whole series.

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In before faction shitstorm.

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I honestly feel sorry for ZUN.

His pride in producing Touhou is that he's been able to handle EVERYTHING in a given game by himself, from programming to composing the music to making the art, and still put out a successful product. But then the fan community took it and treated it like a Nijiura project, ala OS-tan or the Nijiura maids; where popular consensus creates character traits and personality, and thousands of people contribute to forming a cohesive vision. It's a messy creative process where a huge mob throws strand after strand of spaghetti at a wall and swarm over any that stick.

Because ZUN brings only a select few characters back between games, the differences between ZUN's vision of his characters and the fanbase's vision don't end up clashing very often. But then comes a projectlike SSiB, and suddenly the fanbase is outraged that their characters don't behave the same as in their (what it ultimately amounts to) fanfiction, or that power levels aren't as concrete as they had decided they were. What was meant to be a one-person project is now, as far as his followers are concerned, out of his hands.

Is it any wonder ZUN was against the anime?

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Well, I liked the written material.

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Despite the tone of this thread, I, for one, must express my fondness for Luna, if not necessarily for its inhabitants. Its proximity to Earth makes it of particular importance to humanity, albeit not to the extent of more immediately useful feats of engineering, such as dinner utensils.

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You're supposed to hate them, you know, before the tea party. Or, more accurately, you may adore them as much as you want, but you still should want your playable character to succeed in beating their asses.

Hell, I'm sure everyone will like moonbitches after everyone finished their tea at the end of SSiB.

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>Hell, I'm sure everyone will like moonbitches after they got overhauled by fandom

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But that's the problem. Most of the fandom are currently being too biased and hating. Only once the sisters lose will the fans be satisfied and warm up to them.

Me, I like the Watatsuki sisters just fine. Screw team jobber.

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I only like the blonde and her fan of awesomeness
Dont care much about Yorihime. Dont even hate her

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I want to see Kaguya vs. (x)hime. Either one.

Pulling out all the stops with 5 Impossible Requests.

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To be honest, despite all the Toyohime vs. Yukari thing going on, the two characters have pretty similar designs, and are both assumed by the fandom to have god-tier hax powers despite it not really being canonically defined yet.

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>>You're supposed to hate them, you know, before the tea party.

There's different kinds of hate. The "good" kind is "man I can't wait to see them kick that cunt in the ovaries".

What I'm feeling is more along the lines of "man, those sure are some of the shittiest characters I have seen for a while, Zun's really losing his touch, I hope those bitches don't become popular because some I never want to see either of them again, actually it would be sweet if they were the first characters to be permanently killed because they sure fucking suck".

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I kinda like Yorihime.

>> No.2071778

>despite it not really being canonically defined yet.

Yukari's powers have been "defined" for years, ever since Perfect Memmento. Defined in quotes because all it really said was variations of FUCK YOU CAN'T TOUCH THIS BITCH SHE'S FUCKING OFF THE HOOK I MEAN DAYMN.

One could ask why it's okay for Yukari and not okay for Moon Bitches, but that's missing the point. The point is that Moon Bitches are portrayed as ABOVE, not on the same level, as the previous over-the-top ultimate enemy, and that they have jack and shit for character. Yukari has an actual character, no matter how much of it is fan invention. Moon Bitches are just "let me pull a new power out of my ass with which I defeat you in one move".

>> No.2071794

Will the same BAAWing happen when the first dragon shows up?

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Her character design in appearance is admittedly attractive. Plus sword and ponytail moe~

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Dragons are never going to show up.

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Exactly. We need more ponytails in touhou.

Yukari was defeated the first time, wasn't she? And that was stated before SSiB even existed. Shouldn't be weird if they overpower Yukari again.

>> No.2071824


Fapping at the tingly feeling of little electric shocks in Iku's mouth

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This work?

>> No.2071847


Now strip them naked.

Or at least make them kiss.

>> No.2071850

Is there really any distinction between the two? Aren't you actually trying to justify your hate by taking it to the metacontextual level?

>> No.2071852

I wouldn't be the first to comment about the first Lunar invasion being described as a "humiliating disaster."

>> No.2071859

Although the general thought was that Yukari both conceived of it and let it fail so that youkai would learn not to have imperial ambitions.

>> No.2071863

Which begs the question: what is the point of the events in SSiB?

>> No.2071864

So they what's she trying to do now?

>> No.2071874

Nobody knows, but you can tell she has planned something by looking at OP. She wouldn't blindly attack the moon like the first time. She only needed Reimu for the frontal assault, and Yuyuko's role is still unknown.

>> No.2071898

I can honestly agree with this(excluding Keine and Mokou, but they're not part of Eientei). There is nothing interesting about them compared to other Touhous, even the ones introduced later on in the series.

>> No.2071903

>Is there really any distinction between the two?

Of course there fucking is, I thought I explained it clearly. If a villain is good, you're eager to see her lose.

I don't want to see the moonbitches lose. I don't want to see them AT ALL because they're such horrible wastes of ink. I'd prefer if they didn't even exist in the Touhou canon. Whether it's the shitty writing, the failed art, or a combination of the two, they're a narrative misfire.

>> No.2071911

I wonder how much RAGE there's going to be when people realize that the moon princesses aren't the final bosses and won't actually ever get beat down by any of the main characters, but will team up with them instead.

>> No.2071929

It doesn't help that the only motivation for any of the events in SSiB seems to be "hey you know what would be cool? Us all going to moon for absolutely no reason at all and trying to take it over also for absolutely no reason at all".

I honestly have no idea what the fuck Zun is thinking. His writing wasn't this bad in Inaba or Extra of the Wind. SSiB is just... I've seen Invader Zim fanfics that were better thought out.

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There's no Touhous I find more interesting and mysterious than Kaguya and Mokou.

I wish ZUN would actually have them fight. I feel I got jacked at chapter 11 of Inaba.

>> No.2071942

what is this moon bitch hax bawwing?
Reimu/Marisa/Sakuya lost because they are weak HUMAN, while Remilia is just a little brat playing around.
Yukari, on the other hand, will kick moon bitches' asses soon and she was FAKING to lose.

>> No.2071965


GOD but those bunnies are fucking cute.

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Yukari is smirking in the OP pic.

If or when Yukari finally does her whatever-the-hell she's planning idea, and the moonbitches are like HOLY SHIT, and its like some big revelation to everyone that Yukari had something up her sleeve I hope the other touhous are like NO WAY YUKARI HAD THAT PLANNED

...and then Aki Eda draws Ran smirking like our beloved mascot, and all's right with the world.

>> No.2071972

So far we don't know that for anybody but Remilia. Marisa's there for the same reason there's been a Marisa route in any ZUN game - because it wouldn't be Marisa if she didn't meddle. No one knows what Yukari is doing. Yuyuko is probably just helping out with her friend's plan because it's her friend's plan and has no interest in the moon besides watching it while sipping sake.

Reimu went along because she was the fuel. Considering her complaint about "nothing happening," she went probably because she thought it would be an interesting experience. Just before or after her fight, she'll probably go: "Actually I have no interest in conquering the moon or such nonsense, so how about this. You win, we go home somehow; I win, you invite us in for tea."

>> No.2071996


Moko should've kept it and snuggled it nightly.

>> No.2072006

I'd like SSiB, if Aki Eda wasn't such a shitty artist.
Not trolling.

>> No.2072018

In manga standards, she doesn't suck at all.
In fact, I like her style

>> No.2072021

>hey you know what would be cool? Us all going to moon for absolutely no reason at all

This is actually a plausible motivation for everyone involved. Oh, and Yukari planned all this, you know, Remi & co. are just easily-manipulated pawns in her play.

>I've seen Invader Zim fanfics

But... Why would you do that?

>> No.2072024

Oh come on now, it isn't that bad. I enjoy those faces


But it's true that she can't draw any action scenes. And I remember Sakuya having really anorexic legs in some panels.

>> No.2072027

She can't draw fight scenes and she's the definition of SAMEFACE.

>> No.2072034

I want the guy who draws the Three Fairies to make every subsequent Touhou manga from now on. He's (she's?) awesome.

>> No.2072047

Dreamlike scenario for SSiB:

ZUN + Chado = awesomeness. Even if the story was shit.

>> No.2072050

Yeah, I actually liked his art style.
Aki Eda is just really bad.

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Too bad he won't be doing more fairies anymore, it seems.

Also Aki Eda style is moe, but not the right choice for SSiB. FLIPFLOPS would have been nice, I think.

>> No.2072624

Make a lot of noise and
turn would have faggot should have let them learn still fun as hell though s ? and you see
guys for creating 1 executive.

>> No.2072643

Touhou Canon as done by Chado.

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