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Ankidrone special
>not doing core36k

New guide:
Old guide for those afraid of change:

Remember: Don't listen to any advice from DJT
Last thread: >>20663795

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Does anyone have a copy of Core 500k?

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one day i want to be able to read that sentence without having to look up any of the words in it. i'll just glance at it, read it, understand it, and that's the moment i'll know i've made it

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holey moley

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its not a very hard sentence

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i don't know what the first two words are but if i look them up that'd be cheating.

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Where is my furigana?

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i just looked it up and fucking ruined it for myself. i could have guessed what ちょう was but ないすばでー? is that really "nice body"? why isn't it in katakana? what the FUCK? i've ruined the mystique of this shit. jamal would post this and i'd always wonder what it was saying but now i know. why did i do it.

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can wee keep the retarded posts until the middle of the thread

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i told u why its in hierogana u dork

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Don't tell me you haven't memorized katakana yet.

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i haven't but what about my post has anything to do with that?

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Nothing, but for some reason it gave off the impression that you didn't.

Now get to it.

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haven't felt the need to.

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btw i told u once you learn what japanese actually says u immediately dont want it anymore

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Seriously not gonna make it.

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that only applies to neoweebs though

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no really, it's fine.

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This creates the Dekinai.

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wow its been a REALLY long time since ive seen that meme

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i know those katakana characters but not the first one. it really doesn't matter. most words aren't in katakana.

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was gonna say that girls a obasan now lol

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how long have u been not learning japanese and how much of this do u understand ??


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ive been not learning japanese for almost my whole life since its already inside all of us (at least those of us who have a native language) and just needs to be unlocked by 10k hours of untranslated chuuni VNs

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18 months, none of it desu

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ok maybe the goblin land was too hard

how much of the first 10 seconds of this do u understand


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wth is this thread..

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>reading chuuni VNs by looking up every word on a dictionary
That sounds like its own circle of hell

Imagine trying to read Dies Irae like that

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i dont wanna think of somebody doing that its too tough for me to bear

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why am i learning japanese? i seriously.dont know why. i already have been several time and its not for media consumption

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>already have been several time

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Because you must, anon

Because you must

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to nippon

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you want to become one of those mysterious intelligent people who can claim to know a second language. even better that it's so foreign yet quirky like japanese.

i'm in the same boat. little do people realize that although intelligence helps, it's not necessary.

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Learn Chinese.

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what i dont get is why are any of u here and wanting to learn japanese instead of just doing it lol

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if your motivation isn't the content itself then forcing yourself to get input is tough.

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To do japanese you must first learn it

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I know around 5k words and still suck. I've come so far though but god damn what a mountain to climb. I only come here once a week now for a little rest. I'm always studying/immersing. All day every day till I'm good.

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i am learning it though, i just dont have a real purpose for learning it.


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fuckin nerd lol

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>only 5k words
Should have done core 10k

It's easy, just do a hundred new cards everyday and you'll be done in a little more than three months

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中国人はalpha as fuckです。

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>just do a hundred new cards everyday
I too enjoy doing thousands of reviews every single day

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I've mined half of my 5k words. I think finding it and relating to the words is important. I do 30 words a day that I mine from the previous day. Takes me like 90 minutes a day to do them and then I immerse the rest of the day. I wouldn't do more anki than that I'd go crazy.

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>Doing flash cards to learn a language
>Watching YouTube videos to learn martial arts

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What Jap web place you guys visit besides 2ch and Famitsu?

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Was it rape?

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It's weird, at times I see people that know only 2000 words being impressed by how much they can read, and other times I see peopme who know 6000 words complaining about how much they're struggling to read something.

Maybe the material they're trying to read is too hard.

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remember boys if ur here ur already permanently crippled but there is a way to still achieve ur nihongo perapera dream


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not sure what to read next. fellas what's on the djt library that you'd call "epic" i've already finished:
>kino 1-3
>bungaku shoujo 1
>zero no tsukaima 1
>biblia koshodou jikentechou 1
>haruhi 1

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>taking supplements to increase muscle growth

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i have coke 10k memorised but i failed n5 2wice

>> No.20674472

Different people assesing their own skills. Someone who knows 500 words would tell you he is fluent while someone who knows 10000 words would say he is half way to fluency

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The manga isn't reading meme.

>> No.20674477

For me it's just a matter of I don't like not knowing people are saying in stuff I watch. Even at 5k I'm missing like 1 out of 10 words. I get like a runners high or something when I understand a huge chunk though.

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japanese post malone
good track though

>> No.20674488

Being a neet sure helps one's chances of learning japanese, doesn't it?
I wish I could immerse myself all day everyday

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Am I gonna make it lads?

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So both of them are overestimating their ability?

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>post malone

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Not gonna make it.

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I can't imagine working and trying to do it, would take 10 years

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In English pls

>> No.20674517

sorry that was maybe a lil meaner than i should've posted that having been said jamal are you ok? this is a more depressing track than you usually post

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The guy with 10000 words could be fluent. You don't need to know all the words to be fluent

>> No.20674523

ill issue u the most epic challenge of ur life

read this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4sKryFPoJ_k and dont come back to djt until the sakuras are in bloom

its fucking cold and i get emo when its cold

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>failed 3/5 of the listening tests
You need to watch more anime

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It's hard to gauge how difficult something's going to be. I found Haruhi moderately challenging, but some parts of Oregairu were completely unintelligible to me, to the point where I decided to put it aside for now.

>> No.20674531

>The guy with 10000 words could be fluent.
brb, doing core10k

>> No.20674533

No, you're not

>> No.20674536

we're here for you thru thick and thin king

>> No.20674539

supplements (flashcards) don't help growth protein (input) does
supplements can indirectly aid growth by increasing your health (comfort) or making metabolism more efficient (compensation) but do nothing on their own

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Who's Jamal?

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jlpt is the biggest meme on the planet and a money makin scam run by the japanese government.

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I didn't think anybody thought doing flash cards on their own wouldn't be retarded. I use it to regurgitate things I read/heard before I forget them. It's more like steroids if used right.

>> No.20674553

Now imagine being a full time student and part time wagie and trying to do it ;_;
And w days ago, DJT made fun of me for not finishing core6k within a year

>> No.20674554

So you must start getting serious from now on and study harder.

>> No.20674556

important to note a common side effect of flashtarding is ball shrinkage

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>> No.20674564

Oh so you're that guy

What the fuck are you doing man, do atleast 10 new cards a day, you'll be close to finishing by now and it wouldn't take much longer

>> No.20674570

Well it's a shiny new year and the test is a while away. I suppose I could take a more realistic goal like N2 which I did much better at on the practice exam, but why put in effort and money for a second place participation trophy?

>> No.20674571

i have autism and don't usually play games that haven't got true endings but if you cross your heart & promise me it's good then i'll play it

>> No.20674579

Not him but if I could learn japanese by shrinking my balls I would do it

>> No.20674584

theres still offline meetup groups who get together to talk about this game and life in general

>> No.20674585

yooo do a proper practise exam, not just a few online questions which take 5 minutes

>> No.20674587

it also has a disclaimer that says they cant be held responsible for any brain damage u incur by accessing the content >: )

>> No.20674593

Nah don't do N2 just take a break from tests and study hard that's all.

>> No.20674594

Can you recommend one?

>> No.20674595

yah but if u flashtard u just end up with small balls and thats all ull have to show for it

>> No.20674596

Imagine being a full time teacher, needing to develop lesson plans for 25 different classes (travel between schools), and still have enough time to do at least 10k words of reading a day. Fuck you and your excuses.

>> No.20674597

Damn.. well hang in there dude. There's a limit to how much your brain can learn in a day anyways.

>> No.20674599

I am doing 10 cards a day, I slowed down greatly after reaching 2k checkpoint (was doing 20 a day). I was hoping to be at 4k mark by now but I kept taking breaks from new cards and here I am.
Although I do have a mining deck with ~200 words in it, but I sort of gotten bored of adding new cards. Now I don't bother adding cards to my deck, I just lookup whatever I don't know and move on. But this way, I have to lookup something a lot before I can begin to memorize it on my own

>> No.20674602

once you get enough vitamins, minerals, essential acids, and fermentable fiber, (extended metaphor for a large amount of well-balanced comprehensible input) further supplementation doesn't help, unless you have a metabolic disorder (learning disability)

it's true that most people have bad diets, but supplements (anki decks) are usually very ineffective, even going put of your way to stuff "health" foods down your throat (mining as anything more than an incidental activity targeted at things you in particular are having issues with) because at the end of the day the only thing that's truly good for you is a nice, filling, complete, healthy, balanced diet (large amounts of compelling comprehensible input of many kinds)

>> No.20674603

oh i get it! you're trying to kill me!

>> No.20674608

i mean im giving u like a month and a half to finally become a man so u dont end up like the manchild jordan peterson describes

just fuckin do it

>> No.20674613

>I slowed down greatly after reaching 2k checkpoint (was doing 20 a day)
Then go back to that

>> No.20674616

do i want "full voice version" or the "complete version" from 2015? it seems the complete version removes ero which i don't need anyway esp if it's going to add extra stuff

>> No.20674620

How is doing Anki with a mining deck while also spending time reading any different or less effective than only looking up words you don't know while reading.

Do you really think people who do Anki only do that?

>> No.20674626

What are some interesting but accessible texts to start reading? Kino's Journey?

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>> No.20674635

Any time, even a minute, being used to grind flash cards is even more time that could have just been given to reading.

>> No.20674637

id go with the 1 from 2005 tho i did play complete when it came out and didnt find it to be a problem unlike a certain other game

get the 1 with the ero its important u can block the pictures with ur hands and just read the text during it

>> No.20674641

I dunno, with current pace I'll be done in less than a year anyway
On the other hand, I am planning to start my first LN as soon as I'm done turning in my university papers. I think my current bottleneck is grammar and no amount of anki is going to fix that. Grinding LN on top of the current mangas I'm reading is a better plan I think

>> No.20674642

I see words all of the time that I put off putting into anki, and then I bump into them over and over, still forgetting them. SRS is super effective for me. Matt is still doing it and he's at like 20k+. It could be a matter of different strokes for different folks, but for me singling out of the word and focusing on it for a while is a game changer for my aquisitioning. I experience it in english still where I miss spell a word, if I stop and focus on that for a little it goes away. I get what you're saying but targeted study has it's benefits too.

>> No.20674646

Looks great, thanks.

>> No.20674673

>where I miss spell a word
You did this on purpose, didn't you?

>> No.20674680

When you have audio and definitions at the push of a finger and can do it just enough to learn it and then move on it's like the opposite of a grind. You form the hard wiring in your brain so much faster and then can enjoy your organic content sooner.

>> No.20674693

You're brainwashed by seeing big numbers on your stats, dude. Just turn on the TV and switch on Japanese subtitles and you get the same thing plus actual content and all the benefits of real reading and listening.

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>You can have 90% comprehension if you have finished core6k and have perfect grammar
Why haven't you taken the grammar pill yet?

>> No.20674727

I'm brainwashed by science and the fact it works.

>> No.20674730

>grammar pill
That's called watching anime, or anime pill if you really need your pill memes

>> No.20674757

language isnt learning

>> No.20674761

>can get 95% comprehension in books with only 10k words
And they said core10k was a meme

>> No.20674768

Do you really think I don't know what SRS is? Here's a pro-tip for you: By reading and listening, you're getting natural SRS anyway because more frequent words will pop up more frequently. Wow!

>> No.20674773

>can get 95% comprehension in books with only 10k words
Only if you know bunpou, ankidrone

>> No.20674782

A quick skim through Tae Kim is all I need

>> No.20674816

Yea but everything you don't see again within 3 days is lost. You're basically constantly forgetting at that rate. You're going to get really good at the words you see constantly and forget everything else. That's how the brain works. You can set aside about 5 minutes of your life per word and know it forever. Let's just agree to disagree, neither of us will cave in and I need to watch some content.

>> No.20674839

Not him, but once you get the frequent words down, you start memorizing less frequent words naturally. This is how you acquire your native language anyway.

>> No.20674849

>Yea but everything you don't see again within 3 days is lost.
No it's not. You think that because you're believing SRS on a surface level, which is easy to do. The actual fact is that even after only seeing something once, you still have about a 5% retention rate after an entire year. If you seriously don't see a word two times in a year then it's not important anyway. Realistically though, you should be reading so much that you see words often.
Additionally, space between seeing the same information is just one thing out of many. Context, emotional involvement, and some other things I don't recall at this exact moment also go into it. You can very well see a word just one time, see it months later and immediately recall it if the first time you saw it made a strong impression. Flash cards cannot do that.
Flash cards make you feel good because you learn at a very quick rate at the beginning, but the usefulness of cards very quickly plummets below the usefulness of actual immersion in the language, so much so that cards become virtually useless relatively early on. Flash cards are, furthermore, only for learning and not for mastery, while reading and listening is for both at the same time.

>> No.20674984

why not do both reading AND flashcards? then there's no more argument

>> No.20675011

The people who argue against Anki are either trolls or bitter dekinais.

>> No.20675040

ankidrone edition

>> No.20675054

aint nothin wrong with anki as long as you dont overdose

>> No.20675095

Because my argument is that any time at all used for cards would better be used in actual reading. The only exception to this that I see is the first hundred or so words at the very beginning of your journey.
So yes, there actually still is an argument because my argument is not to do flash cards AT ALL after that point.

>> No.20675181

How long should an anki session take? I think I'm going abysmally slow.

>> No.20675340

7 minutes at most anything over that is diminishing returns.

>> No.20675448



>> No.20675456


It's real basic shit

>> No.20675755

How long until I stop laughing at
It still cracks me up lol

>> No.20675765

My daily reps take about 25-30 mins and I don't plan to make that number go up.

>> No.20675830

I usually do like 5 to 6 hours depending on the position of the moon.

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daily reminder

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Plot twist

>> No.20676084



>> No.20676118

How many of you here have taken the JLPT?

>> No.20676120
File: 604 KB, 4096x1760, MattVs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit, now THIS is autism

>> No.20676244

I'm learning Korean right now. Easier than Japanese.

>> No.20676255

I'm learning it just because I actually enjoy studying it. I'm also a total masochist which may or may not be related.

>> No.20676263

look I can speak chousengo too

>> No.20676327

shame all around

>> No.20676342

Except for Haggbard

>> No.20676374

The true autism is caring enough to read any of that shit.

>> No.20676381

You don't even have to read it all, it's pretty apparent just by the first two posts that it's someone from here saying Matt is wrong, Matt getting assblasted, and both of them being autistic enough to back-and-forth for 2-3 days.

>> No.20676384

daily reminder to watch cure dolly

one of her best videos for beginners especially if you are struggling with figuring out what's what in long sentences

>> No.20676410

does this^ count as self promotion

>> No.20676420

autism talk makes me think of children callin each other ゲイ to try to take focus off of themselves

>> No.20676423

Based Dolly putting the meme of english subbed anime to rest.

>> No.20676439

日本人 say ゲイですか。I've only heard them say "homo"

>> No.20676494

His old SJW fan calling him a racist and taking every opportunity to attack him since his video with tkyosam because sam was being "racially insensitive" is pretty funny.

>> No.20676510

dont know whats in the video but if youre gonna call him racist wouldnt it be easier to use one of the times he says straight up he doesnt like nihonjin

>> No.20676523

So when girls say a dudes 鼻の下をのばす is that actually a metaphor for that his dick is rock hard?

>> No.20676538

His former fan would argue that the Japanese aren't marginalized within their own country thus he's more concerned with the low IQ br*wns in the US.

>> No.20676560

is it really? isnt the pronunciation a lot harder?

>> No.20676604

whats your issue

>> No.20676632

>isnt the pronunciation a lot harder?
who gives a fuck you'll learn how to pronounce it eventually. understanding what's being said is more important.

>> No.20676639

ok sure. what things are you currently doing in the language? kdrama?

>> No.20676646

i'm not that guy fuck korean. it's got shit content.

>> No.20676751

Reminder that if you even know what anki is your Japanese is permanently crippled

>> No.20676864

dark annals?

>> No.20676880


>> No.20676909


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so THIS is the power of reddit users

>> No.20676921



>> No.20676950
File: 35 KB, 467x960, jap.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

got done in by the grammar guide no less

>> No.20676960


>> No.20676966
File: 72 KB, 307x390, trash.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.20676981

chill on the dolly hate everyone makes mistakes but i bet lesson 40 will be an absolute game changer thats why its takin so long

>> No.20676995

stop bullying dollychan jamal pls she has a family

>> No.20676999

she does have a lot of dolls to support thats rough lets all be nice to each other

>> No.20677005

her familys dolls and she fucks up like shes fuckin u if u listen to her crackpot nonsense

>> No.20677008

she fucks em like shes fuckin u*

i was writing that post in a hissy

>> No.20677009


DOJG is my mainstay right now after Tae Kim, I'm thinking about trying to read some LN shit or maybe some basic lit with a dictionary

>> No.20677027

Anyone on this thread arguing for only one or only the other doesn't have any understanding of how they acquired proficiency of their native language themselves.

>> No.20677029

ITHVNR with porn game and imabi for truly cultured gentleman experience

>> No.20677038

everyone knows when you get a birth certificate u get a complementary pack of flashcards

>> No.20677047

gj anon; keep it up

>> No.20677074
File: 8 KB, 500x423, 7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.20677078

how can you make such a baseless and low claim as if she actually hotglues her dolls and permanently cripples their nihongo at the same time

>> No.20677104

赤 -> か

>> No.20677106

How many times are you gonna post this?

>> No.20677108

i dont think its baseless at all https://streamable.com/oqic8

>> No.20677110

found the dolly

>> No.20677127

i think its supposed to be 1 of those iq test questions >: )

>> No.20677144

What's the best version of dies irae?

>> No.20677146

the anime

>> No.20677159

what's an anime?

>> No.20677164

the thing u watch 10000 hours of w. eng subs to stand a chance at learning japanese

>> No.20677175

whos across the table eating with the doll fucker thats the real question
oops freudian slip about the hotglue part

>> No.20677193

until somebody actually answers it

>> No.20677203


>> No.20677206

im proud of you

>> No.20677381


Name ONE language as expressive at Japanese.

>> No.20677404


>> No.20677405


>> No.20677407

thats what ur gonna come to the table with ?

>> No.20677408

Finish those series you started you retard

>> No.20677411

What's harder, learning assembly or learning japanese

>> No.20677418

>There is no mercy in the voice of a man. It is just brutality that only black jet murderous flesh is solid, that's all there is to it.
Not bad for google translate.

>> No.20677438

why does anyone think programming is hard to learn or comparable to natural language

>> No.20677439


name 1 language as expressive as japanese

>> No.20677442

because they arent learning language naturally

>> No.20677449

learning language wrong just increases how much easier programming is

>> No.20677461

Programming is harder than learning a language though

>> No.20677462

because they're taught to program badly instead of learning it naturally because of a combination of time to spend practicing and either need or interest

>> No.20677464

"learning programming" a a concept is flawed, anyone can lwarn the basics of programming reasonably quick, but to understand programming concepts and how to apply them takes years and more than just memorisation. language is a completely diffeent thing that is near pure memorisation

>> No.20677474

sorry bud but neither of them are memorization, they're both the same, you have to immerse for years to learn all the little rules or you're going to be constructing highly unidiomatic productions for years

>> No.20677492

wait if i learn japanese i could probably learn to program? but what if i have a low IQ?

>> No.20677532

if you are not so impaired that you cannot take care of yourself you can learn whatever you want if you want to do it and arent just daydreaming about how cool it would be if you magically acquired a skill in your sleep

>> No.20677538

>and arent just daydreaming about how cool it would be if you magically acquired a skill in your sleep

>> No.20677541

programming itself is easy. the difficulty comes from the kind of programs you try to solve.

>> No.20677553

programming langues are nothing more than a definitive language. programming is the actual skill

>> No.20677555

same with japanese, japanese itself is easy, the difficulty comes from the kind of material you want to consume/produce

>> No.20677563

programming languages are very different from human languages, they break a lot of rules that human languages are restricted by

>> No.20677574

i cant believe im even bothering responsing to this. this is why /jp/ is doomed to fail. i didnt study 7 years of cs and 3 of japanese. whatever, /jp/ is a shit board now

>> No.20677588

>7 years of cs
but why

>> No.20677594


>> No.20677602

what are you responding to and why are you talking about not studying stuff. or are you saying you learned them and didn't study them or that you didn't learn them in a sarcastic way.

wtf is going on here...

>> No.20677605

Is it a good idea to put every word I have to look up into an Anki deck? Is that what everyone does?

Feel like I might get swamped with reviews

>> No.20677609

I just tried to read 名前 as めいぜん and felt I needed to share my stupidity with someone.

>> No.20677615

just put words you have to look up a few times

>> No.20677626

yikers dude

>> No.20677627

no why would you burden yourself with that many reviews just limit yourself to a certain number of cards whose piled up reviews you could tolerate

>> No.20677654

Thanks for sharing

>> No.20677658

i have a masters in cs and studied japanese for 3 years, im saying programming is not the same as a language and im responding to the people above and below me. the sad thing is theyll get nowhere and this thread is an absolute septic tank for actually learning japanese. im just here to ry and help from time to time

thats a good idea, but only if theyre not part od the deck youre studying

>> No.20677662

having a cs degree actually makes it less likely that you're a truly good programmer

>> No.20677663

>i have a masters in cs and studied japanese for 3 years
I'm jealous dude. As someone with a low IQ there are some things that I'll just never be good at and programming is one of them. Congrats.

>> No.20677672

holy shit i leave u guys alone for 10 mins and the threads ruined

>> No.20677681

one time i read this one word totally wrong and when i looked it up i felt retarded but then i didnt make that mistake again or maybe i did and i havent noticed it yet but thats ok cuz japanese people do that too

>> No.20677701

thanks, my undergad was a double major with a research project, everyone can reach their goal if they want to, and mine wasnt without setbacks. if yours is to learn japanese, idk where youre at in your studies but keep at it

>> No.20677727

Where to get One Piece manga raws?

>> No.20677728

>As someone with a low IQ there are some things that I'll just never be good at
the problem aint your iq its your choice to make excuses for your lack of willpower instead of just fuckin doing what interests you

>> No.20677733

Why is that (I'm gonna assume DJTer) being so rude about it?

>> No.20677739

sorry i was the one who brought up lisp

>> No.20677760


>> No.20677776

i was just reading the last thread where some guy says japanese verbs dont conjugate and cited curedolly as an authority and i dont have time to go look through all those videos to find the one relevant one so can someone explain why this is not conjugation lets look at 死ぬ


referring to the forms before the auxillary verbs do you not consider those conjugations of the verb 死ぬ or what i dont get what you mean there is no conjugation

>> No.20677779

I want the newest chapters instead of 6 month old ones

>> No.20677786

they are conjugations drop it and move on

>> No.20677824

dolly was tryin to say things like aux verbs are separate and she got ahead of herself and said somethin dumb

>> No.20677847

You're an embodiment of the huge brain wojak

>> No.20677853

Did they not teach you about capital letters in college/university?

>> No.20677865

this can mean "X is what i'm telling you" depending on context right?

>> No.20677875


>> No.20677877

are you trying to impress someone with your impressive grasp on shift key usage in the daily shitposting thread

>> No.20677883

bro we're WAY coo tool for that shit here

>> No.20677886

I have to disable voices in VNs so I can't cheat on the readings.

>> No.20677892

what about shinde

>> No.20677897

It's not ok to be this retarded, anon

>> No.20677901

I gotta learn somehow dude.

>> No.20677902

how about you disable audio in real life as well and just lipread what japs are saying

>> No.20677904 [DELETED] 

Chrono Trigger? More like Chrono Nigger!


>> No.20677908

You're giving me shit too? I thought we were cool.

>> No.20677916

sorry ily, sweetie

>> No.20677917

For so long I've been waiting for a good post.

>> No.20677919

i agree with you but this isn't the thread for this

>> No.20677962

Have you ever encountered オオスズメバチ written as kanji?

>> No.20677975

no but im pretty sure i could work it out cause 雀 is a pretty common kanji to be honest

>> No.20677987

What are some good ways to start picking up vocab Ill actually use? Core2gay is apparently useless for actual use and I hate having to read one oage for an hour cuz I dont know any of it. Do I just have to suck it up, or is there any good alternative?

>> No.20677993

Is that chou Naidu body written at the beginning? Jesus I see why katakana is necessary

>> No.20678008

learn vocab for something from something to enjoy reading

>> No.20678012

that is て which is an auxillary verb but changes due to sound phenomenon to make it sound better

>> No.20678023

>aux VERB
>ends in E

>> No.20678026

yeah sorry て・で isnt auxillary whoops LOL but yeah sinde isnt the conjugation anyways

>> No.20678058

how many pages should i be able to read in bunko format novels a day? so far today ive read 30

>> No.20678079

here this explains it better than i can


て・で connects to 連用形 but since it sounds retarded on some words it changes to sound more beautiful and easy to say

>> No.20678085

how many pages of this VN should i able to read in a day? so far i've read 10 sentences in the past 2 hours.

>> No.20678086


>> No.20678095

i knew the reading for this word since matt mentioned it in a video and i posted here before that i knew the reading because of matt so my posting it will cement it even further. i think i'm gonna start posting every word i learn here so i can remember them all.

>> No.20678097

imagine unironically recommending core 10k

>> No.20678102

There is literally nothing wrong with core10k

>> No.20678112

sakubi and boirodaisuki both teach this

>> No.20678117

i clicked on the link but they didn't teach the word 連用形.

>> No.20678120

oh nvm he was talking about the reading not the word itself my bad

>> No.20678125

I never encountered オオスズメバチ in the first place.

>> No.20678128

not the concept itself even

>> No.20678252

Okay thanks

>> No.20678396

Cute Dolly really is the best.

>> No.20678487

Should I start translating manga or anime for building vocab, or maybe lns. I was thinking of rewatching Nichijou but all japanese since it seems like a show good for that, but maybe anime is to fast for me to really comprehend atm and I should just do manga/lns

>> No.20678494

lmfao ^

>> No.20678498

>Should I start translating manga or anime for building vocab

>> No.20678561

i think you should just do what traditionally works for building vocab and that involves making thousands of flashcards from stuff you read every day

>> No.20678573

I'm moving to Japan (long term) in March, so I need to master it.

>> No.20678583

Im studying cuz i have no life and watch too much anime, and I figure I could get a better job knowing a second language which also gives me the excuse to move to Nippon

>> No.20678585


>> No.20678615

>Imagine being a full time teacher,
you're living in Japan and working as an ALT aren't you? Living in the country helps a fuckton, as you're constantly immersed, and there's a NEED for it
>needing to develop lesson plans for 25 different classes
This isn't hard, it's 25 classes a week, and you can recycle material among them, plus, after doing this for nearly a decade, I can come up with lessons on the fly. Super easy. Shouldn't take more than 2hrs to plan all lessons for the week
>(travel between schools),
How is this a negative? In all likelihood you're using public transportation, giving you plenty of hours every day to study during transit
>and still have enough time to do at least 10k words of reading a day.
See above, you're making it seem like your lifestyle doesn't accommodate your studies, but you and I both know that it does, AND that you're also given plenty of time to go out and socialize too. You finish work at 5pm, and have tons of free time during/between classes too.

>> No.20678686

man i pickEd up so much japamese so quickly when i lived there.

>> No.20678708

That's what I'm hoping. I already finished Tae Kim, RTK, and Core2K, and I'm gonna start a proper mining deck once I'm over there.

I'm hoping to pass the N1 after a year or two. I don't wanna be stuck as an English teacher forever. However, all the good jobs require at least Conversational (N2) Japanese.

Anyway, here's to hoping I get approved for the Work Visa so I can fuck off outta here, and start a new life in Japan come March.

>> No.20678713

So along with anki What else should I be doing?

>> No.20678718

Tae Kim, and the sentence deck that comes with the guide.

Reading sentences >>>>> reading words.

Also, getting a very good grasp on the grammar early on is super important.

>> No.20678729

u dont have to grasp shit

all u have to do is mimic known good japanese for a while until u intuitively understand how to construct nihongo for ur own thoughts

anything else isnt necessary till much later

>> No.20678739

what do you plann to do ter you get n2? also what english teaching are you with? not one of he slave ones right

>> No.20678765
File: 452 KB, 643x392, adobaisu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i know ive been posting this a lot, but please somebody redpill me on reading speed and how to get better at it

>> No.20678768

if u try to actively "get better" at "reading speed" ur just as retarded as a flashtard

>> No.20678789
File: 7 KB, 228x221, 1407382111101.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh boy I am in deep fucking shit /djt/. GF found I'm learning Japanese. She thinks I'm fluent, but I only know how to repeat the 6k kanji from my Anki deck.

She is Japanese.
I am American.

She has been pretty distant lately, and now she is saying 「見るな!僕が怖くないの?僕は化け物だ。」

How do I respond to her? Also fuck /adv/ they give shit advice every time.

>> No.20678794

I'll tell you if you tell me where that screenshot's from.

>> No.20678797

all u gotta say is the magic words that i taught u every single day

and ull be fine

>> No.20678810

>his gf's a 僕っ子
Why haven't you dumped her?

>> No.20678820

consider yourself 幸ある, my gf is fujo and makes me make out with other men (male)

>> No.20678822

Is she ugly? She's saying she looks like a monster. Post pics.

>> No.20678834


>> No.20678843

How many glasses would you drink?

>> No.20678864

the fucks ur issue pissboy

>> No.20678871

you're not going to make it in japan with that attitude

>> No.20678883

I think they're called ALTs? I'm basically just gonna be an assistant teacher working at public Elementary and Middle schools.

>> No.20678890

imagine being an alt in 2019 lmfao

>> No.20678938

>6k kanji
What the fuck

>> No.20678989

Should I do my anki reps or watch the latest subbed episode of jojo?

>> No.20679028

What's wrong?

>> No.20679034

if you haven't completed your 10k hours yet watch jojo

>> No.20679058
File: 302 KB, 480x567, hayasimariko1-e1482296284706.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ok be honest guys would you

>> No.20679083
File: 195 KB, 966x902, meme333.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bros, I only managed to finish one LN today instead of two. Am I not gonna make it?

>> No.20679101


>> No.20679129

>using flash cards is stupid
>anki is flash cards
I dont understand you, /djt/.

>> No.20679141

its a meme

>> No.20679163

what books are you reading?

>> No.20679166

Anyone use the crabigator?

>> No.20679215

reading a lot of material you're comfortable with instead of challenging yourself with something more difficult. you need to better cement the basics.

jk i pulled that out of my ass

>> No.20679263


>> No.20679267
File: 78 KB, 758x495, mondai.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you should be able to solve this

>> No.20679284
File: 61 KB, 654x775, 1399095166946.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are like a little baby

>> No.20679290

what the fuck?

>> No.20679301
File: 96 KB, 686x486, angoubun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20679314
File: 252 KB, 800x800, 1427952966655.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20679371


>> No.20679382

ヴ = v

>> No.20679387

but they have ぶ/ブ right? so what the FUCK?

>> No.20679405

Something good this time.

It's not a meme.

Manga isn't reading.

>> No.20679479
File: 93 KB, 1024x1024, 1546301107968.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ok, be honest guys would you?

>> No.20679491

man debutopia 3 lookin good

>> No.20679499


>> No.20679511

Thats Bu, different from the V sounds phonetically. Names that have a "V" sound use that katakana.

>> No.20679517

>Thats Bu, different from the V sounds phonetically
yes but that's largely how japs pronounce english words with v

>> No.20679532

pretty comfy that i can pronounce the R sounds in japanese almost perfectly, due to my native language

anglocucks BTFO again as usual

>> No.20679550

Are you a med?

>> No.20679551

Doesn't matter.

>> No.20679559

B and V are pronounced exactly the same.

>> No.20679562

it does cuz it makes me go what the fuck

>> No.20679568

The Japanese pronounce them the same?

>> No.20679575


>> No.20679579

Are you from a mediterranean country?

>> No.20679591

ステーキはいい。 - (in general) steak is good
ステーキがいい。- (this in specific) steak is good

>> No.20679600

No they're not retard.

B is by pressing both lips together.

V is by pressing your upper teeth to your bottom lip.

>> No.20679611

no scandinavian

but i have heard spanish speakers have some kind of equivalent to the japanese R that makes it easy for them to pronounce it though

>> No.20679625

They sound exactly the same.

>> No.20679648

They do not. Are you tone deaf.

>> No.20679658

I'm a native English speaker but Japanese Rs are easy to pronounce. I've stated before in this thread that it's probably because I have a high IQ. I've never needed to rely on the similarity of my native tongue to make a Japanese sound.

>> No.20679661

>the steak is good, but the rest is trash
Now you made the chef suicide.

>> No.20679673
File: 77 KB, 1024x1011, laughing anime girl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20679679

>it's probably because I have a high IQ

>> No.20679687

彼だけ何も出来ない Saying only he can't do anything
彼だけじゃ何も出来ない Saying he can't do anything if it's just him

>> No.20679688

oh shit is that plastic nee-san?

>> No.20679696

What other explanation is there? If native English speakers have a difficult time, and ESLs brag about their pronunciation of Japanese sounds based on their similarity to sounds in their native language, then I must have a really huge brain that enables me to reproduce those sounds without that crutch.

>> No.20679716

how many iq points do i need to do flashcards on more than just a surface level

>> No.20679743

this but unironically

>> No.20679755

Sounds more like you cant pronounce words properly in your native language

Were your parent's immigrants or are you an actual native english though?

>> No.20679762

Most people who enjoy anki are probably autistic and above average in IQ compared to the internet baseline. I'd say the average redditor is around 105 so I'd put the average anki user at 110-115. But for someone to utilize anki properly is rare and I'd put such individuals at 115-120. I'd aim for 115 if I were you, but seeing as how lowercasers average 125 in DJT I'd say you're in the clear.

This doesn't mean anki is effective though. Smart people get plenty of things wrong and stupid people can stumble into truth.

>> No.20679769

Depends, if the body was amazing then maybe once.

Yes. I'd destroy that cute lil piggie.

>> No.20679778
File: 291 KB, 1600x1056, 1465577811163.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'd say the average redditor is around 105

>> No.20679782

>tfw I have an IQ lower than the average redditor
I'm not gonna make it.

>> No.20679785

You've no idea how stupid the average person is. Internet users are smarter than average. Low-earners with low IQ aren't spending time on internet communities.

>> No.20679789

>stupid people can stumble into truth
The power of the subconscious mind really.

>> No.20679800

I felt so smart when I figured out the difference between は and が

>> No.20679804

You're either a time traveler from the 90s or incredibly stupid.

>> No.20679809

how does one accurately calculate your iq?

Its not that test thing where it asks you if its the square-shaped or circle-shaped brick that goes in the square hole?

>> No.20679813

sorry i dont have high enough iq to understand this post on anything more than a surface level

can anyone translate

>> No.20679818
File: 5 KB, 501x78, 1542570428677.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20679824

A psychologist made me take a test, it involved several types of "trials".

Since it wasn't one of those internet tests I guess the result I got must be accurate.

>> No.20679825

Obviously the internet has become more representative of the general population as it's become more accessible but there's still a filtering of society's most stupid people.

>> No.20679844

Same here. I've taken it about 8 times and never got under 130, hit 142 once. Too bad I suck at school though, but the smartest guy in america is a bouncer at a bar.

>> No.20679852

you guys better shut up about core and iq ill fuck you up im the strongest and meanest DQN bastard in the prefecture

>> No.20679854

what dick size do i need to understand japanese literature on more than just a surface level?

>> No.20679861

*braces himself for anon to make a grossly scientifically illiterate statement on the validity of IQ tests*

>> No.20679863

less then 5 inches

>> No.20679869

fuck shit bitch piss ill never truly know japanese then

this truly has been 日本語失格

>> No.20679870

I dont get the issue? I could see why some people would have trouble with は and が, but is it really that big an issue for most people? Maybe i just got lucky and it just kind of clicked for me from the start, but idk.

>> No.20679881

There are a list of problems with Core 10k that go beyond the memes posted here. It's frequency based off Asahi Shinbum newspapers from the 1990s. It over uses pronouns. It uses words not taught yet in example sentences. It's not in any sorted or themed order. It randomly uses rare kanji for words. Core 10k's additional 3500 words repeat words just to show kanji variant. Core 10k's words are text to speech.

It was a good deck at its time and still usable, but it has been surpassed by other decks. It sure as fuck ain't perfect.

>> No.20679890

*imageboard enthusiast/blogger self-castrates in attempt to learn nihongo*

>> No.20679892

I meant は lol

>> No.20679893

Not him, but what are some good decks?

>> No.20679895
File: 201 KB, 699x722, 1525967789781.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw I'll actually make it

>> No.20679907

It's one of those things you realize you didn't need to worry about later.

>> No.20679912

I can always tell it's you Nuke. Respect man.

>> No.20679936

Ive only just started, but when i finish learning kanji meanings, how should i go about learning the readings?

>> No.20679953

Personally the Tango decks work great. Fixes a lot of the problems of Core 10k. They work better if you watch Japanese shows everyday and read LNs along with its audio book if it exists.

Hopefully you can only tell when I make long replies.

>> No.20679956

Just start by doing VNcore deck. Learning words by mining vocab you come across, reading a lot, rewinding video a lot, or doing other decks of vocab, but don't try to go too hard on the singled out kanji at the start imo.

>> No.20679964

oh shit nuke you shouldve said something now ive gone and embarrassed myself in front of a minor celebrity talking about dicks and iq lol

>> No.20679965

I don't feel like doing listening practice until I've become able to comfortably read visual novels. Is that bad? Will my accent be permanently crippled as Matt says?

>> No.20679966

how do you conjugate zuru verbs. im guessing like う、る、つ
Ive never actually see one conjugated.

>> No.20680002

It's not listening practice. It's just reading along with a native that's reading to you. You just have the option to pause and look up words or phrases you don't know. Try it with this site for children's stories. http://www.hukumusume.com/douwa/0_6/index.html

>> No.20680011

If you've never seen it, then don't worry about it.

>> No.20680094

未然形: -じ(-ない、-よう、-ず、-させる、-られる)、-ぜ(-ず、-られる)
連用形: -じ
終止形: -ずる、-じる
連体形: -ずる、-じる
仮定形: -ずれ、-じれ
命令形: -じろ、-じよ、-ぜよ

>> No.20680309


>> No.20680406

if manga isn't reading then read some fucking webnovels bros
i recommend this https://ncode.syosetu.com/n4719ff

>> No.20680453

Cool, thanks for the recommendation.

>> No.20680463

I look forward to you breaking through the N2 bracket of the JCAT before it shuts down, Nuke.

>> No.20680517

Newbie here, I've gotten pretty comfortable with hiragana but I can't read it very fast at all. I'm in the process of learning katakana but can I start the core2k at the same time?

>> No.20680530

I'd learn some grammar first, Tae Kim's guide is good, there's a link to it in the guide in the OP, check it out once you're done with kana.

>> No.20680560

I'm just naturally a moron. So taking on one of the hardest languages to learn is a really good idea.
I'm on using past conjugations with る and う verbs and god damn it's weird.

>> No.20680687

Okay will do thanks anon, I already have a question. So you use つ for combining consonant sounds but I don't really understand it's use in the example びっく =bikku but wouldn't びく=biku ? I don't really see what changes in the pronunciation (unless the つ changes the meaning).

>> No.20680764


>> No.20680771

Hey dudes instead of taking half an hour to read a chapter I read two in 40 minutes

>> No.20680808

u guys learn nihongo yet

>> No.20680821

Whith つ there's a glottal stop before pronouncing the next consonant idk what this is about combining consonant sounds

>> No.20680858

it's not a glottal stop, it's a stop on whatever position the consonant itself has

and for fricatives it extends the length of the fricative instead of creating a stop

basically it induces a pause on the state immediately before whatever oral event would cause the vowel to begin sounding out

this is called "gemination"

>> No.20680869

i wish u guys would glottal stop posting

>> No.20680879

based misinformation poster
based information poster
based feel dont think brainlet poster

>> No.20680970

informations worthless if u dont know how to use it holistically

>> No.20680978

based doesnt have anything of value to contribute but wants to say something smart sounding poster

>> No.20680984

im still just slightly smarter than u

>> No.20680988

based frail ego poster

>> No.20681000


>> No.20681077

Looking for New Authentic Japanese: Progressing from Intermediate to Advanced. Can't find it anywhere. Anyone got a link?

>> No.20681087

Hey there /jp mod.

>> No.20681236

>Friend says he picked up meditation and asked later if I ever heard of mattvsjapan
I cant believe someone actually fell for the meditation meme, let alone someone I know.

>> No.20681251


>> No.20681260

You need an IQ above 240 in order to meditate.

>> No.20681277

Off topic question. Why do whitoids love BBC so much?

>> No.20681376
File: 17 KB, 1050x96, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which one should I watch next on my journey to fluency?

>> No.20681380

On topic question: How can matt meditate so much yet have such a huuuuuge ego
>muh definitions are better than krashens

>> No.20681403

Why is meditation bad?

>> No.20681410

didn't he say his definition was better for the specific purpose he's interested in. he shit all over that belligerent djter.

>> No.20681412
File: 116 KB, 1024x576, e7c84301e28d04e2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.20681430

>making a separate thread to bitch about people giving krashen more respect than him
>only reply disagreed
>"shat all over"
Sounds more like he ran away. By the way he also deleted his own youtube comments after being shat on by djt before.

>> No.20681448

>having a different opinion and thinking someone is wrong makes you hostile
also top kek

>> No.20681451


>> No.20681457

why are you invoking the number of replies who agree with him with who was right? his tweet afterwards was about people fallaciously invoking krashen too. it was an accurate statement. i don't get why you were so rude to him anyway.

>> No.20681473

matt's arguments are incoherent and self contradictory, why are you talking about him, he's just some random delusional nerd

>> No.20681499

>hey i see you put a lot of thought into tjis but there are issues
>matt: uh maybe actually read it? Oh youre mad you have a speech impediment?
>ok bud, youre making this shit too complex, krashen is better. Do more research next time, you.literally said natives aren't fluent
>matt: oh my god you didnt even read my post sorry youre mad you cant talk right
Yeah fuck off matt sympathizer. I tried being nice despite him making 2.5k a month for no-research assertions and he immediately got defensive so I gave up.

>> No.20681507

Matt thanks anyone who sucks his dick but attacks anyone who criticizes him, what else is new in djt?

>> No.20681535

>Core 10k's words are text to speech.
No they aren't.
You really need to kill yourself already.

>> No.20681622

i installed it but it seems that ithvnr doesn't wanna hook up to it and i'm too dumb for this shit, i'll come back later

>> No.20681627

s m f h

>> No.20681641
File: 66 KB, 755x506, matt-kun.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>literally said natives aren't fluent
i really didn't want to but since you keep dunking on my boy matt i decided to read the article and he never said natives aren't "fluent" in the way we would describe it.

i agree with you that his model is cumbersome, pointless (which funnily enough he said he wanted to avoid in the article), and probably only exists because he feels pressured to continue "innovating" for patreon bucks. but it's obvious you didn't read the article or are just a moron. his asserting that you haven't read the article when you clearly haven't isn't him being an asshole. you jumping to conclusions without reading his article is being an asshole.

pic related. matt intellectually chokeslamming someone who can't read.

>> No.20681645

Instead of killing myself, I'll just prove you wrong with the first three audio sentences in the Core10k set. It's good text to speech, but still text to speech.


>> No.20681658

feels lame but if i'm looking up words every line by drawing them on google translate i'm not gonna have time to enjoy the actual dialogue or even necessarily understand it, man

>> No.20681664

look up hook codes or ithvnr codes or some shit cuz i don't remember what they're called. they're required for some games.

>> No.20681674

this isn't text to speech, it's just real people speaking robotically through very bad audio compression

there was indeed a core deck that used TTS for sentence audio though i'm pretty sure you're just confusing it for that one and working backwards for the reason

not the person you're responding to btw

make sure to get your reading-without-any-voicing in today

>> No.20681689

just nvm in general dude

>> No.20681706

feeling physically ill from disappointing anons on djt

>> No.20681721

Imagine arguing over the voice quality of Anki decks you shouldn't be using anyway.

>> No.20681744

look i'm just very particular about my voice synthesis ok i spend at least four hours a day every single day listening to voiceroid実況 it's a huge deal to me

>> No.20681749

>haven't done my RTK reps for two weeks
>784 reps

>> No.20681775

time to drop it since the effort required to maintain it isn't worth the knowledge it imparts.

>> No.20681777

Any thoughts on HelloTalk or similar apps? Seems good but also seems gay

>> No.20681783

do what motivates you, even if output is gay

>> No.20681806

it is but the thing is I added 700 new kanji during the holidays when I wasn't busy with uni and then I was swamped and 400 reps looked daunting so I've been putting it off for a whole week after that

>> No.20681998
File: 41 KB, 225x350, 8C73404B-CF3D-4CF1-B189-3A2212565D07.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I have my sentence cards setup as: sentence on the front, reading/meaning on the back with TTS. I’ve been reading them aloud and only passing them if I get both the reading and meaning right.

Does this setup seem okay? Seems like the best way to make sure I can both recognize it in the wild when both reading and hearing it, but I don’t know what everyone else does. My biggest worry is fucking up my accent by reading aloud, I’m going to Japan in a few months and it would be nice to actually be able to use some of this shit I spend so much time on, but I also don’t want to sound like a retard forever because I messed up my accent early.

>> No.20682012

you can't permanently fuck up an accent you can just train yourself in the future if you ever want to have a natural sounding accent which is kind of a gay thing to do anyways like why would you want to sound just like a japanese person isnt that weird anyways thats besides the point just do orthodox ajatt and youll be fine eventually sentence cards will get boring and inefficient and you can just learn words isntantly in text or with single word flashcards in massive amounts good luck

>> No.20682032

do you guys ever actually talk about learning japanese?

>> No.20682035

why would you give a shit about your accent because here's a pro tip from me to you, a secret nihongo secret:
they're gonna make fun of your fuckin voice by saying "uwa jouzu desu ne :)" no matter how well you speak so you might as well embrace being "the gaikokujinkun" and move on with actually learning japanese

>> No.20682040

it's so simple that there's not much to discuss.

>> No.20682070

if you agree with jamal you're a coping EOP

EOPs are used to literally millions of pajeets butchering their language so they see it as normal for people to sound like a retard when speaking a language

>> No.20682081

id rather spend time learning more words and reading interesting shit in japanese that can actually improve your life than sitting around imitating the sounds a japanese person makes. and yeah the algorithm for learning japanese is so simple its all laid out the only thing to discuss is how the daily anki reps went or what are you reading or stupid shit like how does 感ずる conjugate like just google that shit seriously

>> No.20682106

Anyone here know a good desktop ebook reader for Japanese ebooks (the ones with vertical text)? Calibre just displays them weird.

As long as it works under Windows or Linux, I'm good.

>> No.20682132

no i dont know of anything besides txtmiru which i think is mainly for aozora bunko txt files. on desktop i would just opt for the img scans if possible, a lot of them are high resolution and have nice print fonts

>> No.20682135

i'm not good enough to read so i can't help you

>> No.20682145

i'm too tired to read your whole post but as long as you're not sinking hours a day into anki stuff (whether you're inside or outside of it itself) you can't fuck anything up

the only bad thing you can do in a moderate amount of anki time is waste anki time doing bad decks instead of good ones

on that note i recommend doing vocab-as-spelled alone on the front (maybe with a "hint" of where you mined it from) with all possible answers on the back of the same card

you're not gonna sound like a retard forever as long as you don't sit in a circle with other JSLs and forcibly recite unnatural scripted textbook conversations in a bad accent

>> No.20682147

why are u name dropping me ??

>> No.20682165

ironic thing is ur post is just as long and unattractive

>> No.20682179

my post doesnt even have a cute anime girl attached at least call it more unattractive

>> No.20682245

i まね'd you so well that someone thought i was you
that anon got pwnd desu

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