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Monthly Mima appreciation thread

Reincarnation is such as sad song I can't stop imagining Mima saying goodbye to Marisa when she leave her with this playing in the background.

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Operation M.I.M.A. will never be seen in the Windows games

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This made me BAWWWWWW

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I'm sorry to tell you but Mima is dead.
Again, most likely.
For good.

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so is Yuyuko and people make Yuyuko threads

RIP Mima you will be remembered

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Yumemi will be back

Mima can stay dead

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most forgotten character after gengetu

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Posting the best Toehoe in a best Toehoe thread.

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why are you posting blanc images?

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Only the people who don't go to Gaia can see Mima, It's an ancient arcane spell.

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Only the people who don't go to Gaia can see Mima, It's an ancient arcane spell this board has.

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Her last form doesn't last enough in SoEW

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I have a total girlcrush on her

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I wonder who fits the bill.

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Orange is way popular than Gengetu

Mainly because Gengetu is impossible to reach

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weeaboo singing

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Hey bro.
Konngara doesn't like your tone.

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Way better than Mima

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Konngara can go suck Mima's canon dick

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Some jap wrote some lyrics for Complete Darkness in Engrish

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Dolls in psuedo paradise(ZUN windows mix)
IN MAH BONES, although this CD is old, EoSD old.

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Touhou 12 will feature pairs, just like IN.
The first girl will be the player, just like any Touhou game. The second one will be the assistant and will act like an option, and will only be on screen when your power is level 2 or above.
Bomb system will be just a mix of MoF/SA and IN. You lose a power level when you bomb, and the bomb is performed by the player. However, when you counter-bomb, you'll lose up to two power levels, and the bomb will be performed by the assistant, consisting in a more powerful and longer bomb attack.
There will be 4 pairs available:


Yeas, both Mima and Shinki will be back. I feel it in my bones.

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who was phone

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Was Mima the only touhou to have a melee spellcard where she chased after you with that stick of violence while spewing bullets everywhere?

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No, that other vampire did something similar

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Meiling also had one in StB.

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I hope in the next game Shinki and Mima are Extra/Phantasm bosses respectively, each with an arranged version of their original themes updated from FM.

Which also means I hope Alice is playable to show down with her mom (Shinki) like Marisa with hers (Mima, SEARCH YOUR FEELINGS YOU KNOW IT TO BE TRUE)

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Also Mima's theme, Complete Darkness, FUCK YEAH

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You can always bribe ZUN with beers

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Hell yeah motherfucker

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PC-98 Blazing Star

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Hong Meiling knows kung-fu and will break yo face in StB.

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Hey if Shinki comes back, can Yumeko come too then she and Sakyua can have a Maid-off?

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But, why should Youmu be the only one who gets to be a fangirl?

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The whole Youmu idolising Sakuya joke.

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non-canon means non-canon

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You never know, he might just cave into the fans this time.

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Well, no

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