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Post the last Touhou you stared at while ejaculating.

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Little Rumia-chan does incredible things to me.

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Probably. Most of the time it's either her or Patcho.

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Exceptional taste, anon.
I can’t stop jerking it to Yukari either. Please send help.

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I don't normally stare at Touhous (more like a single Touhou) while ejaculating. I prefer to do it in the bath while imagining the process. Makes it easy to clean up, you know.

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How can legs be so sexual?

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It doesn’t have to be the exact picture guys... Just the character. This thread makes me uncomfortable enough as it is.
putting that aside, really nice sakuya.

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This would be kinda hot without the fart clouds.

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Girlfriend's 8 is the best touhou ero-doujin ever.
the anon that will unite lolicons and hag lovers.

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Thanks for spoonfeeding me anon. I totally could have reverse image searched but you took that extra step for us.

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Komachi AND Eiki. Together.

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Surprisingly this isn’t the first Touhou doujin I’ve seen with butt-chugging.

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Why would somebody make this?

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This slot right here

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Heck is a virgin goddess.

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Why wouldn't somebody make it?

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tfw I can hear the music from the way her legs move alone.

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Where were you staring and/or aiming at?

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Here comes the airplane!

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No need to get uncomfortable.
Do you want a shoulder rub to relax and get in the mood?

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This thread makes me uneasy

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But this way is so much more fun.

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That's a vibrator noise, anon.

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*airplane sounds*

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Post the full image or your a scam

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Yeah, that would be kinda nice...
I don’t even wanna post what I fapped to. You guys fap to classy ecchi which I can get off to but I normally fap to touhous giving paizuri and nursing handjobs and getting coated in semen.

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It could be way worse, anon. I fap exclusively to lolis getting their cunnies mercilessly rammed by adult cocks, like they are just onaholes, and having their throats, anuses and pussies pumped with lots and lots of gooey semen.
And that's still pretty tame compared to some of the stuff out there.

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So Sanae?
No issues anon. Just don't touch her. Ever. She's disgusting.

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Chin's Sakuya getting her pussy stretched to the limit by old man fat dick

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A man of taste. Lolis getting mating pressed violently is A+

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My post made it seem like I prefer bigger ladies but I like lolis just as much. Suwako’s thighighs drive me insane.

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Suwako was made for sadism, the only thing between you two should be the needles she's stabbing you with.

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That IS the full image, m8.

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Jesus christ that's good.

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I think what you are actually saying is that you have no privacy outside the bathroom.

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that just means you have good taste

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I'm sorry bro I don't masturbate anymore

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Fuck off boomer.

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Maybe so, but she's literally got a slot for the entire earth, the moon and the umberworld on her head. If you know what I mean...

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Ran while reading this god tier doujin

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It's more like I don't want to stain my clothing or furniture, and I consider my penis too dirty to touch bare-handed. (OCD doesn't help.) So I usually give the meat a good ol' rub through my pants while looking at the screen and scroling through lewds with my left hand, edging, until I feel like I'm going to erupt if I do it any more. This may take up to several hours if I have nothing better to do. Then I leave the computer, take a tissue or a toilet paper, head to the bathroom, pull down the pants and underwear, close my eyes, and jerk off while imagining the culmination of a sex act I wish to indulge in at the moment. Then I try to squeeze the remainder out, wash the member using the shower head at low pressure, and wipe it dry with toilet paper.

Alternatively, I just lie in the bathroom while it slowly gets full and jerk off imagining various sex acts with my eyes closed. This is much better since it's closer to the real deal (naked, body positions, comfortable warmth of water) and I have many stimulation options: tickling the tip or erogenous points on the shaft with the water jet from the shower, which is extremely pleasant and also excludes the sensation of your own hands touching the benis (however, it's easy to fail to hold it in and spray somewhere unwanted), using a sponge, using various gels to wash the thing and simultaneously enhance the feeling, using a rubber glove to exclude skin contact (it, however, causes skin irritations and may possibly carry infectious agents since they aren't sold sterile), or simply using my bare hands, which feels lewder because I rarely do it.

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>> lie in the bathroom while it slowly gets full
I mean the bath, of course. And I do it when I'm bathing.

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I wish I could live a long life with Ran and have many children with her and end up just like the ending of that doujin, those who read it understand what I mean

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This one.
I love her so much.

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I have mild OCD but I usually just don’t touch anything with my fap hand until I wash it. I like to take my pants off and sit on a towel while I do it.
Sounds like your method is only practical if you’re NEET. Which is fine, I used to waste countless hours fapping before I tried taking control of my obsessiveness. Didn’t help I was ln meds that didn’t let me cum without conscious effort.
Sometimes I see images so specific they make me question what we’re really doing here, on the internet. What are we unknowingly working towards?
Doesn’t matter, it’s got a Chaika reference and that’s cool.
I also know I have some examples of some super niche images people have thrown together, I just don’t know where they are.
I mean everything in that image is popular, but to think about how we got to the point where monster energy, a warped wojak, Ran, and Chaika would show up together is very strange. And the fact that it comes off as a normal joke to us is even weirder. Actually shit I just remembered an image I saw recently, though this one has no clear message. It’s just fascinating that all these things would end up in the same place.
I want to die between those tits.

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>> I have mild OCD but I usually just don’t touch anything with my fap hand until I wash it.
Same. But since I want to wash it EXTREMELY THOROUGHLY after fapping, it's too much of a bother, so I prefer not to touch the benis.

>> Sounds like your method is only practical if you’re NEET.
I'm a freelancer. Yeah, hours-long fapping has caused me to miss on several jobs.

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I’m a university student, so I’ve also missed out on things like sleep and coursework simply by masturbating too much. Doesn’t seem like it’ll happen anymore, but I still jerk myself into a coma at times and it prevents me from being as productive as I should be.
As for the OCD, it’s not totally helpless, if you’re uncomfortable with how you’re living there are methods to gradually improve it. It’ll never go away completely but if you can manage to save yourself just a bit of extra time you’ll be less frustrated. Personally I find indulging in the compulsions strengthens them, and resisting them weakens them.

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Would you make out with her armpit?

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Probably, if she was into it.

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Nah, I'm mostly fine with the level it's currently at.

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Ad by resisting the compulsions I don’t mean letting yourself be filthy, I just mean doing things to a reasonable extent and letting yourself be a bit annoyed with it rather than “satisfying” yourself. I still wash the fuck out of my hands, and do it more often than the average person, but the time spent doing it and the number of times I do it have decreased to a comfortable level.
But like I said if you’re happy don’t bother.

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Oh, more power to you then. I’ve just been battling my way down to relative normality over the past year or so. I like having some degree of obsessiveness but I don’t like when it robs me of time/comfort. Or when it makes me waste soap.

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>> I just mean doing things to a reasonable extent and letting yourself be a bit annoyed with it rather than “satisfying” yourself
That seems to be the only way to cure it / make it lie low—ignoring your compulsions and only doing what's objectively reasonable. After all, a month-long checkup in a loony bin with its drugs didn't seem to do anything for me.

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I’ve gone into treatment before but for other things, and it never seems to serve its intended purpose. Like I went in for depression/suicidal feelings and instead of drugs/therapy helping it was more of a wake up call that told me how much I took for granted.
I’m pretty sure all that idle time actually made me more obsessive. Therapy has potential but it never managed to get to the bottom of why I do things, it was always presented as “I’m the expert. Do these things and you’ll be better.” So even if the advice was good, it was never convincing enough to make me take it, and if I did it wouldn’t last long because I’d go in assuming it wouldn’t work. Looking back, I was told some very useful things, but I never applied them until I learned them on my own, the hard way.

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Because it's kino.

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How would she react if accidentally called her Mommyzou?

>> No.20636409

How would she know unless she saw it written?

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Don't be a pedant, anon.

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She'd better take responsibility.

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>a month-long checkup in a loony bin with its drugs
Haha, another lunatic! I got out sooner than a month though.

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Did you tell them how much you love Yuuka?

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>LLSfags are literally insane

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I don't think I cared much about Touhou all these years ago. IIRC, I only knew it exists at that time.

I need to find you and fist you. Oh, sorry, I missed the "bump" word. Fist bump, I mean.

I went there of my own accord to get a certain paper, and it was the minimum required time for them to provide it.

Applying that same logic, LLSfags have a Mensa Society-tier IQ. Adding the picture for this exact reason.

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A-Alright anon, be gent... Oh.

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Time to dig in

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Delicious legs.

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Lucky you. I got commited but got out surprisingly fast.
SAfags literally can't specify who, in fact, they are quoting.

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Are you implying that there’s a single part of Yuuka that isn’t delicious?

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She is a good 2hu.

>> No.20638306

That's not what that means, anon.

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If we're talking about loli Yuuka, then no, that's not what I implied.
If we're talking about older Yuuka, then I would rather not answer the question.

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If we're talking about loli Yuuka, then no, that's not what I implied.
If we're talking about older Yuuka, then I would rather not answer the question.

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It was Sanae. Sorry, Sanae.

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Don't apologize to her, she likely deserved anything and everything you did with or to her.

>> No.20638443

That's incredibly unlikely.

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Sanae is a good girl, thus, no matter what your masturbatory fantasy included, she was asking for it by virtue of being a good girl.
Sanae is a good girl, so please respect her, and doubly respect her by including her in your masturbatory fantasy. It's a declaration of love! Sanae deserves love.

>> No.20638666

I don't think that's how it works, and her 'asking for it' would ruin my fantasy, so no.

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I was trying to not masterbate today, she was the one who tempted me.

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Please describe this fantasy involving Sanae, for the purposes of us fans of hers generating large amount of lewd thoughts, centered on her.

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>I was trying to not masterbate today

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There's not a lot to tell. Nothing you can't find done better elsewhere and nothing you haven't read before if it's your thing.

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Sorry Ran.

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But Yuuka is a sadistic goddess, I can’t imagine her in such a vulnerable state.

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It was Tatara for me,

>> No.20639572

nice job using her last name dork

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Yeah, you tell him anon.

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dancing gokuraku joudo with just 1 girl?

>> No.20647009

You sound like you want to eat Patche's poo-poo like it was ice cream. We don't need that sickness in /jp/...

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Oh no.
This thread is about to become a warzone.

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No, it doesnt.