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Guide & resources:

前スレ: >>20603526

anybody ever heard of the book in pic related? i'm gonna start reading it when i finish my other novel (probably tonight). is it any good?

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Hello Jamal how does it feel to do it (for free)?

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>legacy site still not linked

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yall know what time it is


time to ギンギンbust it down 友達とfuck it up

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youve posted this so much i actually like it now

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And also, How many dicks did you suck in order to become a Janitor?

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Don't reply to yourself jamal.

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How does it feel to be a sad gay meat toilet that...

Does it (for free).

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i know what time it is

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When you suck so much at Nihongo...

You start sucking dick to become a Janitor...

And then try to monopolize the DJT for yourself in order to get the upper hand. And yet, Jamal will do all of this (for free).

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is it worth it to join the matt patreon just to cringefarm?

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Jamal you will be forever remembered as a faggot Dekinai who does it (for free).

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its prolly better than being in this thread rn

sux my #1 fan turned into a spammer

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Go delete my posts all you want Jamal...

But it doesn't change the fact that you do it (for free).

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Go try and cause me to get banned again you faggot!

And Jamal will still do all of this (for free).

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at this rate some of us might learn some nihongo

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The Eternal Jamal...

Will do it (for free).

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guys we should all become janitors and delete jamal

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lowercasers shouldnt fight

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imagine having a black benis shoved up your angus beef meathole :DD

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whats with the autist lmao

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its my fault guys im sorry i mindbroke another one

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>やあやあやあ! よく来てくれたね!
it's good that you came? because "you came well" doesn't fit in the sense this is a scene about someone entering an office and not ejaculating.

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you gave me your good coming ne

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never thought wed have a good reason to post https://streamable.com/nb6zm

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when you are fisting your mommys bunghole and your replacement daddy walks in!

ooh oh!!

thats a bummer for mommy's 35 year old bundle of joy!

gotta go now, replacement daddy is taking his belt off!

remember to like and subscribe and donate to my patreon ;DDDDDDDDD

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rut roh

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is this satire? i really hope it is

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i want to go to island next to korea and china and speak to old man yakisama and tell him that i am not a nihonjin in a very rude mana like this

watatshi no penisu very biggu and not from island next to that korea or china, thank you

and then watch him collapse into tears and offer me his loli girlfriend as tribute for my honesty

thank you old man wakisaga or whatever you name is lol XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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how does this happen

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lmao I hope jamal's enjoying the fruit of his labor.

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dont get me wrong im lolling like fuck but somehow i feel like i taught u better than that

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those who can't, teachって

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I failed at meeting my goal in December. And I didn't even read a whole LN to offset it. I only finished half of it. I'm on the last chapter of Zero no Tsukaima #3 now and it is getting pretty good. Probably finish it up tonight or tomorrow.

Madan Ou to Vanadis was pretty miserable to watch. There was so much political and military stuff that I pretty much never understood what was going on.

This month I am going back to basics and watching K-ON instead of the harder stuff I usually like to watch. I will probably also watch the first season of Zero no Tsukaima now that I've read all the volumes it covers (I think). Not sure if I will continue with ZnT #4 or try something else.

I'm looking forward to March because I am going to watch all of Chihayafuru before the new season starts in April.

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I'm just getting started on Core 2k. Should I include production cards or just focus on recognition?

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just accept that youre doomed

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アイツ嫌い。 かわいくないから。
Is this like "I hate her, she's not cute"? I haven't seen kunai like this before

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Ya, it is just the negative form of an i-adjective.

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this stupid fucking song rules it gets stuck in my head for hours on end especially because my job involves driving vehicles and im literally swervin

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Somehow I came across this and what the hell


The movie's original title is "12 Years a Slave", but the nips translated it to "それでも夜は明ける"? That's very different from the original.

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Welcome to translations, enjoy your stay

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heres the shocking truth

all the nihongo u thought u knew was a lie

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havent you seen enough animes to know this happens

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>headache so can't read
have to be up early tomorrow anyway, fuck it. good night djt

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It's long out of date, has a small fraction of the content and not even all of the links on the main page are working. What use would it serve to anyone? It is better than the e-celeb spam the shitposter put in this op but other than that the older site remains redundant at best.

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yea very important to note op is a fag

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Glad I haven't been to this shit thread for so long, it's now even worse. This should moved to /trash/.

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imagine being introduced to gaebolg the first time from fsn lmao

youre really off your game these days

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Ban this fucking subhuman.

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how many different posters is that three or four
in any case four of those were me and i imagine four were who you are tryin to agitate

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Man, you subhumans are insufferable, this general is fucking cancer. When they exist for too long this kind of situation eventually happens because retarded teens really can't do anything without circlejerks, drama and blogging. It's time for this thread to be permanently eliminated from the board and you subhumans return to your discord.

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gonna hurt someones feelings with all that pent up anger

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Read somewhere once that reading kids books in the language you are learning can help. Bought this for my 1YO little girl. Now, do I read it in Japanese and then translate, or just read it in Japanese? I'm excited to read it to her tonight.

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Does anyone know what this girl is saying to another one? I can't make any sense out of it whatsoever

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Frick dudes I took a peek at the translated manga when I shouldn't have

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"For someone easily annoyed I guess you need that guy"

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I have a very serious problem and I dont know what to do and was hoping maybe you guys could help. I have gone through the full course of college Japanese classes at my community college and have a pretty good grasp of the language verbally. When people speak I can unerstand them 90% of the time. The problem is I have difficulty responding to them and tend to not make sense when speaking and have bad verbal habits. In addition to all of that I can read decently but when trying to read comments on 2chan and youtube I have trouble. Does anyone know what I can do to try to fix these problems and is it worth just starting over and doing it the djt way? Also when I refer to speaking I mean with actual japanese people so it's not like I'm chatting with random weebs or something.

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Give up and go join society rather than trying to cure your mental illness with Japanese.

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I was planning on teaching english in Japan. It's been my dream since I was little.

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Oh fuck no, dude. I was being facetious originally but you severely underestimate how much of a shit show that is because anime and manga has blinded you.

Save for a holiday instead, trust me. You don't want to experience living in a sharehouse with other immigrants eating instant Ramen because the agency you work for pays you a below average wage. You don't want your school, teachers and such whoring you out at the local train station handing out tissues every day you're not working to make them think their local institution is going international.

You will be in the bum-fuck nowhere. No one will speak English, no one will have any concept of your culture and you'll be praying everyday that the monotony of your life might be interrupted by a stranger to save you from it, a friend if you will. Think being incel but with everyone.

You'll miss the weather back home, you'll miss the smell, things will get boring fast, you'll realise that the memes aren't true; that Japan is just another country with a different architecture that makes it look differently. The vending machines are normal. The place bieng clean is normal. The fact that you're not being robbed is the same as the fact that you're not being robbed when you go to the shop back home too.

You'll pray that you don't get an asshole of a kid who doens't embody your fantasy of a school that follows strict protocol and makes a mockery of the teacher that can't speak Japanese.

You'll want to visit akihabara, shinjuku, shibuya and so on. You'll need to save for it, you'll be denied entrance to places, you'll have to deal with rush-hour in a mega city which is not pleasant and you'll realise that most people are working themselves to death out of custom rather than necessity. 16 hour work week, most of it is sleeping with the 8 hours you get to spend home if you ever manage to graduate to salary man.

You'll think that a Japanese girl being intimate with you is a good thing, but over time you'll realise that bad communication leads to a disfunctional relationship that you'll get to experience the true wrath of Japanese women who are subordinate like the memes. Do. Not. Do. It. Do something else, save some money, go on a long vacation and be happy.

>> No.20617145

*not subordinate like the memes

>> No.20617179

I'll think about you said. Thank you.

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You don't need to know japanese to teach english in japan.

>> No.20617201

do they at least have cigarette vending machines?

>> No.20617208

Rare, but yes.

>> No.20617217

Do you know if jobs accept college degrees from america or do you have to do schooling in japan to get japan job?

>> No.20617224

If you plan on living there and becoming a citizen isnt learning the language necessary?

>> No.20617270

As a foreigner, you're going to get shit job prospects unless you're coming in as a HSFP. I think one of the better ways of describing it is that Japan isn't much different from China when it comes to perspective of foreigners. If you're a consultant, and I mean a proper one, you'll typically sit in a meeting silently while the other people are screaming at each other over some trivial issue that they don't want to change. Then at the end, you'll say something, everyone will agree, go to the local bar and forget it all at the bottom of a glass.

If you're not a proper professional, you'll simply be a token foreigner that they use to make the company look good. A dancing monkey or white monkey.

And if you're neither of the above, you'll basically have worst job prospects than back home. Maybe you can be a tour guide for English people, maybe you'll crash your maricar as everyone looks on in schadenfreude. Most likely you'll be an English teacher until you go broke and have to return home having never spent a significant amount of time near the places you dreamt about.

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I wouldn't really call it a professional job but i'm planning to work as a histology technician or something similar to that, would that be a shit environment to work in? Are all science related jobs taken up?

If it makes any difference I was hoping to get a job out in the middle of nowhere but I bet there wouldn't be any available hospital jobs out in the boonies.

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the annoying little shit finally got trucked

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what does this mean?

>> No.20618192,1 [INTERNAL] 

The fuck happened to this thread? It's a complete shitshow with suspiciously selective shitpost deleting.

>> No.20618213

Say something

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dude sppoillers

>> No.20619556

y-yeah, haha

>> No.20619797

Started JLPT2 vocabulary and ran into 威張る
I'm mostly just translating it as 'To be a dick' rather than any of the twenty other options. That's not far off aye?

>> No.20620394

みんなげんき ?

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What is the best Japanese literature you have read so far?

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Honestly how many of us are even weebs? I have garbage casual taste.

>> No.20620812

I mean it is better to just watch anime for pure enjoyment reason than to have convinced it is a deep medium. Whenever someone says an anime is dark or pretentious I laugh. Like eva and shit is some bottom of the barrel psychology that only an actual child or someone not well versed in real artistic mediums like literature and film could find deep.

>> No.20620830

Can you share the rest of your /trv/ pasta? Upload it on mixtape or something.

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What does ESL mean?

>> No.20621146

Enormous sexy lady.

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oh sHit

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i've been here 6 months and still can't read that sentence.

>> No.20621271

I've been here 12 months and this is the first time I managed to read that sentence. Thank you based jamal.

>> No.20621291

last 6 posts were all me btw

>> No.20621305

every post in every thread ever past present and future is me

>> No.20621494

super nice body
but why on earth is that trash not in katana.


finally FUCKします got a challanger

>> No.20621504

how i know when 中 is なか or ちゅう?

>> No.20621514

ちゅう is onyomi reading
なか kunyomi reading

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New Matt video

>> No.20621543


>> No.20621573

its in hiragana because shes got fuckin curves u dink

this is what i mean when i say u fuckers dont even know how to jack off to hentai

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Get a load of these curves.

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>> No.20621617

i bet u shes really sweet and nice and ud never find her on the side of the road screaming death to coreans into a megaphone

>> No.20621621

does that mean なか is almost certainly going to be the reading when it's the suffix and it's attached to a の?

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>> No.20621629

^^^^ holy SHIT ^^^^

>> No.20621640

The Anki deck linked in the OP (itazuraneko, not the gay shit OP posted), only has recognition cards. What is a good way to practice producing kanji?

>> No.20621644

have u tried a pen and a paper

>> No.20621657

poor matt, it's true what they say about meeting your heroes

>> No.20621677

oh shit honto ni
the layers of depth in eroge just keep unfoldin
learn nihongo first

>> No.20621687

>What is a good way to practice producing kanji?
You make your own cards for the kanji you want to produce, word written in hiragana on the front, kanji on the back.

>> No.20621693

people try to dunk on matt on djt but khatz sounds like the scummy money grubber here

>> No.20621699

Of course, but Anki is useful for a reason. Is there a way to set it up so that the english is on the front, and then I would write down the kanji
and reading to see if I remembered it?

>> No.20621705


>> No.20621727

if you're referring to an RTK-like deck then yea it's really simple to reverse the front and back of a card but i'm too lazy to explain how to do it.

>> No.20621736

khatz is a pro matts an imitator thats hardly in matts favor

>> No.20621740

is FF7 in jp fun

>> No.20621750

Reminder that learning kanji with english keywords is a giant waste of time, just learn to read them by immersing.
Once you're pretty good, you can then learn kanji properly with japanese keywords if you want.

>> No.20621756

u should play it to find out how barret really talks

>> No.20621759

I can't tell if it's because I have a huge brain or not but I've seen Matt claim on several occasions that there's "massive theory" behind AJATT and input, and that "you need to internalize all of it" in order to buy into it. But I heard about learning via input, it made sense, and I started doing it. It wasn't complicated.

>> No.20621767

theres massive cult brainwashing behind ajatt you aint really doin ajatt if you aint eatin keeki with ohasi
you seem to be confusin ajatt for based krashen

>> No.20621769

Thanks crab-kun. It is mighty nice inside this bucket, glad you're keeping everyone here.

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File: 796 KB, 711x948, 1546215856102.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i mean all u have to do is watch 10000 hours of eng subbed anime and then look at this image and the rest comes naturally

>> No.20621782

I don't know. I think that for most normal people who only speak one language, the idea of learning just from input doesn't make much sense if they don't know the theory behind it.
It made sense to me, cause I learned english even though I made no conscious effort towards it at all. I played games, watched movies, read books etc. in English just cause there wasn't much interesting content in my native language.

>> No.20621788

rattata is the way to go

>> No.20621791

Yea that's true. I wasn't thinking of the average redditor-type of person.

>> No.20621840

But it should, did they ever stop to think how they even speak a language in the first place?

>> No.20621848

Most people are just stupid and literally think children have some magic ability to learn a language that disappears when you get older. Why else would language classes exist?

>> No.20621853

babies are magical creatures

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File: 1.70 MB, 4320x3240, b921ddb7c074c9953b83d366bf58e9fd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20621886

this is true though, that's why feral children who fail to acquire language in the critical period will never acquire it

>> No.20621890

Me and my tomodachisantachi trying to figure out the difference between wa and ga

>> No.20621898

thats not really the right way of lookin at it because thats just part of a myriad of issues involving development and intelligence

>> No.20621910

more like team djt gettin ready to answer someones nihongo question lol

>> No.20621924

How are you going to learn to produce words by immersion unless you live in Japan or otherwise have a place to practice producing Japanese?

>> No.20621934

eroge and anime innit

>> No.20621936

talk to bored housewives on the internet

>> No.20621939


>> No.20621951

today is the day dolly chan finally started to go off the rails

>> No.20621961

i bet j*m*l is m*tts fursona and his way of getting revenge against djt for making fun of his muramasa video and his hairline

>> No.20621973

i warned you about the dolls bro you can only trust the boiro even if it hurts

>> No.20621975

but im the guy who did all those things that was me

>> No.20621976

Holy shit this is pathetic.

>> No.20621982 [DELETED] 

also u can fuckin boiro my bunghole

>> No.20621989 [DELETED] 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vr9ZHrsRi7A#t=331 LOLLL

>> No.20622004

i cant believe there will never be a lesson 40

>> No.20622012

the next story is better

>> No.20622018

im a manchild so it should be possible for me to learn a new language

>> No.20622020

>Japanese is very limited so the word will probably come up again soon
Is **** right? I thought nip had way more words? Or is that just people trying to count compounds as separate words and nip actually has fewer words than other languages?

>> No.20622034

manchild here. nope. i gave up learning japanese awhile ago and now i'm here for the memes

>> No.20622039

~the legacy of ajatt~ lmfao

>> No.20622044

From how few recommendations he was able to give off the top of his head it's likely that he barely use the language and the language he does use is very limited so yeah, in his experience that's true

>> No.20622049

So what's the deal with Dolly? Is it a Nip girl? A weeb from Massachusetts? Some dude with a voice changer?
The intrigue is killing me.

>> No.20622052

Is itazura alone a good resource? It's already helped with kanji but the grammar is still kicking my ass.

>> No.20622055
File: 141 KB, 1195x1154, 234erwqer13.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it does have many, but some people dont count loan words from english or chinese to be truly japanese

korean is far worse

>> No.20622062

the rule of thumb is when its written with other kanji together its onyomi when its alone and/or with okurigana its kunyomi

>> No.20622074

Despite the fact it's the lingua franca of the world. Wow our language is so superior and more efficient.

>> No.20622078

lmfao https://streamable.com/hlr5f

>> No.20622085

all the big ones contain shitloads of phrases and very obscure loanwords you can talk about tsunami being English all you want but I'm pretty sure something like tokoro or baai shouldn't count towards the size of an English dictionary even if it's in it for some reason

>> No.20622086

wow this guy is racist as hell.

>> No.20622090

anyways what you actually have to worry about are neologisms, slang, and rare jargon and those aren't the kind of things your ajatt overlords are worried about you learning

>> No.20622095

Dictionary word count doesn't matter. What's important is the word count actively used by the natives.

>> No.20622098

hes at such a high level he has to spend 3 hours a day just to not fall behind
this would never have happened if the poor boy read eroge
see i said it was better

>> No.20622104


>> No.20622120

>korean is far worse
That word count includes dialect words which makes it seem a lot worse than it actually is.

>> No.20622139 [DELETED] 

u know he rehearsed it when https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vr9ZHrsRi7A#t=2555

>> No.20622157

ok i finally found what jesus wanted me to find by actually going thru this vid


>> No.20622166


swedish being over japanese, that must hurt

sandniggers has the mentally capacity to learn that language and you struggle with something far easier

>> No.20622169

why are we still measurin the size of our dics like that means anything

>> No.20622193
File: 1.86 MB, 300x296, laughinggrillz.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20622387

>all of /djt/ post on /v/
Why aren't I surprised?

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Didn't know this game had tentacle porn

>> No.20622486

feels good to be fluent enough to have perfect comprehension of this thrilling dialogue

>> No.20622505

>release me! it's disgusting!
did i translate it right

>> No.20622526

did u not see the big gust logo on the box

>> No.20622527

there is no right in translatin the infinite depth of eroge
there is only varying degrees of wrongness

>> No.20622530

its 話す not 放す

>> No.20622548

FUCK i will never learn this fucking language

>> No.20622554
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<-- here in case u didnt see it watch out for this it means ur gonna get tako tenties up ur bunghole

i like u ur gonna make it if u havent already

>> No.20622557

its ok you can tell from prev context that she needs a bit of verbal foreplay before she gets into the mood thats why she told him to hanashite you can do it dattebayo

>> No.20622587

can u guys not talk about getting トトゥーリアちゃん in2 the mood pls ? ty

>> No.20622604


why is it written in hiragana, that can both mean let me go and talk according my trusted friend, GOOGLE TRANSLATE, and who is トトリ

>> No.20622632


>> No.20622638


>> No.20622731


>> No.20623011
File: 133 KB, 279x327, 1545972106683.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Japanese "words" aren't especially complex. If you know all the kanji involved, then you can immediately understand the word within and (usually, not always) guess the pronunciation as well. It's especially telling how similar it is to German's word count given both of their habits of conjoining words.

>> No.20623034

You seem to be mistaking "Japanese "words"" for 漢語.

>> No.20623083

How do you say "I'm in love with Kurisu-chan" in japanese?

>> No.20623095

kurisuchan wo daiaisiteiru

>> No.20623107

kurisuchan wo daifakkusitai

>> No.20623113

this means something else

>> No.20623130


>> No.20623133

whats the difference

>> No.20623142

this means "i am gay gay"

>> No.20623156


>> No.20623164

op here it does not

>> No.20623181

紅莉栖ちゃんを愛してるんだ also works

>> No.20623229


>> No.20623269


>> No.20623276


>> No.20623278


>> No.20623289

how do you say "I want to eat a rice ball with a flavor of smoked tuna" in japanese?

>> No.20623301


>> No.20623306


>> No.20623312


>> No.20623327


>> No.20623338

are you sure about your translations guys

>> No.20623388

Yes of course. 100% sure. I've been studying under the Matt sensei.

>> No.20623396

u sure it has nothing to do with sex

>> No.20623399

lets try this one again https://streamable.com/yr6fm

>> No.20623412

According to my 日本語 skill, no. It has nothing to do with sex. Why are you asking?

>> No.20623413

>>20623301 wasnt a translation it was authentic original gaijin nihongo whats your issue

>> No.20623427

someone post the philosophy essay meme

>> No.20623449

2 words

starwoods spaceschool

>> No.20623455

i can vaguely read kana and there's word "pussy" in your translation

>> No.20623463

pretty sure thats only in ur translation

>> No.20623478

Oh yeah you're right. Sorry my mistake. The correct translation is 精液を食べたい

>> No.20623487

im not sure if i can trust you after you 'accidentally" put the word pussy into the translation

>> No.20623501

The language only has so many sound combinations to choose from, it happens all the time.

>> No.20623502

hes right this time im native vetted so i can confirm

>> No.20623504

笑 put it in translator and you'll see.

>> No.20623511

just goes to show that you cant trust machine translations

>> No.20623527

it said "i want to eat sperm"

thats not what i asked for

>> No.20623533


>> No.20623546


>> No.20623557


>> No.20623582

moshi moshi

>> No.20623625

how much time should it take before I can struggle my way through Yotsuba?

>> No.20623634

about 2 months if you finish nihongoshark kanji as fast as possible and sentence mine tae kim.

>> No.20623639

however long it takes you to decide you want it

>> No.20623641
File: 429 KB, 1600x886, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can you read names?

>> No.20623653

totori rorona the list goes on

>> No.20623680

what if i dont give a SHIT about kanji? i want to speak japanese and read kana like a chad, not study fucking symbols like a nerd

>> No.20623727

with your sao in te you can accomplish anything just read eroge like everyone else is supposed to

>> No.20623744

congratulations you managed to avoid getting tentafucked forever

>> No.20623762

how do you say "someone this cute cant be a girl" in japanese?

>> No.20623801


>> No.20623809


>> No.20623816

>he thought Core6k vas a meme

>> No.20623848

homophobic much?

>> No.20623899

this list is the biggest bullshit I've seen in a very, VERY long time. what's worse is, that some retards will actually believe it and take it for value.
it's like a dick contest of who can put in the most memes and outdated words and constructions no one has ever used for the last 800 years.
The discrepancy between Oxford English Dictionary and Merriam-Memster will tell you everything.

>> No.20623921

i mean if youre not playing hentai games or reading manga ftw right now u deserve what u get

>> No.20623931

never rewrite my posts again

>> No.20623945


This man broke me. Dude wants to do AJATT, is anorexic, and an alcoholic.

>> No.20623952

im actually gonna watch this entire video but before i do i wanna say lmfao

>> No.20623969

guys, yogapants just posted a new video

>> No.20623995

how do you say "I went to maid cafe but didnt manage to fuck any of the cute maids" in japanese?

>> No.20624035

ok this was actually the worst vid i ever watched im glad it was just mostly background noise with the occasional glance at a sad sack

lmfao i ragequit that vid in less than 1 second holy shit 声がひでえ

>> No.20624038

Why doesn't this cancer get banned for advertising? Fuck off.

>> No.20624072

oh no no no
>no video for a week

>> No.20624078


>> No.20624094

look at that thumbnail u can tell that dudes fucked
tbqh watching the 1st vid all i thought was wow this dude has given himself a billion loopholes to keep doin the shit he says he wants to stop im sure this is gonna go well lmao

>> No.20624111

This. The fact that he says stuff like "if i slip up, I'll just restart" isn't exactly assuring. And, surely enough, he's back to 0 days of all Japanese. That said, his ability to speak some and to do so better than most of /jp/ is impressive.

>> No.20624127

this is actually accurate, thank you

>> No.20624141

lmfao this dude is going to die in japan get thrown in the incinerator and have no one to poke at his bones after https://streamable.com/x545u

>> No.20624149

he almost dies at the end of the last video so maybe he has bigger problems to deal with

>> No.20624166

that deck he made is crazy good, talk shit tho since this is 4chan

>> No.20624177

why is faris nyannyan so attractive

>> No.20624193 [DELETED] 

sorry just like redditors lose to dolly chans pleb filter i lost to whatever lucas chans voice is supposed to be also i doubt theres any "deck" thats "crazy good" or even just regular good

lmfao he moans like hes gonna just buss in his sweatpants and then he breaks japanese mode to say "fuck" and then sits down and lmfoa i cant even finis htypign this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slTc_iFSFi8#t=492

>> No.20624223

her arcs actually really good and 4th wall breaking in a lot of ways if u know whats up

truly 1 of the better parts of stans gate

>> No.20624257




>> No.20624274

literally look at the deck you retard, this is better than any of you turds could make in your life, literally that's your lifes worth in a few mins lmfao.

>> No.20624296

i cant even look at the deck i dont have anki or whatever and idont care i didnt need a deck and im king shit bitch

>> No.20624328

im still in progress (chapter 4) but i hope her stuff is good

>> No.20624333

ur king of ur bedroom m8

>> No.20624343

how valuable would the best anki deck in the world be
about as valuable as five minutes of eroge innit

>> No.20624345 [DELETED] 

more update videos proving djt wrong

>> No.20624364

im in my living room in the middle of my house actually but yes my reign does include the bedroom

>> No.20624384

why all these motherfuckers takin inspiration from matt himself to talk for as long as possible with no plan and no editing
cant wait for the three year videos where everyones goin まあ ちょっと まあ

>> No.20624386

good luck i hope u do well on the faris nyan nyan route

>> No.20624390

Is there any reason to learn Kanji when I could be learning vocabulary?

>> No.20624393

thank you!
although kurisu is cool too so I might end up on her root first... idk, ill just be myself and see how it turns out

>> No.20624395

you sound like you might make it gambare

>> No.20624396

ajatt videos dont get views unless theyre long and rambly cause then ajatters cant use them to procrastinate

>> No.20624404

were u gonna post 1

no not really kanji is easier to deal with the later u wait to deal with it in ur nihongo career

>> No.20624415

>taking 60 minutes to say something you could summarize in 5 minutes if you just wrote down what you wanted to talk about and do a few drafts and takes

>> No.20624436

I already have substantial experience with Chinese so I don't think practicing kanji will be particularly difficult for me (If I learn it along with each vocab word, rather than learning all of the readings of each kanji). Is there a good way to do this? I want to make sure that I can produce the language as well as read it.

>> No.20624479

characters in steins gate say "chigau" very often, is there a casual meaning?

like "chigauyo??"

>> No.20624499

i thought 時(とき) meant "when" and 時間(じかん) meant "time"

>> No.20624515

by produce do you mean write by hand
whats your issue
whats your issue

>> No.20624521

watashiwa chigay

>> No.20624523
File: 17 KB, 611x541, 414q4qwqwe123.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forgot pic

solved 17 captchas, nice, fuck you gook moot

>> No.20624535

maybe sotp postin so hard and learn some nihongo lmfao or be like me and get in the posting fast line with a 4chan pass

>> No.20624541

>by produce do you mean write by hand
Yes, pretty much.

>> No.20624542

should have known it was aynki and translatin

>> No.20624564


>> No.20624582

no u

anyway, im absolutely certain that 時間 means "time" and i dont trust anki decks are they are likely made by gaijins

>> No.20624593

時 means time as a concept 時間 means time as you would usually use it. It's not that hard, you would learn this if you did your flashcards.

>> No.20624603 [DELETED] 

or just *snorts* watched 10000 時間s of eng subbed anime

>> No.20624619

then it should say "time as a concept", instead of just "time"

i bet when the 時間 shows up it'll just say "time" aswell

i guess this is why you are told to learn nihongo before doing anki, because this is gay and misleading

>> No.20624629


>> No.20624630

The deck is Japanese-English. Both of those terms are translated "time" in normal English usage.

>> No.20624636

buddy if you just learned nihongo in the first place there would be no reason to use anki
now go get you some eroge and get to work

>> No.20624656

時間 also means hour in japanese as >>20624603
pointed out. It's just used as a generic word for time too.
It's not misleading if you put a little thought into it.

>> No.20624682

This is a general problem you'll encounter with East Asian languages. For some goddamn reason the Chinese decided that one-syllable words weren't good enough, so they added nonsense second syllables to perfectly good one-syllable words. Those one-syllable words didn't fall totally out of style though, so you have very similar but now somewhat conceptually distinct words with the same first character.

>> No.20624687

wait til he finds out about かける

>> No.20624693

How do you say "People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, it's more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff." in japanese?

>> No.20624706

sure, but they could atleast have made the description a bit more detailed instead of just plopping in "time" and be done with it

this is just making me look up every kanji i see just to be sure that its actually correct now

>> No.20624713


>> No.20624728

wait till he finds out about ぶっかける: )


>> No.20624761

how do you say "im gay" in japanese

>> No.20624776

How do you say "how do you say x in japanese" in japanese?

>> No.20624786

hold on i got this one


>> No.20624826


>> No.20624913

what the fuck did faris send, why the fuck did okabe agree to send that, I bet they fucked up time hard

>> No.20624948

toki no okarina
toki wo koeru
kodomo no jikan
jikan ga kakaru

>> No.20624952

pretty sure 時 is an entry in DoJG, as well as a card in the DoJG deck.

>> No.20624954

oh no the whole world is catgirls what will we do

>> No.20624976

HOLY SHIT what the fuck will they do
they ruined a city

>> No.20624986

u dont know the half of it (this is where the 4th wall stuff comes in)

>> No.20624991

spoiler your excitement before some poor soul has their compelling content taken out from under them

>> No.20624992

the fucks ur issue

>> No.20625000

im sorry

>> No.20625005

who cares if youre in this thread grats youre on the beta timeline

>> No.20625015
File: 215 KB, 1200x675, monkass.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>achievement: you became friends with Kurisu via emails

>> No.20625033

good lawd shoulda known it was a frog fag

>> No.20625072

im sorry i wont use frogs again

>> No.20625092
File: 198 KB, 917x871, 1540616835042.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if kaeru arent your spirit animals what the kerokero are you doing on this site

>> No.20625096


Can someone tell me what's wrong with this? It feels off. 特に「自分で使えるようになる」の部分.

>> No.20625105

keroro gunso is a nice manga and anime : )

>> No.20625136

cant believe im sayin this but at least the frog posters arent insane
still shame on a ninja

>> No.20625153

You're more or less behaving like one.

>> No.20625158

that digs deep im gonna have to take some time to reflect

>> No.20625181

settle down boy im tryin to watch the playoffs

>> No.20625199

oh shit march madness already i love sports

>> No.20625206

i aint the boy of anyone who gonna bring sports into djt

>> No.20625212

i want to be able to read faster what do >:(

>> No.20625215

have you tried reading more

>> No.20625218

you're probably reading too much instead of reinforcing what you know with anki, which helps you recall stuff faster.

>> No.20625225

recalling is not reading

checkmate flashtards

>> No.20625237

when you put it like that it sounds like a joke but it aint

>> No.20625246

you guys gotta admit that was an epic troll post i just made. hopefully he just reads more

>> No.20625272

I'm so retarded that I'll basically get the gist of a sentence but I'll spend an extra 3 minutes meticulously double checking it so I only get through like 40 lines an hour.

>> No.20625284

oh that ones easy
dont do that

>> No.20625292

this is cuz ur still thinkin and not feelin

>> No.20625305

u know whats some shit
otoge has some nice chuu2 male designs that match my sensibilities
unlike eroge where the mcs are plain usually
i wish i were bi

>> No.20625314

i want to watch 55 hours long video about gays

should i

>> No.20625318

its rare for me to like male characters just give me yuri paradise

>> No.20625323

read saki or something

>> No.20625336
File: 65 KB, 684x440, CUTE BOY!!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20625355

Everyone translates this as "Kaguya Wants to be Confessed To" but it feels like it should be "Kaguya Wants To Confess" to me and I'm trying to figure out why I'm more than likely wrong.
What would be the correct way to say she's the one that wants to confess rather than be the one being confessed to?

>> No.20625385

maybe u mistake it with 告られたい

>> No.20625399

That would be it, I don't know the difference between れたい and せたい. Now I know what to focus on, thanks.

>> No.20625419

back to dojg.

>> No.20625422


>> No.20625433


>> No.20625452
File: 103 KB, 220x236, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20625458

weeaboo confessions #12

i hate jp gokus voice

>> No.20625467 [DELETED] 

wait till i tell u every1 is the same va except a couple like the 1s that are dead or w/e

>> No.20625473

idk what tf the point of ur comment is stop trying to hard to flex trivia u can google in .3 seconds

>> No.20625484 [DELETED] 

weeaboo confessions #13

im gay

>> No.20625494

Excellent videos, thank you. I was going through Tae Kim's sections on it and it just wasn't clicking but these really helped.

>> No.20625501 [DELETED] 

you got 5 seconds to name something as cringy as calling yourself a weeb.

>> No.20625504

i aint never watched dragon ball zeta and i aint never gonna
but i can already hear rappu en espanol
another man saved by dollys grace
and the rest watch on thinkin its a meme

>> No.20625518

Can anyone share the "sound sisters" deck Cure Dolly mentioned in her last video? She gives it for free but only if you sign up for her stupid Dollygram newsletter which is a hassle.

>> No.20625526

why would u see that as some kinda flex whats wrong w/ u

>> No.20625528

She's a bit odd and I can't really judge at my skill level, but for those two videos it really helped. It wasn't the main subject of the video, but 13 in particular helped a little with me not understand why に shows up "seemingly randomly" in sentences sometimes. Like Tae Kim has "いい友達に会った。" as an example sentence but I never understood why it was に and not が.

>> No.20625532

cause its non sequitur

>> No.20625536

weabo kokuhakus #69


>> No.20625555


>> No.20625569
File: 337 KB, 1280x720, 34ef9dca-c9de-11e7-9743-ef57fdb29dbc_1280x720_153754.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has anyone else studied/known Chinese before starting Japanese? How did it affect your learning?

>> No.20625595

Wow, I'm sure glad I started learning Japanese! Now I can read all this compelling content, like Isekai #1089877881 ! Or awful fucking game that even the Nips don't wanna play! What a worthwhile endeavor this has been!

>> No.20625613
File: 40 KB, 356x186, new cards.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder that cranking up that new cards each day dial is not a good idea

>> No.20625622

Jesus fucking Christ, is this the next step in retardation? Learn a completely different language to "shortcut" in learning Japanese?

>> No.20625625

No dipshit, I've previously studied Chinese for unrelated reasons.

>> No.20625629

Then why don't you ask on a Chinese forum? Why ask in an English speaking thread full of people failing to learn Japanese?

>> No.20625643

Because I'm an English speaker who failed to learn Chinese and is failing to learn Japanese.

>> No.20625657


>> No.20625703

heres another argument for compellin content
if you cant find any to begin with then dont learn the fuckin language or this will be you after sinkin in precious years of your life
all dekinai are welcome here

>> No.20625758
File: 267 KB, 401x496, 1CF233BE-95E0-4596-B55A-77CB4203F0BF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have $50 amazon credit and I want to get manga in japanese for learning
What should I get

>> No.20625789


>> No.20625813

It looks boring do you have a more mature or dramatic one

>> No.20625831


>> No.20625948

manga is bad for learning get a light novel like

>> No.20625979
File: 132 KB, 268x402, Screenshot (679).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

holy shit i can READ

>> No.20625997

someday to be followed with holy shit i cant read but its all good youre gonna make it

>> No.20625999


>> No.20626023

cool, but can you do flash card reps?

>> No.20626101


>> No.20626152

How can I find "readthroughs" of games in Japanese? 実況 usually does it for me but it's not exactly the same thing.

>> No.20626203
File: 39 KB, 1292x237, 待って.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did translate.google fuck up or am I retarded?
Does 人から頼られたかった not mean something more like "I wanted people to depend/rely on me"?

>> No.20626249

anyone have any idea what the largest manga bookstore is in Akiba? i'm trying to find some recently-released manga to read, but almost all of them are too small to have new-and-unknown titles. ZIN has some, but that place is tiny.

>> No.20626310
File: 2 KB, 461x43, Screenshot_2019-01-13 A Handbook of Japanese Grammar Patterns for Teachers and Learners.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what's the difference between those?

>> No.20626316
File: 337 KB, 1094x1536, 81EJZF-ZzuL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Skip over manga for now, buy 終末なにしてますか? 忙しいですか? 救ってもらっていいですか? instead.

>> No.20626340
File: 58 KB, 774x960, 1521304727442.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20626345
File: 39 KB, 804x604, can you.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.20626405


Yamasa is down

>> No.20626456





>> No.20626535

Could you show me what your core cards look like?

>> No.20626688

Not on a first date.

>> No.20626712


what does this mean ffs in animu it gets roughly translated as "you look nervous" but this seems only to be half of the cake...

google brings alot up but not clear explanation

>> No.20626743

i think its pretty stupid that nips refer to eachother in third person when talking to eachother to avoid using anata because muh formal speech xDDDDDDDDDD


>> No.20627073






>> No.20627103
File: 195 KB, 674x840, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is this legible

>> No.20627172



>> No.20627185

i can;t use the kanji for sugi?

>> No.20627322



>> No.20627423

How hard can it be to find a 小説 in kindle format?
Can't find ブギーポップは笑わない. Can't find it on PD either. Except as a scanned image.

>> No.20627458

this is a horrible title but good rec

>> No.20627493
File: 6 KB, 594x43, cats.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

cats have nine lives, women have the lives of 9 cats?

>> No.20627525

I dunno, do they?

>> No.20627547

>ud never find her on the side of the road screaming death to coreans into a megaphone
well that's a deal breaker for me

>> No.20627559





>> No.20627560

I don't understand the quote. The sentence makes me read it as "women hold the lives of 9 cats (on their hands)"? I don't get it.

>> No.20627578






>> No.20627638

faris chan is so cute

>> No.20627757

as for watashi


>> No.20627983

when you started kanji, did you guys just learn the symbol and meanings or did you learn the on and kun too

>> No.20628013


>> No.20628038

As someone who is just starting out I cannot stress skipping doing kanji, just do words. You can look up the kanji in that word if they are individual words themselves to get a better grasp, but theres no point rote learning, the read more crew arent lying to you

>> No.20628307


>> No.20628348


>> No.20628358

how do you say "i bring life" in japanese

>> No.20628367


>> No.20628377

Basically, what this anon is saying >>20628038

It's much more useful to learn words than kanji. Good luck trying to memorise every reading of 生. It's much more useful to know how to read 生きる、生める、先生. Or 少し、少ない、少年.
KKLC (Kodansha's Kanji Learner's Course) helps you with that. You can buy it on amazon or download it, but there are also anki decks available.

>> No.20628411

moshi moshi Jesus desu

>> No.20628436


>> No.20628439


>> No.20628446


>> No.20628653
File: 107 KB, 400x400, 1519737448742.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm a beginner and i've read some volumes of nisekoi and want to start reading Light Novels. Which one is easier, SukaSuka or Saekano? Any other recommendations?

>> No.20628658


>> No.20628757


>> No.20628769

why do ppl still ask this kinda dumb shit i thought we was better than this

>> No.20628770

get some taste.

>> No.20628788

Thats why I asked for some recommendations. I'm only considering reading one of these two because i saw it recommended here before, I don't know much about LNs.

>> No.20628801
File: 274 KB, 389x644, Screenshot_2019-01-13_17-28-34.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Does he mean "Just right, I want to take some battle data" or "I want to take some battle data (that's just right)"

It's the latter, right?

>> No.20628826

That's not what I meant at all. Stop reading LNs, pick up some good shounen manga or something.

>> No.20628830

Don't consider difficulty level too much. Just read what you're interested in.
It's all about the same level of difficulty anyway.

>> No.20628855

context but yeah probably the 後者

>> No.20628876

can u try translating ちょうどいい in a way where u dont sound like a fuckin gooch pls

>> No.20628896

But I wasn't trying to translate, I was trying to clarify my question.

>> No.20628961

read kino

>> No.20629033

Subbed or not? And how will you learn Japanese from that?

>> No.20629037

Just get the same information from https://japaneselevelup.com/power-using-onkigo-reading-kanji/ and make your own deck if you really want one

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