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hello i am looking for this /jp/ autist who takes the girl pills to elaborate further on this story

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jesus christ im old

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He necked himself, the guy moved on to find another twinkboy from r9k and runs a doxing mafia to get r9k to take hormones or blackmails their family and work etc.

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>he necked himself
You mean he dieded?

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I want to believe, just because that sounds simultaneously hilarious and hot

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I want full details.
He said his twinkslave was happy. What actually happened?

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I want to be a neet so badly I'd probably do this if offered.

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This thread contains personal information ("dox")

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Poor guy...

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I will be rich one day and I will do this except I will treat him nicely and love him and make him dress up as Patchouli for my pleasure.

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