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Since Touhou is pretty much entry level Otaku culture (a roleplaying porn cult) and I'm looking to expand my Japanese spirit what hobbies are in the proverbial mariana trench of Otakuism and how do I get there?

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>how do I get there

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Stop using Merry for your faggot ass threads.

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japanese touhou memes

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Go to a swinger party and become a poz pig, sounds like a good use of your time if being the most degenerate is what you want

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finish all gundams

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>entry level Otaku culture
You are one stupid motherfucker if you came to the Touhou board to say Touhou is entry level.
Fuck off back to your shitty site. Cross-siter.

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I don't know man, maybe have sex with a geisha and increase Japan's population or something.

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You know that entry level isn't entirely a negative term, right? It could be a fact but it's not neccessarily a bad thing.

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You say that while posting non-jay macros.

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>proverbial mariana trench of Otakuism


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>what hobbies are in the proverbial mariana trench of Otakuism
watching anime

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I don't have any other image that says the same.

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Fucking make one then.

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Stop falling for it!

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There are no advanced otaku interests that differ from entry level interests, only interests that are relevant to you.

Even the most entry level topic, like manga, goes extremely far from reading your basic big 3 shonen if you only bother to dig deeper to find things that are your niche.

Learn Japanese otherwise you'll never make it.

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Only do Cookie if you're gay.

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You should read the manga desu family

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Personally I like the soldier and don't care if he's "non-jp," the only non-jp memes/macros that need to stay out are the shit ones.

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Except he's right

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building gunpla and collecting vhs

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Go to the source of otakudom, the indie-scene.

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