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I'm here to save /jp/

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You can't even save yourself

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How do you plan on saving /jp/, mister?

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>The Net Young Adults Ministry is a non-denominational spiritually adventurous ministry focused on young adults and college students ages 17-27 in Corpus Christi, Texas. It is a ministry of The Net Fellowship Church. To accomplish its goals, the ministry uses various adventurous, creative and fun means to communicate its message while at the same time remaining open to the work of the Holy Spirit and centering itself on the Bible as its final authority. College students, single and married, young professionals, and military welcome. Only six miles from TAMUCC.‚Äč

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>believing that /jp/ isn't already past saving

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4chanx is telling me that you saved this image from facebook

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who are you quoting?

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I'll help you stay in the catalog!

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I loved this manga.

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/jp/ could be a lot worse

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/jp/ is actually a good board.
Or maybe every other board I browse is absolutely horrible, that's also possible.

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Yo nice fucking Thinkpad, that shit is clean

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More variety in the nippon Raptor videogame clones

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/jp/ is not that terrible but it used to be better.
Still, there are problems that's hard to ignore.

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Who ya quotin'?

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This thread

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The fumo post I quoted had a pen with a website address, I typed in the address to see if I could get a reaction out of the fumoposter

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do not bully fumofriends.

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Tamucc was a cheap college. You are better off working a retail job instead of drowning yourself in debt just to get a degree for a subject you can just learn in a month, but I digress.

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/jp/ doesn't need to be saved. It needs to be burned down and rebuild from its ashes.

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I mean, what is their deal?

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I think Vtuber is /jp/ related but I feel like most if not all Vtuber posters came from somewhere else while /jp/sies themselves aren't interested, but do nothing to stop them either unlike 3D idols.
What is /jp/'s opinion of Vtubers?

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Good stuff comes out of VTubers every now and then.
And /jp/ is a containment board.

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Yeah but try to not make it sounds like there's no standard to what should be contained in /jp/ and that it has no board culture to preserve or rights for self-moderation.
I personally think Vtuber is alright, though.

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Don't worry, I wouldn't have posted any names or other personally identifying info. It's just my fun way of reminding my fellow /jp/sies to uphold best practices when uploading photos to the internet!

I'm also jealous because I don't have a fumo.

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There is nothing redeemable about /jp/ whatsoever.

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I believe their threads started when they kept having threads moved here from /a/. Recently it seems like some sort of second wave has arrived and they have engaged in thread wars, a janitor should really do something when they're making their next thread hours in advance.

Vtubers are alright though and Rin is nice to listen to.

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>I believe their threads started when they kept having threads moved here from /a/
lol no. They were kicked from /v/.

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That explains much.

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