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Why can't our femanons be like this? We'd actually like you if you did awesome shit like this once in a while.


pic unrelated

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Fujoshi are productive, fangirls are not.

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>our femanons

Oh you.

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Females on 4chan are scum and lower than NEETs in the worthless trash scale.

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Because our femanons are like this.

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It's not like any of us ever did any awesome shit either.

Pre-split /a/ and /jp/ never achieved anything of value. Katawa Shoujo only counts after it gets released.

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...because we're just as lazy as you?

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Thanks for the cirno op.

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What exactly is going on in the op link? I just hear Macross singing.

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Fujoshi lyrics singing about BL, Comiket, etc...

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You have to understand japanese

I sure dont

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