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Satori is such a lovely daarling~
I want to give her a hug and a kiss~!

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Really? I wanted to give her a snug and a fug.

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that too~
but i want to kiss her so much more <3

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Satorin is so cute!
She feels me with desire!
I want to do so many things to her!

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Giving satorin a baby tummy!

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I want to give this cute tummy lots of bruises and cuts!

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Satori's tummy is for rubbing and kissing only!

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Perhaps kissing with fists!

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Punching Satorin's tummy until her pussy starts bleeding from her damaged womb!

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I'd kiss her tummy with my knee

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Okay, I'll admit it. That's one lovely looking Satorinrin, but I'd prefer she smile.

However, I have one question.
Satori is in former hell, or old hell. Is it really okay to like her?

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Why would it be not okay, for fuck's sake? The only thing you should be concerned about is that she has a really petite build.

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Satori would not survive giving a natural birth

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She's a youkai, she'll be fine.

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I do not want do to things with Satorin-rin-chan-kyun...
I want to do things TO her...

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Forgot my pic.
I want to manhandle her tummy.

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I love Satorin so much, I don't care if it's okay or not~
I want to kiss her belly so damn much~

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S A U C E ?

Asking because I think that game had Yuuka in it.

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I want to smell Satorin's fluffy hair.

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Gensokyo Wanderer

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And to splatter with filthy, stinky, sticky NEET semen!!!

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Aaah~, I want to make her cry and lick her tears!!

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What attracts perverts to Satori? I can't help the fact that I'm a dirty pervert that wants nothing more than to see her wet herself in fear and disgust as I threaten to take her virginity, but I wonder why other anons feel the same way.

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I want to become Satori.

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I'm a huge lolicon, and Satorin looks so cute, innocent and defenseless. She may be a bit cocky, but she's genuinely a good girl who loves her pets and her sister more than anything in the world. It feels like it would be so easy to overpower and rape her, and her screams would be so cute.
I want to hear her cry. I want to hurt her.
Satorin is so cute.

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Thank you.

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Why? Do you want a bunch of perverts masturbating to you?

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You want to be a hikki who spends her days drinking tea while surrounded by cute, intelligent animal girls?

Yeah, that actually doesn't sound bad.

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I want to break their puny hearts and make them cry, and live a happy lonely life~

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Yes, that is exactly it~

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Satori is for violent mating press

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That's not a very good idea. You'd just be giving the masochists exactly what they want, and giving the rapists more motivation to abuse you.

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Satori is FLAT!

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i can tolerate a little bit of bounce on her chest if she is pregnant with my child

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Satorin is a good girl and would make a good mother aswell

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Not canon

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A good mother for our rape baby.

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Kek, even the grimoire of Marisa is more accurate than that shit. Flat Byakuren, pfffftt!!

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I want to be in a cozy kotatsu with Satorin!
And then cuddle with her!

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I want to ruin Satorin with my dick!

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She would ruin your dick!

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How so? I'm pretty sure Satori is physically harmless despite being psychologically dangerous.

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