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EOSD Spell Card No. 46: 「レッドマジック」 "Red Magic"

ZUN's Comment: The purest reflective blood-red magic.
How beautiful this moon looks, under the crimson air...

>under the crimson air

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Remilia is Akiha

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Touhous vs Typemoon? fffffffffffffff

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Not to mention, her title as the "Scarlet Moon" is also strangely reminiscent.

Do any of you know if ZUN likes Nasu's work or something?

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Don't tell me you JUST noticed this.

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alright, anyone got the powerlevel rankings?

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Well, Shiki's fucked, he can't fly.

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That isn't the biggest problem. He doesn't have a frilly dress or silly hat, so he's basically sure to lose immediately in any sort of fight.

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Both summon legions of fanged beasts to support them, are nearly impossible to kill, and are far above normal vampires.

Same person, actually.

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Nobody aims to kill during danmaku fights.

Enjoy your useless power, Shiki.

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nah, 666 vs thousands and thousands

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Don't forget the trenchcoat obsession.

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All of the 666 have to be killed simultaneously (or permanently ala Shiki) for him to die, though.
Also, 999th Beast.

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>thousands and thousands of bugs

Wriggle vs Nero

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Bugs aren't strong at all.

You can't "wear him out", to boot. At best, you could keep him distracted for days on end until he needs to feed.

Not to mention, he can just consume the bugs.

But, Chaos 66666 probably cannot control himself anymore, just being a mindless chaotic soup.

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Nrvnqsr's already losing control of Fabro Rowan's identity at 666 souls, and that's WITH Soil of Genesis managing 500 of them.
Even a few hundred more would make him lose himself.

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Soil of Genesis doesn't do shit for control, it's just an attack with 500 souls comprising it.


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I didn't catch that reference!

... Speaking of references, did anyone notice that Komachi makes a reference to Death Note in one of her win quotes in Phantasmagoria of Flower View?

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It gets better.

Komachi: Alright then, I've checked all over Gensokyo. Well, it'll all work out somehow. My pace. My pace.

Reimu: You sure are taking it easy.

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Also of note is that Zun has made a lot of Japanese cultural references.

For instance, Nitori's theme mentions Akutagawa Ryuunosuke, who wrote the short story "Kappa".

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And the second chapter of the story starts with the sentence:

Sono uchi ni yatto kigatsuite miru to, boku wa aomuke ni taoreta mama, oozei no *kappa ni tori* kakomarete imashita.

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Holy crap! Makes me wish I read it in the original.

Now I wish I knew more references without having to check on the Touhou wiki, and without referring to the more obvious ones (like Kaguya being the same one from the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter).

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>without referring to the more obvious ones (like Kaguya being the same one from the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter).

Well, in that same vein, one of the noblemen who tried Kaguya's Five Impossible Requests was based off of *Fujiwara* no Fuhito.

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And some of Keine's spellcards are based off of the three Japanese treasures (a sword, a mirror, and beads, if I remember correctly)!

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there are some japanese bees and four of them can kill a colonel

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And any one of Nero's beasts can maul a soldier.

Sage because this discussion was over a long time ago.

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Remilia also uses chains like Arc.

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Wriggle has access to DEMON BUGS.

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Nero has access to 999th Beast.

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Wriggle has access to fanonhax.

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So does Nrvnqsr.

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Wriggle is a Kamen Rider.

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Except Wriggle's hax is her being promoted to EX-Level, and then taking on the whole SDM.
Nero's hax is having romantic relationship with Kohaku.

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I thought Chaos's hax was giving into the chaos and consuming every soul at random, becoming a raging primordial soup of hungry madness.

Or canonhax in that Soil of Genesis is apparently strong enough to DESTROY A CONTINENT at max power.

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>Giving into chaos

Warhammer 40k this ain't.

That just means he's even LESS effective, as he'd be doing things without any real rhyme or reason.

LOL RANDOM xD does not = Good at anticipating enemy plans, which is exactly what would happen if he becomes completely mindless.

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However, it DOES make him harder to kill. (One more soul to the GOTTA KILL EM ALL counter)

Not to mention, it will just KEEP consuming.
All the Chaos would do is run around eating things, and it can do nothing but grow.

The only way he was destroyed in Tsukime was invoking PERMANENT DEATH ITSELF. REPEATEDLY.
Wriggle would need Yuyuko.

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So, ORT vs...?

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Vs Reimu

Reimu wins btw.

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ORTouhou is the final EX boss, though.


Nobody in Gensokyo can stand up to ORT, except maybe all the moonbitches at once. Yes, including the heretic Kaguya. Hell, throw in Lord Tsukuyomi for good measure. And the entire army of Lunarians and Moon Bunnies. Hell, just have the entire moon, so bring Crimson Brunestud along with.
And it's still about 80% in ORT's favor.

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It's Reimu.

Reimu's always been the strongest.

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Reimu can't fight herself, bro.

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So, could Shiki kill Kaguya?

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Yes she can.

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She can in Imperishable Night card practice.

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>Same person, actually.

You mean like Ciel and Alexander Anderson?

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No; she doesn't have a "death" anymore.

And Roa can't kill her either, as he can't destroy her "life" because her "life" is infinite.

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> Shiki can't kill something

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Ciel VS Alexander VS Dio VS Sakuya.


Unfortunately, Sakuya does not have the power of regeneration the others do.
Dio wins through za warudo.

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He can't kill ORT, either, remember?

ORT's immune to the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.

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Could Ryougi kill her though? She must have a concept of "origin". Unless she exists outside of Gaian law.

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Wriggle is Yuka's shikigami

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>exists outside of Gaian law.
>comes from Mercury