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SSiB will be out today.

Lets rage beforehand

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I wonder if Kaguya's as strong as them.

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I think I'll wait until after I've read it.

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Kaguya should be a little weaker but immortal
remember she is lazy while the other 2 worked on their powerlevel

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When Eirin left them, they were still (Lunarian) kids, and are now high leaders. Kaguya did nothing the last 1000 years (and is still has Stage 6 boss danmaku).

No she isn't.

>Lets rage beforehand
Nobody seriously rages about SSiB, or at least I hope that. I just laugh about people raging while getting my monthly dosage of moonbitches.

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So you basically saying we have no comparison of their powerlevels, and then arbitrarily decide Kaguya is weaker? You're not being logical here.

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Well there is always Mokou

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silent derper in derp

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I think I said that Kaguya did not train or anything and is a stage 6 boss, and the other are not only a few hundred years older (probably), they also didn't waste their time.

>So you basically saying we have no comparison of their powerlevels
This is Touhou, so yes, somehow.

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One of this bitches is like Yugi with almost unlimited Godcards. Oh I forgot she can summing them without all the shit Yugi has to go through
She can also do flash steps.

Dunno about Toyohime

Kaguya has some sort of insta win ability. But she never really used it full force so we can only guess

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But not wasting your time means nothing. If they started from the similar level, sure, but Kaguya left when moonbitches were kids with little power, so there's no way to compare them by deducing what they learned in the meantime.

Oh, and Kaguya has been on a rather intense training course lately. Cough, Mokou, cough.

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But I like SSiB

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She could have a little bit of training thanks to mokou.

Well robe of fire rat could rape mokous ability so it comes down to beating the shit out of each other manually

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Nothing to rage about

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Just wait. Once Moonbitches go back to Lunar Capital they will find a message like "Eirin was here Watasuki sisters are loosers" in front of a blown up Lunar Capital

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SSIB went
this is boring > fail > RAGE > do not bother

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That was stupid

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Yeah. But it's not like the deleted-in-the-meantime joke was clever in the first place.

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Your mather is stupid.

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Guess who's back?

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Die already wigger.

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No need to guess. /b/. Have fun posting image macros and insulting each other, kids.

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I like her

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shat up you immature f*ck

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Ok, out, all of you

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how can you hate them?

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Sorry to interrupt the party gentleman, but can anyone help me clarify the meaning of SSiB?

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Silent Sinner in Blue

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wtf is SSIB?

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Touhous version of Namek

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Hmm, >>2050953 said Mather is stupid, so I posted a pic of Mather. We cool, dawg?

Also, I love the Watatsuki sisters. Their incest is best and is what I see on 4-chan everyday!

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ZUN displaying why he can't write and Aki displaying that she can't draw fight scenes for shit

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ZUN can write.
Zun does not know how to translate Touhou to manga

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no really, what is SSIB? I'll provide delicious alice pics in return

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A vampire loli unleasing mist to block the sun and a shrine maiden goes and stops her

woah thats deep bro

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It reffers to Eirin. see >>2050935

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Back again

Shady's back

tell a friend

guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back, na na na....

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Too deep for you perhaps? It's a decent story, the plot unfolds itself at a good pace and the dialogues are pretty well written.

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Excuse me?
Have you seen Miss Yukari and Mom?

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>Shootan games are not deep

Oh wow. Care to tell what exactly did you expect?

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30 minutes of text for each midboss.
At least 3 hours of plot after each stage

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Oh Jesus, she's crippled.

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Arcade Gradius III WAS deep.

Unlike Silent Sinner in Sinus.

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Will there be diapers?

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that's shootan we are talking about the danmaku

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Why would I rage on Silent Sinner in Sinus?
Oh, wait, it's a disease.

If you think that Arcade Gradius III is not deep

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A giant brain unleashing space vag000s to conquer the universe and a space fighter goes and stops it

Kidney stones related.

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That's deep, man. There's no brains in Touhou either, because it's not a horishootan.

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>There's no brains in Touhou

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wrong genre.

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If you want DEEP SHOOTAN, R-Type and Darius are pretty much related, if you like mindfuck.

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>A giant brain unleashing space vag000s to conquer the universe and a space fighter goes and stops it

Oh damn. Now I want to play an Irem shooter of some kind.

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>A giant amoeba unleashing space fetuses to conquer the universe and a space fighter utilizing the same space fetuses goes and stops it
>A giant robot fish unleashing space seafoods to conquer the universe and a bird-like space fighter goes and stops it

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You don't need a good plot to get the attention always.

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There's your problem.

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>>i don't care

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R-Type is made of creepy sexual imagery, time paradox, bad end and has the strangest level ever created for a shmup ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aj5zItGCI4E ).
Darius is known for having a lot of endings. Some of them breaks the fourth wall, some are BAD FUCKING END, some are just creepy shit that makes little sense (G-Darius ends are very WTF).
There's also thematics of genetics, evolution,...