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S... so desu ne...

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i feel it too

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Page 7 in 2 hours.
Go get Flan. We need a purge of the gene pool.
What the fuck is going on?

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/a/ in blue for comparison
/jp/ in the same color as before (black)
Same timeframe

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Still dwarfed in posts but still worrisome to be more active than /a/

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This is just sad.
You don't make Lady Remilia cry.
You NEVER make Lady Remilia cry.

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Why am I saving threads if nobody is going to reply to them
Odds and I take a day off, Evens and I do what I have been doing the entire time of the activity spike.
Last two digits only.

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Good night /jp/.

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Before I go, just look at this shit.
Isn't there a way to rangeban this guy? This shouldn't be allowed. His spam is not wanted.

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Every fucking minute

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What am I looking at here? This just looks like warosu.

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Set offset to +24 and keep going.

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Oh yeah that shitposter. What can you expect? It's winter break and the kiddies are out. The fact that he was able to spam threads for an extended period of time really goes to show how undermoderated this board is during late hours. Let's hope the autist doesn't come back for seconds.

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The mokou thread died while I was doing christmas celebrations. The threadspam is pretty depressing right now.

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More threads can be made. Do not feel down because things will look up.

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Holy shit someone saved my OC! I have a few more if you want them.

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So has anyone figured out the actual reason why we've been moving so fast these last few days? Everyone keeps saying things like the generals and kids on winter break, but it's definitely way worse right now then it was the last few years.

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This site has been exponentially rising in traffic for the past 6 years (due to the fappening, gamergate, 2016 election, ecelebs etc). You think this is bad, though? Just wait until Hiro's offical 4chan Virtual Youtuber channel comes out. It's gonna become popular and memetic and it'll grow until normalfags eventually get a hold of it. It'll become an ironic weeb meme and this will bring droves and hordes of newfags to this website. They're all gonna shitpost about the Virtual Youtuber on /a/ and /v/ and, guess what, they're gonna get told to go on /jp/, where the Virtual Youtuber threads are. Then this board will truly die. So unless Hiro makes an /idol/ or /celeb/ board it's only a matter of time until /jp/ becomes completely unrecognizable.

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it'll probably get like 2k views per video after a few weeks, if it ever even happens.

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That's wishful thinking, but unlike every other Virtual Youtuber, every single video will have English subtitles (or even English voice acting) from the get go. This'll be the first high-effort VT entirely available and made for an English audience. Of course it'll catch on fire. But denial is a nice feeling...so let's live on in blissful ignorance for a little longer. I don't want to think about the future of this board anymore.

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I'm not talking about the state of the site in general though. I'm asking specifically why these last couple of days we've had the highest activity spike since late September. I find it hard to believe that it's because of school, because kids have been out of school for the last two weeks, and colleges have been out for a month. But maybe I'm just being retarded, and it was just kids out of school the whole time.

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Is there anywhere else we can go?

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This question has been asked for 15 years now.
There is no answer and never has been for any length of time.

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yes obscure website with top banter is really great, unfortunately I can't link it.

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It's happening again.

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Nah, obscure website sucks dick. Other obscure website is much better.

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People are gonna shitpost and post frogs on the videos for it not being political enough or something stupid and it'll fade away. Vtubers are also saturated eniugh already.

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Anon you so cute.

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Go fucking look at the thread for the youtuber girl on /qa/ and come back and say you think it's even going to get off the ground.

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What's happening to /jp/??

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No one keeping up with this thread actually knows. Just a lot of theories and could be's. At this point I'm just assuming that between kids being on winter break and everyone talking about OMG 4CHAN IS DOWN from a week ago all over social media, traffic has spiked.
Obviously we're moving a lot faster than normal, but there's no clear reason as to why. I have to assume that a lot more threads are being made than normal, but since the 4stats data on that is super limited, and I haven't been counting how many threads have been made per day for the last few months, there's really no way to tell. The Vtuber and AKB threads are moving stupidly fast right now though, but that alone wouldn't make the entire board move faster, right?

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Is that so?

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I went through the database entries for /jp/
Here is a list of new threads for each day according to the data I have.

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>5 threads on January 22nd
Dude, this is great! Thanks! I'm gonna plug all this into a graph for everyone's ease of viewing, if you don't mind.

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>5 threads on January 22nd
Looks like there was a longer downtime on many boards that day.

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We'll see how it goes over the next week or two. It is the holidays after all.

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you can let me know if another format makes it easier for you...
unix timestamp as the date, etc.

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Some idolshiters are literally bumping dead threads so they can recreate they shitty generals faster.

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my remilia when i thought this would just be a sad remilia thread and opened this thread to find meta discussion

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>12/27 71 threads
What the fuck?

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That's what I thought.

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Why so sad-re-ious?

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my remilia when that is a terrible joke

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I never understood the rference myself.

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my remilia when I look into the future of /jp/.

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I want to eat Remi.

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To be honest, the alternative to newfags is slow death of a community locked onto itself. That's what happened to touhou- and anime-related imageboards in Russia and it's a very sad fate. 4chan somehow still manages to hold against both oblivion and normalfags, which is why I'm here and not there.

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Why do all these recent spam threads, this included, seem like people going through the archives and reposting shit everyone stopped giving a fuck about years ago?

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that's forbidden

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>clear impressionist van Gogh motif

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my new remilia when you are right