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He's all I want for Christmas

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I miss him so much it hurts

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What happened?

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Aniki wouldn’t want you to feel bad about his death, but he would want you to celebrate his life.

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Died back in March in a car accident

Sad shit man

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Aniki will always be in your heart!!

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Frown town post!

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Then let's have a moment of silence for Aniki

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His smile is so pure. Does it exist in Gensokyo now?

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Haha Frown Town is a perfect title for the depressing folk song I'm working on!

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sad things happened

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Reminder Aniki left behind a puppy and his toddler son.

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wut how did he have a son AND the gay?

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Like most actors in gay porn, he was gay for pay. He fucked guys for movies but in his private life he only had relationships with women.

Fun fact: Out of all the main gachimuchi actors the only fully gay one is Van.

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He can be your Christmas _Ghost_

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He was bi, not gay.

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Didn't he renounce his bisexuality last year?

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I would loved to kiss him and get fugged in the ass by his hot muscular dong.
No homo.

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What happened to the puppy?

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I had to stop reading those comments. Each one is like a stab to my heart.

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Pls wake up

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You guys just had to make me feel sad on such day.

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