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Why are the Touhous so smug and intimidating? Creepy even?

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not all touhous, only spacezin's

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Spacejin is a softy, but you're all psychopathically bound to insecurity and shallow metaphor play.

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sweater smuggling bump

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/ZIN/ thread?

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Sure, Kaguya is cutest Jin!

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Is this her face when you cum inside?

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I don't think that she would let you cum inside at all.

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So I have to forcefully force my way in. Naruhodo!

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That's her face when you cum on her hair

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Tell me about Jin! Why does he hate balls?

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Maybe he was castrated when he was a kid. Or he's a feminist.

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I think he is the same as Asanagi, they just vent diferently.

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She, SpaceJin is a she

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Too much oppai.

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Don't make things up.

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Say what?

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They're nothing alike. Asanagi hates women, Spacejin just likes ballbusting.

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>Asanagi hates women
Just because he does what he does, doesn't mean he hates women.

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No such a thing

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Japanese Shadman

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OP you reminded me that I forgot to buy milk yesterday. Thanks I guess.

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Kaguya is a creepy bitch!

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T. Fujiwara

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Isn't ShindoL the japanese Shadman?

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Japan has 2 Shadmen

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Gee, Japan

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You would never cum inside her.

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she has a filthy neet stained vagina
the semen of many anons is dripping

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When spacejin's girls aren't talking about crushing balls they're actually pretty cute.

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They both have a femdom kink and really like smug bitches, but how they do the femdom kink is different, yeah. Spacejin likes huge women as the dommes, Asanagi likes lolis (and now oppai lolis).

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Do not underestimate me! Also, I actually did!

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Why so stingy. Let some other country have a Shadman

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That isn't Mokou.

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He draws them kinda fatty tho.

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All I want for Christmas is for Kaguya to beat me to a bloody pulp.

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JayPee is kill ;_;

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it is you who are kill.
/jp/ still lives!

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They are in no way fat.

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is it because you only look at hags? here look at some fairies

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this is ZIN thread, post ZIN's Shirno

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>Kaguya's face when she sees a fat, fuckable ass

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She's looking at the mirror?

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Hime booties are superior

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>On the left: Kaguya when she sees a cute girl
>On the right: Kaguya when the girl notices her growing bulge

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How big is Kaguya?

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>8-12 inches, manly and veiny
>no hair except a small patch at the base
>if she has balls, they are hairless and big, filled with lots of potent semen
>musk to die for

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Nice. Could do with more hair though

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>cum stored in the balls
[Agitated medical doctor screaming]

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That's right, that is where the pee is stored.

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oh no, you diddly dang done it son guy.

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I doubt doctors do much of anything else than sit in their offices.

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i will post my proofs later

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he doesn't hate balls
ballbusting is just a fetish, a kink

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Is Kaguya cut or uncut?

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Would Eirin circumcise her?

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Uncut, Kaguya has a huge smelly phimosis dick.

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Kaguya does not have a smelly or phimosis dick!

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Pubic hair has no place on dicks, futa or otherwise. Pubic hair on women is a different story.

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Difference in gender of course.
There are different standards. I think that is what anon is trying to say.

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He's an autist. Actually pubic hair is a complete nuisance.

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Stop talking bullshit and post /ZIN/.

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My balls are gonna get fucking decimated

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thank god for all the furigana. It would be horrible if a first grader was unable to read it

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Zin the kids' favourite artist!

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Me as Kaguya.

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powerful magumbos!

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Why do Jin's Touhou's have such big boobs?

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Because big boobhus are best

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Would you crush my balls if I groped you? I'll still do it either way, but I want to be prepared.

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If I were one of Space Jin's touhous, I'm pretty sure I'd be Wriggle.

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Mama Ran canonically is a mommy, and you should know at this point that mommies have huge breasts to properly raise their children(Chen).

Also >fat cat tats

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>creatures from spooky folktales
>man-eating monsters
>why are they creepy?
gee, I wonder why

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Why's that?
I wouldn't bust them completely, so you can return for future rounds. Each time I'll let you do a little more and each time the busting gets worse.

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would Nitori just fist my ass or would she be a ball-crusher too?

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I would inflate your tits till you can give full body paizuris.

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Her position on the skill/enjoyment chart reflects me well.

I could do it though if I had to, which keeps me from going all the way to Marisa, but I mostly just find his art style super erotic in spite of his fetish, not because of it. Even the Kaguya faces that he doesn't do with any other character.

Your balls are done for if you're dealing with Nitori, sorry.

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How did this end up on page 10 so fast?

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Conspiracy of the mods.

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So many unused smug faces in this image.

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I think I can accept losing my balls if it means getting to squeeze those giant honkers.

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Shindol's from Queens.

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So we have an american shadman, a european one and an asian/japanese one. Now we only need an african one and an oceanian one.

>> No.20518232

I think I'll go with Sanae. We can both get our rocks off but my balls can stay mostly intact.

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What makes Suwako such a potent and willing ball buster?

>> No.20518373

Suwako is a total S, just look at the relationship between her and Kanako.
The skill she has built up over centuries of fighting off lolicons.

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I swear Nitori is the worst in that chart because of her expression alone. Pure malice in that smile. I would still hand out with her though.

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I love Jin's creepy style for Kagura, makes me like her more even if it isn't canon.

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So are all the girls on the lower left rapeable

>> No.20521480

It just means that they ballbust out of selfdefense rather then because it's pleasureable for them.

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Why does everyone want to cum inside Kaguya?

>> No.20523631

With a woman like her I would want to have a kid.

>> No.20523713

Immortal baby
Even if she kills you, she can't abort the baby, you will win in the end

>> No.20525121

Does this even work on a half human child?

>> No.20525236

take this srsly kitty-can't.

>> No.20525697

That would be Lamarckian. Genes do not work that way. Hourai elixir effects are presumably not heritable.

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Genes mutate duumvirate dumbleass, as your porn trove alludes to.

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Having a baby with a ballbusting lunatic isn't that good.

>> No.20529266

Don't worry, he loves young baby boys so his girls do as well.

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I want a licensed 40 year old medical doctor to review fetish porn and get agitated about it

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Kaguya is a whore

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That’s not Mokou. Mokou isn’t brown.

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New Senran is looking good.

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Does anyone know a doujinshi artist with a similar art style?
Reminds me of the manga Houkago Play for some reason.

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I know that Exabyte pretty much is a spacejins clone, but he doesn't draw any doujins yet.

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gotta add, the art style is incredibly charming but the fucking eyes ruin it imo.

>> No.20536417

The fucking legs....

>> No.20536475

is that a compliment or a complain?

>> No.20536579

Why bother with her breasts when you could massage those thighs?

>> No.20536597

A compliment, I love how long they are.

>> No.20536624

I'd give that title to circle anco, edginess aside

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Theres something weird about spacejin. i like his art yet his fetish amuses me, even though I hate ballbusting

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I dislike ball busting but I like the creepiness of their Kaguya.

>> No.20537581

doesn't the hourai elixir stop the body from ever changing on a permanent basis?
if she got pregnant wouldn't her body say that it isn't supposed to be there and abort the baby itself?

>> No.20540094

Child bearing hips

>> No.20542233

How can she be creepy when she is pure sex?

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Kaguya-sama-sempai, excuse my weeb sense for reading 're' what does your sign say?

>> No.20545535

Her face tells me that either someone has to die or that she wants to get laid.

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I want Junko to motherly castrate me.

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Is this the first time he has drawn a character from a game after HM? I can't recall him ever doing so before.

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Don't worry, they only bust them if you grope them.

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I have never heard of this artist until now. Holy shit, this is amazing to see.

Also why do spacejin threads get so much love while Yassy threads die off? Surely more people fap to YASSY than Jin? Is it just big boobs? Is that all it takes?

>> No.20549509

It says 九月, or "the pleasure of being cummed inside."

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>> No.20551954

is she going to be a mother? who is that brave fuck that boned her?!

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No. Zin's style is good shit and honest cute, while YASSY's is honestly just average, and his faces are weird, unlike Zin's. AND he draws them buff, which is a good addon.

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Yeah the style is really good. I also love the really freaky expressions zin draws.

>> No.20556303

>a Touhou will never look at me like that

>> No.20556484

Wouldn't the baby just be conceived and stay conceived since the baby would be immortal and un-ageing?

>> No.20560778

half-infinity is still infinity

>> No.20563269

I want Wriggle to choke me out with her thighs!

>> No.20566108

Because you're not man enough.

>> No.20568462

Women that bust balls on a whim are pretty scary. You would have to be a fetishist to not be afraid.

>> No.20570121

Wait is Space_Jin actually a chick?

>> No.20570714

Can a hotdog be kosher?

>> No.20572472

Please marry me, wriggle-chan.

>> No.20573642

Yes! Now I want to go to Japan and marry Space_Jin (female) and have her give me disgusted looks as I lick her belly.

>> No.20575422

Depends on the meat, really.

>> No.20578907

S-stop that...

>> No.20581205

It has been over ten days, will anon ever present his proof?

>> No.20582892

literally perfection

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Not that perfect as she seems, she isn't even the biggest Touhou.

>> No.20587691

She is still a growing girl.

>> No.20588083

she's a curse god

>> No.20588143

I thought she just had control over the Mishaguji and wasn't an actual curse god

>> No.20591841

I want Kaguya to look down on me!

>> No.20594528

Maybe the proof is the friendships we made along the way.

>> No.20594747

But I made no friends along the way. I've been swindled.

>> No.20599661

Then your journey only began.

>> No.20603616

She is a god of course.

>> No.20606707

Growing girls shouldn't bare their armpits like her.

>> No.20607630

But it's too humid and hot.

>> No.20608614

What is the Japanese term for having an evil expression? Like the “evil girl” slasher look?

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>> No.20613567

No excuse for flying around like a hooker.

>> No.20613779


>> No.20619906

She's the perfect middleground, not as overly large as the onis and not as feminine and girlish like the fairies.

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>zin will never draw Suika in your lifetime

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>Love seeing men having their balls bursted
>Don't want my balls bursted

>> No.20627686

Just don't grope them, instead you have to goad others into groping them.