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I know exactly 6 touhou characters and have a folder dedicated to only one.
Do i meet the requirements for posting on /jp/ yet?

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You know exactly what you're walking into.

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do I though

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Lurk at least 2 years before posting.

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but i dont like lurking
and i dont like videogames either!

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Do you like the Touhou games?
Do you like onaholes, japanese whores, learning japanese, trains or any shit like that? How about mahjong? Idols and japanese music?
If you just want to be a secondary and post cute touhou pictures then by all means do it, no one's stopping you and Chen is a cutie anyways. Just don't be an asshole.

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I've played various touhou and rhythm games but it's not for me, I'm attracted to the culture surrounding it though. Don't have anything with trains or whores either, I dunno what i'm doing here. The only thing i do like is fishing in videogames like WoW
I'm probably just bored honestly

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Actually only secondaries like 3d jap whores, idols and that shit. So he's fine not liking it.

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Okay. First point of advice is don't make a new thread telling people you are new.
Also there are touhou games of various genres. Lots of people get turned away from the bullet hell games but I showed a friend the fighting games and he really liked them. Not the ones with aerial combat though, I thought that was a step in the wrong direction.
Well they're primaries in their own fandom I guess... I just stay away from that because if I'm gonna be obsessed with a girl I'll never meet I'd prefer her to be fictional.

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I honestly wouldn't know how to go about it any other way. /jp/ seems quite esoteric compared to the other boards if you ask me.
But that might just be because 90% of the posts are either without text, an obscure reference or in japanese.

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Doesn't stop autists from screeching newfag. You also killed a thread to tell us you were new. I forgive you though.

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Well, I guess we needed a Chen thread anyway.

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It's the cycle of life and death for every thread, this one too will be deleted in favor of a bellybutton thread in the future.

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chen is always the answer

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Chen tummy? I think I like this thread now.

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I’d kike to grab her by the ears and fuck her mouth, if you catch my drift.

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forcefeeding is a bad habit anon

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Try it, Ran-shama will brutally murder you before you even manage to lay your fingers on Chen.

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good god that picture makes me sad ;_;
poor baby...
Ran-shama should let her Shikigami go out and socialize a bit instead of treating her like a slave.

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tummies make it all worth it

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oh my goodness she’s adorable

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Do you play the games?
Do you listen to its music?
Do you fap to 2hu porn?