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So, is ZUN cool?
I get that he created a series we all know and love but as a person, is there anything particularity decent about him?

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Dedication and passion.
Helped and helps an entire generation of creators to shine.
Father of two children. Remember he's Japanese.
He didn't succumb to Gachashit and is still attending Comiket.
Makes his own beer.
Fashion as hell.

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He is an inspiration

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he is just a drunkman who needs money for his daughters and ugly wife.

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He wears cool shirts.

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Touhou at first was just him trying to fund his beer personification research.
Now that it's been complete and he has two half-beer children, he has no need for Touhou anymore, which explains the recent work quality.
If he and his beer wife go for a third brew, he may have to try harder again.

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He creates waifus.

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If it wasn't for him, idk what I'd be obsessed with.

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He seems like a cool guy from his little omake texts and from his public appearances.

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his beer sucks and his fashion sense is shit just like his drawing skills.
he is the bethesda of japan, all the success of his creations is thanks to the fan's contributions ala mods=fanart.

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His wife is aya.

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Sorry, *very* ugly wife.

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I find both bethesda games and touhou games to be fun. Your opinion is not fact.

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Overrated by autists and nothing else

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Autists or not, they make up a huge fanbase. His work gained attention for a reason.

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so mediocre that only mediocre people like it

outside of 5ch and jp his 2hu shit is totally unknown

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i'm not liking all this zun hate of late, if you have nothing good to say don't say anything at all

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probably just baits
ignore them

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>Fashion as hell
Why did he stop wearing Aya's shirts?

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Pretty much
I find it funny how his fags think he is popular or that 2hus are liked outside weeb caves

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Post your ZUNs.

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Literally not even the same thing. There is a massive difference between mods for a game and full on derivative works you are allowed to make money off of. Also its more of the success of his creations is tied to his well designed characters, excellent music, and everything else that attracts people into making derivative works. Fan contributions are more of a result of these successes and not the other way around. These days its more of a mutualistic relationship.

Touhou and Otaku Culture as a whole is far bigger than our little bubble here. Touhou is something that everyone seems to underestimate the actual size of. At least outside of Japan. In Japan the size of the fanbase is pretty well established but here in the west we are so fragmented that its impossible too gauge how big it actually is.

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>2hu fag triggered by a reality check thread


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Who are you quoting?

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You must be living in a different universe then.

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Based anon killing delusional fags like its nothing

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does zun support the lgb community

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they are outcasts of /a and /vg for a reason after all

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Wow sure smells like crossboarders here.

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Was this thread moved here from /v/ or what the fuck is going on

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So what does mamizou classify as, please file and tag your answer properly

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>outside of 5ch and jp his 2hu shit is totally unknown
And even if so, does it matter? The size of the fanbase does not define what Touhou is, their dedication is what matters

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>And even if so, does it matter?

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Who are you quoting?

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this doesn't excuse not going after the willing though.

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More like a different board.

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they are the basement dwellers of jaypee

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He's cute.

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i pop into jp every now and then mostly to lurk but realized i don't know much about zun as a person; just wanted to see if anyone else did. /jp/ seemed like the best place since it's pretty much /2hu/

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fucking crossboard shits

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Who are you quoting?
I hope so, this is really weird.

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who are you quoting?

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ZUN was raped in the summer of '02

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who the fuck are you quoting

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probably not considering he hasn’t given in and made his characters dykes already

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implying Tenshi and Shion don't eat each other's peaches daily

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This kind of shitposting is unhealthy

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is he a multi millionaire

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Yes, I'm delusional for liking a particular series of video games. I'm delusional for liking the music and the character designs. I'm delusional for thinking Touhou porn is a fucking miracle.

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he is severely autistic, but so is nearly all of japan's population, so i guess he's just the average nip desu

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lesbianism is unhealthy

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Really? I have never been to Japan, but from what I've seen ZUN seems pretty outgoing.

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He's pretty cool
He's a strange mix of wisdom, humility, autism, and sadism

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i dont know shit about zun but i do know that none of you have a life

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do you think you are?

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>he was a worthy man once upon a time, but that was long ago, before the revision

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Who are you quoting?
I know who you are quoting, but it would be easier to figure out if you replied to them.

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Who are you quoting?

Seriously janny nuke this thread kudasai.

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wait wat!? is Zun a goat?
Why is he playing Umineko?

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by me

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If liking 2hu makes me delusional, then I don't wanna be sane!

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Alcoholic faggot must die

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Uncalled for man

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Good thing ZUN isn't a faggot then

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He's a really cool guy but if you want to truly understand him and his outlook on things, you should listen to his interviews and read his descriptions and extra commentaries that come with the game.

I happen to share a lot of general outlooks with him and opinions on the game industry. I'm too lazy to type these out though, you should look them up yourself. Simply immersing yourself in the Touhou fandom will help you get an idea, as I actually like to read all his extra comments and text files that he puts in the games.

I met him in person too. He's a pretty cool guy to actually care enough to go to America and meet up with foreign fans.

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sure, why not?

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Him and Tarn Adams are probably the two independent developers I look up to the most.

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Did we ever figure out the source to this quote?

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This thread feels like it came from /v/, is janny retarded?
Stop bringing /v/ cancer here, there seem to be a lot of threads like this here lately.

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Umm le yikes sweatie xDDDD

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no he's faggot

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look at the post numbers above, they're not consecutive. The thread was created on this board. Yes, new /jp/ is that awful.

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I can't believe it.

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And it seems like there's barely any mods since the 4channel split.

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Sure, the success of 2hu is primarily due to the fanbase, but what distinguishes ZUN from scummy western developers like bethesda is that ZUN fully endorses the Doujinshi nature of his franchise. He simply creates the games, peppers in some lore and then allows the fans to fill in all the blacks he deliberately left, like a specific character's characterization and how these characters would interact with one another. ZUN created a creative sandbox for creators around the world who share an appreciation for the unique aesthetic of Touhou, something that only ZUN could've created.

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I thought his wife was Mamizou?

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he fucked my wife reimu so fuck him

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He didn't, but I did.

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I don't give a fuck about him.
Just release the Goddamn 17 installment already.

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So did I.

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>So, is ZUN cool?
He loves beer, so yeah