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This ghost gives me an erection.

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Her titties look like they're repulsing each other via magnets

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How do they work?

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Nnnn~~ Yuyuko-sama~

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Can a ghost fart?

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fuck you

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this is important question

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fuck youu

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Based BRRAPPposter

inb4 Based on what
On the fact that he is an intellectual of the highest level.

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Based on what?

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Yuyuko's ten desires:

1: To eat Mystia
2: To eat shark fin soup
3: To eat caviar
4: To eat sushi
5: To eat pizza
6: To eat meatbuns
7: To eat Kuroge Wagyuu beef
8: To eat Hakata Ramen
9: To eat pizza pie
10: To "eat" Youki

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Her sex slave gives me an even bigger erection.

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How do I say it... I got a boner

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Yuyuko doesn't seem like a woman who would refuse a sudden paizuri request.

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i like this much better

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Yuyuko-sama's cold boobs! They're easily impregnated.

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Yuyuko and Raiko are the premier braphus.

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Based on what?

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Would Lovecraft like 2hu?

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Not him but most likely.
But I could see him mentoring ZUN on horror stories if he decides to make a spin-off 2hu horror story.

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Lovecraft had a pathological fear of females so it would be straight horror for him.

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He seems to enjoy ugly monstrosities, so he would at least like Yukari.

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It's the pink hair and adorable face.
That and ghosts are very huggable.

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What makes them so huggable?

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Gh-ost blowjob. Woo woo.

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Very soft Yuyu feet.

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Also, I liked the preview of this album, I wonder where I could get the full version desu.

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Forgot link

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Soft and silky ghost! I want to cuddle her!

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Do hags procreate as well?


Thats yuuhei satellite, try dojin.co or soulseek

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Imagine cumming between her breasts

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Oh shoot, thank you very much, anon!
Have this cute Yukarin

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Imagine the smell three days after.

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Sex with the ghost!

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i want to steal that dress

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Please don't. Yuyu's dress is for snuggling, not for stealing.

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Wet slimey ghost pussy

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What will you do with it?

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Pet the kitten

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That's a cow, sir

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Can I milk her instead?

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I have 144 images of Yuyuko's cleavage, but I'm only gonna post 1.

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Only 144? Loser.

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I'm not a huge fan of breasts.

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Why? What's the problem with breasts for you?

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They're big and wobbly and they get in the way of hugs. And it's harder to make a girl with huge tits look cute because they give off a sense of maturity.

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Okay I take that last part back, that pic is pretty cute.

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But the sensation of hugging breasts is so soft and comfy.
Also just look at Okuu, anon. She has huge tits but she's like, 100% cute and not mature at all.

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This image is so delicious, I wish I could eat her.

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No, SHE eats you.

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Yeah, tits are sexy and all and believe me, I've gotten off to my fair share of paizuri and nursing handjobs. But after a while they begin to annoy me, like they're getting in the way or distracting from the girl's other features.
Guess I'm just an autist.
Actually, I'm definitely an autist because I only saved 144 pictures of Yuyuko's tits so I could roleplay with some sissy.

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Not if I eat her first!

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I don't think I'll ever grow tired of good classic ghost tits.

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hey, i have that one!

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that little bit of crotch showing turns me on more than the tits

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I have it too!

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Winning life, one step at a time.

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>And it's harder to make a girl with huge tits look cute
Well this is just wrong.

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I have a disease for which there is no known cure.

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Closer to enlightenment.

The ghost is CUTE!

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Whoa. This Yuyu thread is especially lewd

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Yuyu is lewd! She awaken strange feelings on innocent and pure Youmu!

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there needs to be more youmu x yuyuko where youmu has a dick

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What the fuck, anon? You are completely right what the fuck we need more futa Youmu screwing Yuyuko for yesterday fuck what are these japs thinkingg.

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it really seems like something there would be more artwork of, especially since youmu and yuyuko are major characters that keep showing up in the series. i can’t really think of any couples like them aside from chen/ran/yukari where you could do the young dickgirl on milf thing. maybe suwako and kanako, or yuuka and medicine.... none of these pairings are as hot as youmu and yuyuko anyway.

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i see you're a man of culture as well
I personally love F-Chen and her mistresses, but YuyuYoumu is god-tier as well.

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It’s like the whole cast of PCB was made for this.
Also I never thought I’d say this but fairies with dicks are a miracle of the universe.

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Little fairies with dicks are indeed awesome.

>it's like the entire cast of PCB
Even the sisters?
Haven't given much thought to them in this kinda situation.

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Oh yeah I wasn’t thinking as much about them, but now that you mention it it would be kinda hot if one or two of them grew a dick and learned a new way to play with their sisters.
There’s a drawing of sunny and star bullying luna with their dicks and it’s one of my absolute favorites.

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Futas Sunny and Star and Luna are an absolute favourite, yes.
Actually, touhou gives much space for pairing with loli/older woman to shine. There is at least one of them everywhere; former hell, eientei, youkai mountain, lunarians etc. It's good.

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>Futas Sunny and Star doing Luna

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Yuyuko, you fat fuck

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futas are fucking shit and you need to stop attaching dicks to my girly girls

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Smart man. Everyone with the slightest hint of class knows Luna makes the best bullying victim.
Imagine a girl feeling the sensation of having a penis for the first time and being overwhelmed by all the new possibilities, and on top of that they’re surrounded by naïve girls who will likely please your new organ with little questioning if they have a choice.
A girl enjoying sex the way a man would is hot, especially when they’re completely overwhelmed by it.

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Based and yuyupilled

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this. they need to go back to /lgbt/ where their kind belong. no touhous have dicks. (rinnosuke doesn’t count, it’s not like he’s getting any action anyway)

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Truly, girly girls are humanity's pride and joy.

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Who left the gates of plebeianland open?

This. Absolutely this.
Especially if this girl is a cute, innocent, girly little girl.

Also having a dick doesn't make a female less feminine. You simpletons really need to do your homework.

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You must be some kind of huge homosexual faggot to say this.

I recognize a highly educated man when I see it.

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go back to your discord proto trannies

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>highly educated
More like well-fapped.
It's not like we're actually posting dicks or anything. We're just discussing them.

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>fags are now trannies
the absolute state

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Not all people that like futa are fags. I like futa on female long before I accepted my cocklust.

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I want to play with her fat rolls and squeeze her belly

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The world lost hope when literall faggots were no longer being brutally beaten to death but accepted.
Faggots should be lynched. Hung as an example for what your kind holds and your fate if you stick to such degeneracy.
I'll be damned if some fag thinks he can trick some dude into thinking he's a girl and he doesn't get fucked up as badly enough to consider it a one sided slaughter.

>> No.20462851 [DELETED] 

Fags don't deserve to live.
they are a plague, just as you futafags are.
The same applies to you.

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Chanta a shit.
This is a fact.

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Why all the hate? You guys are probably pedophiles and that's not any better.

>> No.20462936

Dumb as fuck reasoning anon.

>> No.20463151

I'm just calling them out on their hypocrisy. I can't help but laugh at guys sharing a board full of men thirsty for fairy piss getting mad over a few fags.

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>proto trannies

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Yuyuko is so spooky, my penis got stunned and straight and it won't come down!!!

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Oh no! You got cursed anon.
Use that meat rod and beat the ghost girl with it.

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He is pretty good actually.

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Anons want to eat Yuyuko's poo-poo like it was ice cream, this board has a sickness.

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The two are remarkably similar if you think about it.