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Once upon a time...

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...in a far off time which I'll say was goddamn SHIT FUCK MOT DICKWALLOPING CHRIST CABOODLING yesterday...

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whoa you can’t swear on 4channel and especially not on jp

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Even jayzeus had to throw Bezos out of the micro transaction temple.

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What game? Asking for a friend.

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you are too young for this board

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how do you not know GTA? Are you fucking 8?

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Get out now

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Yuugi is not a prostitute.

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>All you had to do was follow the damn train, Reimu!

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Is there a guide or anything for setting SA up to use 2hu mods? Every time I try it just crashes, I'm pretty sure I have the right version.

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>Another classic case of "is not" versus "should be" what bad comedy

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Am I to assume the presence of your boner pre-cedes thou?

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that is absolutely horrific

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And it's cotton candy colored too! :)

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who quote

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A fucking barrel

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SAMP Touhou server when!?!?

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Sadly still no Las Venturas.

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fairies commit more than half of the crimes in gensokyo

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How much space does GTA:SA take up and where can I find the Touhou modpacks and others alike?
There are others for many series and other stuff that makes the game rather fun and a heck of a lot more interesting for a greater laugh.

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When Anon flew to Gensokyo

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Be nice to Yuyu! Don't be mean, especially to her Mystia!

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